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Lebanon Daily News And The Lebanon Daily Times Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1928, Page 11

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Lebanon Daily News and The Lebanon Daily Times (Newspaper) - November 16, 1928, Lebanon, Pennsylvania M Lebanon daily a Page eleven Henderson Loeb new York and member of new York Philadelphia Stock open Allied 3s and a Nair vis can 1 1 s u 1 o i i Nurmi a n steel Smol Liik t and 1ss a 1sl h a jul u Ana Commil h Armour a 1 Armour u 1 fl9 a fit h and 1 a 77 a Calida dry 1ii Cerro i o Vasco and and 1h4 and Iri and ii jul flits Chilli is and i Chile cont 121 cent 17 com in Ilij Cong oleum 0 Corn s8 82 cuban am Stig 1 i Emtin Dav 1 Dupont Klec Klec p and kilo Livi famous players first Nat stores Givi genl i Gen elec 2 1 1 inn 8 2 i ims jul is Svi 200 57 1 1 7 i 134 1 1 1 111 1h4 3g go 122 17 93 29 meeting held in Lawn school House interesting address delivered by Bals Baugh 141 4 h 40 3 52 63 214a 18g by violin fathers quartet and school pupils tha november mooting of Tho Law Colebrook Parent teachers hold last evening in Tho Lawn by an excellent musical special business and Well known to he th9 Best hold this supervising principal of vocational training in the continuation schools of Harris Tho main speaker of Tho he used a his the necessity of fitting the child to a vocation to which to is and clearly demonstrated in talk How the trend of modern education is gradually leading away from the old time classical his talk was of huge interest not Only to Tho but to parents and the pupils the musical program which furnished the entertainment for Tho eve Ning consisted of a string Trio with Hilda first violin Christine three Easton boys brought oct Myhall caught by officer Gru bar at Prescott rid ing freight Herman Ross found dead on cemetery John Lippert writes news times today one get North pad 107 Graham Paige Granby Copper 81 Hershey common 08 is Hershey convert pref 827s Hudson 84 Hupp int Kan c South 20vi Kenno i Kresge is Loews Mack Miami 27 Marland Oil 47 54 122 Vij Montgomery 404xb Nash 93 43 Nevada 34 184 a North 78 Packard 114t8 Phillips 49 pure 28 Pullman 8t of 73 Radlo 280 Reading 86 i 5s Sears Roebuck 194 Shell Oil 35 Sinclair 45 126 Oil of 53 Oil of 39 i Stew 114 75 Texas 7 5 Texas 733 Timken 108ti in ipod Cigar 26 Union 218 u steel 171 169 Waldorf system 2hu West 43 29 Wool Wright Areo 195 yellow truck 36 45 81 69 83 85 72v4 190 20 147 81 62 1 01 47 64 72 123 403 94 44 35 185 81 Lori 117 54 66 49 28 89 73 71 284 105 86 53 194 35 45 125 150 54 39 115 75 75 74 151 108 27 219 39 171 172 43 147 29 210 196 36 sealer communicated with parents and lads sent Home with intentions of going by freight train to Allentown and re three Easton All fourteen years of became lost and As a result Wero discus filing their trip with chief of police Harry healer and Paul special Reading Railroad at City Hall thin officer Gruber removed Tho three Donald South thirteenth Easton John 1207 Pine Easton and Joseph 1333 Pine from an East bound freight train at Prescott this morning shortly before 10 the boys were taken to the office of Clifton third Ward older where they told several stories to their trip away from Homo since 7 Oclock thursday upon Joseph told the Story and denied the second and Henrietta stories told to Gruber and Cole by they were acco Milerson and All boys Are Junior High school students at Easton and their parents Are unaware of their us oi1c popular find Mil Alful and Iio v o u ii pm f loll s ii Clov Oil was found dead at Lebair cemetery this afternoon at l known to older if most of that Many dead bodies Wero flout ing around Tho rough Waters among the wreck t the live women Werf nil hinging by cemetery a when found revolver found beside Tho body and of they blood flowing from a wound in furnished into testimony of what had taken a sore on his Taco which appeared incurable to is said to Given him much j concern because of his fear of Minu null 110w ii few Lints to Yon the i Whattl Ishup Wyoming Wai Liik further Transfer to years to Mado his Homo with his and lately was la Venn while i am will lip to Are cruising in a Waldo urea looking for football Allentown Lebanon third and Green Viii Nizik in i 11 n i n with his on on Molny 10 Oclock near Lincoln to left Thorn morning about 9 leaving a note stating that his Back was to appeared about half an hour later at the cemetery j