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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 11 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 11, 1863, Lebanon, Pennsylvania Csc Canyo blk a is e23lbbcacaot$>puc2d5 3v. A neatly and promptly executed at the. 1dyertisee office Lebanon Penn a this Estalote Lucent is now Hup plied with an ext nerve Tesort Nikont of Job Tyi a which will to increased As the patronage demands. It can now turnout printing of every description in a neat Ami expeditions manner Andon very reason Blo Turulis. Suchias pamphlets checks business cards handbills a circulars labels. Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of fare invitations tickets &c., amp a. R deeds of All kinds. Common and judgment Bonds. School justices constables mid other Blanks printed correctly and neatly on the Best paper constantly kept for Salo at this office at prices a to suit the times.?�?T�?T a Quot. A subscription Price of the Lebanon advertiser one Dollar Ami a half a year. Address we. Bresgun Lebanon a. Ficor Jfe Pfleger jr., attorney at Law office in rooms formerly Ocon pics by or. Samuel Behm. Deceased. And opposite to the Blok horse hotel Cumberland Street Lebanon. August 26. 1863. To u Ani w k1dj1m, attorney at Taw. Office. In Cumb Borland Street a few doors East of the Eagle hotel in the office late of his father capt. John a Eidmann dec a. Lebanon. Sept. 9,180$. Lie Moval. A. Stanley Ulrich attorney at Law has.rcmoved.hi3 office to the building one door was store House Lebanon. La. Bounty nil tension claims promptly attended Quot to aprils,�?T63.�?3ro. Eem Oyal. S. T. Mcadam Law has removed his office to Market Street opposite the Lebanon Bank two doors North of widow Rise s hotel. A a. Rel Cannon March 25, 63, Jouy if kowm.1jy, District attorney has removed his office to the room lately occupied by . V. Line Bweaver in Cumberland Street Lebanon a few doors East of the Eagle hotel and two doors West of gen. Heidi Nan a office. Lebanon Pec. 4?, 1862. A. Quot Cyrus 1. Miller l Ttorney-at-1.aw-�?office in walnuts Root Nenia. By opposite the Buck hotel mid two doors Soulli from a hardware store. Lebanon april 9, 1862.-ly._ Bassler Boyer will a. Ii. Boufis tech Esq.,&Quot Cumberland Street opposite the court hone Lebanon a. Oct.28,1863. A my and Navy pension a Bounty. Back and Bounty land of ti8 a. Torn Eye at Quot Xian. 1u1e undersigned baying been licensed to prosecute having been engaged in the Bounty end pension business offers his services to All those who a i e thereto entitled in accordance with the various acts of Congre a. All such should Call or address it Utec end make their Appl Catious through Bass lilt but , attorney Ai Law Offik w Ith a. It i Ulith i . A Sqq a Cumberland Street opposite the court House october 28.1868. Lebanon a. I mar. Att01v� it i i a of Liems 1 s b 11 g Cumberland Street nearly opposite the Cost Housep. F 4 a Lebanon. May a. . s. Meily offers his professional services to the citizens of Lebanon and Vicinity. Office at the residence of mrs. L. Bulb two door West of office of or. Samuel Behm dec a in Cumberland Street. Quot Lebanon april 15,1863. _ or. Abiah h. Light. Offers his professional services to the citizens of the Borough of Lebanon and Vicinity. Office in Walnut Street two doors North of the lutheran 4,1863.__ w e i g l e y o m mss toy amp Dew Alt. Mer Hants Fob the Sale of butter eggs Heese tallow lard poultry game,.dried fruits a Grain seed Cuce. No. 170 Beade Street due door Aboya Washington. Keul Ollk. 3 weigh a v. A it Quot a a a it Dewalt. J references Robb a Ascough new York alien amp brother do w. W. Selfridge Esq., do Jones c Shepard do Slan Aon Labacz amp Farrington do Samuel g. Johnson do w m. Breslin Esq., Lebanon a. L. Betz Canton Ohio w. C. Curry amp co., Bankers Erie a. Hon. John Stiles Allentown Jun. 14-, 3863. 8aj� Del Reinoehl. Adolphus re1n0ehl. Cjia9. H. Meily a Friendly invitation to nil desirous of purchasing lumber amp Coal to the Best advantage at the old established Ami Well known lumber Yard of a Kei noels amp Meily at thu Union canal on the Enst and West sides o Market Street North Lebanon Borough. T1ie subscribers fake pleasure in informing the cite Eena of Lebanon and surrounding counties that they still continue the lumber and Coal business at their old and Well known stand where they Are in ii receiving additional supplies of Tho bust and Well seasoned lumber consisting of White and yellow Pine boards Plank and scantling. Hemlock boards. Plank and scantling. Bails posts palings and fencing boards. Ash from to d Inch Cherry from % to 3 Inch. Pop Ait Frem % to 2 Inch. La Polar and Ilar Wood scantling. Oak and Maple boards and planks. Shingles also mine and Hemlock shingles. Coal Coal Coal. A Large Stock of the debt Quality of stove broken Fig and Lime burners Coal and also the Best Allegheny Coal for blacksmiths. 