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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Mar 1 1865, Page 3

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - March 1, 1865, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaUffre go a amp a to tip it tebm8,. $1 60 a year Lebanon a. A wednesday March 1, 1865. Home affairs. I rates of . The publishers of Lebanon have agreed upon the following charges for advertising vis to Sise. It. 3fc, 3 in. 6m. 1y. 1 situate 1 lines .60 1.00 $3.00 $6 00 8.00 a a a a lines 1.00 2.00 6.00 8.00 12.00 8 a a 8� lines 1.60 3.00 7.00 10.00 16.00 for executor s end administrator notices 2.00 Mot As Ignee auditor and similar notices 140 for yearly cards not exceeding 6 tines 8.00 for column advertisement 1 year 60.00 for u column u u 80.00 for column a a a. 1800 for announcing Caird id tes of office in Advance 2.00 Mot announcing Sale by adv to. 1.00 for local notices society resolutions �., 8 Eta per line. A a. For Bishops or special notices so cents per Hue it per year. Nearly advertisements for merchants and business men As agreed upon. Ltd. Sales of personal property. The of zoning soles of personal property will be held it the tires and places designated. For particulars see advertisements which will appear in another cola Ron in one time a thursday March 2�?William Shaeffer a Sale in Cornwall township thursday March 2�?personal property of Leoni re Strickler Jackson township. Saturday March in Jonathan of Esamann a Sale in North Lebanon township. 1 saturday March 4�?store, tavern stand s., i , Glessman in North Lebanon. Ments and household property of Samuel Segner to Palmyra. Tuesday March 7�?stock and farming simple. Ments of Jacob Klutz in East Hanover. Wednesday March 8�?Sale of Henry Backen a stove deo�?Td., in Jackson township. Saturday March 11�?George d. Seifert Sale in. Lebanon Borough a monday March 13�?Sale of real estate in Myerstown by Andrew Garrett. Monday March 13�?House and machine shop s rih Myerstown. A. Monday March 20�?Jacob Hants s Sale in North Lebanon township. Monday March 20�?Thomas Segneri a Sale i Palmyra. ,. Tuesday. March 21�?Anthony Holderread a Sale in North Lebanon township. Saturday. March 25�?augustus wit Mannis la i Lebanon a wednesday March 29�?stock, farming implements and household Charles Trase Bergor of Londonderry township. Private Bales. Borough property of James n. Bogeys. Farm of Jacob Witmer Job in Cornwall township. A a a a a. Town lots of John w. Mish. Esq. Ibo Romigh property of Jos. Ii. Abler. At 6 per cent. 8 a a 9 a 10 Quot 12 computing interest the Fol lowing simple rules will be found very convenient for computing interest at any rate per cent.multiplying the amount by the number of Days counting 30 Days to the month. Divided by 60 gives the int. A a 45 a a a 40 a Ltd Quot 36 a Quot 30 Quot a example�?$228 for one year two months and me Days or 420 Days is 94,380, divided by 60 gives $25,77, which is the interest at 6 percent. Add one sixth for7per cent., or divided by 36 gives 28,27 interest it w per cent., a. Reducing the year to months add in the months if any take in one third of the Days and set to the High t of the months in Decimal form multiply the Resu Ilby one half of the principal and you have the inter stat six per cent. Example�?$150 for two years 5 months and-9 days29 3 75. A 1465 3051 receipts and expenditures of Lebanon Funty for the year Anno Domini 1804. Paniel 6kb8erich, Ifer treasurer of Lebanon county in account with mid county from cho fourth Day of or Nuary. A. D1884, until the second Day of january a. A 1866, both Days inclusive. Urn receipts. To aggregate amount of tur be Vlad la the different boroughs wards and townships of Lebanon county including state special and county taxes for the year . 1864, vis North Annville -6621 68 South an Vilm. 6943 80 bethel�248 1 cold Spring 174 81 Cornwall 8776 36 Heidelberg �?T.,. 6876 77 Bast hanover4o7 20 Jackson. 9023 98 North Lebanon township -6400 03 South Lebanon township 6992 so Lebanon Borough b. We 3006 91 l Obanon Borough w. A 3764 05 Lebanon Borough North 1219 95. Londonderry. I of 98 mall Eek 8909 76 Swatara. A 8j87 03 Union. £475 62 the democracy of South Lebanon township will meet at the Public House of John Matthes in the Borough of Lebanon on saturday March 11,1865, at 2 of clock p. M., for the purpose offset thing a township ticket for the Spring election. By order Oft he committee. The advertisement of j. E. Daugherty s Marble Yard in this Borough appears in another column. Or. D. Turns out his work in a style of finish not to be surpassed by any City establishments for proof of which we need Only refer to his work in the cemeteries of this locality. In Price he of course is far below City work owing to his More moderate expenses. The Carriage making establishment of or. A p. Ai Wein in Annville recently severely Oagaro Gtna a me in it u gain in full operation. His work is so Well known that no further reference thereto is necessary save that it will continue to be As heretofore unsurpassable. See his advertisement in another column. On monday Twenty five men had been secured to fill the quota of Lebanon Borough leaving still 25 More to be obtained to fill it. It is most unaccountable to us that the More men we put in the higher our quota becomes. First r or quota was 48 then 50 then again 52, a few Days after 54 and How although five or six persons have put in personal substitutes which Are admitted to be credit on our quota still we have 50 men to furnish. A or. Geqrge Lindemuth was found dead last wednesday evening m his shop in Myerstown. An inquest was held by Esquire Coover and the verdict a a death from attention is directed to the card of messes Wagner and Bowman dentists who have just opened rooms in a. Rise s building. Landlord and tenant landlords and tenants Are mutually interested in a Bill now before the legislature. Under existing Laws three months notice to a tenant is required to be Given before the end of his year before he can be ejected from the premises. But it has happened not infrequently that both landlord and tenant have lost the Date of entry. In one Case of this kind in Philadelphia the tenant actually