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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 25, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaThe be Baioni to Terri or a family paper for town and country is printed and published weekly by we m. Breslin in the 2d Story of jul it now , is at one Dollar and fifty cents a year w5� advertise me its inserted it Trio usual rate. Rates of in Ostag k. In Lebanon county Portage free. In Pennsylvania out of. Lebanon county 31/ cents per or 13 Centa a year Oyt of this state cute. Per Quarter or 26 cts. A year. If Tho postage is not paid in Advance rate Are doubled. Well Peter where have you been win a .l1�?7,? Kimi at 1,10 stove store of James own 2 >2s2= a Quot a 0110 of a Superior Cook Tsa Yoves Asho 1ms just return cd from tha City and to Rought ode of the largest assortments of stoves Ever brought to Lebanon. neighbor got one from him and it is the Best cooking store i Over saw. They can bake Konst. Cook and Wash at Tho Stulic Lime if they wish to and it docs Ere by thing to perfection i was determined to get one of. The same sort and the Host of All is he warrants or err cop Kisa stove to Sells to do Asho represents of Samb sort with a Bema As parlor Hall or dining room stoves Rad Sheet Titov a amp Erthl ?1 b8sollm9nt of tin j2.�5�i generally connected with his business. 4st All work entrusted to him will be done with neatness and dispatch. Lebanon sept. 28,�?T57. James n. Rogers. Of All diseases the great first cans Springs from neglect of natures Laws. Suffer not when a cure is guaranteed in All stages of secret diseases self abuse nervous debility strictures fleets gravel diabetes diseases of the kidneys and bind tier mercurial rheumatism scr Fula pains in the Bones and Ankles diseases of the lungs the diet it and Kyes ulcer us the bqdy., or limb ii a savers dropsy epileptic i,, a Ranee and All diseases arising from of the sexual Organ such As nervous of memory. Loss of Power general weakness dimness of vision with Peculiar spots appearing before the eyes loss of sight wakefulness dyspepsia liver disease eruptions upon the face pain in tin Back and head female irregularities and nil improper discharge a from both sexes. Jet matters not from of Cut cause the Disenso originated a a however Long standing or obstinate the Case re coverts certain and in a Shorter time than a permanent cure can be effected by any other treatment oven after the disease has baffled Tho skill of eminent Obj Siclana Andre Sistad All their Means of cure. The medicines Are pleasant without odor causing no sickness and free from Mercury or but lispi. During Twenty years of practice. I have rescued Trot a Tiff jeans of death Many thousands who in the last stages of to above mentioned diseases had been Given up to die by their physicians which warrants me in promising to the afflicted who Muy place them solves under my care u Pur feet and most speedy ouro. Secret diseases arc the orca test enemies to health As they Are the first Nusu of consumption scr Fula and a Many other diseases and should be a terror to Tho he a fian family. As a permanent cure is scarcely Ever of Jeeto a majority of Tho cases falling into the hands of Lucom potent persons who not Only fail to cure the diseases but rain Tho Constitution tilling the system with Mercury which with the disease hastens the sufferer into a rapid should the disease Anil Tho treatment not canse death speedily and the victim marries the disease is entailed upon the children who Are both with feeble constitutions and the current of life corrupted by a virus which betrays itself in scr Fula totter. Ulcers eruptions and other affections of Tho skin eyes Throat and lungs entailing upon them a Brief existence of suffer it and consigning them to an Early grate. Self abuse is another formidable Eney to health for nothing else in the dread human. Diseases causes so destructive a Drain upon the system draw dug its thousands of victims through a few years of suffering Down to an untimely grave. 11 destroys the nervous system rapidly wastes away the energies of life Ca Sof mental derangement prevents the proper development of the Aye busta disqualifies for marriage society business Rind All earthly happiness and leaves the sufferer wrecked in body or mind predisposed to consumption and a train of evils More to be dreaded than death jus Elf. With do fullest Confidence i assure the unfortunate victims of self abuse that a permanent and speedy sure can be effected and with Tho abandonment of ruinous practices my patients can be Rott ored to robust vigorous neat the. A a a a. Tho afflicted Are cautioned against the use of Patent medicines for Thero Are so Many ingenious snares in the columns of the Public prints to catch and Rob Theu wary a sufferers. That millions have their constitutions ruined by the vile compounds of quack doctors or the equally a poisonous nostrums vended of a a Patent i have carefully Analysed Many of tire so called Patent medicines Utida tied that nearly All of them contain corrosive sublimate which is Ono of the strongest preparation of Mercury and a deadly Poison which instead of curing the disease disables the system for fourths of the Patent nostrums Ilow in use Are put up by unprincipled and ignorant persons who do not understand even the alphabet of the Materia Medica and Are equally As do Tiitu of Uny knowledge of the human svs tum. Having one object Only in View and that to Umeko Money regardless of . Irregularities and ail diseases of males and females treated on principles established by Twenty years of practice and sanctioned by thousands of the most remarkable cure. Medicine with full direction sent to Aliy part of the United states or Canadas by patients a Wynn Deathur to Iier nip Toms by letter. Business correspondence strictly confidential. Address j. Summerville m. D., office no 1131 Filbert st., old Luda below twelfth i Tifi Ayiku fila. A july 8, 1857�?march 18. 