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Lebanon Semi Weekly News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1910, Page 1

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Lebanon Semi-Weekly News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1910, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Monday Atkins president of select and Herbert Manacek clerk the common Branch James president and Sharp dec elected clerk City in accordance with Law and this adjourned sine and at 10 Oclock re Organ in tvs instance there were but a few Mun Lucea that the City was without a for Hie old continued Wii Thlu afew of Tihe meeting mme of Tine now coun prior to the sessions mayor mar Ivery Busy the oaths of office to the new arc later perform Long the same duties for new Atkins select Council Harry continued on Page Berry spoke on evils of graft William of former democratic state in Lebanon pm sunday and a dressed a Lowe Cen Tenary Loigi Tii and will Low Berry on the Rovai Illing evils of graft Large in from which City he returned after a visit saturday to Sakl Tho system Graf plus is recovered his keys and in pc tvs was menus of Hestor Iii tie Efficacy of the rows Classi fied advertising1 was again Miani tested on when Paul Leahy recovered a Bunch of keys which he had late on Friday j the Eveni Iff Edi of the was Ihn idly before Loahy Melved his keys from Guy who found them not Long after they had been when is i user or for those interested always look at Tho news classified advertisement Coluni before anywhere to wipe out debt will be repeated the of the fourth Street presbyterian to Are promised filed declaration Meikel to Loco Iii american Meikel of peach on Siat urday Rufi Ternbom filed at the court House his Deela ration of in tent in of becoming a of the United Brinn 20 years old and a native of eagles to give minstrel show proceeds Avill 11b do voted to the Charity believed amount will be fully subscribed by april of fourth Street Presby Terian Church Are this week participating in a Campaign to wipe out the Church debt of the session very recently received in offer of on condition mein Bers raise the other a years time is to missionary Komei lain ment in fourth Street Chu Roli in s last by the of Hie sunday school will Abr repeated by it is 1 Ami highly inter it Church Are no admission the it emote in Ion la on younger i r Fly and Edi i in Bers of of Briti will Ives sermons on holy land of Centenary lies Aii Ringgold of to fur Nisi than fifty in the another item tit is Soher ruled Tor Nhis us prcifeed5 of Wiliah go to the enter in o be pleven Elmr Sidway under the aus ii res aerie of frn eternal and of a min besides a score or More prolific Minorca Harvey shirt Icsis ten hens lipid 18i eggs during Harvey of r reports having a Coop of ten Black Minorca which Dur ing the month of March said 1s2 Mattal Nung an average of Al most six visiting at Norristown Lebanon ladies guests at tins Home of Iii a Mary of South Street miss Helen Chest and miss Dora of North were the on Sun Dikiy and today of and allow of form Erly of this on evening miss Albert u Solo in and dining their residence at for the past have cordially entertained quite a of their former Parilli Oueis of Tabor reformed Lindy to for the funeral of the late Christian of 2 Ivi Gatli occurred on the body being taken in the morning to new Winore and ment was made members of Gretna Hoyal acted As Jill forum the House to the heading Frantz was the on Sii Wilay Iwaji n series of three on the holy some years shortly onto Aliice into the Thompson Inave Lod Chr Enikh the holy enjoyed a thorough Beth make be offer tie name of Lam lie it iils associated with Tulve benevolent Patron not made Tow fourth Street presbyterian is of the smallest in Tho neuter of numbers in the and Ali raising of Sinoh a sum of Money will not to an easy but the members have entered into the of the Onier life of Ito Frau Tholf i or Che spoke of his from to had hand mangled pulse determination to raise Ali Jolln fished for Trout Iau Hokeii buy Anil director inti return Loroni High Hockenbury Aud general dec ithary and Thyri Val director respectively of the Tove turned from new Wheir ripest Friday and saturday Trout High Bridge is the old Home of rotary who Well Kiowa the Trout streams of that with to result that they made a of Well known will Lake part in the Home Tail Cut if the there will also be than per Nimens the of will furn ish Insler Simental and a number of nun stress will Cora tribute to the to there he with Mie usual Catchy and an in a Ihlow other mint will he this will he by a travesty Haintl Sci aim celebrates the by and a