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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 18 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 18, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaA Jeff s Boot amp shoe store removed. A. W fall and Winter Stock for a both and she amp Lee Ora is of my ��?~�l08risf �?o5 �l1 iho&r<fer1 �l.�j��?~z�s�t�?, 18 y�1, to my of you with of foe san no 0 Grunki Rauhut Ned different Kinda up Moon Como Sil. A Lebanon oct. 21,1807. In a a a a a a Quot a Seltzer took spy at Law in fice in Cumberland Street nearly opposite Drua 8 hotel la Ujjin pm to amp re Dos Fco i w1 a of to. Ftp Bis . R.,a11 a a Hor logo Proem Iwin Buai Dosa Lamb a Stroot .6eoonfl,-Dpnrob. From a we of it by Letto Noy. Ji4yg, it a Isaac. Waft min of. Surveyor and conveyancer fac a Pora Berland Street a to a be the _ Eagle hotel a Lebanon in. A a a Rod ii Banon april 22,1857.-1?. Quot i a a a f Fias fit Tell j Elj a a a i Fri a a s/elj-xgffice.wal-�?�, nut Etrest Lobmon a it a. A Large and Ful Assort Kontof fixtures from the Well know establishment of Cornelius a Eaker always on a and at Philadelphia Pricor. Ltd a work warranted to give satisfaction. All orders will he faithfully of scouted on the Post reason Blo to arms i Tho be a f Refo Renos too Cebano Lufft. Is a Var. We a a y a i k Ems y a is , if a tone Seffi of Firth a a flee to Hlf flaw Fco we hdm a a mgr so Post tax to few doors North of feta but a or a slur amp jilt it Rol tfx a tween it and the new Luther but a Kattath. 1 Lebanon de. at Usall Zzz up Sard j1�1 Wii is., i a a water coot Huovi Sale o a Beautiful water pc Froller Largo sue entirely Fiew Oah to ots Iii it Bali cheap at this office. It is just to thing for a landlord or store keeper Pecan on Sopt 23, �?T51. Jyo printers. A Good Washington press of middling sue is offered for Sale at this office very cheap. Tho is $60. Sepulb. For Sale. Asco Ond band steam engine 10�?~horse Power. It is to to sold to Mako room for one of a larger Sixo. Apply to. A major amp brother. , Only a Lff to. S at., for Sale by Lobanon july 30, 1856. J. C. Reisner. Leather leather leather Henry w. Overman importer of French calf skins and general leather dealer no-0, South 3d Street Philadelphia. kinds of leather Morocco ac., red Oak sole leather. A Hob 25, 1857 1y 4 ims a a i co. It Era to persons about to t a six Philadelphia a a try the new Western he tech Market Street below 9th Street a every. Attention Given a tuft Siro to ,1 july 22/57-1,r tit m a amp a amp to amp a a ahem 2 Good a a Ollney a a wan Tod . Al t _. Tills of Tho undersigned in this Borough. V not a it it the Best of hands. Re i red to whom Liberal rages will be Given. Apply to 1 j50as, Gasser a Gettle. A Lebanon Fob. 18, i857.-tf. Ptg two is 1 Ilerio Klayr and jobber Hon Deposit Dauphin county Penn a. I am. Prepared at All Timos to. Put up a Iok a work in All Bra Rohos and on it mob test ies. Also by fuck Bull nos to Bitens Walls bps hos hearths and All Ivory on sect Furnn Eedo a. A a gang Shine sons always ready to put Down Fop nations by do Touy Ivory of ovary description. July 1, 1s.w.�?tf_ f. . Briers look to your interests i a new firm a a North Lebanon Job Rouglin. T 00,000 fit e 100,000 bushels Corna 10ff, oe0 hu4weli Oats Clover sold flax seed Timothy seed for. All Behieh Tho a ghost Raar of noes in Cash will be d by Noffman im5�el a co Forth Lobanon july 20f 67-tf, f a vol. 8�?21-, Lebanon pa., wednesday november 18. 1857. Whole no 488. The old country wife. her. Mir. Re be Faha it Eonta i Clife Sun it or the Olden roof a a we a a it if Tom a a .owsffisisl1, she cheerily so Teeth _ lacfailruotujhgu., in Tho Calm log Hub a Johp farmhou9o door i i i with Glau mugs a Yoro to the soft so of science 1 Tho said fangs of Loro a _ rely inc riot ln7 Thor. Store in tie so Drcar of Neo Logies Quot a is not bents1 a \v>0 my is a c a t h i by it May. Jc1-? 1, sy5 a hair Day of Tail clocks let i n just received a atches and jewelry another new Lotof. Watches and jewelry just received by. J. W. Cumberland Street next door to it dry Jane Weaver Soet. 22, 56. \ u \ a Law a clothing st me Greet amp her vim a Jeromel. S. Ramsey a go have jul t opened a Large and cheap of i Obi. Pm Onteri clothing. It heir Stock embraces All Bedi forent styles of a pants and vests suitable for Tho son. Loads of All kinds in the piece which will be do to order at the shortest Inobio. Girls under shirts add drawers cravats co pocket handkerchiefs gloves umbrellas sort every thing usually to m a gen liens clothing and furnishing store. In to two Jouitt Emex tailors wanted. A a s. Amp Ramsey a co. Lebanon sept. 23,/�7. It f a a f View livery stable. F the undo signed has established a new livery stable in 1 he Eagle hotel stables Lebanon. He has Good and Safo Iio Rees car for Lagos As my i to desired and care Wiful dryers which to will hire on r terms. He a plea Fly boing attentive to Busi-8 to receive a Liberal Ahful to of Public patronage ply at the Eael hotel or at the stables. -j0siah d. Dehuff Lebanon aug. Í9, in t. A. Banon female Seminary. Third ses8iq� of to it i Quot i Trot be i a Simmi Nauyo will commence Tho first. Of september next. Itis earnestly requested t a rifts into tiding to Send their Dahon rans a should do so at1 the old ski the session. 1. Legh r. Baugher a principals Modeste decamps. T teacher of French and Mutic. Lebhnomj�ly21h57 a. To bbb meters 4c.