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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 11, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Monday a Ril win badly injured his team struck by Street car of saturday night thrown from buggy sustained several Scalp wounds and was removed to Sanatorium William of Al flip and cum Betland was seriously ibo it the Bead on saturday evening has texan Iaione in collision a Val Ley Street railway oar at seventh and quiral Berlani about soap the Force of Coll won was such As to separate the horse from the was demolished Roedel becoming entangled in the suffered several severe Scalp from which he lost a considerable amount of removed to he assisted to the in life store of on the Corner and later taken to the Lebanon a Small of bored boy who shared Carriage Riedel revival services will begin this evening in Church of the protracted services Baffin this evening in the Church the Breth ninth font Gimme each evening two least Sonig service at set Vilces at the Rio Vulval services be con by of Oen Berks he is a of i pulpit experience and is widely it mown Thiis and Anid his work be highly All Are Eor daily to voted to har run Down by an automobile miss of hum injured car owned arid driven by Joseph who was returning from mass Emp Joyed in Stata Jet diary Al of tos Vun Down As was Steppi Itiba Olf an Diedric near her at Bra Oclita saturday by the Stanley owner and driven by Joseph of fortunate Jim Tae a lowly Utida escape std Fenious being and shaken be still suffers from but a few Days rest is expected bring about flier Complete Iraci Overy in the a automobile at time were sheriff John Deputy sheriff Hasiy Strupp and Robert they in looking to the com fort of the injured who removed to Linarae nearby Anid give i is in fire two blocks in heart the business District destroyed loss is about buildings Are the Post office and the Middle towns business District was a weft by a fire saturday that destroyed two burned several build iir8 in outlying districts Aind in Abni Doni Derry township and did All told close upon Only three Small Frame single houses of Brown Street were left standing in the two blocks at Market the first smarted in the Market House building Amie a attache was the town lire com continued on Page razing buildings hairy hons pc will erect two dwell Ings on Hurst this tongan the work of razing the two remaining on the Side of Chestnut Between and which stand beyond the new it is the of to at once proceed the erection of two modern Homes on Che moving their South in line with other Nodera be has erected to the special court this morning judge he Kooi at the made absolute Rule on inuit Heck Liat he submit to medical judge Ehrgood this at a special session of court held at the court made absolute the Rule granted on Perry Beck that he submit to a medical examination at the hands of Weiss and Seth of thursday april the Rule was made on the petition of Aaron against whom Beck has brought an action in trespass for alleging that Hain permanently injured his right Arm in an assault on Zerbo and represent Hain and Heck re a subpoena was awarded in the divorce proceeding brought by John Koyer against Sarah desertion is represents who is a resident of Heidel Berg suit for slander assert institutes 1roceed Ings against Emma the Laurel House of South Jackson Todia or had a capias Iti sikh for the arrest of Kuva of Trio i snipe i an of treo Niass bail was ii mud at Gassert alleges the staub woman charged him with having burned an outbuilding o the John Kapp of which he was on even ing of october Charles is at for the i i i hurry ave alter retires and William Seubert takes for Many years proprietor of the Laurel on North eighth this morning turned his establishment Over to William and will retire from Active business pursuits for the present at negotiations for the Transfer of the hotel have been pending for some but it avas Only this morning about to Oclock that the papers were Seubert engaged John Larter and Samuel dissing or As clerks and they went on duty at Heubert takes charge of place with thu Good will of Many regular patrons and other and he has a Bright Outlook for a Success Ful administration of affairs in the James Long arrested Brenholtz leaves almost found living Gravo at Lack a Haiina Stool Plant escaped uninjured took number of workmen half hour to Rescue him a foreigner had a narrow with his lire on saturday at the with a Oom be was working in a when a Carload of Coke was precipitated into the completely Bury live Tho not co intent a Tili colouring with a amount As of the Biad it mat shortly affair