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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 2, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaIn order to save Tho cause from irretrievable ruin. We would rather have avoided this if it bad been possible. Wo4iave kept these things in the background rather than run the risk of crippling the state administration or driving it boldly into the embraces of the enemy to which we feared its tendencies were overs Trono already. We thought it Wise to make the Best of a bad bargain so Long As we could not help the same Man was however present a of , As a candidate for a second term it becomes or duty to speak out before the mischief was enacted and we have done so in language As moderate As the facts Bear. And yet even then to would have rather waived our objections if it had been possible and taken the weakest Man and the wickedest of our enemies than run the risk of disturbing the Harmony of the party at such a time. It was Clear too however that with such a candidate it was impossible for us to we should be beaten at any rate As our past experience has demonstrated a and As it could not make the matter worse it was Worth at least the trouble to prevent it. And now to ask the members of the convention to Tell us calmly whether with the facts before them As we have them to be there is constituency in Pennsylvania that would have recommended or instructed for him and whether these facts depending a Quinly upon the record and in cont variably of course can be now successfully concealed from them we ask them again who there Are among the eminent speakers of this state who enjoy the Confidence of the people that will venture to meet these issues with the very record to confound them 1 we do not know a Man of any position or Force in this county at All events a who would not feel himself personally a compromised by undertaking a labor so herculean As this. The question then comes at last whether there Are any of the delegates inclined to the support of Curtin who would consider a Triumph now As More important than a Triumph at the election and a sufficient compensation for a defeat at that time or would be willing to stake the result upon a doubt ? if it be True As charged that he insists on playing the part of the dog in the Manger and sacrifice the party a of which it is said he claims to be the builder to himself is there any Man in the convention who will allow himself to be used for such a purpose ? what is to be gained by it for tiie advantage of anybody but the rebels and their Northern sympathizers ? we have stated More than once and we cannot repeat it too often that whatever May be the opinion of the convention and whether right or wrong the feeling against governor Curtin in this county at least growing out of his own acts and policy is so Strong that we a could no More control it even if we were so disposed than we could Stem the torrent of the Niagara with our hands. We might ruin ourselves by advocating his election but we help him. It is not we who Are responsible for the existence or origin of that feeling. We reflect it Only and have but thrown our selves into the current which was flowing As rapidly before we undertook to fathom or direct it there were Good men Here who doubted in 1860, whether he could be trusted and refused to vote for him and yet this county gave him a majority of about 6400 votes. Less than a month afterwards it gave Lincoln 10,000. With a stronger Nan than Curtin there should have been 8 000 at least. With an unexceptional candidate now we Are Strong As every with gov. Curtin we doubt whether it could be carried at All and those who reflect that his conduct at the season of 1861. Brought in a Democrat even Here at the election which followed will realize the mischief that such a nomination May inflict. It is not this county Only however in which it is important to make the machine run smooth. There will be like difficulties elsewhere and particularly in those counties where the strength of the Republican party lies. If he should be nominated it will not be by the votes of those districts which will be expected to elect him. It will be counties like Berks we suppose that Are to be cast As make weights into the scale. Would it not become them to reflect that if they want As to do the work they must put us into a condition to run without weights Are not the prejudices of our people if they choose to Call them so to be consulted ? if t hey can find a Man who is free from objection and we Are in a bad condition indeed if they cannot what is their duty As men As patriots As covers of their country How can they excuse themselves for insisting from Mere Pride of self will on one of the opposite kind who is be unpalatable to any respectable Section of the party we shall Guage their patriotism by the Way in which they Deal with the difficulty. With men of heroic Stamps men suited to the times it can prove no serious difficulty at All. Died of draft fright a. Knapp Perry of Pottersville Warren county died at the u. S. Hotel in Pittsburg last week. He was drafted from his place of residence and visited Pittsburg for the purpose of exemption. He was about consummating a marriage engagement and the intelligence of his being drafted so affected his affianced As to cause her serious illness. This so worked upon or. mind As