�?persons in say of hand a a mirrors trav8ka? a sane toi it bottles phffjbos5�l#i t,bil13 a he Othor Choice perfumes . Rubber and Horn posk<it3�tmbflct a he nabs a and Ash stands a new _ build . Sew Drar Mart Tel he a a Esfi Meiy Esu by lament. A Kos �1 4 a a cat pm Are read to Eady to a we a boil tvs shoes a Oca a Plato everybody Runks it and Travill no a. To Tracei a a. Diced Nohmy to. Orco amp re. To def of ready made lot hmm. A Bor cheap Joata Pauta a of vo9tbc<au at. It 1 Vii it. Ilbery amp Stine a store i Xic Banos october 28,1867 i to. My Aai Gay. I ice in Risdom her knowledge,.is 1, no a How it \ and con Lent Yvita a or Sotl co ulog old me Anonca Over nil of Erk it itt ,.,, ? a., and merrily knitting a Sub. Books in Tho Light form hour a door i a i j ,. A i Little Sho knows. Tho world and Ltd woos a. Of Ita follies of fashion. A a a or the Blenk storms of passion a i the phantom of gain As he stalked through the land Quot with his pomp and his pain a a Sho sought not to clasp so Sho Folt not Tho grasp of Rudo Kuln s a Kiloton s hand but Tho quiet within a. Undisturbed by the do a. Of madness and sin., a makes glad Tho dim Light Fara House door a hero Sho cheerily Sitter a i a and merrily knit Toth dirt a a it -,�r-7 it ooze aug old Motu Orias Over Azid Vork a Quot i it re a. Titus calmly Hor use 1/. Free from sorrow and flt Rifo i Ltd hath spun out its quiet thread and thus hath she Kemt i f hit fond loves of Tho living Aud dead it. 1. And though old age hath silvered her head and bewilder of Hor thoughts Dun Days of Yoro j lot of Oping old memories and title Tiiu of it. Sho Ehe Only sit Teth and Mornay knit Tot t in Tho Calm Light farm Louse door no a i Riu ii a j. T. A i Lucr of youth. Puiq it i a i with their fondness and Tmothy i n ,. I \ -htttoipoaa0dthrough that it farm Hoase Doar. R As on Boath s drooping plume i it Ltd a to it their Mem nes perfume it is a the tranquil Content farm House door a and their musical feet a a a. A on the Golden str cot. I. -. J. By Faith Sho can hear from the farm House door and soon through , ? i in raiment immortal. A f shall go Tho Good wife Furm House. A or it in Pride not in. Mook Nesa a a. In strength not m woakness.1.1 a / to join in god s love a with liar car ones above it and we shall Hahold Yovor More As of Yoro the old country wife sitti��gf1, and merrily knitting in Tho Calm Light farm he Ruso door. Upon me. Began to fear that my memory Jar Tull i Gairo but i a Singh toning up gain what a Fino thing it in to be Able to i throw Loff Alt a Lou to amp lands labor-1�?Over ,1 when one get of is j a Littfe weary 1 c i Hill to follow any example thus tto a Yinhe told st res Ofha and o Ven a san watches of for the amusements children a which die Lead Dong ago Given up for lost. A after-th6 Yonn Iblis had retired to rest mrs. Smith hfev1i�jbancf� a Feus he far a a a amp Vasma in st it amp. By has a id stories and a sung and a played i Ith Tho. Children As a Dollar. He Haa Renwood his age.�?�. I a a in a glad to hear it Lucy. A fathers been a had forking Man a his Days and he ought to lava Alitto rest now. i have to object Sci a yes Yos who a a wed Thoy were More than half it when they Aid in told live my hts Over plotts Tush Fiilus a of a a steady returning Quot a again the i a Good Opportunity offers win of is alone and your son John is out Quot uhis work Hrag it Down and empty its Contenio on Tlle table and count it All Over carefully aia7 Tell Lier if a a he makes any inquires tax a a us a ate teen thinking of spending a few months Witt your son Benjamin and thought you migtfas�?T4rolrt�sie��tieb�g ? t in More i As he exclaimed. A ��iwl1 nil a by a�?3 Cap cd be Ftp a Iota Opportunity to Eie Cuto has Sto Siago ii Oywind done u 1�?~the housework and sat Down to Hei Stiv ing. John appeared to he in a deep Muse. Not a word Rad been up oko for i gtfojl1 b al4 How Fyhen he got up and spreading out the Leaf of Tho great table he left the room. I. Al Isabll Anesito. To. in Algiers. A Cea or heard speak of great Robert Hodum. Besides being to it Cipot of con jurors he is an Able mathematician and mechanician Andry is dec it it a Clook Quot Mado is jib4 a Otel de Lille Toff no so old tines a Ray dal at to amp a Paris Nihil oltion to a note a in run wifi mat he was a a a a Ger a by tto he French Govor Mont a was Iori coun Quot Ecta a with the Black arts probably the first time that a 1 a 3wcn i y a it a conjurer has been Callea upon to exercise his profession in gov or Mont Empio. Setalla of a Bis expedition have just been published. Jute Obi of amp i Ai Sun a Bonn 134u p. Moil. Jet a to destroy the influence exercised among _. T a the Arab tribes by. Inc Marabou so an influence k applied by a few Elum y Baib amp we a Aud wed the we los Teafil of Ltd trl Olts a Inin a a. A to tons a Why no a replied Lucy hesitatingly a i Only one Mitt get tired if the Stormy Days should come too a Hei a <3f&Quot r t a ism Al a perhaps a replied her husband thoughtfully a a perhaps $8>usv�fif�<> til a for fabled i High is Yott Cepl jct wait co Ira , said the other Day. There is Inore Sunshine to Bah Clouds in Stormy ones in the world. A it sincerely Hope to replied Lucy quickly. This wish did not seem to require Auy answer and 1 unfortunately the storm continued the following Day and the old gentleman kept in the House of course. In fact be was beginning to Uko Stormy Days better than he used to. Ilia Admira a Tion however Bogan to Abate towards will you move your chair to Tho other. J Side fire Placo a a a a grandpa i Don t want you to sit hero you Are right in my i i win t you move away from this place i want