49 thank Fol for the Liberal manner in which they have heretofore been patronized they would extend a for a continuance of favors As they Are Cori Futomi cheapest Stock which will be 49 i reuse i fire Purceli it they ii of Isumu a Soiu Ai u re till and sex a ejae be a a have the largest Best and a ill on Hamlin the county Isona Oie percentage. Triue our Stock and prices be North to Bano n Borough Lino evils it May 7.1862. Meily. Private Sale of Borough property a subscriber offers for Sale tie lot of around on Arket Street Lebanon a it Square South of Hill Ide. 33 feet front by 189 deep formerly occupied by George Hess or. The improvements arc a two Story Roatner boat ded dwelling House and other improvements. For further information and terms apply to _ George s. Gasser anon sept 9,1863. In fax Pimp a rail to Milf summer arrangement. Great trunk line from the North and novt West for Piil Adelphi a new York Reading la Ottsville Lebanon Allentown Easton ac., amp a trains leave Harrisburg for Philadelphia new York. Reading All intermediate stations at 8 a. M., and 2.00 p. Passing Lebanon 9.13 a. M., and 3.08 . A new express leaves Harrisburg ut2.15 a. M., passes Lebanon at 3.1o a. &., Arri Vituj at new York at 9.15 the Jiuu morning. _ fares Flora Harrisburg to new.York$5 15 to Phit Adelphia $3 35 and $2 80. Baggage checked through. new York at 6 a. M., 12 noon and 7 p. M., Prim Iuka express. Leave Phifadef-8-15 a. M., and 3.30 p. M., passing Lebanon at l7fip pm it till Ever too at 1 nil a i. A Pilla it 8-1 12.17 noon7�l?. Í4. And express at 1.00 a. A sleeping Cain in the new Yort express trains through Toan from Pittsburgh without change. Paesch Ngy a by the Catawissa Railroad leave Tamaqua at 8.50 a. M., and 2.15 f m. Fop Philadelphia now York Aud All Way Points. Trains leave Pottsville at 9.15 a. M., and 2.30 p. t for Philadelphia. Harrisburg and new York. An accommodation passenger Tram leaves Reading at 6.00 a. Mand returns from Phi a Telphin. At 5 00 p. Jef daily sundays excepted. A sunday train leaves Pottsville at 7.30 a. M., Aud Philadelphia at 3.15 a m. ticket with 26 coupons at 25 per cent Between any Points desired. Mileage tickets Good for 2000 Miles Between All Point it $46 35�?for families and business firms. Season and school tickets at reduced rates to and frito All Points. 80 pounds baggage allowed each passenger. Fat sengers Are requested to. Purchase their tickets before entering the cars As High . 15�?no. 20. Lebanon pa., wednesday november 11. 1863.whole no. 750gpi&briim family paper for town and country is Mixile and published a Velkly by we. Be slip 2d Story of Funckes new Bihling Cumberland st at Ono Dollar and fifty cents a year. insert till at the usual rates. Rite to lends of the eiablii4hment, and the Public Gtuber Lyre t it Spect Lull j solicited to Send in their orders. 4j�� 1�andbill> la i into Lett on hours notice. Rates of postage. In Lebanon county pos Togo free in out of Lebanon county cents per Quarter or 13 cents a year. Not alcoholic. A highly concentrated vegetable extract. A pure tonic. ©0�t� hoopla to a German bitters prepared by or. G. Jackson Phi and a a. Will effectually cure liver complaint a dyspepsia. Jaundice. Chronic or nervous debility disc is of the Kidd cys Aud All diseases arising from a disordered litter or a Tomiith. T quota a a ii Burn ass or blood to Tho head acidity inf the stomach nausea. Heartburn disgust for. Food. Ful Nens or a ii rat m the stomach. Sour Liru stations sinking or fluttering at the pit of the stomach. Swimming of the head. Hurried and difficult breathing. Flut ering at the heart choking or suffocating sensations when in a lying pos Ture. Dimness of vision dots or webs before the sight fever end still pain in the head. Deficiency of perspiration Yellowness of the skin Sod eyes. Pain in Tbs Side. Buck. Liast. Mob a. Sudden flushes of heat burning in the flesh constant imaginings of evil and Greet depression of spirits. And will positively prevent a a Ezzio fever bilious fever is. A. They contain no alcohol or bad whiskey ? they will cure the above diseases to ninety Moe cased out of a Hundred. Out of this state 64 it. Per Quarter or 26 cts. F the postage is not paid in Advance rates Are it a year double. If paid in april 29,1863, her fares Are charged g. , general i minced by Tho extensive Bale and Universal popularity of Hoof and a German bitters purely vegetable hots acid unscrupulous adventurers have opened upon suffering humanity the flood Gates of nostrums m the shape of poor whiskey Rilely compounded with injurious drugs and christened tonics Stemac big Saud ritters. Beware of the innumerable array of alcoholic prep a Fotiou in Plethoria bottles and big bellied kegs. Under the modest appellation of bitters which instead of curing Only aggravate disease and leave to o Digap counted Suff re in a German bitters Are not a new and untried article but have stood the test of fifteen years trial by the american Public and their reputation and Sale Are not rivalled by any similar preparation. The proprietors have thousands of letters from the most eminent clergymen. Lawyers. Physicians and citizens testifying of their Owh Persone knowledge to the beneficial effects and medical Virtues of these bitters. you want something to strengtheny0u7 do you want a Good appetite ? do you want to build i p your Constitution >0 you want to fit Al Well do you want to get rid of nervousness do you want Energy 4. you want to sleep Well do you want a brisk and vigorous feeling if Yon do use Hoofland a germen bitters. From Rev. J. Newton Brown d. D., editor of teen cyclopedia of Frei pions knowledge. Although not disposed to favor or recommend Patent medicines in general through distrust of their ingredient and effects know of no sufficient reasons Why a