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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 11, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaAway 5 if so if Oliero were but this one Man. To Fitce i would Battle it out alone and not leave her an hour in their hand s. 1 done to know a 1 said carelessly whole a a your son is at Home if so. Would to direct me by and by to Leckford and carry my bag and Basket a a yes Iso can go a was the reply. That course then was hopeless and 1 must try the other Way. Slow. By i sauntered along the Wood path pausing from time to Timo to look with seeming interest at the Trees and shrubs around me and Back at the old House and still that Man stood in the doorway looking after me. At last i turned my head and he was gone but while within sight of those windows i dared not Quick on Paco. A few Steps More and i. Was close to the Gate i leaned upon it for a minute then unlatched it and passed through. All was still and quiet in the Early morning Light save a Rabbit bounding across the path and the Rooks cawing overhead. I went on a Little Way then stopped and once again looked Back. The old House was hidden now and Vohu Man figure was in. Sight. Another glance and then away like the wind through Fields and Woods and Over the common where the Low red House stood in Solitude. On i went into the first Plantation through More Fields and then clambering a Fence ctr Lull near. That House Niy boy guide bad said belonged to or. A Archer and bad said too that to was a a magistrate. Little As i had noticed his words at the time ally the name the place come fresh to my mind in my Dight watch and i was going there to ask his Aid. On on and now my Labouring breath was failing Aud my feet seemed fastened to the ground but still i struggled Forward and at last thank heaven for it i had gained the door. A gentleman was Riding from it. A stopped before him panted out or. Archer and then everything reeled before me and 1 staggered against a pillar. With my dizzy eyes i saw or. Archers for he it was turn his horse and dismount but he had stood before me some minutes asking my name and errand to fore i could entreat a moments speech alone with him. He looked surprised then led the Way indoors to a Small study. In a few hurried words i told Pirn All but As i went on i saw the wonder in his face turning to disbelief and the kind thoughtful Oyes involuntarily now at my disordered dress now at my flushed and agitated face. To thought me mad. With a Groat Effort i composed myself steadied my voice and said a a you Quot think this a wild Story but i swears solemnly that every word is True and i Call on you As v magistrate to give to to was silent for a moment then to replied a As a magistrate and a Man i should be bound to help if this were so but Pardon me it does seem a wild Story and 1 should hardly like without Strong proof to enter a Many a House with such a i Laid my band upon his shoulder a Liston a i said a i can give you this proof Only that on the truth of what 1 maj say hangs my own character. A if you go with to and find it false you have Only been deluded by a madman or a rogue \ if you refuse to go after my words her blood and mine be upon your head for i at any rate shall instantly return he hesitated then said a you speak strongly and at least As you say my going can do Little harm f am i stopped him again. A not alone. Let some of your servants go with us. Not for my own Sake a i added As a half smile curled his lip a i Only ask one Many said but i would not draw you into danger and they Are both Strong men and May have to be a and if not a he said. A if not you have been deluded a i replied. Ery Well so be it a he answered. Halt an hour later or. Archer and myself with two servants stood before the door of Brocklehurst Grange. All seemed As undisturbed and quiet As when i left it hardly More than an hour ago. Was it As peaceful within ? were they still going about their daily work expecting my return while the solitary prisoner up stairs waited and waited and watched for me in suspense be ended now i rang but no one came at first to answer the summons. A terror seized Roe. Could they have murdered her and fled leaving the House deserted ? there had surely not been Lime for that. No there were Steps sounding on the floor and the rattle of the door cilia in As it fell. A moment More arid i should know. The key turned and the door was opened wide at thl Stime by old Pearce alone quietly regarding us with the old sullen look and no More. They had guessed nothing yet and now it mat Torch Little that the three men by my Side must show Hindall. A you have had a Long walk a he said a and what May this gentleman want a As or. Archer stepped Forward. 