initiation into the order of Katules by local Lokaj amateurs Are not seen to live to potting overture As but in the Bur act be found in Laush Mali big Tho eagles each year five a for Charity and have selected this program this year Boca Uso there is every evidence of the members of Tho local order who to take part have con time on Mie production Ancl who have Seon tiie rehearsals Are enthusiastic in their of the members of the organization have tickets for some and there is every of a crowded House to see the the Sooim Mutee in Olarge of tie affair expects a Liberal response from friends lie Community in and Assurance is Siivon the por will every funeral this morning Cyrus Wolf Jehu a Traicos for Jacob Cyrus past of the thed of this in at nine Oclock funeral services Over the body of the late of West Tii vices held at the Mill Lin with intern int at Fei inf the pall by tors were Milton Christian John Clemeau and Walter Thompson was thu Eloi text Leonard morning before Ann Wineing the details of the preach of an eloquent divinely imposed of and Esborn pc the Memi hrs of his flock to do their beat win out Delit within the time Linn ii of the benevolent m the Aniual Mudlin Ike will he yield on wednesday i april am it is expected by unit time to have Dho fully emd View Many of hair at a Brief meeting after the and other members r Tion will be seen during tie the trustees Moi Ubera of Tihe session have the matter in Thimio Tho sunday school session matter was also discussed and while a sum was pledged o be Given by that it a agreed to permit no Public making to enter into the Ioli Tii m steel Avioli Accident at John of 07 Colebrook a Tod one of his hands on Sapir Day morning at the Pennsylvania steel plaint by having Large piece of Sheet Iron fall upon Walter dressed the injured Bright baby girls arrivals in the families of Arnold Andrew Allwein Imus Are receiving Coity a a child was born to of lie cousins on the so to last March and both the Are at the Sanatorium j la is not in relatives Alil speedy Rockove wedded at Catawissa George Spurlin mid miss Licodia Hoyer of this George Spahn and miss Lier lha Bomi of were pro mutely wedded today the Gene irony in Wii incr donned by former of Trinity this at his Home there were attendants following the Cere Mony the on a wed Liik which will ii Lud Sev eral Days at Jiey will reside in this Allm Bride is a of r to and Frank of third j aids ii tid lib Nenee then a of Lon Feni snap Jan to 210 South he is pm lion on a i Loyod in the office of tie train Dis Ever Patci Ier fur uie cornwal1 and Leha the Dae non Railroad ill Derwent Tion for John wife a Woll i Iowa clubman of the who is at Tiffalo taken to the Lii inon on saturday to Uii Ergo an operation for while is leered friends for Lebanon bricklayers for Ihl Caro construct Coo Zimmerman passes away at age of 7g ill for three weeks fifteen bricklayers Are x pts cd to leave Plato 1lris Ifie Rimoon 1or o work on the i Dimi Founty Coke Tim a dirty to to Mado up of to following Llla Rry Howard Irwin Ismuel Adollph Jolon Hiram Hoy ii a Vilnin Charles Talph John 1 lend George Neil was Mother of chief of police John Ziu Hiuer Nian in Summy morning nit ended the suf Loningh of Louisa relic it of the 0corge Mother of chief of Iolite John for Miree Long a lilo suffer ins from m of was con liaised u her Lili her Only re creation be Imp a change from Bod to she endured suf Fer wit i patient and the Burden was wondered lighter by from her Zimmerman 70 years of she was born in Kast and the removal of the f aim my to this she lived for a number of years twelve children they Are of the Fri Tom works Kenver and John of of is Wil of Lon is Maria to tied at Home wife Obj Frank of j Thomas Ami wife of Conr Rineo Rill of i cutly kist Kim the deceived number of Tihe i a lord with Lull ran Sho i Coin minion was hold in a Puie by Thomao who know her loss mourned a Large burial funeral to ibo announced at county almshouse do Vino services conducted by Huit Day univ like services were conducted he sunday after Iru ii Ait t Oclock by Pas Tor of Brethren Mem Lars of Tho ration to Nui Riiber of a Lehman the communion in marys Church class of partook of first Kuc Haiut service one of the most solemn of year and Church was first com Milkint mass was celebrated an marys Catholic sunday and was Atton died by congregation whih tilled the Hirst Church to us the ser Vico is one of solemn of wic acid is Imp event in Tho Ronti Iii Church forty Young folks who became thou Iii partook of their and occasion was upon by Tilio father Aida Christ to proach not of com arid but Sauer oysters Large sum before opening of indians gave Spertal ular Street