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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaI to Elf Ali Jim in i i i i 3bl\ or a it did tic for Congress wans a Nocita ii o ii Mimi cease to Lead we to follow�1 oba5s . Bassun editor and Oprie tol Lebanon a. _ wednesday a tim. A 0r a Darolt general Isaac Slenker. Union county. A for Surveyor general James p Barr. Allegheny county. For Congress. Myer Strouse county. Top whole rebel has re treat ocl across the Potomac. The invasion of Maryland by them was a failure and Pennsylvania was not d s graced by the footstep is of a single armed traitor imminent a Iho Din ,. U3�?julr/xtu ,. Soldiers we Are indebted for having saved us from Many evils Rivers of blood flowed to Avert ruin and desolation from us and Many a Brave heart has ceased its pulsations in the terrible Battles of last week. May our Brave defenders never be forgotten. Among the Many questions to be decided this fall that of a be open. Sated emancipation is not the least important. If the people want to tax themselves for the purpose of purchasing Iho Freedom of the negroes As recommended by the president to the last Congress and which was practically carried into effect in the District of Columbia they will vote for the Republican candidates for Congress., it they Are opposed to the measure they will vote against them. K7 if the in favor of expending hundreds of millions of dollars in buying the slaves of the rebels and colonizing them in some foreign country and taxing themselves for that purpose in addition to the Many other onerous taxes shortly to be imposed upon them they will vote for the Republican candidates for Congress. If they wish to avoid this great additional Burthen they will vote for the democratic candidates the Harrisburg Patriot and Union says that a Rumor prevailed on sunday that the militia men were to return. Home in a Day or two they having fulfilled their Mission. 05&Quot the republicans of the last Congress abolished slavery in the District of Columbia and paid the owners of the slaves hundreds of dollars a piece for them of the Peoples Money and which will have to be raised by taxation. If the people wish the same thing done in Maryland Delaware Missouri Kentucky and other states the will vote next october for the Republican candidates for Congress. If they Are opposed to the measure they will vote for the democratic candidates.  65�?o the state militia now in the service Are Home and discharged and no More will be received for the present. On sunday governor Curtin tee graphed from Hagerstown that no More militia should be sent on the rebel being in i full Retreat Down the Shenandoah cd he a 65&Quot gen. Rosencrans Defeated the rebels under Price at Iuka miss., on the 19th inst. Our loss in killed and wounded is Between. 400 and 500, while the rebel loss is believed to be amp senator Simmons has resigned his seat in the United states Senate on account of his usefulness being impaired by the discovery of his �50,000 bribes for obtaining government contracts. Simmons is a Republican. An indignant Gurt Ijo on wednesday last addressed the Pottstown guards of Montgomery county. In the course of Bis remarks be said that any person who came to Capitol Hill and endeavoured to create the impression among the soldiers that improper motives the Call for the troop Quot a report having been circus Ted tint it bad been issued for political purposes was a liar a traitor Ana a Coward he had called them out for state defence and when the present emergency was Over lie would Send them reference to the proceedings of of the Cottle Refice of the a democratic conferees of the tenth congressional dj�5� net., it will be seen thar Myeux st it a isesq., of Schuylkill county was nominated As the candidate of the True Union and Constitution Olee tora of the District for Congress. In Bis Rictter of acceptance of the nomination which we publish with the proceedings or. Strouse gives Bis views in regard to the present unhappy troubles of the country. He is for the Union As it was arid the Constitution As it is and to effect that object should he be elected will bring ability of the Best Strouse is an unwavering and life Long Democrat and has received several important positions from the hands of his be Hub kill. His general popularity and the hold he possesses upon the Confidence of his party is proven ii the fact that he was recommended by the demo c. Atic convention of his county for Congress Over several aug and in. Al i Mitial democrats. To a their interests Ana is always i Idy to stand by and defend them. To Speaks both the German and English languages admirably. Taking him All and All together or. Strouse is just the Man to represent this German labor Loving honest straightforward tenth congressional District. Late reports from Trio South state that Charlestown is invested and fort Sumter being bombarded. 