color and seemed to have wandered about d f Lind the place Tho rest of the f thin was about 9 Wyllo to were going out for target practice to got an and we put full Speed on and went to look for the helpless ship tues revised list northeastern new York lawyers asked to protect name of Carey Imperial merchants service Guild a cabled their new York lawyers instructing them to protect the Good Namo of their the late William Carey of the at the official inquiry in new state Colle Getmen visited news office panted at the piano by Dorothy Hal the fathers quartet received a number of encores by singing in an original manner u variety of both classical and popular this quartet was composed of Amoa Bru Grover Andrew Trostle and Oscar teacher of Colebrook school had his pupils through a singing this a country one without any musical showed Progress n musical following business meeting he social committee took charge of he twelve members of the parents orchestra and closed the ses Lou with appropriate selections hike to Paris by Way of Alaska and Siberia 3wen who started from Lere last january in an attempt to hike to Paris by Way of Alaska and has abandoned Hie plan a Etter received Here from him to Lay said that he had Given up the attempt because of Lack of Eastman is now in Prince he had planned to walk across Bering Strait on the Tony caused on stand again against rank Fotti one of two men convicted in connection with the burning of the holy Rosary rectory at Mahanoy plane in was recalled to the stand today As the state closed us Case against Frank on trial for a second time for having a part in the the defense was expected to open its Case this Purchase equipment new Volle and Nashville Railroad is in the Market for 22 All steel passenger All steel freight steel under frames and 24 milk ago locomotives it was Learned during last night Tho youngsters kept warm around a fire in a atone Quarry near where they alighted from at nest the boys told police they received hops from motorists to hut later told they Rode freight chief sealer communicated with parents of the lads and late this afternoon Tho Boya Wero on their Way personals of passed through this City today on her Way to where Sho will spend a few Frank Moore and Isabella of 43 Milf flan left this morning for where they will spend the weekend the guests of their John Ceceilia Phil returned Home Thea morn after spending several Days the guest of miss Catherine of 748 Mifflin Barro and Milton her walking in a meditative with his hands clenched behind his at 1 As a cemetery employee and William the manager of Tho Ceme Wero going toward Thor they found him sitting on a grave Wotli his Back against a Tombstone rearing Tho Namo of his laughter of Arthur and Elizabeth who died in this plot s immediately in the rear of Tho Herman Ross on which there is a Tombstone already bearing Tho Namo of Tho dead but no Date of of when Coroner Herbert Man Beck arrived at the cemetery at Oclock the condition of Tho body indicated that death had occurred with in half an hour or Ross was for Many years in the barbering he later went into ice Cream and originated the Klondyke which was wry popular some years Agol he also served As n Ward con stable for some and was connected with the office of his brother late Josiah of the fifth some years ago to entered Tho potato Chip manufacturing business with his a since the latter took charge of the Enterprise several years he was he was the owner of considerable real estate in the it is Hihl Doh Tho son he leaves two wife of Harry flow and wife of Arthur All Tho do ceased was after 09 he was a popular member of Tho Minsk rat camping and was affiliated will Tho Hod find either fraternal severe storms in the Bay of Biscay today Oil hour later to saw three women and rescued we put out our whale boat with an attached Tho three women Wero gotten with hard work a i hero was a Gale and a rough Tho women Soemod to hold out better than Tho Tho other ships nearby could not lower life boats on account of the rough they left Ono in Tho water because they could get men get in had no motor and was from Tho on tuesday morning to re cued five women and three coloured All floating tin they wore All froze up a let to and but they All the women have Tho officers quarters and Are Well taken earn i write this he Causo we Are urged to write to our Homo town papers so the Public can read a Little about the it sure looked bodies floating around Tho