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Lebanon Daily News And The Lebanon Daily Times Newspaper Archives Feb 9 1929, Page 4

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Lebanon Daily News and The Lebanon Daily Times (Newspaper) - February 9, 1929, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Miss Hopple in operatic role it t wishes the Al wan is minstrels crowded houses at the Academy of music monday and tuesday february Lith 12th the news knows the Good work the kiwanis Charity fund did for Lebanon in past Kewanian John Schropp its greatest now distorted tit changing conditions but to Thaler the very abuses it Uncan tons and fundamentals ent Lura thru hoped to put out in the a new Chr Klee Hundred years a Alforo u Hou t to another grex religionist Tho in u ill list u new designated by his fundamentals of j n Goh Muht try every change with the of of of to so if it in judging men Hythel work this worldwide than by their rank and Suilun in that i All for vice to Mankind its Tho songs you sing and the i duplicating Tho disciple in of Buddha Hill pm you Wear Tunkis the Sun the who followed him have Shlono Long since forgotten his doctrine of j they have distorted his i iowan in Vuks this Onk until Hoy Loo worship in utter 1 the Man forget Lens me i must be As courted ii to a Man acknowledged the the pensions cum Mitlee is in favor of granting 530 a month to Minnie v who killed her Spanish War and was treed m ground that slip i irked in Tho Bureau lie Secretary of 1iiu Interior Havo refused a Mottry in r tin 11 y to in she ill in Fulkerson personal Story wart Ali Sun tint what n Man did Mado or not Eccl do and Good was tie philosophy of Tho Tom ing ill Lonu of Indin and Lalor Al Tho Ali old of i simple in in per use of Haas t0 a picture which we Aro willing j gospel to u priest Craft the Bono flt of a Bock above Tho people rather than of Sor i vice to almost ran a Village is John miss Friehl Irei stranded in new York Soivio u waa Jol a b and yours he free la lie to the Boldon Rule is j i in rom silent Winton Stern to not lower very Uncle my in the of conf our aim inc i of the blah pm of the Iho great Rol Glona con the Golden i Ouhmou Whites Ikon Floit Lua five thousand vim us first broken Miro Ike passes of Tho Mindu Kiihr Thon peopled with snub of tie Rapol it changed in Ihn Chanclor and tool on Tho favorite Tho religions forum of Tho court los which it look the Huu of thatch and mini which characterized for others for one should one to Flroa j zoroastrian Tia you like to he done confucian what you do not with done to do not to oui kind hearts Are the kind thoughts Are the kind words Are the kind deeds Are the theres Eup Hony in this in fact 1 Wonlu gains was voted to have the of input quip Honish of Tho 250 girls at tending the Wii Sloyan Junior she is a of Hryn new Alfred Smith now la to receive and nimbly from the state of new j he hat been sent a certificate on to Vlco of 25 years and ten Ilaya in county and state i while in office he contributed to the retirement Abraham Lincoln a closed then As Tho White its original rave Way to considered la nil 1 11 with their lamas l the Mohammedan list none of Jhel desire to perpetuate Homs Alvih and prayer wheels and what j t t Vur in a any flashes of life this onco of swell Sam Buddha Iii clod his priests himself the do not and not Hugo their lost the goal troum of Iho founded a Rull Gion bused Oil is cursed with Conslo and its Tho Roll Lon of Iho in Thiol parly Lillo folding Corlan Inonia was of deny his uni Ivan to thou 1 lives and thrives in Tho Island of of n lower caste and forbidding i a mighty grown education and to do from thu mod of original tree what today Call Wilto under which Hill a sul in i Edlu Vor i want Al to Hundred years was born to a won Liliy Rajah ii Lui been and Ila r a Sidd Hierta who Vasib Ruchus Anvi would dislike to be treat Woula by the associated a now variety of tile is expected by some exports to make i jewish whatsoever you possible the erection of building i n the divinely simple doctrines of nil great religions have been their tenets i Altu Allstin chicanery and More resistance to fire und has greater later one Day under Hho fresh Earth has been Cut Muyan too there came to Len Doha Hod to cover in pure Udler it the philosophy of the i Thero a pitiless Monument to fas Sonco of Huddy lbs is Ihn Folly of j cur Ali Angling ideals of us he fill Hor to Linrud Kaiui Parent tree Holt Icid a Sweet simple that Cawlo in All its forms Sou who save to Tho world one of the Graceful fifth a ouzo chateau of the Lata con no added Siloro Elbr Idio Terry is to be torn Down f6r a 40 Story Tho pro Thoo Olden Rule and Jet of Otto Kinley it Gnu total to every Ilay Shepard and other wealthy or cud attract the Eye and Ulfo As the very foundation of our we Havo no Casto in work a though the Northwestern Mutual life insurance organized 1857 the