1s57. It tfx Bojt s genuine preparation of highly concentrated compound fluid extract Bucu. A Quot for diseases of the bladder kidneys gravel dropsy weaknesses obstructions secret diseases female complaints and All diseases of the sexual organs arising from excesses and Lampru denies in life and to Siim Vang All improper discharges from the bladder old Lanoys or sexual organs whether exist it Iti male or female from Vrhel Toor ensure Jiey May have original and no Hatter of How Long standing giving health and vigor to the Frame and Bloom to the pallid Cheek Joy to the afflicted it a a Toree nervous it Ltd debilitated sufferers and removes Alt Tho symptom a among which will be found indisposition to exertion loss of Power loss of memory difficulty of breathing gen eral weakness horror of disease weak nerves trembling Road Ful Hotro Rof death night sweats cold feet wakefulness dimness of vision languor Ulver a eat lassitude of Tho muscular system often enormous appetite with dyspeptic symptoms hot hands lushness of the body dryness of the skin pallid countenance and eruptions on the face pain in the Back heaviness of the eyelids frequently Black spots flying before Tho eyes Vith temporary suf fusion and loss of sight want of attention great mobility restlessness with horror of society nothing is More desirable to such patients than Solitude and nothing they More dread for fear or themselves to re Fose of manner no earnestness no a speculation but a hurried transition from one question Toan other those symptoms if allowed to go on which this Medicine invariably removes soon follows loss of Power Fatu Ity and epileptic fits in one of which the patient Muy expire. Who can say that the amp i excesses Are not frequently followed by those dire my a diseases insanity and consumption ? the records of the in Jisse asylums and the melancholy deaths by consume of ion Bear ample witness to the truth of these assertions. 1 n Lunatic asylums the most melancholy exhibition appears. Tho countenance is actually Sodden and quite be Liber mirth or grief Ever visits it should u sound of theve the occur it is rarely articulate. A with woeful measures win despair Low sullen Bounds his grief debility is most terrible 1 and has brought thousands upon thousand to untimely Graves thus blasting the ambition of Many Noble youths. It can be cured by the use us this infallible remedy if Vou Ore suffering with by of the above distressing ailments the �l�o1d extract duc1iu will cure you. Try it and be convinced of its Efficacy. Beware of quack nostrums and quack doctors who falsely boast of abilities and references. Citizen know and avoid them and save Long suffering. Money and exposure by sending or calling Abr a bottle of this 1�?~upulur . It allays All pain and inflammation is perfectly pleas ant in its taste and odor but immediate in its action. Helm bold a extract Bucu is prepared directly according to the rules of pharmacy had chemistry with the greatest a Curacy and chemical knowledge and care devoted in its combination. See professor Deweese valuable works on the practice of la Hysle no a most of the late Standard works of Medicine. . One Hundred dollars will be paid to any physician who a can prove that to Medicine Ever injured a patient and the testimony of thousands can be produced to prove that it does great Good. Casca of from one week to thirteen years standing have been effected. Tho mass of voluntary testimony in Possession of the proprietor vouching Ita Virtues and curative Powers is immense embracing names Well known to science and Fame. 100,000 bottles have been sold and not a single instance of a failure has been reported personally appeared before we fun Alderman of the City of Philadelphia h. T. Helmbold chemist who being duly sworn does say that his preparation contains Fco narcotic Mercury or injurious drug but Are purely vegetable. . Helmbold sole manufacturer. S worn and subscribed before me this 23d Day of novem ber 1854. We. P. Hibba Iid Alderman. Price $ l per bottle or six for $3, de. I Vered to any address accompanied by reliable professors of medical colleges co rms men Rad others. Prepared and sold by h. T Bibl bold practical and analytical chemist. No. 52 South tenth st. Help the Chestnut Assembly buildings Phila. A fit a to be had of or. George Koss d. S. Raber and of All druggists and dealers throughout the United states Canada and British provinces. Beware of counterfeits i Ash for Helmboldt so take no other. Cures guaranteed nov. 10,1880,-ly. Iirth d it 011 vol. 9�?no. 22. Lebanon pa., wednesday november 28, 1867. Whole no. 489. To be Little Pool will soon be dry. Of brightly beams the Bummer by and rarely blooms Tho Clover. By a a the iih8 pm win soon be dry he summer soon he Over. To Light and soft the West wind blows. The Flower ringing but blight will fall a Pon the Rose where now the Beo is swinging. A smile is on Tho Silver Stream a Blush is of the Flowers but the Cloud that wears Tho Golden gloom a a b1 waste itself in showers. 0, Little hearts with gladness Rife a among Tho Wavy grasses a deeper Shade will fold your life than ber the Meadow posses 0, Maiden lips 0, lips of Bloom i unburdened save by singing Palo grief hindi leave his Seal of gloom where kisses now Aro clinging. 0, Hope is Weot 0, youth a non. And love is a Cetor hear cry. 0, life is Sweet and life is dear but death is often dearer 0, shield the Little hearts from wrong while childhood s laugh is ringing and kiss the lips that sing Tho song before they Occaso their singing. Of Crown with Joy Tho Brown of youth before their brows Aro older of touch with love Tho ups of truth before those lips Aro colder. For the Little Pool will soon be dry the summer soon be Over a though brightly beams Tho summer sky and Mavly blooms Tho Clover. Nigh pc entered Tho 4 room where to Wask he attempted to fire at to but i threw Back Inge Baths to tried to strike to with his sword but it broke in pieces when alas to foil Down in a swoon. I throw myself upon him but the swoon was death. Since that time my crime has been constantly present to my mind i was guilty of murder. I became a Monk and i leave my Retreat once a year the anniversary of the crime 1 have Tho Monk bar Sec into tears and departed. Since then no one has feared to enter Tho old Chat can which having changed bands and been restored from its state of decay and ruin is now occupied As Tho country seat of n Nobleman s family. Mysterious Manor House. Flost True French. It was one Friday evening in the month of do Comber 1725. The greatest so a Enoe reigned on the Road to Orleans which was at last broken by i Tho sound of horses apparently approaching shortly two riders came in sight and one might have heard from them the following Conversa Tion a a a at last to Are arrived at this a Sterioff Cim 1 a not yet Aniyad do a oar two Travo lers following this route had reached an old Manor House which wa3 fast fal Ling to decay. A peasant called out to Thorn a a a what Are you doing there ? that chateau is the abode of goblins and Ovil geniuses for More than a a Hundred years nobody has dared to enter it.�?