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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1938, Page 5

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 11, 1938, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Deaths and funerals William Rutter l George Dies of cgmplica1ions succumbs suddenly and Frey i Morris dim in eleven Oclock saturday no Van the borne of he Loai Orchard of complication following a four weeks he Lind been a Farmer and a Ber of the lutheran surviving lire Paul and of Lebanon sol he of Anne Lluc route 2 Mury of Myerstown Monte a Lizzie of survive us do eleven Ami a Light great Lincoln fel1y Dies at Home of son Lincoln died sunday morning at lilo Home of his Harry of 1411 Keorce Clinton aged of he High Al Len Belh town thursday of wiling at Oclock at his Homo follow lug a heart attack which to suffered shortly after noon the he was stricken while working for Paul con j at he never i j Uorn in r i Lebanon lie was a son of Danol and Elizabith to was a of Palm Iii for 131 i resided in Lancaster four1 and in three i Nolls was a member of i the sunday school of the Al Len bet town a lied Uro Thren i to is survived by his Yorty two l Howard and and at i two Dorut Liy Hud Thelina at ills Par were extended to and Harry of 1ss North fifth on the of the Observance of i heir Twenty ninth wedding Anni during tiie entire period of their married and Frey have resided at the fifth Street prior to her marriage Frey was Oertrude Unchin Frey Iii clerk it the Lebanon they i have live Earl i of i wife of William and charged hockey stars take brides at Hershey and Daniel i miss Clarit Dionise Ditl lab and hurry Washington he had been of Palmyra two Brothers und Nve West Manicas ave ill four months and death was Sisters also As follows Mill Henry Joseph attributed to a heart Samuel Miles and Man on the tier he was an Iron worker and Franklin allot palmy Shey hockey were married Adam of Lebanon Piyarl Spangler in Cornwall leaves to survive beside the son a Mary of Annville at whose Home he died another it Cleonn Elwood of sister of Palmyra and and Brothers surviving Are Mary of and Harry and Robert of two Charles and of also survive As do eleven grandchildren and six Smith succumbs in Hospital wife of Joseph of 453 East Weld Man died at Oclock sunday morning at the Good Sam Aritan Hospital following a two weeks she was a Mombes of Gor Trudnos Catholic Church and loaves to beside her her Hosa Busch and the following Brothers and Joseph of Lebanon Val Entine Anthony saltier and Peter All of grandmothers surviving Aro Kathryn Vehaus and Klubeth saturday Mornini of arc Catholic Ollir by John Mongu at c 4 to Lirles miss Hose was inn lil of null inns Vonlie of the Hirshey who was married in Tobii Rudny i Margaret daughter of Ami of Jos was the a Weill unit breakfast was served it the Hesse Homo follow Tiik 1hu a radiated fron Jearl Mae wife of Frank died morning at Oclock at her j High school in North Cornwall is a former of the Lebanon of Hershey the Pennsylvania attorney Gener Al Charles who on Jura i Friday requested District attorney i or Hunker of Lebanon and similar offic Lyls of eleven other to meat him in a conference it next to help Pill an end to alleged unlawful tax collection methods by private has amplified his original statements in the matter at some hours after District attorney lir Baker issued n statement hint lie was unaware of any Law violations in Lebanon and thai none and been reported to Marglous issued a alleging that stale police a rive discovered Ngen cles operating 111 South Londonderry Lebanon among other Points in the twelve counties originally cited As Fields of activities for Tho alleged unlawful lax collection Soille town help i occupies Tho Corner i of Tho county and adjoins inn Caster county on one Side and Dauphin county on the mid it is not stated whether the agencies operating in the Dlo tract Aro or Are carrying on their from nearby or it in Eta led that two different agencies Are working from Headquarters outside of but in indication is