to Como closet began to count the Sbin a 3ojibrs to Pill Oft each it Lucy uttered a half suppressed ejaculation at the sight much Rafon a Bug a notice font and Touti Nudd his counting Isgro did not dream a it Hor father bad any Money at ally Large piles 1t a she was. Overcome with astonishment and admiration hardly dared to Trust her Eves. She for got Box. Needle everything but Tho dollars but the old Man kept on counting us if to be sure that not one pieces was missing. A. A Why father a she exclaimed not being Able any longer to suppress her curiosity a where did. You get All that Money ? and what Are you going a todowith.it.? a Well As to that Lucy Baid John still count been Thirll Fng of 1 ate the r a to or in your Way and rth afe you was getting tired of Tho old Man and that i did t know but it would be better for me to go and stay awhile with Ben cumin and i was going to carry the bag Witch me that a All.�?�. A but you Are not going to Day certainly a Whir yes i thought i might As Well go now to wlsh11 had somebody Bero to draw a pail of i m it a by time a and he Bogan to tic up the bag a a i Al to r. F i i a ooh you must not go right so j Ohn will think very strange of it. Do father wait till you have seen Bim a fore you eave us a a a a wins of afraid Lucy a he replied a a that l Wasa Burden to you and i was afraid Somo limes that you wished Fasi so us. I a a in he Dpn a Jas Sither a inter a Why do Yon ask that que Tion my dear i re opt is a my a it a sur0 that 1 Don t know what a a Matle it is rather rather it is not quite lulv0 put 3u a Suranee to Jour have father in the House so much 1 a a ? i a a a a a a a a a he. Very much m my Way a t Woll it sad Tho old Man wiping his eyes a we a it Wibbe fair weather by and by Lucy acid win to talk Aoi e olt that now it a and ,0 Saj Well try to find something for ,to do out of is he took up the bad a and re Durdei torn is room water and bring me ,10.30100 Woodi jul too bad fora woman to go out storm where there is it a Man in doing at night there was another Sartain Tete a Tete betc9n5th�3tpr� my his we feint a so he a husband How Long do you Tifik this storm will last tricks and imposture these Mara outs passed themselves i no one to 7vas justly thought Swaab the Able to it clip a Ethie a and discredit the Radir Ovunc Xhu Busti ble i boules one great pretentious Mara put was to in vulnerability. At Tho moment that a loaded Musket fired at him and the trigger pulled he pronounced a few cabalistic words and the weapon did not go . Houdini detected , and showed that the touch Bole was the Arab wizard wad1 furious and abused Bis French rival. A Sysu May revenge yourself a quietly replied Itoi Ulin of take a pistol Load it yourself Here Are bullets put one in the barrel but before doing so Mark in with your the Arab did As be was told. A you Are quite certain now re said Houdini that the pistol is loaded and will go toll me do you feel no remorse infilling me thus notwithstanding that i a a you Are my enemy a coolly replied tier a. A it will kill a with outdo plying Houdini stuck an a Plo on �o10 Point of a Kufe. Audi calmly gave the word to to. A the pistol. , flew far away and there appeared in it Pla a stuck on the Point knife the Bullet the Marabou bad marked a Tho spectators remained mute from stupefaction the Marabou bowed before his Superior a Wallah is great a be said Fol am instead of Tho Bolle from which m Europe Robert Hon do pours an endless Stream of every description of wine and liquor he called for an empty bowl which in kept continually full of boiling Coffee but few arabs would taste it for they made sure that it came direct from Tho devils own Coffee ., he then told them that it was in Bis pc wer �0 deprive them of 11 strength and to restore it to them at ill and be produced a Small a a Box Soj igbo that a child could lift it with Bis Fin doors. A we inu8t make the Best of know. A the by Secof it replied Lack Quot i ican Teeas. Tubero is any to t of it to make hid 000k j nwt-t1settax i strongest Man present could not raise it and the his Pic Tufts Schev treat is a of Tinglow in Tiro tub 1 l to is i arabs who prize physical Sti. I. 1 a a a a 1 hint no a tits an m hav Mcnair Ara flin Linnca i a i. .4 Fri in .7 a h e a bag of dollars. And to run errands for him and get nothing �017 it that is what in Saro i can t stand this always John a a Fuyii us , a a Quot a you will not have too to replied and closed his eyes,.ind-tried to go to sleep. A. The re Der will see that dark Days for old John Smith Are coming. Matters grew worse from Day today. John expected Hwy father would do us much work As formerly the Hou a hot j for him withraw his. Clothes became the worse forbear and there a no Odoj to Mcd hem or to a a got new ones. To fancied that he thinking that a it would be a waste to 1 t clothes when perhaps the old Unes Flamer. Throw. His food was st cd and any i Good enough for Tho old Man. John thought he Road this id and eyes of his children. He might have been mistake he was sure of one thing he did not like asking As they said he should. His pc sauce was not wanted his Opin that Thor was so much Money in the House i so i Needle air a to Ilc slio1 a for some minutes a in a great 1 a a �-.�?