Man May not testify to the benefits he believes himself to have received from any simple preparation in the Hope that he May thus contribute to the Benefito others. I do this the More readily in Legard to Iloo Fland s German bitters prepared by or. C. Jackson Efthia City because i was Prii Iudice against them for Many years under the impression that they were chiefly in alcoholic mixture. Lam indebted to my Friend Robert Shoemaker Esq. For the removal of this prejudice by proper tests Aud for encouragement of t y them when suffering from great and Mug continued debility the use of three bottles of these Bitt is at thu beginning of the present year was followed Gay evident Relief and restoration to a degree of bodily and my Utal vigor which i had not fou for six months before and hid almost de de of regaining i therefore Tbs no god and rift Friend directing Mut it a the use of them 1 j Newton Brown nitab�?Ta., june 23 1s61.a particular notice. F there Are my preparations sold under the name of bitters put up in quart bottles compounded of the cheapest whiskey or common rum costing from 20 to 40 cents per gallon Tho Tasto disguised by Anise or coriander deed. This class of bitters Haa caused and will continue to cause As Long As they can be sold hundreds to die the death of the drunkard. By their use the system is kept continually under thu influence of alcoholic stimulants of the worst kind the desire for liquor is created and kept up and the result is Oil the horrors at Tennaut upon a drunkards life and death. For those who desire and a Willham a liquor bitters we publish the following receipt. Get one bout Hoof Lan is Gemma bitters and mix with three quarts of Good Brandy or whiskey and the result Wili be a preparation that will far Excelia medicinal Virtues and True excellence any of the pm serous liquor bitters in the snark Etc and will1 Cost much Fitts. You will have All the Virtues of Hoo land s filters in it a Section with a article of liquor at a much less Price Thun these inferior preparations will Cost you. Attention soldiers and the friends of soldiers we Call the attention of All having relations and friends in the army to the net that i Gofland s German bitters will cure line tenths of the diseases induced by exposures and privation incident to Camp life in the let published almost daily i the newspapers on the arrival of the syk it vill be noticed that a very Large proportion Are suffering from debility. Every Case of that kind can be readily cured by hoofs my s German bitters. Diseases requiring from disorders of Theodi Genive organs Are speedily removed. We have no hesitation in it Ting that it these bitters were freely used among our soldiers hundreds of lives might be saved that otherwise will be it. We Call particular attention to the following remarkable and Well authenticated cure of one of the nations heroes whose ufos to be nis it own language a Baa been saved by tic bitters a a Philadelphia August 23rd. 1862. A fesses. Jones amp , gentlemen your Hoof Laudt German bitters hush saved my ufos. There is no mistake in this. It is vouched for by numbers of my comrades some of whose Nam Are appended and who were fully cognizant of All the circumstances of my Caso i am and have been fur the last four years a member of Sherman a Leb rated Battery and under the immediate command of Captain it. B. At res a the Beugli the exposure attendant upon my arduous duties. 1 was attacked in november last with Indium Malibu of the id is and was Ifor seventy two Days in the Hospital. This was followed by great debility heightened by a attack of dysentery i bras then removed from the White House and sent to this City on Board the Steamer a state of Maine a from which i landed on the 28th of june. Since that time i lev a been a bout As Low As aug one could be and still retain a spark of vitality. Fora week or More i was scarcely Able to Swallow anything and if 1 did Force a morsel Down it was immediately thrown up again. I could not even keep a Glass of water on my stomach. Life Coula not last under these circumstances and accordingly Tho Olio Hud been work aug faithfully though unsuccessfully to Rescue me from the grasp of the dead Archer in Tully told to they could do to More for me and tvs Vise me to see a Clergyman and to make such disposition of my limited funds As Best suited me. An acquaintance who visited me at the Hospital or. Frederick to tei Ubron 2, sixth below Arch Street and ised note As a forlorn Hope to try your bitters and kindly procured a Tot to. From Tho time i commenced taking them the gloom of Shadow of death receded and 1 urn now thank god for it getting better. In Hong l have but taken two bottles. 1 have gained ten pounds and i Leei Ean Riuo of being i a rutted to rejoin my Wile and Daugn Ity w. A athe certainty of life Wei ice 1ms taken Tny place of vague ear a to your bitters will i owe the glorious privilege for again 6laspi.ni to bosom Boss Ivi Oare Uesry to me in life i very truly yours Isaac Malone we fully concur in the truth of the above statement a eing our Comrade or. Malone 1 vol i pc Eck list new York Battery. Of go \ a by Cou Lith Siam. La Jwj l Liv l kit 921 a a Yolk. L k rpm Nisu. Lit Arl Tilory. Tattory t. .1 b ,. Co Tad Vera out. In Livov b Lelio Ltd Coli do. Ii Mil Mali Ald co c both moire. John f Oahu go �5th Maine. Inhuman Kuril. To 11 72d a sew York. Natu Anil b Tzumas co i 85th Bonn. Ask Jiniv j Kali fall co a 3d . Jouk jkkk1ks, co if w6tb Bonn. Beware of counterfeits. See that Ilie signature of pc. Jackson,1 is on the wrapper of each Bottlo. Price per bottle 75 cents or Ual Doz. Fur$4 00. A a should your nearest druggist not have to e article do not be put off by any Olathe intoxication preparations that May be offered in its place but Send to us and we will Forward securely packed by express. Principal office and manufactory no. 631 Arch st Jones 6c Evans. Successor to 0. Is. Jackson a co., proprietors. 