lived in a House for Twenty years and cannot be put out because the present owner does not know when to give him proper notice to quit. The Bill alluded to proposes to remedy such cases As this by requiring either party upon an order issued by a court to produce the lease or if neither of them have the lease the court May adjudicate the matter in such manner As not a to do injustice and yet by ordering a reasonable notice protect the rights of both landlord and tenant. We learn that or Isaac Eba has taken the coach making shops in this Borough formerly known As Arnold a opposite the old lutheran Church. He has engaged first class City workmen in All branches of the business. His Slock of material is Well seasoned and of the Ibert Quality. He is prepared to manufacture on order or sell and deliver carriages and buggies of ail his work will favourably compare in taste finish and proportion with any turned out in the state. A new feature will be his shifting top leather covered buggies lined with Broadcloth and made after the most approved Connecticut Stylo prompt attention will be Given to repairing and the charges will be reasonable. He has also taken the shops formerly occupied by h. C. Nipe and j. H. Miller in Schaefferstown. Experienced hands Are working at both places. At these shops attention will be paid mainly to building express wagons and repairing samples of buggies and carriages can be seen at All the shops. Feb. 22.tf. Quot it �2�97 5 a $21 97 is the Erelt at 6 Fer Een i. Fofr7 per cent Addone a the -. For 8 per it Yoke third for 9 per cent one half j fur Job per cent. Two thirds in a ill per cent., five sixths a for 12 Pep. Cent. Multiply by 2.1 Kiln the Pennsylvania Legisla Turo last week the following of info Ortance to bar readers was under consideration a. In. The Senate on tuesday or. Bigham Offe Fod e joint Resolution allowing a portion of the $5,. 000 appropriated under of August 24th. 1865 to the Purchase of flags to apply to the Purchase of colors for new regiments As Well As to replace those for old organizations. Passed. The Despalj cry announcing the capture of Flurr frn Van move a a adjourn in Honor of the event. Previous to the motion be ing made the Bill increasing the fees of justices of the peace aldermen end constables throughout the Commonwealth except in Philadelphia and the aldermen of Harrisburg was under consideration. The counties of Berks Franklin Cumberland Bedford Somerset Fulton and Schuylkill were also excepted in committee of. The whole and the Bill was recommitted to the judiciary committee. Adjourned. On wednesday the no regular session and in the House Washington s Farewell address was read it being Washington a birthday. the Senate on thursday or. Dunlap pre rented a remonstrance from certain citizens of Lancaster county against the Extension of the beading and Columbia Railroad to Safe Harbor or. Me Berry oae numerous by signed from citizens of Adams county for payment of damages by rebel Raida in i862.and.1863. A a Quot a Var Bigham introduced an creating the office of commissioner of Revenue re tirces and statistics to dispense with the head of the l ind department j to report o Bill for the better collection of taxes and to create a legislation comm Nissrod to reorganize thedis erupt depart rants of state government. A. A a 5 the abolitionists Are great on creating offices and devising modes to collect to also presented a Bill increasing the pay of county officers in the state. The House amendments to the Bill increasing the fees of mercantile appraisers except in a i Keghany and Philadelphia were concurred in. In the House on a motion to print Washington a Farewell address or. Donnelly moved to Amend by publishing one thousand copies in Irish or. Thomas a number in French Welsh and italian j and or. Budd Ioian in latin. The amendments were lost. A a or. Pershing called no an extending the time in which state Banks can accept the National Law to january �s66. Passed. An prohibiting foreign from owning three Hundred acres of Ianda Ponn it Al Varia As allowed by existing Laws was Dia cussed. On the one hand it was contended that Fuch foreign corporations paid no tribute to the state Treasury. On the other hand it was asserted that the greater part of penury in no bad been developed by Money drawn from sources and managed by companies outside of the st amp Rev postponed until wednesday morning next. V. An Apt allowing landlords in eases where tenants have contracted to do cd a tax a work As part j of the rent and have failed to dispossess such a tenants on ten Days notice. I. A the House was engaged in the passage of local by Cash paid As Bounty Bills daring the afternoon. M f per Biary cd let including ties in the Senate on Friday or. Worthington presented a supplement to the relating to the payment of bounties. This is n a Caerny which increases the amount to $500 from $300 As at present. Also an for the Relief of wives in Berks county deserted by their husbands. In the House or. Hake presented remonstrances from 1,938 miners of Tioga county against in amendment to the landlord and tenant which would allow a landlord to turn oat any tenant on ten Days notice provided such tenant had undertaken to do certain work As part of the Reut and had failed to do the same. Or. Ii Addison reported favourably in re. J que ring parties who receive Money Over $1 in t amount to give written receipts for the same j when demanded by die Puyer also in re j Quiring Iho registry Oulu a m Philadelphia to it record old marriage certificates. Or Pershing Intro diced an net allowing free i Banks to withdraw the stale stocks which they j have deposited it Harrisburg and. To give per Pona Security to doable the amount. This is a nth need to allow pm to use such stocks to Purchase National securities. 