1 looked him full in the face. A he Lias Como to take Ann Forrest from this at that name thought to see him turn Pale or Spring upon me but no feature altered no change came Over the dogged face. Then ail at once my heart mis gave me. Or. Archer looked embarrassed. A i would ,�?T he said intrude upon you or suspect you of the horrible crime with which this gentleman has charged you but be is so positive that if you can you ought for your own Sake to Clear Pearce looked at him unmoved. A you Are or. Archer of Holme Green i think. Why you Are Here and what this Man Means perhaps you can Tell for i a this is what i mean a i said Ann Forrest whose master you murdered two years ago is now secretly detained in this House lest she should accuse you As the murderer. She is in the room which you Call a lumber room and i am going there a you Ere Welcome to go there or anywhere All a of you though i know no right you have to search this House. It signifies Little to me what you do and this is All of a piece with your conduct this morning and turning on his Heel he went Back to the Kitchen. My companions exchanged looks and i saw that the old Vidianos cunning words had strengthened their suspicions of me. That strange that horrible composure what could it mean 1 with a sick heart i led the Way up stairs to the locked door where i had stood the night before it was locked now and above it hung the key. Could i have mistaken the place i no there was the narrow passage just before me the winding staircase above and below. I snatched Down the key unlocked the door and entered a desolate room half filled with boxes and old Furni Ture beyond it was another room quite empty with no sign of human habitation. This then was what the old Many a calmness meant yet i searched searched searched d a sparingly on every Side in every Nook and Corner or. Archer looking on silently the while. All in vain she was gone and not a Trace of her left. I went into the other rooms 1 left no spot unvisited i groaned aloud in my bitter remorse for having left her to her had her Fate been ? that was the thought that Lay heavy at my heart As we went at last to the Kitchen. As we were about to enter it or. Archer Drew me aside. A a Oil remember a be said a your own words when you brought me Here. I have been patient i have Given you Xinyi nay Yarur own As Quot we in Quot As the men 3-011 have wronged you must confess openly either to a cruel slander or a a an insane fancy a a i said finishing the sentence. A not yet. There Are gardens and out houses i must search them. They May even have carried her a How could they in Broad Daylight 1 you Here till an hour ago and no cart or horse about the place that at least is impossible besides the Man is Here. I said nothing in reply. What could i say 1 the old Man was still alone and sitting by the fire As we passed through the Kitchen to the Back door. He. Raised his head and pointing to a Basket on the table said a my wife got these ready before she went to Market. I Don t ask if you have found anything up stairs because there was nothing to find but i Hope you Are i was silent but or. Archer paused to say a few words before following me out upon my fruitless quest. Everywhere in lofts and Sheds summer houses and Sta ble round the gardens and Yards on All sides i hunted and hunted in vain. The fowls in the Chicken Yard the old dog in his Kennel were the Only living beings that met my eyes and turning to or. Archer i said at last a i give it a and withdraw your accusations a he asked. A it is useless pressing them,.�?� i answered bitterly a but How can i disbelieve my own senses a senses May deceive us a he said quietly. T i knew what he meant very Well. His first step when he returned again to the Kitchen was to go to old Pearce and apologize gravely and formally tor the disturbance he had caused. His next was to turn to me saying a there can be no further reason for my remaining i will wish you Good morning hoping that your painful impressions May Wear off a a \ his words came in strangely with the thought in my own mind. Was it after All a dream a delusion of my own created by the lads Story and the desolate House had that Midnight visit existed in my own fancy alone ? was or. Archer right and was i going mad ? with that terrible idea now first striking me i stood silent until or. Archer repeated his Farewell. Then i roused myself. A goodbye a i said. A after All you May be right and i wrong a Stop a and my voice in a new tone echoed through the room. I was standing by the window and close to my right hand was a common Kitchen cupboard and at that very instant i had heard a moan come from it had i not been so near and i could hardly hear it now but i turned and Laid my hand upon the key and As i did so the old Man with an oath sprang up and rushed upon me. There was a con fused struggle a loud outcry and he was on the ground and i was wrenching open the door. It yielded to my strength and there upon the floor of that narrow closet bound hand and foot and gagged Lay the poor woman for whom i had been seeking powerless to move or cry out though with help so near and Only Able by her desperate efforts to utter that one faint moan which had just reached my ears. We lifted her up and unbound her but she spoke no word Only her wild eyes roamed incessantly about and she Clung to me with a grasp