Given us to local connections or affiliations with deputies the attorney general claims the inet Boffl used by the ago Clep there were alld our Dele Gates from the City Council and 78 visitors it the first a Iron planting ceremony place in he Campbelltown school to the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Lebanon county Council of 1nrfinltenclin Atwol Dillons and honouring Reuben Wolfer Shergur of i sturdy Onk by Tho Boyo left into Cantlon i by Eira what do we Plant when we j Plant a by miss Anna one of Cornet by Mervo Grace i of presenta by hurry accept Unce by Lloyd pro Rupal of Campbelltown the tribute by Earl District attorney of Lebanon up who was n former lutherans map plans for big drive in Thirl Ylli from of Tini Lii cabler Onfer Isicc of Hie i i u Reh Mil in Trinity Church hero Friday evening to Wiiks inc Lleni Iclal Plush is of the two Illeth apis no if ibo in Ted Church in Hor Rich Smohl Boova Der Oldt Bauer hut Eppes Tsu Saga Maple mrs who was aged 44 Vears had been be fast since o Komi of and George Lnu of Saint was voted the most Val a o and Tho late Henrietta lived in Palmyra and i jars of James Dies in James Joseph thir teen year old son of and she was n resident of Lebanon for Nineteen Spangler was n member of the first evangelical congregational sixth and Chest nut and of the patriotic order of of until her illness she was a Mem Ber of the woman missionary society of the and served in the Homo department of the sunday she was also a teacher in the Junior department of the sunday school at one surviving her Are her husband one Marian her William of Rutherford Heights a Myrtle amount to extortion and conspiracy to and have resulted in victimization of taxpayers to Tho extent of of to said he would make no at tempt i to pro cute until the Dan Trucl attorneys had a Recd on the to he methods of hip Twu Agen Clea sister of the was l i Matron of Honor f the Halo Hon Illier to remiss wedding which took Lilliee it thursday in Jinn of arc rectory and Henry Joseph defence Man of Ibe Hershey Harved As the Best a reception at the lists of person no tax Boro school and occur Ratlan delinquents Are furnished the col Lection he which Issue unlawful Rauter Antn eng of 539 East died it seven Oclock saturday night in the Good Samaritan Hospital of complications following a two years of los to was a student in Grade and two Clayton Henry Houck Junior High of and school and was a member of Lon Mary of Rutherford who resides with the two George of and Charles of heading a George Home of the brides fol1 again it taxpayers for Sale of fur Lowed the da1 nhui0 and other add ing for collection if taxes Are still in glottal letters mailed from and bearing the state coat of arms Ari sent to the delinquents by Iho immediate payment in with a threat to Garnishee he United Brethren sunday beside the parents the grand John Espenshade As do the and William of lob also Harry myer Dies in Myerstown Fruhwirth succumbs suddenly Milan of this was greatly distressed when Learned that her Henrietta widow of Joseph was Stock eur Jevc Alice in with a fatal heart attack on nil at Catherine died Friday noon it the Home of her Harry 410 South Cherry after live weeks of Over and her formerly lived at Schuylkill she was a i mlle of Myerstown and t member of the Freid Ensbury in Ltd besides Thi above the follow mores Are and Joseph of Niagara Damore was graduated from Hershey High school and at tended the nation no school of dra for two she was formerly employed in the visitors department of the her Shey chocolate Damore is employed by Oie her hey next and a More and Luzon and his Bride plan to leave for Canada to visit the bridegrooms they will be accompanied by Anil Harry Frost also is n member of the hockey the frosts were married isl and Frost inn to go to Ippoli leaving la Sara Bank nights banned Here by Brubaker continued from Page one saturday in the Yard her Home near of Peiffer buried at Ebenezer funeral services were held of Vernon at two Oclock it Thompsons sons funeral Home for Maggie of 130 