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Lebanon Daily News And The Lebanon Daily Times Newspaper Archives Apr 26 1927, Page 11

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Lebanon Daily News and The Lebanon Daily Times (Newspaper) - April 26, 1927, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Orleans in the remand missis ath of Phi Rivers never att its today flooded new territory in add ional thousands Over Ireata to Coho not yet reached by the rec it Relief Tinaa Ift tre organization of the or wafted detail i advanced outposts so t Faffle Agency might to met Speed f Ltd with the known hat stood Abdad the one Hundred Fyk and varying estimates of from 0 to 600 it fat in Tho whole Smeken every precaution was Mutt Itken to prevent v from hunger and from newly inundated i and communities three swelled Tho ranks of Tho which already Hud been at itt Southeastern nearly do sen Small towns were receiving Tjade Mcwater from old Breaks in Tho the inhabitants climbing the levees or re i Byng to nearby towns which re if Laed the Southern Mississippi trough which the Waters from the i stops Landing break in the main levee mus course before the Parent Stream near was another scene of Ivaca Tlam As Tho flood Waters joined the Backwater of the Yazoo and k led in nor Herh Small try us tables of the Mississippi added to peril from the winding towns located in the Low were preparing for Emer or being evacuated by Large of sections of the a Louisiana Delta below r Orleans received More water from the Diamond meanwhile with urgent warnings City to enforce payment of taxes i continued from Pago one to out of his own clothes just to be and the the Bondsmen Are not going to pay sum so it seems to be up individuals to Settle their own Louser can free himself by turning Over the mar key to school by putting the delinquents to Vijil Gander the fast Liat is the Only Ai excepting by Levong upon property or real and most women taxable have neither personal property nor real and for these the Outlook is Serifim unless husbands or others loosen the attorneys stated Nikorn Fng that the Pennsylvania courts have several times decided the 4nd declared that the school taxes can be collected from thai if they do not have the i Money can be put to in this instance the harsh extreme of Law is to be p pity treasurer Louser and the Bondsmen and attorneys this morn ing went Over the hats of delinquent taxable and mapped out a course of it was decided to All the City constables available As tax col lectors and to place in their hands lists of they will be fortified with commitments Allex Eluted and ready for procedure will be exactly alike with re Spect to male or female if the Cash is not forthcoming demand is the Deputy tax collector will Endeavor to Levy upon any personal property belong ing to the if there in no Stich property to be had the commitment will be brought and the luckless taxable Nian or will be whisked off to Tho it was stated morning that neither fear nor favor is to he shown anyone or and thut ply Ecton is now to be enforced nut Reg arct to circumstances Founcy the Homes or Warkine it 18 Elliut there la still Chance for Tho delinquents to get off reasonably and thut is to the and the penalty when collector conies col Cost will then be Iam by hit District however it if Lyle upon or Yvell pc Ted the costs of the to the Ovig in Tel in Oasin of of the Constable will have to be paid his fee from some other and prisoner Tho account in Durango spread aboard rapidly warning that drastic action waa 10 be and there was another1 Bis of today to meet their inner in Honor of miss Cora a engerts birth anniversary 4 Chicken and Waffle dinner was rv94 in Honor of the fifty ird Erlb Dikiy of miss 2g new a delightful wag by All those 10 were and Liebegott and Louise and orge Speicker Aud Katherine boy sister Jacob Elmer and Klepper Aid daughter