that seemed As though it never would a Loose. Or. Archer and myself led her a Way leaving the two men to bring old Pearce afterwards for he made no resistance and Only glared savagely round upon us All. It was Many hours before. Ann Forrest could speak of what had happened to her but that afternoon in. Or. Archers study her hand still clasping mine she told her dreadful tales How in old time she had known pearces Well and once had even helped to nurse the woman How they had asked her carelessly one Day about her masters Money Box and she had told them not thinking any harm and had never dreamed of any harm until the cruel deed was done. That evening she had been Busy in the House till after Nightfall and then went Down the Garden to Call her master in to supper but As she neared the spot where he was want to she saw two figures bending Over something on the ground and As she stood to watch saw too that it was her master who Lay there and running Forward with a cry in sudden horror had fallen the next moment stunned by a blow upon the head. She knew no More until she woke to find herself in the lonely room at Brocklehurst and Learned that they had brought her to Ward suspicion from themselves that her life had for the time been spared because the woman bearing grateful of that old kind nursing had vowed to Tell All if they harmed her and might have kept her vow and so for All those terrible months one weak woman alone had stood Between her and a terrible death. Of the end of that suspense of a the morning when the old Man coming up alone had found the key despite the frantic efforts she had made still in the lock and guess ing the secret from that and from her terror had bound and hidden her from her approaching deliverers and arranging All things in her prison bad sent his wife and son away and stayed himself on guard of All this she could not even now speak without convulsive shudders and we did not press her., my Story is Well nigh told. The father and son suffered for their crimes and the woman was mercifully delt with we did not take Brocklehurst Grange for we. Could not hear that our innocent children should live in scenes darkened by such deeds but we did go elsewhere years afterwards there might be seen mowing about our House a Pale tall woman darkly dressed gentle in manner and very quiet. To her my wife turned for sympathy in every trouble in her arms the children loved to lie when sick or sorrowful. From her i had the most faithful and devoted service and she died at last holding my hand to linking me with her eyes even who ii her voice was silenced forever. Her name was Ann Forrest. When democratic principles cease to Lead we cease to Followlebanon a. Wednesday november it 1863. Judge Peak Sony a charge. A do not Ini Sunder incl Nln on this subject. Men have the most unlimited right cd a def non i if Yon please rail at the a huh or Ryslya pm Quot a. Ot9eot to manner in Lucli it conducts Public affairs Ira not to decry the government under which we live or express Hopes or wishes for a dissolution of the Union the destruction or die atom Oor Aroi ies the Success of the rebels or of the rebellion. To la a administration he May entirely condemn the government he is hound to support. Parties will always exist in every tree country and whether men will sustain or oppose a particular administration is one in which there should Ever be the most perfect Freedom of opinion but no Man or set of men has any right natural or Politi Cal the overturn the government itself. He is bound to support and sustain it. Let who will administer its Ana us until the ruler can he changed under the provisions of the Constitution. There certainly can be no difficulty with persons of Ordinary intelligence drawing the distinction Between sustaining the government itself and sustaining or opposing these who temporarily administer its affairs. The latter is a question of parti the former o f patriotism/1 the Ball is rolling our abolition a a Union friends must not forget that it is less than two months until the fifth of january when the next draft is to take place. We Bave not yet heard of a any of them volunteering to make up the quota of Lebanon county but they Are no doubt settling up their business affairs for that they should be Quick to announce their intentions and relieve the sus Pense of the Public. In Lancaster county Vone Man volunteered last week and it is also reported that another patriotically done the same thing in one of the new England states. Whose name shall be first on the a Roll of glory from Lebanon county ? turn out be blowers i now is your Chloee to make Good your boasts of fighting until the last rebel expires. As a further inducement for our abolition friends to Volunteer we May state that the quota of Penn Sylvania under the present Call of 300,000 men has been set Down at 38,263. If this quota is not filled by volunteering All deficiencies on former requisitions will be drafted Viz deficit prior to the draft of 1863. 