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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 7, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania X tuesday attractive displays by different merchants of the open for three Days school children were and knitted this afternoon free of charge the pure food and exhibit of Lebanon merchants opened this afternoon at Oclock in sons of America with a com plete and varied display of articles each firm represented offers for Sale at their most of the prominent retail business concerns of Tho City have reserved spaces in the Hall and great been taken to pre sent an attractive open Thuribe the exhibit be held april 8 and 0 and demonstrations have been arranged fora a number of Booths and several refreshments be served free of school this a after Tea if past three school children de the privilege of the Hall free of various was made in these alumns several Days previous of the parlous having their lines of on show is under the management of Walter Espenshade and Fraik of this mentally unsound Rhino vol of Isaac Tocu to state hos Pital Isaac of this wits today found to be mentally unsound his removal to state Hospital for the insane at Harrisburg recommended by a Cor Mission which was appointed by judge Ehrgood to inquire into his alleged the hearing was held today in Law Ollices of Frank who represented the the commission was composed of William Harvey beriberi he and Imo hard elks enjoyed Ifasi for the Assembly wedded today at Jonestown miss Lillian kiwis 1ikcamk Thomas modern Woodmen new Camp instituted at Palmyra on wednesday a of modern Woodman of Lai Merica was instituted on wednesday evening at with a charter membership of the ceremonies were in charge of state of Ilum and District Deputy Wai of that the floor work was in charge of the degree team of the Hummelstown a number o members of attended the in Cli Jiing Alderman Henry George John and Harry Young couple passed through this City on weeding trip to Eastern Thomas of the mercantile Jirm of Bowman and and Lillian daughter of and William both of Jones were privately wedded at two Oclock this afternoon at the Parson ase Zio lutheran the Here Money being performed by George the there were no the Young couple passed Here Unis afternoon on a wedding trip to East Ern cities and on their return Wil be driven n reception at their Jones town the Groom is a son o and William Henry Slouck Honor guested address 1 Ilei petition of this to the state de his petition ticket i n candidate sat As auditor attorney in at he i y w Hornoy Orant a Silt As auditor was two hew guard generals named tin historians to meet Daniel Miller will head paper German the historical society hold a stated meet ins in the Kland jury room of the court House on april at 2 Oclock p a paper entitled the German of Lebanon county will be read by Daniel read the paper comprises a sketch of the origin and history of the Ger Man newspapers of Lebanon county from x07 to the present and excerpts from i per reminiscent and As to things and events of the Long eagles minstrel show of King Golf and comedians members of the Kin Gold of head my by Alt a number of singers and comedians from and who will Haiti Pivato in the minstrel show at thu of Alusic this arrived Here this merchants afternoon on several of the men Are profession is of Long members of Tufe fraternal order of eagles in charge of the assure patrons a Classy like marys Little Lamb to Max Holdyk has that him to school building dam at Jonestown on window Sill until Dis Missal und then follows had Homo Norman a Yousik Sou Joseph of the firm of louder and Cumberland Street has a Pigeon which As a pet is the Bird follows nor Man to school and on Tho window Sill until school hours Are and then follows the lad Tho other during the warm the windows Wuo open and the Bird hew the room after to creating quite a u was chased out by the hut the afternoon again followed thy lad to school As it a pretty fowl and the children on South fourth Street where the bonders Are As much in love officers installed Harvey haium1 Zucco Dorlay exalted ruler by Harry Matte in members of the Lebanon Lodge of elks on wednesday evening on Joyed their annual and on this occasion had with them Henry Houck As the special nest or during the Early evening the elks held their regular and being Tho last meeting of fiscal Tho new of liners were