canal Street with Walter Doyr interment was made in a Blueit or Ura Denue acted As they were Richard Snyder Freder ick Stoudt and Allen sons had charge of annual convention held by county continued from one Harry of a Plano duet was rendered by Hulen Long Lucy of the Bethel eight Boyu of the glee club of Independent Roro Sang Happy go Lucky an Tonio and Peter they w6re accompanied by miss Miriam the Musk supervisor of in dependent greetings from the county Public schools were brought by county superintendent Harry greetings from the Central Dos of part Preble debts ceremonial Bailer Hillh and m Carl acknowledge intent by i Euhen p Benediction by Ezra approximately 70 Pur took of n tasty dinner served by the ladles of kaon Long hcs Slon Tho evening session opened it with the singing of in lab of our the choral Planck i selections by 24 boys and girls of Tho South Ann Vullo township school they Sang blog Down the saw greeting by sol president of Contr Marl Man solos by miss Arlene of Lle Glnn of fre1erlcksburn gave two in Yang the Way and the old maid and n a vocal the by miss Dorothy of she was by miss Dorothy service to by David pastor of the reformed he sold train a child in tin Way in which it is to a child has u right to be born a mid hns n right to three mediums in school in which to build up health is rhythmic 15 v e r y Endeavor should he Iii de to have spiritual and moral strength in face of every he two just beyond the River and run around were Given by Tho main quartet of the Lon lutheran of miss Greco Earnest was the Lloyd Hauer gave the report of Resolution other com Mittee members were John earn est and the auditors appointed by Horst were Henry Wenger and John a history of the ten of Progress of Tho Lebanon county Council of Parent associations was compiled into n Book of 24 pages and Given to Ench Tho remainder will be distributed the the history wan collected by Harry the first president of the Lebanon county with the assistance of Char a lulled Tho Ihn incr of Han Hie i b in objective of Tho namely la to the i to win Chi mid 3 in j Klvac inc i Bird of be calve was the Pai to Culini phase for which the meeting culled i in an hip Orlim i Inrid Wilned the need for n Church Extension fund of i tin Lono in Rouchl int the rolled suites Anil Iii Zailn j lire now the nor forces to mine this needed ii was Nunno minced thai an 1111 no ithary in include All in Lebanon City and will he held 111 Salem on april it which Lime All three will be presented to the the speakers for this rally will he Hiiro dressier of and Chewer Lii Monlon of liar pastor of Trinity who is Eon Serenco finance chairman for the culled a Vlony evenings Inee Liik to order and bad chars of Hie open Lim Devo Paul Henry of Kph Nln had charge of clo Liik Devo i wer fund by no Arris Haltiner Tsuda Phetda Helda Hob Ken Geld Volch de Wols in Der go Polda in Hob tank won am net Rafig hut Tsu Denna in a seller Bluck Nord kill do Kenna Fer Elf Nynoff Wako wart Nee Ich Hob in lot Block in alga Nasht Deer Mist a Sis Rusht dem blots in Dar hut Ken Doi Shettel gov la tin Mer gov la con won met Ler net f Reesel Honka in Tonnera Finger Rifle 1 Kea selring tin Olla ring Ohtsu Erdena grosser wit so item Elc Ooma of Nelch in Bessel no Imen of d bios Hon Del Dut sent bulge Llund Elhaj lot bund of Nuch net1 won Der Hepsa Fer Der Worra see net in lot see Lisa Fer Der Hull of it Huleng Orun been i in Keller Ell Hoilma old duller Elvva Fosser Mit oldest Vlf so wider in so 8 free sell in won Deer free in bring plenty no in free us Kent etch sol j Tawny your Seit few won Deer no Ken Geld no Doon Meer in Connery Kim Mai in Rny Moonet Der liver Dick or Ich Hob Rusht on Wyllo do Tonnera Lii let Oil Fendos Linn Don Date Ich mull Fendos Nasht no Fer of Nhyle urn Ich Hob will my Sel Shnur Oil own or ice con l Ich wbb Woda Tulita no in win de Oiin Era Doona j in will etch Recht u8a Doe if Des of Erdlac woo do in i Olles Wos Rous coot of tit Del i selting Derucka in Nix wart Feria wet end Fenil Iio by dem or thu Hunch of Der urn to self for of boils