policyholders company in 1928 Over per of Northwest Ern business was issued to former policy the dividend paying company of represented by Kewanian Thomas null Welch win aim phere of a for three decades the chateau was the scone social caste of the Canto of tradesman us opposed to the Custo of education All have been tossed into the scrap of the Banyan tree of Ceylon stands Anionic Monument to the change Lohs Nius of nature Anil the changeability of the Golden Hule a lands As an ironic Monument to the of an Ideal through the and to the changing nature iof me who profess to follow so Lonk As kiwanis allows no class 1 distinction to so Long i inns 11 loosely Tiol group of stir Ferent so Long is klan new clings to that fundamental Ideal of i Tho Louien just so Long will kiwanis go upward and a Power and an influence on the Clell i Sutlon it philosophy is in bit that very poll trophy tells us that As All other of philosophy changed in this vacillating so also will Tho Banyan tree of is not today the same tree it was two thou Sand years Ugo it is a differ ent he roots Havo spread fur ther and yet fundamentally it is the sine the same tree germ survived these Many Cen Turies the Christian religion has dimmed its outward form Many times in Nineteen Hundred and eight yet the fundamental Caples of the Golden Hulo Are still in its mighty foundations changes i Philadelphia shoe store 627 Cumberland program for the kiwanis minstrel show for monday and tuesday february 11 and 12 Greiner Nowlen we build Quality Quality material and workmanship Lebanon county distributors for the overhead door Greiner general contractors Peniuk Heel and comedy movie kiwanis orchestra minstrel kiwanis cast violin David cd Gerton formerly miss Blanche at Tho Walter numbers to be the pot boiler dramatic club vocal Mary Hopple at the Vernon do new York piano Vernon de tar concluding numbers Mary Ropplo closing Lions kiwanis personnel of dramatic club Thomas Jacobs Mastt would by Karch miss Ivory Boughter Pencil Weist 2nd Weber Waller personnel of kiwanis minstrel show first Tenor Stine Reed null Behney lk8er Rapp baritone Bell Sowers Struckler Norris Kramel Schock Frantz Siscone Tenor Hill Rutter Coleman Sprecher Grubb James olt Mader Starkweather Shapiro Bass Bepler uus Henrich Zellers Wright Struckler Lombard before the world a Kewanian tribute America today stands United before the always United in in and in National am America today is United in still another of for every True and Loyal son of these Brave pioneers who hewed a nation from an unclaimed wilderness unite in paying tribute to the greatest of All Abraham it is 120 years since the great american was born in that Humble log Cabin in his birthday anniversary has since attained a leading place in the list of americas in the 120 years that have passed since Abraham Lincoln came into the United states has grown and prospered to an extent never before known in the annals for 5g years of those Lincoln shared that growth and but he was then stricken by a hand that removed one of the great est benefactors not Only the United but All the world has Ever had it not been the most Roseate years would never have the peaks of Prosperity would never have been had Lincoln no held the nation together in the wet Murk of had he not led the Union to a unifying Victory Over the idealistic but rebellious there might be two nations existing where now one there might be inward dissension where now is peace and ambition for a common give full credit to the Gallant boys in Blue who battled on bloodstained was their brawn which hurled Back the Flower of Southern manhood in the wreck of defeat but it was the gentle hand and kindly Genius of father Abraham who inspired their his lonely Post in steadfast to his merciful yet yielding yet i the figure of Lincoln stands As one of the most the most desolate and the most glorious figures in All he has a Niche that can be occupied by no he fills his place As no other could have filled he stands As an untarnished example of americanism that can be shone to the american youth of and so America bows in homage to the memory of pays tribute to the great and unities in praising the Man from the throes and woes of civil formed a new nation and bound it together with the strongest Bonds in the Bonds of love for ones Lebanon will join with the nation but tribute will be paid individually rather than a Banks will be closed and the various schools of the City will Render special programs at some time next music furnished by Basch Lane piano by stage of costumes by Bill stage Phil Ray Sowers printing company the largest and Moat completely equipped printing Plant in the one of our customers says that among the attractions this City offers him a a Printer who always gives him Good Good and Good printing ruling binding Loose Leaf sheets and binders

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