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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 24, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaBy 9-�. M by we. M. Saviz g of the. National snip i Savejs amp a tet Tofu Olife Lioata fur air Aitio a Stic Geta the Ifante up Quito at Fri ital it Illi Gimme. Fps Rifle Gnu. Lebanon pay a wednesday june 24, 1857. Teems�?�1,50 a year new York advertisements a a a a a a from Albert g. Richardson s advertising and correspondence office 360 Broad Way new i �,.,. Exterminator. 1 piano for in a risks ssh bsh so offt wit no. 209, Centre Street new York j dangerous to the human family0 eats not s Herr. May 1m found a of piano a b 10 their lib Les but come out and die. The Scarvelli Mynheer to s history of Woden lock. Toro who did at the he who has been at Roterdam will la i Tho Guin Granteed to gives amp Tio caution. If not so the piano May to up we refund inc tie Money and freight. A a a r a 1 and Here was a favorite discovery which he had Long been endeavouring to make and in accomplishing which he imagined he had at last. Succeeded that very morning. Like Aii other manufacturers of terrestrial legs he had Ever found the chief difficulty in his Progress towards perfection to consist in its being apparently impossible to introduce into them any thing in the shape of joints a a a Jated by the will important fun present system by Means of the admirable mechanism of the knee and ankle. Our philosopher had spent years in endeavouring to put up in 25c., 50c., 75c., $1, $1.50, $2.50, j that City find the Hague Leysen and at the great exhibition at ibo Crystal Palace a. A. Al of stairs Quot electric powder i a the a place3j 1,6 Wlsh free a a ber 1858, a prize medal Tjia awarded to iia Zottou amp Uro ? for the destruction of Moths mosquitoes a Den Pointer oth to t ,.j__________. I pm a t.lnse0ts on rotll3 am i As havens been Iol habited a obviate tins grand inconvenience a and Ani to a in and 50c flow j the most ingenious artist that Holly to a though he had undoubtedly made great sold Bikol Csulen Aud retail at Quot costars Quot j Ever pr0l used to say nothing of his a Progress than anybody else it was not principal depot 388 Broadway new j daughter the prettiest Maiden Ever a Ltd a a a a a a a yq111c, and by the principal druggists and born within ils Brinit oif Illg Stoakin Foff dealers the Umic Dimet. Ike can r of a a a a a mlih1ia a is bin nil a tut Wetli Iden. California and South America. I a fr0& a 8 not with the fair Blanche orders must always be accompanied by j unfortunately that w6 have 8t pig so no a a it Street _ a a Street Plu Ladt Ujj Money is re interest paid from a drawl. I t. Tjit office is open ii it to morning till 7 o i m 1 itty thursday Avenir tin a a interest Timve a jams. Urge or or Sandwi Chovit. Notice Hon. Ii it Liob Kkt Yuri Hubp. Secret ability of i Uno and placed in Tho highest Grade by the following distinguished Artl to it diem Norris chair Imit on musical . Jet lion Max mar Taek w. Ii. 1 by Al. S. Willis t. Ellfeldt z. Jmc Goen email us Dirac Jdwight. Jur on Cal Kastrun Mintat George i. Iris tour Secretary on musical instruments inny id Jho i,�?2 no Niport finl to consumptive. J\i1 an i in Unble lives inv a been saved by Plageman in i a Cira genuine cod liver Oil which in a human probability would have been lost but for its incr of till he use. A. It is no quack Medicine but the Puro Oil Modo with the utmost Ciru from the t rash cod fish livers and is to commended by the most eminent physicians in european Mencas and has proved by 1 in years experience j the most Lamable remely for can sumption and scr Fula 9 o a Ocic a 1 Ever discovered. For. While it cures Tho disease it incr amps Nib axia. Huge or a mall and sit to the any of wit hand on Jlon Duy i of the health and strength of the patient. is a great Deal of spurious Oil. a cd Xerri j All iterated a Vita Beal Oil. Venlo Oil. Ac.7 which instead 1lm of Benefit. Uck in Gold on in Only jul Berjer. Edward a a. Carter. Robert Sel Tredgo. Samuel k. Ashton Aii ies r. Smith. Toifl Compaq in nov nodes its Colvig ofstoney.011 it amp Resac. Thi f18 4nv amount a by l. Uei Ninish president a Ai flip dial. \ ice Prosk lout ift Crons c. Laim Remi a Lunny y. Cairoli i a just or Joseph 11, Henry l. Cd a i Caiman Irray acis Lee. Business entirely to Tubero st meats Limo hot Tang Aone Ariy one million amp and a