05&Quot it is supposed that gen. R. E be of the rebel was killed in to a recent Battles in Maryland. A a amp of a Large number of sick and wounded soldiers were sent to Harrisburg last week from the Battle f aids of Maryland.05�?o from Harrisburg we learn that arrangements for the draft a Are still the following counties Only Are recorded As having filled their quotas and Are of course exempt from a draft Blair. Centre Clinton Jefferson excess. -142 352 a is 6 24 Forrest Potter Salh Rau excess. He hates abolitionism As he does secessionist. He would never have voted for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia and forcing the Loyal people of the North to pay an enormous Price for a parcel of Good for nothing negroes neither will he vote for any of the contemplated schemes of a a compensated emancipation and colonization a but on the other band lie will oppose with All his Power All such ruinous schemes. We place him before the people,.confident that be will be elected by such a majority As will make the voice of the people of this District of some consequence in the settlement of the unhappy troubles of the country. Let the people now go to work and elect him. He is in their his opponent is or. Campbell a Radical of the bitterest kind one who was never found wanting in. Voting in the last Congress for All Nigger schemes that occupied the attention of Congress during the last session. The lines Between the two candidates Are distinctly drawn and the people can vote understandingly. Bal. Leesburg is again in our Possession. A party of our troops drove out the rebels last wednesday with to fling loss. Hon. Horatio Seymour has been nominated by the democracy of hew York As their candidate for governor he will be elected sure. 05�?� our War debt is immense but when will the people get through paying taxes should the Republican candidates for Congress be elected and succeed in their proposition to free the negroes the work of negro emancipation is stupendous the expense enormous. The result the North filled with contraband our White labourers will suffer by their Competition our jails will be filled with the degraded and our poorhouse with Lazy negroes a As a pc of. Childs of the 4th Pennsylvania cavalry acting brigadier general was killed in the Battle of last wednesday. Capt. Weidma no a company of cavalry is in col. Child a Region ont. We have not Learned whether it was in the Battle. Ust while every Loyal and patriotic heart was beating in Hopes of Victory for Mcclellan last week in his terrible Battles in Maryland the Washington correspondent of the Chicago Tribune the leading Republican Organ in the West was putting Forth the doctrine that a Mcclellan ought not to be allowed to win a Victory in Maryland and that the blow which he will Deal the rebellion will set us Back six months a depth of disloyalty deeper than this it is hopeless for any Man to attain. This is certainly a dark Day in the history of our Republic when rebels Are assailing our very Cape tol when the party in Power Hope that our generals and May be Defeated on the Field of Battle when those whom it was supposed were the pres Identa a nearest friends and Best supporters Are hatching conspiracies to depose him from his office. On the Jatter subject see the article on the first Page headed a abolition Radical conspiracy against the we May Well ask what Hope is there for the country if not in the and hearts of the Ever True democracy 1 j8@�?o col. Joseph f. Knic who was wounded at the Battle of Cedar Mountain a few weeks ago was again wounded in the Battle of last wednesday. 8� mum Fordsville Kentucky has surrendered to the rebels. It was garrisoned by about 5,000 to pm soldiers and ten pieces of after a Gallant defence it yielded on last wednesday to Geri. Bragg and about thirty thousand rebels. Our loss was about 50 killed ind we undid. Let the people choose. Host of the nominations for Congress in Pennsylvania Are now made. The republicans have placed on the Battle track for re election Many of their most Ultra men and where they made ,nsoro�?T new nominations they took the bitterest radicals they could find in their organization. Lie Nee we find Stevens heading to Weir ticket in the Lancaster District Landon in the Bradford Campbell in the a Schuylkill and. Lebanon Kelly in the 4th Philadelphia and so on. These nominations Are made for the purpose of testing the people. If the people re elect All or any of the m pm named it will be claimed a a Vei diet in favor of abolitionism and emancipation As Well As an endorse in Cut of All the Rasca Lity corruption anti profligacy that has characterized the administration of our affairs since the present party is in Power. It will be saying a go on we approve of All you have done do in the future As Yon have done in the the admin i Strati on will have to take it for granted that the people want them to persevere in the course they Are pursuing acc also do they not Send Back who arc responsible next to the rebels for our present troubles. The batt�0f last week. Sandal operations. Of will sept. 15, 1862.