4st for Sale by or. Go. Robs opposite the court House Lebanon Aud by druggists and dealers in every tows is the United states. I May 27, 1863, old House at Brocklehurst. We were together in the Parlord my wife and i it was not much past nine but people kept Early hours in those supper had Long been Over the children were in bed. And the Bouse was quiet. I was leaning Back in my easy Bair wearied with my Long Days work and half asleep when i was aroused by in wife 8 voice saying As she Laid Down her sewing a he a a you thought or done any tiling yet Alfred about our going to the country a now to Tell the truth i had thought a great Deal h Iru Quot Thairdy. Elawyn Baa said Philip would never grow up a healthy boy in Una close London House and i was As anxious As any father need be about my child but i knew too by sad experience How Little a poor drawing master with seven children had to spare for country trips. All this i said now to the wife who always bore her full share of my heavy cares but in her the Mother s love conquered ail else and As i looked in to her eyes i saw though she spoke Littie that she would never rest until our boy was breathing the fresh country air he needed. But the weeks based away and her worn face and the few words she dropped from time to time told me How constantly and vainly she watched for any Chance of this. They had grown to months when one evening she met me at the door Radiant with gladness and drawing me into the parlor put into my hand a letter exclaiming a a Only read that Alfred and Tell me if it will not it ran thus a not three Miles from Here is a Iare House Brocklehurst Grange which having been empty Many years is now to be let at a very Low i could hardly advise or. Sainsbury to take much trouble about it for it looks so dreary a my comfortless that you would never like to live still in e ase my description does not alarm you and you wish to hear Inore i Send the address of the agent in whose hands it is. wife hardly waited for me to read to the end. aunt does not know a she said anxiously. A think it is Large and cheap and it must be near a coach Road and near London since it is close 10 Loek Ford and Iha is Sulci a Heully place. Of Allred dear we Cion t cure Lor Fine houses and we could Malee n Chi earful Boon. I know. It you Only think that it will that was too much to say but in pity Lor her imploring file a i Viiu Imond my in Usu in see the agent. I called at the office the next Day and found him and evidently glad to hear of a possible tenant. The House to said had belonged to a or. Abbot who had lived and died abroad. The Nephew who had just inherited his property preferred receiving rent however Small to spending Money on the place the agent could not help discoursing a Little on the Short sighted Economy of his proceeding since the building was in fair repair and Only needed the outlay few hundreds to make it comfortable but it was be added no affair of his and he had Only to obey orders in conclusion he pressed me to inspect it for myself l Init inclined to do so he t As i could not Wei spare a whole Day there was a difficulty. The agent himself resolved it by proposing that i should go Doton by an afternoon coach the time of while he mentioned and Reid Fri the following morning. There were he said Quot living in charge of the House two and servants of or. Ash uts with their son who had been there for Many years. �?~1 can not Promise you a warm reception a he added smiling a at least if they treat you As they did me. Still it Yon done to mind sour looks they can i know provide you with a bed and As the Village is Only two Miles off with Slipper it seemed my Wisest plan since i could thus judge of the daily journey i might have to make and see the House under its morning and its eve Knitig aspect so mindful it my wife a anxiety deter iinds to lose Iio Tinie and obtained from the agent a letter to the old Man in charge. Vilh this be ter i made my Way to the Eocaci office the following afternoon bul when there found much to my Vexa lion that the agent had mistaken the time of the coaches startling and that we should not be off in two there was nothing for me but to wait patiently but through this delay. It was nearly 6 of clock instead of four when i was set Down at a Village inn Tif of Miles from Brocklehurst. 