half of dollars As a so a cof a Ity Leith Tho pro if of of the Chi tar most Gaul to around j class securities of vi2.alwaya unum to Apo stors. And Cut not tul by and Smitn Ltd to this institution. Lii corporate nude in conform of in real is its and Neh first e our fact Security to t to give permanent a Uny 27s 1s&t� in Canon a Putnal Liisi iwanic Srpoua Tbs by the a str s v a pm. Charier Peri i Ual. Once at an town Lebanon county gotta is be capital $56 q00 Opkis come is is now fully x Road to Uia o insurance it it and injures the patient by ranging digestive a a Agana but being Ohof tor 18 by unprincipled persons palmed off for go nume. Nola ion that . Clark a cos signature is Over the work Fichti the Engle and mortar on the Label for Seco the death of we. I in Seton our late partner there has been an article culled Lush ton s Murkot Winch is in be Way Corgi Metod. With r. O. A co., or in. C. Amp co. And thousands who had used Thor of without Success have been restored to health by the i Duroo Oil of our manufacture. Sold by ail respectable druggists. May. 6,18ot.�?2m�?23��sqs. My a cd tend important fris covery in the science of Medicine. Patent office Seal of Gbo at Britain diploma role ii army Acie pit Mattsf a Cie x Paris 11 incl Imperial Coll go of la eds Cine via i Etna. Sold wholesale and Trefoil by or h. A Barrow member of the Imp Gallego of Quot Vienna. 5 and Hovel College of surgeons London who May to j personally consulted at his residence. 1st Prince Street j Fow blocks West of Broadway new York from 11 a. M till a 1. M. And from a till 3.1. .1. Sundays . 1 i unless by appointment. A i a these mar a of 1, a is a remedy for relaxation and All t. Distressing consequences arising from Yuriy abuse mud j Efrain at excesses or too Long it Idencio in hot Climars. It j c has restored bodily and. Sexual strength and vigor to it j Iliou Sanda who Are now a the i payment of health and Tho Cash goods sent on commission. Snitil Sanj Titi a Ackatta at Tho lowest wholesale prices for first orders new places with cards. Show Bills. Posters. Amp a. Pc. Packages expressly put up for ships. Steamboats. Hotels. Public . Full parties ars to to wholesale dealers Scales of prices. Amp a. Amp a. Will be promptly mailed on application. Address a a costar no. 388 Boadway. N. Y. Sold by Guilford a Lamb error. I Arnm. 1857.-3 Moa. 4 Sis. Any lung to it the old gen Tieman. Her father. His profession was that he believed himself Corn Plezel Winsier of the great secret. His first Al tempt 10 carry it into execution a cd. Iole Niho leg he was about to make form mixer von Woden lock it was onh he evening of the sixth Lebanon female Seminary a Gid object of Ali institution to m in part to Youck ladies a thorough education. And thus or Eliare tuck for the faithful Dis Clarae of lbs various duties to which i they May by called in life. Experienced teachers Havo been employed who will give instruction m All the branches of ?jv6-�/n/7 education. . Greek. Trench. Music i a Intong Anco i a Bacn. Music painting Tinct dra 1 a an Enon la cd Camji a r to no f0 and him Elf o admirably fitted so All from the country or. From i a a. A. Elegantly propped up by Minhe return of the May Davanti Laffea desire to Avail themselves offered 7 for any further information address either r Augustus c Sederi a guardian Ancl visitor or llgi1 r. Baughier. Principal. A we also refer to Tho faculty of Pennsylvania College. Getty Surg. A. Bov 31. O. Miller. Levi Kane Jacob b. Vidman. Charles Grcina Walt Henry amp Simc and others having daughters in the school. Lebanon september 10,. That of surgical i a urine no m it a but j Day from shul to which i i ave aired of. J Quot a 1 alluded that we Imp this magic leg. Care fully packed up. To amp jul the Artisan again made Bis appearance before the expert chg and impatient we no Rock. There was a proud twinkle a Grey Eye which secmed\i0 indicate that he valued even the. Trio and guineas,., which he intended for Janchev a marriage portion Lesa than thee Jebri to the glory the immortality of Yit a cd he was at length to share he Una a his,.precious bundle and spent Neoim hours in displaying and explaining to the delighted Burgher the number of additions be had to the internal machinery and the purpose which a each was intended to serve. The evening wore away in these discussions Concerio a Wvori a that he almost began to. Doubt i ing wheels