�? the Battle of Juth Mountain was fought yester resulting in a Complete Victory too of the Potomac. The bile Field seas located Ina Gorge of 1 Mountain on the Turnpike Road i tween Middletown and Boonsboro during the Fanoon the firing was by artillery in adoring to ascertain the and lock the corps unit the people however defeat these abolitionists As Well As their candidates for every other position whether county state or National it will be a condemnation of the policy and mis doings of the past and the verdict will have to be respected. This is a matter that rests entirely with the people. The ballot Box is the Only weapon they hold and As they Wield that weapon this fall so will their destinies be decided for generations to Como. It is no political question but a personal one. They have the last eighteen months before them if they like them they wiil vote against the democrats if they do not but prefer the Happy Days of democratic Rule they will vote for the democrats practical the last abolition Republican convention held in Massachusetts there was a negro preacher a Delegate from Mon. Charles Sumner s Ward in Boston. This a Brack a rudder took quite a prominent part in the proceedings of the convention and enlightened the White delegates with More than one speech done up in the Sumner style. A . A a the Gallant general George a. Mccall commander of the Pennsylvania reserves has been nominated by the democrats of Chester county As their candidate for Congress. We should have fixed to have seen him elem to Dunan Rousky but the republicans True to their party instincts and in disregard of their a no party professions have nominated and will support John m. Broomall a political la Wyer of their is Ripe. Athe Pennsylvania. State fair has been postponed until next year a towing to the unhappy military condition of the country.�?�. 8 the government has taken Possession of the Cumberland Valley Railroad for transportation purposes. ,8s? on the first Page we publish an article from the new York Herald relative to a conspiracy on foot to depose the president. Such astounding disclosures wearing the air of probability As they do should awaken the attention of the president As Well As of All Loyal and Law abiding people to the danger threatening us not Only from the traitorous South but the still More depraved traitors of the these very Fellows had. An object when they denounced outraged and abused the patriotic democracy. It was to draw attention away from their own hellish schemes. Have we any a a roundheads in this locality. Our democratic friends of Lancaster county nominated the following excellent ticket last week. It would be Worth an in the Field to the government if gen. Steinman would defeat that Arch demagogue and abolitionist Thad. Stevens and we Are glad to learn that the Prospect is quite flattering that lie will do so a Congress gon. Gbo. A Steinman Assembly Abraham Peters Nathan Worley Martin a. 3. Caldwell District attorney David g. Esh Lemiun county commissioner John m. Miller directors of the poor George l. Eckert Joseph m. Watts prison inspectors a. Z. Iting Walt j. Ditten Derfer county Surveyor Christian Hoffman auditor John l. Lighter. The Berks county agricultural fair has been postponed indefinitely owing to the present unsettled condition of the country. 8�, among the killed in the Battle of Sharpsburg on wednesday last is capt. Win. It. Andrews of Reading a ,. 05 if the Republican candidates for Congress Are elected and succeed in procuring Tho emancipation of All the negroes they suppose that labor will be cheaper than it now is. Negroes then can be hired for ten or Twenty cents a Day. How will our volunteers feel if these radicals sue Ceede when they find their places occupied by negroes ? All the Pennsylvania militia at Cuba Rebersburg had been sent to Hagerstown and Boonsboro. A company from Philadelphia refused to go Over the state line but being told by general Reynolds that they would be disgraced forever if they refused they Fili ally marched along. The rebel sir about twelve ,. Dor general to was Ordo Rcd to ascend the Mout in on the left and Mako an actaeon the enemy a flank. At three of Ciot gen. Reno a troops got into action the rattle of the musketry for about half an hour was terrible when a enemy gave Way leaving our me in Possession of that portion of the Oikle. The loss on path sides in this action was Coris Deralb. We bad not afield or general Offir injured at this Point excepting Matt general Reno who was killed by l Minie Ball passing through his Hoik. , commanding Mcdowell a corps and in Pennsylvania reserves ascended the mountains on the a i riles a a making troops into Poi Siff _ t h o e n c my Abo u o a r s before s u a Down. Here As in the ease of the other Ridge of the Mountain our troops were successful driving the enemy before them with great the rebels suffered More Here than at any Point of the Battle Field. Gen Hatch commanding a division under general Hooker was wounded in the leg. Be n eral Gibbons b Riga do co m posed of Tho 2d, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin and the 19th Indiana regiments were ordered to move up the. Gorge of the Mountain. This brigade did not get into action till after dark which lasted till nearly a nine of clock. This brigade lost about one Hundred and Twenty killed and wounded among Trio dead is capt. Caldwell of the 2d Wisconsin. Tho rebels were driven Back for about