~Iii--�?T. A f j j Nitse As Bunyan ays Ger but it suddenly Lecarno so heavy that the id not raise it and the. Strength above every Othor. Thoughts were passing through Tho mind of John m Bis chamber. He was in raptures and tit Bates to Tell him Bow Beautiful Bis stratagem worked. It. Into in the evening son Jolt it returned Home and As they sat alone he a Bis wife by a comfortable fire the ctn Dren and Tho old it gentle Many we Wilt hot Call him the old Man any longer having retired mrs. Lucy Begani a did you know husband that father had a bag. Of dollars in Bis Chest a a i a no Lucy i am sure by idiot do you 1&Quot an a swered John somewhat startled. A a a Wyo i do for he counted Thorn upon the table thing terror at the great magician who they la cd not could annihilate them by the Mere exertion of Bis will. A a they expressed this belief Hodum confirmed them in it and promised that in a Day appointed he would convert one of,.them to. Emoke. The sorcerer covered him with a transparent Gauze then hour Din it and another person hated to Tobolo by the two ends i and the it it Arab disappeared in a Cloud of smoke. The terror spectators was indescribable they rushed out place and ran a Long distance before some boldest thought of returning to look after Tho Marabou. They found him near the place Wber head been evaporated but be could Tell them nothing and was like a Drunken Man ignorant of what the Lebanon advertiser a family paper for town and country 18 printed and published weekly by we. M. Bre8lie, to try a Story of Lulfs newbuili6n�cmnylhhd a i Quot at one Dollar and fifty cents a year away via non i gaffs Igor cd at the Husul Rotor. Coots in Lebanon t k in Pennsylvania out of Quarter or 13 cents it Jescou Nubit we tha by , a 1 of Yost Mills Industry ime., publishes the following in i a Mem Ojeator part of Moose head Lake a where i Ltd Boz Vilog driving and when Ini Bovi ,t Bioh Lles on these eaten Shore of Thoi Ako i heard a Creek. , i Eft e to. It to Novas wrae noise wee i caused Byi Whei tilds bad knig i it in it ii silently in a up. Tny it Piave a fed fired at his nose which i could us Soctt Brugli the Bushes but of oct i of he made fall Speed .�i2spursued a him Haudry Dorod. When Ltd a passing i a around nut abrupt Pomti Olai ledge which Midthun Frosini Nisi sight la suddenly found myself confronted by a Largo boar which instant by. Sprang upon a to with his month wide open ii Ful for Refici Tiou a Lead not Timo to a. A had Iti been loaded. As he Camo towards to i Rifle and thrust Loy i stir into Fais Mouth grappling with Ali Iucci to amp Asl to he roots of ins tohgues9sfflj1ffmannerfrb 81ted and turn moments,.letstrhrig to Geol Artif me and l holding on for dear life. At lost he Drew up his bind legs and with tre Mendoni Force kicked me Twenty feet from Znuj rending rav -taloons.into shreds. Fie did not renew the attack but made and l had no disposition to. Follow him. I have followed Hunting in sea Sou for the in to am accustomed to incident to , but was not materially my band and Arm which were considerably lacerated a it the Wise things for which the name honest Benjamin Franklin is worthy of Honor to noticed the following a few Days ago. It contains a Deal of sound counsel a a i noticed a Mechanic among a number of others at work in a House erected but a Little Way from my office who had a kind word and a cheerful smile for every one to met let the Duy to Ever so cold gloomy and sunless a Happy smile danced like a Sunbeam on Bis cheerful meeting Bun one morning i asked him to Tell me. The. Secret of his constant flow of , doctor a replied be j �?o1 have got one of tuft Best of wives and when i go to work she always is a kind word of. Encourage Montfort me and when Rego Home Sho meets me with a smile Aud Sho is sure to be. Ready and she has done so Many things Dunn Tho Day to please to hot i cannot find it Umney boart what influence then it hath women Over the heart make it to Fountain of cheerfulness and a Puro emotions speak gently then a Happy smile and a kind word of the toils Day Are Over Cost nothing and go far towards making Lime it Happy and of i. A y fit old a old a old. Of Billie greatest offer la Gold i Gold Pendl tub chains a and Gold watches Ever Mode. Read the following in. A splendid Gold Premium a Lido Laura Basic rely girl to any person who can spare one Day in a week or one hour . Day getting of lab of subscribers Keig Hoodhood Best and most . Ular i Una Lynn esp or it hot pull she a no expanse and f outlay no capital required of agents. An Eumire new plan is proposed by which univ person can succeed id making it a paving Busl fifes in twill undertake Tho ?nva�4rcular, Gge Gfa Only with full list of drum jump will to sent to any one who desires it in be it of a stamp to Retno pm st f age. Some gets. Hav earned a Hundred Dollar Gold 3 watch in one week. A family at less one Tew a paper from hew a York City with out interfering with their a of adj amp pers. Which of course cannot Anita Houm not be dispensed with but new York being the great comic Odai and of tips continent no Farmer Mechanic. Professional Man or merchant is promo Rev props rud for. The emergencies of his be is in communication with new York City by Means of one of its first class newspaper mediums. Such a medium is our �?ole1>-Gkft,p Neutral a Post Tai. But giving All the facts items of,news,.aod thrilling incidents Worth knowing through out the country. A a valuable gift. A Bach new subscriber will receive with the first no. Of Thomaw find Beautiful Glass Point of Vinuell pfc pencils just imported from Kropo and for which we have obtained the a a Ciuriuc Ncncy for this country. This is the most Ici Temous end Useini improvement present age. Aud in the Only Pencil Ever made that will write with Ink Malna it both a pen and Pencil finest Quality at the same time it will lat for years and for practical use is Worth Inore than any Gold in the Market. A for hat of premiums and full particular-3 address. A a Hall k Psi publishers new York City. Obese pencils supplied to the Struile it profitable discount. A a auir.2tj/57. How a Cpl speaker shirked the cues to 0 x. -1 non e of Tho. Small cities of Ingga Getts the coloured population Heli Inee Tipp. To discuss. The celebrating the anniversary of Wco to India emancipation aug.,. I. At Oxie. Of these meetings a Jyry Monsei Hatiye gentleman Vos of Jonn m ill in Numor lie was in rapture and Day come a Tbs throng was prodigious fanatic tvs s�1wc conk Jar Ali Ticie going right Oier to to frjend1 Cili Maral ont had agreed to give himself up to Tho a url j a. U i a it i after two 11.