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Lebanon Daily News And The Lebanon Daily Times Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1925, Page 2

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Lebanon Daily News and The Lebanon Daily Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1925, Lebanon, Pennsylvania To personal Chat about people yom know readers of the news Are urged to furnish items for this department use a postal card or and cell and of spent sunday in this Ralty Tho guests of and of 626 South seventh t of Tho Krelder this spent sunday at Ai Lavello As the guest of Earl Apodala officer of the Reading in his to Lebanon on after upending the Wock at the read lag where to was detailed on special Muirma find of 418 East Lehman spent Sun Day at and Georgo Kern or 1 and family spent sunday at the Keener cottage at j Kathryn of 14th is a Oak in Turners to Ithaca this after spend Jug Tho past few months hero with Kathryn of 431 Walnut loft for heading on sunday whore to in a student at Holschu Yakw daily fashion hint a a prepared it Polatty pot Tiu newspaper Clara me and Frank of and Illyn of now motored hero sunday to spend Tho Day with tether of 102 Hanover Hile Jio Wos returned to her Tronje in not after the past few weeks Here iffy Blung Esther of and Andrew Wontz and and and Parsons and o Are spending some Elmo and Conrad of 1011 Chestnut Ann of Ann loft for Ithaca University this whore she is a a student at Tho Tho work end hero with Somo Ijohn a student of Tho returned to Al Jikien town on sunday after ending Tho week end returned to on sunday of Tho week end Here vols Julius Oscar Jmartin All of Roin Kohls left this afternoon for blur whore they will spend some time on George Runkle and returned from a weeks visit in Philadelphia with her bus Emerych and m6ses Yungst motored to Allentown Satur where they witnessed a and Fenn of Are spending some time at the Home of Zartman and of 436 North eighth of 644 Union upon the week end at Tho water works As the guest of Hoffman returned to her Home in new after spending some time Here visiting Ray and Clayton Sites and Alfred of motored to this City on where they spent Tho Day As go cats of and and of 233 South ninth Miller and of spent the week end in thin City As Tho guests of a Miller and of 224 Walnut wife and Betty and of 140b Elm motored to Reading on whore they spent Tho Day As the guests of Victor sub afford and and Chufo re turned to their Home in new York after spending some time at Trullard returned to her Homo in new York after spend ing Homo time in Gretna the news of tit Day the Bon ton Arturo famous musical declares that modern music needs a Osborne wife of the son of the governor general of the is suing for a lady Diana manners was one of 876 passengers detained Over night aboard a liner at new York by the United states immigration a president Nicholas Murray of Columbia is nursing a sore the result on an Acci Dent on the Golf Louis of fourth said Willow loft for Mauch Loh junk thin where she will t spend some time visiting friends and and Elmer Plantz and of 404 now Street find Mew Mary of North a myth spent sunday it Colum visiting of Iho Tenn ton a popular big Houll spent sunday at Wost Lebanon the slug Tho Gamo Between Woski Banon and Helen of Sti Enmor spent sunday hero visiting her and East Cumberland and of 15 North tenth spout Sun in now York City visiting Somo i x Caroline of Harris spent sunday hero visiting Bur und of third Guilford and Harry North Lith spent Tho an Tho guests of and 9v Harvey who Honvo a cottage it Hunker Pommy und of 2241 Borlund arc of a tilth 1 find of 2220 ups cum d find John Keller North ninth a pct Sun As Tho guests of John pet ller and motored to Hur Olsburg for the summer wardrobe one cannot too Many frocks Iii especially when it requires Only Yard of the 54inch materials to make a the Price of these Silks has also been greatly making them More desirable than this Model is accented with trimmings of Plain and lends itself to development in a variety of pictorial review printed pattern 14 to 20 years and to 48 45 and Thomas Conway returned to their Homo in after upending Somo Elmo in visiting of re turned to hid Afler spending Tho walk Neil in thin City Al the go Oft of Hubert 20 Lehman Milton of 32 Lehman returned to her after upending Tho we Kond at Wilfo and two of spent Tho wok Oil in this City ii Tho guests of Mary of Maple Anil Walior of Marshall plane loft for Teeth Lehtom this morn Olio to Khe will Loach in the to a Uvlin Georgo Howdy returned to her Homo in Tower Notor upend ing Iho Lihsi few clays in now Visi Liik Loo go of 2008 Church at spent a Short while in attending Tho Harry wife and child of upon sunday at As Tho goats of rela Tives Anil of 12s cum Bor Lanil loft today for Harris where Sho will upend Tho Day on and of 1615 North eighth motored to Lancaster and Gettysburg Milton returned her Home n Richland after spend ing th0 weekend hero visiting Warren Light of 402 Lincoln i of passed