1 Var Wells to pay a Bounty to Vele ran of $ 300 a adjourned 7010 60 00 65 68 3 15 40 00 to balance . A re try Asprer As per last y ears account a l to aggregate amount of said Licensee Aee Heaed by my re Nattle. A it Oiler and sold Fer the yer a. D. 1864� Tricia bldg All additional Ilc Eose granted for fractional parts or to Bezoar a to Cash reset red from Gomel tree. Of. Arrangement for reception of 93d regiment. A Fiatt r set pc. To Cash received of. J d. A. Oar Man Esq. For fees a. A. A Henry file grist sfq., fees. William Boger note 8tmon bolts erq., Relief town Concu for use of Borm for two years. Blumis amp a to Cash received from or. Hoffa for strays sold ,. A unstated Zands. To a amp so received from Oyens Berk for taxes on unseated lands. V. Militia 1864.temporary a Iii. To a my received from sundry per. Sous As a temporary loan . Jeremiah Kambei for John u. Miller for Daniel Light. Merit Charles Arndt Timmerman Goorge Lavengood Joseph m. Horst John s. Repp Petor Hauer Samuel Ilar Beson sch Karty a a Dasiel Mellor George looser. John Wofsy Henry a lick a Moses stroll to. A Tust Anding Tutt. A Jeremy vhf Gamber Oll Ictor. Of North la Barion Burow ugh far the y ear 1861 a John fawns comic Cut of cold. Apr log for the year 18g2 a a 69 55 John Strob. Or. Collector of South Banville for 1862 6 75 Joh amp h Miller i by. Non Borough e. A tor.ls6i .734 03 Daniel Light it Mert collect roof v k North Lebanon Borough for 2862 175 19. Charles Arndt Rol Leetor of Noria Annville for 1863 1 274 83 David South anus due for 1863 795 93 David w Urleb Bethel. Fur 1863. 436 94 Adam Haak cold. A ,forlf631 1 39 60 Daniel Zmmerman a East Hanover for 1863 1992 69 George Leveo goed Jackson for 1893 _ 1629 87 Joseph Mihi it court tor of South a Lebanon township for 1863 1363 66 Joliet s. Rupp North Lebanon township or 1863 657 .72 John Heisy North Lebanon Borough for 1863 60 of , Lebanon Bor Engh. . For 1863 1040 66 Samuel Harbeek a a Lebanon Borough w. W for 1863 y. J vvl9c8 25 John Early to can do rry Fot 1s63 2537 76 Daniol re liar eau Ector of u1u Creek for 1863. 654 00 Goerge looser so Atar for 1868 v a a. 1s72 29 eat Annel week Eollo ctr of Hel Odelberg for 1863 a Quot Quot 1474 07 $80,476 10 2823 19 pm is Quot Sio co 234.81 16 00 233 28 561 05 19,135 00 1861 15 19 1862. 5 10 2ss2 7 28 3863 84 64 do 230 do 23 29 do 8 68 do. 43 39 do 14 24 do. 0 35 do 11 67 do56 24 do 4-88 do 3 44 r do 2 30 1864 24 58 do. 43 14. C54 06 110 77 975 52 17096 88 $122,496 86 conducting August october and november elections 2394 69 by Eash paid fur making poll lists for mid elections egg 03 j expenses. By Cash paid Jonathan beader for a b Marding . 253 24 by Cash paid pet of l s touch for boarding a a Fife 9j by Cash paid David Matt amp we 159 Sqq by Cash paid traverse jurors 976 27 by Cash paid grand jurors 333 fr7 by Cah paid tips aves 00 by Cash paid court Cryer a 48 50 by Cash paid summoning jurors 80 00 by Cash paid constables for making returns As 14 by Cash pa4 j it a German Coats 442 37 by Cash paid a 8 Ely Esq. 51 by Cash paid j j b3a of Esq.,. 10 32 by Cah paid Henry shirk 10 86 be a a paid Gaorge w 8h�y 17 16 Bye so paid e b wheat 70 by Cash paid Leah Wagner 1 35 by Cash paid Henry Sigrest Esq., 76 37 $1692 69 flame map Nodi hurts. $3156 46 by Aub paid 0. 8. Georg for Gai a 90 by Cash paid Peter Hauer for do 64 00 by Cash paid j. George. For met Chandlre 10 13. By cd a a paid Henry a rein a i for merchandise 6 60 by Cash paid d. Raber for Mer. Claudiae ,. A 10 33 by Cash paid George Ross former. Eban disa 6 st by Gerberich for ,. J50 a a i i i it i 205 w by Oast paid town Council for to a jp.tr.pf�ol.8to�ow f by Cadi paid Krivok k Roff for repairs a a 0 10 by Nash paid Joseph r Ena tor. For repairs at pump 14-37 by ids he paid geor madly for a winding Vlock a $0 0 by cab paid James t. Ecung for a it Gss fixtures a 2 21 by e dub paid fire of for a a rent tor Lebanon go a Oty Singlan. And keeping the 8mo in re Para 50 Sqq by Eash paid a flurry persons Lor a labor banh a a0. 27 s7 . By Cash paid 0.8. Geordis for Gas 6 00 by c a paid Peter has for Gas 39 20 a by a i merchandise a 6 26 by Cash paid Henry Rabe for Mer a Chan toe a. 8 60 by Cash pail Louser a Bros for merchandise. A 87 82 by Cush paid d. So re Scy for. Coal ,. 86 12 by Cash Pam Kitz mixer a cd. For Coal a a -205 14 by Cash paid Samuel a amp Nick for .-.hoes a a a a 3-75 by Cash paid Joseph Bowman for shoes. 2 60 by cft8b pai4 Cyrus Short for slate roofing a. A 2113 by Gas paid James Young Fer Gas a i. Fixtures a or. 6 75. By Cash paid sundry persons for repairs labor hauling a 24 41 Kellii fund. 482 93 auja hold 17 50 Mary Ami Amow 28 10 Ann Bur Beirer 11 50 Bridget Briggs 40 95 Rachael Bay let 59 25 Surah Bardt 10 50 Eim Lioe Bech told 36 so Elizabeth Brough and Mother 68 20 Donetta Bender More a Bretzl Dia Bordner Lacena Barr Malio Dabeny Susan Beamer scr. Fer. V 54 60 Catharine Vickio 00 00 Mary Burkheiser 14 Elizabeth Beck 62 40 Elisabeth bolts Lydia by Lynn Catharine Boyer sue Burkholder eds the Bazdorf Jane Boyer 33 90 39 65 33 so 33 80 33 80 33 80 6060 57 60 44 20 08 24 is 50 Margaret Bender 15 50 t i iaucn35f_ or Era comm is Sid 15 Alt Abbt be. A a. By Cash Psi i David but Man Era. To Rasner on 4 or dvrs 2.800 00. By Cash paid Joseph Bowman jbq., treasurer on 7 orders. 9,200 00 $12,000 00 l3-p 52 Creek. 2 52 assessments and appeals. By a ish paid diff Reitt assessors for Mahltig yearly assessments delivering Appeal notices View. A ing districts ac., on 39 i orders is a sued by the commissioners Bridges ach08s Little 8watarastortv try i Bridge by Cash paid Daub a 8pauclt a for repairs albert9s Bridge. By Cash paid David Stoever for in pairs a graff9 Bridges. By c so paid Daub a Spangler for repairs a a Bunker his Al Bridge. By Cash paid themas Lesber Esq for Ftp fairs a Bridges across big Swatara Creek. Nahra Gap Bridge by Cash paid Thomas Lesher t. Fur repairs a 1 76 Rye so paid Martin Mease ,7 00 Peler Weaver Harriet Cook Catharine Curry Thecla Curlist a Sarah Caster Mary Corl. Elizabeth cramp la Eliza Bubba Harriet darkes Emma Ahsinger 11 05 Benj. Dunmoyer 5 05 Selisia Dissinger 28 60 Mhz abet Ely 44,20 air a Tori Polly eau pics 17 85 48 40 20 50 is to 6 30 26 60 10 50 10 50 22 05 44 20 a 5c3 2t 65 00 Isabella touts Mary Zimmer Maii Rebecca Bario sue Bech told Margaret Beck Caroline de lev Mary Donmoyer 33 80 Anne Freysing. Bauser 33 30 Maria freyling Hauser Mary Geib Catharine Hank Rebecca Hahn and Mother Louisa herring Rebecca Kreider Margaret Mark Ann Moyer Maria Bleiley Catharine Miller 33 so Henrietta Sarge 37 50 Ca Barine sooner 35 00 33 80 17 85 3045 26 00 62 35 to 50 33 80 49 35 32 55 18 85 17 85 to 50 26 25 21 10 car. 49 35 Lydia Seiders 33 80 Sarah Bardle 30 55 Ann Spangler 65 00 Amanda Taylor. 