�. A what difference does that make a replied Al Frod de Courcy with an air of so optimism a a a to \ res about Doad men Corning Hack again were use a Ful formerly to frighten women and Centre a but now they do not amount to anything at All a and a without the slightest trepidation lie entered. The i other Cavalier and the peasant avow pack in As i Toni Sliment. The staircase of the Nous almost Sank under Tho footsteps of our Vona Miro Devil. A he mounted boldly and seeing a door before him a a advanced toward it. To door opened of it self. A 1 a a what a to matter there a he cried in Aston ish Niento a a nobody lives in this old chateau in j a this old chateau a was echoed Back to him a and again the most profound silence fell upon All j about him. To entered a Gallory and the Moon Light streaming through Tho window tent an air i of Dino wish to on pertinent which would otherwise Liap Beon no Way remarkable. A Como on courage who Quot said to himself and Trio most frightful silence sneered i those words which was broken Only by the sound of his footsteps. To continued his walk. At Tho end of the gallery he found a bed room the Only furniture being a bed and a table on which he Laid his pistols. Midnight sounded from the clock of Tho neighbouring Church Tho Moon was covered by a Cloud and Tho deepest obscurity reigned throughout the room. Presently the sound of chains was Hoard i and then a muffled voice pronounced the following words a who Are you rash Young Man ? Why do you thus Como to my abode a and instantly a cold hand seized hold of Alfred who caught up his pistols. I a Ajtan or Devil a said How depart or ill kill you a the phantom Ian Ghod. J a quit this room or i j a Fife if you like a returned the phantom. Tho report of fire arms was heard j Alfred had discharged his pistols at the ghost but the balls bounded Back to amp a again. A a impotent attempt a said the spirit a the won pins of Man Are destitute of Power Over Alfred been a too a almost rigid with terror. He trembled before the spirit which advanced toward him. At last he seized his sword and attempted to strike with it but the sword flew out of his hand with a clash. Then came a voice which Saida Lyon have tremble d for the first Timo in your i of Luffred de a Ca Tioy and All fell Back again into Tho most profound silence. The Cloud which obscured the Moon passed off and the dead body of Alfred de Courcy Lay stiff upon the chamber floor. Tho nest Day it was reported it a the neighbourhood that a Young Cavalier had entered the chateau and had not been seen to Como oat again but nobody dared to go near the Manor House in order to ascertain his Fate. Ten years after one Day during the year 173�, some persons who had stopped in front of the chateau a Short distance off saw a Monk enter. Consternation was at its height when after about a Quarter of a hour he was seen to come Oil every one ran up to him to ask him who inhabited it. A no one a was Tho reply. A How a they cried on All sides a Somo years ago a Young Man win t in there and never was seen to come out a it was i who assassinated him Quot returned the Monk a Wjt est Quot Tell us How a they All demanded. _ a the reel Al is Tois i amp sinful for me have pity of me spore m this. Yes i killed my Friend i alone was the Quot a amp Safe death a and when they insisted on having the Story to spoke nearly As follows a for a Long time this chateau had Hod the reputation of being haunted. 0ne Fry in the year 1725, As i was speaking of it with Alfred de Courcy he smiled. A what you doubt a said i a do you not believe in ghosts a a a a ill Lay a Wager he returned a that i will pass a whole night there without Trcic bling a a month after to directed our bourse to the old chateau. I Hod drawn the balls from my friends pistols i had taken away the Blade of Bis sword and of of of Fol ass i covered myself with a White Sheet and toward mid How to Tell. Hero is Bat a a bit of advice to Youris a ladies setting Forth How they May know whether a Young Gallant is really a a courting them or Only paying them a polite attention Tho confounding.,the one with the Othor has been the source of very much trouble both before and Sinco the Ora of or. Pickwick Anli mrs Burdell. A Young Man admires a pretty girl and Mast Manifest it. Lie Caus pc help doing so for the life of him. Tho Young lady has a tender heart reaching out like Vine to drills for something to cling to. She sees the admiration is flattered begins suon to love aspects some tender avowal and perhaps gets so far As to decide that Sho will Clio Osc a a White Satin under that Gauze a <fcc., at the very same moment that Tho gain a Ute Sho half loves is popping the question to another Damsel ten Miles off i now the difficulty lies in not precisely understanding Trio difference Between a polite attentions and the tender manifestations of admiring a Beautiful girl and wishing to make a wife of her no not always the Quot am thing and therefore it 13 necessary that the Davisel should to on the Aloric to discover to which class the attentions paid her by handsome and fashionable Young gentlemen belong. First then if a Young Man greets you in a loud Freo and Hearty tone if he knows precisely where to put his hands and if he stares you straight in the Eye with his Mouth wide open if he turns Liia Back to you to speak to another if to Tolu you who made his c8at if to squeezes your Ian cd if be eats heartily in your presence if he fails to talk very kindly to your Mother if in Short he sneezes when you Are singing criticises your curls or fails to be foolish fifty times every hour then Don t fall in Lovo with him for the world he Only admires you let him say what he will to the contrary. On the other baud if to be merry with everybody else but quiet with you if to be anxious to see if your Tea is sufficiently sweetened and your dear person Well wrapped up when you go out into to cold if he talks very Low and never looks you steadily in the Eye if Bis checks arc red and Bis nose Only blushes like a pair of old Bellows looks solemn when you arc addressed by another gentleman and in fact is the most still awkward stupid yet anxious of All your Malo friends you Muy go ahead and make the poor fellow too Happy for his skin to hold him Young ladies i keep your heart in a Case of Good leather or some Othea amp tour go substance until the right Ono is found beyond a doubt after which you can go on and love and a a court and be married and Happy without Tho least bit of a Troy pc blk. We consider this and Vico so sensible a at although it is somewhat open to the charge of Blunt Nesa we have no hesitation in pressing it upon the attention of our lady readers. A bad fix. Once on a Timo in the Vil Jago of bin Tho state of Massachusetts lived a Beautiful Matilou of seventeen whom to will Call Fanny l a and Geo. Jbv was her accepted Lover. Tho course of True Lovo ran smooth. And in due to less of time came Tho usual Happy their wooing and Tho Twain were mide one by the Bend diction of Trio holy Church a hey were married Early Ono Summers Ihorn ing and Tho same Day travelled Coz ii and happily together to now York As the fir it stage of the wedding a a companion a younger brother of the Bride a mischievous Young Rascal accompanied them and Well it would Liao been for Tho Happy pair it they had trusted themselves to their own society and loft James to ornament dog and Pukall Tio schoolmaster Well the party arrived at Tho st Nicholas hotel. While George