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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 24 1862, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaTinting advertiser office Lebanon Pehna a Fri it pm with. An extensive 5s2>? k a a wifi be it Ned u the Ivein w t1 to Caln now a a a it la Kate to of p fms my neat to Chi expeditions manner Anop Verj reason a ble terms. Suchias pamphlets checks business cards handbills circulars labels Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of pare a invitations tickets &c., amp a. Deeps of All kinds. Common and judgment Douds school justices5, constables and other Blanks a rioted correctly and neatly on the beat paper constantly least for Sale at this office it prices a to suit Tho subscription Price of the Lebanon Adverl to it Jan one Dollar and a half a year. A1c5isk address we m. Brislis Lebanon a. Vol. 14�?no. 14, Lebanon. Pa., we inlay september 24, 1862. July 3, 1361. Clocks. In Iirth Daji Jigli t Vair a a or clocks a just received it. J. J. Blair a jewelry store Lebanon a. Lebanon Valley Institute , Lebanon can ugh c Fth 1 j commence on monday july 21st. A vesa0? a a of a pleasant and each non a tudy is 1101 a he studies of a to strict to the of no i a a a of Tho a ate Uco. Cincin a a a a a blur flier information can be of a i by ans resting the principal. Moca a a try june 25,1362. In. J. Burnside Annville a. Cheap store of Rauch it pc Light. At the Corner of Cumberland Street and Plank Road. Lebanon a. Messes. Rauch amp bight take pleasure i uniform ing their friends and the Public generally that they have just opened a Large mid carefully selected Assort Nie it of dry goods it. Groceries. Queens Are amp pm to which Tiey respectfully invite the attention of the Public. Their dry goods have All been selected with the greatest car from the largest importing houses in Philadelphia. Groceries a Large stick of cheap sugars coffees teas chocolate and All kinds of spices. Also a Barge assortment of Queens a arb among which Are the newest patterns together with almost an endless variety in their line of business which will be sold very cheap for Cash or county produce taken in Exchange. Bags bags bags i the attention of Millers and Farmers is directed to their Large Stock of bags which they will sell at wholesale prices. A it a october 17, i860. Ralc1i a Light o. Weigley commission Nib chant for the Sale of butter eggs cheese Tallio lard poultry game dried fruits a. No. 170 Reade Street one door above Washington new Youk. References Robb amp Ashbough new York alien amp brother do w. W. Self rage. Esq., do Jones ,4 Shepard do a inn son in Meh amp Tarri Wigton do Samuel g. Johnson do w. Bruslins esq., Lebanon pm. L. Betz. Compton Ohio w. C. Curry amp co., Bankers Erie a. John Sti is esq., a. July i6,1sg2. Quot minho Odt How lost How restored just published in a sealed envelope Price 6 cts a lecture on the nature treatment and Radical cure of or seminal weakness involuntary emissions. Sexual debility and impediments to marriage generally nervousness consumption epilepsy and fits mental and physical incapacity resulting from self abuse. port j. Culver Well m. Author of the it Green Book it go. The world renowned author in this admirable lecture. Clearly proves from Bis own experience that the awful consequences of self abuse May be effectually removed without Medicine and without dangerous surgical operations boogies instruments rings or cordials pointing out a Mode of cure at once certain and a of fit Crimi by which every sufferer no matter what his a condition May be. Majr cure himself cheaply privately Rand radically. This 1 Mcture will prove a Boon to thou a Kohls Aud thousands. Sent under Seal to any a�ldre3s,in a envelope of the receipt of six cents or two postage Stamps by addressing Chas. J. C. Kline Aco 127 bowery new York Post office Box 4536. August 20,1862. After All. The apples Are Ripe in the Orchard. Anil t a us of the re la a is done in that ? la a Quot of a a a Ian it is Redden in the blood of the dying Sun. At the cottage door the grandsire tri a i Wilsy chair v Minie the gentle winds of Twilight Hays with his Silvery hair. A7rn?an reeling beside him. R a a inns a and is Prest in the first i id passion of sorrow against his aged breast. 