16,071 36.754 38,268 deficit on site draft Queta under the new Call total a -91,093 it Wilt thus be seen that Only two fifths of the number required by a draft will be required in volunteering. The item of 16,071,_ Wade up of men drafted in 1862 and never reported for duty. The draft at that time was made for the entire number of men then duo under All requisitions Date but Many deserted or never reported. The item of 36,754 is the deficiency on the draft now in Progress and that will be materially reduced by the time the draft is completed. When of men due on the current draft was fixed on the 17th of october but few counties had drafted men into service and in a Large number of counties the draft bad not been made at All. This deficit will probably be reduced to about ten a for fifteen thousand we say to the a a last Man and the last dollars crowd Volunteer Volun Teer h the loyalty and intelligence should make it a particular Point to see that no draft is allowed to take place on the filth of january next but that our quota be made up by Volunteer ing for the reason that Only the a Loyal a trying to their assertions Volunteer while in a draft probably two thirds would be a secessionists traitors sympathizers Copperhead a and All that kind of persons classes in the opinion of Many but Illy qualified to fight for old Abe 1 we say Letl he army be a truly a a Loyal one. Or 11 is slated that the workmen who Bave Crawford a statue of american Liberty in charge expect to place it in its position on the dome of the Capitol by the first of december. The scaffolding which they have raises to facilitate their efforts is now seventy five feet higher than the dome and As the men walk to and fro upon the beams they look More like mice than human bipeds. For the work they Are now performing the workmen Are to receive double their usual and surely no one will object to the emolument when the danger is considered. A a How is it the draft is unpopular enough As it is but it is certainly Tobe regretted that the draft officers so would be parties to assist in entirely flaming it when their duty is to uphold it and make it friends. We a informed reliably that some of those interested in it in this District Are trying to make Money out of it Fey advising parties that Are drafted to Deposit in Bank to their credit $350 which would have to Betti exempted for fee 3�?Tcars, whereas the payment of #300 would exempt them Only from the present draft and that they would be liable again to the draft of next 5th of . We Are promised the evidence in this matter and if it is True look out 1 these men Are no a a copperheads who Are thus dealing in poor menus woes and making a Nice Penny out of them but they Are a patriotic Loyal Christian a Quot and everything else that is called Good in the present Era of Rasca Lity and . The Devil will have a Rich Harvest before Long of these mercenaries and also of those whore screening them through newspapers and word of Mouth by the Stop thief cry of a copperheads a it is a pretty Good Erite ion to judge by Toby vtnen"e0qij a copperheads 1 copperheads a that a More than usual stupendous piece of villainy has been or is being committed and that Tom Dick and Harr Are striving to cover up the tracks. Democrats Are spared for holding to the Faith that is in them although the ask nothing but what is guaranteed to them by the Laws and institutions of their country but the vilest abuse and foulest misrepresentations Are _ showered upon them because they will not join the most rascally party the Sun Ever shone upon. We have determined to give eco for Eye tooth for tooth and Bence will expose their Rasca Lity in this world a if they do any Good it May be recorded for them in the world to come As we shall Lara our hands full in attending to our selected department. A amp a since writing the above to perceive that the administration has thought proper to explain itself on the subject and which explanation we Trust will put an effectual Stop to All Sharp practices in this Branch of the draft business. Pruvost marshal Genera a dispatch to the Provost Marshall general of new York dated Washington november 1st, says a Vtha president has ordered that every Niti Een the fraud proved. That the state of Pennsylvania was carried by fraud at the recent election no one can doubt who Ead dimly examines the returns and compares them with the votes Given at previous elections. The figures to prove it Are thus clearly summed up by a correspondent at1 the age the number of vote cast in the fall of 1860, for governor were 492,606 add to this number ten of coat for Nat ural in Rense ac., 49,260 a. a a a Pennsylvania Bassant to the Field about 232,000 volunteers a. Of this number we suppose at least one half Hare been killed wounded in hospitals and in Tho army &o., which is deducted from the vote 541,866 116,000 the vote of 1863 Sherid net exceed 425,866 of this number the democratic party. Polled for judge Woodward 254,171 leaving the actual abolition vote of 1sg3 171,695 instead of which they pretend to have polled 269,495 who has paid the $3q0 receive the same credit