4 20 a 18 40 Mary Wetzel. 62 56 Jos. Walker 23 50 Cut Baride Walter 17 85 Mary Xnyder 6 00 m. Zimmerman and Mother 72 85 of to Erie Reirer 33 80 Elizabeth Benny 44 70 Elizabeth he is 62 80 a 7 non 3s Al Al Arabella Logan 45 16 Sarah a Battorff 28 60 Ann Bough ter 9 45 Amelia Boer 1 65 Christiania smithl4 30 Hannah Weaver 6 50 William h. Bank 19 46 mar dried 54 69 Bebelea Hribok 33 so David Trieb 8 40 Maria Weisenford 44 15 mar e. Weaber 75 40 Elisa the Weaber 26 00 mar c. Wheat 38 85 alar Williams 10 50 Catharine Witmer 10 50 Mary Walbon 24 05 Relief Board. A Cash paid Jacob but her $4 20 a a a a Thomas. Lesher. 42 00 a a a a Peter Force 35 70 a a a a Jacob Brubacher 33 60 a a a a Cyrus shirk clerk 30 00 $9,746 23 Bounty paid to one men. $145 50 Hundred Day Franklin Bylo 50 00 Samuel Focht 50 00 Martin Flickinger 50 00 Peter Oberl 50 00 Hugh Gallagher 50 00 Penrose Barto 50 00 John s. Stiller 150 00 Simon ii. Leose 50 00 John clip pies 50 00 John tii Berr 50 00 William Martin 50 00 Henr it g. Jac0 ,9 50 00 . Morrison 30 00 Henry s. Tobias so 00 h w. Flick Inger 50 00 Geoege Flickinger so 00 Jacob Aunspach 50 00 Henr Mai theirs 5060 Dan 50.00 bartho.. Margot. 50 00 John Martin 50 00 David pm. Rise 50 00 a Wiiliam a Odell 50 00 John. A. Odell. Zip 00 George a Kirst a 50 00 we. so 00 David Gottshall 50 00 Peter Lang 50 00 a tons Meyer 50 00 Angusto is h Reehl 59 Oft a j Kochenderfer. 50 00 Reuben 8. Swartz 50 00 William s senders 50 00 Mayne Reed 50 00 w. It. Grabara 50 00 Lenry Troxel Rule Behney Henryjr w. River 50 00 c. Reinat Enatt 50 00 Israel my Connei 50 00 a s. S. Schnee 50 00 William l. Loser 50 00 Daniel Seitz 50 00 Charles Paine 50 00 Henry c. Cd of user 50 00 John h. Mease 50 00 Honry j. Dohner 50 00 Cyrus 50 00 s. B. Bord Limey 50 00 Isaac Rose \ 50 00 Michael Harner 50 00 John a Stambach 50 00 Clinton Stoner 50 00 Perry t. Bixier 50 00 Jos. It Hartman 50 00 Gideon r. Petry 50 a a Samuel r1. Shade -50 03 a. 50 00 Frederick Turpin 50 00 win. Ii. Martin 50 00 Henry 50 00 Michael Samball do lev i Shelly do a James Kenley do Quot John Barto ,. Do. E. 5�. Besnoy do John Biair. In Henry under do b. F. Bender do f. Donmoyer do Jerome Garrett do Georgo Fulmer do 50 001john g. Packe do50 0oph�lp w Mlih do balance of Bounty paid capt. Pany. Joseph Kahler ,. $20 00 John Border 20 00 ,$3900 00 Tice a com Bounty expenses., by paid sundry persons for services rendered horse hire including the bum Oft hun Ltd dollars appropriated forthe reception of the 93d Reg i ment and in orders issued by tic . A abatement. A by abatement allowed different. Collectors on taxes paid prior. To the lath Day of july. A. D. 1661 a. Collectors pay and. Expenditures. By collections allowed collectors. For the year 161 ,. 40 61 by collections allowed collectors or the year 1862, -102 80�?T by collections allowed co sectors a. For the year 1883 s602 08 by collections allowed collector for the year 1864 426 12 $46 co 3i3 10 2866 54 44 20 46 35 6 22 2 25. 8 10 mercantile appraiser.mr. Jacob a Offman of Jonestown. Has bom appointed me Rantil appraiser by the commit feb Onera of Lebanon Lott qty. A very Good appointment. Or Gergo Abler sold about 10 Asre Sollend Lown tbsp �j4nmg the Borough tour a Peter Horst for $2,0u0. Also a lot of ground with Karlok House thereon and a vacant lot and Jolo log in North Lebanon township to or. Charles . For$l500. Do stressing accident.on saturday let at a shooting match in Myerstown or. David Manderbach. From near Womelsdorf w As accidentally shot through the body it by a gun in the bands of mrs Henry Shultz of Newm Nat own. Sir. Shultz shot at a Board without see ing or. Mandy Bach who Wab beyond to and the Ball unfortunately stick him to the lower part of the body Maki Oga frightful wound. He lingered in great agony until sunday night when Hoex. Tired or Shultz has been in great Dastre sent we have not heard of any blame being attached to him it seems to have been one of those accidents that will some Imee occur w it fire arms under the greatest care Union forge by Edge. By Cash p id Walter a Barto on z a a orders 6,600 00jonestown Bridge by Cash paid Thomas Lesher. Riq., l r repairs 3 00 ear per Bridge. By Cash paid Hean a Light for extra services at said Bridge a t cording to an of ask Melv. R in 060 00 Bridges Acunis Tel Shock in Cibek. V it tin Barbor Bri go. A by Cash paid re Knuehl a Meily for lumber 15 91 canal and Bridge. By. Cash paid Joseph Philips for is pairs 38 04 Bridges in general. By Cash paid sundry persons for repairs gathering old Timber drafts Ano hauling on 7 orders a quod by commiss in quests. By Cash bid Edward j Bucken Stose of q., one inquest by Cash paid a 8 Ely if Sqq one in quest George Borgner two inquest. 12 08 16 78 28 68 in the Philadelphia flour Market prices Are without change and the Market continues Dull with sales of 1,200 bbl Good to Choice extra family at $1125@12 per bbl. The Home Trade Are buying in a Small Way at $9 25 @ 9 75 for superfine $10 25@10 75 for extra $u@12 for extra family and $12 25@12 50 per bbl for fancy brands according to Quality Rye flour is Selling in a Small Way at $8 75, per bbl Corn Maui continues Dull and of no sales. Wheat continues scarce and prime red is in demand at 250@255 per bus. Whiteis Duil and quoted at 260@280c per bus the latter rate for prime Kentucky. Rye in a Small Woy at 170@172c per bus. Corn is Dull and lower with sales of 1,500 bus yellow-atl59 @160o in the cars. Oats arc firmly held and in demand at 94@95e per bus. The offerings of beef cd lilo reached 2600 head an increase of 850 Over last week and the Market was Dull and fully 2c pci., lower a in la a ranging of from $17 @22 the 100ffisfor common to Good and prime. Cows.prices were firm with sales of about so head at from $30@50 for a rangers and $60 @80 for cow and calf As to condition. Iloos.the receipts were Light again this week Only reach ing about 1100 head with sales at from $18 75@21 the 100 its. Nett the latter for prime Corn fed. A a a a shekp.prices were rather bolter the demand Good about 50 00 Hoad arrived and sold