� to toll Librn w 1.1. 1.f. Or three Sisters Lead a freed thar mines on the Raadt Lipini stand upon a table and lat Tara in Jer Doba get to a Rug up m a Soner Aliy excited state mid addressed the audience Feller citizens of i d a a pose at de la is word be. P matted Quot to take a Art in to Yere sous Sioui sensation a of i d a Node at de ladies could Jine in this Yere debate tall eyes,tarne4 in the speaker a of id believed for one moment Feller civil Zens Dat de female sect Wood Dar raise Deir Whiee in Dis Yere Mee tin i do Feller citizens a wot Wood you be a did of you d Node it shouted two or three Stout minded Sisters As the Whites two Independent candidates. Fax tie undersigned would respectfully inform Quot a a a the citizens of Lebanon and Vicinity that they will at All times be found ready to accommodate them in anything which belongs to their business which is painting glazing Aud paper hanging they warrant All their work. By strict attention to business they Hope to secure a share of Public patronage. Orders for work can to left at Waltz amp s Book store where they will be promptly attended to. At the latter place too can a Creon a lame assortment of neat 4 Chaste designs of Wall ceiling and Hall papers selected by them Froid one of inc most extensive establishments the City of Philadelphia. Sept 2, 57-3in Thompson amp st Ted. To Law a i p r e s a m the subscriber has made arrangements Lor running n daily express m connection with his freight line on Philadelphia and ruling and Lebanon Valley railroads and is prepared to for word packages. Money jewelry and daily each Way Between Philadelphia Ite amp Dong amp of. Each express m charge of a special messenger by passenger trams. All orders promptly Deli forwarded with the greatest despatch at reduced rates. Mark All goods Carrop p. Ald Kluht s line or express ordering May intend. Offices Del race Street Philadelphia Oor Crof fourth and Penn Street Al. Reading at sinking Springe. Womelsdorf Myers town and at d. Groeff s. Cumberland Street Lebanon. P Ai Bright. N. line of six boats running Between. Philadelphia and mlle to carry merchandise. Wifi freight general in. A a Schweitzer amp co. 60 North a Barros Pfilf Tda a. Chestnut strop pc Whorf Reading july.29,1657�?tf. _ Hoffman Immel or to is Lebanon county transportation Une Al John Smith was very Well to do m the world. He owned a couple of farms with All Tho appurtenances and a couple of sons Well married one of whom lived with his father and the other on his father s farm. John s wife had been dead for. A number of years and he was getting Gray but he thought he Coulty do As much m a Day As Ever be could. J1t�$pee$boul i not leap Over so lugh a Fence or so Broad a Long and steady Drill a amp did not Prezec Wotal lost any thing to speak of. His two of or and their Midi thought otherwise. I a do Cei Vod that father failed. Lie was not so Bright and vigorous go amp Taju Tostik year ago. It was too Muot pm for hair to Bavo the care of his Quot farms it wore upon him. by so much As he could once so Only ventured to inform him. Wley a Oiin a people Oro All the time growing Quot older. I m sure i am not so very old yet there a neighbor Bates he is ten years older than i am Januj of j see but that he is As Vitial pc and As Browd As Ever. A a i should like to see the Man who could go amp iffy slim m a Trade of any Ltd i re fall tto a replied a it May seem so to you bul Yon must remember that you Cannat see As Well As you soul Dejonce. Younger eyes can see ass ago from Active labors cd Elf Bun Djion to a test awhile and enjoy himself before he goes,hanc4 / the amp Sec ref matter was that the Tyro sons and their wives wanted to got their father to make Over his properly to Thorn and put them 117 actual Possession at once and therefore they endeavoured to get Tho idea into his mind Effot to was growing infirm that his cares and labors wore , and that he might not Long have to Livoto. This was no easy matter. i in How much bettor it would be to shift his burdens upon younger shoulders and cease caring for them. A j. They told him How much cheaper a a better it would be for him to Settle his own . They promised him that he she old live like a King and never want for any things then that he woe. Obliged �9 79 a slave of to bad done Butl Heie uld gown and Blip Erff by Daye and live his life Over again f u 1. Jrtr.�?