therefor As 5che had furnished a substitute and is exonerated from military service for the time for which he was drafted to wit for three our neighbor Lebanon a a Democrat a must have read extensively accounts of pirates and their manner of doing business. The school must have been a useful and pleas ant one to him As be so faithfully and clearly follows t he example taught by them. His Black Craft Satis under false colors floating a Flag inscribed a a Democrat a a while its cargo is specified on the invoice As a enl a trial a but is made up of the most incendiary and warlike material that can. To found in belligerent ports. Its Flag has deceived Many a one but it is beginning to be understood and known. Its cargo is also Appicci ated As it deserves. Fearful of this it has taken afresh to deceiving its passengers by extra professions1 of but those who remember How about two a ears ago it was in equal danger of exposure and loudly proclaimed that �?opart3�?T should no longer govern it a will now place Little Reliance in its professions. The a Lebanon Democrat a is one of the most Ultra abolition sheets published in this state and its false title and professions of a no parly a Are insidiously deceive and mislead the people. We warn the democrats of Lebanon county Many of whom Bave been deceived by it not to Trust its professions. If Tbs a do the will to deceived in the future As Tivey have been in the its True Flag is the Blok Flag and its cargo is abolitionism. -. A Ksir or Quot James l. I nolds of Lancaster has been appointed quartermaster Genera of Pennsylvania in place of r. C. Ii ale deceased. Oct Quot the latest news we have from Charlestown and our forces in that Vicinity Are to the effect that a Furi Ous bombardment of fort Sumter has again been in Progress but so far without an3t successful result. On saturday a report prevailed that Sumter had surrendered but it proved to be untrue. The rebels Are still in Possession. A a a a a a a. Stanton s shameful elected governor Curtin a or. Stanton replied a for i sent him 15,000 More votes than he had this was said Vii tingly aloud in the presence of a crowd one of whom repeated it to we name the Date the place and the parties to the conversation. Stanton a shameful boast was made on wednesday of last week in the War office at Washington in reply to or. Nov Odd m. C. Of Pennsylvania and in the presence of a Large Art us. Excess of fraudulent votes 97,801 if these figures Are Correct they show that had a fair vote been Given the state of Penn s3�?Tlvania would have been carried by the democrats by a majority exceeding 82,000. Found body of an unknown Man was found in the Swatara Creek about half a mile from tre moist on monday last. When found his Knees were in the water his by Friy j, a a Ivy a stretched Forward. It is impassible to conjecture with any degree of certainty the manner of his death it is evident from Bis posture and other indications of physical exertion that he strenuous efforts to get upon the Bank upon which his body rested. Several articles were found upon his person but nothing to give any clue to his name or to Aid in ascertaining either we sub join the following list of articles found in his pockets a comb Earthern pipe with Reed Stem Pouch of tobacco 10 et., postage currency note 5 it. Do., 3 it. A a script payable by h. J. Smith Lebanon and two Cotton handkerchiefs. A red painted Cane with Iron socket was found some distance from the Man wore a Blue Black cloth frock coat hat Blac Woolen round about coarse Cassinet pantaloons Black silk Ker chief and Check shirt. He was rather muscular weighing probably 170 pounds and was apparently Between fifty and sixty 3-eare of age. A supposition exists Quot that he was a resident of Lebanon. An inquest was held on the body by Isaac p. Bechtel Deputy Coroner and a Viridet of a death from causes unknown rendered. Pottsville Standard. A Meily bought at sheriffs Sale on Friday last the double Brick House and lot belonging to Abraham Kleist me jr., in North Lebanon for $1,050. Or. David m. Rank bought a lot and Brick House in Jonestown late the estate of or Schoenfelder deceased for �1600. Or. Jos. R. Henry has sold his House and lot in Annville to Rev. John Stamn for �1,700. General Meade has sent his sick and wounded men to Washington and will soon make another Forward movement. The rebels hold the line of the Tappahannock River from Sulphur Springs to Falmouth. Our cavalry forces have been thrown Forward and we May expect to hear of stirring events in a few Days. president has caused an order to be read to the army threatening the soldiers with the severest a punishment for speaking disrespectful of the great Caesar declared himself dictator Ini Rome he did not take such precaution As this. Heavy robbery at the ticket office of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and the store of Keck amp Sanger at Allentown were robbed of about $4,000 in Money and a us inner of checks and valuable papers on Friday last at noon while the clerks in charge of the places were