ship with life savors but dead All Tho we had a few destroyers and coast guard ships looking for Tho scattered All the people to res cued were on 1 was transferred Frore to Hampton and transferred from there to Tho Wyoming on saturday and will to transferred to Tho destroyer Squadron it semen that i am in for Lota of sex i like Tho As for boxing i am making out i fought the middleweight Champion of the by Outing Fleet and lost on a but in got it Tho next time we Are headed for a1 port Wyllo am writing yours for Johnny of new Are spending a but Westerly Galo off the coast of few Days Here on business England was causing much trouble George of Tho Bon ton department store is spending a few Days in new York on a buying and Hoy of North twelfth spent thurs Day evening in Harvey Baton and Kathryn and of spent the Day Here Ruth and daughter of shopped in this City Charles of o shipping today and incoming liners reported severe storms in Tho Hay of Biscay and out in Tho several including Tho Presl Lent Felt the full Force Tho Gale and had to seek shelter behind Tho breakwater before communicating with their tenders or with Tho was a visitor in this City Wes w assistant i and director of news service at Pennsylvania state today visited the sports depart Mont of the daily before leaving Lebanon for Easton where tomorrow state and Lafayette clash of the Lifeboat taken to Federal county school notes Tho county principals association held their regular meeting at Rich land on spending some time in Tho Richland after which there was an informal Confer president of Albright and Anna state supervisor of Home were the principal dinner was served at Tho Richland Green three Days in the county inspecting Tho departments of Home economics in the different High schools As Well As the classes taught by miss she was Well pleased with the Progress being made in the air mail route will be extended in West act ing postmaster general Glover announced today that effective 1 the air mall route now in operation from Chicago to will to extended to include and Driver decapitated t o d a Brorlslaw John Fitzgerald to address meeting of the woman club John vice chair Man of Tho publicity department of the Eastern Railroad new York will be Tho principal speaker at Tho open mooting of the woman fifth and Cumber land saturday Tho Romance of from canal boats to will be Tho subject upon which Fitz Gerald will hostesses for the afternoon meet ing Aro hurry Ehrgood and miss Agnes Pun Christmas dress for City streets oath Evertris tragedy revised figures of a Ostrus in gently issued by Sanderson and sons agents for the a import and loll show aboard it sailing 320 28 198 rescued to 155 Otal pros Mahly dead passengers Crow total 111 Elodiea recovered missing dead and missing include 27 to Robert Stover fell from Hay mow and badly injured neck Robort of Lebanon route is a patient of Tho Good Samaritan Hospital in a serious con Stover is suffering with an injury to Hla received when to fell from a Hay mow in a at his iome on an xray picture made this morn us has not Boon read As yet at Tho according to word from that making it impossible to determine whether or not the neck in the injured Man was not admitted to the Hospital until thursday eve Ning at 387 transfers of City properties since triennial assessment a mooting of Tho retail affairs of Tho chamber of com Marco this it won decided by Tho Ino Chanth to again decorate Tho Uptown business with and Green electric lights and Laurel for Tho Chris Umoh a contract was awarded to Tho Lebanon Kloc talc company to erect Tho lighting John Vico chairman of the committee presided in Tho a Bonco of chairman who in nursing an injured foot at his the committee is promoting a buy during the week and is a he eclat Effort to get out Tho Houtho Wilfo during Tho week to do All a hopping instead of wait nig until the one big 7inch rainfall in threatened flood since books Wero closed at Las Trian Nuvil assessment in fall to november there were 387 transfers of City proper in 257 conveyances out of Tho 387 Tho consideration was mentioned in Tho the remaining 130 properties were transferred by will or Liy deeds ii which Tho consideration was not men Tho 257 properties for which Tho consideration woe mentioned Brough one thirty nine three Hundred and forty the cites assessment on those 25 properties is six Hundred Twenty eight four fun diet and Flat Mulno or approx go 12 per cent of Tho Selling Bernard