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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 23, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaJali tinting. Jafea amp a and promptly of Eluted. At tit advertiser office Lebanon Penn a this establishment la now supplied with an extensive Job Typ which will be increased to tie a amp Iron ago demands. It can now turn out printing of j a tory description in a neat und expedition Inuvik my Andon . Suchias pamphlets checks business cards handbills circulars labels. Or it r a Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of fare invitations tickets &c., a. 6��?o deeds of All kinds. Common Aud judgment Bonds Sriv fsr lug ticks constables and other Blanks printed on the Best pair constantly kept for Sale a fish office. At prices to suit the a subscription once of the Lebanon apy Kroiser Olio Dollar Anda half a car. A add fuss How so a of sign f%��fil81s Efthi of Rod so Soj jbhgani0? decay new and reliable treatment in reports of the Howard sifting a strict Phil Januar rp5sap�� to ctr thou .1 it .3tv�rct v a Soi toss of afe Oka via la. Uirich attorn in at Law of Lull Tiffine to Tho Bitil Jiing quip door Oak of Laudermilch a i store opposite the Washington House Lebanon. A Al st loft cd it it a Urb Chenty claims promptly attended go. If april 8, . Is it Etc aftain i Atwi Tex a at Law. H As removed his office to Market Street opposite the Laban Norkoli Miael a Iio teu Lebanon. Mnrcft-25.163. A Cuba non l1 Butr u ,et7y n m a Emo fed i by or. B�rstui0th�t0knby-. -ht&emofedhi8 office he a. R Istrofa i it feb Strle West of Geti Veldran a a office Lebanon Pic a a a a Lvi blow to Miller ��mb��8 a "32.-17, a was dh7-jl>wr. Jacv Tif >.mk1 i it a. Samuel Sas Lebanon. Office in Stichter a building f the court t a 1863.�?tf. A what Watfeh to service Soto cake citizens of be Barf a to Dvo Oinie yet Chelc to Tfir id nce of hrs in Buch two door Ivest of office of or. Samiuel beam dec a in cd Beland stir of Quot or. Abi Fth if Tigyi t. A or dry a to the Einz his of to a lib won Ami Vicinity. Office m Walnut Street two doors North of the lutheran far Tomigo. I it Lgth la Quot a it Wei g Ley amp Dew Alt. Olu Fri ssh on Mer Hast to Quot a. I foe tar Sals of a. A a butter eggs Blieese Taunov Laid poultry name dried Lutts a gain Iseed do so 170 Reade Street ode door above Washin Pfoh 0. Weill by. 7saj Dewalt it references w Poi Ftp Quot so a i Soa do. Caff Jin to Fefie tic Banitt Orfio a of Fla amp i Ryfa cry binders Vine in you. John Stiles aleut own a. Jan. 14, Sod. Is my a. Amp a a it mrs i Ewe i Lalii by i Miu lips la died would respectful if Lii Loroi Tjio Citi ass hotel and will supp Auto c Juie co Fec a Mae of All kinds fresh and of Ali bust qty 6onittn on Bird anti fit thed at the lowest prices. A feb Uttie is invited 10 give me a Trul. Lull non. Nov a lso9� a a if. H. Abbr mat of e in. not i Hist class to and Halll Dve ins Saloom Market. Street near Cumber had and of politto the blk a Gle he to a. Brit is the Klul for the 1 Ibero Patro Ungto hereto fort , respectfully solicit a Mohe sume. Lebanon. July j. I8d2. Ujj y a i a Saloon will to closet a on by maj. Uear Amiade clothing will be sold at a. Extremely Eow prices. I a Bek owe of the firm of Ilber amp bros., has taken the Stock of Beady made clot Long at the App Ritj Enie it Klueh will enable him to sell lower the in anywhere eke a an be bought. Call Ard set for you selves before you make Pic heft. In t Liu me doors West from court House. Of ton. Sspt-25, isei a urn a rarer. A a x. Or. Beeg s Lictor store Market of 7iarr.f of Postie the. Affirm i i Mise , a. Rule in de signed a reaper Bihy informs Public x that Jie Las received an extensive Stock of the . There. C?p= he to a variably Dipp Sud to fell at a pc Low prices. A Bibb druggists Farmers. . And oth ers will Conan fat their own interests by buying ref tie urn resigned. It in. A. L. K. Jill Lebanon. Apri 15, 1863. W a a take to tace. t ii llkes3litt a dry acre is prepared ter do Ai a kinds of tin roofing spouting and Job work generally at the very lowest prices. He also has on hand a Leige and Good assortment of All kinds of tin Ware arid. All of the most improved Gas burning Cook stove s and v my or Fex Oaks. Also All the is sir diff rent and. Latest improved ranges and 5�.h4atjbfts of All mde he also keeps can stantly on band Jav Large Stock of All kinds of roofing slate which he offers at less once than they can be bought of slate men in the amp wary rooms one door South of the a Buck hotel a w Tatnai a a Crecy a a a a nun a a. Lebanon december 25, 1861.itterctiaeft tailor it a. S s. Ramsay in Fui acky it building Corner of cum Borland Street and Doe Alley has on band and for Sale either by the Yard or made to order a Large lot of v cloths ca55imbres, and i Vestis wll selected from Good Homes. Soon fits up a sub stun a is ring guaranteed to All. Also handkerchiefs , suspenders fancy and Plain Linen shirts Onder shirts a do i it go we a Jsai. Lebanon. April 9. 1862. ,. A Ltd a a a iref��?Tof7if7�?