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Lebanon Daily News (Newspaper) - September 10, 1947, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Fol heat Lebanon daily news Lebanon a Page seventeen u s population in 1990 May go to nations population predict ret Liing their forecast on la basis of the 1940 cens it thought the United states population would climb to a Peak of in 18s5 and then downward now they Are talking about a he Fotr in Academy All this wot at int raining violets its gaining Paramount stars town i theres an if with those fore Etuati both were made on the is Cumpton that medium Esti Matt concerning birth and death rates will turn out to be Correct rather than High or Low Esti mates until now the most Widel Yac Cepter forecasts of u s popu lation were contained in a Nook by Warren s Thompson and p k Whelpton of Trio Scripps foun Dation for research in population problems they developed the complicated Thompie Whelpton method of predicting population and published their last estimates in 1943 Basing them on the 1940 census probably october a revision pulls obd it was written by Whelpton in collaboration with j s Kletsel and Hope t eld Ridge of Tho u s Cen sus Bureau and is based on the 1945 population is estimated by the census Bureau the new report will boost the the line for example the first report Walri medium birth and death popu lation will probably have fallen to in the year 2000 the new report changes this the Bureau says the population was on Jan 1 of this year Tho 1940 census showed a population of the Mai reason for the revised forecasts is the surprising Beha Vior of the birth rate during Tho War population experts judging by the first a Pelcl War had expected the birth rate to drop during War time instead it went up this True not Only in America but la England and Franca reports of the census Burrau indicate that in America the unexpected trend was due to economic Prosperity to the tact that in the depression years Many couples had postponed marriage or parenthood because of Lack of Money and to psychology which cause Many Young men to marry j ust before Gold to War jews say bomb plot was British framed Paris charged today that the purported Stern gang scheme to bomb London was a British rame up to distract attention from the Hamburg Landing of refugees with a former s army airman act ing As a British agent rabbi Barcli Korff of now York one of nine persons still held in the Case bluntly labelled the american Reginald Gilbert of St Louis As a British agent Peler Bergman chairman of Tho hebrew committee of National liberation said it had become the plot staged by the by Irish secret service to divert Public opinion from the Hamburg debarkation of the jew ish refugees Korff was interviewed in the Paris prison where to and eight others Wero held for Possession of pamphlets harmful to France the pamphlets were reported destined or London asked it Gilbert who was flown to England in a Royal air Force plane after leading police in Korff and his associates had planned the affair Korff said yes he planned the reigning musical starring inc Assn huh Cai Yomki it Ulano aun in Samaia Stanwyck amut mfg the i adm Sonny ram Jom cauuie1d Wuhan luah1k Kofi Hiltl Lan Casttle Mil Mukku Diana Itkin so Tum Hayth Vermica us John Luw Willlam Uttmi tit Smau Cass mow am shot Mac Muld Catt added this network programs it Indira for ctn one hour or subtract Twa Lect Hilton dour to fit local lot program thanti can by included affair to happen lust As it did that is going to to our defense against the charges of the French govern men Korff had been on a hunger strike since his arrest saturday night at a suburban Airport where lie was supposed to be taking of to drop pamphlets on London urges More Courtesy to avoid Accident warning motorists against a tendency to forget that Speed and recklessness Are responsible for the majority of accidents on the highways d j Grace Secretary manager of the Palmyra Lebanon county automobile club today emphasized the fact that respond so Hilly for bettering the traffic safety Marks of America rest individually upon the shoulders of both Drivers and pedestrians a Little More court Psi instead of a me first attitude