to terminate in fearful derangement and death. Deceased was Twenty five years of age was a medical student of rare attainments. Fatal a Esenback a drafted Man was instantly killed on thursday morning near the old depot while trying to. Get on the cars while in motion. He had just returned from Lancaster whither he had gone to get Money to for his exemption and not having enough he was on his Way to Marietta to procure the balance some $27. He was killed almost in sight of his own residence. He leaves a wife and three Small children in rather destitute circumstances who deserve the attention of the charitable. We believe he was a sober industrious col. Spy. When democratic principles or Soto 60ad, we cease to follow we. M. Breslau editor sub. Proprietor Lebanon wednesday september 2, 18t ,3. The preservation of the Constitution. The restoration of the a Union. And the supremacy of the Laws. Democratic state ticket. Por governor,6e0. W. Woodward of Luzerne. For judge of the supreme court Walter h. Lowrie of Allegheny. Election on tuesday october 13th, 186? judge Pearson a charge a do not misunderstand me on this subject. Men have the most in Limfert right. To condemn and if Yon please rail at the Baum my administration and object to the manner in which it conducts Public affairs but not to decry the government under which we live or express Hopes or wishes for o dissolution tithe Union. The destruction or defeat of our armies the Success of the rebels or of the rebellion. Ii a a administration he May entirely condemn the government lie a bound to support. Parties will Aiwas exist in every free country and whether men will sustain or of Giose n particular administration. Is one in which Wiere should Ever be the most Pel feat tree from Feii virion Init no anti or set of men has any sight Milf rms or Politi Cal the overturn the government itself. He is bound to support and sustain it let who will administer its affairs until the ruler can he changed under the provisions or the Constitution. There re thinly can be 110 difficulty with persons of Ordinary intelligence draw log the distinction Between sustaining tint government itself and sustaining or opposing those who temporarily administer its affairs. To latter is a question of party to former5 o f a fit Soma of the newspapers Are discussing the importance of compelling by War All the states to conform to Tho same social institutions and that new England shall be the Standard. This is the Puritan idea and would he As intolerant to Day a 200 years ago. But they can to Cote it. Quot a the a Union county committee a Geo. Hoffman seetly a published an address a to the voters of Lebanon county a in the abolition papers last week. Be Hope that that committee will continue to Issue in address every week until the election. It has a wonderful influence especially in convincing the people of the truth of its assertions. After stating that the democrats Are extremely Busy it urges upon the abolitionists to be also Busy and recommends Thena to Tell the country people a that we the abolitionists Are the real peace party a do they imagine that there is any body in the length or breadth of Lebanon county whether a country people or others who will believe such stuff ? have they not been threatening democrats for the past two years with hanging and every other kind of injury to person and property for oven alluding to peace ? How they have the Brazen Assurance to Tell the people the a country people a that they Are the a real peace party a the a country people cannot be hum bugged with such a a Ucb Angelof five deserters were executed in the army of the Potomac on saturday last. They were from 22 to 30 years of age and All of foreign birth. 18�� the courier has a severe article on a a miners a it says that they reach from $150 to $200 per month and that the cry is still for More and that a labor is King and sways the scepter with a despotism that reaches every consumer of Coal throughout the it admits that this is owing to the Scarcity of labor. And yet the expectation is that some three or four thousand men will be drafted from this very class of men within a week or two in the Coal regions of our state and the courier is in favor of it so that the a War May be prosecuted vigorously to set the niggers free. $6 to $7 per ton for Coal. If the miners Are reduced one half by the draft we May expect to $20 per ton next Winter. How Are. The poor to obtain a Supply to keep themselves and children from freezing. The people should consider All a lice things when they go to vote next october. When the courier talks of a Supply and demand it should finish the subject. When the opposition party say that they Are the a real peace party they should practice their professions. The truth is there will be no end to the War during old abets administration unless the Greenback printing machines break and All the makers of them skedaddle or die so that they can the repaired. There is still too much Mon. By in a a vigorous prosecution of the War Afir a. Friend writing from Centre county pa., the Home of governor Curtin tells us that that county will give 1100 majority . It gave 4 50 for cur tin three years then a the suppression of the rebel lion any and every sacrifice a is one of the Buncombe patriotic watchwords of the suppose every sacrifice has been magic suppose we Are impoverished