in stalled Harvey retiring exalted Harry mat Tern succeeds him As the head of the after the ceremonies the Boffl members adjourned to the Hau qut Hall the feast was served under the very Able direction of Hie entertainment George d j my lev at Shirri Krause officiated As and tineral St wait intros Ming addresses were made by j to Faymond Sec Myman William of Gabriel and past exalted i and to Lionel a Huff r and was the speaker is he gave one of characterise i Fri Fajo Cerneil from one to and o another with but at All limes or Kwh Llhee holding the rapt attention of his Hoiu he interposed his remarks with which repeatedly brought roars of the feast was a Delight Rhrou Guiont and the whole affair proved to be one of the most pleasant social Fum find Man this morn to estate of of this the the 1 in the court want Law enforced knt curtained Iusi Noss Legal lights and others i an1 Ohvall to am will have charge of Ade of fourth Lles Zinent invt Neaile on wed by adjutant appointment of colonel third Raki of i Sonera Price is bin of three vacant chairs tributes paid to Pouf Liliie looking the hold on Willow j was the scene of a social on when Captain re Lenderd to his Busl Nesk the invitations did not exceed the limits if Tho hosts business but included All with in hat and the assemblage represented a variety of commercial Ami Industrial interests from steamship ticket Selling and foreign banking Roal estate Speed is scattered Over the streets of the a number of Are complain in More or loss about the failure of City authorities to enforce Tho ordinance non inf scat Erncr mils Ivym the criticism was especially St Muon our the Day the City was Scal Leroy wih hat Bills by a new York and in Tho when Tho wind storm Canio the Muddy Ami was onto Las us Aigid on Worl for housekeepers and Tfir hired work on auxiliary your at Gretna ing rapidly Trade Board for Palmyra he Tiik of Wendell of the first Cony Ell will assume is a Ltd will a the both f whom the 1y governor in commands is of tin two n Well known a the practice of Law and even shoe vacant pm i even associations were not forgotten and us a tribute to three first business whose Nie Nior ies Are dearly there Woro three vacant and a was to the absent Tiisik Xvi ails tie in Celebration of live birthday anniversary of Tho a Soldier and All Ammi who acted Asho to Mak mention of the Nuin of the and his Siehs obliged to Nuiko a and i was agreed a Enid will work Dilia vently to no new for old is the time Lodge has held in Long i i o Hie oct risks county commissioner Aaron Ihorst on wednesday took Possession of his new residence at Tho property la a Fine Brick Home form orly owned by John signed a Fth Frankfort social at Jonestown will j5o Coli ducted i nor auspices Joe Lorincz me m hers of Johns it will conduct a social in Capps vacant Sto room n saturday Atte noon and eve will by served and h proceeds Wil devoted to Church the arrangements air in c i con Citico of Consi Stim of Csorgo Howard mrs a Liilian Henry Strauss Amelia miss l miss Ella Hal Lah miss Reinoehl and As Legal paid Klevins tribute to Tho affability i a Lent and of the Host As a Awyn and and Frank Lohman and Roy at Hie bar of the also made thrill Iky flurry but As much other appreciation barrister am health was drank in sparkling it was at a late hour when broke alter an evening i Kei Tormis highly a tendered and who n City and coun two rink he Lebanon at tin us s ral Myras progressive business and profess trial Mon have taken another big step Forward in h0 matter of booming their town by the Organiza Tion of of a Board of pal Myra Nan been in the limelight of business activity and development to a very great extent of with the result that industries no seeking a place there and it is reported that no less than n dozen enterprises no seek ing locations the business interests of the town demand organized action in the mat Ter and efforts Are to to continued toward making the old Homo week Observance there in september a the Board of Trade will work diligently in Landing the now enterprises for Tho Tho meeting was held on wednes Day evening in the Treiner building my officers were elected stauffer vie presi John Karly Schneider Grolier stauffer appointed Tho following on with instructions to prepare and submit its report at the meet Lar Board on tuesday evening april 19 Frank Ober it is planned to have Tho Board incorporated at an