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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 21, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaPratt amp a Utcher magic Oil 1.000 ?0llar3 Reward a pm the paid so has is a a ases of the skin Musola and the gland so none genuine without the signature of Pratt a Butcher attached to each Label. For Gate wholesale and retail at Guilford 4 Lent Berger a drugs Tore Lebanon. June3,�?T57,,Darius j. Seltzer. Attorney at Law. Office. Hruza i a i i v xvii a i i a Jill a a a office in Cumberland Street nearly opposite Brua a hotel Lebanon a. Aug 16/57. Jive pm w District attorney Tiliti attend to Ali his official business also All other Legal and professional business Eric trusted to him will be promptly attended to. Omo a in Cumberland Street second Dobr vast from Market at. Lebanon july 22, 67, Isaac i offer. And cd vey Ancer o a i a i Cumberland Street opposite the h a e�8lo hotel Quot Lebanon a. Lebanon april 28, 18571?.�amyme Brower a Nesit. a s Ely a office,Val-06t> Lebanon a. A Large and bean t t.1? fixtures from the Well known establishment of porn thus a Baker always on hand at Philadelphia prices. A Quot a 5�, All work warranted to give satisfaction. All orders will to faithfully Oxe outed on the most reasonable terms. Gutho Best of reference Giren _ Lobanon self. 16 ,j<7.kejioval. V j or. We. M. Guilford has removed big of. Face to his new rest donor on Market Salt. A few doors North Fraber k Ovest store All to. Tween it and the new lutheran Church. Lebanon dec. 10, 1866.-tf. Water cooler for sii��?T,-77 a Beautiful water cooler 11� sire xxx. Entirely new can to obtained Ohe Atli this office. It is. Just the thing Fota landlord a Toro keeper. Obanon. Sept. 2l printers. 1 Gogh Washington press 0f n a. Size is offered for Sale no a a a Honor Tho Price is fit. A 3 j lulling very 16, Lor Sale. Aso cond hat steam engine 10 Lior or. It is to be sold to make room for larger size. Apply to. R a. Major k brother. Lebanon july 1,1857. Pow-1 of a 11ams, shoulder. Sides Whitetta Mackerel herring i peso. Vinegar tobacco sours flour feed a. Ac., for sole by j. C. Leisi flt. Lebanon july 30, 1856. Leather leather leather Henry w. Overman importer of Inch calf skins and general leather Boafo. No. 6, South 3d Street Philadelphia. J a general assortment of All kinds of bother Morocco ac., red Oak Solo leather. A a feb 25,1357.-. Ltd ii Wood Wood he undersigned residing in North Borough offers for Sale cheap 600 or 700 cords estimated Good Wood. It May be seen inf Fin night in a dam Quot on the Union canal near ones town. May 27, 57. David to persons about to Philadelphia try Tho new Western fun Tel Market Street below 9th Street attention Given with a Eddre to f please. Boarding $1 per a a. M. Hopkins july 22,�?T57-._. renters w if Jed. In Good Journeyman Ca Beters 1 u wanted immediately at the Strain inning Milts of the undersigned in this Borough none but the Best of hands required to Whon Liberal waxes will be Given. Apply to a Boas Gasser a g1tle. Lebanon feb. 18, i357.-tf._i a a. P. A Wikel. A bricklayer and John by Union Deposit Dauphin county Enn a. I am prepared at All times to puff i Brick work in All its branches and on Toto Hortet notice. Also Brick buildings oilers , Boshkos hearths and All world connect de with a Furnace done. Just a gang f Stone masons always ready to put Down find nations mid do Stone work of every description. July 1, 1857.�?tf. P. Q Wykel. C l o c k�5. Thirty Dili Light d ii $ thirty a a clocks just receive flit j. A Blair a jewelry Toro. Labion a. Watches Attje Vilry another new of it c watches and Vemta just received Byj. W. A c k to. In Cumberland Street next do to or lineage Eavery a. Oct. 33, 56._ a Lleni r a looking glasses. A i. If Quot the week a wholesale and retail Masifa tourer of ornamental and Plain guilt Ledng glasses portrait and picture frames of cry style a Large Stock of the above always on and which 1 will sell from 10 to 15 per cent loss an any other 1 establishment in the City. Paintings and eng it a vis a. Old work Regall Ted a. A Liberal to the Trade g. It ewes. No. 154 North 2d Street he Lowll West Side april 29, 1857.�?6m. Phi ibid old no. 102 ambr types , Mclain types ac., by a la tuber would Reo fully announce to Tho citizens of Lehon and surrounding country that i have ipod a gallery in Market Street in North be Bantly rough two doors South of Punk it pc brother Sori in Tho 2d Story front room where i Purpo i operate a few weeks. By a new process i can take wife likenesses in five seconds time. A my terms Are such that non ced he without their likeness i i extend to All a cordial visit my a room whether desiring picture Nota. Lauber. N. Lisba nok so t 23 of to a my clotii0 store a Market Street Between Mark so Riser hotel. So amp Amsey a co. Have it opened a Large a and cheap assortment of. Tifi and Hinte clothing. Pants Cut Lacoa All to afferent styles of a arts it find is suitable for the season. R of a kinds in to bocce. Which will be a str. Ai the n �8lllrtsa�?� l Lowera cravats col a no h a i a ves umbrellas 8 Usi a ulv it a Loondinagon-8m� r a a f r info Sto 0 a Journi Iyman ilovits wanted. A a s Illa msry amp 00. Lebanon sept. 23. 