7 and far from Over the distance the faltering echoes come of the flying blast of trumpet and the rattling Roll of drum. And the grandsire Speaks in a we in pro a Ilie end no Man can see but we give him to Bis country. And we give our prayers to to Ioe a the violets Star the Meadows the Rose buds fringe the door. And Over the Grassy Orchard. The Pink White blossoms pour. And still there a a nameless grave in the Battle Field and a new one under the a pal id tearless wornian by the cold Hearth , and the old clock in the Corner ticks on with amp steady drone. Curiosity of sleep. In Turkey if a Man Falls asleep in the neighbourhood of a poppy Field and Tho wind blows towards him to becomes narcotic de and would die if the country people who Are Well acquainted with the circumstances do not bring him to the next Well or Stream and empty Pitcher after Pitcher of water on his face and bodj7._ a his a whole no. 692. A in. If a Rry in a i nun if Thauan a family paper for town and country is printed and published weekly by we. H. A bestir Story of punch a new building Cumberland st at one Dollar and fifty cents a year. Ass inserted at the usual tates. The friends of the establishment and the pughs Gomi ally solicited to sep Dan their order. Js-1iandbills printed at an hours notice a rates of postage la Lebanon county postage free. In Pennsylvania out of Lebanon county cents put Quarter or 13 cents a yes re out of this. State cts. Per Quarter or 96 he. A year if the postage is not paid in Advance rates ars doubled. Or. Appen Heirn during in Turkev. Owed his h d. S. Haber a wholesale and retail drug store Hus Lumen removed to his new building on Cumberland Street opposite the Engle buildings Lebanon a. Tahk subscriber respectfully announces this a Nain fit Tances and the Public in general that he has Cou-1 perfumery paints. Dye stuffs. Turpentine Nutly on hand a Large Stock of drugs. Medicines chemicals varnishes Glass Mare brushes. Hair a Wilst extracts burning fluid surgical instruments toilet soaps Segura tobacco a. Ais a a variety of fancy articles too numerous to mention which he offers at Low rates and warrants the qualities of the articles As represented. Purchasers vill please remember this and examine the qualities and prices of ids goods before purchasing elsewhere a a physician a prescriptions and family recipes cd re pounded at All hours of the Day or night by culling at the drug store opposite the Eagle buildings. On sundays the store will be opened for the compounding of prescriptions Between the Honra of 7 and 10 of clock a. M.,12 and 1, and 4 and 5 b. Lebanon aug. 13 1s62. David s. Raber l. R. I Pilow s 7 a liquor store Orriner of Market and water streets Lebanon a. In la undersigned respect fully informs the Public x that lie has received an extensive Stock of the choicest and purest liquors of All descriptions. These �3=33f\liqnor8 to is invariably disposed to sell at an a Low prices. Hillam druggists Farmers hotel keepers and others will consult their own interests by buying of the tide signed. A l. K. A Jeg. Lebanon. July 9,1s62. Lebanon female Seminary. Rachel f. Ross principal. Ross musical department. Mrs m. A. J. Jimison drawing. A like Nin tii Serai on will commence september 3, i860. Al this sri tool is Desi Nei to elevate the Standard of female education and to offer Superior advantages at a ipod Erato Cost. The school year is divided into two Hessi ohs of five Montib each. Charge per session from a a to 16 dollars according to thestus Dierof the scholar. Extra for music French latin Aud Gorman Artic Nln attention Given to the musical department. Instructions upon the 1�?Tiano, Melodeen and guitar and in singing. Pupils not connected with Tho acc Looi will be waited upon at their Homes when do ired and at the usual rates. Early application should be Rundo to _ of pave. A a. S. J stir a or j. W. Misu. Board of directors d. 8, Hammond s. J. Stine John , j. In. Misiaf c. D. , c. Akk Inawat to Isaac deck by Josiath if univ. Id Cbacon aug. 21,1861. Íl1jaii Longacre. Joun g. Gabel. Lebanon door Sash and Strain planing Myhl Jim lbs 9 located eat the steam i tense Pood near Cumberland Street Bast Lebanon. Mue Uoc signed respectfully inform x the Public to general that they till manufacture Aud. Keep on hand. Door Sash shutter blinds flooring a weather boards 0 gee Spring Sioni Dides of All Sites was hoards. Cating sur Trace. Cornice of and All kinds of building materials for houses. To Alto construct tie latest and most unproved st nor caving and hand i tailing suitable for Large and Small buildings. We now invite Farmers mechanics and builders to Call and examine our Stock which to will warrant to give entire satisfaction to All who May favor the undersigned with their on Tom. Amp Gabel. Lewenon apr a a a s of Juu Xing at the same Mill. Planing sawing t a promptly Dono for those who May furnish lumber. A. A if you want Ano. 1ambrotype, very cheap go to daily pc Oal cry next door to the Lebanon Deposit Dana. A sad Story. There is or was until recently a tall handsome Man confined in a Lunatic Asylum at Camberwell. He used to sit mournfully for Days and weeks in a Corner of his Lone room Little Given to talk and less to physical exorcise. How and then however he broke out in a sudden Blazo of excitement