through Lebanon on her Way to whore she is a student at Tho Lebanon Valley Annas re turned to her Homo in after spending some time at visiting a Turvey ache of 228 South seventeenth Lef for Phila Delphia this where she is a student at the childrens homeopathic Iraj l of the left for now York City this to Pond Somo time visiting her James Luella of Berwyn loft for now York City this where she is a student at Columbia Anna Catharine of 8 North left for Phil Adelphia this morning to spend Tho the past few Days in Lebanon on bus Harry Klinger and Daugh of Musiu the Day in this City on Jeun of North St loft for where Bho will spend the Day on William of w08t Paul of 1260 a allow the Day in ills City on left this afternoon for read ing where Sho is spending Tho rest of Tho afternoon on a left for Swarth Moro this where Sho will Spond a of Donaghmore was among Tho morning Nas seniors to and of ure spending some time hero visiting Tho letters of 30 Park and John of Tho indo pendent Borough left on the trip up the Hudson they intend to spend several Alice Covel returned to her Home in Hor Olsburg this morn Ingr after spending some thine there visiting of who spent some time hero on Busi left for Pottstown this morn Weaver returned to his Home in after spend ing the weekend hero visiting ticket agent for the Reading company and his emm and Agnes Moore returned from a weeks visit in new York City and now Charlos Rolly of Allentown returned to her Homo this afternoon after open Ding Tho past three weeks at Grot a visiting her daughter Theodore Don Ley returned to his Homo in Harrisburg after spending Somo time hero Val Tang friends Anc of 708 North Sec Ond left for Philadelphia this where to will spend some Umo m returned to Phila Delphia this after spending Somo Elmo hero on of Walnut Street loft for new York City this morning on Elizabeth returned to her Homo in new York after spending some Umo hero visit ing of 320 Lehman returned to Bethlehem Sun Day after spending the week end Here visiting of 65 North 12th left for Reading this morning to spend Somo Elmo on guests of miss i miss Violet of Froeland arrived in Lebanon whore he will spend the Day As the guest f miss Blanche of 231 South eighth miss Krone and miss Stager will Matr Oculato at Lebanon Valley miss Krone registering As a freshman and Stager As a George Martaian with Umberger George of 1126 old Cumberland has accepted a position with Tho elec tric of this he is Well known throughout the and is receiving congratulations from Many friends for in his line of he started on his now duties this have you seen the new Indian Blanket Coats at there quite the newest thing in misses sport All Mode of genuine Beacon and come in pretty Indian plaids and one of a kind in sizes and you must see them at the Bon for tuesday Only bargain Square Sale of notions Clarks Cotton 4c spool Black and Rick rack braid 8 Loc Weals tooth crashes 80c medium and hard Tex darning silk spools 15c Best All Bureau scarfs 45c made of Fine with pretty lace childrens Hose supporters Loc White and Black in All Botex sanitary napkins 45c Box 12 in a extra Large shopping bags s9c two none bags of water proof White and tinted stationery 30c Box Lack of funds responsible for inadequate condition of army air service continued from Pago Ono childrens school bags 40c nation under the National defense act provided for an air service As an integral part of the army is sound and should not be our combat forces must be organized in the most efficient manner for War and not for peace time administration and combatant forces employed a single command proper coordination bankrupt Elizabeth of Hast Wohlman left for mount this where she will spend an indefinite Tho Day Al siting Roia m 5 Walnut of where Eho Day As a guest of Rel or left fur Potts Vullo this where to will spend Short while on bus Karl and Marlin Ropplo time Jit the Kohr the Myrl of 618 av11 Low was among the morning to Jones Tori to spend the John Onfroy and hit mud of roaring Are spending Umo Here veiling their and John of 341 Gull Ford and 40 Wittl soul lard returned to Hia Home in new York after spend ing Kome time Here visiting Prlenda and William of eighth and Lehman Streeta among the passengers to Philadelphia this aft of Bethlehem for new York Tefter spend ing some time via urns his Par and Frau Evjue con of 7j4 Lehman Stahl returned to his Home in Atlantic City after spending the weekend Here visiting his daughter Treist Jas South tenth daughter a jute of Thi theatre of operations must to under consequently of Effort and Unity of command require that air forces be included in the Davis in opening his statement welcomed this inquiry into the air defences of the country by this Board of disinterested the Davis have the rim to know whether up Propri ions no being wisely air economic ally expanded and whether Uio de lenses of Are Nito tha in Pungs the motives of no to said it has the right to demand the same fair dealing for in currying out its serious responsibility for Tho