� Daniel Grae frs Boot a shoe Stoke has been removed to his new residence in cum ber Lucid Street Square West from Eisold stamp und opposite the office of or. Cd. Glon Mger _ lib also a he has jut opened a. Large and desirable Stock of Woll Nide roots and shoes. Ladies in id Guite sat l.25i l Adies lace. Bootees $1.60 for misses. $1 coarse men a boots for too men s gaiters$2 for boys to $2.80 i Foi children to $1.62. Also a Large variety of overshoes. Trunks. Travelling bags a. Couse see Aud judge for you Al Elvis. Lebanon May j3, w. Daniel Grauff a i w am Iii map Stokli of Fiji under Sigby Al would respectfully inform the Cut a zen a of Lebanon and Vicinity that he has entered Tuto the r _ 1300t and fellow business in Walnut Street five doors South of the Buck hotel. Lebanon a. S where he keeps on hand a Large and Well assorted Stock of All a kinds of boots and shoes sin win r Mhz a Nifke to order All kinds of boots and shoes au4 at very Short notice. He a so keeps on hand a Large and Well assorted it Stock of lout hair such As red and Oak and Kip skins Morocco and fancy leather kid linings Roans bindings amp cd and All kind of slloemake8, tools and findings such. Its. Boot Trees lasts Boot cords and webbs Aavl-blades7knives,� punches hammers fencers rasps tacks a constantly on band an assortment of lasting threads shoe nails Peg break Sand tones pegs bristles kit and shoe every description. Having been engaged to the bub guess More than Twenty years he feels satisfied to bad he can give sat Sfa Tiem to All who will favor him with a calf.1 Shoemakers for m the country will do Well by Ca Hng of him before purchasing else a where. Samuel Hauck. Lebanon May 21 1862,.vol. 1s--n0. 14. Not alcoholic. A highly , vegetable Etta Chi a pure tonic. German bitters a prep ahead by or o a Jackson Philada a a. Wiy effectually pups Liivet coi plaint 1. Dyspepsia a jaundice. Chrome or nervous debility diseases of the kidneys and All diseases arising Tiroui disordered liver or stomach. A such As constipation. Inward piles fullness or blood to the head acidity of the stomach nausea. Heartburn disgust for food weight in the Eliut Talion. Inkyu or fluttering at the bit of the stomach. Swin thing of the head hurried and difficult Bren Thimig fluttering at , choking or suffocating Sena hons when in a lying pos Ture dub nest of x is ton dots or webs before the sight. Fever end Dull pain in the head deficiency of. Perspiration Yellowness of the skin and eyes pain j in the Side Back Chest limbs amp a sudden flushes of it Bat burning in. The Leeb. Constant imaginings of a vile and great depression of spirits. A. Aud will positively prevent yellow of Tver bilious of i to to a. They contain no alcohol or bad whiskey t in hey will cure the above diseases m ninety. Nine oases out of a Buji dred. induced by the extensive Sale and Universal popularity of Hoof Atid s German bitters purely vegetable j hosts of ignorant quacks and unscrupulous and Vatu i rets have opened humanity the flood j Gates of nostrums shape of poor whiskey Rilely compounded with injurious christened ton jus stud bitters. It. A. I beware of the innumerable array of alcoholic prep-1 a rations bottles and big bellied kegs under the nod est appellation of bitter which instead occurring. Only aggravate disease and leave the Digap re m despair. Isoo Flandy a German Bittern Are not a new and untried article but have stood t the test of fifteen years trial by the american Public and their reputation and Sale Are not rivalled by any Sli Hiler preparation. A the proprietors have thousands of letters from the most eminent i Clolk Ziuba lawyers. A. Physicians and citizens testifying of their own personal knowledge to the beneficial effects and medical Virtues of a hese bitters. Do Youtam Sam tiling to do you want a Good appetite a a Doy ii want Robush d l i y0�o1 co Sti Putio a do you v am in a feel Well ? do \ Ouy am to g1 i rid of n3 Ryou Ness do you want bib hey a. Do you want to sleep Well do 1 of Wam a brisk we Horous to i Ling Ivou do use room and Chi Man bit j Yus trom Rcv. A. Newton lit own. 1. I by tor of a he twi. Cyclopedia of religious knowledge. Although not disposed to favor or recommend Patent medicines to general through Dis cast of their ingredient and effects i yet know of no sufficient reasons Why a Man May not that ii to he be lives himself to have received Froin any simple preparation. In the Hope that be May thus contribute tothe Benefit of others. L do fort the More readily m Legard to Lio Fiand s Geti iian bitters prepared by or. G Jackson of his cite because i was prejudiced against them for Many rears Hudec Tjoe Ifo Presston that they were chiefly an alcoholic mixture i am indebted to toy Friend Robert Shoemaker Esq. For the removal of this preludes by pro Jim a tests did for encouragement to t y them when suffering Furdin great and comr continued debility. The Nao of three bottles of these bitters at Tho be gun fag of the present year was followed by evident Relief and restoration to a degree of bodily and men Talv or wih i and but Felt Fornix months before and had no Roost Despa ired of regain i Fig. I therefore to link god and my Friend for directing me to rite us of them _ j Nevion Brown ,�?T.