1 was just about to inquire my Way of some of the boys lounging Abi fut Tho inn door when it occurred to me that it might be Wiser to hire one of them As guide. Tire Short february of Terriyon was closing in and i might miss my Road alone and so lose time and besides from these country lads i might learn something of the House and neighbourhood so i chose out a Bright faced Active youth who readily closed my offer and started off with me at once along Tho Village Street and Down a Lane and then Over a style into the Fields his Tongue going incessantly All the while. He could Tell Little As it seemed about the Grange Only that within his memory no one had Ever lived there but the pearces. A queer crusty set a he said. The son got work sometimes w to the Farmers near hut the old people rarely left Tho House and even when they went abroad a exchanged few words with any they Mignini meet. But if his information on that Point was Small on All others it was most abundant Tho names and histories. Of the neighbouring Squires and who prospered and who did not the land owned by each Farmer and the character to Boro among his men j this and much More be told me As we trudged Onward. A there a he said As we came out of a thick fir Plantation and stood on the Edge of a dreary broken bit of common covered a with Gorge and Heath a do you see the red Brick House yonder by the gravel Pil a i looked the Way his Finger pointed and through tie gathering Twilight just d is Ern cd a i o no i o w by i id i n �?~1 Tell you what sir who said in a Low Lone arid coming closer to in Side a there a not a Jad in All the Village would Senfu of round there alter do nos j a murder a i exclaimed. A yes and the cruellest murder it was. Too. An old gentleman used to Livi Theien of in Verja old either not much past sixty. The heard say but in owl i in it Quigl t be he lived there quite along the it for one Youing servant woman who kept his House a a pleasant spoken lass Ann Forest was. Many s the kind word she s said to me thin Shes been to mothers shop she seemed to take great care of i i old master no wonder for he was the Best old Man that Ever lived and a Good Muster to her but he had Money Laid by and that must have tempted her tor one morning some Labory is going past found the front door open the House deserted and the poor old gentleman lying covered with blood at the Bottom of the Garden. They say he used to go Down there to smoke his pipe at night and she chose that time when she Kriethe Souid Lay hold of nothing to defend himself with. An old Iron Box in which the. Old Man kept his Money and which Only she knew where to find was lying turned Bottom upwards and empty in the Sage and there were clothes and Many other things scattered about the floor of her room and in one of her drawers they found a Long knife that she had hidden there. But they never found her and for that Day to this no one has. Heard of it was a horrible Story to listen to with the Black darkness closing round us and Tho Loncle House close by. We hastened on m silence across the common Down a dark Steep Road and Hirough some Meadows until j As we passed from the free air into me Shadow of a Wood the boy said j. In. Ins format Cherry tone a there i amp v v a tan see Iffe old Warren j through the Trees. A faint dark i outline that was All that 1 could Multi uni a a Luy Coni Jramon unfastened a Gate pointed the Way up a neglected drive and saying that he should run across the Fields and so Homo by the High Road bade me Good night. The old Gate swung to with a dismal creak and i was left to group my Way a alone. On i went brushing past shrubs whose Long boughs swept the ground and stump Ling Over ruts and stones until 1 reached in open space that had once been gravel but now was overgrown with Moss and weeds and crossing this stood in front not tie old House itself. The Walls As i could see even by that dim Light were weather stained and darkened to a Dull Brown Oliree Sharp Gables High above Cut into the Grey sky and higher still there Rose a sort of dome from the Centre of the the rising Moon East a faint gleam on the latticed Oriel windows and the ii Ait Stone carvings Riund the Entrance door and gave a strange and geared aspect to the solitary dwell no. The Clang of the Bell a hued through the stillness within then silence settled Dowie once More i waited Long then rung again and at length there was a sound of Steps and voices at first far away then a key grated m the Rusty lock and the door was partly opened by an old Man whose Short the. Alt figure at once filled up the Way As of Tough to prevent a Hasty Entrance. Behind him stood a woman somewhat Bent by age and holding in her hand a lantern. Both started at me in silent wonderment As addressing Triy Seit to the old Man i told my it was Well i was prepared or sul Lenness fur his furrowed brow darkened As Stilt standing in the door Way he spelled out the agent s letter.-. A a a strange thing one muttered. A we might have had some notice l should think we want no gentle oils my spirit1 Rose at this insolence Bufrey Memering his age and surly temper i restrained myself and said that i had meant to arrive sooner but need give Little trouble As some bread and Blieese Anda bed for the night was All that 1 should require. The Man stood doubtful As though half inclined to shut the door in my face then his mind changed and without a word he took the lantern from his wife s hand and signing to me to Fol Low let the Way across a Bare and empty Hall and along two Stone passages to a Large Kitchen where a fire was blazing. Setting Down the lantern on the table he turned round and said a you la maybe see that this is the a Kitchen. If you re too proud to sit Here there Are other rooms in plenty