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Lebanon Daily News And The Lebanon Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1925, Page 3

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Lebanon Daily News and The Lebanon Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1925, Lebanon, Pennsylvania V Henderson York Mcfader Stock i 824 stun Gerund Boto the Bankers company of of and Mccown of Philadelphia and new York today offer a 000 first Jbf Gage Bond cured by the Malvern apart situated on Mccallum East of Lincoln Puthe Delbond Are unconditionally guaranteed As to principal and in Terest by Bankers Bond mortgage and interest is payable 60ml annually without deduction of Federal income tax not in excess of two pet and the Pennsylvania state tax excess of four the loan is secured by a closed first mortgage on the land and build ing occupying a lot 200x270 the building will be four stories High and will contain fifty two apart embodying All Ultra modern a forty car garage is also being erected for the convenience of the property has been independently appraised As hav ing a value of making this a it is estimated that the earnings will be three times the interest requirements and times the interest and amortization completion of Struc Ture is guaranteed by the Peoples Bank Trust of Philadel tile insurance has been is sued in the amount of and fire insurance for the full insurable value of the building will accompany the these Bonds Are Legal for invest ment of Trust funds under the Laws of the state of Pennsylvania and Are priced at Par and accrued interest to yield the Bonds Are dated september 1925 and will mature serially up to september they have been issued in denominations of and and Are Registrable As to Lan Castu Stock Market All classes killing Stock showing decided beef steers compared with week 25c to Boc better grades up no strictly Choice Early top weight 1130 bulk of sales to fat heifers Strong to 26c cows and can ners stockers and feeders hearing Advance most sales 25c High Glit weights predominating practically cleared of staid fresh receipts showing fair Menett bulk of sales to demand toys veal about 26c lower for we6k Fop westerns receipts receipts of i Larket cattle 33 Tennessee 10 Virginia 5 Paul 1 West Vir Ginia 1 North Carolina 1 new York 1 louts 1 Chicago containing 929 86 209 11 receipts for week ending 19 1926 cattle 181 cars 81 Virginia 28 Tennessee 27 West 18 Paul 8 North Carolina 6 Iowa 6 Louis 3 Chicago 2 Pennsylva Nia 2 Omaha 1 Canada 1buffalo 1 Ohio 1 new York containing 6070 464 calves 668 hogs 142 sheep compared with week Prei Jious cattle 272 cars head 281 calves 434 grass fed cattle steers Good to fair to Good medium to common to medium bulls Good to Choice fair to medium to common to medium heifers Choice to prime Good to Choice medium to Good common to medium cows Good to medium to Good common to medium canners cutters Stocker steers Good to Choice fair to Good medium to fair common to medium Stocker bulls Good to Choice fair to Good medium to fair common to medium calves Good to Choice 12.50@14.25 medium 11.25@12.50 common 6.60@11.25 hogs heavyweights 200250 medium weights 150200 $14.60@15.00 lightweights 100150 rough Stock 100 150 Lancaster Grain and feed prices paid to Farmers a heat Bushel Corn 9sc Hay baled Timothy Straw Selling Price of feeds bran shorts $41.00@42.00 Hominy $44.00@45.00 middling $45.bo@46.50 linseed gluten ground pats Alfalfa meal regular cottonseed 41 Dairy feed 16 $38.00@39.00 Dairy feed 18 Dairy feed 20 feed feed 25 on w horse feed 16 Alfalfa meal ton new today stocks were stimulated at the Start of the week the Rise of both Industrial and Railroad averages into new High ground for the current Bull swing at saturdays this proof of the general list s vitality brought a flood of buying or Ders from All parts of the giving trading a buoyant tone in the Early motors continued the outstanding general motors reaching a new High at up 1 and Hud son soaring five Point i to 94 i Studebaker was reaching the Best Levels of the year at Nav York exc Liaboe beet 37 36 can 244 240 a car il5 113 inter 37 33 34 119 us steel 42 Woolen 41 41 an Condo 45 Vij a Chiyou 123 123 Gulf w 73 72 n 125 122 o 82 s24 41 4 1 12 Butte 12 26 is 19 Chandler 37 10614 106 h Chicago h 49 8 s2 Paul 16 Chile 35 35 motor 11 11 Corn 36 35 Cuba 24 24 70 67 Erlo 32 32 Erie 1st 41v4 41 105 54 c3 i 74 i 74 Gulf 82vi 82 27 Nickel 34 34 South 42 42 Kenno 55 55 Loews 34 Valley 80 