� junk 231&6t. R Paul ocular a Clicc. There Aro Marty preparations sold of bitters put up in quart bottles Conito tended of the cheapest whiskey or common rum costing from 20 to 4 1 cents per gallon the taste disguised try Anise or seed. This class a i Bittera Bah caused and will continue to i Long As the Cau be sold hundreds to die the i it Hub of the drunkard. By their use the system1 is i kept continually under the alcoholic storm Bluit o t the worst kind the desire for liquor is cry a a Ted and kept up. And the result is All the horrors ut-.1 tend Ait upon u drunkard s life and death. For those who desire and wit have a liquor bitters we publish the following receipt. Get one Joule it of Lun s Germa a Tilers Ulm mix with three quarts ref Good Brandy or a hts leg. And to it result Ivy i be a preparation that will far exc clip inedicuia.1 Virtues and i True excellence and of the num Erona liquor Lutters in i the Market and will Ca much less. You will have i All the Virtues of Hob Jund s bitters in connection with a Good article of liquor at u much less Price than these inferior preparations will Cost it of. A. A mention soldiers and the friends of soldiers. We Call the attention of nil Havig relations and ineds in the army to the fact that Hoo lands German bitter so will cure Niue tenths of the diseases induced by exposures Aud privations incident to Camp life in Tho lists published almost daily in the news papers ii the arrival of a lies cd it will be noticed that a very Large proportion Are suffering Froid debility. Very due of that kind Cun he readily cured by Houf Lami a Gernon Billero. Diseases resulting from disorders of the digestive organs arc speedily removed. We have no hesitation Mahatma that if these bitters were freely used Ain Oug our soldiers hundreds of uves might be saved that otherwise will be lost. We Call particular attention to the following remarkable and Well authenticated cure of Oue of the nations heroes who a life to use his own language Quot has been saved by the bitters a pm Taku a August 23rd, 1862. Tjit Leaeu yet to mistake in this. It is vouched for by numbers of my comrades some of whose name a a appended and who were fully Cognize Siut of All the circumstances of my Case 1 am. And have Feenix for the last four years a member of her mutes celebrated Battery and under the immediate command of Captain it. B. through the exposure attendant upon my arduous duties. Swag attacked in november last with inflammation of the jul As Aud was for seventy two Day in the Hospital. This was followed by great debility heightened by an attack of dysentery. I Vas then removed from the White House and sent to this City on Board the Steamer a a state of Maine a from which i lauded on the 2sth of june. Since that Timo i have been a Boutas Low As any one could be Aud still retain a spark of vitality. For a week or Moto 1 was scarcely Able to Swallow anything and if i cd a a Force a morsel Down it was immediately thrown up again. I could not even keep a Glass of water on my stomach. Life could not last under these circumstances and accordingly the physicians who had been work aug faithfully though unsuccessfully to Rescue me from the grasp of the dead Archer frankly told me they could do no More for to and advised Nao to see a Clergyman and to make such disposition of my limited funds us Best suited me. A Acquah Mirauce who visited me at the Hospital,3ir.frederick Steinbron % sixth below Arch Street advised me Yra to Lurn Bunn. To try v our bitter and kindly procured a bottle from the tune i commenced taking them the Shadow of death receded and i am now thank god for it. Getting Batter. Though i have but taken two bottles. 1 have gamed Tea pounds and i feel sanguine of being permitted to rejoin my wife and daughter from whom i have heard nothing for 18 months. For. Gentle Raten i am a Loyal virginian from the Vicin it of front Royal. To your invaluable bitters i owe the certainty of Hie which has Inke Ilithe place of vague a fears to your bitters will i owe the glorious privilege of again clasping to my bosom those who Are Dearest to my in Lile. T. Very truly yours j9aag Malone. We fully Cen Cir in the truth of tile above statement As we had despaired of seeing our Comrade , restored to it it John 1st new York Battery. George a Ackley co c nth Mata. A f. Lewis ciieval1 y a 02d new York. A j. 10 Spencer lit Ait Lily buttery f. b a Sewell. Co b 3d Vermont. Henry i Jerome co b do Honky t Macdonald co c 6th Maine. Joh n e Ward. Co h amp the Maine. H Erman Koch co h 72d new York. N al1 Haniel b Thomas co f 95th Penn. Andrew j Kimball co a 3d Vermont. John Jenkins co b 106th Penn. Beware of Ovate refits i see Tafi the signature of a pc. M. Jackson Ikon the wrapper of each bottle. Price per bottle 75 cents Oralf Doz. F0k$f 00. A should your nearest druggist not have tie article do not be put off by any of the intoxicating preparations that May be offered in its place but Send to us and we will Forward securely packed by express. Principal office and manufactory no 031 Arch st. Jones amp Evans. Successor to 0. 