and a Little More consideration for the other fellow will go a Long Way in help to hold the Accident rate to a or Grace stated neither Motorist nor Pedes plan can usurp the prerogatives of the he declared for either to do to is to invite laugh or or serious injury on our streets and calling attention to the fact hat 194c was ushered in on an increasing fatality rate that was i redacted to surpass even 1941 a ear during which persons oat their lives in traffic accidents or Grace explained that the need or safety was impressed upon motorists when the american automobile association and affiliated automobile clubs adopted he slogan take h with he result that 194fi came to a close with a heartening safety record however the motoring Public s beginning to forget the aaa civil official warned they Are beginning to forget that Speed and recklessness which caused such disastrous consequences Dir ing the first half of last year can undo All the Good work that has in put Forth to make american highways safer for automotive travel it is Lime for the american motor of to remember that Speed and recklessness have no place in the traffic safety he concluded and to remember the and it wide fuday september 10 new report in no every Cuba Tel world silent 1 riddles hour repeated hour Mai West Iff 9porlft America i Erendt be Hunt time Chi red Barber and Sparta Lowell Thoi Faa no world news commentary Loo badly supper club Abc Basic mystery of the Fulton Lewis or repeat hour later Tell Neirby and comment no Jack Smith and song dance music my Basic tote Home party no Bob Crosby club Inland stows rpt at ftt4t Utley ant comment Abc Robert Trout ant Cuba Sporta repeat 30 m later mba Juk Dennis Day comedy nh5 Afner can Melody time Brook drama Man Beau f Ajo area t no Christian Modero drama Man Ute Chi Tex and Jinx show no eth Apody in rhythm Cuba Gabriel Zeatter comment Mai met Ali tract attorney drama Aba wll Laon cb9 of that bar Story drama Abc my Iury drama Flea Down of the land Mai Obrien theater no doorway to Chi latin american Mai variety t Era no variety dance i Wawa band 1 Era Mai Tolmei at either Dayl Erht or Cattern Standard network silent 1 hour East hour weal repeat Kewa and commentary Dally commentary the Lone ranker drama Lum ant Abner Conroy lilt sonic Paul Walteman music male from Adlam Albert show Fhil comedy Henry hour scientifically air conditioned ctate1 ast times 91 ale today m is men Dukk the boat Waltz torring Luise Fimano Rainer grave Korjus with Hugh Herbert Lionel Atwill tomorrow Day Only two big hits Richard Denning Kane Richmond dont Gamble with strangers seven were saved wed night sept 16 i m starting today a blood stained curse i Day the unfaithful Ann Sheridan Ayres Scott also Colour cartoon tub inti Idesis today Hob Stelk in Thun her in ti1k desert plus de Ymir Kennedy As the crime smasher starting tomorrow starts tomorrow toughest Man in Frontier Kansas to i i idleness mushrooms strike Pittsburgh today Tho mushrooming As 41 re Rill of a six Clay strike Union Railroad co employ Esgrow today As negotiations appeared stalled Allday negotiations yesterday ended with no report of Progress the Railroad workers struck against Tho u s steel corp owned Railroad Over demands for a 60 cent hourly wage increase night differential pay and vacation allowances u s steel said of the steel workers in four plants served by the struck Railroad were Idle but thousands More in steel fabricating plants throughout the Pittsburgh District were threat ened Wlsh layoffs by the cud of the week at least six firms planned Early Cut backs because of the strike 0ne Fabricator the Oliver Iron steel said All steel products plants in the area were working on a nearly Ray loony previously negotiators reported some Progress in efforts to end the strike however there was no comment from the representatives after yesterdays conferences the riders arc members of the brotherhoods of Railroad train men Karmio made big car races time tk1ais us f m Hist of 7 sensational acis rations driven the Rice orc finally ached ofed for sept 7th Hyum aaa contest Board d he Cao Emmi to favor of the big car races wed night sept 10th Oneill farming is a laugh to an a year old Oneill girl Carol Segar