repeating incoherent sentences in which Only the word a flax Cotton was distinctly audible. The unhappy Many a name was Chevalier Claussen by birth a Dane and a Man of High scientific education he gave himself up Early to the study of practical chemistry particularly those branches connected with the manufacture of textile fabrics. After years of labor and Many experiments be came to the conclusion that the Fibre of flax if rightly manipulated is Superior to Cotton for ail purposes in which the latter is employed and therefore ought to supersede it As Well this account As being an indigenous Plant for the Supply of which Europe might remain Independent of serf or slave Claussen a experiments were Well received in his own country and his King gave him the title of Chevalier but unfortunately Little other substantial encouragement. Tho inventor then went to France married a Young a French lady was presented at court and received the order of the legion of honour but again got Little else but promises of future Reward for the years of labor devoted to the one great object he had in hand. Somewhat weary of his work and sorely pressed by poverty Chevalier Claussen next came to this country arriving just in time for the International exhibition of 1851. He displayed in the Hydo Park Palace some Beautiful articles made of flax Cotton and set All the world in ruptures about the new i a mention the More so As he freely explained the secret of the process for converting flax Straw into a material equal in All and Superior in some respects to the Cotton fabric. The manipulation was simple enough according to Claussen a showing. The flax Cut into Small pieces by Machin cry was left fora Short while to the combined action of alkaline solvents and of carbonated alkaline Sand acids which converted the Fibre into a material very similar to Cotton and fit even to some extent to be spun with Cotton machinery. The English manufacturers to whom the process was explained were delighted nevertheless they refused with Many thanks the Chevaliers offer to work Bis invention. It was found that flax cot ton could not be profitably spun various alterations in the existing machinery,.and to this the Lancashire Mil owners objected saying a Why should we trouble ourselves about the new raw material As Long As we have got Cotton in abundance a with something of a pro Thetie vein m. Claussen remonstrated arguing that the Supply was not All to be depended upon and that besides it would be better and cheaper in the Long run to make european hands feed european Mills by the Aid of perfected Stettn agencies than to leave the task to the rude manual labour of unwilling Bondsmen. It was the voice of the preacher in the desert Lancashire listened not and when the Hyde Park show was Over Chevalier Claussen and his invention were no More thought of than Tho Man who discovered the sorely troubled in mind and with abject poverty staring him in the face Claussen then pursued his pilgrimage crossing the Atlantic to America. What happened to Hin in the great Western Republic is not accurately known but it is presumed that some a cute natives Laid hold of the Young Man from the old country squeezing his brains and then throwing Bim overboard. It was rumoured that Chevalier Claussen a partner. C residence key owed his life to this simple and efficacious treatment. Or Graves from whom this anecdote is quoted also reports the Case of a gentleman thirty years of age who from Long continued sleepiness was reduced to a Complete living Skeleton unable to stand on his logs it was partly owing to disease but chiefly to the abuse of opium until at last unable to pursue his business he in to Ohhi Eoff a a a ii tor Quot fits whenever anything occurred to distress him soon became drowsy and fell asleep. A student a Edinburgh upon hearing suddenly of the unexpected death of a near relative threw himself on his bed and almost instantaneously amid the Glare , sunk into a profound slumber. Another person Reading to one of his Dearest friends stretched on his death according to a very Small Obj them and or. Lie out of fifty idiots Throe were suffer try Retinitis. O longed to a Noi 1 fat it co re unable to see placed close to Meh states that served by him under pigment a to idiots to which had very Soldo n n to co Rie of Ages contracted alliances Jim Ith other families and the mom Boffl of which had therefore Vij fiery entry intermarried among each Otler. The afflicted persons father a Var cd a Cousin bed fell fast asleep and with the Book still in his hand went on Reading utterly unconscious of what lie was doing. A woman at Hamat slept seventeen or eighteen hours a Day for fifteen years. Another is recorded to have slept once four Days. Or. Macnish mentions a woman who