51. Jackson k co., proprietors. 4�s for Sale by or. Geo. the court House Lebanon pa., and by druggists and driers in _ May 27, 1863.�?ly. A special notice. The proprietors of. The Girard 1io�ose, a. Phil Ladelphia to. A respectfully Call the attest a or of business men and the travel Ling Community to the Superior accommodation and Comfort offered is their establishment. Yanaga Fowler amp co. August 28,1863�?3m. Lebanon pa., wednesday september 28, 1863. Whole no. T43 conjugal Post try a .1 to 1 a out of fiend Jdavid Barker .sq., a st amp no Tejyu a or Juho has of duo some of the poetry Eye Writt i Jujj a Maine Bard of ctr at a in his by the first occurrence of the kind gives be amp to to his feelings in the following imaginative piece?,i1� a a. A a us. A a it of ii Dos Orion a a r onb4mght As old st. Boxcer slept. He left the dour of heaven ajar when Little Angel crept. A and Fiama Down with a fal hug summer As Tho Biassed beams it. Of morn approached my blushing Bradfi awakened to atm some please Long dreams and found that Angel by her Side. God Grant but the 1-1 ask no Inores ,. That when he leaves this world of Sitf hell Wing Lils Way to that Bright Shore y Aud Iid that door of heaven Aga if. Our Hoof lands German bitters 1ms saved my life. There is no messes Janes amp a gun Tierneu every town in the United states. Whereupon so die fellow of Tirb practical sort and without any imagination and not possess ing Tho a divine a flatus a attempts to destroy the Little illusion of David As Tollos 8t. Peters reply. Full eighteen Hundred years or More in be kept my door securely Tyler there was do a Tittle Angels strayed nor one been missing All Tho while i did not sleep As you supposed. Nor left the door of heaven ajar nor bus a Quot Little Angels loft Aud gone Down with a falling Star. A go ask that Quot Blush aug and Jefe. To Safe Don t frankly own and say. A that when. She found Ihu Trogel. Babe to ? Shu found it by the Good old Way. God Grant but this i ask no Mora re a a ihstt1 Aholt id your number sch enlarge of that you will not do a before. A Aud Lay it to old Peters Chargo. A of. His look and Joanner became like unto that of a sick Buzzard. Hib drink ceased to Douriso Zhini and Bis jokes were Duy and busily. A �?�1. Alien eventide a had come a Quot the government a Elk it aft as1 he Stum Breed the Green i sects Cam e no a Forb Benoi and he was seized witty a horrid Nightmare. A a. 1-5. His Bolo Frame was cont re sed As with a a pocket Earth take his Teeth chattered like a djs pleased Sreap Ping Turtle so his. Corporeal a system was cold and the hair of his flesh stood on end. 116. Then he dreamed tha of th0 not equal to Tho exigencies of the Case a to Banc the dogmas of the quiet past were not sufficient for the Stormy present a that the situation was piled High with difficulties and that therefore. The Gover Merit a test Rise vhf cd Tho a a a 17. Which being interpreted into common sense Rne Aneth. That Oliero Are More who wish to plunder the puff ple and eat out their substance than can be legalized by the ancient landmarks the landmarks Rufust be obliterated that thieves May Rioa 18. Wherefore conscience being an ral bourse upward Jishe going at a rate of not less it than. One. Hundred and Twenty Miles , and describing the air of More than Pue and a half Miles in circtimferedce.7-Sho made Twenty Rev Littion s before Bhe Entz red the Tipper strata of1 Clouds Ard was lost to View she passed through., the first strata of a dense White Clouds about two Miles High scattering them As she entered in All directions. A i11 her upward flight Cote old be distinctly seen her taped if Bement in a contrary direction to the moving Clouds and As she Camo before the wind passing by great celerity. As she was distinctly seen thus to move both below and above the Clouds on the Clear life sky at five of clock f. A with the Sun Shui ing Clear upon her Mere could of. No mistake of optical delusion to the beholder. As to her propelling Power and motive apparatus it behoves is not now to speak. It might he considered contraband of War or affording Aid and Comfort to the enemy for with such a machine in the hands of Jeff. Davis Tho armies around Washington w00lly-headed_chr0n1cl-es� the reign of Abraham the first and of the woolly headed millennium. 1. It came to pass in the eighty and fourth year of the Republic that James the just having ruled with equity All the Days of his appointed time retired to the shades of Wheatland and Abraham reigned a his Stead. 2. How Abraham was a child of Promise and a Man after thre woolly beaded dragons Owa heart Beautiful both.1 in form and feature dignified and lofty in thought and intellect and pure in heart inasmuch As lie a Oce ived from his worst papers the pet name of a honest old 8. Moreover be was a statesman of great sagacity and rare ability having had great experience in Tho mat to in the Cape Ciao ,1luit.boatraan Aud. Retailer of spirits. Yea lie also had the gifts of con Rugo military strategy and Tui ability largely developed. 