at front 10 to 14o per h Gross As to condition. Or. Daniel in. Behun a i recently sold his farm of 58 acres in. East Hano ver to Henry Wagner for�?T81850 the dwelling House on this farm was recently destroyed by fire. Jeremiah Hoke sold 1j acres of land in Gor Wali township to David Dohner for 81,000. Just printed and for Sale at this office conditions for the Sale of real estate. A a postmortem examination. By cask paid b f a Kiev m a by Cash paid we Guilford m. jars amp Dps. By Cash paid 8nndvy Persona for six scalps. A. Printing. By Cash paid Henry Hartman 104 00 by Cash paid William h Bress to 167 25 by Cash paid Worth a by Fuochi 80a 12 by Cash paid j Young k co 378 by Cash paid j u Sowers 00 60 10 54 Mary Ann Fox Kliza Voso Eliza Ihu Fernsler Mary Ann Fisher 37 .50 Cathy Ine fasnacht 13 05 Sarah Feht 17 85 Lydia furling 31 50 Elizabeth Fisher 13 65 in re it Farnwalt 29 20 a nth no gundecker32 30 cat no Garrett 22 05 sue Grumbine 92 50 Mary hinder37r 65 Rebecca Garrett 18 70 Stinich Leiser 22 05 to Fanny Garrett 55 -70 . Hess 0 45 Harriet Hummel 85 80 so die Hamilton 54 60 Ester Hackman. Ann Horst Gam Odena Hahn Elizabeth Hupp Market Hoffman mar t Henning Louisa herring and Mother Julia Kormany Elizabeth Kramer 75 40 Mary d. Kaylor 50 80 Angeline Kepley 53 75 Margnret King 23 40 Emi Ihne Kramer 18 20 Maria Knissel 20 10, Susanna Kreider 33 50 soph in Knoke 4 40 Susan Kline 58 00 Mazda Katzaman 30 45 Sarab Liim Berton 33 so1 Catharine Lee 11 00 Mory Lewis a 21 25 a a Barbara Behny 22 05$ablna Drews a Oft in Firmi 11 of mar 40 19 50 26 25 54 60 54 60 53 90 41 78 2.3 40 28 60 28 60 26 00 33 80 26 00 36 55 28 60 44 20 00 00 83 55 26 00 Eliza the. Hoffman Barbara Kobr Marla Titiner c. De amp Wechter Rebecca Ault Maria Betz Gasbarine Betz Polly Bishop Caroline Ebright 58 75 Maria Gulbach 28 60 Eliza Mcginley ,13 65 Susanna showers 17 85 Mary still Quot 26 00 Eliza the spank 39 00 Caroline sword 28 60 Isabella strove -23 40 44 30 22 05 Rebecca Walter 22 05 Sarah Yiengst 22 05 Susan to ankh 44 26. Lydia Charleston 22 10 Eliz no to gambol 22 10 Polly. Reed 65 00 Eliza Etc showers 44 20 Rebecca Noll 44 20 Mary Brewer 37 70 Sarab Seabold 13 65 Chris spa Weiler 37 00 Alary teen Piliu 38 78 cat Barme seller 56 97 . Yungst 39 10 Barbara Baney 23 40 1.8 20. Sarah Black 33 80 Sophia trebra26 00 Elizabeth Betcher 28 60 m a Dearwechter 3.9 06 Sarah Donberger 22 90 a Elk Zap to Embich .23 40 exoneration. By exoneration allowed Colloq Tore for the year 1861 by exoneration allowed collectors for the year 1862 Fly exoneration allowed collect tots for the year 1863 by exoneration allowed collect Tore for the year 1894 outstanding taxes. John Koons cold. Spring for the year 1862 John Stroh jr., col. Of s. Ann will for the year 1862 a a Isaac or North Annville. 1864 David , 9. Antiville 1864 Moser Itei Gort porn Wall. 1sg4 Datil Emny Zeidel / i Terr 1864 David Wendling Hanover 1864 a Samuel Morsett Jack non,1864 Abraham try Tel n. R.ebrooutp., 1864 Peter Hauer collector e. Ward a tan a a a a warn7i6u4-�? Solomon Smith a Lebanon Borough 1864 deter i longer Londonderry 1864 William j. Ibach Millcreek 1864 George Louser collector Oswa Tara 1864 Lenry ,collector,Union, 1p64 Lenry s. Lick collector Bethel 1864 l. C. Bricker collector cold Spring. 1864 closes Stoltm South Lebanon 1864 by treasurers commissions for receiving $72.890 40 at t per cent a a by treasurer s Conn sission for paying out $58,013 77 at per cent. A balance in hands of Daniel Gerberich sex treasurer of Lenhon county a $3231 64 to Cash received from Lebanon. Valley Bank $93.000 00 to Cash received from Lebanon Bank. 00 temporary Loans. To Cash received from sundry pern Onson two hadred and thirteen Bounty Bond issued by the commissioners of Leba non county. -$112.00000 $186.770 00 $408.004 47 cd. Payments. Expenses paid the following person Viz _ Daniel Gerberich Esq. Cyras p. Miller Esq Frederick Shaeffer Cyrus shirk. Kill Inger shirk George f. Leinbard Adam Rise Esq. John George Esq. Bassler Boyer Esq Joseph Bowman Esq David Matthews Esq. ,. 4isaac Brower $300 00 George Imbody a do Israel Beidel j. L. Me Berry Frederic Yocum James y Epson s. Bi88mger Cyrus Moore Martin Otto Andrew Bleis line w. H. Bro Nanson m. Rank. We. Boeshore John Noll Jacob Long a we Bross w. F. Grumbine Elias Gossert Geo. H. Uhlir Jonathan Garret Gotleib Boyer Sam Ifill Rah j. S. Painter a Henry Fisher , Gerhard Henry Hiram Yocum Peter Calleo c. H. Keller Charles Margett Asburry Eckman Adam Eisenb amp her do do do do do do do do do do do do a do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do f. Reise Batt so Loman Rauch James Boyles Uriah Meily m. Leininger George storm Penrose Thomas Peter Fisher do do do do do do do do Augustius Behney do Catharine Light 33 65kate Friddle Lucotti Light j 14 Soff Quot a Elizabeth Moyer 18 00 in re ram Conns a 22 05 Sarah e. Mills 53 75 Caroline Michael 36 55 Sophia Frantzke Mary Garring barn Gurloff Eliz Heffelfinger Rebecca Klick 28 60 23 40 23 40 39 00 38 50 18 20 \ 34 85mnthd& in Reitsch 28 Amelia Mcnight 17 85$tebecc katzaman23 40 Elizabeth Mill 54 33 so a born be Mccaulie 13 60 Ira a a a a a Vonn mar of Mcgarvin 23j�0 Eliza Melinger 22d5 100 of 600 00 stationery Resi Oge do it Ike it do. By ens paid Fandry persons for. Stationery triennial assessment books military deck Els postage a. On 8 orders issued by the. Comalli loners. A a a office Fei. By Cah paid j d a Carman k�q., by Cash paid Henry Sigrest key cnmi3si<mer�, by Cash paid Jacob Bucher by Cash paid Thomas Leshor by rash paid Peter Ferney by Cash paid Jacob by Iba Faer by Cash paid Simon Bolt by Cash paid g p Miller ,Esq., by Cash paid j w Killinger erq., for services rendered and exp ses incurred in going to Wash Lugton Philadelphia a. By Cash paid Cyrus 8hlrk, clerk by Cash paid Samuel Lutz messenger 120 00 county and pubic office auditor by Cash paid county auditors for adjusting the several Publ cac a counts including clerk and stat auditor appointed by the court to adjust the Aero ants offices for a the year 1864 it. Boarding jurors. By cosh paid Henry p Carmenjr ,.taxes refunded. A by Eash paid Thomas Lesher,Esq., 61 by Cash paid Joseph Bowman esq7 41 Eastern Penitentiary. By Cash paid