was duty Hilly attending to the comforts of his wife Jamos m Trio performance of his duties As groomsman Wijit to Tho office of the hotel to enter Tho uimosmn7 sc4oct appropriate apartments. I Oil n a pm h u ant be t uck him and in pursuance therewith to ont Rod the names on Tho Register thus Jamo l. Misa fancy l. George b. Fanny retired Early being somewhat fatigued with travel. George smoked Bis Cigar for an hour or two and dreamed of his Bushel Orihood we suppose and finally requested to to shown to his room. An obsequious waiter came with Candle in hand and asked what numb edit was. A with the lady who came with me a replied hesitated and then approached an exquisitely dressed clerk and repeated the question. A. A with the lady who arrived hero with me a George answered again blushing to Tho tips of his ears. The clerk smiled and Shook his Bead As if in pity for the Young Man s Ign Rauco. A it won t do sir. You have mistaken to House sir. Such things Are not allowed Here a won t do Why i Only want to go to a that you May certainly do in your own room sir but not in the lady a apartment a the lady a apartment ? Why that lady is my wife.�?�. Tho clerk bowed ironically. A mail very Fine sir but it wont go Down sir Here is the entry George looked at the Register and there was the entry sure enough miss Fanny Corgo b. Lie saw a lib so lilo secret at a glance to protested and entreated but it was no use. He called on James to witness his veracity by if James was nowhere to be found. The bystanders laughed and Tho clerk was inexorable and the poor fellow was forced to his solitary chamber to pass his bridal night invoking blessings upon the whole class of a respectable houses Quot and younger Brothers. T How George justified Bis conduct to Trio disconsolate Fanny this veritable history does not an arc tent. In the recent Railroad disaster to a freight train on the now York Central a tall slab sided Lauk Haiford yank by drover was along with six Borscs m tic car which was precipitated Down tar . It and Over until it reached the Bottom of the hollow Bolow and rested upon its Side. In am mute by two the terrible Sublimity of the scone was broken and the consternation of Tho spectators changed to mirth upon seeing the door of. Tho upset car thrown opon and the head and body of Trio Vermont drover projecting. Out of it his elongated physiognomy expressing the most a unmitigated astonishment and sur peso. A. It a. A. What on cd Lamod a Are you Cloin 07 a a a a a a the effect was irresistibly comic and the spectators had to laugh m spite of the calamity. State. A Romance at sea. A cute Yankee. Some Timo Sibic a Shib sided mortal from Down East who looked As if he had passed through a shrug la Mill called it a Rose table establishment in Philadelphia and inquired thus a is this Burlap Jarib amp cos a a yes sir a a Well then air i reckon i owe you a Small Bill. A what name sir a a Zeru Haw after overhauling the Leil Gor Zeru Babel wa3 assured that it could not be As his name was not on the books. A a Davao pretty Way to keep them then. I guess if owed me a matter of $300,1 could Tell the Day without looking. Hows Melvor i done to want to cheat you. I know this is Tho place. Just give me a receipt for $225 and 15 a never mind Tho cents or. Snooks Here s your receipt for the a mighty careless you to of Small matters. One Hundred cents make a Dollar where i come from. Fifteen cents Ain t to be sneezed at. Good morning a messes. Burlap jeans amp co. Were electrified at the honesty of the Down Caster and would outlet him go so readily. They insisted upon his purchasing a Bill of goods but scrub Babel was very unwilling. A it was i cd hard to for them who said a the d been All Winter raising Felt to their great satisfaction they succeeded in securing so Good a customer by Selling him a Bill of Ono thousand dollars payable in six months. When Tho time for payment arrived and a notice for lilo demand was forwarded to the address of the honest Down Caster the letter remained for a week unanswered. Tho Oaut was sent to a limb of Tho Law reside it in the town from which he hailed and the next mail brought Burlap jeans amp co., the agreeable Intel Gene that no such Man As Zeru Babel Snooks Ever lived there a preachers has i amp a the following Good thing to copy from the Nasli Vullo whiff which conveys a practical lesson. Hawlins Illk ky., sep. 2.1857, or few weeks since the following amusing incident occurred in our town. It will apply to other localities As Well As this Quot. A Short time Sinco it Beconi Tift necessary to adopt measures to Procuro the services of a minister at the african Church in this place. Accordingly a committee was App ii a cd to wait upon a Abr udder Pearce a who was generally acknowledged to to the most suitable efs Onago to fill that High and honorable station and solicit him to i amp the pastor ship of their Church. They were informed i font he would undertake the laborious task for the very moderate sum of forty five dollars per annul but insignificant As the Price might seem his Foo fuck thought it , and refused to give it. Two or three weeks passed and being unable to get another preacher it was finally agreed to the stipend and on sunday the following took pm Aeo. A Bradder Pearce we s eluded to Gin you forty five dollars to preach for us a said a benevolent coloured individual whereupon our clerical Friend arose and responded. A Abr Ederen i can to preach for Dat a Why you Only axed forty five a cried a half a dozen voices. A Shore no off i did bred Deren but Dat you know was tree weeks ago and preachers has Rixy from la cry Nica nov. 17. A the so rotary of of caveat j sated to the minister plenipotentiary of the unit i de states in Spain to following declaration trans omitted through the minister of Marine and made before the Captain of the port at to Pragosa by d. Jose Bose Captain of the Spanish Brig Jacinta. On the 22d of july last at 7 of clock in the morn a ing in North latitude 37 dog. 8 min. And West ion git do 34 Deg. 30 min., being bound for Spain from new Orleans after Sciug out thirty three j Days i received a boat with people who were waving a White handkerchief Anil pulling in the direction of my Brig. Believing they were ship wrecked i instantly gave orders to Bear Down to them and being Side by Side they told me that a two Days before being out in Pursuit of a whale a they during a Squall had lost sight of their bar j que in which they had left behind the wife of the j Captain who was the Man that was speaking to j to adding that she was in an interesting position having with her besides a Little boy and two other persons. A Little further North i received two Otho a a 1 boats All belonging to Tho a Korican barque Alto j Capac. T. H. Lawrence of new Bedford where to 1 had sailed 43 Days before. The men of the said boats numbering