57. A wa8hingto House a Cumberland Street Lebanon. A the undersigned. Hav amp taken this it Ila and favorite stand and Sig rom Tod it in the Best style is now pc Porecki a Iodate Tho Public Banff entertain surf Iris Aai travellers in Tho Best modern Stylo. Fly thous us Eom Motyli Ous and pleasant. The held 11 Bewel provided for and the Bawyn Tanir Iono but the Vunior he tiers. The a blk 1 attached to the hotel is Large and Root an it Pablo of accommodating a great Numor of i so of. To his friends Ai Daqun Anees in leh Aaron county As Well Aniball of he extends a Cardial invitation to Mil his i be their Home a when visiting Lebanon t a april 29,1857. Ave Offman. A yol. 9�?no. 17. Barbaba. Kt0m 1ui. Singh a a m Nook of i Orta. On the Sabbath Day Quot 7 throw High Tho churchyard old a. Over Tho Crisp and yellow in a to a a and amid Tho Worts my in sting Way j balms it Long on my a Oul i Ike a Ltd to gorgeous i torn. A flu in in the Mellow Organ a i. I. Calmly a a a mid Hie upward streaming prayer Ond be Rich and sol a i stood Carel Ess a Barbara. My heart was Othrow Omro while Tho Organ shoot the air and the priest with ont Speed hands blessed the people Withaar Nyer but when rising to go homeward with a a ideas Saint like Shino gleamed a face of Miry Beauty with its heavenly eyes on mme a ,. Gleamed and vanished in a Momont-0 that fico was sorely Litno out of heaven Barbara it paid pallid Fracol 0 Earnest Oyes of Graczol when last i saw thee Dearest it was in an Ouier place. You came running Forth to meet is with my Lovo gifts a you your West a a ,.the flutter of a Long White dress Thon All was lost in Mist a purple stain of agony was on Tho Mouth i kissed a Bluit wild morning Barbara. A i a in my despair sunny noon and Midnight air 1 would not drive away the thought that you Scro linger log there and Many a Winter night i sat when you wore i gone st5,w_orl1 face buried in my hands beside the fire alone by thin the dripping churchyard the rain flashing on amp your Stone j k you wore sleeping Barbara. Angels do you to link Ominio Procious Golden link. I Toped around your Happy Arm while sitting by Yon a Brink ? a 0�when that night of gliding Danco of lao Slitor and k guitars b emptied of its music and we watched through Ianc. Tic cars a Slont Midnight heaven cropping o or us with its Eta till the Day Broko Barbara Tho years Bro changed. Hid and far my heart hath ranged id Many sine and errors now have been on to avenged lout to you i have Buenfi Withful whatsoever Good i lacked Rived you and above my Milfs still hangs that love intact your love Tho trembling Rainbow i Tho reckless cataracts till i love you Barbara. Yet Lovo i am Unble st with Many doubts Opp oat i wander like a desert wind without a place of rest. Could i but win you fora hour from off that starry Shore the hunger of my soul were stilled for death hath told you More a a. A than Tho melancholy world doth know things deeper than All lore. You could teach me Barbara. A in vain in vain id vain you will never come again. Thor droops upon the dreary Billa a Mournful fringe of a rain the gloaming closes slowly round loud winds Are in Tho a a tree a a. A round selfish shores forever Moana the Hurt and wound. Of sea Thoro is no rest upon the Earth peace is with death and Theo Barbara chaff in and examine the new 8t Mcadam. Come so and shoes ac., at Atkis a of Atkins a Iro Hase your lamps. .1 May Lenox a or the Power of kindness. A May Lenox you Lazy creature Why Arentt yen at work ? came into the House and let those worthless Flowers alone.�?�. The child silently obeyed and while her harsh mistress is venting her ill nature on her defenceless head will take a glance at May and her past history. Left an orphan at an Early age she passed the first ten years of her life in the work House at that time or. And mrs. Danton immediately fixed upon a Stout and robust girl two years older than May hut her husband was attracted by May a Graceful manners and Correct language and still Moro by her Beauty and he determined for Onoe to have his own Way and accordingly asked her if she would live with him. A yes sir i will go almost anywhere to get away from this place and these had people an swered she. Or. Danton sat Down by her Side and b Gan questioning her about the place the inmates a she answered All his questions so quietly that he became More and Mare interested in her and did not notice that his wife was waiting for him till she called his attention by saying Quot come or. Danton i have selected a girl and we had better be a you have which this one Quot asked to. Glancing at May. A that one no what do we want of that puny looking sickly Little thing ? Here i. The child i have selected a and she pointed to the Rosy cheeked healthy looking girl at her May a head dropped on her bosom and her eyes filled with tears or. Danton saw it and resolved that Bhe should go. A we want a daughter a and not a slave a said he a and i like this one Best so we will take his wife protested and declared she would not Hove any if she could not have her Choice but her husband was firm and she had to yield resolving however that the child should be used so that she would soon to willing to leave. But though worked hard and scolded harder Tho fresh country air and exer Oiso brought the Bloom of health Back to May s Cheek and strength and fullness to her delicate form so that at Tho time she is introduced to the Reader two years after leaving the work House a More Beautiful healthy looking child could not be found m Dairy Dell than May it was a hot sultry August afternoon a the bar vesters had gone Boek to their work Tho dinner things had been cleared away and mrs. Danton had retired to her room to take a few hours rest telling May to build a fire and Call her at five 0 clock. Five o clock came Tho fire was built and the Tea Kettle singing Over the stove when May tripped lightly up. The stairs and knocked at her Mist a so a Doin in Aero was no answer she knocked again and again but still no reply Slie opened the door and entered Why Doos Sho Start Back so suddenly and then As suddenly Spring Forward ? there upon the floor the hot Sun Shin ing full in her upturned face her eyes wide open but perfectly insensible lies her mistress. With almost superhuman strength May lifts Trio lifeless form from the floor and places it on Tho 1 ked then she flies Down the stairs through the Garden and across Tho Fields till , out of breath and her Pale face flushed and steaming with perspiration before the Farmer. A ooh sir my mistress in a afraid she a dead come a Lebanon pa., wednesday october 21, 1857. Whole no. 484. Farmer Danton loved his wife in spite of her Many faults and dropping his Rake he started for lbs House at to top of his Speed the House reached he casts but a single glance on his wife place his hand on her heart to satisfy himself that she yet lives and then bonding May for the Noar Ost neighbor to mounts a