issued on nearly every hand Mejt Laboured to rear higher the main m18 Slat put be Teefy from to new where the raging Tot vent has been held it Check through continued Beery precaution was taken against possible Dunaj my Tang of leaves Ami at new Orleans plans were Laid for the flood Crest with the Crest o the flood past Memphis and Tho boiler that tote main Mississippi levees for a Good distance South tire in rapidly dam in lulling swire tary of com Merce Ito Over and major general chief of army expressed concern for what May Lanpert when the highest water reaches the in a statement issued from the Steamer Chiseo on Mississippi Ivor last Secretary Hoover declared that while Tho present prob Lom of Relief forces concerned the Succour of the great i Job Tion is what win happen to the Lovenb in the lower River with Tho of the general Jadwin asserted that the Groat menace to new Orleans will to the joining of the hed River w Tho Mississippi and Iho full of the resultant flood can Only gauged Secretary Hoover arriving Here yesterday morning its president Coli edges personal representative in the organization of Relief is making a tour of inspection through the flooded area of the accompanied general Jadwin and James acting National chairman of the reel the itinerary inc lived Greenville Vicksburg Greenville ind Loate that the situation there has improved Rescue fleets continue bring in persons who were in outlying intimates yes Public Sale personal property april 1927 on Tho Ponn at a Looft to bed8t6tt4h cheery Corry Wing Juble Extension table Pae Lar tables stand 1 sofa 1 Couch 1 Loungo Rock Pis Throe mirrors Wood in Nett 8 Day clock Jfe tither Boa Iii id a shows 12 x 12 fug Lioio c Illa hcs cooking us Enqu jars cup aka oppor Kohl los incubator i Busby and cart Hais ii cub and Many articles not Sal wha conditions will to Tiff Tab known by Sadie Otto of late Otto act notice Riding horses to hire Avon stables Bell phone realty news of Tho Parsla Lortt in o Ono Iii of citizens to other a longtime who the Verity of remarked to to Hij other Why is it that Thooft who do leave Lebanon nearly All Como Valley it Pennsyl Vanlit not Only to favorite locality but also i favored whether or not w4fully Apple onto it in another lots have mors Faith in than to will mini in ovary us Igor and 11in column for trip Hurnt of Thomao who in this a Mulu 1 ilk hits dear old Valley and you Liko Why not Stipak Well of it All Tolm lots discourage Tho a san Solo Homo 7 rooms and now to Aero Alt and to Only not frills on this Tho 1roporty is Worth tit twi of cum Ber Ianul nearly Good construction and line pretty Low Prica will Ahto Ntah a flt Ixia tort rtt first 60 full Zoar Home 6 room South 4th Chestnut Frame 7 room 2car Only f 3200 for Quick is it lick Housos la this Kph up wits a better 11 into thai a Lgth now to Securo profitable bus iness see 130 8th 1s5 i inn Gong t0 Mattes Beautiful country place of 24 substantial and Well kept and ice Cream manufacturing pm rent Ancl Fin aggie Brook because per rep con t keen away from Bis old cart la this is Tho Waco was known As Ana is a Goit Lori Ono to Nike a life Tang of a Jajch Moln Striect 6 rooms shed Botar by Qawiy Little Lime on a clean Street in an exceptionally Good neighbourhood wheres folks owner wants become a Milbur Baolto Tenn i a Dpi Trade to this Siivo an ii Tow to Given Thonol Dame Miller Oast end it going to to knocked a could of slow Onos arc Elma for a Rodeo ton thut we 1 not fall their of they u re Gret Butr Hantl Novar was into Ai Good 1 of Vonil go Oil Bullpl fib into at myer Stolhand a business Corner that can be bought for half its Roal Frank realty Sabb blk vice 773 oumb13rlanc stum1st phones or 206 closing out Sale of a Emang furniture and supplies Kleinfelter auction rooms Corner seventh and Willow wednesday april 1927 Sharp 3 new wardrobes 4 new Kitchen three of them in Oak and one in