in All is having been taken on Board exhausted from fatigue were provided with food and clothing and seeing the despair of the Captain on account of the loss of his family and his vessel in the midst of the sea i resolved at any Hazard to go in ques of them. The Stormy weather the foreign idiom of the Captain which did hot permit to to clearly understand the direction where the barque might be found the time which had passed since they had lost sight of their ship and my own obligations Tovy it Iago my course after having experienced thirty three Days of bad weather All of these powerful reasons did not induce me to give up my Resolution of aiding those unfortunate men and consoling Thorn in their affliction and trusting to provide no and my Good cause i steered to the North. To passed Tho Day without perceiving any vessel Ait Tho night overtaking us without having attained our purpose we passed it with the utmost vigilance the capt in being in a state of extraordinary prostration and anxiety which increased my determination to continue my Enterprise. The Dawn of the 23d came on and Lily vigilance was redoubled at 10 a. M., Tho watch at the Masthead described a sail Baring n. N. E. I immediately stood for it and with a freshening wind at eleven o clock i distinguished a barque. A induced the Captain to go aloft encouraging him and trying to console him in every possible manner to see whether he could make her out and at half past eleven god had crowned my wish it was the barque Alto. Tho transports of Captain Law tvs co we rec unbounded to embraced me and offered me a Largo amount of mopey when lie should got on Hoard which i refused for i would not Crown my by accepting Money. When a Short distance from her i lowered Tho boats and carried the Crew and Tho Captain to their barque where in fact i found a poor Young lady with a babe in her arms breathless and in Tho greatest agony. The Captain after the first of his Joy repeated his offers insisting upon my accenting to eff but which i refused As before and having received Tho benedictions of All on Hoard i returned to my ship to Continuo my voyage. A widower perplexity. A disturbance of Sutjai Liat unusual character took Faco pc Terete a morning at Tjio dwelling of or. Thomas Folio Grill a Fine old gentleman of sixty five who has Beon a widower for eighteen month s. Or. Fothergill having become tired of his solitary condition advertised for a wife stating according to custom the qualifications which applicants for Tho situation were required to possess. Tho advertisement could Beon Vav. To More than an hour before the Dubhe. When a brisk widow mrs. Keliel Morrison by name might have been seen ascending Tho Steps of or. Fothergill s residence in eighth Street. This lady Remein Bering the proverb that a Tho Early Bird catches the worm a presented herself for Tho advertisers inspection almost As soon As there was Daylight enough to answer the purpose and to Reward her business like alacrity Sho proved to be the first competitor for the prize. Or. Fothergill being a Man of Mercan Tilo habits is very prompt at making n bargain and moreover is not very hard to please. I avid examined mrs. Morrison s credentials he seemed to decide that she would suit him exactly and the whole affair was about to be concluded to the satisfaction of All parties when a hard pull at Tho door Bell announced Apoiger arrival. Almost immediately a second lady entered the room and glanced around apprehensively As if afraid that she had Como too late. She was a thin elderly female whose name afterwards proved to to miss Noama Trice. A Harp you the gentleman who advertised for a wife a said miss Price As soon As she entered. Before or. Fothergill could reply mrs. Morrison answered for him a yes Madam he advertised but i reckon he s a i spoke to Tho gentleman himself Madam a answered miss Price sharply a and i us of pose he knows his own a the made a declaration of his intentions before you came a said mrs. Morrison. A i think you must have misunderstood him Madam persons at your time of life Are Apt to hear imperfectly a answered miss Price. A you appear to he very anxious to change you condition Madam a said mrs. Morrison. A a you seem to be much in want of a husband too a said miss Price. A i never found it difficult to got one a exclaimed mrs. Morrison a and i wish you to know that i have had two already a a ooh a Erie miss Price a i see your husbands were much to to pitied and i Don t wonder that their lives were of Short while this altercation was going on Between the ladies or. Fothergill looked and listened with extreme embarrassment. Possibly he could have been Happy with either other to Der charmer away a and he seemed totally unable to decide which deserved his preference. The contest Between the rival candidates was carried on with increasing bitterness until Tho hand of miss Price while performing an energetic gesture Hap pwned to touch the somewhat protuberant nose of mrs. Morrison. What followed we would gladly suppress but for the Sake of making an accurate report it is necessary to say that Tho bonnets of both ladies were demolished and Ihetu faces rather badly scratched. Mrs. Morrison made a charge of of suit and Battery again st miss Price. That Tho scene we have described made some impression on the mind of or. Fothergill May be judged from Trifie circumstance that when giving in Bis evidence at the mayor s office he signified his determination to remain single for at least six months press. Conk and Carea Illy conducted experiments by different persons it Hab been one Bushel of Corn will make a Little Over 10 pounds of pork Gross. Taking Thiafi result As a basis the following deductions Are made which All our Farmers would do Well to Lay by for convenient reference that when Corn costs 12$ cents per Bushel pork costs 1 cents per Pound. When Corn costs 17 cons per bush., pork costs 2 cents per Pound. When Corn costs 25 cents per Bushel pork costs 3 sects per Pound. A when Corn costs 33 cents per Bushel pork costs 4 cents per Pound. When com costs 60 cents per Bushel pork costs 5 cents per Pound. The following state enc shows what Tho Farmer realizes in his Corn when sold in the form of pork when pork Sells tor 3 cents per Pound it brings 25 cents per Bushel in pork soils for 4 cents per Pound it brings 32 cents or i Elshol in Corn. When pork Sells for 5 cents per Pound it brings 45 cents per Bushel in Corn. Judge Claggett of Tho first judicial District in Iowa made a Rule that lawyers who had East a in court should not leave without notice this did not please them and to put his hour out of countenance they would got up one after another Abd say with Long faces and juvenile accent a Pica be thir May i go out a Hia Honor lib to this As Long As he could when to had them All jut in Jill. The Burlington. Hawkeye says that