Des in Loiis Wedder Shay womb of Fiihr Bayern door no is do Fen Lles Ldes n Niini Lior of the following debug nos alter idd the in Nellic Denv Rcharles Kusbel Noiin and Harold Heln of in Paul Charles Hawks do Fendos in by nicer of pm Hoto in Trumuel of Ellnar Leur Fer Cesli won de in Wildt Gidd lion Fern Tsu ban Iowla i won Nee Keim in lieu Tolm Llcy Goon Golc blur Don Kenna George Desllier of Jonestown Ray Span Niilo and Wolf Othin Nalii can Irlis Elwood will hurry Lel Uey Robert and Elmer of Lebanon Alrh Ned la rect and Georgre of Hummell Zirger of Myers town Paul Worl Miti of renin town Gerald churl he of Lloyd Kleinfelter of or Iuit Beshel Deu a Grandt Bat und Liwo won Doon do in unlit ii hot Bussol Warda to j Vonuhl Don Del dts Cha Kocoj Dale Geveva in lot in Uii pair guava Home erase in Iii Ulua Hexyl Tsikha in i do Ivy Crich Lien Feer Icli Hob 1 Mullen co Kawut pair your ibo Vrtik Funni Lilawsa Slilo Plch Untch bin if Shoara of hot oct Dlab never Wuich Bame Cooma bin no lint de Molly a Bawdy Nix Doe Rous Meer Lien Groyer Olla so Pouch Meer Hen plenty in kens fun in co Oil on my Fendos in Het mull Gooly Der Porra will in Yunger Bob Bagoy Kamfa Wott i notch Harrl Barrick won seller Shoou Floe in Bis Don Doon Eich Ett Fergest Der Dawg net ten feel Ray Wedder get Kent Deer ice Rel Faura sell such Hal Menshon Feer doused Neya Parshon Jarreb of Fer Nix Galoost win of we Fer Hoys Ooma draw a t sin coot Oil coot Tonga net Nwe be Deer Doe Olla Notene Nelcha Donga a a Konntz a mocha by Der Oldt county superintendent Harry Moyer and his Longacre and William Smith and Harry this publication contains poems of miss Caroline Woodruff and Howard the state president Parent teacher object the history of the Lebanon Central Council and names of officers and time and place of monthly tract of Pennsylvania were Given meeting to n by Tho District be Benediction by Alexander Rimsha Dies in Sanatorium Alexander proprietor of the Exchange Hole it Keg huh and Maple died on Friday evening at the Lebanon Sanatorium where lie Bud been a patient for two a kidney Condi Tion from which to suffered for some months led in n complication of he was aged 06 Hon Ilia came Here about four years ago from Philadelphia und then made Many to possessed a a Enlil Despu Billon and wus popular among the a Irons of ills and in other circles to he inn n member of the Independent Boro lire he leaves his Helen three Harry of Philadelphia Jos of the Muni depart men it a local american More und five Harry polls and George som of Philadelphia John of new Jersey Mary mint Shakespeare Dies at Palmdale William afield of Well known merchant at Sand Beach for forty years and Pul Dulc for the inst nine died saturday evening at Oclock it bin Home it Pali Nille after a lengthy illness of Shakespeare ill in october and qua be fast nine born in Sand son of the late George and Catherine Shakespeare was ked is a merchant practically nil of his he wok a member of the culled Brethren Church at Union and was Nutil lated with the modern Woodmen of of in addition to bin Lillian four daughters As Fol lows Emma of Hummelstown Earl and her the of 1al Dulu and Ida of pal ten grandchildren and one Lizzie of also infant succumbs services held for George Neidig funeral services for George were held ibis afternoon it i1 Oclock from funeral and were enl in red at Oclock in Tho second United Brethren and Rhode of in cab interment was made in gravel Hill the bearers were Paul Charles Harry Edwin of Nib nil Warren Smith and had charge of funeral Joanne Fay fifteen old daughter of and Michael thirty three Days old son of and Michael of 1289 Willow led eight of look of tag following a i standing jurists the lower courts of the and since he gives his in it seems to be Good so it must be taken Cognize of he judge Henry was asked about the he stated that the matter bus not been brought up before so he is not in a Posi Tion to even comment on the sub he said he saw headlines of lows paper accounts of the Phila a Elohla but did not rend the context in Accord of his re Gular