a omd Carload be Dun ipod into the Shock Ltd the companion succeeded in escape the Avala Iuie of Coke and Irish Ilfra to a of men to reported to Alvo Foreman what had hastily shovels they rushed to of the acc Wient and after a half of persistent Khz Ovalls they succeeded j extricating Hie in Fortunato who was none Tho worse for his but was considerably shaken up inns soul Ioctl in Heth Chom Stool Edward of and Thomas of the loft sunday affo noon for whore he to employed As assistant to Donald for Merly of this who is roller in charge of Ono the Bel he him Stool company the departure of is much re Rettea by n Wido Circle of Edmir Inifi ii the Tenor soloist in he first Church and Captain Center of the Lebanon Basl Tot Ball made narrow escape Man fulls Ifim train and is in nth sonic a Whoso Nanic Coull not but Vjio pro Siwy resides in m Elvn towns Aloit tremor in had a Fartun ate death on saturday Evein Ite to Tho out of depot for when missed a Helcl and was dragged for a few feet Al Millie to the Ite Coni Ixl to be As picked himself up and such Edca in boil Ling the rear of Ihns privately wedded sunday automobile its stopped in pity and dined at Dif Ferent quite a number of Anto mobilises stopped in this City on Tak ing dinner at several them were Gery and Mohn and John Beurle and wife and Eugene of read ing at the hotel Wallace Augustus Anderson and Mohnton Robert Mays and Meinig and family and Max Ganger and Reading Healy Charles Henzey and wife and Don of at the Eagle hoi Drawbaugh and sister and of were among the Automo blasts who stopped at the Eagle Yncle miss Kullu of miss pm a and of Elizabeth near Lan Caister Louii Winro priv Giuily at the Alein Wiital by the on Tho Bride a Diu Slifer or and of Groom is son of and via rfcs tie is inv Loyied As a Lead Pencil Shower leave Hie today William general Mana Ger of the Lebanon Gas and fuel of this who under went an operation for appendicitis at the Lebanon Sanatorium several weeks has to far recovered that to expects to leave the institution today or he is rapidly regaining his health and strength and his Fried ads will be glad to learn that prospers for re turning to duty again at i Early Day arc very was great Success heir tenth in a Lvii a in was highly ten closed a Elvea a jul Iii Hartley who Visi fiyut her of 421 Willow recently Day a irad the Ami Mai if Over Tho air mum of she re divert from admiring fire prevents Bowling game Hoys mid u Juu Nitu his Lintur Hull him Iii food and Cominer Cial closed saturday Tho pure Pood and commercial which opened on closed saturday after a most three Days under the manage intent of Walter Esbens Hadland a Kicin Osseful Campaign was participated in by eral prominent let Rush Munts were Given away Froc at several of Trio Booths and at souvenirs were Sang in sunday school wat Bihl Odhav tie i i Touni n saturday Tuohi fill Molly of the which riled to a slow Trio imn Lral Tun of i a Wiens was to of h blow Iii and Iho Vijeu Ariun boy Iii rely a Iii a Ali ladies glee club of Albright u ill concert at e of fire several Hundred people from this City at Middletown sunday Only charred ruins All kinds of vehicles pressed into service and Many walked several Hundred Lebanon ans were among the Twenty Thotis and people who locked to on sunday to see the ruins of the great fire of saturday in addition to the citizens were Milany from the started the exodus began Early in uie a number left on the Street cars expecting that special trains would to run Tor the Day on the Hummelstown and Middletown they were the company was lacking that much some of Tho excursion lists therefore tramped it across the nine Miles of Dusty roads and others continued Tho journey by Street car to Harrisburg and joined the big crowds from who filled the special Street in the biggest part of the continued on Page entertmned7t Brenholtz Home miss Mauv phones hkh81qlf o11akimino Arld ivs Kerutt fully music and games enjoyed inn Kle in in drafts and jewelry found on person cablegram received d the on enter a Jom panic of in Windis at her the a tial Oele As Tho of shirk a and the eve of the of Broth top where in has Mie anti in of a position with the aim a Tel Tho Imir Ortr of with made a Aikin was enjoyed Dur Iii succumbed to an operation performed in Hospital at Naples Ioder Tho Street died in Tho at As of an poor Emilon disease and Tho Ien Oval of a tumor in Bis the in in drafts Hia pc worry t the amount was Poundon Bis body such was the Newa contained i a Whilce twas to revived it Tho offices of the state at late on sat Lunday from Hebe Ulm Tod Statos at and was Dila Tely rated Over Tho Tel iphone to decease