spent three fourths of her life in sleep and or. Elliottson quotes a Case of a Young lady who slept for six weeks and recovered. Tho venerable st. Augustine of Hippo prudently divided his hours into three pants eight to be devoted to sleep eight to meditation and eight to Converse with the world. Maniacs Are reported particularly in the Eastern hemisphere to become furiously vigilant during the full of the Moon More especially when the deteriorating rays of its polarized Light Are permitted to fall into their departments hence the name of lunatics. There certainly is greater proneness to disease during sleep than in the waking state for those who pass the night in the Campagna i Eoina inevitably become infected with its noxious air while travellers who go through without stopping escape the Miasma. Intense cold produces sleep and those who perish in the Snow sleep on till the sleep of death. A w a act a a kicking horses. Of his by whom lid and thirteen children two of these lied Early two became Blind Owin to Pigmentary Retinitis and a gift la was both Blind and afflicted with i Joey one of her Sisters married a Cripsin and she had an idiot among Merjch Illren uni Neici tar amp the coincidence Quot of blindness to to in 1 of a �?�5 l e119 41 cd i the Asylum j j Wylo at Berlin there Are fourteen having Pigmentary spots on the Rcd a and out of these fourteen eight Are of jewish descent and it is Well known to it among the jews marriages with relations Are frequent. For the same reason Surdo mutism alone is according to or. Lib breach often met with among the jews for while at Berlin there is but one deaf and dumb Christian to 1,477 of the same Creed with the jews the proportion is one to 368. In the fourteen cases mentioned above the consanguinity Between father and Mother was verified five tires. In another group consist id of eighteen cases in which Retinitis alone was deafness there were eight patients whose parents were cousins German and five the consanguinity of whose parents remained doubtful. Had got a and not Iona after some a i body partner or otherwise brought him Back to this country shutting him up in a Lunatic Asylum at Camberwell. Here the Story of flax Cotton ends the inventor in a Madhouse Lancashire without food for her Mills and her Spectator. A stools line the Hedges along the Road of life let the Wise Man pass with a smile and a tear. Horses that Are disposed to kick in harness May be cured in one half Days Lime by pursuing the following course have a Yard of thirty to one Liun dred feet Square enclosed with a High and Strong Ferneo. Lead the horse into the Yard then put on him a Reg ular biting bridle buckled Back very close so that he can have Little or no play with Bis head then take a Basket and tie it securely to his Tail and just Lon enough so that his heels when kicking will reach it but not get into it. Now let him kick meantime talk to him but at the same time keep out of his should to throw himself walk up to him and taking hold of the Basket Lay it upon him and All around his heels. After he has Laid a Little while loosen one rein of his bridle and the other until he can get up. If again to tries to kick buckle the biting reins again and so keep him until he is quiet. When he shows no further disposition to kick the Basket take it off and put on the harness then Hoole a a Riffle tree to one tug and Lead him around the Yard. If he shows no fear of it Hook the other end of it and let it hit his heels at every step very soon he will not notice it. Now loosen his buckling lines and let him have free play of Bis head drive him around. If he shows any disposition to kick buckle up the biting rein again and drive him thus awhile longer then again Oncheck him and so continue to manage until he exhibits no sign of fear or disposition to kick no matter what May hit his heels. There Are few horses that May not be cured in half a Days time by pursuing the above course. Horses disposed to run away whenever anything hits their heels in harness May also be cured in the same manner. Eif cols of lat Ria a Wilt flood bsh Fanions. The London lancet contains the following interesting observations on this subject a a a the consequences of intermarriage have been the subject of much declamation and hut Little sober evils of every kind have been depicted by some and totally denied Bjo others. Those who denounce and those who favor within limits the practice of intermarriage Are both devoid of any Large series of observation or of any perfectly conclusive Chain of Ai Gumont. But it must be said that the balance of the facts is in favor of the former. We read in an abstract from a communication addressed to the medical society of Berlin by or. Liebrich some interesting remarks on the evil consequences of