practice of avoiding any publications in mutters arc y to appear before him in his judicial the decision concerns directly Morris a Philadelphia theatre who asked that the authorities be restrained from interfering with the games conducted at this to asked whether the ruling would also apply to churches and Tho judges replied that 1c would apply to Evory one of the the games constitutes a said judge my and a Viola lion of the the plaintiffs have no standing in a court of of ult to further or protect such a the game played at the Palm theatre was in persons in the lobby who had not paid admission were eligible for judge Mcdevitt held this aspect did not make the game the name is it in the this court is not called upon to pans upon the propriety or popularity of whether we approve or disapprove in in import whether the suppression of such games Cau put an end to gambling in beside the question and not an this if purely a que Oiin of Law and a narrow Tesuo dial must be decided by statute and not by Choice or Bert of a piano etude by miss Lucille of Ebene a panel service to was fully discussed by Russell of the United Christian Church of Camp Belltown Henry of Independent Borough and miss Irina who is a school of South Bucher discussed the pub Lic school stating that text books Are Only skills Are Learned quickly and also lost As easily As Learned you should Tench to think for them he miss spoke of the men Ial und physical handicaps of of the physical yearly and also of the state who has made it possible for every ninth Grade Pupil to have a free tuberculin a test will be Given in Lebanon county at the lat Ter part of the school also spoke of Parent teacher associations who have provided free Eye glasses to underprivileged children and also of the Lions and kiwanis clubs who have Given financial Misk Snyder claims that 80 per cent of the children of close Ezra Joseph Hill passes exams to be lawyer continued from one game at san Francisco on years Day in following his fron Colgate in Hill attended Harvard Law school from 1933 to 1935 inclusive and completed i Law course at Boston University Law finishing Thero in despite his heavy studies lift took up football coaching in taking Ovar the Grid teaching duties at Massachusetts High he then actor us an assistant Mentor under Eddlo Casey and Dick Harlow at Harv Ard University and also served As a varsity football scout during three years at returning to this the athlete pursued by Lebanon i Reading Law in Tho local Law of Elertson of was the Only important item of Busl ners Ondic cd at the monthly no of i to Lebanon Lodge of which was held Eugene was reelected other officers elected vere Irvin vice let nor a Erinne Gingrich to Uilah link reelected Elolf and William the officers Hlll he incl alled april announcement made that he membership in Tho past four Imp increased from 774 to in we Duck Annie of 535 Railroad and hurry of Palmyra d were married saturday evening by Molvin of Grant they will reside in in Der fun Waya us ii int sex fun Lima Fer in look Tan Ich do Seo ols Dronka to ii Rossor in Der Grlock deck lab so of see in Shodda Ich Hob in Gooter Ich Wise net Titt Trilck Osen Mon Rolda Rusht Ich Wase Osar Mph so Kurriger Gay con Der sprung 03 to Der Ich Hob in pair Wunder Nauru Shaina ans is in Elssy mar uns Onner joint services open today in Zion lutheran continued from one is Ell show Riser see bin Olla Sway heavy in Fer sell sin see no is Awe so in will Road Scheck Icher Tuic Goul or set Tsu in Mon Day and the popular Ltd of he classed it As Only Ani Likely to turn against one just the one minute Accra Nudi cried in the next crucify him he sold that people place much emphasis today on popular Ity and us relative value to suet he asked that they their lesson from who Cepter the acclaim of the crowd with tears in his eyes because Joe could see what was to markets Tinea Ted Hospital Wood Rove of 211 Isim painfully by left hand alteration the county Are immune from diphtheria Fiance the toxoid tests were Beard gave the viewpoint of the she said