81 Mack Moon 36 35 and 43 43 37 37 85 u 85 Central 123 122 and 37 37 58 i 58 71 i 71 Packard 44 43 Oil 53 is 53 64 63 i 63 49 49 43 42 is radio Reading Replogle steel s 4 Reynolds scars Shell Oil san Blair 11 Ruvi 106 76 Texas goal on Union u s id Alco u s rubber u s steel u g i Vivaudou Wabash pad a West my Westinghouse Willys Amer stores j t Waldorf system 87 16h 51 11 216 22 18 9sv6 106 56 54 45 92 142 90 i 58v6 123 97 14 44 11 16 77 27 80 2s boxes 1st 3mj 1 St 4 u 2nd 4v4 3rd 4th 4v4 1947 52 45 91 142 i 88 58 123 96 14 h 43 71 16 76vt 27 soms 28 15 1 firemen Parade and carnival big Success Large crowds of people lined the streets of the City on saturday evening in order to witness the Parado which was Given by the Tiro companies of the with Din companies of West pleasant and Independent Bor Ough All pleased at the appear Ance of Lebanon companies in full i Fralia and were impressed Anav with the grandeur of Lebanon fire following the the crowd found its Way to Avon where Lef Canan county firemen association held a the Assoc Atlin is highly elated at the Success experienced on saturday since and everyone from old Man weather to the smallest citizen of Lebanon seemed to have formed to conspiracy to make everything just right for the the nn3 Hook and ladder companies were de tailed to be present at the during the both for the Pur Poso of and for i new Issue a Legal investment for Trust funds in Pennsylvania Malvern Hall arts edits Mccallum Philadelphia first mortgage 6 guaranteed Gold Bonds dated september 1925 due serially up to september 1935 principal and interest unconditionally guaranteed by Bankers Bond mortgage company principal and semiannual interest payable at the office of this Coupon form in interchangeable denominations of Registrable As to redeemable in part at the option j the owner upon 60 Days notice on any interest Date at 103 and accrued interest payable Mth out deduction of Federal income in excess of two per and the Pennsylvania state tax not in excess of four location t Malvern a Beautiful apartment building of the Finet win be in the fashionable Lincoln drive is Tjon of on the North of Mccallum Street East of Lincoln near Upsal station of the Pennsylvania building t the build my will be a four Story and basement apartment containing apartments and All ultramodern a forty car capacity garage is also feeling erected for the convenience of Security this loan will secured by a closed first Mort Gage on the land owned in fee on a lot 200 having a total area in excess of Square Vav the property has fee ii appraised by Edgar Joseph Eckard and William these appraisement Are Lively ranging from to aver making a Low of earnings the estimated earnings will be 3 times the interest requirements and times the interest and amortization additional each month on twelfth of the annual interest and on twelfth of the taxes and and has deposited with the trustee for the retiring of the first maturity of the in the Borrower has Given his personal Bond for covering this the Peoples Bank Trust company of Philadelphia guarantees to the bondholders completion of the Structure in accordance with the plans and specifications it has also insured the property against mechanics and has issued title insurance in the amount of fire insurance for the full insurable value of this building will accompany the mortgage Protection of the Bond and will be payable to this v Lee Aliv these Are the Bonds of Joseph Seltzer and Are Biegaj for investment of Trust under the Laws of the state of Par 3ji4 accrued interest to yield 6 per Bankers Bond mortgage company j31547 Walnut Street Bown company 437 Chestnut i German paper dated attracted attention at City Hall an yellowed newspaper was the object of much attention this morning at City it was a German with a few items of fid advertisements in one advertisement in English which wfl8 particularly interesting to the mod Ern newspaper Reader was one per Taining to it reads As follows Philip Lynch respectfully informs the inhabits of Lebanon and Vicinity that he will non an eng Lish school on monday the first of february next on Cumberland in the Boro of in the late residence of Peter he will teach Arith Navi gation and at 02 per Quarter and respectfully solicits their the paper was published in Leb anon by one Joseph was dated february and was known As Der Pennsy Vanisha or the Pennsylvania Baker sentenced to 2 for hold up at the Home of Lawrence Sands on september the foes cur ried a