by debt the manhood of the nation slaughtered or suffering in the hospitals of the land their wives and children begging along the streets or received tinted Charity in the county alms houses suppose All these sacrifices made and still the rebellion not suppressed what then when the a last Man and the last dollars is gone in the efforts for the suppression of the rebellion and the thing should not be accomplished what do the a a loyalists propose to do then ? when every Nigger is set free and prowling Over the land like hyenas and every poor White Man a slave and the rebellion still not suppressed what is to be done then such sews Dess talk As the expression we have quoted is just about equal to the senseless acts of the Washington the rebellion would have been suppressed fifty times in the last two years it would never have taken place at least it would never have assumed the formidable proportions it now wears if there were or had been any real desire to end the War and preserve the Union among the authorities at Washington. Statesmanship and Wisdom will enc. The rebellion without a Tauy and every sacrifice a and if it snot suppressed until the sacrifices indicated Are made it will never be suppressed. Nigger orders Aud emancipation proclamations May do very Well to make the a highways Aud by ways of new England swarm with volunteers a but they Are poor appliances to suppress the rebellion poor evidences of Wisdom and statesmanship poorer patriotism and not Worth a tithe of the sacrifices made for them under the a Guise of a suppressing the _ _ a up it is right and proper that the soldiers should be paid for their services and that Well paid. We have always contended that their is Small enough but at the same time we do not approve of the extravagance of the service nor shall we he constrained by any consideration in speaking out and fastening the blame wherever it May belong of any. Wrongs that May to committed either upon the soldiers or those that really and eventually them for their services. We have no fault to find at All with the payment of $-3 a week to the three months men just discharged. It was Little enough but we do find fault with gov. Curtin in keeping them running about the country weeks after the danger which they had been called out for had entirely cos appeared at a great inconvenience to themselves As Well As the enormous expense it entailed on the tax payers of the county. Our men from Lebanon county were out 12 weeks Ata Cost to the county of Lebanon of about $12,000. At least two thirds of this Money might have beef saved if Curtin had had them discharged at the time the necessities for their services had expired. Many other counties of the state Are also depleted the same cause some More and some less than ours. The voters when they go to vote for a governor next fall should remember that Curtin is responsible for the greater portion of this heavy expense to the conf qty. We Are glad to learn that they Are paid by tiie government for their services with which Curtin had nothing to do. The men that were called out and taken to the Border a year ago with the payment of which Curtin has to do Are not paid pet and probably will remain unpaid until Woodward is governor and attends to their ease. Volunteering in the state of Lew Jersey is progressing very briskly. About 5000 men have been obtained since gov. Parker proclamation was issued. Almost every township in the at work and it is expected that in a few Days the quota of new Jersey will be filled by voluntary enlistments thus doing away with the conscription. In Pennsylvania and new York the probabilities Are that Tho draft might also have been avoided by volunteering if the proper inducements bad been held out. Billa for sales printed at this office at abort notice and reasonable terns. 6reat democratic Jubilee inauguration of Quot fhe head quarters of club of Lebanon presentation of splendid Flag by headdresses by Hon. F. W. Hughes Hon. Myer Strouse Hon. Hiester Clymer Hon. W. H. 5 of clock september. 5, 1863. North Trouth East and West author Abraham is parading the soldiers Over the peaceful North. There is hardly a Road in this county Over which regiments Cit companies have not been passed during the past two weeks a fit me go East Ono Day the next another part a passes West. To. Duyn regiment goes North. Nobody knows where they Are going to or from where the come. Is it possible theft the War. In the Soutth is ended and lha t this military display is intended to overage the frights of the Golden i Arlo. If Tho a lat ter they have a video a try a mighty hrs re Road to to Mart Fco Tirril Thorn. We Ste Spect that the Only place the knights ran to found will he on the 2d tuesday of october Atli he ballot hex. They will he a mighty Host Fiere difficult to number. Stand flown Tho la Ufa a to Jug it is Annott Ticer a that no draft is to he made in the state of Ohio. Officers of the army Kent Home to secure drafted men Are instructed to open in Ecio ii tug stations for enlistments. A up Fly a die matter of the appearance size and Domestic habits of the War elephant is vastly More exciting than agreeable to the victims and considerably More entertaining to the old than to the new soldiers. The conscripts of course come into their new service very much As our new militia regiments used to go to the Fields provide with immaculate