marriages Between relations. Or. Liebreich affirms that Surdo mutism idiocy and chronic in Fia mation of the Retina by which the latter becomes affected with an infill Trion of colouring matter which impairs the vision whence the name Pigmentary Retinitis and in one half Tho cases Ascribable to marriages Between close relatives. Most cretins Tortore in the morning towards the end of june while swimming off the Margate Eeast i saw at a distance something that looked like a Patch of Sand occasionally visible and occasionally covered As it were by the Waves which were then running High in consequence of a lengthened Gale which had not Long gone Down. Knowing the coast pretty Well and thinking that no Sand ought to be in such a locality i swam towards the strange object and had got within Sonc eight or ten Yards of it before finding that it was composed of animal substance. I naturally thought that it must be the refuse of some animal that had been thrown overboard and swam away from it not in b u x Uta cd me in Contact with so in Era it a substance. While su4l approaching it i had noticed Sec Ujj i in in the toes of the left foot Bitas i Varia. Bly suffer from i amp n Tho so regions while swimming i took the a pins and Needles sensation for a symptom of the accustomed cramp and thought nothing of it. As i swam on however the tingling extended further and further and began to feel very much like the sting of an old nettle. Suddenly the truth flashed across me and i made for Shore As fast As i could. On turning round for that purpose i raised my right Arm out of the water and found that dozens of slender and transparent threads were hanging from it and evidently still attached to the Medusa now some forty or fifty feet away. The filaments were slight and delicate As those of a spiders web but there the similitude ceased for each was armed with a myriad of poisoned darts that worked their Way into the tissues and affected the nervous system like the stings of a week. A amp tilt of general remit. General Jesse d. Keno whose death on the Field of Battle is announced in general Mcclellan a dispatch was one of the Gallant Young brigadier whom Burnside trained to War in North Carolina. He was a pennsylvanian by birth and about thirty Sev. In years of age. He received a military education at West Point where he was entered in 1842, and was graduated standing seventh in Liis class in 1846. Entering the army As Brevet second lieutenant of ordnance he formed part of Scott a army in the mexican Wai and took part in every Battle from the a Cruz to for gallantry displayed at Cero Gordo he was Breve Ted first lieutenant at Chepultepec be was wounded and .-4i. I. N Bat tery in both of the actions above named. After the close of the War be was for six months assistant professor of mathematics at West Point and for eighteen months afterwards Secretary to the artillery Board during which lie was engaged in testing heavy ordnance and compiling tactics for he a by artillery. Various employments succeeded in All which he brought to Bear judgment Good scientific attainments and Industry. He was for a time on the coast Survey then on a topographical duty in the West for a year engaged in building Pinili Larj Road form big Sioux River to st. Paul Minnesota. From 1s54 to 1857 he was stationed at Frankfort Arsenal near this City. He was afterwards chief ordnance officer to general Johnson in Tho Utah expedition and remained there till 1859, when he was detached and sent to Tho mount Vernon Arsenal Alabama. He was afterwards stationed at Leavenworth Kansas where he was when the re Bellion broke out. He was one of the officers selected by general Burnside himself to accompany him in his expedition and approved by his unvarying gallantry and conduct the Choice of his Superior general. He was appointed brigadier general of volunteers november 12th, of last Jear distinguished himself at Eoa Noko and Newbern and was considered one of the bravest and most promising officers service. When Burnside s army was brought no from North Carolina Heno was put in command of a division and in the Battle before Washington so distinguished himself that his name is among the Foremost of those most honorable mentioned. Keeping a father of Papiris As a senator of Rome one Day took him to the Senate when they deliberated on some subjects of importance. On his return his Mother asked him what had passed at the Senate. The Young Papiris answered that he was ordered not to speak of it. This answer As we May readily conceive Only augmented his mothers curiosity. She became More , and employed every Means in her Lovvor to obtain the information she wished. Her son to avoid any further import unities and to satisfy his mothers anxiety told her that they had been. Deliberating