a mile when Gibbons brigade was relieved by a portion of Sumner a corps who held the position during the night. The rebels troops engaged were Longstreet a d. Ii. A Iii a arid a. P. Hills corps. Had our troops had two hours longer of Daylight the greater portion of the rebel would have been taken prisoners As they wore surrounded on three sides the Only Mode of escape being a narrow defile in the Mountain Lii he the artillery would soon have made impassable. Among the rebel officers known to be killed Are gen. Garland of. Leesburg and col Strong of the 19lh Virginia. The latter a body was obtained to Day by a Flag of truce. Our loss in killed and wounded Wii probably Roach three thousand Avo lost but few prison hers. Monday s operations. Trixi Ici my s to lbs after the Battles of South Mountain Gap and Burkot Sivile Gap fought respectively by the forces of Burnside and Franklin on sunday the enemy Baring been driven from their position fell Back rapidly to Boonesboro and thence southward to Sharpsburg and began crossing the Potomac above and below Shepherdstown. The Pursuit by our troops was rapid Hooker following by Way of Boonesboro supported by Sumner and Banks and capturing one thousand prisoners during the morning. The enemy breakfasted at Keedysville three Miles from Boonesboro but our cavalry soon drove their rear guard from that place. Porters and Reno a corps took a Shorter Road Over the Mountain and arrived at Sharpsburg at Sundown capturing hundreds of prisoners on the Way. A Franklin a corps supported by couches division passed through Burkesville Gap. Lii he he captured so a handsomely striking the Road leading direct from Boonesboro to Harper s ferry and thence moving in the direction of the latter place gaining Elk Ridge Mountain which flanked the enemy a position and brought them within Good Range of our artillery Franklin a corps fought a Brilliant Battle on sunday evening at Burkesville Gap. The enemy were terribly repulsed though having great advantages in position. Hancock a brigade made a charge up a Bill and captured a Battery of six pieces Howell Cobb and nine Hundred of his georgians. Cobb is wounded and a prisoner. The 16th Virginia regi Menc was taken entire and fragments of Many other regiments. On sunday Longstreet marched Back from Hagerstown to reinforce those troops fighting at the gape. He arrived in time to join in the brigadier general Garland of Virginia colonel strange of the 19th Virginia and cd Brinl James of the 3d South Carolina battalion were All killed at South Mountain Gap on sunday evening. We have taken since Friday last about six thousand prisoners with less than the usual proportion of officers. The mountains Are full of straggling starving and demoralized rebels who Are giving themselves up As fast As they can find their Way into out lines. On thursday last Jackson crossed the Potomac at Williamsport and marched towards harpers for by which Placo he invested. On saturday he captured Maryland Heights on the North and Loudoun Heights in Tho South Side of the River. On sunday to attacked the ferry but was repulsed. On monday morning at Daylight he renewed the attack and Trio place was surrendered by gen. Dixon h. Miles at seven o clock. This disaster will enable t get rebels to Cross the Potomac with the greater portion of their Force. Yesterday evening previous to this news Mcclellan and Burnside were rapidly making such dispositions As would Havo resulted in the completo defeat or capture of nearly Tho entire Rebol Host. Our troops pressed their rear Holly last evening and the Prospect was most Brilliant until to Learned that Harper s ferry was no longer ours. About three of clock Tho pickets of general Howe a brigade captured one of general slants aids who was on Bis Way to general Leeds Headquarters with a despatch from Jackson announcing the capitulation of the Placo yesterday morning. The enemy having got mainly across Tho River and into a Strong position a great Battle will probably a be deferred several Days until a new combination of movements is resolved upon. The Union is in splendid condition. The men Are in Light marching order with buoyant spirits Over their Success. Several regiments of new troops were in the fight of sunday and behaved with great braver 1.7th Michigan out Only two weeks fought till their ammunition was exhausted then retired to the wagons in Gool order refilled their boxes returned and made a terrible charge Over a Stone Wall and into the Timber almost annihilating Drayton s South Carolina brigade. Our total loss will probably not exceed Venty five Hundred in killed and wounded with a very Small proportion of killed. I can learn of few Field officers killed. The death of general Reno is mourned throughout the whole Day Atad wednesday. All accounts concur in representing tuesdays Battle Asa terrific and wednesdays As still More so. The rebel line of Battle appears to have been formed on the West Side of Antietam Creek Between Somersville and Sharpsburg. The Hagerstown correspondent of the Philadelphia press furnishes these particulars finder wednesdays Date a Battle has been raging furiously for