clothing and new outfit Complete to which they have added the pin cushions Needle cases and innumerable Etc Teras which their anxious wives Sisters and sweethearts had bestowed with Loving bands upon them. They do indeed look Nice in their new Toggery when compared with the seedy looking know it from bitter experience that As soon As radicalism got to Ascendancy 1 he South jigs a unit find the North divided. Almost every of the administration was Cal stated to make the Southern people More desperate in their attempt at secession and showed the North that Abe War was carried on for the Elevation of the negro and the degradation or the White m in the administration is guilty of prolonging the War by their pretended love of the Nigger. We now come to the imbecility which reigned in the councils of the nation in regard to their conduct veterans All around and about them and j with general Mcclellan the favorite Are the objects of undoubted jealousy on of the soldiers. When he was com the part of their new found comrades. J manding Tho armies Oftbe--un��9i, but somehow they do not Long retain their rebels were driven in All directions new clothes and blankets and Haversack a the captures of fort Don Citon fort and Havelock and dear Home Memen a Henry Roanoke and Matiy other toes for after the first two or three Days pm secs were accomplished White March egg Aind Arhat no a hungry because Clellan superintended the army and they cannot crunch the a hard tack a j when radicalism was not yet Iff the and thirsty because their stomachs will not Bear the vapid insipid stagnant mud sweetened element Here called water they soundly sleep away not Only the dark hours of the night but Long into tiie morn ascendant. As soon As the disunion Isle succeeded in having my Clefs to removed disasters fell upon on ear thick and fast. He was Given Aho command of an army to which be the democratic Central club of Lebanon take pleasure in announcing to the Public that they have rented1 for the gubernatorial and p1es1deitu1campaign the splendid hall�?3d Story of a Unck a building in Lebanon As a democratic head quarters and fitted the same up appropriately for the meetings of the club and As a Reading room and that it will be inaugurated on saturday evening next september 5,1863, at 5 of clock. A number of note Public speakers have been invited and Are expected to be present to deliver addresses in the English and German languages. The ladies of Lebanon have made u handsome Flag for the club which will be presented on the occasion with appropriate ceremonies and spread to the Breeze Over the head quarters. Let there be grand rally for the Constitution As it is foil tub Union As it was , Lowrie and tub democracy by order of the democratic Central club of Lebanon. The latest accounts from Charleston Are to the effect that the bombardment is progressing sluggishly with no unusual incidents. Sumpter and Wagner Are not yet taken As has been reported and no further attempt has been made to i Shell the City j another is we a w0�pm5 j Jeff. Davis taking example from father Abraham has called for �?o500,j 000 More a he has issued a proclamation calling into the Field 500,000 negroes to whom their Freedom and 50 acres of land is promised. Who wont say that this is a Nigger War its getting to he niggers All our abolition orators and editors have been persuading the people that niggers Are great in a fight and death to a the rebellion. What will they say now of the prowess of Jeff s 500,000 a i move that the Folly to stopped on both sides. Motion seconded by millions of patriotic tongues. Or in consequence of the withdrawal of 40,000 troops from gen. Meade a army a to enforce the draft in new York City the following items of news the past week attract attention 1st. Our cavalry have been badly Defeated within twelve or fourteen Miles of Washington. $ 2d. The rebels Are along the line of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal again.3d we have been loosing gunboats a on the Tappahannock from reef land attacks. A by we find the following complimentary notice of our former townsman major f. E. Embick now colonel Fin the new York journal col. Frederick e. Embick. The subject of this sketch who succeeds a of. James in the comm nil of the Louth regiment new York void it i ulcer infantry is a native of Lebanon county i and a resident at Wil in the same state. Lie Eit lured the military Academy at West Poi it in the class of 185g, and remained at that institution some two years when he withdrew and prepared himself Lor practice at the a bar at the breaking out of the rebellion lie enlisted As a private Soldier in the 11th regiment a. Volunteer infantry but was immediately promoted to in first lie tenancy to the engagement of Paterson a column at falling a ter Sec a in june 1861, Lieut. Embick a Gallant conduct won for him the of his comrades. Immediately alter his Muster out from the Ahyee Mouth s service unwilling to remain Idle in a season of so great National distress to received and accepted the position of major in the 8uib regiment new York Volunteer engineers then organizing at Elmira. In this position to served in Tho army of the Potomac during the entire period of Mcclellan a command passing through to famous but disastrous Peninsular Campaign and the More successful engagements in Maryland. A when col. James was appointed to