whether it would be better for the Republic to suffer the men to have two wives or the women two husbands. The senators wife enraged at this pretended deliberation went immediately though she had promised secrecy and communicated her fears to some other Homan the next morning a Large body of indignant wives presented themselves at the door of the Striate and in a voice declared that it would be far better to let the women have two husbands and were incensed that they should determine a matter of such importance without hearing what they had to say Tho Senate not understanding the women a requests were thrown into great consternation when the Young Papiris arose and related in what Way he eluded his mothers curiosity. The wives retired the prudence of Young Papiris was praised but it was resolved that in future no Young Man except Papiris should be admitted into the Senate. Quot. Sol a very Happy comment on the annihilation of time and space Bjo locomotive Means of travel was made by a Little girl who had Ridden fifty Miles in a Railroad train then took a coach to her uncles House some five Miles further and was asked on her arrival if she came by the cars. A we came a Little Way in the ears and then All Tho rest of the Way in a col. Pix Oil ii. Flics. The Gallant colonel Dixon h. Miles who was killed by a Shell after a Gallant defence of his Post at harpers ferry was a native of Maryland and was an officer of the regular army. He was nearly sixty years of age was appointed a Cadet at West Point in 1819, graduated on the 30th of june 1824, standing number Twenty seven in a class of thirty one members. He entered the army As Brevet second lieutenant of the fourth United states infantry and full second lieutenant of the seventh infantry. On the 9th of May 1846, he was Breve Ted major for Gallant and distinguished conduct in the defence of fort Brown Texas. He was further Breve Ted lieutenant eol Onei with rank dating from september 13,1846, for Gallant and meritorious conduct in Tho several conflicts of Monterey Mexico on the 21st, 22d and 23d of september 1846. On february 16, 1847, he was promoted to major of the fifth infantry. He was for a while in 1848, civil and military governor of Jalapa in Mexico was promoted to lieutenant eol once in the third infantry in 1851 commanded the South Gila expedition and afterwards had part in the War against Tho coyotes Aud Mago ion apaches in 1857, and with the navajos in the following a ear. In 1859 he was made colonel of the second infantry. At the first Battle of Bull hun he commanded the fifth division of the Union army. He had been for some months in command at harpers ferry and proved himself a Gallant and skillful commander making a Stout and desperate defence against greatly Superior numbers. Harpers ferry amp Vicinity. Harpers ferry a Post Village of Jefferson county ya., is situated at the Confluence of the Shenandoah with the Potomac River where the United Stream Breaks through the Blue Ridge one Hundred and sixty Miles North of Richmond and fifty three mites Northwest of Washington. The scenery in the Vicinity is in the highest degree Beautiful and picturesque. Thomas j Efferson considered the a passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge one of the most stupendous scenes in nature and Well Worth a voyage across the Atlantic to the place was originally called Shenandoah Falls. Its present name is derived from a ferry Long established across Ilic Potomac which a the Village it Corrip icily though irregularly built around Ali base of the Hill and was the Centre of considerable Trade. Before the commencement of the rebellion it contained four or Fine churches and several manufactories and flour Mills. The United states armory then employed about three Hundred hands and produced among other articles Over ten thousand muskets annually. In the Arsenal there were continually stored from eighty thousand to ninety thousand stand of arms. Harpers ferry is on the Lino of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and at the Northern terminus of a Railroad connecting it with Winchester. At Tho time of Tho secession of Virginia col. Jones was in command at harpers ferry with a Small on Tho 18th of april 1861, he was advised that about Twenty five Hundred virginians were advancing to seize Tho Post. On his own response by Litja he immediately ordered the Arsenal and work shops to be burned together with All the arms and munitions of War. This was done and during the night to commenced his March to Carlisle penna., where he arrived the next Day having suffered no molestation from the enemy. His conduct was approved both Quot by the president and Secretary of the enemy soon appeared in Force and took Possession of the deserted works. On the night of