suffered broken leg Kanith Nihi of Lull in Kinnun Tiiu o he Vii inches it continued today and threatened to remit in Odon in to Iii were flooded at when in lion of rain while u full in Hutler county sent to mood Tuko unil inn Claud highways and farm in the Driver for the Scott transportation was decapitated Early this morning used to pull a locomotive Back onto when to drove into a Cable being the tracks at a Grade crossing Coroner Hanley la visit the Peggy Ann Beauty Art shop 7th St Kkt hell phone Bernard 3 yearn o in a patient at the of Samaritan buffering wit a fractured Bernard Wah playing with a do Thih morning when to fell and Frai turd his left leg Ribolow Tho Paul passenger on Ventris held its regular Sessio night in school reports were heard northeastern Vesho Catlon held a mooting thay night in the oar Flold Lali with Tho Tho meeting opened with elections played by the Apollo the members Sulca and old acco n the piano by miss a r at Gar Flold this owed by the Flag Salute ords pupils of miss Reese Oik dances entitled the a Lamondi the Kinder Mibb Forney gave a very of the club Loose and miss a abort explanation of they Evans gave a the the he 8ome were read by mothers Why the family Deli Comber it was annoy funeral of will la 8ervlcea r w t dieted by b of this interment was made in the cemetery with Rohla Udu la of the the deceased acted a kra11 to know and highly esteemed Fanner of 1 Elburg died thursday Nung at 5 Oclock at his Laty at Troko of which flu feed Early in he years of ago and a member of Lona United Christian served a a school director of j Olberg township Tor a number he is survived 1y his Marj Noe even Harrr and at Home Allen and of Flint Vullo of Oreen me of Richland of Kansas City two Daugh Roy and Clarence books of Uil non one molar of and grand or m new Federal subpoena was today for life Toat number 13 of the foundered Teumer and department of Justice agents were assigned to take it to the Federal building from the pier where it was placed by the res Cue whip Tho subpoena was issued from Tho Dellce of United states attorney Churley tutus who is investigating Tho the Lifeboat was wanted to Check up on born statements of passengers As to its the Manifest of Tho Vestres was to permit a study of the nature of the whips shifting of which is believed Possi Bly to have had something to do with the ships tipping overt satisfactory eats blended to your taste Superior Brand potato chips relishes Peanut butter mince meat for Sale it our Superior located in the markets and at 10th Lehman when ordering Call 1841 or november is bargain month at harpers 2lpiece imported Waffle and ladies hand imported Ijo Doir lamp with Shade Beautiful table lamps with Shade styles and harpers sturdy i fridge regular value see our windows the gift store of Minnie f Lannon Rei Eiml word Thorn Day from her who in i ent travelling with the Magl Ife Kiili lie wan a Pak Bengur on the 111 fated vet Rah time ago when Udint and his 1ninpnny Itoh the i their Way to a p Tii in Hlin Aturo is the Irneli Riun when was Tii ibid Klein hint he property Man Ter and Savi Ilion glue i it the Izui Iii new Tiluy Lui lit Joheph Joseph popular resident of who died wednesday in Tho Reading Hospital of was aged 34 11 and 21 deceased had been ailing two weeks and was admitted to the Hospital Only five Days Detoro bin to was a native of Jonestown and a son of Alsa and Ida Aumau he was a member of the lutheran Church Pluyer in the Amity Lodge 49j do United and Perry Lodge rank an the of Miracle permanent wave Slih Only Ono in Liln Fly no danger of no frizz no kinks and All completed in loss than 2 new French pro new York pays our Palco to introduce other always la May Beauty 82o this nut phone evenings by appoint Mechanic by Trade and was lust employed it the service there sur Vivo his Hannah three mar aged 12 aged and aged b also a Daniel and three Paul Yorkshire Heights Marlon and Patrick both of i torment will to made at Maxy funeral Geniv Cua Wero held this mom i ins a for Tho Hue Mary i Juno from the Home of her 1 John of 421 Walnut put or of Flatt Wuh in Chartie of Tho Many Luau Alful Oral to Shuteh were in Ulvi Oncu Uncle Luik relatives i in dial in Large i inti runt Wuh Maik in Leba Ilou Itma Iory with to hands in were Una a clan or Titi Harold Illch and blur buy will As you Udek Jipp Eckbo some of our infant industries Ifft developing Ilia Waistline o sound

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