at dinner. The thief was arrested the same evening at Bethlehem and on being Oil \ the election in new York state resulted in favor of the adminis. Traction by about 20,000 majority. New York City was carried by the democrats by almost 20,000 majority. New Jersey also remained True to the Constitution and Union by easting her vote for the democrats. An outrage. George Crawford who is living on w Smalt Farny some Miles below Chestnut level left Bis borne on last wednesday morning for the purpose of attending Market in this City. A Short Timo after be bad Ieie to Bis House a party of three or More men visited the Bouse and after arousing mrs. Crawford demanded admittance and also asked far ten dollars and some . C. Ordered them away to which they replied by attempting to Force an Entrance when she took a double barrel pistol from a Bureau and fired both charges through the door. She alleges that immediately after she had fired she heard one of the men exclaim a ooh lord i m so Btu from the sounds she heard mrs. C supposed that the wounded Man was carried off by Bis comrades As she avers she distinctly Hoard a voice exclaim a Short distance from the House a a in a about half an hour afterwards two men again appeared before the House and demanded . C had in the meantime reloaded the pistol but unfortunately overcharged it and in reply to the second demand for instant admittance attempted to fire it off when one of the barrels an attempt was then made to burst open one of the windows and Asa Man was about crawling in through the opening the courageous woman seized an axe and struck at bin causing him to beat a hast3 Retreat. The men after a Short consultation retired and did not renew the attack. The affair a might be expected caused considerable excitement a thong the neighbors but upon the return of or. Crawford he treated the matter indifferently and it was finally regarded As a trick Gotton up b3�?T thoughtless 3�?Toung Moon to fright a a a lonely we have since Learned however that several subsequent Circum Stan. Ces have transpired that give the transaction a still More mysterious turn. On Friday last several dogs were seen acting in a strange manner near a Small Thicket in the neighbourhood of the Crawford a residence and upon examining the Thicket blood and brains were found spattered about which a pb3-Sician has pronounced As having belonged to a human being. This naturally enough renewed the excitement and a general search was made by the people of that Vicinity but up to the present time nothing has been discovered to unravel this strange Ster inquirer. Or. Jonathan Geesaman has bought the a Birch Woods a in North Lebanon belonging to the estate of we Lehman deceased containing 4 3-4 acres also nine lots fronting in Maple and Locust streets in North Lebanon for the whole of which he pays �2,600. Or. C. O. Meily has sold 8 acres and 101 perches near she Rosville in Bethel township to Edward Wolf for 91.50 per acre. Also 8 34 acres to Jonathan Geesaman in she Rosville for $145.00 per acre. Messes Jonathan Ges Aman and c. O papers were found on his person and in his carpet bag 11c. Made so us la confession of the robbery and gave his a name As Edward Broyn and Berks county a residence. We learn j that he .5 old offender and that i Home is Baltimore but that he has hoc Ceras on ii a about read j ing during me last Tew years. He is now in prison at Allentown. R we in grocery store. Ill 4/ i streams of pore John Diller has just opened a new grocery store in is building in cum or land Street one door West of Market Street where he is prepared to Supply the pub lie with if amp Xhu go certes of the Best Quality Surh As sugars. Sifted crushed. White and Brown Coffee Green and roasted molasses teas Imperial Young Hyson and Black Corn Staicu Farina cheese now Mackerel herring hams 0kikd beef chocolate. Coco ac., Fie. Also a Large Stock of brushes and brooms of every variety also baskets Market travelling and fancy. Lie is also prepared to Supply is old customers with every variety of league it and shoe findings a which May be found in Bis basement on Market Street. He solicits a Liberal share of patronage. T. John Diller. Lebanon August 12, 63. Public Sale of. A valuable Lime Stone farm on saturday november 21,1863. A she undersigned will sell at fut in Sale at the i Public House of Jacob w. Adam. F Harper s that valuable Plantation formerly Jacob Horner s 1 situate in East Hanover township Lebanon a a no a near harpers on the Road leading from Harrisburg w Jown a containing about 82 car es.