Early new cottage has by drove thoroughly in anticipation of 1 season work on the auxiliary which is hens Oil Camp meeting grounds at met is and men have wiped in laying the Concrete Tho several Ertuly been received for the Arfre Concrete Pillora Capa Vimr of t the auxiliary dam will Haw thirty and forty t capacity and when have water at second the left this where h the Large tank to be Grove the Grove has Oil rely in anticipation of an which will begin Thia the Middle of May and close Ardit i june s new three new cottages Shiavo de on several an Tomii Nashed state and improve hits and additions in ado to the various now Reservoir tin sole purpose of cottages situated of nue und in order that will at h present concert Given Bycy band at Tiik i Jov Salem lutheran Guild the Young mens Guild off Salem lutheran Church wlm renew it and literary the evening in the flite principal speaker of the evening Jar Harvey who has fees in voted o Alons practitea4 Medl Cal Catherine plan la Wal Alp a will be other vocal Klc cod Cun a concert j v he y was Titan is went to Harrisburg Lebanon Val lev Walkk s Are i Wanh it As the owner pay pork at have already been from the above Tim Vii to this a Large Force of workmen employed making excavations for the proposed new dam which will constructed at Jonestown by the Leb anon Valley consolidated water Pany to Supply residents of this Myers town and water obtained from the Swatara they Are As present engaged in twin up the ground prior to Ibe flex us Alt John Imboden to Daniel farm in North Londonderry town Elizabeth Slesser to Edward lot of ground in i letters of administration were granted to Harvey on the Adolphus hoi Poohl enl to to Harry property on water 1 his i Uhle to the Lebanon Valley state John Iron steel in proc my in Soiha c North Lebanon Franklin Thler to the on Valley Iron t steel fity in North Lebanon i i Wilward Heilman to non Val icy Iron pro Yerty North hip of uitts meet of Kinhthi Leader attend the state in in l Mea Tea la of lie Durlik to open 3tel at Gretna to of Tho late ruin c is attorney Lyle estate gymnasium carnival 1iyca have Buciu Laid from to his Liy tended Clirtie i Maple i Over the old Sand no Conns Tiou has been made with the Maui and no agreement Vovk titty the of to Mercury fell i during night and physical the ail no agreement at has been reached Vav Kerby the om1 Vany own to which laying pipe lines to the other e Lulu on Fri a hints la j i1 is expo Tel that upwards 1 15i Youmg athletes Mes Harriet is of of so Wil the Day As in the for Funck on left on t the n adj Tam is have mind the i outta doors Ilion of sold of Tho of Oil in of the hotel that the Ami la Hapij on Iii in of Sklar Luj of chairs a to and widely in a was business associate under Nanu of and in of and Robert 1hila p Lia have joined or Vii on of the of Allair was Hie excellent by llot1 n m Poi Portal a Iii w ugly to i k Ali Haj Ali of t until ital to 01 cute i i ill Lowilla wore to 1iviii i in at Ibe general lit shiny Hoss i forgo vol tin two one Ball Yucai j old Yon of of Sand died on Day Alteri Doii at four Oclock rim parents and the lol Elwing and strive Clarence and of Robby assignees Fob s Fox Bra eff Iii i in had of Shumm Kyt conveys Only ship Ivo Iiorio mid not individual interests it Knib Ich Harry i Aro named assign sea for Ibex Krait of in 4 of tilday by Jotun i during was a Ould not i b 1 l Cap i i ill l a i Uscila or Cirlor Grant on like ills of late f i in and Katie Aid that i Siu Iuie to ii Iliin Leri y to k Kiei Durand Iii for like Ami Kand Iphi trading As Fox and june Betti of seventh Gull Ford his Tho instrument Etc Vitya Only pro Jepty of and of the individual property of its the Only liability an a first the in run on record at the court House is judgment for held by jute it mib property Puiul Kyard at seventh and food will a4l of Linns is to pitch for Albricht hoofs Nescopeck Star of the last two Haa Como to my01 where he will Eltoh for until the close of base Ball and will Hen join the Harrisburg Uri Faai North ninth Simk Wal ate at read h in John in incr us Llu lne a in in Achimon Piui other where he Days in or Hamburgs old at the of is Ijima ii of f Nedu Oduy in Iljins City a Sui her and at gutters at Post office who of Uio local Federal a Btu directed by the Siahs Ina sury fur new Gettta when the complied us building wll1 be i la
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