last Spring buried some potato Peel Ings Jufat to get rid of them now she is ready to Harvest a crop of full sized spuds across l thick oily liquid Phul Shioi cod i Deeda number 13 sen 14 Peel 15 Monty placed in a Bank it Flo Rae 18 Deattra ii of us ii Swan j5 firm s6 uncooked 37 38 Back Leaa 39 piece out 0 period of 42 Amorosa 13 skill 44 19 Woolm 47 Al for unreal Lar is Melody 54 is Skatt pfc St 58 23 compound 94 ind Leo Plant 2fi millions so Luton of Puzzuo 21 do slav 59 to ii pronoun Down Bushy dolls end re attic c a Auto Sprinc in decl for that t win film i 10 walked 11 Hardena 20 great 22 spreads out 24 great a vend 25 Racket 27 ear of Wood or 28 male Duck 29 Drain 21 shrewd 12 bad income a it str Pei 41 pertain Lnor in the no Strlla 4 Rewun City 45 attitude a the left aide of a a hip 47 4 got of Golf Hazard 1 1 1 t Miller not is nerve network in watch vol Johnsons Kew ii Tirb turning Story of s marshal bit lit1 Matterson Teai fret air town Jeffreys Geo Gabby Hayes Trail Street the Fth in fit show for nismo Niton High school alumni the fabulous dorseys with Tommy Dorsey Jimmy Dorsey Naif Janit Myerstown preps for 1947 soccer season five let Crmen Are the 22 candidate for the Myers town High soccer who Are out daily under direction of coach Frank Stevenson in anticipation of the opening of the Lebanon county High school soccer Holdover around whom Stevenson inuit build his 1847 team include Herman Hardy and Kenneth Leffler halfback Allen Yingst and Jay Brown forwards and Donald Klopp goalie candidates included twelfth graders Fie Orga Brown 1 us graders William cur ten Dehart and David Snyder 10th Gradich Donald Yonne Hoh Ert Kohl Richard Sholly Herman Noll Holms Weibler Paul hairier Robert Albert and Harold Swanger 9th Larry Zart Raan Clifford Glnn robot Maze Frederick Donald Uhrich Joel Wei at Rich Ard Swope Richard Dohner Jerome Spangler interstate league by Tho Assoc latest prep ii Trenton Defeated Allentown to i and Wilmington out Harrisburg in b to 4 Lait night in opening games of even game interstate league poetic Assn play off series Trenton giants Winner i of the leagues regular season scored six runs in the eighth inn ing to finish ahead of Allentown behind the pitching of Andy to who fanned Cardinal Batten Wilmington i Blue to e k i Stix across two tallies in the seventh inning to overcome har re Burgi i to i Lead Green Hills theatre s my let South of Reading route 122 Mojo blown Road Flimel week flit held Over How now Brown cow Wlllie Chr Rusli nil Lulin i Ircy Furm Cir Liln Sli Sirp for Coll str Dichiro 2456c Tonitte a Lith formerly Lakeside Myerstown biking hams Orch liquor Good food Bellegrove picnic saturday sept 13 Jeff Crumn mid Hull Dishi in the Killil lip Knic Kvello of music by the Annville band Chicken Corn soup and other refreshments by Ilia Jonii tonight Neptune screaming fun at blondes Holiday emmy sing ton Arthur take Larry Simms Kkt special Mutl Cal Cwi of the Oak z Ond f conditioned Mohite 7 and 1 p m Sun Glen Altur orchestra John Payne Sonja Emit Afore Ihnn half it staph have of the Asto Riillo a thur Many a with a new technique Robe i r Montgomery Audrey Tot lady in the Lake Paramount attn in Ryan Farr a till and Randolph Rolt in Gingri in n Ftp lit in nil old us and order in Rio her Tor rust part Netlon Ili Rollor Trail in Negr it Fern in ills Ives turn which vill at the colonial Liun Liy Friday and saturday Dine dance Oakwood inn Art Early and orchestra Beer wine liquor sandwiches platters seafood we Caier to parties and banquets oink Rice my Lii in onion t a rings musical bar Johnny adorns Ond his Star lighters i trl n Joan Matula vocalist wednesday Nite sept 10th Friday and saturday nites Russ Dasher Quartetti firm i Chicken in the Basket tonight uhlers hotel 22nd and Lehman streets no orders served to take out Between 8 and 11 Indian Echo hotel Huni Melston pm Hook Smith his Orch Fri and sat a tally Amin any a Cool con Kollal atm Saphore always Fine Foort me in scr to by Nauru nil phone highest Cash Price Fob you car Beyerle Hoyer motors 21 Swik 7th so 2332 air conditioned wed and thurs bigger and better card parties St Gertrudes Church 2nd Ipoh Mem he sept 11 t m r

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