within wheels and Spring acting upon Springs. A Ben it was tune to retire to rest if the were equally satisfied of the perfection of the work and at his employer s Earnest request the artist consented to remain where he his Fame principally rested on the and mrable skill with which he constructed 1 wooden and Cork a legs. So great wa3 is reputation in tins department of he i Man science that they whom nature or Accident had curtailed caricatured and Digap pooled. I so very necessary an appendage to the ii mpg to him in crowds and however desperate their Case Hughl be. Were very soon As the saying is Sel upon their legs again. Many a cripple who had looked upon his deform by As in Crabie. And whose Only Consolation consisted in an occasional sly his Ai Providence for having entrusted his making to u Journeyman come out and relieve me or i shall be out of sight and you be Able to overtake the mechanician grew very Pale he was evidently not prepared for this new difficulty. He lost not a moment however in following the merchant to what he could towards extricating him from so awkward a predicament. The merchant or rather a e Merom Bat is Jeg a Vas walking cafe a i be App set a being in elderly Man found easy matter to make up to in. Ii did so at last nevertheless Ami catching him in his arms lifted him entirely from the ground. But the stratagem if so it called did not succeed for the innate propelling motion of the leg hurried him on along with his Burden at the same Rale As before. He set him therefore Down again and stopping or s violently on one of the Springs that protruded a Little behind. In an instant the unhappy Mynheer von was Oil like an Arrow calling out in the most piteous accents i am lost i Arn lost i am possessed try a Devil in the shape of a Cork leg b Stop me 1 for heavens Sake Stop pre i am breathless a i am fainting will nobody shatter my leg to pieces Trimm Vort term Nevoit you five murdered me the artist perplexed and confounded was hardly in a situation More to be envied. Scarcely knowing what he did he Tell upon his Knees clasped his. Hands and with strained and staring Eye balls looked after the richest merchant in Rotterdam re Ning with the Speed of an enraged by Frig. Away along the canal towards Leyden and bellowing for help As loud As hib exhaustion would permit. Erected Between the White race and the one which they had reduced to slavery and governed As subjects with absolute and despotic Power and which they then looked upon As so far below them in the scale of , that intermarriage Between White persons and negroes or mulattoes were regarded As unnatural and immoral and punished As crimes not Only in the parties but in i be. Be son Olio joined Tsoi in. Jpilar Ridge and no did a Ira Citon in this respect was made Between the free negro or mulatto and the slave but this stigma of the deepest degradation was fixed upon the whole race. We refer to these historical facts for the purpose of showing the fixed opinions concerning that race upon which the statesmen of that Day spoke and acted. It is necessary to this in order to determine whether the general terms used in the Constitution of the United states As to the rights of than and the rights Jil the people was intended to in Cloddy them or to give to them or their Pfiste Rity the Benefit of any of its provisions. The language of. The declaration amp of Independence is equally conclusive a it begins by declaring that a when Irr the course of human events it becomes nes Cesary. For one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the Powers of the Earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of nature and natures god entitle them a decent respect for. The opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the reasons which impel them to the separation.�?