Eastern. Batto Feni to Atlary for support of convicts for the year 186s in fou ,.4. Principal and interest paid. By Cash paid sundry persons for Pri Cipul and interest paid including discounts la Bank Stamps ac., on 60 orders i valued by . Spring auctions. By Cash paid sundry persons for a conducting a prior elections a constables for notifying officers bit elections. By Cash paid sundry Persona for 805 12 644 61 in of Brit Mclaughlin 1 Barbara Mauget 3 Eliza Miller r u pre in Mcginley >1 Martha Mutch 2�?T William Miller 2u-. Suean Myers 23w Sarah Mckinney 27 a a Cut no Mckinney 2f f Loren a Mitch Ier 4i 20 Sunn Miller 3i 0 cat be Mannara 71 0 Luck a Matthias $ .40 am dam Gowen 25 ,0� Mary oxen Ford 86 0q Catharine Moyer 21 73 Susanna Nye 23 4f Surah of Neal 45 35 Jane 0. Pfleger 45 Maria Peifer 33 8� Rebbecca Puffer ? so Sophia Petry. T�8 75 Lydia Parker /23 40 Sarah Peter 23 40 Mary Katzaman 39 00 Susan to amp be 27 95 Cassi Levengood is 20 Saran Lein Inger 18 20 Lovina Moyer Cecilia Moyer iter 1448 0 166 26 8 02 16 49 15,4 8 07 876 81 8$ 92 33 80 Mao 2$ 60 33 so 23 40 s3 so 18. 20 28 60 $17 78 <0 74 783 80 75 71 59 55 6 75 $528 29 1333 23 787 10 530 07 1061 41 18s1 78 407 89 183143 342 50 725 60 1118 31 2350 45 3s5 52 settled settled settled $728 90 589 14 918 08 $66 30 $13141 46 $1318 04 14.452 88 h. Karenina . Seibert John d. Brua Geo. Gastrock Edwin m. Stoner s. Matthew Henry Scarf b. F. Gingrich win. H. Risser Charles Hondo g. Soulliard we. Busking Aaron k. Cleaver Josiah Shultz Beeville my yer John l. Meredith do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do $122,496 86 we the undersigned auditors of the Baotou county in common wealth of Pennsylvania do certify that in p tub the of the47tb Sec. entitled a an relating to counties townships ao.,�?� posted the 15th Day of aprila.d.1834 we met at the commissioners office in the Borough of Lebanon on Friday the 2d Day of february a d.1865,and did audit and adjust the foregoing account required of As by Law agreeably to the several acts of Assembly at a supplements thereto according to the Best of our knowledge and ability. And we find in the hands of Kaufol Gerberich e-q., treasurer of Lebanon county a Salados of fourteen the Oneado Fohr. Hundred and fifty t o dollars and a Lighty. Eight cents $14,452,88. The auditors also find there hide the county in taxes the sum of thirteen thousand two Hundred and seventy Aix cents $13207 -78 the exoneration and collections to be allowed collectors. Quot a the auditors also Fin that the county i indebted to different Loans o the amount of 8ixty-one thous and four Hundred and thirty five dollars 61,435 00from which said Aji out deduct the out Randi Jug taxes Lee the exoneration and Coll it Iowa to be allowed collectors sad the Salatto id the hands of the treasurer which will leave the real debt of the Connery about thirty six thousand dollars 36,c0not including the amount of indebtedness for Bounty Pur pos 8. \ in with a we have Hereunto Sot or inn a this a Day of feb uary Anno Domini one thousand e ight Hundred and sixty five. 1 William p. By Cutey auditors Joseph Shamo v. Of James build i. J Lebanon co Leann in. February 9,1865.4t. A nth Ine poc Fly jl4 70 Borah Quickley ,39 47 Polly Romich j 8 40 Mno a Rosenberger 13.65 r. Reckenberg cry 26 cat lne Runkle 26 25 Reise Batt 54 60 _ Veronica re Ign ills 20cathkarenits Susan Rauch 30 45l c Matthews t Mary Shtir Matilda Miller Sarah Miller Sarah a Miller Kate Miller Ann Noecker Mary Peiffer Hannah reinhard23 40 Sarab Risser. 15 &6 c rare Snyder 39 00 Elizabeth rabold23 40 Sarah Sowerwine-33 80, Mary Shaeffer 38 20 Loy Natice. 2s 60 Elizabeth Warner 33 80 Maria Turaer. 18 60 Sarah Witmer 28 60 Henrietta woomer2i 20 Lucetta Woomer 28 60 Sarah Woomer 23 40 Sarah Zigler 18 20 Louisa a Zeller 23 40 Eliza Zimmerman 18 20 sos amp a Abbey. 22 05 Mary Carver. 35�?z00 Hannah a eave a 17 85 Eli Hollinger Mary m Kline Teceira Aira of Calhune Strohm Julia Smith Elizabeth Sha Leah Sha Maria shilling Sarah Sheffer and Mother aim Shive Serah a. Shoe Chris to of Smith Hannah Seigrist Mary Spe ichor Eliza the Sparkler Elizabeth Stolf Mary Swei Toteh Kate Seiders Catbe be Shaad Ann e. Taylor Mary Tiee Eliz the Thomas Freo Ilia Urban Elizabeth Uhler 26 44 50 23 50 it 5 15 00 43 50 37 00 Mary emeritus 0 00 Mary Souders 23 50 Tang Ida Woomer 25 .50 51 25 Loving Woomer 25 50 54 60 Catharine Zigler 15 00 Hannah Siegrist 41 90 28 35 so Rah do or 18 20 65 00 Sarah r Hoffman 43 40 44 20 Caroline Eyrich ,33 80 14 30 Malinda y Bane 48 to 39 00 Henrietta Fisher 21 48 28 60 Dongle 36 18 22 40 Sarah seesholtz44 to 44 20 Sara Zimmerman 27 66 25 29 Molly Wertz 19 2 40 80 Carlo it 44 to 41 t3 Caroline karman69 01 65 00 Raebel Aunspach 42 60 43 05 Elina Baddorf 32 86 26 00 Saladna Weaber 43 35 13 66 Sophia fide 30,. 11 22 05 John s Behney st.30 Lebanon county a for. La if f Mmel amp to. For the year 1s64. Ban1kl Webb Erich Esq., treasurer of Lebanon county in account with said county for Bounty included. Ujj receipts. To acre into amount of Bounty tax levied in the different Towne Hipa Aud Borough Al of Lebanon county for the year a. A 186. A anus due North Annville Gouth Bethel a. A cold Spring Cornwall Heidelberg. Hanover East a Jacksen Lebanon township a Orfin Lebanon township South Lebanon Bor Bogh boat Ward Lebanon Borough Tot Ward Lebanon Borough North. Londonderry a Millcreek Swatara Union Michael Shreffer do Jobo c. Miller do Calvin Umberger do for. Douglass do Jeremiah m Iller do e. St Boatmun do we. A. Krum do James Hull do c Rotharmel do Frederick Miller do James Brcin do Moses Snyder do. Augustus Skyew do c. Suchi Obill do Charles Kramer do c. Bar hard 7 v do a do John b Feigner do John w. Smith do Harrison Wen a do a Ecreman do Charlea _ _ Ivi Thoin uh8s doff. A i. Quimby do Henry r. Fisher do Charles Freeman do Mahlon Weidner do William Hyie do Benjamin Strause do t. I. Diroff do Samuel r. Fisher do Nathan Meiroff do John Peifer do William h. Saylor do Alfred Fessler do Jacob Fox do John m. Seibert do Edwin Mcelhany do John w. Firmer do Joseph d. Miller do Hiram Cassel do j. H. Far Bemer do Abraham Lehr do John h. Keinach do a darn slay. Do Wilson a Deamer do John j. Hauser do Edward Shissler do Pere Ivline Miller do c. V. Gulich do David e. Bristol do William Kereb do Henry Hoeck do Minne Patrick do Geo. Calbaum do Peter Williams do s. Bowman do John Bougher do Robert Cubley do Robert Zarrab do b. F. Kreps do Robert Lammon do Aaron d. Long do James Reeder do George Abreham so Dor do f. D. Thompson do George Obyle do Charles do Frederick la Uhacz do Oscar Sharp Lees. Do David h. Eckman do Jared Royer do . Mensch do John f. Brodt do Martin v. Morry do William Smith do William Miller do Silas a Hartman do Twat Fra e565t do William Weehler do j. Fenster Inacker do George Garry a do Amas Gas Hiram Lay lord do Chas. Kenebel Kurdo Jackson b. Johns do $239 40 9 90 .6 00 22 80 14 00 20 00 60 00 4 50. 