horse and hurries after a physician. It a a a a a for Many weeks that room was kept darkened and often in those weeks Tho stillness of Midnight was broken by the incoherent ravings of delirium and for Many Many Days Tho spirit of that Strong woman hovered on Tho Brink of the dark Volley. And through All those Long nights and weary Days an Angel m human form watched by the bedside a a gentle hand smoothed the aching Lead so often been Bent in Auger upon her and her Light Tonch Soemod to have More effect in soothing and restraining Lier in delirium than All Tho medicines Tho physicians could devise. And at last when the crisis passed and Tho sufferer Sank into Adocph sleep from which she would awaken either to health and happiness or in eternity with what anxiety did husband and friends await her Awakening. And Viben Slit opened her eyes smiled and called her husband by name How sincere w is the a thank god a that went up Fram ovary heart and when May Sank Down on her Knees by the bedside How quickly they followed her example and How attentively they listened to her Earnest childish voice As it arose in thanks to Tho giver of All Good. A a May come Here if you How different that Gentoo toned request from Tho harsh command recorded in the beginning of on Story and to have supposed that both came from the Samo lips yet so it was. Mrs. Danton was slowly recovering but yet unable to leave her bed and May was always at hand to anticipate every want to prepare Tho Cooling draught and give Tho strengthening cordial to smooth the ruffled Pillow and raise Tho waisted form a and All done so quietly that to 0110 seemed to notice it. In answer to her mistress Call Sho gently approached Tho Bod and laying her hand lightly on the moist brow of the sick woman Bent Over her. With a Sadden Effort Tho wasted arms of the sufferer were thrown around her neck and she of claimed. Quot of May May can you Cor forgive me for treating you As i Hayo ? i have not used you As i should May but if god lots me live will do my Best to repair my i a if you have done wrong to him and not to me should you go for forgiveness and May he forgive you As freely As i do Quot answered May. A a a a a mrs. Danton soon recovered her health and from that time Forward no child was Over loved arid caressed More than May. Her gentle Caro during her mistress a sickness Hod completely won the lady s heart or. Danton had always liked her and now no expense seemed too great nothing too much trouble that would contribute to her happiness. J they passed four Happy years during which May had grown from a Beautiful child into a love j by Maiden. Then a change came. The califor Nia Gold mines had just been discovered and i thousands were flocking to the shores of the Pacific or. Danton determined to go and Accord 1 singly proposed that the farm should be sold and a House rented in the nearest town for his wife i and May to occupy during his a Sonco. But mrs. Danton most emphatically said no to such an arrangement. A i can carry on the farming during your a 5 Sonce Quot said she a and May must go to the sem a Inary in my to finish her \ or. Danton concluded that this would to the j Best plan and accordingly the Sanio Day he de parted for the land of Gold May became an in habitant of the Seminary. A was a picturesque town on Tho seashore of a thousand souls supported principally by Tho school and the fisheries which kept the male population from Home during half the year. A a a one morning about three weeks after May a arrival at m., As she was ascending from the school room to her chamber she involuntarily paused on hearing Hor name mentioned in an adjoining room. A i done to like her at All a said a voice which May recognized As belonging Toke the Emmons one of her schoolmates. A she seems to think herself too Good to associate with common a to me she appears kind and amiable though rather timid and reserved a replied Kate a companion whose name was Fanny Morton. Timid and reserved 1 proud and prudish you had better say contemptuously returned she pretends to be a Model of Punty and innocence Why to to introduced to Charley Hamilton Day. When to wore out walking tog Thor just because to is said to to an atheist it i do not blame her no Good cd Como of Asso of Tatung with an Man like Chas. Hamilton and you know that Only a few Days ago mrs. B. Expressly forbade you having univ Lomg to say to i know it but if to obeyed All her orders we should have no Moro pm Castro than so Many runs. Why. I Rode out with or. Hamilton the vory next sunday when Sho thought i had gone to Church May waited to hear no More but fearing that she might overhear some disclosure that she should think it her duty to repeat to Mitt. By a she hurried on to her Roon. / the next Day there was Greit confusion in the Seminary. Several of Tho pupils and one of Tho teachers had been struck Down by a malignant fever and the Well ones seized by a sudden panic were leaving hourly. It was the Middle of Tho afternoon and All who had hot yet gone numbering about a dozen were collected in one of the Parlours some of them donning their bonnets and shawls to go when mrs. B. Entered Tho room. A you of ladies a said she Quot i will not compel any one of you to remain Here but there Ano Only two teachers and myself to take care of six of your companions and one of your teachers in All seven sick ones All of whom need constant attention night and Day. Now to must have More help but we can obtain none in the Village All being afraid of Tho disease so i am obliged to Appeal to you. Who of you will to generous enough to risk your lives by remaining to Aid taking Caro of the sick a. There was a moment of hesitation a glancing from one to another and them May quietly stepped Forward Aud placed herself beside mrs. Bxs Are there no More asked that lady looking inquiringly at the hesitating funny Morton and one other ranged themselves besides our heroine. And mrs. B. Seeing Thoro would be to More to remain Bado them a kid far Well and left the room followed by her three of the first whom the fever attacked