�. It then proceeds to say a we bold All kinds of Iun Tiona of Maui cod mud Yfim Litver. May be Tho a v t us us a or for Mamaba Thov ure eff Vetu property in r country Ami on Ai Lavorn Blo july Usu i a 3 of any. Vol Gove Riecl unit s if company t a. Trie Semar in of 2, i a ulna von to to joint Sto Clr principle. A a John req. \ i i i deist cd. Ai. Karma a Quot in a Geo. F. Mrily. A a wit a Vir a directors. A i completely Aud entirely Era Didato nil traces of Guor i 1mm, both in its told and Elgray tatted feb reps fleets Stric whether a Timber of Dork supporter was hot on the whole,.6uperior to a More commonplace one of Fiessi. And blood. And j in a a Good truth if you had seen hold very handsome and delicate were the understandings Fash j was of the night in order that Early if to m it v a it j toned by the Skol fail artificer you would j next morning he might fit on the limb have been puzzled to Settle the question i and see How it performed its duty. La l110ll Liaf in lie Yard. Yourself the More especially if in your Early next morning All the Necel Story the subscriber respectfully informs a Rea toes you wife Ever tormented with arrangements were completed and Myn the Public in general that he a gout . / a Beer von Woden Locut walked Fortl to prepared to Ilo nil Kindi or Jimcy a wore a b _. I a Quot 1 t us a 1uiii1 in Aune . 1yurt c a a a a John or null 1. M. Kari Ico 1 is in a Bir Adam pc Lac Damon . Par a. A. He May at All Walnut str. Jone Storti. So by 2, a idol Brown Ftp Olson Deli John an Rcpt John Meijy la. R. By Altor h. B. Seidle. Is the agent Tov Lebanon. The Street in ecstacy Blessing Quot the in-yen.tivoipowersqf., make so excellent Liand of his leg. a. A a. A ,. ,.it seemed indeed to. Act admiration sol it leu Roo a and Quested fim he would Immy the merchants Mode of i Tures irritation of Titi by Tedder Noa re Gentian of the i it Marble Zartl in Walnut Reet half Way Sefc Wear i Trine. Pains of Tho Loiza Aud Kiln Eyajan those a isor i us a court House and Lebanon Valley Railroad depot Ivy a fit a Rutah Sta und so . Ottila ? Good a Avo Donc inane tufty7 a a a of t rec it get Yvo t Ali ought att oct i to no Fca of tatty Ana by tag Boa try Stone Cutter fun polish to cd a tip and file a Mea Lenffer make so excellent a hand of his pit i a Trie Semar to. 3, i Rel Kraj l. R 9. F Tel. A it Ittu Vino in the great Continental la Arpeny for sip bilis Aud Sec a i j��ho1bufnew� 5� pay ses him self that lie Call Juan Filc Euie Reu ii is Siv to Lopp wbk Cis sucally 1 11 seemed indeed to. Act .1.0 Ute migration f Cociu of Uwi Vuew of v \ a a and expelling in its course All impugn Titi from Tho Villa Lonuel doubt or rrb Oto hcs of Lutcs bar rom a Logoi incr to eradicate of , cemetery posts furniture slabs. Arc mid expel it by insensible perspiration through the me a Limwai j n. Ii a he. A a a a re Nrma tit. A Tiri a Zrini it also its is Foxe of the hot or nifty for Ell us Diatel. A com by m j there was no ,"ri6 e Fibre Rio evri., of Mynheer Tivit Wol unblock. It. Was Strain. All the joints .e.rformed. Theira Lam of Tho pores of Tho Shin and urine i r Circo a a Ufa a 1 the a ls10 w the a hell merchant m 1 office without the Aid of either Bone or kind rho Zisow a of aug size us Rotterdam so the artist put on fits to fest muscle. Nobody not even a connote t. A a. By. Usk we once Mill a tit ova Nina a i 1- i a a Ltd i. A it a. Lej Deri in More than Twenty Miles i these truths to be self evident that All fro i Roiter Taini but the Sun had not men Are created equal that they Are endowed by their creator with certain i Riali Nable rights that among them in la to of l$�riy,-fi�-.�he. Pursuit of Hap Nesif that a a be a a re these rights inputs Are instituted deriving the ju8 the consent of thm�0vera�?~ j. A quo the gerneral words a Jive quoted would seem to embrace the while human faintly und if they were used in a similar instrument at this Day would be had tune to exclaim a Good Gracio Byi so understood it Jebel it is too Cle to for was not that ayin Evvon we in slayed african race the Rich merchant of Rotterdam in kure not intended to be included an next Day was sunday. The inhabit f a vied Rio part of the people who framed vants of Harlem a re Oil going to Church anclv�0ple j this declaration for if the in their Best attire to say their prayers Langu understood in that Day yet Sel whence misses Backsheider Wii were Sittin parlor window immediately Oppolt a a Golden it of drinking Tea ant Odd my to their friends As Uliey passed Taavo a some Quot one coming at furious up amp along the Street. A is free was Pale Sag les3 and he gasped fearfully for Breaul to Yoni. Out turning either to the a Tahr go. Jef he hurried by at the same of aped Tiue and was out of before a i a i which Xiu Apiau x ii Jacii Ittu Lvuv inn Uin Vui i ii Luis High a a a a. ,. A. I a i a a in Unes he Fonny at his office in of the in fonts roast Tahon and Rel p a a its and set Forth with his three Corner a eur in lameness would have suspected. I Bich All Hasar Kapahua id Tho Worpul cannot rat trove. A. ,. 