a no Joti hic edifice not excepting the pen ten binary Ever contained so much latent Rasca Lity As the Madison jail when filled with Trio lawyers of the stanza. I saw a Damsel Holdup Gaby a string a a Little Puppy to stray checked at restraiut1.g.nd made a frequent Spring in Effort vain to tear himself away. A a but yet Thoj morn a trove the More he choked unto. Be deemed Hli Kin Dtta to to and. Moved along a a fth�\31. It a a pro provoked and Impi Chis head Down m an lion was my soul was Emblem thus to Soo. Of life , Day by Day strings clog Tho Spinti elasticity a and kill to willingness that would Oboyo Morin Lutko Tho pupae follow at a word but try to drag Thorn and their Dander a Sfirri a . Suilo Tho cd Percsi Zient was on Ashor trip Horo on tuesday last Tho Little dough ter of or. L. 1 while at school 011 hearing that Franklin fierce had a lived and Vas at the american House and while the Little Gewere out at recess she loft and hurry in a to he hotel anxious to so the Lito presiden Nauf Carag whether school kept a not. Sho had at Good sight at him and returned to Tho school room almost ont of breath yet glorying that 3ho saw Tho Man whose name had been in everybody a Mouth fur the lass four years. As she entered the school room her mistress called Lior Down to her and inquired where she had been. She replied to see the president. Her mistress then told bar that Sho must punish her fur leaving without Liberty and did punish Here Buttic Little heroine with tears rolling Down her checks and smarting from Tho blows of the Rod looked up into the face of her punished and said a if it had been Fremont instead of Frank Pierce 3 of would have let is All go and vent to guess that it will take More than one school marm to whip the democracy out of that Little , n. If. Gazette. ,. Whix meets Dut Ciliax our attention has recently been called Toan inaccuracy in the rendering of this euphonious Couplet a seeing a correction alluded to in the Public prints of the Oft quoted passage a it than greek meets greek then comes Trio Ting of from accounts this rendering is a monstrous misrepresentation of Tho original text which critics say should read a a when Gierok joined greek then a a is. The tug of Tho quotation at the head of this a a items a a when dutchman meets dutchman then comes Dor lager Beer a it May to important also to in form the Public does great injustice to its author a either. Christy or Sanford or some of their Lesa distinguished co Peers and that according to the strict letter of the original the quotation in question should be rendered a Edlien dutchman dutchman Down went Der lager liver re. Magazines and literary journals generally will please make the . Marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage marriage guide by or. Guid15 by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Gul amp a by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. We. We. Wei. We. We. We. We. We. We. We. We. We. We. We. We. Young yodni5. Young Young Young Young. Young Young Young Young. Young. Young Young Young Young marriage s great physiological work the pocket ecu Lapious or every one Ilis own doctor by War Young m. It is written in Plain language for the general Reader and is illustrated with upwards of one Hundred engravings. All Young married people or those contemplating marriage and having the least impediment to married life should read this Book. It discloses secrets that every one should be acquainted with. Still r is a Book that must be kept locked up and not lie about the House. It will be sent to any one on the receipt of two nov five conts. Admires or. We. Young 152 Spruce Street above fourth Philadelphia. January 7,1857.-ly a t. S. Glover of the Patent office at Washington who is travelling through the South to examine into Tho diseases of Tho Cotton Plant was recently enlightened in regard to a new species of Cotton in a manner thus described by Tho Memphis correspondent of the n. Orleans Picayune a Fie was travelling a few Days ago from Holly Springs on the cars when they passed through a Section of country who to Tho land was entirely sterile Tho Cotton being Only a few inches High. An overseer was sitting on the seat before him. A a a Why what do you cd a this v asked Glover. A a a Why that s Cotton a it Cotton ? he asked again in Surprise. A a a yes a new kind of Cotton sont out by Tho latent office. A this was a matter of interest to Glover so he opened his eyes wider. What is the name of Tho Cotton v a the i Utle Lee Cotton quietly remarked his companion. A a a Why Bat name v. A a a bbl also it grows so Small a by mtg be Bee Kin Sot on his Tail and suck All the blossoms without moving a All hands broke into aloud laugh and Glover acknowledged himself sold. Fancy fuss for ladies. John Fakira amp co., Neil no Sis Market Street above eighth Philadelphia importers manufacturers Aud dealers in ladies gentlemen and children a fancy furs wholesale and retail. J. F. Amp co., would Call Trio attention of dealers and the Public generally to their 3,Stock of fancy furs for ladies gentlemen and a by Hal Weir assortment embraces every article and kind of fancy furs that will be worn during the season such As full capes half capes. Quarter capes Talmas Victorinus Boa muffs and Muff tech from the finest russian Sable to the lowest prices Domestic furs. For. Gentlemen the largest assortment of fur collars gloves gauntlets a the. Being the direct importers of All our furs and manufacturers of them under Crown supervision. We feel satisfied we can offer better inducements to dealers and the Public generally Thau any other House having an immense assortment to select from and at the manufacturers prices. A3l.we Only ask a Call. John Fareira amp co., sept.l6/�7-4m. No. 818 Market st. Above 8th, Phil a. Hovers liquid hair Mijc. By Vijuk following from that eminent physician of Phil amp Adelphia or. Brinckle added to Tho testimony of professor Booth Only confirms what is evidenced by thousands who have used hovers Dye Goa diff Row. Chestnut Street it Philadelphia december 22d, 1853, j a a in regard to hovers Aluir Dye 1 can state huh Sci Matingly that it contains no deleterious ingredients and May be used with entire safety and with the utmost Confidence w. B1unckle, m. Hover s writing and indelible inks Are so Well end widely known As to require no Eulogy of their merits it is Only needs Spry to say that the steady and increasing demand gives the Best evidence that Thoy maintain their character for superiority which distinguished Tom when first introduced years ago. Orders add Fps cd to the manufactory. No. 418 race Street above fourth old no 144, Brod Dubia. Will receive prompt attention by Joseph e. 1i0yk11, sept. 10,557-t.aprii 10, �?T58. Manufacturer. Removal. Lebanon Marble Yard. The subscriber respectfully informs the Public in general that