the command of the 106th regiment new York volunteers major Embick received the lieutenant col Nelcy rendered Yalenti Tyty his. november last he has been almost in duty with the regiment and by his Fine soldierly qualities and gentlemanly conduct has won the regard and esteem of both officers and men. To him must be attributed much of Tho credit for that careful course of tactical in True Tion which has won for this regiment so excellent a reputation personally c<4 Embick is the pm Bod invent of a Soldier. With a commanding presence inti and erect in figure and a. Sharp Black Eye which soldiers will not question he appears n ado to command. With him a in order admits of no evasion and the army regulations Are the Law and the prophets. Were there More such men in the army there would be loss need of investigating committees and courts of d Quiry. Front Bis former record and front a Long and intimate acquaintance we can assure the peo pie of st. Lawrence county that the command of this Fine regiment and the care of their Gallant sons could not have fallen into better hands than those of redneck e. Embick. Conscripts a no the army. How they Are treated by the Volunteer Soldier there Millican papers with cruel irony occasionally expatriate upon the a excellent spirits with which the poor conscript marches or is marched off to join the army. It would be Worth while to ascertain whether those spirits Rise or fall after joining the army and receiving such treatment As the Iol loing vouched for by a Herald correspondent a writing from general Meade s a. The old soldiers says this writer seem to consider the new Comers legitimate prey and the Way they enlighten the conscripts ing after their experienced tent mates Iivo the name of the army Lof to Arisen. Then they find to their Sor Potomac a the soldiers having in Row that they Are minus the Beautiful Blue a Fojt Confidence in his ability to com uniforms of which they were the undoubted Mand them. He had not Peni amp a Fixl possessors the night before the places of far into Tho heart of Virginia before which have been supplied with tattered Gar the hounds of disunion were let Loose ments bearing tale unimpeachable Marks on Bira he pursued his Way to of Many a tedious March and indubitable Yorktown expecting to be joined by proof that soap is scarce in the army. Med0wel,�?T8 forces but such we not complaint would be useless but the sex the a8 the thou Frt it used when they discover the Frauda duty to withhold from Mecla Lati be Token that the remembrance of their Youthful Sabbath school precepts has passed with their losses and they take their revenge in highly unchristian Quot comments upon the morality and honesty of the army of the Potomac. Inspection of conscripts. But this exchanging of clothing is Only one Way theold soldiers have of extracting amusement from the newcomers. After the duties of the morning Are Over an enterprising observer might discover a crowd of veterans escorting a party of recruits to some secluded place near Camp where a a inspection is to take place. Now it must not be supposed that this a a inspection is that inspection referred these reinforcements and to sacrifice the Brave army of the Potomac because As he alleges general Mcclellan disobeyed orders in not leaving troops at Manassas thereby leaving Washington open to invasion. The failure of reinforcements to come no at Yorktown was a sad blow to the Hopes of the Union and Abraham Lincoln is alone responsible. Nod withstanding the opposition general Mcclellan encountered in the president he pressed and bravely met the rebels at Williamsburg and Defeated them. He still pushed on with the Hope that the president would Relios to in the army regulations but is a sort of to a Quot a. Re a a i reinforcements that rightfully be rude ritual improvised for the occasion. The party As they pass out of Camp ate generally under the charge of a noncommissioned officer selected for hts humor and ability to create the most pro longed to him. But All was of no Avail. General Mcdowell pleaded for gods Sake that he might trove to the assistance of my Cleliah ant thereby found impression upon those who afe to Arn and pm be arriving at a Point in se8s,0n. Of Lher Cap thl this be some Field near where perhaps Are Ehwa a not Perm god to do the earn sconces the commissioned officers Olathe Regues de unto on army was regiment within the thick foliage of the of v1. Richmond when Hazel and Blackberry the candidates Are a acted ooh Folh Loheed the ordered to divest themselves of their co Jib Quot a Tda a Fol be of a a Dejml thing and to form into line. If the Day be Rumi Vicksburg we is lying there one of those intensely hot ones such asic quote it while Mcclellan was grappling have afflicted us for a few Days past the a v 0. Ellion and treaty a a denuded patriots Are not kept facing the. A assistance. Tho result of the Sun Over half an hour at a time when a a Sims fill Campaign is fun own to a thousands of precious lives were lost without doing any Good. Mcclellan was compelled by the Sukri Oeita of to Dhel u Umbers to re a Al of note tin. Ink i they Are allowed to a about face and go through the manual of arms until cooked upon each Side alike. When this culinary process is completed the a Are allowed to Don their Hab aliments when they Are told that such must be gone through with in order to Harden them