4.s and behold it came to pass that on his journey from the far West to the seat of Empire even to the City of Washington he did make divers and sundry speeches of great Power a std the lulls trembled at the sound of bus voice along the whole dior Tiern Circle of his path but it came to pass that As the warm Sun shone upon his head that his valor suddenly disappeared and for the Benefit of his health he Felt constrained to make a Uig lit pus Sigu from Tho City called Ilams Uig 5 for Abraham was severely frightened lest the people should Lay violent hands upon his person and he did tremble like an Aspen Leaf. But behold o be inhabitants of Tho Eoff Tinetta to dwellers islands that Dot Tho Waters of the great deep an Ltd a the rest of Mankind a Abraham escaped thereat Whiteb the e imagination of his follow Era raised up and entered the Palace of the rulers in All the dignity of ins. Elegant proportion so did club Leif in the ainu be foods of a be Cutcli plaid inward Monitor and a a a Monitor be i powerless to preserve the ing ironclad and intended to be in a capital. Penetrable so a honest old Abe, j we think or. Andrews deserves the govern intent is justified in taking j More Praise for the patriotic Inge ii Anolah to a preserve protect and Del to with a Vicli to has preserved his fend the Constitution a while to Tram j secret and yet tried his grand expert pies it beneath Iii . I ment in the open air before the pub 1-9. So we Len lie awoke in the morn a lie that even that manifested in the Ling and had washed himself and in a Conception and construction of his machine 01 that and its. Beautiful simplicity we May have occasion to speak hereafter. We have the documents. A. Bribed he lilt better and going Forth into Tho highways and among the Hedges be Jenade a a Loyal league with the Gien insects and scattered from throughout the whole land. 20. Butt end ise of the people at the South grew louder while Abraham was rewarding theg Feen insects Yea it overspread the whole land. 21. The Tifa rap of armed 11 was heard on every Side the men of the South Robe Ltd from tire government of Abrahams and his insects d their Cannon did compel the Possession of certain of Tho fortresses of Alio nation. .22. And Abraham called upon the people to a restore the supremacy of the Law a and they did rally under that Assurance and the draft. It is enough at this Ticino to recall to mind the unparliamentary trick by which the abolition senators rushed Quot the conscription through the Senate. Vav e closing debate upon that occasion or. Fowell spoke until half past three of clock in the morning when he moved that the Senate adjourn. Motion rejected by year a nays 32 or. Bayard commenced speaking against the Bill and spoke until half past 4, when to yielded the floor to or. Powell who again moved to and no Man knew the end but it subsequently appear a �?�i01�0 a a a a., 00. Ai. It a us 4� a Quot a �-1 Quot 1 Motionreiected-byyoas4, nays 33. De that the inauguration of a of j j 1 a .1 Al. Tho question Toffen r millennium that Abra Fiam bad promised unto Phillips and Greeley and Beecher Tho High priests of the woolly beaded dragon. A1 a ,. ,. From Tia new York Lei talk y a Quot 1 a a Yermus Vira Toni an extraordinary invention thl air Savi Laird a rat air Sallil so incidents 01 their trial trips. 7. Rejoice and be exceedingly o be followers of the i agon Abraham Heth and dwell eth in White House who i e Knetl the a the protom c i d Lor Trio on 1 i he floods clap their hands ind leu in bullheads and. Suckers to Joyful together for Wisdom hold eth court in the Capitol she too keel Upun 1 o Waters with a benign countenance and provides of the wants of the tadpoles. A 8. How when Abraham ascended the thrones on the fourth Day of the third month he summoned together All Tho different shreds of Genius virtue strategy and patriotism in the land combined them in a single skein and kept them in use in Tho while House to repair his Bree Ebos. 9. And it came to pass that a part of the people whom Abraham the Hirst had been called to govern re Garrod him not with pleasure and demanded of him that he should Snake known to them and Ali the land whether they were to be treated is equals in Tho la mily of states or wether the doctrines of the woolly headed dragon were to to Tho Law of Tho Fiat ion. 10. And the noise and confusion was gig cat and the chief minister of the ring spoke li�1 the people and bade them be quiet for two years and then the ring might perhaps Call a convention in which their grievances might be heard1 but the people of the South refused to be comforted. 11. Then a powerful East wind came up in the land which brought to Tho Capitol from the Plains valleys and Mountain fastnesses a great crowd of locusts or Green insects with carpet bags until All the streets avenues and houses were full of them and hey swarmed in the surrounding noun try for the space of a league. 12. And they came and told Abraham what was m Tho wind and show cd him a specimen which when he had seen the thing troubled him greatly. 