50 00 8 00 50 00. H 09 $485 60 Philip j. Miller 300 00 Joh Zwible do Lewis Rbeber do Patrick we Gens 315 00 Henry Watson do John r. Jison do Patrick Ivey do a Kauffman 325 00 Isaac Watson do Thora Asminka do John Kelly. Do do. Richardson do Samuel Ford do Charl Ssmith do John Fox do Charles Gustt do Patrick he firm do Robert rust a Charlesf Tachett. Do Albert Statzel do Charles Coats do John Phillips do Mue Bonn. To Charles p. Hole do John w. Quiz re do m. Sam. R. Brown do Joseph Dev itt 306 00 Henry Whitman do Elias Wiko do do Michael Cook do Henry a guar do Quot Levi Myers. Do William Anthony do Jan a r. Picket 325 00 John Little do i avid Steward do John u Kevin do my Wick Moyer do John Reiter do e. Keeping 300 00 John White do i. A Eisen sur do Michael Wagnor do Adam t. Haas do Josiah Good do Andrew m. Landis do John a. Shaeffer do Henry g. East do it John Phillips do John halos do James Pursley do h. J. Hummel do James r. Wright do Abraham Baum a do a Landing Early do George Wamp st. Do Henry Wal ref do Levi Kriser do chaos Mccullough do win. Logan Eckerdt Daniel swat a do George Siles a do Bright p. Butch do a Fred Bond do Scott Phillips do James a. Ctr do d. R. Bali Nan do John do David s. Rank do David Bomgardner do p. Zimmerman do Emanuel Hawk do Edward Engle. Do. William Bech told do c. Schrof amp or do Franklin Sailor do a. B. Margulen do the rape Robert Orr do George w. Sletz do a. S. Era a a do Thomas j. Lane do Franklin Kurtz do. John Geo Dom do. Chat d. Weise do we. Mckervey do Joseph Lowry do h. F. Mcvey no id do h. B. Dunlapp do Edwin phar do George a amp scam do Daniel Bluestine do Geo w. Frederick do Joseph Shones do George Hahn do Cyrus Warner do Joseph Fry do Levi Donley do we h. Brandt do Joseph Weaver do lied Lummox. Do Benjamin Poto do Witt Rosenberger do h. L. Umberger do Joseph still do Jonah a Lightner do John a Baylor do Afraham Shriner do b. D. Walker Samue darkes John Mcnight Thomas William Reedy Jacob Clay George Matthew Joseph Betz j a foes t. Bitch by. Do $6625 09 7661,03 6945 38 236 62 11232 65 7820 06 6191 35 21846 22 7108 03 7801 68 4106 49 h 3756 72 1714 71 9211 93 5204 84 5080 64 3379 30 do do do do do do do do James a. Scour Absolon to Coly Francis Kanotus Dano Coner John h. Durke John w. Young f. Smith Marcellus a Wiler Charles Gilmore Edward Bueton George Burton m. Mullenex George Bloch John Agnew a James a. Of otters Thomas Marion John Cassel a John w. Lyon do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do John s. Huber do William slay a do we Strep Bem do Thomas Marrall do Oscar Tittle do Clark gain do Samuel Quito do John Steward do Harvey Faust do Nathan Iel Shirey do h. C. Bernhard do Jacob Core a Doh. D. In Affrann do James d. Cannady do. John Lee scr do do Obah s hamburger 300 00 Aaron Weana 800 00 William h Weiss 300 00 t Evi we ii 300 00 John a Focht 800 00 Chr a Mcgarvy 3 0 00 Cyrus Lecich 300 00 John h Wertz. 300 60 Jehu l 809 00 Samuel Rock a so 00 Abr Hlun coils 800 00 William Leo 809 00 of Euber dyre 800 00 a Tiu Dau Bangh 800 00 Augustua Snyder 300 00 Abraham. A is weit 300 00 we Mclaughlin 800 00 we 0a�hert 360 00 Adam Snyder 00 co Daniel Miller. 800 00 Chr of Tehran so .00 Albin Haak 300 00 Amos m run old 300 00 Henry Sci Mistor .300 00 Cyrus dts Singer 00 00 Henrj f Ickinger 300 00 Henry c Bowman a 800 .00 Isaac Urich 300 00 Jacob Renkenberger 09 09 Henry Sochi is 809 09 William g or amp a 300 00 vhf Eutmio Uetricht 300 00 Artemus Wilb Efra Soo 00 Waali Gion no to 3c0 00 by Brahe m Ocmer 300 00 the airy of a an vat Suo 00 David Mccauley 300 00 Kyra j Gater. 1 co 0q a Jhn stoner800 00. Fred a Kazz nah s00 00 ____�00 00 Charles Diller $00 00/absolon Darkas William Stork s00 00 Jacob see key a a John w Moyer 800 00 William Gambe Jacob Baumgardner $$0 oof Sanfiel Lowry Johnsl Tobt 300 ooh flick a a it Fia Rauel Bott 800 fit Jacob wet Lotrn a 8 Trouel Boyer 300 00 William Williams Henry Lowry 300 0 Philip Ottok. 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John Elsley Thomas Stengel William Eraitt Chas he Bines Jumes Mcgehee John Kelly Daniel Kane William Atherton John h Mccormick Charlea a Briggs John p Stoddard James Jackson-1. Tto augustas Nespal Joseph Nohn r. U a a Charles Mcl Tohen do a macs a Back do William Clark do James Murphey do John Cassel a d1�Charles William 1 820 00 Charles Williams 820 00 John Magee. 8� 00 Stephen Rottma 816 00 Willom g song Fred 816 00 Charles Newman 8 5 00 William Ellis 816 00 Quot my. 82500 326 co 825 of a 8 /6 00 825 00 095.00 00 0� ?00 00 3f0 09 800 00 00 00 to do do do a Dot Dodo do do do do do a do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do a do do do do Dodo do do do do do do a do do do do do do Dodo do do do do do do do. Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do it do do do do do do do do Dot do do do do do do a do do do do Dodo do do do do Dodo. Do do r 825 00 do do do do Dedo do jeep a Stedham Charles Clark John balt a on George alot. George Smith. 