-�?15 the improvements consist of a Largo _1,0 Story k0ug1i cast House a p s -14 Large Switzer barn Wagon shod in in and Corn crib and other Onttmud-8 if in go. A Fino Orchard of Choice fruit pomp at the House and running a. A. The land is to a High state of in lira na\ex�ptri5 of heavy Timber under Good fences and run tag water in every store Mill Blacksmith shop and schools uen Rthur Salato comments at 1 of clock p. M., on said of when terms will be made known by team pc nov. 4, 63 a orphans court Sale it to a it order of the 0mjnsf Couf of by Lebanon comity wsi7 he a spewed pc role Byi Powick Quot sat Day no vember 28,1863, at 1 of clock in the afternoon of that Day a certain mesh Buac or _ a tract of Lund estate of George Phillip if Heidet Berg township Lebanon county a Yaft from Shaeffer shown on the Road loading Niyah Beffre Mountain adjoining Jan Sof f. Hoffman Jacob whey and other containing 7 acres and 71. Perches More or less. The improvements Are a two Story log dwelling Hou weather boarded Weitzer barn. Of Neon shed and other necessary improvements. To fire is a Weh it amp pump and running water and All pm Dpi amp of the very Best of Frelton tuft premises. Sale Fri be held at the Public House of Michael k. Reath. In Sefca Otrera a town when terms will be made known by Fri Mick Hoffman administrator. Or the court Andrew Light clerk of orphans court. A nov. 4, a Public Bale Walter s Mill. Rilke subscriber respectfully informs the Public that x he has entirely rebuilt the Mill a the Little own Tara formerly known As Straw so and later As a Owen. Gert�?,of u mile from Jonestown Lebanon county pm. That he has it now in compete running order and is prepared to furnish customers regularly with a very Superior article of of a farm and old tavern stand near the big him. Will be sold at Public Sale on tuesday it a 24�a Day of stove amp Fer 1863. On the premise to Union Towas Faipa Labaton co pa., a farm Eon. Taining about105 acres of land. 75 acres of which Are under Good a put a a ton the re madder being Wood adj with Good beat not and other Timber tire Linares Are Good being mostly Post and rail. The build Isis Are Large substantial log weather boarded dwelling douse calculated equally As Well fora store As for a tavern stand a Large log barn Good Frame Hay shed a granary and Core crib attached pig _. With pump near the door and two streams of pure Spring water running through a be farm one quite convenient to barn it also has it very Good Orchard. A ask the House is pleasantly situated at the Junction of the old Road leading from the Jular Risburg h. Pinegrove Road to Rausch Gap Coal works and Machia e shop of the Schuylkill amp Susquehanna Railroad company Distant about 2� Miles from the latter place Aud 4 Miles from the Union forge bounded by lauds of the Union forge company on the South and lands of the Schuylkill a Susquehanna r. It. Co., on the North on East by lands of James Lang on Tho West by lands of Mary Zebney. To Sale to commence at 1 of clock. F. on said Dar when conditions of Sale which will be made easy will be made known by the undersigned Reid Ingon the premises. Ann l. L. Morris Union iwp., nov. 4,1863. A As cheap As it can be obtained from any other source he keeps also on hand and for Sale at the lowest Cash prices chop bran shorts Fie. Hals also pie pared to do All kinds of customer so work for Farmers and others at the very shortest possible notice and in vites All to give him a Tria. The machinery of the a Mill m entirety new and of the latest and most kind. By strict attention to business and fait dealing be Hopes to Merit a share of Public patronage. In Coo wheat , Cojan oals &.t., bought for which the highest Lebanon Market prices r1>, ri11 will be paid. Franklin Walter. Quot May 7, 1662. Fits fits fits. A. H. Richey merchant tailor respectfully an Noim Ces to the citizens of Lebanon and Vicinity that be has just returned from the City with a Fine assortment of cloths c a ssi me res All of which he will sell or make up to order at a Abl prices to suit the a Mes at his no. 1 tailoring establishment in Keith a a new Block 4 doors South of the Buck hotel South Walnut Street. Alt work entrusted to his care will be manufactured in a Workmanlike manner As to fashion and durability. Goods purchased elsewhere will be cheerfully made up to order on the usual moderate terms. Having had years of experience in the tailoring and dry goods business and being inclined to turn to the advantage of his customers All the advantages result ing from said acquirement to feels satisfied that it will ire responded to by a very Liberal share of the nub lie patronage. Friends Call once to please me after that please yourselves. July 8, 1863.private Sale of / Yocum a farm. Al he subscriber offers at private Sale his Fine farm Al in North Lebanon township Lebanon county 3 Miles East from Lebanon a d mile North of the Berks Aud Dauphin Turnpike containing 824 acres of food farming land Sorn of which is Limestone Rij Niong lands of Cyrus Eckert Peter Boyer John Wolf Jacob Arnold and others. Tho improvements Are a two Story Brick House with basement Sweitzer 5 j ill baby 35 by 60 feet tenant House a a Orchard with almost All kinds of fruit Well with pump at the House and a = other at the Bam both never failing fences am in 1-00�?o order and the Fields Are convenient 8 acres Woodland four of Bieh Are Chestnut sellouts. Two Springs Aro on this form. Good title and Possession will be Given on the 1st Day of april 1884. For further information apply to the subscriber on a Vito co. New Boot