~5 air he of e�t�te4, Aid if a by lid run in. A a a spite of Alt be could do. But has Sorn let wore Al a double part an in that zebras to i Subbot Bis father handsomely in .179 >5 a a amp of a a a it is Fitt i Yaj Quot Quot a a Quot a a a a re Strath Pye were Boull u11 presence was not wanted ins Opra a bad happened to him Houdini a of their Eves flashed on the sneakers i d Lon was not taken for anything he a like one to Day such a sight of Money i never sat Bee generated it and Tho de m d the Al a la Feal a , time to sigh Elf for his lost estate to re the covered the table All Over. And what j o j Frencl govern me Twa it completely a Olti m 3 3/ f 9 Dioio Cmith Noi w More he says he is�?Tgoing1 to live with Boma a i a a Ai .7a Potje Cura Noiea i attained. Tie fashion of a testimonials a having Ini 9 . Own Iii Ilc 1 ,., said he is going to take the Money with him y. A a a Nia 0wb a cd it 1 .1 5 a we. 14 appears 6pn arabs a number of overstaying his Timo. He sighed for his lost estate but it was All in vain. Liat was be undone though the doing of it Bis log. Half starved and half Clad and Noel noted by All John Smith was weary of his a tic. A a one Day he took it into Bis he a to Call on his Friend Batos ind Lay Tho whole Caso Bof go he perhaps the vsomescliemoubylwhich1. He condition might be Quot improved. A Hia Noigh Hopr receive Cordia Hilt invited him into1 lus toi parlor judging from Bis a appearance that John Smith wanted to see him . W a i Oid Launa in Iii a dirs Faigh �.u-2 in. No 4 1 a Quot a 9 a a it 1 new inn tarak wed me.,r Here Tho discomfited orator dropped seat completely exhausted. A. What you think of that ? a going to Livo with Benjamin l did he says chiefs presented the French conjuror with a piece ,.v i of Arab writing wonderfully decorated hyper a a a is and inc reason that Jib counted out his Ujj. A. A the a a Ujj Bohcali and Eulogi Stic and to which they were Sonnta Una to Ian if if Una Nunn Quot t a attentive As . Besides Ial of Hia Algerine trip Houdini r Wbysiwhat-ba8 Lippe used a of in get have expected be replied. A you would have toll had consulted you but i was Over persuaded. Tuck to a and Short matter is Jim a fool. But what have Yon been doing test makes you cry out so against yourself a asked Batch. A you know Octy Well without me telling you. I Money was to see if any of it was gone. A and Bow much was there of it Lucy do add know a a i i a a alight hundreds and hundreds a he pit a up tha dollars in Little piles Andi. The stable was covered a j�?T6ver a la a a a a Vicant believe it a Atad John. A. 7 Rue though a she replied and if he goes i Torben Jofrain s to shall Loae if cd. Rosary which he one Day borrowed fro i an Arab to perform , and which the owner that a briton m person was before him refused a it receive pans. Cor respondent if r a Wisn to it time to be thinking about getting up a said the Wile As Sho rattled at Tho door. A yes my dear i Hare been to hiking about it an hour and a . Booie do to 8upport him a a a a a a a a a a ibo Pauhu he hits got it into his had the it re. Done to want him Here. And have As Good As said we wished him load.�?�. A wife we have not treated him of a Good father f a a a i air Wii should a to treated. We Havo been to blame.�?�. J san to no a a of a of Ikirt martial of a fat amp Virg serves a Well i know it a said Lucy quickly a Butl though by compulsion under Tho Rey,olutiohary1 have signed my Jar sporty to my boys a von i dolt know that lie bad any 1 j government established at Naples by the French no everything to them for their pro Inise us sup-0 a i thought lie bad Given up to Rythma to j an was in pursuance of that Sontonio hung by port i if Hito i Livo Ahdi Ubety done to after a Bouef Nahmee Itoh la a Claitor do 7 1 i lord Nelsons order a on Hoard an English frigate do it and what a Worp a a aug a hop Jiuyan Olfs in a it will not do. To la ctr tim get. A a won must a Jan the Bay. After his execution Tho body was and now Imez is to Yod Fiji Sig As of have a knowledge that we it have done a Rovig and premise a carried out a consider ankle distance Andson Nowith alwai$hffl4shns$ibprehfewit�6hiyia to do better. A a a do Uhic loaded show weighing two Hundred and you might pass july contrive a Omo Way to us Kun a Jiey made no objections , and this the fifty pounds tied to Tho logs. Between two and Well, have you been full Xii a actaeon at the Al toys store of James Quot n. Rogers Aud bought one of his Superior cooking stoves As he has just returned from Tho City and brought oho largest assortments of stores Ever brought to Lebanon my neighbor got our from him and it is the Best cooking store i Ever saw. They can bake roast. Cook and Wash at the same time if they wish to audit Dosete whoever among our readers has to Russ Coop j Hng Pevic Uon i we determined to get one of. A a it the same sort Ana the beat of All is he warrants every or s celebrated novel of a Wing and Wing a Larj cooking Stop he Sells to do As he i a recoiled the vivid Given therein of a re a a a , with at Beralas a. I sort ment pfc execution of Prince Cav Arcioli u Ibe Bay of t Parrot Jjo lot dining room Stote it to. It a 1.1. 1 i.�. H which will be sold cheap with a full assortment of tin and Suret pro i Veare generally connected ,\y5th his b�sines8 a the ail work entrusted to him will be done with nept Nesa a in c / / ,23,.