was Kate Emmons and by her Side May stationed herself. An d faithfully and Well did she per form her task never ceasing in her watchful Earo except to take such rest As was absolutely necessary Ever ready to administer the health restoring Medicine and to attend to every want and when Kate began to recover bearing patiently with her fretful spirit till by the time she was Well enough to begin to talk of going to her Home to remain a few weeks aha was almost sick Hor Solf. A i must go Back to Daisy doll and spend a Fow Seoku for t am almost worn out with watching but under Tho kind Caro of my Good Fostor Mother i shall soon Bas Strong As Ever said she As Kate read a letter Sho had ust written informing her parents she should Start for Home the next you shall do no such tiling replied Cato p Quot you must go Home to Elm Grove with me and if Lovo and kindness will bring Back Trio roses to your checks you shall soon Boas Strong As Ever a a for i assure you that you have saved my life by your Solf sacrificing a i Only did my duty Kate t should a a pct others do Tho same by to in like a then you would to Apt to to disappointed not one m a Hundred could have acted As you have. If you Call such disinterested conduct Only doing your duty but very few do their a True few do but that is no reason Why i it should f a. ,. A May. You Are the most Noble hearted girl i Ever saw and i have Loitved Over Rineo i. Began to get Well to ask your for thinking of you As i once did i thought you. Proud and selfish but i never was More mistaken in my life. Say dear May will you forgive me a exclaimed Kate throwing her arms around our heroines neck. A i have nothing to forgive Kate it is natural for people to judge each. Other harshly and some make it a Point to consider others their enemies until they have proved themselves to be a. A i fear what you say is too True but you Havo not yet promised to accompany to Home. You will go will you not a a i suppose i must for i fear you Are not Strong enough yet to be trusted to travel alone for just this Little conversation has fatigued you i can plainly Sec by your looks so now you. Must rest a while or you will not be Well enough to go on the Day succeeding this conversation May accompanied Kate to Elm Grove where she won the hearts of All who met her by her gentleness and kindness and lost her own to Younk Edward Emmons Kate a brother to whom she was tar rid two years afterwards on Tho return of her Foster father or. Danton from California where to had amassed sufficient of the precious Metal to enable himself and wife it to live without t labor for the remainder of their a lives. In Edward Emmons May found a husband in every Way worthy of her and with whom Sho lives happily beloved by All who know her for Here kindness and Benevolence. A Daniel Morgo by the i. A Elemay to a a the following appears in a letter of a Virginia correspondent of the new York journal of Commerce a a a the name of Daniel Morgan the celebrated commander of the Virginia riflemen is a household word in Virginia. His remains repose at Winchester. A Jersey Man by birth he Early emigrated to the Virginia wilds and was a Wagoner in the French War. Tall muscular and inured to All hardships he w a so and of ave n to re famed for intense daring and hair breadth escapes. He had been grossly insulted by one British officer and severely punished by another in the name of King George. He vowed Vengo Aneo and kept his vow a a at the opening of the revolution he raised a battalion of riflemen and drilled them to perfection. They spurned the Bayonet and relied on the deadly aim of the Rifle. He used to say the business of his men was to kill not to to killed. At the Battle of Saratoga seeing the Day was going against Tho americans by reason of the extraordinary skill and Energy of gen. Frazer with his scotch division he resolved to resort to the Only measure a onco viable to arrest the tide of Battle that threatened to overwhelm them. Summoning to his presence the Best Marksman in his command whose aim was never known to fail he said to him a Murphy do you Sec that officer on the Iron Gray horse Quot a yes sir was Tho reply of the old Soldier. Morgan rejoined with an almost faltering voice a then do your a a Murphy ascended a tree Cut away the interlaced branches with his Hatchet this was a part of their variegated Armor rested his Rifle in a sure place watched his Opportunity find As soon As gen. Frazer bad in Bis animated movements come within a practical Range Murphy fired it and Tho Gallant major fell mortally wounded being shot in the Centre of his body. That fall decided Tho Dikiy the enemy soon gave Way and Saratoga bacame immortal. But Morgan the rough Soldier was a Man of Vendor feelings and he almost wept at Tho deed and always said i troubled him because it looked so much like a kind of assassination of a Bravo and Noble officer though Gallant As that officer was he had placed himself there to to shot at and was Conga god in shooting others. It was in a similar Way that Nelson fell on Tho deck of the paying damages rogues contrive ail manner of Means to accomplish their Denigris to Tho actor in the one we sub join the account of which is contained in a London paper must be awarded the Palm of successful ingenuity a person Gente Elly dressed was observed standing at the window of a respectable jeweller in one of the principal streets As if admiring the Rich works displayed for Sale . To had an umbrella placed carelessly under his Arm and while he was gazing and the individual who was passing apparently prompted by a love of mischief contrived adroitly to thrust the umbrella through Tho Rich Plato Glass and escape Whilo Tho unfortunate gentleman stood at the spot stupefied with astonishment. A Shopman rushed out and demanded Why to had broken Tho Glass he denied having done it but appearances were against him and to was obliged to enter Tho shop to Settle Tho affair. The proprietor of the estab-1 i Mont demanded payment for the damage done and Whon Tho other talked of his Complete innocence. Tiro Ateno