Grey 2 Glass Kitchen cupboards 10 new Eatton mattresses 8 Ctm Beds and Springs 8 new High chairs 3 Large Cabinet Victrola several Hundred music Rolls records several clocks 2 Scales a dozen ironing boards 15 Congo Loum Ruga new Inolene by the Yard lot of books lot of Odd tables 2 prop head sewing machines Ono new 9x12 Rug 2 second hand 9x13 rugs 2 second hand Rugo 6 new Springs 4 Ono combi nation Buffet and China Cleft 6 bureaus combination Bookcase and writing desk one Large feet sink Niall ulna 0 ranges Largo paper Baler Largo 10feot floor a horse Power electric motor 4 Oli Esth 4 pianos tic key red Turkey and a general assortment of other his Ciali Anwer Juii Walnut dining Boom he oort in Klym tuck in splendid excellent a i am cloning out my Ontero Stock of new and second hand i find 1 will Havo no further for this this in an Opportunity for some in need of a will a Good bankable note for Sale at when conditions will be made known by Klein of the be Tojim Niy open so at or Council Tum Celo a Drift Artel laying of Ami thai Anil pity j Leio in t oath m oi1 each to he inf Tab the f Tho con of by Ruby Muht for Tom Wrout sixty to comp Lemon ant if Fedt Liy Fth Ort of Tartt tit Lireet foul us attn Law abating Urquart Laik pro Vukad for by an act of Tho mayor mud spun Alt Fos Erva Tho re not to Tajet any All Lildon and to award fun ik1 Afore to to Ihbe Best interest of Tow ally for Sale Brick 44 Ultman 0 finished Coo Hory and newly immediate apply 441 Yon on a intr six 1100m we Tiv Bath enl Ort a find re Ftp to Foll Pinic hindu with Otono Fotij ii o tent will ii sol to Quick Ouy Fri apply 7j44j1lhun fl1 von Fin with Imo fair fou Rity it Tho hau4n of of Anna of Cutiney of sh6wn that it Lvii account of and Aino Tih those Lort Tlly will ill in it it court t at 16 who and All it create no till flu if they think Uroper to to iia Iury Buono attorney for funeral notices f13aky in on th0 of be Orst on air Edwy at from the 310 Kotb to fifth services Tiia 1 at ferment libation i Frt into friends so i Vitou to hot find without further i tie 8 month Anil 8 on at s0rvlo9b fat t the f Flat it to further n the 48 in 11 on at in at the Luxor new mail Bojoh Roah Are inv Ltd to attend further not 1810 for 12 lost lost Cameo Jhin Witti pallet of in thrown soaker of labs 18 Noh Flat Dollar has mall stud Kmitt two Call awh1sd 423it own Willoth in for Fco foot at Bun mfr chief of Over a air 12 of Haiti Blok Murphy 4 St nation for if a Ditusa i it Trifu Fitl form Royal Kllc Tutlo with nil Al stun Taw 4283t on inf a lattes t Holl on 3 of tall Ofil Foh and Lioumes with i but Toltl q son Bale 4 Tav o legs Roth i to Oti Bittak Dionci a is a months q for lots att Buffet Tail ehrets furniture store 800 North ninth Orff War unlike m Sale of a real Home 339 South 8th All lot Pujoe Ripul Worth Loo Tnp after phone 801 flout ii Oak financial nans to or to is c3 of Nick 5r room a Timur 8th Punili Erlna fj9l to Fiji 9 to it Iha Uoti Dod to the for Sale Kanty her 5 just revs in 4 ii he Lut f now 00 to Burtt Khz Nurt Muff Lull Toni set so cent of Roni Anil near Kahoe hot d Nisi one at sos other m a4 North 10th Price Muhi by to be 426tf Call a Brucw or Pony to four tit full it tried open pries 421ot o Frt to Frap to Cam arc All guaranteed m to oar Ile Tigu Liy motor c4u Agenol 15 Ruuth of Leith Urce furniture Good in ixc0llent Good bankable note will be Al Piper traced Yoke on shirts Louis a Johman on by Colin los for of Root str trim in pm to no 80 affo monthly for Tia Publ Ai Manina with Ift Vui pour inc ii to Holmi crude Lleni of Liberal vol Ali run by for Cornier Clil h t now apply 420tf wow York r by Young experienced rom Cam news Hubb auction Upu cars or what Shi to do is Waufle lets pack up and pack of us or i ibis some Kolajo of and 13lo j Mav to leap from emf Gus and Gussie foot mfg an pal Sims is that by Jack

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