�?T5t? Jahja my tolerable but if not i Inetter rested till the next morning. Spend1 Tho remainder of my Days m mourning my Folly a n s w or. Bates pondered Kuppu Tot subject awhile and then replied. A a a a a. . A a a you can t get your Rop Efty into your own hands again. You should not have parted with it so easily but you seem to. Be fully aware , that. I will not reproach you for it Ltd a a a Are done an Porry calling j tar Folly then to fret ave cry a �?ot a but a continued he bight eng up As to a now thought had struck him live with your eldest son John do you Quot a a a yes t a and a docs not do is it to a a o a i a a Why Hotye the no go and try Tho other son a ppr Edge now Cate Over Juba. Sin vac Frev int v0f is this Wrig Vdov l a Smith s video a oui not fee ��<cx4m a Ofin is Boad amp provide for me or after uis death Bxs what a 1 j. I Gayo a a a m d of a years John Rand Lucy a Ted All x orm vory Day like consideration which i Gaie a a. A. It. I Salt a mull Quot Bast to open the Ebe to when to their Heigo Ull sit in his him i it it Tat was the it amp a remix sent 1 i ii 1 ,.a a i Veff Nat it amp of i a a hip sons to weft Moro than it Ltd die a a gentle Toan Tho a Tot tothe Teof Ontoh he had turned Over not we Thorlt look . Came he kept Tho House Bis a amp a a a it slip prs were not a a let Riis Ltd a a Roll ii l�ini4dan? was so Chat a ail i the dlr Klo Grund Chi a. Dren so fond of him that Tilas the storms of life were All he Fawn Over and his last Days wore going to he hts West Days in tfx enough. He past the floor with Clastic step and oven caught the Cyd a a old ends of sundry old songs bleh him teen forgotten for Many a . A a w Fri new i la Tell Yogi How a its neighbor said bites a a in be Aliitia hit of Itrat Ngem in Loy heal. They say stratagems Arp. Allowed which if it works Well May secure to you Bottey will you try �f��?�1 a a a a a a a a Quot in i it. A i think Quot said John a i Niay Venturo �?~lo0try anything you.�may., suggest. You la. Roe Oudot though i that it i it am an. and i they o toll1 to that rely Fari Illes Are a a Quot a it. Imin q a to a. Juoh Noy Orpet and Jha Hithon who an Jav Rod jag. Fugi your Piroh obliged Tai believe Tell von you Are a Yon Swu yet cheer up Luor a Niveo Rcpt. theft Are Many Good Catyb yet a Storo for you i j i / i r t i a i wish a sight Fajohn j tut what is in find qua Bear Ltd Bates a focused do the desk and Opong ten text out a heavy let a Aud returning a to. A a a a Eston Tilicki out to him ter Yifei amp a Udo it Loti a a a tharis this Quot sex Olaiz cd a a impart a i i you Goral do a a. Number of or Fra a enough Foryt a purpose Ira amp a Aye Tat of 8, Hon for with yet a Siil and log a stir a Hest when some Ofra Pama was taken the next morning id preparing the breakfast after which the whole Mattes was to ked Vover and All due apologies made j and father was persuaded to postpone for the present his contemplated visit. 1 a hop affairs forthwith. There was plenty of Good food on bib plate -1 he was allowed to sit in his great chair just Liere to Plen amp de of a a Stormy a Day. The it neighbors told i in. That to was growing Young after a lapse of a few weeks be returned the wonder working bag to Bis old intend Bates with Many thanks for the loan of it. A As Long Asho lived to never bad of Casio to Coj Plain of his on Orchis son s if or he Dron for any Jack of care or . Tom Midi amp Toly after his death a we decent utter bag 0, had been Tran. Formed into at bag of old Rusty Elf to which was a slip of paper on which we ton Tho follow log caution a i a to my two Bons it play concerns a a by a pc so unwise As to sch roof away your staff Ujj Jeus you need i pm by. Isif i. T. A a. A a i a a a a Birch the wife of one of he pass Twefi r5t3?Ning Ohio skin tip Ousep Rala Menca re late the Foll Dwin incident the Ste Hiil my husband provided me with Lihte Prei Torvor wioj1 put Jon. 1 room Foi to cloak . Saw my Canary Bird in its Cage As Ingr Rily As it Over did. On the Wienc i tool Tho fits prison and placed it in the bosom of my Drc a my husband hurrying tuo leave thu?4tel, Fen Iii Rno do to to vast e Titae on so trip Fli Irir object. 7ipn x ,wa8 Lover Oil Leto the a a bought Tho Bird a hould Haye been miffed by the rope or Misof drowned by the Waves a which broke Over us Btij to sea Aud Dhian i Renft Marine Howa placed in a can it the lit 1& cil Lanm Saai gtd via of three weeks afterwards when the King was on fancy. ladies. Quot by Union canal Andes a Banon of Huey Railroad. Aphis consists of 22 first class boats x running Between Fhi Ladelphia Baltimore and All other Points along the Mon Schuylkill tide water and Pennsylvania canals. Freights contracted for at Tho lowest possible rates and delivered with dispatch. The proprietors til particular attention and attend personally to the receiving Aud delivery of freights shippers and merchants can rely in having their goods delivered in Good condition and with promptness and dispatch at Low rates. One firm will particular attention to goods shipped by the Lebanon Valley Railroad. Goods will be sent daily to and from Philadelphia to Lebanon. Myerstown Annville Jonestown and All other Points county. For information apply at their office in North Lebanon or at the Lebanon Valier . Depot. A Edward Mark their agent in Philadel a Psia will always Befu Ned at it. H. Bush s merchants a hotel North third Street philae a. Lebanon aug.ii2, �7-3m,. P s a wheat Rye Corn Oats a seem bought for Cash. H. I. A co. Important to business men f Speed increased and rates or freight reduced m the How Ari express co. Have made arrangements with Tho Lebanon 1 a Valley r. Co., to Forward goods packages moneys ac., id Eli arg of. Their own special messenger from Philadel by amp and Reading by passenger train.,mar Ebinte wishing their goods forwarded punctually it and with despatch a will consult their own patronizing the express of. T orders for goods to be returned by express will be delivered in philae a Freo of charge. Persons having remittances of in nov to