to Send for the polio. Tho pane of Gauss was Strong plate and the Cost thirty shillings.,Quot it is enormous said the unfortunate. A a paid it and you must a replied the jeweller. Quot Here is half a Crown. A said the stranger. A Send for n Constable 1 indignantly ejaculated the Man of pie Cir us metals. To was inexorable and the other at length submitted complaining bitterly but observing justly that a gentleman go to a police office for a trifle. He took out three �20 Bank notes gave one of them to the pacified jeweller Roc Vivod �18, 10s. Sterling As his balance and retired. A Friend dropped into the shop shortly after was mentioned Tho Noto was shown As a corroborating proof it was a forgery. A Xizhi. No professional Man lives so much from hand to Mouth As a dentist. Female intrepidity i when the War of extermination Between the Indiana and the kentuckians was fit its Sieight Koso who inhabited the Back part of the state of Kentucky were obliged to have their houses built very Strong with loopholes All around and doors fastened to repel any attack from the while the owner of one of those Domestic fortresses was with his slaves at work on the Plantation Fin Gro who was posted near the House saw a party of indians approaching. He immediately ran into the House the Foremost Indian after bin the Indian was the flee test and As the door opened to admit the negro they both jumped in to gather a ,. \ Tho other indians being some distance behind the door was instantly closed by free planters wifi Witlin and the Indian and the negro grappled Long and hard was the struggle for As in tin Cash of Fitz James and Rhodric bin Tho on it was the strongest and the other the More expert bit strength this time was the Victor for they fell Tho Indian below a when the negro placing his Knees on his breast end holding Bis hands kept him in that position until the woman seizing a Bro fid axe and taking the Indian by his Long hair at Ohio blow severed his head from his body. The negro then seizing the guns fired them at the other indians which As fast As Dis charged were loaded by Tho planters wife until the party from the Field hearing the firing arrived an the indians took flight a suite it Miedy for a is said by somebody who pretends to know All about it that the following is a sure remedy for the Felon a take a pint of common soft soap and stir it Nair slacked Lime till it is of the consistency of glaziers Putty. Make i leather thimble fill it with this composition and insert the Finger therein and Chango the composition onco m Twenty minutes and a euro is won happen to know that the above is a certain remedy and recommend it to any who May be term blod with that disc Garcoa ble adv. It a fighting tuck during to operations of the. Allies in Tho or Mon it was resolved to carry the water m from the Beautiful Spring of the finest kind to to Camp. Loather pipes or Hose were employed which were Laid on the ground. One morning while the water a amps being supplied Tho minaret prayer and one of the turkish soldiers immediately went Flop on Higl kudos to Tralee auth t a fortunately he went Dowa right upon to Hosp and Hirr weight consequently stopped the current of Ali amp to first of elements As Pindor Esq. Calls water m a . A a get. Up cried an English Soldier. Voultz Vou Avex la Tonto Mon Cher Jetfone eur in tit que a cried a Frenchman with his , Uto get a a a ,. I a a. A that aint Tho Way to make a to Kvin Ove the Dodge. So saying to. Knocked Hia it turban off i a pm a a still the pious Mussulman went Orwith los do vote a los. A a a a a a a 1�.uv�aa a in a make him stir his stunt Quot said a englishman Given him a remarkable smart Kieu. To Tho wonder of All still will Kiek de Follower of Tho Prophet wont praying on As though he Wau forty Hov Parson. A shoot away Mon-/7z show to How to serve obstinate Folk aulk Reeker quietly observed a j Scotchman. He was however prevented for the a Turk having finished is Allah Vien Allah Rose and began to take off his coat then Roll no his sleeves and then to Bede his Palms with saliva and then to put himself in the most approved boxing attitude a la Yankee Sullivan he then advanced in True Tom to the englishman who had kicked him on the Lum Bor Region. A a ring a ring a shouted the soldiers and sailors perfectly a a this by a to Seera Turk such an adept in the Fristic Art ���>�.�. The englishman nothing loth to Hare a bit of fun with a Turk of such a truly John Bull state of mind set to work Bui found he had met his master in five minutes he had received lung Una few Muff. As the Turk coolly replaced his coat and turban he turned round Aad said to Tho admiring bystanders in the pure Brogue a bad Luck to Yeye Scalp teens when yer of tier kicking a Turk id advise be the not Timo to list be sure he a not an irishman a the mystery was solved on Turk was a tipperary Man a the churlish Man sensible and prudent men who travel will always pro yid themselves with Small change to meet their Little incidental expenses. Good men Are always supplied with a Stock of Good nature which they keep for the purpose of paying out to whomsoever May Render them a service Aud it s astonishing How quickly the turnpikes on Tho Way of life will open by the payment of a Small toll of Good feeling. The churlish Man is always a self i so Man. He has no thought but for he is entirely indifferent to what opinion May be formed of him. The Good will and approbation of his is a matter of perfect indifference. H is not i cult to determine value of such a Man in any Community he never projects or takes part in any Public undertaking unless be can clearly see that his own interests will be advanced. The thought never entered his head or heart of assisting a Public measure for the general Good although he would be no loser. He. Must see that his own nah dual Good is to be promoted or to will have to hand in Tho matter. His style of a answering the most polite question is that of a Man apparently offended with the Queriot. Bee him at a hotel a brutal character of the creature comes out with a Peculiar Force to