the 7th of May the Forest on the Maryland Side of the River was burned and much valuable Timber destroyed. About eight Hundred kentuckians were encamped upon the Maryland Shore employed in fortifying the Heights in that Vicinity. A Battery was also placed at Jefferson Rock. The Virginia forces destroyed the sharp3. Town Bridge at one of clock on the morning of the 14th of june and Harper s ferry Bridge at the Maryland Heights had been previously evacuated. All the remaining government buildings were destroyed with the exception of one storehouse a Blacksmith shop and the Rifle works. The Bridge across the Shenandoah was not injured. Our forces under general Patterson took Possession of the place a few Days afterwards. General Johnston in his official report of the evacuation stated that he a evacuated the place because it was untenable lying As it does in the Small end of a funnel the broader end of which could with great ease be occupied by the enemy a on the i6th of june he sent a portion of his Force to Winchester by rail and on the 17th continued this movement sending Back his tent equipage and other heavy baggage his sick amp a. He caused the Railroad and Bridge and such other Public buildings that could be destroyed without endangering private property to be burned and spiked such heavy gains at the ferry As could not be on the 18th he moved with his whole army on foot in the direction of Manchester. Harper s ferry has since remained in the Possession of our forces. It has been generally believed that the Garrison numbered twelve thousand for which reason the hints that have been thrown out that colonel Miles might have to surrender excited Little anxiety. Unfortunately they have proved too True. Geological thirty years ago somebody made the discovery that the ice Fields of Siberia contained immense numbers of fossils of elephants and mastodons. Where they Hume from or How they got there is a problem which perhaps May never be solved their existence however was no chimera and As Ivory is one of the most valuable commodities of Trade in All nations some utilitarian englishmen conceived Tho idea of turning these vestige of a former epoch to a profitable account. Accordingly about the year 1835, Thompson Bonner amp co., a Rich London firm fitted out an expedition to seek for Ivory in Tho siberian ice. Novel and incredible As it seemed Tho expedition was crowned with Complete Success. Tho ships returned to England richly Laden with the choicest Ivory and even to the present time although the world knows Little about it the Ivory Market is mainly supplied from the ice Fields of Siberia. Ssh a in carving a Partridge says Sidney Smith in i splashed miss Markham with Gravy from head to foot and though i saw three distinct Brown rills of animal juice trickling Down her Cheek she had Tho complaisance to declare that not a drop had reached her 1 such Eirc Mstan ses Are the a Triumph of civilized abolition radicals conspiring against the develop Man tsp the presid Cut to be deposed. The Washington correspondent of the new York Herald says Tho most astounding disclosures have a been made by letters and verbal communications from prominent politicians showing that a vast conspiracy has been set on foot by the radicals of the Fremont faction to depose the present administration and place Fremont at Tho head of a provisional government in other words to make him military dictator. One of these letters says one feature of this con. Piracy is the proposed meeting of governors of the Northern states to request president Lincoln to resign to enable them to carry out their scheme. Tho writer in conclusion says governor Andrew and senator Wilson Are at work and they Are probably at the Bottom of Tho movement. From other Well informed sources it is Learned that Tho fifty thousand Independent volunteers proposed to be raised under the auspices of the new York National Union defence committee were intended to be a nucleus for the organization of this Fremont conspiracy. It was the purpose of those engaged in this movement to have this Force organized and armed by the government and placed under the Independent command of their a not in Leader and then to Call upon All sympathizers to unite with them in arms to overthrow the present administration and establish in its Stead a military dictatorship to carry out the Peculiar policy they desire the government should exe cute. Failing in this it is stated that a secret organization has been Inaus grated the members of which Are known As roundheads it is intended that this organization shall number two Hundred tto of Sand men in arms who shall raise the Standard of the conspirators and Call gen free Mont to the command. They expect to to joined by two thirds of the army of the Union