make Tohn fab Jai amp Coy a Nufi Wymo so pc to ,.abqye Eig fcb Phu Delph a. and dealers in toadies gentlemen and children s a of Fu-ks.? wholes Filc and i Etc in j. A. Amp co., would Call the attention of 0 flav nor of us a to c a a a Public to their immense Stock of fancy fur a of Nadas will find to for ladies gentlemen and children their a assortment a Only Safe More of conveyance. A a a \ kind of Cuney Fura that will. If ice no 4 Eagle , Lebanon po., Board to a a neapolitan fish Nuan a during the season a us hns foil Cap Milf i and 248 Chestnut st., below 3<1 it Philada a Camo to to ship and solemnly declared that car capes Quarter capes Talmas my tories Bonn in uhf 1 John Ulrich agent. Pence domes a furs fat do to i _alu1j 22�?T �?T5 for Ilo Wai d Lupro a go for go Nomen assortment of fur Coll trs a a my Nari i a a a ninc.1 gloves Gau gets to. Being the direct importers of Alii a our furs Anix manufacturers of Vliem under our own us j foundry and machine surf provision we Feci satisfied we can offer l>etter-induce5. the the not la a House hating an ii Meir so a Sadr Tny a by to select fro i and 1 at Tho ill Nufa tur ers prices. A Only Afek a a cell a. V jo�1k fare1ra amp co., s�p�.16, 57-tin. A no. 818 Marl i t st., above st Phil a. B Wilaine pre i Uio by state a a Jfe a a Pua is m Taccioli had non from Tho Bottom of to Soa and waa coming on As Fust Asho could to Naples swimming half out of Tho water. Such an account was listened to As a Talo of Idle credulity. Tho Day Jio Yovor bomb fair Admiral Nelson to please Tho King stood out to sea but to ship bad not Procce Dod far Boford a body was distinctly soon upright in to water and approaching Thorn. It was soon recognized to indeed the Corpse of. Caraccio which bad risen and floated while to great weight attached to to logs a kept the body in a position Liko . A fact so extraordinary astonished Tho King and perhaps excited some feelings of superstitious fear Akin to regret. To gave permission for Tho body to be taken on Shore and revive Christian burial. Q a 1 fit a terrible m st. John on dark night a Man Wulke it one Ivha Yos in that City when the Tido was a a fi18 any along m to mud by instead of Toj ing a course of Incato him from Lis unpleasant pc Diamont to wandered up among Tyi the wharf where of Courso a bewildered . Tho rising Tido made him conscious of his danger and by. Bouts and. Poise Bowa on Abl it a trac the at Tentio Nof or on a sin Tho a Limity a too lafptf9t a loss. As Tho Udor Febo be climbed to the top piles and through a smal a torture in for one of his arms he was enabled to a Forni them of a is station. In up Bop Andi Joe Jam Good when the water was every moment rising around him and he co Jilg not Beju str it Ted to Shook hard a so with friends of through Jho Hole air the Oioi Yoy and he had Shoul his Gorsop and Joist As Tho Vracr was closing Jar directions concerning his a a his friends goodbye u in or Heath a noun e of that if was Over. 1� hoi y was aaa<iha1i1���u 4flpt6btoyia Isth h�4b a a a a ii Over a la quid Blair Dye. In Chr following Adelphis. Or. Urine Kle added to Tho test Mouv of professor a foot Only confirms what is evidenced by thousands who have used hovers Dye a. A Girard Row Chestnut Street. . Decca by a 22d. Ls53 a a a a in Reg Ford to l�over8�?Tiia�rdybi i can Stato a besi Tate ugly that it Oon Jins no deleterious Ingr Edieu acid a a a 7. May to used with entire safety and with the utmost a Yould respect full invite Tho Confidence Aud w. D. Bran Culb. My. A i Obs attention of their friends and Tho Public in hover a writing and indelible inks a i ,.to the fact that they Are prepared Tho Are so Well and widely known As to require no Eulogy 1 con tog season to manufacture and Hai o on hand of their merits it is Only necessary to say that the steady a Tho largest and Best assortment of demo indy give the it evid Onoe to Matthev i farming Impf Emont maintain their Ebay Cir , we Ith Distin if ii i o Gui bed them Whon first introduced Vears ago. Orders addressed to tie Matuu factory. No 410.rackremoval.1 Lebanon Marble Yard. Flthe bub Senbei respectfully informs a "the1 Public in general that rhe is prepared to do All kinds work Marble j Ard in Walnut Street half Way Between the court House Ond Leb Afifi Galley Railroad depot ,.8i done in Najr ,0n cd utter m i Ever of found to to farm Rij of this courtly such As Wheeler s improved railway horse Powers and threshers a Jota in y s combined reaper and Mower wit i later i provenience a col mania a Aru Miu a it Ixion drills and of Ihil. p Aud. I a Tojo Ali ter Corn ploughs Aud Plu enters c. Sorta to cider Mills Tel in Hollor Corn Beners fodder Straw nitty Hay cutters 4c,. All above machine Aro of to improve Monte and arc Atli give satisfaction. Also. A castings of All kind Quot Quot a and at Short Holoco. ,ff8ina to he pledges he can Inanuike-1 / f 1 f�?ote.dm�. And give a hotter finish than and other i let is Mai engaged Fri the Sansbu Sintz Quot fils Stock consists o yi����3 he w i _. A Njo. Monuments a re a a stones Monte go co., a. Cemetery a tfx Najj a a also a Aad Stotyn of Uio Plain and Oma mental Stone for ill a Buu no j 0pparthcrshjarr Quantity. Stock before. X. Al Vetna inf. I Etc in eng Lifis. By i _ we ion Jfe Eclips Job a a Mutual consent on ��1m a out abut Dai Gay. John Whf Sutfie. A. Was Lair will he Yontl nixed it m turned from the City with n,finhftototeneii.�prtctt��i�u5il� boots hots a a a 1 Quot a a Affif Fjug for a to w. Bat not
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