the past two Days on the anti Clam Creek. The rebels Cut off from the Iron Bridges a Harper a ferry by the Advance of general Franklin a corps and fearing to Cross the Potomac at any of the Fords with pushing Down hard upon them took this Creek for a line of defence. During yesterday the Battle raged with great spirit and the firing of either Side was very heavy until to wards Sundown when the rebels were flanked by Hooker anti Porter were being severely punished t firing became desultory and it Ivna evident that their ant ton i giving out. This morning the Battle v s renewed by the rebels w in redo bled vigor they acted As if they had been reinforced and furnished with fresh ammunition. The Battle lasted until 4 o clock this afternoon when the rebels retreated leaving gen. Longstreet and the remnant of his division in our hands As prisoners of War. Our Victory is sure but it has Cost us m in officers and men. Major Gonci ii Hooker was wounded in the foot by a Minio Ball while leading a second Brilliant Bayonet charge today and general Mansfield is killed or taken prisoner. He fought most heroically during the entire Jef rate to the time he was jobs of the Rob is was much greater than ours. division of ten brigades can not Muster seven thousand men., thro entire rebel will be Cap. Tured or killed. A there is no Chance left for them to Cross the Potomac As the River is rising and. Our. Troops pushing them continually and Send ing prisoners to the rear by scores Stonewall Jackson is How in command of Tho rebel forces in Maryland. Six batteries of artillery belonging to Longstreet a division were captured yesterday and to Day and it is said we have taken nearly fifteen thousand prisoners since sunday. Jackson a with Lee and other distinguished wounded officers will be forced to surrender in a Day or two at the immense is All in motion and our generals Are certain of ultimate and decisive for our Are coming by Way of Harrisburg and Baltimore. Gen. Burnside has taken Possession of harpers ferry and is advancing on n special Mission with his corps. Every one Here is jubilant Over the news and people talk about seeing the a beginning of the Battle of wednesday. The Battle of wednesday exceeded in extent and severity any Battle heretofore Foughi on this continent. At Dawn of Day Hooker and Sumner commanding respectively the right and Centre commenced the Battle and after a terrible contest of two hours drove the rebels about a mile. They however ral red and regained most of the ground but Ata great sacrifice of this time Hooker was shot in Tho ankle and gen. Richardson was severely wounded. The command then devolved on gen. Sumner who immediately ordered an Advance and not Only retook the lost ground but drove the rebels a Quarter of a mile beyond. In this action gen. Mansfield was shot through the lungs and soon after died. Burnside and Porter drove the enemy from the line of the anti Tam Creek on the main Road to Sharpsburg and having built a Bridge the old one having been burned by the rebels occupied the opposite Bank. The loss Here was considerable. To get Possession of the Ridge of Hills on the right and left hand Side of the Road from which the rebels were thundering away with artillery was a task not easily accomplished. Gen. Sykes brigade carried she Ridge on the right hand Side with the assistance Oggeri. Sumner after considerable trouble and loss the rebels running in All directions. It was now five of clock and All the enemy a positions had been carried except the one on the left hand Side of the Road. To do this duty gen. Burnside was assigned. The artillery opened and the infantry advanced. The Point was carried at a charge but our troops were forced to retire before a Superior Force the rebels knowing that if they lost this Ridge a Complete rout of their would be the result. They fought with great desperation. Darkness now overlooked the two armies and hostilities ceased As though by Mutual consent. The Battle lasted from five of clock in the morning until seven at night without a moments cessation. The conduct of All troops without exception was All that any general could wish. Several regiments of new troops who were in action for the first time behaved admirably. The loss on both sides was heavy estimated at 10.000 on our Side and greater on that of the rebels. A our wounded were immediately carried from the Field and the be3t possible attention Given them. When gen. Hooker fell gen. My Clellan immediately proceeded to the right where he was enthusiastically received and by his presence added much to our Success j in recovering the ground lost. He was in the Centre and on the left anxiously watching the Progress of the Battle and giving directions As to the manner of attack. He was in his tent wednesday night for the first time since leaving Frederick. We took some 1,500 prisoners during the Day enemy obtained but Lew. A the following officers were killed or wounded gen. Hartsog wounded. Urea wounded. Quot j i a Ahmel ferry and is moving on the enemy. Deserters report that the recent movement of the rebels in escaping into Viri Ginia was entirely conducted