13. His countenance changed and we have this week the pleasure to record the Success of Tho most extraordinary invention of the age if not the most so of any the world Ever saw at least Lhez greatest stride in invention Ever made by a single individual. I in october last. Or. Solomon Andrews of Perth an boy h. J., commenced the construction of a War for Slat for recon noistering purposes on his own personal responsibility not being Able after submitting Bis plans make v War a see the Utility of a machine a which would go Over into Sucesh arid reconnoitre the Cree and position of the it Erie Ray. His plans showed on peril the face of them to any Ono not stupid that che machine could not do otherwise than Glt i ahead in any i roution in a snub the Bow was a pointed and that too with any amb not of Power or Force which might be de Stred and which a greenbacks would4 readily procure. A the Power required and the propelling apparatus added but Little weight to Tho Rostat whether of Large or Small dimensions consequently i did not increase the dimensions of the Aerostat beyond that of balloons of Ordinary construction much less in size than Many that Are now made. The Machino made by or. Andrews would carry up three men in addition to All the fixtures and paraphernalia Lor its Forward inure. Went. It contained feet of Hydrogen Gas 11 carried him. Weighing 72 pounds 256 pounds of ballast. Upon his invitation last Spring we have sent our reporters at three different times to witness his experiments with his machine and have watched its Progress with Groat interest. Its form was that. Of three be Gars printed at both. Ends secured together at their Equa tors covered with a. Net and supporting. By one Hundred and Twenty cords a car sixteen fee Bolo w uti Dhir its car was twelve Leet Long made of Basket work and inches wide at the Bottom. The As costal was made of varnished Linen like or lir iary Friday the 14th instant lie made lus last Experiment and Denton question then recurred on a greeting report of the conference committee. Vij. O a the vote was called and the chairman or. , declared the re port greed to. A j or. A . , the act relative Tbs they Limity of the deeds of Public ski cafes to the City of w Ashington. Motion agreed to or. Powell1�?i Hope that the Striate will proceed with the consideration of the report of the conference committee. Or Grimes that bid is passed. A or. Trumbull of. No the senator Flora Delaware or Bayard is entitled to the floor. Or. Trumbull i Call the senator from Joe nine icy Powell to order. 1 am on the floor and i moved to take up another Bill Aud that m option has been carried. A. Or. Bayard neither the manner nor the language of the senator from to Tho a Var department to a Illinois Trumbull will cause to to the honorable Secretary of a Yeold Niy rights to the floor to which i Arn entitled. 1 or. Power la a to ii understand. Pomeroy ,the,Bill is passed ? / -. Bill is . Powell by what kind of jockey Hii tied tour Onmin Odowd the possibility of going against Tho wind. And1 of guiding her in any and Overy direction with a Small rudder having Only seventeen Square fee of surface. He made no Long flight in. One straight Hue. Lest his modes Operand should be divulged a but by a most ing Eju our plan demonstrated her capabilities beyond to. Of doubt whilst to a prevented g Public know Edgo of his a method of propelling after a few flights a to satisfy Bim self and a few Friona that All was right and that she would do All he had contemplated he set Here a a spi my or. Trumbull i Call the senator from i Kentucky to order. Mr., the Chan decide the report conference commit tee to have been adopted by Ariy vote of the Senate 7 a a a Ltd a a the chair a understand chit the report Lias been adopted. Or. Powell did i not Ili Simerly Stato Liat the senator irom de re Bayard sonl3r yielded the floor to a motion us adjourn ? chair i did not Here the senator from Kentucky say to at u be t i from Delaware yielded the floor for any particular purpose. Or. Trumbal�?1 believe that i am entitled to the senator from Illinois or. Lib Uin Bull a Eri titled to the floor unless he yields it. A. A mr.-rowell�?1 Desiro to ask. The floor a. A a a a or. Rtin Bull i do not yield to Tho fee my. Or from Kentucky to ask any question. I l in Trdy a desire to Appeal from t be decision of Tho cd to i d sire to ascertain whether the Ninon to Havo any rights remaining Here. Or Howard moved that the Senate adjourn. Miv Richardson moved to reconsider who motion by which the Bill was claimed to to passed by the Striate. Or. Grimes did the senator Artim Illinois Richardson vote with the minority if to did not. He could not move for recons adoration. At a Quarter to five. A. A. The Senate adjourned. Presence 0fmnd Moliere the father of come d Bema in u delicate state of health left Paris and in Tod to his tilt at Auteuil to piss a Short time one Day. Soileau. Accompanied by Chapelle. Lull. De Judi Sac Nanton Jet came to visit him Mohrie Wora not of them