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Rounce a 325 00 John rank Elbow 825 00 Wlliam Breis $25 00 John fit if 825 00 William Smith a 825 00 Anthony Sha Effurs s2> 00 Charles Loeb avs 85 00 Mark Scholl a 325 00 fee sri h. Ocular �25 03 James Mcbriety 325 00 Wimam a Couk .35 00 George l Danyle 825 00 arb trl Devolt a 85 00 James Danis 315 09 Arnold d. Biston 815 00 John Ginder 316 00 m Boggs 6 0 825 of Henry l. Cooper 825 00 John w. Lewis $15 00 bolts 815 00 a wry Forrar Taz of a Mhz a Gfa a a Yate of 5�6 00 00 00 too of 300 00 800 00 800 00 300 00 bar Lea Israel Boston John Brig Hybil Quot r Nathan Leininger Daniel Shulta James Igbal Joshua a nth or do Lcou its in Banks. Lebanon Valla Bank Lebanon Bank $207 855 of 718 27 157 67 875 94 $208,231 54 Notts paid in Bank. Lebanon Valley Bank 6 notes 93.000 00 Lebanon Bank 2 notes 19,000 00 it. >$112,000 00 outstanding taxes Charles Arndt North Annville Samuel Seabold South Annville Henry s lick Bethel a Ephraim Sigrest Cornwall Henry 8 Good Union. Lenry 8 Good cold Spring a Emanuel we in Heidelberg a David Wendling East Hanover Fredrick f. Steiber Jackson a a rubs Troxel t tp.,c. K. Bomberger s. Lebanon tp., Peter Fluur Lebanon Borih-bvw., Jacob Graffe Lebanon Borin w. W., John go Wentz n. Lebanon boil he John wot Friberger. Londonderry Joseph Mathews Millcreek Georgo Walker Swatara treasurer a commission for Bonn ties paid to the foregoing re enlisted men and new recruits in Olf Diug ten per counts paid in Banks $238,231,64160 por cent Treasur try a commission for reel. Vang the Maney from Bond hold. Ders a including Iho Money from the different townships for extra Bounty $302, 82 it amp la per cent. A a a a trea Flurer re Xaiv ing the tax of rpm Cal lectors $88 320,421 0 @ so per cent. ,. A 1303 7$ 801 28 495 89 638 21 670 Fez stir 02 926 Oe-2 to 82 2662 i 476 a 211 00 766 49 726 74 558 71 6s60-78 i .593 96. 1166 90 a $17,602 32 $1941 16 755 2c? a 220 80 Balanco in hands of treasurer a Quot $106,922 74. Cash received from the following townships and boroughs for pay ing the extra bounties Low and above $800, including the expenses incurred in. Getting recruits and establishing the credits a Viz cold Spring a East Hanover Union Swatara North Lebanon township. Bethel. North Lebanon Borough Lebanon Borough Jackson. Mill Tok Heidelberg s. Lebanon. Cornwall. A Annelue r. Londonderry North Annville $ 900 198 00 165 00 198 00 249 00 240 00 141 00 890 00. 818 00 a 189 00 234 00 180 00 189 0 169 00 243 off 219 00 John h. Lamp nth James k. Shay Thomas George Bower w Iliam a Sta James Brown James pcs six do. Do do do do d o do Thomas Feeney do willism Mator Dof John Trump 315 00 or. Lancaster 300 00 Samuel Wagle do we. H. Gilbert do Joseph Flowers do Jan a 315 00 r. A. Campbell 300 off John d. Hakes do Joseph Matthews do Joseph Drenth do John Campbell do Daniel t. Hisey 310 00 w. Quot a. Greet s do Henry so id Lea do Frederick Bouser do jobs Buffy do Robert Scarlet do Patrick delay do Lewis Stengel. Do Harry a Daniels do a David b. Parter do Wro. Ii. Saylor do we. L. Felton do Henry c. Miller do Aaron Deamer 300 00 Wjlliam Leslie do Alex. Fan Lingor do 390 001jobo h Ulrich not sons Wilson w mandr.say it in John m. Freeborn 3�oo 00 James no Glen 300 m Lac Obiji Igor m b .qqh.rn to Otil ien.rs-1-Uayu. Joseph a Tomb Iuso 300 cup Csc a Kef m he hot Iohp. 390 Cor Eben my Cash be carved from Banks. 312.00. Henry 2ches tube As mock a a in a James James Dei Landrew mock g w Winslow l m demean Adam James William am lob Jacop Broh pane Warren John Richards William Shelly we am j Mcgill David College William h Sayers Charlesb marcs Henry Stutsman Joseph Betson John Hardy soft 00 George Hornberg a 89 001 Braneia Broffman 300 00j Jaremiah feel. S�o#0u$��-la�frt�.,. 800f09 hat in is bought dec. 800 q0g��rg� 800 00 Joseph Wall or. 300 01john Mcconnel. 300 09 John Monnet 300 0 Henry co Ord 800 o0jniraini>nbbb31� 0 a Josiah the 8eabold 300 00 johndatim1 300 00 a a 800 00 800 00 800 00 860 00 800 00 George x Hess Henry Regger David hit _ Christian Shaeffer Amos s Bol fam Jacob Braw Envell do do do do a do do do do do do do do do do do do do j9 a do do do Ydo Quot do do do do did Ltd $2017 16 $389851 02 b8�63 72. A $408 004 74 we Iho of Lebanon county in the common wealth of Pennsylvania do certify thai the pursuance of the 47th the ntitlecr4�?~an relating to lunettes townships passed the 15th Day of april. 1831, we met at the Gam-mibfiitoerfa1 office in the Boro go of Lebanon of amp Ater Day Quot february Letb a. P. 186and did air Flat a a a Keisu we i net a of Tbs it Napier cents thereto. Cd coding to the Best of on judgement and ability. A a a and we find in the bands of Daniel Gerberich Esq treasurer of be Bantu county the sum its qty Elgut thousand Onega Adrid and fifty three dollars feud it Enty two Cei to. A a the find there is due the county in outfit adding Booty taxes the end of seventeen Boua Ennd it in Hundred and two doll Ais and thirty two Cento juc�udiog1 the exoneration and collections to be of owed Chiju actors. A a a Tala Anil rows Al o find that the copay. It indebted a of different individuals for to Mora. A to the amount Ozone Hundred and egg by so Leven. Hundred and s Vonty dollars from which said amount deduct the gut Tad Jig taxes a i cab the Exon nations a and Colw Cricos to be showed cold Corr which must be Al owed a and in the hands of the Treffe user which will leave the real debt of the county for. B6uuty purposes a out one and five thousand dollars exc la ivc of the interest due on the Bonds loin i Ness whereof we have her Erteld set put hands thth1 a Lovonah Day off Bra Axy. A. A. 18%. I Liam p. Beck Ley auditors Joseph Shamo. It of. Jame3 Hummel. Jab aug amp of. Lehano february 16th. 1865.4t Lebam tobacco factory. It a a v a j a about locating in Leb Nuen tobacco factory Riik undersigned Ore. X what is essentially a Missouri for the manufacture of plug tobacco. Our Stock is Missouri Leaf made up by. Mibs Uri baud st Andorn machinery is of the latest Ajo nost efficient character. We shall deter suied by adhere to the policy of making and Selling Only a a Hood and pure article of tobacco and settler do me chants and others while they have Tho Hui us directly from the Mannz actor. It thus saving to thedias a a heretofore Mfd the jobber Are a read Kij it Etc of get Ting adultery two or poisoned Phao oos As to he buying un-w�?o�5ml? fill Ortere by the 10th of maw do we Cau retail none can sell to no purchaser lib than 20ppuudfl of orc Tamara and Price list sent to any add Ere on Appu few week Wpm by to picture find Cut chewing and smoking tobaccos Lebanon feb. 22, 1865.3m. ,. Id you see afcb2tn3 a br0j8 new Boot and show store a d
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