but you ii find no fire or candles and without waiting for a reply he walked away. I turned to the woman who had followed us and now stood by the fire and asked some questions but she answered me briefly wish a hurried glance at her husband and weary of attempting to conciliate i said abruptly that As my time was Short i would see the House at once. A a there a very Little you la be Able to see this time of the night a old Pearce said gruffly from the window where he stood. A a a at least a 1 answered 1 can go through the rooms and get spine no Tion of their size a and i Mads a move. For a moment it seemed As though they meant to let to go alone then Pearce stept suddenly Forward and harshly calling to his wife to bring a caught up the Light. Preceded 5y my unwilling guides i traversed Long passages our foot Steps sounding hollow on Tho a Stone floors mounted staircases and crossed landings. We stopped from Tunc to time while Tho woman unlocked the doors of empty and Yunshu lored rooms where dust Lav thick and the feeble Glimmer of the lantern Only served to make the gloom and desolation More apparent. No word was spoken by either of the two save in answer to my questions until we reached a Large chamber Ono a drawing room As i could guess by the Gilt mouldings As 1 entered and looked routed a a the j old Man Drew his wife out Side the door and when they had exchanged some words sent her Down stairs and coming to my Side began to Tell me How thirty years before in mrs. Abbot la a Days grand balls were often Given in this very room and How a portrait of her dressed for one a still Bung in the Library beyond and then let me in to look at the Pale faded face in Gold and Crimson turban gazing fixedly upon us from the Wall. As i turned from it the woman again joined us resumed her keys and the Many a sullen humor coming Over him once More we went on in the old silence until we reached the foot of a narrow winding staircase. conductors had begun to mount it when i touched a door upon my right and said a surely we have not been in Here a the Man half Way up Stop Ped and looked Down at me. A no a he said it is Only a lumber room the key has been lost this Long while if you wish to get in you must have a fresh key made before you come again a and he went on. It was a Large rambling House where you came suddenly upon cupboards and Corners and bits of winding stairs or a step up Here and Down there and passages with such queer turns and twists that one wondered whither they would Lead still there was something quaint about it that took my. Fancy greatly. When at last we got Back to the Kitchen a Man sat by the fire Unla cing his boots with his Back towards the door. He turned As i entered and display cd a my secular form and heavy face like enough to old pearces to Mark Birtias his son. He returned my greeting with a silent stare resumed his seat and pull aug at his Fate Era a Stoeve muttered angrily a and who on Earth May he be a i did not catch the answer but the Gruff snort that followed was sufficiently expressive the woman sat about preparing supper and presently a repast of a Eon eggs and Beer was put before me and while i engaged upon it she and her husband went away together. The son sat watching me in silence for a while then followed them leaving me alone for the first time1 since i Lead come into the House. He and his father soon Cam Taek but a change had come upon them their sullen Ness was gone and they seemed most eager to hear my. Intentions about the place. It was evident How much they feared that 1 might take it arid so deprive them of their Home and in this fear they caught at every doubt of mine an tried to it. From their account the place was hot in Slimmer cold in was even tumbling to pieces and it almost touched me when turning to the son i said a and yet you seem to like to live in it a to hear his Curt answer a in be been bred. Up Here and that makes a. Deal of when the woman at last returned a saw that she Lead been crying very bitterly and with a half remorseful feeling i took a Candle from her trembling hand and followed her up stairs. They Hud chosen for me Otic of the old state bed rooms on the first floor and a lung Way from the Kitch he anti the Hall at Tho end of a wide gallery. She paused at the door to Tell she hoped 1 might find All i wanted but that if not there was a hell and giving the no time to answer hurried off. The room was Large and Luciy and must have once been richly furnished Lor there were cushions of Laded Blue silk in thu window seats and Blue silk drapery about file windows but All its other furniture had disappeared Ami it was Bare and ear pet less like the rest. At one end a trestle bedstead1 had just been put up and near it stood a Wash stand and Glass and a couple of rickety chairs. That wins All and very Jap arc and comfortless it looked hut i could expect nothing else and cared Little. 