2 and 3-Are pm opt re it i in to Ibum of a i i. John Farrell Nat in of hand and ins is i ver head i that there Gas anything uncommon any pm amp to fac Ali it Ower. Of i % the Modura ivc Iuit a Sposito Tbs machine works. Season Valloy r. R. Depot Xob-b7 Logadon county l a. \ a Weimer. Proprietor a Mil he line Baraa ,2 and 3. Are prepared m tic Mortn of a -1 com Nero. Devoid of taste or Mii Ells and can be carried in Lebanon Mccomber 19,18ao. It a i stick in old it pc it harm Norh Only Minn of 0ii�?z0. Ato Linn coat pocket sold m tin c pcs Ppd divided la i n 11 ii to Quot a r1m1 done m germ i Aud to a b by. Jup a Seal c011ecll0ij 01 accurately adjusted sepia Atu doican8 administered by re amp a Lalleman. I Trio Best practice workmen. I til at ivly Nhey a vow Odin Brock had f clock work a Ruff a the Hill Woll Secl hed you it a it Rioni a in. In Rico $3 a. I. I i our for $0. Which saves $3, and in s2j Case Ali Cruby i a thetis of �9. 1. A j n one Turg genuine. Unless tic lust Avidus of Tho seals j of uni re tent office of Jung loud. The seals of the co Jet tie been very it Dably employed a few Days j pantaloons of the substantial looking before in turning a poor relation out of i Quot r Quot amp. Weslh would Laform j doors. But Tai in Deavorie to hasten the Thev can run nov spa Aktiv i a a. Books i books la would respectfully i that they constantly receive Wal ii a t�to.eengin<-3 from l to 300 hoi5 f harm to Fet ols a Cpl a a a i or s a Quot of Baa odious a Progress own stairs by. Of Mon Tsa Lasp a Uio Portl a 8l get 4u�?~se pm Teri a a a a Myn Able eng Fitl with link Wukou Goar i i a a a a cd is a a in i Rrex a Leer 868l0�?od up0n be Runion it a with mounted a Rafaee Yor saw Milu w cd Aning Whf to a to Ftp a of tics Omar lire of carnage Tom Pariot j Prescott a history of Chart fes v in s vols poor relations he-1 had unfortunately .l-.rw, you Roxy packed pm to a2�lnj 0 Fost hts balance and tumbling headlong Inch. Author of Peter Parley a is a and hoist in purposes particular Otto Nylon is called to inst opt upright engines for printers Driggi u Oid poisons wanting a Small Almount of Power i Joy Toko no a very Small Panoo and can to ii1 tip in a room As a ii paschold fixture. Also flowing engines and Maeb Hiery for an Ternei Topaz other blast fun Rimes of improved construe forgo Ifni Mars of a l. A Voimore s Patent rolling Milt sawing pinning and Florin of fill fixtures a a mining pumps hoisting it Minery for mos and Stout qnarrn.9, a Cunio Zuro Penn prep i of Lions and Proul Ctm 0oo�"vr of vet Erwn a a its Mes b Puli i from spurious and pernicious Milat icons. A a a. Hit i autust it Tenet t Auer a Piuva. A t a i. A. Or. A % autobiography of Peter curl Wight Anil other j Roff Thev top to info dotcom founds Oil Rand architect. Reco Erin his senses that he had Brok american architect by w. Hitch. Ii ills ,.and lost three Teeth fit residences and cottage grounds. J la a ,. The co comic cottage ii Niiler Rie had Mirse Somek thoughts of having. always of bed a a Jiagu assortment of school a this Post relation tried for murder Blit. 1 Dooks Auto it. It i in. I. S t a t i of a n p r y j being naturally of a merciful disposition no ravings will he made unti further notice on at i a also st Das so by lid mule sikh he Only aunt him 10 jail on account of a the Ilary i Nia "finio8pme Aid e6t� it ving him ibo be to in it i it enjoy the comfortable that Triin it consultation from in a. In till 2 p. M. Aai fro i till 8 in the evening. 157 Prince Breet it few Hillke Wco a in of Broadway new Yak. Lay 6, lh57-1y._-. ,. A 4sl>c�l and unusual in Dicicc Niento la Nib per oem Nicod atm first class co ii p Urc Loftt As of h a Globe steam valves of All sizes and and castings of every description Yiirs of any size form and weight Rio a a 0f lox st Alk kit a Jhc Fife and the Privit a i a Aid debut Jun from an ii Ottuso Stock and vat mad oaf tie Best Matorian by Well known and sex Ajo workmen a smoke stacks water tanks Gid fines Heaters. Anil Sheet Iron work of ovary met fun oar boiler sheets Are All tested by Vii dint them into squares of 2 inches and Ham of big each Square any imperfection is thus tinted and the faulty Sheet rejected this a pro Ojedia very few shops in this country. F also Fastook of wrought Iron pipe for steam a and water w Thall the necessary fixtures con Santly to hand and p it