United press Story covering the sentence tin posed upon who plead guilty to participation in the hold up of the Home of Lawrence of inadvertently the head writer got the names mixed in his mind and did Sands a great injustice by stat ing that he was sentenced to Twenty Beven years for hold up Sands is president of the first National at which is one of the strongest Finan Cial institutions in Western Penn and there Are few Bankers in Pennsylvania who no better or More favourably for the publication of this mis information the news is indeed sorry and greatly regrets the Inci empower president to reorganize departments after a conference with president senator Walter new announced today that he would introduce a Hill in the Congress empowering the president to organize the administrative departments of the Edge said that the a do 1st rat i on Bill specifying changes Lii the administrative departments probably could not pass because of senatorial divergence of opinion regarding needed changes that his Bill Leav ing the matter in the hands of the president would Servo As a Susti abolition of the shipping Board and Abs option of its pee sent function in the Commerce department would be the chief purpose of his Edge Gerald Chapman filed Brief in support of his Appeal from sentence special to Newi by United Prince of bandits who now is under a death sentence today through his his Brief in support of the Appeal from his his conviction of having murdered a policeman at new the Brief cites 12 instances of alleged prejudicial error in Chapmans All of which arc the allegations include claims that the state fail of to connect its Chain of evidence in Accord Ance with promises made in court that the states attorney was guilty of prejudicial conduct and that Irre Levant testimony was Chapman is understood to have collaborated with lawyer in preparation of the Brief which will probably to argued next coroners office is due for a shakeup today special to news by United today alleged graft ing in the goods of the dead has resulted in a shake up in the coroners office hero to was Learned Coroner Oscar Wolff announced that three members of his staff already have been discharged for taking watches and jewelry off bodies that Are brought to the mor gue and replacing them with articles of far less in some instances the bodies were stripped of valuables and no attempt was Mado to Ropaco them Tho Coroner Wolff cited a recent auction Sale of goods taken from the dead in which the estimates of 400 persons were sold for a total smaller than Tho Coroner said the Sale was held without his Public service dismissed complaints special to news by untied i Public service commission today dismissed the complaints of the Stockertown and Tho Tatamy Leglu heat and Power companies against the Penn Sylvania Edison the complaints alleged the respondent unlawfully invaded their territory to serve the Hercules Cement at Northampton state Highway dept appointments today of William of Allentown and Robert of As snap sectors was announced today by the state Highway other appointments in the department include Richard craftsman Assis Tant and Wayne Scott feel Grant Paul american died in Paris today Paul noted Lawerl Catu died Here sunday of bronchial which follqwe4 re infection contract in a Accident at Arden nes Forest he Imp 80 years ol4 Jet with rally Day a1 covers for 100 at banquet of league of women voters covers will by Laid for one Hun dred guests at Tho fourth annual banquet of the Lebanon county league of women to be staged tomorrow evening at the hotel miss Martha first vice chairman of Tho will bring greetings to the Lebanon county league from the state of a member of the state Board and also n member of the state Board of school directors will discuss the present status of women in poll Maxwell of president of n Lackawanna woman Republican will speak on 4 subject not yet an chairman for Eastern counties on International cooperation is sending a speaker to talk on the world Clarence first vice chairman of Tho Lebanon county league will preside at the afternoon mss on of the league to be held at 4 Oclock in the parlor of the hotel miss Thomas and miss who is a member of the state finance present for the afternoon Florence Brenneman raised Large red beets Florence of 317 Cumberland Street this morning presented vice presi Dent of Tho news with two Largo red beets raised in Hor Tho beets fire now on display in the news window and Are attracting a great