on account of his illness but the gave the keys of his House to Chapelle and begged him to do the honors for him. Chapelle acquitted himself of his task in such am Iuler that at supper not one of them was sober Fohey a began to discuss the Host serious matters Aud at last having imply ugly decided that1 the greatest Good was never Kcf have been Borrel and Tho next to did As soon afterwards ask pos amp Ible they resolved shocking As the proposition May sound to go in a a body and a town themselves in the Seine. Ii fhe med awhile Moliere Tohei had retired a to his. Chamber was informed1 of this state of affairs and 11 Val id As he was he hastened to join the mad party. Seeing How fat gone they All were he did not attend not to reason them Oil of their determination but demanded to know what he had done that they should think of destroying themselves without Liim re. A the is right Quot cried Chapelle a we have beef unjust towards him he shall be drowned with a one Moi Chat if you please though a observed Tho dramatist. A this is the last aet of our lives and not to be undertaken rashly if we drown ourselves at this hour of the night people will say we Are and we shall apse All us wait until the morning and then in Broad Daylight and upon empty stomachs we will throw ourselves into the a River in the face of our this was after Sorn demur approved of and the next morning bad As the world was allowed to be no one thought it Bald enough to quit it _ a sir Thomas Moore also displayed great presence of mind. A it happened Ope Day a said Aubrey that a mad Tom of bedlam came do to sir Thomas As he was contemplating according to his custom on the leads of the Gatehouse of his Palace at chased and Liada mind to have thrown him from the battlements crying a leap Tom leap a the Chancellor was in his gown and besides ancient and unable to struggle with such a Strong my lord had a Little dog with him a a a now a said he a let us first throw the dog Dowland see what Fine sport that will so the dog was thrown Over. A a a is not this Fine sport a said his lordship1 a led us bring him up and try it ion a Tel did a i a Ltd r a was the madman was going Dothi my lord fastened the door and called for help a with this May fee coupled the anecdote of the physician who when the patients of a Lunatic Asylum found him on the top of the building and proposed As Good sport to make him jump Down tothe Bottom saved his life by recommending As an improvement on the idea that they should walk Down stairs with him and see him jump from the Bottom of the building to the top tax payers that Andrew g. Curtin approved and signed the Bill committing the tonnage tax on the Pennsylvania rail Road by which our state a was cheated out of More than six millions of dollars and remember that in consequence of this act Tho proportion of additional state tax for Lebanon county will be More than five Hundred dollars can you vote for Hito after that realm blk taxpayers that Andrew g Curtin through his Cov Gardnes my coir Uptou gave Penn Al visit Over a to the hands of the e Lei 1 Adin m nation Ali it j ii matted the Coupe Lerate Arm to invade the state and that he udies of thousands of dollars Wili not liquidate the debt incurred upon that occasion Remer Boi that All this could Hac been Pieve mod nud Aidich g Tuitui acte i i Borume a goal Igor h Btu to of i in ing tool to the acl Washington. Can you vote for him after that display item be City ? re my m of r t to p a i s that 4ndicw g cuito a amp been the Waim Iii cuts of the contractor w Hoha pod eted out hard earn cd Ruone a the Especial favorite of Slid do who have robbed oui by e Othong the Aigi with clip hats. Worthless. Pants Coats my shoe with pipe bhuaiu., Boles and by feeding it on Lotten i Lerning my stinking beef Bede Light of Speculator and horse Jock a est and the defender of Drunken of acids and ties nil plunder lib can you vote tor him after the Friendship he has shown to the thieves that Rok you a remember taxpayers that Andiew g Curtin is Mavoi of purchasing every Nigger in the Fouth. And that Vou will have to Taibe the Money to Foi them a remember that the tax ii that Huipo e must be paid if sch a men As Curtin Are continued m Mihee no differ ence if y our w Ives my lit tie ones so Siv fief of r to a fit of yourselves be compel led 5fo Libor Day and night to make up the you vows for him when pledged to Sueh it a policy. Set ant f . A f a Milt a pub Fob town am Coustry is printed and Public Shah weekly by i. M. Brislis. 