up at the shortest no Ico and on to first Roa enable Torres. Iron brass mid composition pie no callings made to order iat Tho shortest not e / my repair Fig attended to with promptness f and despatch a gang of boiler makers always i ready Foi boiler repairs. A Blacksmith work made to order a Arf orders respectfully solicited. All conium a a at of pc by Moil or otherwise attended to with Patch and work delivered to Railroad or Ca wkwelstell0 b. L. Weimert Lebanon. February 4,1s57, Washington House a Cumberland Street Lebanon a. Jarl Joe undersigned having taken this old and x favorite stand and having Roff Ted it in the Hes Etyle is now prepared to accommodate the a Obi land entertain strangers and travellers in Faje list Modem Stylo. The House is Eora Modi Ulvi band pleasant. Tho table shall be Well pro willed for and the Bab Boontam none but the a of nest a futons. The stabling attached to the Leo Tel is Largo and Roomy and capable of uces memo Dawg a great number of horses. _ 1�? to ills friends Aud Flau Uty As Well As to All others he extends Alt dial invitation to make his House their not a sen visiting Lebanon. David Hoffman. April 29, 1857.__ a n n in or Ivings \ Given to i4ch purchaser. In ii i.00lcusgwlfcs May by Lead every variety of a a a i a _. Pier Wall and Mamie Fly errors. Portrait and picture Frama. Cornices i$ases9 of eur in Fiji Clustre Taft nut a tut. Froth Choice it incl of i obtain mud and of us Peno Quality. I 1 i nonce in a la Art will by four Alfirst claps Juii precision of till the in gratings Vilh a Nen Cral assortment Law All few Oban publications. In out a rte st a mat Al found laity of artist Amateur or Dupil x5y a a. . I a also piano fort Melodeon and violin instructors. ? his wife and children were a starving at p a p e r h a a a o i n p q borne it a dentist soon supplied the in a a of i Orcigr and Xii Mystic Tian fracture j valid with three Teeth. Which he had a a a shades. Pulled out of an indigent poets head at the Quot i o but sly a y Magaz Educ so i the Rale of ten so yet a piece but for and hear ibeit1 great Organ when a be j would a race in Etui the of the Ting rushed Adios so the Market place like j men who framed the inanimate a or is e White a 1 u a cold caration or int spend entice would have speechless Ais eyes fixed his lips livid j been utterly a flagrantly inconsistent a Bis Teeth Sot and Liis a hands clenched with the priv Cipis they asserted and in to very one Lesry a a we i Ivo tip it in Sij ahead of the Symphy 0f a a i Tad 10 Lent Horry of arid Ihu re was not a person j which they so conf Iai try appealed they. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Harlen who did not believe it a dead a would have deserved id received in before in turning a poor relation out of j dutchman. Had it not been for a slight j body endowed with the Power of. To rebuke and repro ton. 1 1. 1 a Al tremulous motion occasioned by the i Tion. / i it the men who Raine Nibis dec a rapid whirling of a a bout Twenty Quot Small i on a invent through Village and town ration were great men High in literary wheels in the Interior and a constant towards the off fit wilds and forests of j acquire Oieu psf High in their Sena option clicking like that of a watch though Germany. Weeks months years past j or and incapable of asserting principles somewhat louder he would even him on but at intervals the horrible shape inconsistent with those which they were self have a forgotten that he was not my was Sofien and still continues to be seen acting a i Bey perfectly understood the All respects As he used to be before he i in various parts of the North of eur Totri meaning of the language they used and�?T., lifted his right foot to bestow a parting the clothes however which he who How it would be understood by others Benediction on his poor relation. Was�?T1 once Mynlieff von a and they knew that in would not in any he walked along in the. Renovated a ust a to Wear have All Moul dered away part of the civilized world be supposed buoyancy of Bis spirits till he came in the flesh too has fallen from his Bones to embrace the negro race which by the sight of the Stadt House and. Just and he is now a Skeleton a Skeleton in Cornmon consent had been excluded at the foot of the flight of Steps that j All but the Cork leg which still in its j from pm izod government and the fam led up to the principal door he saw j original