to the service. If a rain comes up during the Day some High private who does not mind getting wet parades he Green soldiers for squad Drill until the Shower is Over to the no. Small annoyance of All songs Landing. While4haro�m re a a to general hailed for to thre the heart of the Rebe Bari pros and that the blow must be tawk we that place but Gentit for Shareck Gfa he a out not give Hin the Maude Mufti is know into have been Una run i Ian concerned. Of course none of the officers upon general Mcclellan Ian ii pm mad know anything of the jocular indignities rations to leave. He reached practice by their subordinates or a if or a to save pop to a course none of them would allow a such and demoralized or my from a a Afiwa Yff things to be carried on a but i notice they and a Nihil end Reg never As yet have been Able to ascertain l 00pa under his command to who if any of their commands Are Tjie distance of Pope after gen. Porn guilty parties. Army had reached the Defene Gawf from a new correspondent. Cn3er ohs Bote re so the abolitionists responsible for the army and Tuffo Rebite Safoe a a is expenditure of the blood and trea m �?o�?1�?�?o l Tere sure of this War. Editor advertiser i a a i1 Iem he fico enter Balbo a a the Cou. Els at South Mountain Whereto tier of last week i noticed an article a them a severe drubbing and Bohon copied from the miners journal an j ing up his Victory to Murm a. Other Pesti ent abortionist Sheet pub anti Tam. Strongly in Trench to fished at Pottsville charging upon the a Battle of Antietam also a democracy the prolongation of the the defeat of the rebel Renauf Tedon War for flip last eighteen months for j mind Stratfor when Hiey say a Northern sympathy successes Pouf Otford Tom Fri Zers. The Union democracy always -1 r a. At Rae in Ane Zers Are meant. The Only True friends of the Union Are to be found battling in the hunks of the democratic party which is alike opposed to secession and abolition the twin Sisters of fanaticism and hence Tzyy Are stigma tilted As a Northern sympathizers with treason a a copperheads a ac., when in. Fact the object of these a a Loyal men is a it divert attention from their whole Sale schemes of robbery Abd Eort up. years ago they denounced us As a Breckinridge secessionists a and the election in october 1861, showed i hem plainly with what Eony tempt the people regarded their vile epithets. Lust year they tried the same game and again they met with a disastrous Ite feat. But they do not profit by past experience for Tho present Campaign is eos dulled pre Eisely on the same plan. We can assure these a a Uinn Ondl Iouale men on the negro question that to is no it at tempt at blackguard ism Wilt be less successful than any of their previous schemes cart in s defeat by 50,000 majority being a foregone conclusion when the a Black snakes will bunt their holes in the mountains. A a but to come to the Point we deny the ass Lions that Are made by the courier and papers of the same Stripe that the democratic party is responsible for the a sacrifice of two Hundred thousand lives an additional debt of eight Hundred millions of dollars and filling the land with widows and orphans a but on the other hand charge upon the parasites of the administration this useless Slaughter of precious lives and waste of Money. They Are the men who have aided the rebels in their nefarious designs Ever since the inception of this rebellion they Are the men who have widened the breach Between the South Aud the North More and More As the was progressed. They Are the men who have United the South As one Man against us and have created a division in the North which before presented a solid front in favor of the War and in opposition to secession. And How was All this accomplished we answer. By their Radic and unions Titus plans of Mcclellan and at dast whilst m hot Pursuit Oft of Lila �2 removed to give place to Burnside. Who told the president when Fiu an. Pointed him that to command a so forge an army. St the same time stating that do Mafi a sur More capable theom mail the Csc a tiv than Mcclellan. The truth of hts assertion was demonstrated at Fredericksburg where our men a eroded us he a Bullocks to the Slaughter Burnside remained in command Bat a 8borlt i a a Wrhen it ,.wasjstfpertede� by fighting Joe Hooker a an judo Al Fotion which he deservedly earled while fighting under Nhy tonal measures. Wolf bad a vet tire the a Bra 80, 1 a is being engaged f was placed m command of to it he ouch a competence As did born Rifle and to amp of Battle of is an Revl do by e of fact. After Hub amp Rij. Removal Genera Meade was Appow a is a accessory and so far he Fofo shown More ability to command trek army of the Potomac than either Pope Burnside or Hooker or at least he has met with More sue Cesk Hite fit to Niy psrhaps�?T10 the a that he fought the rebels on our own ground but had it not been that an pm dry i Sion prevailed among the soldiered tie w we �8burg�?T thereby mave a. a Fick a. A cd the d vi8.on of sent a s?n�ei0rth and the of have l i Fth Quot the Thuv effrontery to charge Uroff affairs tote form a the administration per formed its sworn duty by. Abbe wow to i la the con8titation, this War Souid have been eff ded a be vent of if not earlier ii the nation Savedoff Thona ands of ves j t. In Dpi it fit w�1 and Tranquility

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