and shoe store the undersigned announce to the Public that Liev have removed their new Boot and shoe store to Cumberland Street Lebanon a John grafts building 2p� 2�.r West of the confectionery store where they Jura intend on band a general is a by also ramen t of ladles gentlemen misses bore and children a j boots shoes gaiters &c., &c., All of which will be made up in style and Quality no to be surpassed by any other workmen in the country. No Effort shall be spared to please anti satisfy All whom a fit or them Wilb their orders and their charges will be As reasonable As possible compatible with a fair remuneration. They also keep a Large Stock of is Home made work Wuich is warranted to be As represented the Public Are invited to Call and examine their Stock previous to purchasing. Ask repairing done on Short notice and at reasonable 11�?�. Andrew Moore r ,. Samuel s. Shire Lebanon March 10, 1862. Family Bye color amp Black. Dark Blue Light Blue French Blue Claret Brown dark Brown Light Brown snuff Brown Crimson dark drab Light drab dark Green Light Green Magenta Maroon Orange Pink purple. Boyal Turple Salmon Scarlet Sale Solferino. Violet Yeb a. For dying silk Woolen and mixed goods. Slow ii smurfs dresses. Ribbons gloves. Bonnets. Hats 1 than. Kid Olaves children a clothing and All kids of rearing apparel. A a u Jsse a saving of"80 per a cent for Cento von can color As Niani goods As would otherwise Cost five times that Tom a the process is simple and any one can use the with perfect Success. Directions in English French and German inside of each package. W for further information in dyeing and a a Vine a Pericot knowledge what colors Are Best adapted to Dve Over others with Many a i Nablo recipes j Purchase Howe amp Stephens treatise on dyeing and Dolerina sent by mail on receipt of Price docents manufactured by i10we amp Stevens for Sale by druggists and Dealis Rainy oct. 28,1883.-l.6m. J Public Sale. Estate of we. Baer dec a wi4i, pcs Leo sole at the late rest dues of to in Baer Deon Dot in Schaefferstown Lebanon count saturday november 14, 1863 the following personal property via 7. So a Ieie a wheelbarrow Hay by the ton second crop by the ton wheat in the Straw new Corn Beds and bedsteads. Tables chairs stove and a Var a mention�?�6 Quot my Kitchen of a a Itnyre too numerous to. A also at the same time and place willbe sold Tho following real estate a town lot , centrally located a a if Shaeffer town Lebanon county hav my erected thereon a my stantian two Story Frame dwelling Hutta new. Barn and other outbuildings. Adjoining property of prior Zimmer Man Aud Henry Garnett no. J a a lot containing 3 acres and 32 perches Sita Ste about a mile from Shaeff Rstow of the Road leading from said Plica to Lebanon a Mai Oming lands of Peter Brubaker and Philip Albright no. 3.�?a lot contain ing 3 acres and 143 perches the from Shaffiers Teui and Road Edward k. Seibert John Landis and a -no.4�?a lot containing 1 acre and 117 perches about a mile from. Shaeffer tawn adjoining lauds of John 51. Hetrich and John Landis 3 Sale to commence at 12 of clock si.,-when terms will be made known by a la Wiwat a a we. Weigley. Executor of the estate of we. Baer dec la. Shaeffer Rstow oct. 28,1863. Private Sale of Borough property. Vine subscriber offers for Sale the lot of Grote in Al on Cumberland Street Lebanon 1 Square East of the court House.38 feet front by 198deep adjoining property of or. Sumner bqhmdeed., on the East and mrs. Luna go on the West the improvements Are a Lull weather boarded dwelling House and other improvements for farther information and terms apply to Lebanon oct. 28,1863. Lucetta Busl Prince amp cons t7 Ell known Melodeon a end harmonium instrument 6168 the pedal ba8s a a every Ernest callers eaten amp Bacons and. Hallet. David a amp co s. Celebrated pianos for Cash at a Liberal darted in 10. Over 80.000 Eold. A neral deduction. James Bellak sole agent stray Heifer. The owner in Raj useted to come Forward Provo properly expenses and take if away or r will be sold according to in. Nov.4,1863.�?2f� Jacob Mon by. Valuable Borough prop at Public sa1 will be sold at Public Sale on saturday the uth Daylis at the Public House of Jacob Motze in to Lebanon the following real estate i f in 011 piece font Ingon Cumberland Street feedback to Jau Alley 198 feet and Bourt by pheasant Alley and on lot of mrs Mccaully. Meats Are a Large d kit a i?oame�i0dsk nis attached i wild a ther be Assai no 2, a lot or piece of Skown roal�?o�?~s52 fact 4 inches on Watt Street Hack 66 fee t and 3 inches Hief pheasant Alley and on the for a a ofgroundytmto�0a ,j0 bounded on the North by Landing i Eban streets and alleys on i a g a treet the residence Otje a flirt aids a acre of land. Or Dye containing. Surviving executor8 Lebanon 28� a a a a a Mcc Quot Public rer4? pm saturday Novemb the following real estate late o m?dm2r ivi7 weather to dwelling House. Stable and shop and to the place. The lot is 6 feet deep fronting on a when terms will be Tede kno

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