by. Stonewall Jackson the other chief officers Lee Longstreet amp being either wounded or too much fatigued to be efficient. _ they also stale that it was believed it the rebel that a Force of Union troops had passed through Gap and intercepted their Advance and they supposed this movement was under the direction of Sigel of whom they stand in great a u on Friday afternoon Tho 4th Mia High with a few men from by Kean brigade crossed Tea at Shepherdstown Ford for the purpose of my King a reconnaissance. They met with a Stout resistance from the enemy but succeeded in reaching this Side of the River with four pieces of artillery captured from Tho rebels with but slight Lees. The occupation of the Virginia Shore was attempted on saturday morning with less inc esp. Coi. Barnes brigade with a portion of Sykes brigade with some cavalry and two batteries of artillery crossed the River Quot and took a position on the Virginia Shore. Shortly after the troops had been placed in position the enemy emerged firn under the cover of the Woods with a line of infantry nearly a mile Long. Both troops soon engaged when the order was Given to retire a bib was done in Good order the enemy following closely behind. When the enemy came within Range it was opened upon by Twenty pieces of our artillery posted on thex Ryland Bank with such effect that they were for-4 ced to retire out of reach. Their loss from our artillery fire must Havet been heavy As the explosion of our shells were seen to make Large gaps in their lines. Our i03s in killed wounded and prisoners will reach a Bont 15 1. The troops safely returned to the Maryland Shore bringing the wounded a i them information was received on saturday of the col. Childs of the 4th a. Cavalry killed. Col. Kingsbury of the 11th Connecticut seriously wounded. Lieut col. Parvis on of the 57th new York killed. Capt. Audenried Aid to general Sumner wounded. Major Sedgwick killed. Col. My Neil of the Pennsylvania Buck tails and Lieut. Alison were killed. Col Polk of the second United states Sharp shooters wounded. Major Burbank of the ,12th Massachusetts wounded. Col. Beal 10th Maine wounded. Col. Coleman Lith Ohio col. Paten 57�h . Col. Goodrich 60th . Capt. Forbish 10th Maine All might add a Long list of killed and wounded officers but cannot spare room. To Weir arc Poto ume last Oigt and it id believed Beir is falling Buck in the direction of Charleston and Winchester the siege of Bias see a ferry three Days fighting. More about the Battle of wednesday. Baltimore sept. 19. 1 a r satisfied now that All is right Wii i urn of Tho Potomac. L have just had a com Cis Ilion with a gentleman who left the Battle Field at 9 o clock on w Educ Day night. He confirms Tho statement of the pc i correspondent of the Assoc a i i prs published this morning in every particular. He says we occupied the position chosen by the enemy at the com Mentele t of in e Battle who were cd River Back a mile and a half at All pumps except on the ext Renie right i 1 cd u Jesi 11 held at the close of tuo Uay. My informant was All Day within a Hundred Yards of gen. Mcclellan and says that the result of the Day was i 0aul cd by Bym Ai d his stiff As a a Lonous Victory though not final. I Here was no faltering at any Point of the line a rid. The whole was exultant at the results of the Days hot gen. Mcclellan was in High spirits. His opinion and the it of those to and him. Was that the final result would depend on who got up reinforcements first. He says nothing was heard on the Field of the capture of Longs oct or the killing of Hill and Thore is no in either Rumor. 20,000 More reinforcements were expected to Licach the Field Osterd in fio n ii Nisbut Hotl is the in Oiny s loss is Muy equal to ours. The gentleman from whom this information is derived who is one of our citizens expresses the opinion that whilst the Bat. Tie on wednesday was not a decisive one in was a contest in which All the advantages were with Mcclellan who occupied the Field of Battle at the close of the Day. Bal thursday was occupied in burying the dead and caring for the wounded. Tho rebels sent a Flag of truce in the morning asking permission to Bury their own which was granted. At Daylight on Friday morning it was found that the enemy had changed their position whether their whole Force had crossed the River or taken up a now position near the River was not known at the time. Friday s operations. The latest intelligence from the in Maryland up to saturday noon is the following Early on thursday night the rebels commenced crossing the Shepherdstown Bridge and two Fords above and below it. During the night m Jeilan advanced a Battery and shelled them from the surrounding Hills. The dead and wounded found this morning e evidence the ability of our signal officers in directing the fire of the guns. On discovering the movement of the enemy gen. Pleasonton was despatched in hot Pursuit with two batteries and two regiments of infantry through a Gap of High Hills and he succeeded in cutting off a Large amount of their ammunition supplies amp a. Besides a Small portion of gen. Marcey Gregg a South Carolina brigade. Gen Pleasonton