he is prepared to do All kinds of fact and ornamental work at his Marble Yard in Walnut Street Halfway Between the court House and Lebanon Valley Railroad depot at the shortest notice As Good As work done in any City in the United states and being the Only Stone Cutter in Lebanon county who has served a regular apprenticeship to the business he pledges himself that we can manufacture cheaper and give a better finish than any other Man engaged in the same business. His Stock consists of monuments grave stones mantels cemetery posts furniture Slafca arc. Also Sandstone of the Best Quality for All uses Plain and ornamental. A Large a assortment of Limestone for All kinds of housework of my size and Quantity. Call and examine prices and Tho Stock before you Purchase elsewhere t,.,. John Farkell. Lebanon december 19,. J855. done in German Aud English by the Best practical Wor Tmea Howard associations air Ai Ejli Njma. Important a announcement re it All persons afflicted with sexual diseases such As x spermsttorih4&a,,,,,,,.fcc, is Rockino a tenant to Mcintyre of Central Falls ii. I., died of saturday from the effects of fright and Smoko caused by Tho landlord of the building in which she lived having stiff of the Chimney with Straw to smoke his tenant of pc. That landlord is in a Fairway to got a hims of if nol in his world in some other. Tue Loward association in View of the awful Dix traction of human life caused by sexual discs uses and the deceptions practise a pm a the unfortunate victims of such diseases by quacks have directed their consulting burgeon As a charitable worthy of their in file to give medical Adrice crash to a lopper sgd thus afflicted who apply by letter with a description Oft Hoir co Rution. Ago. Occupation habits of life ac., and in All cites of extreme poverty and suffering to fun mesh medicines rce of charge Trio Howard association is a benevolent institution established by special endow Cut for the Relief of the blk and distressed afflicted with virulent and epidemic it has now a surplus of Means Waluch flies Macc Tore have voted to expend in advertising that the association come Fri highest medical skill of Tho ago and will fun Rufh Quot approved modern treatment. Vhf if published by the association a report on a por or Semine weakness the \ ice of onanism masturbation or self abuse and other disease of the sex Ual Owins by Tho consulting surgeon which win to sent by mail m a mailed envelope free of charge on the to copt of two Stamps Lor postage All Rosr or. Glio. U Gaj you c insult no us icon in upward association How a it South Hutli Street pita ill pm nil up. By order of the directors a. Izra d a Hartwell pm go. Gaib Ceni sect a. Ort Quot 57 it a f11? Bighie t Pineo for pm try produce will is Given m Exchange for goods at rises i. Biol Graffus Boot so Sloe store it Nio cd. New fall and Winter Stock thu undersigned would respectfully inform the Public that removed Bis Root and shoe store to to room lately octet died by it. �?~d\./. H. A Aitro a cloth Iroff store Sec Ovid building East of Tho court he us i where he Baa opened a Beautiful Stock of a. Fall and Winter boots and shoes for dailies children. To _ his assortment is very completo and embraces All. The latent styles which to can Soli out at Low prices. Tho Public will please Call and of Anuno. It Daniel i Kuff. N. , now is your time if you wish to boo a Large assortment of trunks a hocs and different kinds of Afos. A Como one. Como All 1 21, 1857. Gold gom Gold. Tihe greater offer in Golf pens Gold Pencil Gold chums Aud Gold watches Ever made. Read the following a t a splendid Gold f remix by a a. five to one run red dollars positively Given to any in Jramon who can sure on Daviu a week or one hour in a Daj getting up subscribers in disown eng adj Ming neighbourhood for the Best and most pop Uler family newspaper How published. No expense no outlay no to capital required of agents. An entire Nev plan is proposed by which any person . Succeed a in a paying business. Who will undertake thu Agency. A private cd Sulur. For the inspection of agents it with full Lut of premiums will he sent to any Ono no Deanes it of receipt of a it atop to ret Rii postage. Sopio agents have earned a Hundred Dollar Gold watch i one week ,. A every Billy should read at least one new soaper from new York City without interfering with their local papers which of course cannot and should cot be dispense cd with. Rut now a York being the great commercial and business Centre of this continent no Fanner Mechanic prolc�8join Man or Mart Hunt is properly prepared for the emergencies of his calling unless he i in communication with new York City by menu of oae Filu first class newspaper mediums. Such a medium sour in politics but giving All the facts items of news and. Thrilling incident Worth kilo Wing throughout Tho country. A a. A valuable a ift. Of. S of Lucli new Suberi Hidre Wal receive with the first Cine. Of his or. Her paper one of Teeuw and Bountiful Glass pointed inc Bible pencils just imported fro a Europe and for which to have obtained the exclusive a Eucy for this country this is lie artful improvement of to present nge Ami the Only be Neil Ever made that will write with Ink in Kuig it both a i put and Pencil of the finest Quality at the same time. It will last for years and for practical use is Worth More Tiiu any Gold pen in the Market. For list of premiums and full particulars address. 11all amp West in us Fishera new York City. These pencils supplied to the Trade at a profitable Dis clout aug. 26/57. Important discover consumption and att a diseases of the lungs and Throat Are positively curable by inhalation a a. A which conveys Tho. It. Remedies to the cavities in the lungs through the Al passages and coming in direct Contact with the disease neutralizes the tubercular matter ainu is the cough cause a free and easy expectoration heals the lungs purifies the blood imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system giving that tone and Energy so. Indispensable for the restoration of health. To be �bio1 to state confidently that consumption is Erubie by inhalation is to Nae a source of unalloyed pleasure. It Isas i Ucic under the control of medical treatment As any other formidable disease ninety out of every Hundred cases can be cured in the first stages and fifty per cent in to second but in the third stagy it is impossible to Sato Niobe thai five per cent., or thy lungs Are so Cut up by the disease As to defy medical skill. Even however in the last stages inhalation affords extraordinary Relief to the suffering attending this fearful Scourge which annually destroys ninety live persons in the United states alone and a Correct calculation shows that of the present population of the Earth eighty millions Are destined to fill the Consi Imph cos grave. Truly the quiver of death