Rotun Dity and size continues i a of nations a rid doomed to slavery his old Friend Quot Mynheer Vanouteren i attached to the spectral form Perpetu and acted according to the waiting to receive him. He quickened pm Mobile dragging the weary Bones then established doctrines and Ponci los Pace and both mutually held out i for Ever Over the Earth. A Polesi and m the Ordinary language of the their hands to each other by Way of congratulation before they were near enough to be clasped m a Friendly pm the Itsuo the oae and schools. Orders by Ietti carefully filled with the utmost care to Tho economist and Allu Sipo of of taming Supe Rio Rqn Ulm a articles Tho above pre Yenta Udu Sua advantages. A. Willims Evans. 5 Wlliams amp co., so3 by Al Luvay new York. April xsril8a7-4t mus a f3 Sis. Newspapers1, daily a a weekly i be prud Ali Kyc a bed a he Rich a Brace. At last the merchant reached j can to h i by Ballina at to stud of at set j merchant one Hundred dollars. The tile sp0t where Vanouteren stood but a i a a pm a Quot i examining his Les an what was that worthy Many a astonish Imp Iii Jtimo promptly Attey dded to. A . to was at that moment ment to see Winiy though be still held Lebanon Agni 8, i8�fr. A rather in want of a subject Cut it care but his hand Passi Quick a by without a a a a the Central fun it off and took it away with him in stopping even for a moment to say i department Wilt be i a Root so shoe s t a r be .1 1,18 car age t0 lecture upon Ilio his i a How Dye do1&Quot. But this seeming want try requisite for a if Antel ii Rudof. Pupils. So by Mynheer Woden lock con of politeness arose from no fault of our with May a Kanka patrons for their j so Denny that he had been ill Herto 8c-Libcral patronage thus fur bestowed and custom to walk and not to hop and st i wot a a Dye. President j in ii it Only. L. D. F twi Initia tet Westee save Quot talk to Resatar use of . A. Allens Quot world s a be Torr ac., the falling off of hair ceased a my Grey locks a Ere restored to their orig dual Rev Mith Caileb 60 a Carat age Pitcher Chon Irige co. N. Y. A my hair k now restored to its natural color and ceases to nil Rcv. B. P. Stone d., conked n. H my hair which was Grey is now a Torch to its natural color a. Rev. D. Clendenin Chicago to a i ran. Add Niy testimony and Roco Nanena to my a a Vvs Rev. D. T. Wood Middle Tiibi n,.� y. A my own hair lids greatly thickened also fat of one of my furn ii who was booming Bald a is. Avo might swell this list hut la tit convinced try it. A mrs. S. A. Allen s Zyl Balsat us or worlds hair dress vog is Esso fial Tolse with the restore to and is the Best hair Dresing for Oid or Young extant rising often off Ioaz i Usu eases of hair foiling it. Rearer. Grey haired Baid of persons afflicted win diseases of the hair or Scalp Road the Aboye tand judge of mrs. S. A. Atlen s worlds Elir restorer. A a a it Doc s Lioi Sot i or stain. Sold Hyall Tae Phi the determination to Merit it Todt mutation of Tho same i am now a a Ady ladies and gentlemen of my Winter Stock to offer Jou a it vell selected Spring and summer Stock. Gome and judge for yourselves. A a i Wilf teu you tic place and you Uez or will forget a w Hon you once behold gun Cut s Beautiful fit. Of gaiters bootes or rup Kirifi which Greet Xiv Ltd a Graceful appearance on the ladies feet. By inc and liquor store. Undersigned having opened a wine and ii Tob Stork at the North West Corner of a a Kkt and water sts., in Tho room formerly of Cha amp a Liy j. Weidle esq., is now prepared to fur nuts who Ortiz on of the Borough and county of Lebanon with All Kiriss of Choice liquors Suchias a a a to whiskey Jamaica spirits 6fc. A Somo dealers try a to sell articles instead Blok she will sell at very reasonable prices for j this on which they Mal mph profit. Write to a. A non amp a Titis not less than one gallon. Depot for circular add liformation., invite the Public to general to give april 1, 1857.-3sqs-�?finos1-a a a a a him 01 and Hopes by strict attention to Busi a Delro to please to receive a Huberal \ patronage. 