she died the enemy with effect As they passed through the Ravine. The last seen of the enemy they were flying in the direction of Winchester and it is supposed they would Retreat precipitately on to Richmond. Our entire has crossed Antietam Creek and was massed Between Antietam Creek and the Potomac opposite Shepherdstown. And there was every evidence that my Cleylan would Cross the River. The loss of general and Field officers in our is so Large As to be unaccountable. Rebel deserters represent the loss of the enemy a officers As equally severe. It was understood that gen. Burnside our forces at harpers ferry numbered from eight to ten thousand infantry and cavalry most of the latter of Whon there were about three thousand making their escape before the surrender of the place. The rebel Force which first ad1-j Vance upon i car per a ferry was about Twenty thousand under the command of general Hill. Colonel d. Ii. Miles acting brigadier general was in command of our forces at harpers ferry and made a Good fight notwithstanding the overwhelming numbers of the enemy. He retained the command until eight of clock monday morning when he was mortally wounded by a piece of Shell in the left leg. After this general White who was present and engaged in the contest throughout took the command. A on saturday morning the rebels commenced an attack on our batteries on the Maryland Heights and our forces there with artillery and a Strong Force of infantry. Fighting continued at this Point through the Day and there were a Good Many killed and wounded in both sides. About 4, p. M. The rebels were largely reinforced and were then in such overwhelming numbers that we were obliged to abandon the Maryland Heights and Retreat across the River. A. During the Day the rebels made their appearance upon Loudoun Heights upon the Virginia Side of the River with their signal corps which attempted to commence their operations from the top of the Block House. They were shelled fro Rii Camp Hill and at the third Shell disappeared. They were shelled from Bolivar Heights but did not return the fire. Saturday night passed in comparative quiet our forces lying on their at Daylight on sunday morning skirmishing began on the Charlestown Pike but without serious results on either our forces maintained a firm front and gave Way not an Inch before the Advance of the rebels. At about 2 of clock p. M. The enemy succeeded in getting their batteries imposition on Loudoun Heights on the Virginia Side and opened on our position. By the la is were also opened upon our Force a u Ora the Maryland Heights but rather weakly and also from the direction of the Charlestown Pike. The Cann Nading from this time was terrible. Our batteries from Bolivar Heights harpers ferry and Camp Hill were in full Pla in response and the very mountains rocks and valleys seemed to be alive with the detonations of heavy artillery. The rebels were in very Strong Force not less than fifteen thousand men a and the engagement was desperate and continuous until about Sundown when the enemy repulsed and beaten withdrew from the fight and retire to a position out of Range. After Sunset the contest was suspended and quiet reigned through the Long night. During the night the rebels were not inactive and at Daylight on monday morning they opened with terrible Power from seven or eight different Points. In fact our works and Force were completely surrounded by their encircling fire. All our batteries replied except our Large Field pierces the ammunition of which was completely exhausted. Our fire was exceedingly effective Aad Many of the rebels were killed while a few of our men were also placed hours do combat. During this engagement colonel d. H. Miles received a fatal wound in the calf of the left leg from the explosion of a Shell which Tore the Fleshy part of the leg entirely off and caused a profuse and exhausting loss of blood. His Teg was amputated at the knee by the surgeon of the eighth new York cavalry and the colonel placed in As comfortable position As possible. A Short time Only intervened before the White Flag was raised and the surrender of the Strong position with its Brave defenders and immense stores of ammunition tendered the enemy. The surren Der was made at 10 a.m., and to general Hill commanding one of the divisions of Genera Jackson a . For an hour after the White Fla it was raised the rebel batteries on Loudon Heights Maryland Heights and a Small Battery on the Banks of the Potomac River continued playing on our position the rebel officers offering As an excuse for this Gross violation of the rules of War that they did not observe that we asked a suspension of hostilities. Fortunately but Little damage was done by the rebel practice. General Hill received the surrender of the place and shortly afterwards the famous Stonewall Jackson appeared on the Parade ground and fixed his Headquarters there. His first question after dancing Over the eight thousand infantry drawn up unarmed in line before him. Has crossed into Virginia via harpers i was a where is All the cavalry you had a
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