has no Arrow go fatal As consumption. In All Ages it has been the great enemy of life for it spares neither age nor sex but sweeps off alike the Brave the Beautiful the Graceful and the gifted. By the help of that supreme being from whom cometh every Good and perfect gift i am enabled to offer to the afflicted a permanent and a consumption. The first cause of tubercles is from impure blood and the immediate effect produced by their deposition in the lungs is the free admission of air into the air cells which causes a weakened vitality through the entire system. Then surely it is More rational to expect greater Good from Medici us entering the cavities of the lungs than from those administered through the stomach the patient will jungs free and the breathing easy after in aunt so remo Dies. True inhalation is a local remedy nevertheless it acts constitutionally and with More Power and certainty than remedies administered by the stomach. To prove the powerful Aud direct influence of this Mode of administration chloroform inhaled will destroy sensibility m a few minutes paralysing the entire nervous system so that a unto May be amputated Cost pain inhaling the Ordinary burning Gas will destroy life m a few inhalation of ammonia Wilt Rouse the system when minting or apparently dead. The odor of Many of the medicines is perceptible in the skin a few moments after being inhaled and May be immediately detected in the blood. A convincing proof of the constitutional effects of inhalation is the fast that sickness is always produced by breathing foul air. Is not this positive evidence that proper remedies carefully prepared and judiciously administered through the lungs should produce the most to during eighteen years practice Many thousands suffering from diseases of the lungs and Throat have been under my care and i have effected Many remarkable cures even after the sufferers had been pronounced in the last stages which fully satisfies me that consumption is no longer a fatal a my treatment of consumption is original and founded on Long experience and a thorough investigation. perfect acquaintance with the nature of tubercles enables me to distinguish readily the various forms of disease that simulate consumption and apply the proper remedies. Rarely being Mist Keu even in a single this familiarity in connection with certain pathological and microscopic discoveries enables me to relieve the lungs from the effects of contracted chests to enlarge the Chest purify the blood impart to it renewed vitality. Giving Energy and tone to the entire system. Medicines with full directions sent to any Parton the United states and uan Adaa. By patients communicating their symptoms by letter. But the be mop certain if the patient should me a a visit which Ifould give me an Opportunity to examine the lungs and unable ice to prescribe Vith much greater certainty and then the cure could be effected without my seeing the patient again. W,.gbahah, m. D., office 1131 Filbert st old no., 109, below 12thpnir.adei.prria, a. July 8,1857�?march 18, 1857. Lliladkll-Ula medical a Twenty two years ago by or. Kinkj2li a Corner of third and Union streets Philadelphia a. Twenty two years a experience has rendered or. K. A Mast successful practitioner in the cure of All diseases of a private nature Emu Hood a debility As an impediment to marriage ner Tous and sexual infirmities diseases of the skin and those arising from abuse of Mercury. Take particular is an evil habit sometimes indulged in by boys in Solitude often growing up with them to manhood. And which if not reformed a due time not Only begets serious obstacles to matrimonial happiness but gives Rise to a series of protracted insidious and devastating affections. Few of those who give Way to this pernicious practice Are aware of the consequences until,.they find th&jpqr-vbusaysibmshattered., and unaccountable sensations and vague fears in the mind. Seepage 27, 28, 20, of or. Book on the unfortunate thus affected becomes four la is unable to labor with accustomed vigor or to apply Hia mind to study his step a turd and weak he is Dull irresolute and engages even in his sports with lfis3 Energy t if he emancipate himself before the practice has done its worst and enter Matrimony his marriage is unfruitful and his sense tells him that this is caused by Hie Early follies. These arc consideration a a which should awaken the attention of All who arc similarly , remember Alie who places himself under or. Ktnkelin�?T3 treatment May religiously confide in his Honor As a gentle Man. And rely upon the Assurance that the secrets of or. patients will never be disclosed. Young Many let no in tsp modesty deter you from making your Case known to one who from education and respectability can Berta july befriend Yon. Kike line a residence has the Law tic Twenty . At the n. Vit Comer of third and Union streets i he Adelphia in a. A a Patio its at a distance can have by stating their Case explicitly together with All their symptoms per letter enclosing a remittance. ., Medicine appropriated accordingly. Forf tres ii Toniny part of the United states and packed secure from damage or curiosity by mail or express. A a. Read youth and manhood. A vigorous life of a premature death Kikke Lix of Sitf Only 25 cents. Letters that value in Stamps will ensure a copy per return of mail. Gratis Gratis Gratis a a free gift to ail misery Selie Vei a nature s guide a a new and. Popular m ork full of valuable advice and impressive warning Arke calculate de to prevent years of misery and save thou sans of lives is distributed without charge and forwarded by mail prepaid to any Post. Office in the United states on receiving an order enclosing two postage Stamps. �?�7 uly 15,1857.-2y. Bulls 11bcto mistur for piles tetter ringworm cd for any eruption or. Excoriate on of the skin whether on Tho head face arms or Uther parts of the body. Old ulcers or sores and pimples on the Fuco Muy be speedily curved by the use of the Recto Mistura. To those especially that arc suffering from the files we offer a sure remedy. From Rev. Or. Ent exime pastor Gorman Church Cor. Co away and Sharp is Rociy for Tho i Huumo of 1 Foci it a duty to state what a ble d n by the name of a Bull s Recti Mitura has a Emu me. I have been afflicted with the file fur .yeurn,.dui-to if which time 1 tried my own re Roeuy is a u. and Many others but without Success. U Buird of or. Bulls pile remedy i tried Aud thu ugh i used but one Balf bottle i can say that i am pm Fly cured. I. Also used it in viol m. Tener Over the whole body and in Leys thou two weeks it disappeared and the Skui became Dean and smooth i strictly Adhe red to the directions. Samuel Enterline. Sold wholesale and retail by a. S. Briber 3 Lebanon be sold agent for Lebanon county. Lensi j 1857 by
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