data Louis for Tho contents of Tho Ca Jesrani caused both and a Gerjoy that not been Rob bed and left Des Utulo in a Foneisen City and when tiie relatives 1ihat a Bill for to Totori Uip of Tho the Active air or Anidi at Tho Aitio of Mitbo titles in opine Atlig Dpi Iii a awns Low to that of it Wias am impossibility to persuade any surgeon hero to nil open Paitton do Tihe am Fly hi3 ule big Why term Irmtrud by Tho Pihut w it Ilvo an to invt be have Boon greatly by film Vonya Jap a Laid wills coi Whilder ably hot arrived Flat Llinat the Cou Ilid Bavo safely at Athene to not usual quiet disturbed Church Bells out alarm Uewl appear 1 awl iu1 not Rcd t Many Tot a Enid Kinta Ijima 1xh a Hindel and of miss for m sunday to arrant for is Niece Lizur with of Sihabo Knox to the return f the body to this from they Ateo take to Prado the Tho death of coach works bucket brigade cd flames before ions damage reside Ste of a Jinny lire scare Biffer 3 lurid May rang out am of Hie Herfe in tube rushed to Wavro there Hunert in All to the and in that Coria works while there iwas Little Votre tie damage dome to occasion it May that Slbil hips of it disaster or Tofte As that a a passing is have started this found tinder q sort of mj1j errs Mear if the and a Tho and soon they of Louft Blaze eat lust its brigade the fire before Acu Loiis Dia Imago was Ilu Meikiu Yard Anid Tulve of the be Audi missed Fanon the part of Tine a blowing and of in lamp jetty until tie Fine ipod Brush at Pansy Hill of in his Impink to ii a o his Natal inn pm Fzli Itiat present i i torn own William All Liis of Thoro Waw Ono drunk who faced major Marquart fit the mull police court on sunday morn and he paid Tho usual Fine for Hon the docket was dear thin Given soldiers burial died at age of 8b years of at Vii fic and i lick Licu at trustee meeting Samuel Snyder this morning arrested James Lowig on a of preferred before amt Rinau by Mary the accused catered bail Lor the june term of Luli will a us on to misday april m m t e club misses Virgie i on sunday morning Kuish a count your meeting of tin sunday appointed appraisers Trinity to stud Jufith Iii Ninab and Willow m their singing was very much the in assigned i Utu of and being a feature of i be 1 i i h t Ami j Jull of tiled in a our Adra Al Imi it Jim it inn o in and Marin consigned Tinl ult i military military to Isiora we Thiu after the of the this Tilio grave on Tho was in of of co Mark who As Tho was hold at i Oil Tok from the Limor of a 1 i inn t in of of my ical win the rationed at lol non pm sunday Dila covered that flames burning tube on Pansy to the of the West Kupi ply is located in tha Lulu s is also a co Trace Home which was Throat mind ass stance was sent Nonn this with the result that the Fla Java in an agreeable Surprise 10ias Jer Liburt to acres Ami Nim six i to Iii Jui Oli u in Cli Irry a kudu ii Wilfurd and at the South Mountain Guilford and Wen Iberti of Tho Board trustees of the South Mountain Asylum for the chronic attended a meeting of uie Board visited Akk Rai Tai 01 i he Laic la Al Edwin of Touchs spent sunday in Tia the guest of her of Alderman Miller the Visi Tor was accompanied by Edwin of William Rory in South j Khz if i this morning j Bruij cd Tho tray Fer of the Boutte on near y theft i heading Rai from Harry Ber to Heury and killing u Mary i executors of tue of the of Chestnut Esq North m i Lay Ai half Livo fro the of Iii Al at of is wus of i ail Istir not very wll in u Jib anon j him Iii ii Lidi was Al ready advanced in Aad Lucid x i she resided i la Dcarl h Kali the Hilll Sliwi Ivons in Leonii in on of mrs Itil or s As i Cantil or Iii id she Wai a us Hie in tin buy a a a it Asin to it bin inlay Amon la Wii i i1nsteruiaclu wife and and j at Jon joined in holy Wedlock Knight Aud Ami Laster shia Elffer and Miat Mary Harry Moore and daughter John with both of death of Young John aged succumbs to pulmonary John tie 2t Anid Williann us Faja a ill Tiess of to is Hur Alved by ib4a to Jaruta uni Flawd Sisters James Charles Hartwi Lironne Cyril Ard Anid Mur Wret till of Toto and Isi suy a Feralin Ftp a few to Joae pjs i re was a of St oath Otto reported for duty i m Donnell will charge of Reading i Leo Torp Aery fir the Adams went to the Dilvin Siita i talking of Tea at Cai Liju As the family of Here when will in Elwir Reaid Lnig entered almshouse Tolje at in the Iro t uot2 in bad shape phys ally Aitch i Williaim thaufelder and miss cyms in Kuniej fix i Katie of Morris hit Sipui of Iii of and Albert age4 9 to the Lunesu from and to went there for an indefinite he is bad and is unable to
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