1 sat Long noting Down in my pocket Book Al i had observed and Ponder eng on a Riojos tilings until the Dull tones of the far off stable clock aroused Nie and 1 began to prepare for bed. Before lying Down 1 went instinctively across the room to secure tie door and found to my Surprise that i was without Tho Means of doing so for there was no Bolt and Tho key was not in the lock. For a moment i was startled then 1 remembered that the keys of All the rooms jihad been on one Largo Bunch and no doubt the woman had forgotten to take this one off. Should i ring for it i paused undecided hut the hour was late the people must Long since have been in bed and i was strongly unwilling to encounter those surly looks age in to night. After All it mattered Little. Travelling As i did without Money or Luggage and in simple almost shabby dress i bad nothing to lose and with health and strength in my favor no is would choose Lig filly to encounter me and so without disquietude i blew out my Light and Lay Down in bed. Still i was not in darkness for Tho Moon shone full into the room Only obscured from time to time As a heavy Cloud swept across and passing seemed to leave it More Clear and Beautiful than Ever. I Lay gazing Long through Orie of Tho two Largo windows on my right at the soft of its face the hurrying Clouds and the Bright stars that studded the dark sky and thinking As husbands and fathers Are wont to think of the wife and children at Home thinking of the Little feet that might one Day go Dar Cirg Over these a carpeted floors of my wife and myself sitting together in that grand deserted drawing room planning busily How far our homely London furniture could fit it up. Gradually my plans my Lutes or hours i cannot Tell but i woke in an instant and with a sudden Start anti thrill. All was quiet a Cloud had veiled the Moon and the room was dark and still As no not so still what was that which As i held my by eath came faintly on my ear ? a rustling so slight that i could scarcely catch it yet surely a rustling in the far off earner of the room. I was a Man of Strong nerves. In Rev youth x had been in perils both by land and sea and i had kept my courage and composure. I did not lose them now. These men below might despite the risk be Purposing to Rob me they might even in their anger and revenge at my Mission Here meditate worse things but if the absence of the key bad been no Accident and they were now in my room they should find harder work than they had looked for. I had no firearms but a loaded stick which went with me in All my Jour Nerings was by my Side now. Slowly and cautiously my hand stole out in the darkness and grasped it tight. Then 1 waited. For a while there was a perfect silence then the sound Bogar afresh and Here there by the door 1 could just see a moving form i on it came and then stopped As though listening and bearing nothing my steady breathing came on again nearer and nearer until As it reached the foot of my bed i sprang up. stick was raised was ready to descend when the Moon shone out again and my hand dropped to my Side for a woman stood before me not the old woman i had seen Bat one Many years younger Clad in dark garments with Pale Haggard face and wild eyes. What was it a spirit tin Esq Ped mad woman or some plot to frighten me at list thought came to my Nind i Sam noned breath to ask a who in heavens name Are you a i. A of hush hush a moaned out a voice feeble and piteous As a crying child so a done to speak done to let Thern hear a a they i who Are they and who Are you f �?~1 will Tell you a i Camo to Tell a and with sudden vehemence the figure seized Ray Arm. In a convulsive grasp. A i am a poor creature whom tor. Eighteen months these wretches had kept imprisoned in this House a was from All who might have Given me help. You arc the first living soul Olio has been Here Aud i vowed to myself that if i died for it 1 would come to Pray you to protect me and of dear sir kind sir have pity on me a As she gasped out these words with passionate earnestness yet in faint faltering tones something seemed to Tell me that this wa3 no Insano delusion and no concerted scheme. A my poor woman a i said soothingly in a whisper Low As bar own twill help you if 1 can but you must show me How. What is your name and Why Are you Here a a they brought me i had seen them do it no one else and they dared not leave me behind to Tell so when they had murdered him they brought me Here and shut me into the dreadful room up stairs. I am Ann the boy s tale the pearces reluctance to let the Hypse be seen the closed lumber room a those few words threw Light upon it All and in my horror i could not speak at first�?1 could hardly even think. At last i asked her How she freed herself. A there were three Rusty Brokan keys�?1 found them one Day under some rubbish in an old Chest up there and i Fried them All and one fitted hut i dared not use it while always Down stairs arid so i hid Ita gain they would have killed me Long ago but she the woman is Kinder than the others and would never let them and to night she cried and talked about you being Here and her husbands , Little dreaming How i heeded her for they think to almost silly now but a did heed and i thought that you would help me pc chaps and so when i knew that they must All to in bed 1 brought out my key and it unlocked the door and then 1 listened outside every room until i found you by your she stopped at that last word and locked at me with a Wistful searching glance. A i found you a she repeated a and now of sir you will not forsake a i will not a i answered but when i paused to think a1 sense of our danger rushed upon me. Alone in this House More than a mile from any human Aid How could i defend her or myself from men desperate As these would