addresses the waiters As though they were made on purpose to he trod upon by persons whom Fortune had favored with better position and the fun of it is he thinks he adds to his own importance by showing airs to denials. But never having considered the feelings of others in his life be has not the remotest idea that these despised waiters form a just estimate of his character by whispering behind his Back thac the Man in to one has never been used to the luxury of a servant or he would know better How to treat Rhein. If the churlish Man Ever by Accident does a favor to another it is always performed in a style that makes the obligation mighty painful to Bear. As Dickens said of a Turnpike Gate keeper who was Seldom from his Post a that he would have made a capital Oyster if he had been brought up in that station of life a and so would the churl Isle Man have made a splendid hedge hog if nature had been As Liberal in giving him the form As she was in bestowing the disposition. Thoughts lying on Sand. Adversity brings to Light Many a hidden Beauty. It. Is Uke a hands Juul log revealed for the first tune on a showery Day. The charms lends to woman would to considered possible defects if nature had Given them. J a Quot a we Are never astonished at any happiness that drops into our Jap for to always Faucy to Aro Dos Orving. Ofaf Vitri a Fany Picc of ill Luck Falls Down upon us we cannot imagine what we have done to pcs orc it. I 1 a we fancy to Aio becoming Wiser As we grow older when it is simply Opi incapacity Loco nun to t he same follies As when we were Young. New he spies princ Pauy Tiyo Pnat it is la co the Raga ulms in the who cry out a whip Cyan pm of tit comrades who has got a lift. Re a4t0, appreciate a freq cd Unity Yogi Iii st Fravesi m a despotic state it is like coming int pm the open air after prison. A a a ancrektfx\5hltfs.7�?it it Ell known that the highlanders Are sticklers for hereditary honors and to col Gnu 4postearnest Van Eui Tiou. The origin of to Milren inlo4h a Cotest Ages. of this Tehan City to hold to the dignity Aud Antiquity of their Kindred May be found m the Case we sub join. A a dispute arose Between. Campbell and m lean upon this never dying would not allow that Tho Campbells had any right to rank with the or leans in Antiquity who he insisted where m existence As a Elan from the beginning of the had a Little More biblical lore than lus antagonist and asked him if the pm lean Elan lived before the flood ?. A flood what flood ? said m lean. A Why the flood that Vou know Dro Duedall the world but Noah and hi3 family and his flock replied Campbell. A Pooh you and your flood. Said m lean a my Elan was Afore the flood.�?�. A i Hare net read in the Bible Quot said Campbell of the name of a i lean Gong into is Oak s Ark Noah Sark retorted m lean in Cost capt a who Ever Hoard of a m lean that had not a boat of his own Quot a 1 a maternal were amused and annoyed pleased and half disposed to be angry with an instance of maternal solicitude of which we a remade the innocent victim a few Days Stonco Chad spent the evening from our boarding hour a and on the following morning we were subjected to a catechism after this manner. A you were outlast night Quot a yes . A were you not at your office h a no . Flt were you far away a not very. A spending the evening with some lady fiend perhaps Fin Ell Madam. I did ukr upon a female . A nah very pleasant to do that a Quot a yory. <rv7ho was she or. J Quot a lord Madam we began a Little impatient a if you and your amiable daughter must know i called on the Washer woman to get my other shirt hovers Uchiumi hair Dye. A Tel be following from Tomt eminent 1 Hysick amp a of i Hil Adelphia or. Brockle. A it Ted to the testimony of professor Booth Only confirms what is evidenced by thousands Ivelio a amp be used Ilour s Dye a. Girard Bow Ciu Simot Sirvrt 1 Philadelphia. December 22d. L8o3. J in Rej fird to hover s hair Dyc. I can state a Nhai Tat ugly that it contains no deleterious ingredients and May to used with entire softy. And with Tho utmost Confidence and <�ucccs.s/r. A w. A a d hovers waiting and indelible inks Are to Well Aud widely known As to require to Eulogy of their merits it is Only necessary to say that the steady and increasing demand gives the be t evidence that they maintain their character for superiority which distinguished them when first introduced years ago. Orders addressed to the manufactory. No. 416 race Street above fourth old no. 144, Philadelphia will receive prompt attention by Joseph e. Hover sept. 16,�?T57-t.april 10,r58. Manufacturer.5�o�d, Gold a old. Anollee greatest offer in Gold pens Gold pencils Gold Sun chains and Gold watches Ever made. Read the following a. A a splendid Gold Premium Worth from five to one Hundred dollars,.positively Given to any person who cd a spare one Day in a week or one hour in a Day getting up clubs of and adjoining neighbourhood for the Best and most popular family newspaper now published. No expense no outlay no capital required of agents. An. Entire new plan is proposed by which any person can succeed m making it a paying business who will undertake the Agency. A private circular for the inspection of agents Only with full list of premiums will be sent to any one who desires it on receipt of a stamp to return postage. Some agents have earned a Hundred Dollar Gold watch in one week. Every family should read at least one newspaper from new York City without interfering with their local papers which of course not and should not be Dju Dens. Erwith but new York being the great commercial and business Centre of this continent no Farmer Mechanic professional Man. Or Raer Ehunt. Is properly prepared for me Emerz Lucios of his Catling unless us is in communication with new York Cuy by Means 01 Emu of its first class newspaper mediums. Such a medium sour a a Ltd Ger a Neutral in politics but giving All the facts Texus of Newn and thrilling incidents Worth knowing throughout the country. A valuable gift. Ludo new subscriber will receive with the first no. Of Hisor her paper one 01 the new and pointed indelible i Imonen from Europe and a it a which we have obtained the exclusive ii ency for this country. This is the most ingenious improve Cut of tue precut 13 Cue Only urn ii Ever Ingle that win write with Ink. Making it both a pen und Pencil of the finest Quality at the same. Time. It will lost tor years and for practical use in Worth More than any Gold pen in uie Market. For list of premiums and full particulars address p by lers a v01i it it a these pencils supplied to the Trade at profitable discount. A. X6. &7. A fancy furs for John f 4rfiha amp cow Usyak i a acct. Above eighth. 