general during week b general the 1nled Tilie j All Untig according dior feast of roses Al Chrition Ai o he Lii Lorato than members n of lutheran Linch is known As the have decided to Fashio tied of Lor seve Itil has not by an Cla Bonate pro Aizik Al Villa town Cli members will Mako Ivo ibis Ellebra is scale Mian is june a woman loves a Man thinks Dos a mail a an knows h Calvin pastor of Marks reformed on april joined in holy Wedlock Charles of i Maple and mis Daugh Ter of in Manuel of Weidus Taij this moving Day clerk Kochenderfer has granted marriage licenses to the following couples Richard Tupi and miss Mary Bolh of hotel Henry Christinan and miss Ficetti both of this Michael of Man Ami miss daughter of Lunghard of this Ralph hover and Mjos Furance daughter of chaises if both of anniversary of sunday school the half of the to Tho vivid legion of Limni am extensive i dope Wilion the in anal Luv Jaue to l by Tulve rain area will i be followed by u slurp fall Tern Liidi will Varry Frost to somewhat below the Fortieth Anothy promises to Altai Ifil by d Eru Rains appear on it lie Pacific tuesday ill ail Are Over the Litral and at Hugiie the Lei kill of the class follow i Iii rivalries Harry Laii Krew an1 flux Ailor Spind Augustine 10ntjle John lob cart Helen Mair Ijiro Christ Ine Helen 1uuline Salihar Mary Steck Harriot Margaret Paio Doeble Cecelia Mary Janea Auna Ilotti Sarah Mary Anna Miry o Mairy father Huygen leaves Germania hotel Ense transferred i join d Lewis Sci Frnnk Oon Iii on uie Kab info i anted the Transfer of Tinct Epipania Hycl Liloise at fifth Anil canal from to apply be marys Clinch wit Boik assistant Ilc Clor at Willain assistant or of marys Catholic this has Lumini to at he on to assume his new tin local Parish is at an but in ii a new Oiin will be up pointed to at a very Early Tho Ann Al Sauer Oyster supper under the Swatara it order of red of America on and a usual tended and financial bu5ces9i supper Hall was open 8 and Bauer All Cream wore sold la Antii gave Street at 7 Oclock the usual Parade was started America and after trav Cumberland streets the procession Many of tie Indian Cost uni by the parades w were Tho subject by the hundreds of gathered along the the general men in charge of the supper composed of1 Howard Man Robert Claude George huns Cor and Grant Secretary and the they were Abl assisted 1 Bor of wives and of the red the Mac Umsu ladies the general la left committee mrs Ira Anna Billle Sarah Mckinney Aad at various Tho supper Tab Tesi were ii of John Saline Cyrus John and the bread and butter table charge of Kate by Reghl charge of the cake table John Keller and Las the Candy table was presided by George Mius be Wolfe and lion the proceeds of the supper to devoted towards expenses i Dent to attendance upon the Ai convention of the state bodies Hod men which will meet at red ing in it is stated that special train will be i though no stops have yet been to Job in that sunday motorists Laid at rest those Rush about Over papers tiled in to luvs Luys at Mill writ of Replevin e april big inn i infant daughter of John Albright hulled Elliis Junior of 1 Liei an this site Roun Milkiat Tiki Al Over this body of Tihe Mulato Ziths old Dang of amp j 1hiir ii at the Houise Folio i a k i in burial Hack whom of address subscribers who change their places of residence Are requested to promptly notify the circulation department of the daily news by mall or stating old As Well As new i s to Standard Mai Aida in holier ii us i Ilei a 11d o1 Hon y in i in c my tie is for n valued fran k St ctr and i l i is reel tenth t u i lied i Rorge and of ii North ninth Mary i Tail of he Linail Llau i a now of the i i saturday Otti Liaw handsome Gold watch will Burn mortgage who Kot filtered and dined the Eagle Rev Al nost Lii Deal for Automo Bills quite 5 of music Limos passed Bare the through thie some n who Ait lists stopped registered at Tihe included Cie Oage and cum and Edi Wiard miss Menige and family wj4 All of 4 John of of i eur j to 01 Fred Kiv Inive Gity tins h by a Char 1 vacation k a Studell at the returned afer enjoying the was Diana of truth Aud on Jimiy Tako Lluc in in i a inn Ali in Blindin of Tii Rick Tornat is at ill Law i Jii will be made of of will in tin deter Aulii at All Day in after Tuung Jyi to held mid service will of Jim at Ler for John Hellei Viau and children join husband and three left this Hiir Iwho is snap Toyias an automobile 01 thai Lias her family Situu Ritterling to la of Aud a Ibiam 01 378 North Doe sunday of Taa two and 91 year old granddaughter of is i wired by Samuel 544 of i died on 8wday of
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