be if they Only guessed that i knew secret. I a a a a wife and children looking at me had no right uselessly to peril my Lite. I must be cautious and then if it came to tie worst i could but try what one Strong arts in a Good cause could do against two villains. So i spoke gently to the woman holding her hand As she stood beside me and trying to quiet her agony of terror and despair while i said that i would save her but to do it at this moment would not be possible. A Only wait till morning. Go Back now to your prison and Trust to me she started and shuddered. A the key stuck in the lock it would not come out a she said. A they May find it there and then they will murder me As they have threatened a listen a whispered. A there Isno sign that they have heard us go Back and try try with All your strength to loosen the key anti lock yourself in again then you need fear nothing for they cannot guess. I will watch if you need Jip cry out for the morning you safety and release Only go now before they find us she seemed to understand and moved towards Tho door submissively and then stopped a you would not deceive me a she said. The look and tone were so imploring so inexpressibly Mournful that my heart smote me for letting her go for remembering anything but her misery. She gazed into my face �?~1 know you would not a she said in quite another voice and again turned away i following her. Her fingers softly turned the handle she crept into the passage and i watched the tall dark form flitting along the gallery her Bare feet moved noiselessly upon the boards. I listened breathlessly but Thero was neither sound nor movement in the House. The old couple slept at the foot of the staircase and near the Kitchen the son in a Small room close to the Hall never dreaming that the prisoner they had kept securely All those months would find Means to Force her prison on this very night Only the woman even knowing that she had heard of my presence in the House. If any Chance noise awoke tii Ose sleepers if any Chance suspicion had turned them into watchers then it might be a struggle of life and death. No All was still As yet. The Moonlight flooded the room As softly closing the door i crossed to the window seat and sat Down there to listen and to think. Think think of what a horrible crime a secret prison House not 20 Miles from London the work that must be done tomorrow All these things seemed crowded together wildly in my brain. By degrees i grew Calmer. I must release her but How ? Many ways flashed across me and were cast aside again so i sat motionless gazing into the sky my ear strained for any cry until the first Streak of Dawn came into the East. No sound had broken the dead silence of the House and now at last my plan was made and might be tried. I dressed quietly then awaited for a while and As the red rim of Tho rising Sun showed through the Trees trampled noisily Down stairs. I meant that they should hear and see me but no one appeared so crossing to the Kitchen i looked in. The old Man was there cutting up Wood he did not hear my step till i was close upon him then turned sharply around a you Rise ear a. He said in the old surly tone. With All the blood in my veins cupid in in sight of that wicked murderous face i forced my lips to speak naturally. A Why yes a i said a i want to see something of the grounds before i breakfast. Can you Tell me the Best Way to take a a i know nought about it a he answered a there a nothing Worth seeing anywhere about a where does the Garden lie a i asked. The instant i had spoken i Felt that my question meant to divert suspicion had been a rash one. To looked up a new expression in his eyes a was it fear or was it doubt a there is no Garden now he said a its a wilderness Aud breakfast will to ready directly if Only that old idiot a and he shouted his wife a name a was Here As she should the precious minutes were slipping fast away and yet i dared not seem in haste. The old Man had returned to his chopping and the monotonous thud of the Hatchet alone sounded through the room. Presently 1 said carelessly a Well in a just going for a turn in the Wood now Aud presently i shall get you to go round with 1 had not done speaking when the old woman a door opened and i heard her beginning Slotvig to ascend the stairs. Was she going there a All might perchance be Safe but if that broken key should still be in the lock the secret was betrayed. In desperation i racked my brains for some device to bring her Back a stay a i exclaimed to the old Man a is not that your Wile i want her to get me if she can. Some eggs and vegetables to take to town i will his eyes brightened and absorbed in that Promise he never saw the agitation of my manner he stepped to the door a Meg a he called a the gentleman wants be. Come Down will be a a a a pause then she said above �?~1 Shane to be i breathed hard. ,. A come Down a he called again a the gentleman a waiting and then the foot came slowly Down. A few minutes later i saw her with Relief no words can Tell go off with a Basket of her Arm to the Hen House and Garden now was my time and there was not a moment to lose. Followed by old Pearce i crossed the Hall. As i stood waiting while he unfastened the door the lads words about the son Caine to my mind. He might be
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