1 . Importers. Manufacturers and dealers in ladies gentlemen and children a fancy fuss a Al Niez Date a a Tail. J. F. Amp co would Call me attention 01 dealers and Luio Public generally to their inn cute of Wocik of saucy l Urs for ladies gentlemen and children their assortment embraces every article and kind of t Anco i it Urs time will be worn during the Seiko no such a Hull capes. It it a capes. Quarter cape.-, ,.x and Muff tees. From the finest a Russiun table to Tho lowest Price Domestic bars. A a a a a gentlemen the largest assortment of fur collars. Gloves. Gauntlet a. Amp a being me direct importers or All our i urfi. Aud manufacturer of them Kun per Ision. We feel satisfied we Cau offer better inducements to dealers and the Public generally Tau any other House having an immense 3m�ortmeiu, to clout from and at the manufacturers prices. E Only ask a Cali. John flt Rubira amp co sept. No. Sib . In fit a. A California Twenty of the most incorrigible thieves in san Francisco were recently exhibited on the Plaza by the police Tho exhibition was free and Well attended by Osmaidy As three thousand citizens. Tho rogues wore fastened two by two to the repo which extended about thirty Yards. A. Theman who was a filled with emotions a Hadnot room of his dinner a two Independent candidates. Jophe undersigned would Roseo fully inform gift the citizens of Lebanon and Vio mity that they will at All times to found ready to accommodate them m anything wino i belongs to their in sine a Winch is painting glazing and Papek a a a Frey warrant All Torii a Govic j strict Atlon Joii. i Job to or our Kasharo of . Orders for work Oan Bo-loftatwa3.tz a-�to-l-vr.�?T1 , they will be a rom pity attended to. At the latter place too Nan by Sec a Large assortment of no att Chaste designs of Wall ceiling Ond Hail papers selected by Thorn from one of the most extensive establishments la the City of Philadelphia sept. 2, �?T57-3m. Thua Ipson k Sioux new York advertisements health Del bsds of a ski. lol Brand i Reljin spin Ispuria the Iilo cd to disease uan resi3r, Judi Totts use mild opera lion with Succo Dii of ii it Art i the Peck a a to riff a our Rico Are subject to a of vitiated bile at this season und it is As Dau Garons of it is prevalent but bread Retli. Fills afford an invaluable Aud efficient Protection by their a a Ica Sionil ufos we prevent the cell Cytlou of those Iii Purdy. Hid1, plier a a a Suffle Cienfu Quant Lff a Causo so danger to the body a lift Ltd. Thoy Aba fire . Disper Tejas of upper let in in Jii the head to Ivert to Breas Likin a and co tiv cuu a. A Brief drama Reibs spuds we in a Fleir wily to the tory Reota of to disease cleansing a . I Chuying a Sery unhealthy of cumulation blood is Purifie a a Tbs i whole rate Chi renovated and Tho function mid duty of life Baccomo a pleasure whore bore boy bad been sad Anil we by in Debs. A flow when nothing Baa relieved to wait Idof tto a most serious cd amp ter Wei bet from Soa sickness or otherwise where tue retching has by in appalling a Bingio pills has at once cured and lbs Parent Baa fallen into n sweat sleep when Tho mid earn of collect itself Whon the e memory fails when it is an Effort to fix Tbs attention when our sleep is broken and our waking hours harassed with forebodings of cell Julien by Audreth spills should be used if Ihoko warnings remain a Rhyn Matlum Cha aum Patjon disease of the heart bilious a flu colons ,, Tuosti Zeness will suddenly present themselves in Csc s pills would have Perrento debut nevertheless toes they will also cure. Cee them at once do not let prejudice prevent the a of this simple but potent remedy. A a Brandreth s theory of disease. Near extract blood. Blood is the life. By ing it in painful Dia zures you the patient ease but remember this ease is Only lbs reduction or los seems the Power to feel. And by thu Aklog away nature s tools you. May prevent her from fully repairing the inflammation a convert what Mig Tonly have been the sickness of a. Few Day it of into a a Homo affection of months and years. Brandreth s pills Accord with nature i nature s remedy m fact. When sudden acute or con tinned pain occurs from any cause then to insure Quick return to health Vou must to Brandi Retba spills which will soon relieve every Organ from undue pressure and remove those Humours Whoso presence often occasions such terrible suffering. ?0itk tub world 106 years t?$�.Twenty million boxes sob and the sphere of their Sci Umnuss still extending. Ask for Almanack and pamphlet of cures. Agents will Supply Gratis. Re Haber All pills with �?o241 Broi Dway it on Side i Able Are counterfeits. Get the genuine and they will never deceive. Sold at or. Ituss5 drug store opposite the court House. Lebanon. A. Of uly 15. T>7-3ru. New ork advertisements. From Albert g Richardson a advertising and correspondence office 360 Bros i Way new York. Al a yet and important Iris covery in the science of Medicine. Patj5nt office sea. Of Wolleat Britain Diflo me de Edole de pharmacies Pharr Acieh do Faris and i re rial College of Medicine i. Enna. Sold wholesale and retail by dry a. Barrow member of the Imp College of Vienna and Royal College of surgeons Loudon who May be personally consulted at his residence 157 Prince Street few blocks West of Broadway new York from 11 a. M. Till 2 p. If. And from 4 till 8 p. M. Sundays excepted unless by appointment a these mar no. I is n remedy for relaxation and All the distressing consequences arising from Early