that Parent teachers associations have made recreation facilities possible also Library immunization and summer round up campaigns have been conducted As Well As food and clothing giver to needy they have sponsored boy and girl scout troops Aud other character building Organiza be stressed the importance of Parent education in order to do better Parent teacher Etter in giving the minis ters viewpoint stated the churches not getting the cooperation from the fourteen Boyt and girls from the gravel Hill school two and hymn and Flocs of attorney where to is still associated with ils during his Hill returned to his Alma col Date to assist As coach if freshman football and also to serve As varsity scout under his old time Andy Korr in the 1937 while prominent in athletics at Colgate during his student the Lebanon athlete was also an outstanding gaining recognition for excellence in studies by competing successfully for Nev eral scholarship donors As an in he expects to take up Active practice in this City following his admission to the Lebanon county bar Betty daughter of and Norman of Home under the care of a to april ii Cra Lolale i Iriel a Kwh service 100 100 Dandy live poultry Farj l35 2224 Whin 212 average in 20 old ski 242j Ordinary 2022 crossbred a 192i reds 21 Ordinary 1820 21 White fancy 1617 19 poultry Kresh 21 i old 3641 exl 23vi2fi4 2123 1 and 1920i nos and or i Lancaster Market april 11 Crittl steady heavy cattle and Gem grades Over 1100 25 to 40 lower local bulls in Liblit Cleudy plainer kinds 25 cows steady heifers and stickers and feeder i cases Good and Choc to selects 1260 1818 Liberal steady to selects literal run to it a i u a Stonna Over is Nicht see is in Giles m m Al won see net Don loin awaken Tonnera enga Ranier Mon but mull is awol Tsu of Uro Dale on in Giles plenty fooder a next subjects and leaders sheer so feel fooder of we de Oldt rets ols won see ols Gabon int lint won see by pm a Lilly Buffamoyer of waru hous for the remainder of the week services will be follows the Day of up Nelly Walter Spenker and Norman the Day of Grant Lillei and Paul the a of James f Patterson on d to to Lii Imel Glava or hut is awol and Lent Goot Hoy Tsu be Der i Obs Geld Het udder Ich Hob Tsway Hui Cert shtick Eluf Der Fendos Ich pubs see Arsht Kamfa in so con Eich Nuch net Goot Saga we be Over is sin mull gewiss Cochin in Early Jersey in new Hampshire oct Shofe sin in Verosa Shaina Dale sin in Lale sin Tsway Dubbeldee Melcha Feer Kunnert Board Sert Hinkel nit Lunga i Owens see Nyga Sway Oyer Der Del Kohls m a Yohr in de Ivy Eric Seit Loon see a grosser Llo Baroy is Der old Daniel Webster in wart Stu a Shuldt Fer Lenger in Dazara Doe Tsu a is of Breea of Del Unar wart Feria wet Mit neet in Olles won a Ken Yunga hut Bis de sex Duus ent Kennary feg Doon net Rusht Der Glay Date malt see Dalta is Ich will Eich de Worret see sin pm Olayna Date Sel Doe in Winter hut Arnii Tsu do no hut a see in hut see Gale Awe see Waura mull nil Der Seit Wos Mer so Potts Rusht Der Glay Date Sawit it War net shimmer of Wos de Yudda Doona Mit Bex Grossa Segga Dale Hen Feer redder in Dale Hen sex redder Selly Tawny shares sin net fun a Beshta see sins Menshy Subt Fer Der in Grossy Roady Bhui Realce Mit see Iben Gooter in debt Lin Jer Goot and Addison e Leader freder1cksburg april following visited at the Home William Peiffer and anal s Jacob East of sunday Anil j of Frederick spurs and John Union posit Barbara Heffe Fli Greenville Jacob Jonestown and Bunkley and Pauline and Lena of Frystown and George 0 Pine Miriam Brest of Lon and j and Adam team Jet and family moved from Lebam to Fredericksburg into of and Al Ftp i main the High school Ohora Render its cantata on Nung a was at flirt account of the illness Otther Myrtle they Are planning to give the connection with the ins in Johns Church i Date not yet definitely decided Jean Gebhart with Vij and Phyllis up the probe Stltt Belltown Friday to appear in Neptune fire comp who will be Nual convention county my

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