2d Story of of Stirk n new bold or Cumberland is. At oat Dollar and fifty cents a year any a is Emesis inserted at tse Ranal Ratee. A Buffi. The fhe dds of the Catalli Shiene and lie a a a Inbi or i ? s?1i?ite4 of Sand la six in it a printed at an Tara Quot a r r i. Rates of postage. In Lebanon county Powts be free in Pennsyl Rainia out of Sabanos oots to Quarter or 13 cents a year. A out of this state 6j4 Eta. Per quitter of 26 if the postage is not paid m Advance rates a redoubt a a the Black Heifer Story. Major Jack Downing hits off the i tra administration policy Iri the con duct of the War to the following pointed Ftfe j f is tie to. Gal h f is just Liko old Beier Pandora Sis boy ploughed a old Peter took his oldest boy j Ake a thick headed Lelila a it a Rie Spring morning Ana Setfa Ifni Quot Field to a Black Heifer and too keep on. With these directions did Peteit Weri Toffton the Edase i amp to Jake alone the boy. Started 1 his a oxen in a Bei line Foi the Black Heifer hut when he a got pee try close to her she threw do Lier Tail and rare off in an Oldey Dirac Tion. Jake thought he priest follow the Black Heifer till he come to her no matter where she went he struck another Bee line for her and Leith the same result when he got close to her the Black Heifer gave another frisk with her Tail ind off she went. Jake Geed Bis Oken found and Strucic for her again and so he kept on Alt Day. Towards night the old mad came out to see How Jake got along he found Tho Field top with furrows Ziff Zag. Criss Cross and in every direction and asked Jake a wat on Atli it ail ment says the thick headed numbskull you told me to steer tor the Biack Heder an i be due it All Day. But the darned Cut or Oil dirt . And so the furrows Are Kine of crisscross you see Quot Row see i Tysl s Jet what Linekin. Has been told him to steer for the Nigger and the result i be Jake Zarider Grasty Solowi rur. I hero s considerable fighting been done but its All criss Cross Zig Zag and Don t amount to nothing. If head have steered for the Union finder the con 1 Stit ution it would have bees All tip with Jeff. Davis Afore Nicek efik a amp ies. A letter from India to parts the amp a lowing piece of information the at no doubt be gracefully received by those a those responsibilities though Small Are on that acct int non if ttf4 less burdensome. A your Friend the the Difior Siso vis. Cited us and be excused the none appearance of his Little Sori onto grou do that he a asleep unde the Waterfall i i a 1 almost of tied t i a que on. The curious habit of the be file a pople to which this phrase of the t thakoor s related. Whenever a woman wishes to put her child to Sec pm she takes it to one f1 the Unroe Robe places for the purpose which Are a of Over the mount in sip eff the fever there a water. They consist of s shed of Sheds m which there Are Stone troughs filled from a run Mug Stream and from these troughs Are Little pipe made of Reeds or hollow stems from the Trees which spout oni a water w the a gentle trickling fall under which tile child s head is Ploc. De at the distance of a. Few fbches.�?, the effect is almost a id child closes its Mouth and a yes am i a Falls into a profound Sweet arid h a Alth Quot Ful sleep which endures so a a a. Is left under the. Water spouts. I have seen dozens of children. Thus lying fast asleep and As far As co Ukel ascertain no evil effects we Ateeqi can be attributed to the practice. I certainly seems an admirable prep�i.1 ration against colds in a he head and if a devoted Mother would Only a try it the Experiment in this a country it were found she Ltd be a Blessing to frer species in dancing such adeling Btu a custom plea a cd ant to children and invaluable to a rents. A. A. Or ancient contract outs. So me one a made the following i4�?~ extract from an of at of a of demos the nes .1 a pc hold Tho despicable Oreatt ads Ratsey Al a once from dirt to opus Luce. From ithe lowest obscurity to the highest honors. Have not Tom. Of these upstarts built private houses and seat viewing with the most us tortuous of our Puhto places f and How have their Fortinos and their a it Power increased but As the con it Nion Vry att a he been ruined and improve Richied. How applicable this to to e Presenal time arid to this country 1 one would think unit even in be time of tho1 great athenian orator More thaa1�?T Twenty two centuries ago he bad a prophetic View of the shoddy people of our Day. How have their fortunes a increased with the nun and impoverishment of the 1�?� not doubt the a despicable creatures a assumed to themselves a Peculiar and Superior exit Riotis while rising a Yaffi at once from dirt to opulence. Iba Tlle Stylo now a and we would not. Be surprised to Lourn that they applied to those who. Honestly Aud. La tri optically seconded Tho efforts of the armorer s eloquent Sou against Philipso Rao such ppr obvious epithet ask go pm . A j 1 t f w Quot a i the revived Rose a a a e a Rogy a Hal is in to aided and after throwing some comi Hoil Sulphur on a.1 chaffing Afifeh of hot coals hold the Yofee Over the fumes and1 it will be. Cote quite White. Then dip it into Quot a Hasin of water and give it to an one telling him to put it into huf a drawer or Box. And close the. Placo a. Tight ene or 6ix hours after. A i is tel1 him to open the a by and he will Fin d to his astonishment instead a the a Arife to st he1 jul of their a lose pm wetly r�?T0d.1 Forguson the poet died starvation a splendid Monu ment adorns his Flave. And on if Ria written a the asked for bread and1 be gave him a Stone. The Iines i bar easm Eye uttered a
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