National defense it is morally bound to insist that Mere assertions must be backed up by hard that clue consideration must be Given to Tho costly experience of the past in weighing speculations As to Tho that change for the Sake of change alone is in Pencil boxes 16c Leatherette boxes contain ing 6 school on Itah hair knots 3 for lie for cell data Tho Bon ton fare refund Day for tuesday Only Economy Square Outing flannel 14c Yard Light and Plain Grey Outing inches Cut from perfect 25c Eden cloth Good Quality Eden inner than Outing Plain colors or Pink and Blue stripes to select 28 Shaker flannel perfect White Shaker flan 28 in Cut from full ruffled curtains 59cpair Fine White Marquisette curtains wonderful values at 59c the Bon ton tuesday fare refund org aniseed mul equipped most effective Tho War department of the round the a Triumph of organization As Well As of flying xxx due to the Broad considerations of Public policy in a affecting tie whole up Vermont appropriations Are insufficient to carry out the proposed depart ment program but that situation exists in the other services As the War Mission of the vice must be the predominant con he after outlining a twofold Mission of air planes As a fighting Arm to work in Combina Tion with the other fighting arms and As a Supply Branch to furnish the services with equipment and sup plies enough for its own a policy might to adopted in any service which would enhance its development and prestige largely in but which would greatly Les son its effectiveness As a member of Che War the creation of an extensive com Mercial air transportation system of fers far reaching advances to de sense preparedness Davis it will provide a Reserve flying to May honestly differ As Woodi son of governor general of the filing a petition in new i Sre 191 Cash Hove the ways and moans of accomplish Davis apparently re Ferring to the critical charges made by William Mitchell and others against Hia in such a discussion there is no place for Pas personalities or in that we Welcome this All War department studies records and whether Public confidential or Are at the disposal of the Davis he confined himself to Gene ral statements of he said leaving technical details to his As including Mason chief of tie army air ser major general John chief of and Hugh assistant chief of who were present at the first j believe that our personnel is at Jeanet equal in Hardihood and Rush for Gold in South East new Jersey special to news by United press new in hem thar Hills Over new Jersey a lies red Walton to picked up in nuggets the size o h mans twixt Chatsworth and Barnegat Yuh can Mak e of a 0 you i p 0 p p although they do 8ay therms a great Rush to Tho new will Piu Jiuu in 1uou4tu us lajj1i5 and ground personnel for rapid development in an Davis recon meted extensive co operation Between the government and the commercial aviation Indus try in the Field of Manu facture of War aircraft supplies which now furnish the principal Market for the to stimulate National defense when Dwight new York As the meeting to he directed Wil Liam one of the members to read the letter of the president summoning the Board to Morrow then made a Short state ment explaining the purpose of the the Board has Felt that the proper place to begin was with responsible officials and officers of the Navy and Post office depart said upon these nil if Harte might veil have been heard Hore today As tales came from Southeastern Jersey of a party of Anonymous nov yorkers who stopped at a few Days ago to exhibit a of Gold which Thev said they had scooped from the proprietor of Hia general Storn in that Village precious Metal with his own since his report of the Pru wb6 confined to a not Overly rest rot scratch up 1ulve Boffin to Nof where Amateur pro sects gently drilled feverishly and Tho report had who be trtssfw1 frequent newest Fali o joined a this Jellow dark stones a treated v j substance which Vic it Stilu Uijun Mooc by Ustance Wullich in Iclet to departments been devolved by j and hundreds upon Congress and the president thereof the for the existing air Sermay diamonds Davis the equipment is inadequate in Morrow explained that the in an Effort to bring us work to an Early would avoid any Cape Are the total Hyld m p Oku u 4 j Asvery to that of any other duplication of the work of previous finer Imp Fiat inv starting 119 in i Bajor general Clad in Tho lumbers and part of built during now Low collared uniform of the to unsatisfactory in major general Hines and i condition which in brigadier general drum sat on this condition is solely to act of Money and can be remedied Only by that our technical and research satisfactory is evidenced by f i nay of u air service Large p Davis left As he the committee room packed to capacity and an overflow crowd in the Ball caused extra detail of Capitol police to be after calling Davis to the stand Morrow tue meeting Over to the Bri a a Artt of Lorr baby girl at charts h ii Irma

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