Deal of attention from pass Ernsby the beets measure seven and Ono half and six and Ono half inches in diameter and weigh several pounds stated that there Are Many More of the same size in her eagles to entertain ladies at chefs tonight arrangements Are completed for Tho big ladies Nile affair of the Lebanon aerie of this eve Tho Mcc Barship will to motored to chefs near Annville for a splendid Chicken and Waffle dinner Early in the follow ing which they will proceed to Riverside near Bunker Hill for a dance Uncle general the members will be accompanied by their wives and other lady and every arrangement has been made to Alvo All a splendid there will be some Fine boosts presented to the guests and the program includes entertaining a Large attendance of the member ship is looked for by the committee of miss Dorothy Shott to become the Bride of Harvey matterness announcement was made among a Circle of friends on of the engagement of miss Dorothy daughter of and Charles of 925 Gull Ford and Harvey of 1140 old Cumberland miss Shou is at present employed by the Bell Telephone of and matter Ness to a work Long for Joseph Smith of Cumberland the Happy couple Are receiving the congratulations and Well wishes of a Host of no Date has As yet been set for the number of openings in United states army recruiting of ulcer in charge of the local recruiting received a number of openings made vacant during the past Weeh h the United states following Are the openings hawaiian calling in and Field Texas has openings for the and last but not the motor transport schools Camp fat Camp Deputy Register of wills has granted letters of administration on the estate of Adam of Jaem to the Joes if is Fth so Ujj Kutyn v crowds of people flocked id Axon United Brethren Church tier to hear a series of prepared including by the famous Brown programs were in charge of the pastor of the were Given to celebrate rally president of town delivered dresses it both the sunday and afternoon sessions of the lie congratulated the Church splendid in the it ing Bonz pave a report of years Progress in sunday be Hubli the reports were by Good and received the elation of both the visitors and the crowning event of the Ett Urdy Day was the musical program a Ivsic it 715 in the the was As follows opening All mall the Jesus name invocations by Tor fake mabe14j Arrom panned by miss came Schwink Schaak and Paul Korr miss Beulah Sattum accompanied by miss cat hot or Hank Hebron realty chorus miss Claret the Brown pan led by the Iho they of the boys piano Solo miss Rel Tok Hans Hebron Cho Brown boys Harryf accompanied by miss Sarah Saltzer Brown boys Pelffer and Sterling compan led by miss Sarah miss Clara Light Ling Light accompanied by Mesa Sarah Saltzer offering Offert Btry Miles Schaunig remarks and annoy not cements fake Bened Lonj student Bandit caught by detective after trims to hold up prominent a claiming to be a Law of Tho University of desperate need of Money to cont Nuoc his was captured by a you Tyi detective today As he jumped out def a motor car to hold up the Iraq vol club at a the revolver in gave his Philip of when Stenella had heard that Money crap game was being in the club so he decided a was the best1 moans to Money to pursue his Law told youths loaded revolver of to be defective in could not have been deep Uyesu his dark hair was sprinkled Kwh Talcum powder to give appearance of a blonde bequests in the will Oft late i Shouni letters testamentary on Tate of decreases late of have been to suede to Henry o3 Cleona under the terms of to Lac last Tho watch and in Money Wir to a Henry Kansas Kansas Brvan Lizzie q t Sas Are t0 each have the rest the Val entirety at is to United Lon Home in Lancaster and Are the Nelson Green has returned i Nelson of nut returned to her this afternoon from where she spent the past j months in company with tier Nelson who Ball on the Man Tea american association i before being was a member Brooklyn National league the Ling shortly after Green left this joined him in the v while in met Many residents of w eluding several former Jacob Orth to exhibit of the Hanoi Jacob North tenth thl sent a Large shipment Adotte Chicken to they will be ver All Lebanon know that ses some Fine him to carry off Hurt Ora feathered two americans mwhinjat8 Ford and on the 4est washed overboar4 leaded Here today destroyer Stewart lived in Subj Loans the men Weka evening of Septemo Fleet p is

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