now in the Field and that eventually one million of armed men will be gathered around their Standard. The st Sill ing Disi closure is vouched for by Rubn by. Big if repute in new York and other Northern states. It is the last card of those who have been vainly attempting to drive the president into the adoption of their on Peculiar policy Iri Connee Picut writes a genial Friend a a we have two great not too great blessings a couple of doctors one who preaches and one who practices. The Rev or. A. Our worthy pastor has one weakness he is often sent for in the Way of his profession to visit and console the Siek and have ing once experienced the Benefit of a Quot Carrot poultice fib a a a a a mtg ends it for everything. Our Village medical doctor is sadly annoyed by this Inteia Ference for the people think so Mutebi of the minister that they will follow his advice and All Tho. More about their bodies than their souls. Or. Pills comes and finds that the Fibert Matic patient has a Carrot poultice and the pleurisy has the same and the sore Throat has the same j and he is out of ail patience with Tho Quinist ter who thus Brothers him in his business. Last Winter we had a Parish a teen ing to devise ways and Means to repair the Church Bell which was urn happily cracked by a Budden blow one frosty morning. The worthy minister learn edly discoursed on the subject and said it could not by mended it must be taken Down and recast or it would never ring again. Then up Rose or. Pills and Moe that before giving up the Bell As lost they should try what virtue there was in a Carrot poultice. Everybody fit town he said that was a Little cracked was using it and he would like to see it tried. The hit was palpable and produced an audible smile throughout the be rious Assembly. The minister Lead sense enough to take the joke and from that time Onward he. Has let the sick people get Well without the Aid of his a Carrot an Organ that is More Long winded than a a Small Church at the Little Village near Bright ton where the congregation cd Ulm not afford to pay an organist they recently bought a self acting Organ a compact instrument Well suited to the purpose and constructed to Piny forty different tunes. The Sexton had instructions to set it a going and How to Stop it but unfortunately he forgot the latter part of his business and after singing the four first verses of a hymn before the ser Nofi the Organ Souid not be stopped and it continued ply Ying two verses Mofreh then just As the Clergyman completed the words a let us Pray a Tho or Gan clicked and started a fresh tune. The minister sat it out patiently and then renewed his introductory words a let us Pray Quot when Click went the Organ again and started off another tune. The extort and others Eon tined their exertions to find but the Spring but no Man could put a Storf to it so they got four of Tho Stout est men in the Church to shoulder the perverse instrument and they carried it Down the Centre aisle of the Church playing into the churchyard Whord it continued clicking and playing a Way until the whole forty tunes were finished a French French have built a new hotel inside the Neifer theatre of the Cirque. This is no Ciuc Cus but an immense theatre where military pieces Are played Wilh a comp aliment of cavalry charges a Tillery discharges and musketry peals. Performances last every evening Uri til past Midnight except where there is a general rehearsal these last until four of clock in the morning. Imagine Aman who has been four and Twenty hours in a railway car reach ing the hotel at ten of clock a a did hastening to bed. He has scarcely begun to snore when the cavalry rattle the artillery Bellows and Tho Muske try Hail. Up he leaps in the nocturnal costume men Wear and Down stairs he runs thinking full sure to bet is a revolution in parts Oran explosion of Gas in the hotel. Imagine the scene it is said the Porter will be in strutted to reply in All these cases r Monsieur it is nothing Only the army of Paris going through Midnight exercise in the quays to each them to guard against surprises. A a that a what a the we have at last found the origination of this popular phrase in the following clipped from an Exchange it is too Good to keep. A Friend of ours who has been absent All Winter re turning a few Days since called upon an estimable lady Friend. He was surprised to find her confined to a sick bed. After the first salutations were Over our Friend remarked Why mrs. I am very sorry to find you ill what is quickly reach in�1 Over to the Back of tire bed the invalid turned Down the cover lid Dis closing a Beautiful infant wrapped in Tho embrace of the Rosy god and said triumphantly thai s to haps the putt a w t a Vaal thaw
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