abuse indiscriminate Loo Long residence in but climate. It has restored bodily and sexual strength and vigor to thousands who Are now in the enjoyment of health and the functions of manhood and Iii Stevev unav be the cause or disqualifications for. Marrugo they Are ally subdued. These mar no 2, completely and entirely eradicates All to rices of Gonor Fea both m its mild and aggravated forms fleets strictures irritation of the bladder non retention Oltha urme pains of the loins and kidneys and those disorders for which co Paivi and cubes have so Long been thought an antidote these mar no 3, is the great Continental Keai Euy for sip Llin and secon Dary symptoms. It also constitutes u certain cure for scurvy scr Fula and All cutaneous Brut Tacras removing and expelling a its course All impurities from the vital Stream so As Alto Elbe to eradicate Tbs viru Nof Winse and expel it by insensible perspiration through i the medium of the pores of the skin Aud urine. It is a never failing remedy for shut class of disorders which English pm Usu ians treat with Mercury to the inevitable destruction of the patients Constitution and which All the Sarsaparilla in to Wor id Carnot remove. Iri Semak , 2 and 3, Ere prepared in the form of a a lozenge devoid of taste or smell and can be carried in the . Sold in tin cases and divided la separate doses As administered by Yal Peau. I Leman Roux Ricord ac., a. Price �3 each eve fear Cleee in one for $9, which saves $3, Aud in c-7 Enscy whereby there is a saving of $9. None Are genuine unites the ene Ravinera of the seals of the Patent office of England tin seals of the coir pharmacies de Paris ant b Jav Vierin Are affixed upon each i t Cash. Imitations Are liable to Tho Law. Special arrangements enable or. Barrow to Forward immediately on receiving a remittance. Tiny. And larger size a ases of tricorn f a Parton the world securely pact i de thus insuring Genus europ a p detect aug the Public from spurious and Perni Riouz Ifni a. Attendance and consultation from i f a. M till 2 p. M. . 157 Princess get avow blocks West of Broadway. New York. May 6,1857-1 s hair i yes Vii than Anut Sheil All the merits lie. Of Cristadoro a Nover equal Leil dec red it makes Black to Brown turf from a i and keeps Tho fibres Al wave fro a. Ctr this matchless to vitalizing Ziair i it be. Us hoi site 49. Postum most harmless and a tic Acle in i air Dye in Juhl world no d Pold. I. Isale and retail and applied in ten Wais. Be g-j3ta s,-7,no. 6 Astor House brei us a. York Aud Agisto and Perfi Jan. 14. . Agent goo go h. Keyser 140 \v00d.7t., Uit Teburg. A. Glano 1 guano Glano Quot am. A a ads. Lemau amp Saper phosphate of Lim 7,000 Toast. To a a crops a sol Lein at s super in Hosp Liate of Lime at cd. A la. Or $40 a ton 01 use Leinau s Amei ican Jpe a a i her j at $3,50 Abbl. Or $2o Aton. On barrel of i Auer is sufficient for an acre of wheat. These arc Perm Hunt manuf is made of reliable chemical elem Cate. And Piave been in successful Uso for the past six years improving the soil and increasing the value of the land. It. Feur diplomas from me suite agricultural so Coly of Pennsylvania 2sv\v pc Rev Delaware and the Crystal iry lace association of the City of jew York have our Obeso valuable fertilizers. 1 ample tie in Gish and berms Lan can to had by Eppli Ciuc amp a at the office. A Liberal discount to wholesale dealers. The above Forli liners delivered free of cartage to any wharf m the old City proper. Orders sent by mail accompanied with Cash or drafts win be promptly shipped to any part of the world. ,0. A. L121kau, jyro2>rictor, a 3\o. In South front Street Phila. Cite. July 2q 7-1 in t an def jlli$.9grichlliiral w arc Ito use amp a South sixth Savaet Noar the stat House 9 i i Ladelphia. Rilen floors of Titae Pocious exp Jess a by for a tei ulc. Are Edfored with so boils Aud a a implements of interest to Farmers and Garden cars v a a Ltd sixty l ears subscribers Delro to call1 Tho attention of every one interested in fanning Aud oar Daning. The Ali or Wal put jetted Stock of. Agricultural implements and machinery a a a 1 great a Urtel of 7 you a a Ltd a warranted oath in and flt Noer seeds grass and Field Quot bed of the most reliable Quaty. The agricultural Taip Lemuth sold by us Are mostly manufactured at our Stevani v having fitted up this without regard to expense with the most Complete machinery for to to manufacture of amp Nons kinds of agricultural Loipl Cine its to Are now prepared to Supply All articles to this line fully equal if not Superior to any thing of the kind Ever offered to the Public. A a. Landreth s warranted Garden sad have been before the Public for upwards of sixty Yeai a their Tod Wread popularity an the Oon Shortl i reread ing demand from j tar to year is of their superiority Over All others. A country merchants can to supplied with seeds in to orb or bulk on tic most libero Termo Noar in toll it a contains three Hundred and seventy acres and is Tho iss of its Hind in the world oet.7,�?T57-sm Boot amp she store. Jacob Cadle respbct1llly informs the Public a that to Atill continues his extensive in but new building in Cumberland Street where to Hopes to Render the same satisfaction As hereto Foto to All who Suny favor him with their custom. Him Piteh dealers in boots and shoes 0\ory,Ono who wishes to Purchase fas Iriona and durable article in his line to Call find sex Ainise for themselves his Large Sifi varied stuck. He is Detor Mcd to surpass All Competition in the. Manuf Acturo of Overy article in his business suitable for any Market in the Union a due care 1 a to material Sand but Tho Best Quality of leather and other materials Are used and none but the Best workmen arc employed. returns his sincere than Lea to bin friends tor 10. Void Liberal patronage heretofore bestowed on him. To Bopes by strict attention to bugis Oss find endeavouring to please i ment a share of Public patronage Lebanon go&.l�, i80g. Cd lock is clocks a �tu8t w Ackers. From $1,25 ?<r$10, 8 Day and 30 it it a r. Oot 22. 56. A a 1
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