3bmanuel re1gart. �129,1857. My place May lie found on Cumberland Street. Vehern each of my friends 1 a tis Here May to found All patterns Well made _ got up in tall Syvle for the of Peng Spring Trade. A come gentlemen you that wants Good Boot. I 1 Hare got a Spang fashion that surely will suit it a calf or a Kip of Good Mol Tomcal skill 1 just give to a Callju la fit you it will. Ladies acid a gentlemen also would Call your attention Fco tuy Well Fife Jec cd Stock of summer shoes comprising 5 or 6 different kinds which i will dispose of at roast Ca Blo prices under a Good insurance of excellent make. A. N. now is your time if you wish to see a Largo assortment of trunk is Valise and different kinds of bags come one come att., irm feh 2o, 1857. A a for Sale. Flour Corn oat middling bran Salt by the bag at the Gonesee Mills of a. Myers amp Sinif Lafr Jad. 7, 1857. Lebanon a. Cristadoro a. Hair Dye a a a guns has just returned from the City with this new Stock of boots shoes trunks and Ifft Waw Jeh a a Maff Jatre Goodfe on barrel co Persat the of Ikeie Mills in Lebanon to whom constant and Good wage will be Given. None but a cd a Teddy Yorkie need apply. A a a / Dybbs a Shoor within a nut Sholl Autte merits Llcy of Cristadoro a never Evv a lid Dye i bed it makes Black to to Pawn transforms a Grey and keeps the fibres decay. _ Ihus matchless to Vitall us Bair Pyo sol or this its Pitlon As the most Hsimei Fri and Effloa Cious hair Jjo in tub world. I wired and sold wholesale and retail and applied in Tel Privato rooms at Chis in Noah a a no. 6 Astor York and by All Druggie to and per inf rate the United Fittos Jan. 14,�57.-Ly�l. D Agorita Coorg he Sesser Yotty pod at Quot a Tab a Ravens a if fit swamis Milt to Coom modal a eve pm Panr Doniav ii Jig a a Hope. Being perhaps somewhat prejudiced a a favor of the former Mode of locomotion sent for Ojo Friend atthe canal Basin in order that tie might of give him directions about the representative with which he wished to be supplied for his i lost member. J the artificer entered the Tea any i Burgher s apartment. Lie was reclining on a Couch with his left leg looking As j respectable As Ever it with his unhappy j right stump up in bandages As if i conscious and ashamed of its own littleness , heard of my misfortune it has thrown me into a fever and All Rotterdam into confusion Burdet that pass. You must make me a leg and to must be the Best Lejser you Ever made in your turning Vort bowed. A Lido not care what it costs Turain Vort bowed yet lower a provided it out does every thing you have yet made of a similar sort. I am for none of your wooden it of Cork let it be Light and elastic and cram it As full of Spring As a watch. 1 know nothing of the business and cannot he More specific in my directions but this am Rie terran upon that 1 shall have. A leg As Good As the one i have lost. I know such a thing a to he had and of l get it you your Reward is a thousand guineas. The dutch prometheus declared that for Rewt. He store room no 1, and cellar beneath m Tho Eagle buildings on. Cum Heriaud Street it door to Haaks tavern now in the occupation on Ulric. Esamngi�11857. A ease my Beer. Von Woden oof Geo. Linea Weaver. It he would More Tham Hojman ingenue january 21, l857.-tf._____. J to had Ever , and u undertook to Jar Mai Hiiri Tiit Tyrh six Days a leg scorn the More common leg i possessed by Ooi mod men. A a Quot a. This insurance wag Nob Merit by an id tornidg�brlw>8 let Naan of Eph cd laity e a w Enas pm Etc a Glimmer hats for men and kinds of summer hats for Leif j and boys just Receil by eds us of a Rale v a a pfc Henry amp tines a oking canes for a Fife \1 Guin i corp a Market Street. Heroes. His own astonishment was a thousands limes greater when he found that tie had no Power whatever to determine either when where or How his leg , Long As his own wies happened to coincide with the Mali ner up which the machinery seemed Des uned to operate ail had gone on smoothly and a he had mistaken his own tacit compliance with its Independent and self acting Powers for a command Over it which he now found he did not possess. It had been anxious desire to top to speak with Mynheer Vanouteren but his leg moved on and he found himself under the necessity of following it. Many an attempt did he make to Slacken his Pace but every attempt was vain. He caught hold of the. Rails Walls and houses but his leg tugged so violently that he was afraid of dislocating his arms and was obliged to go on. He began to gel seriously in easy As to the consequences of this most unexpected turn which matters.,had taken and his Only Hope wat. That tie amazing and unknown Powers which the complicated construction of his leg. Seemed to possess would speedily exhaust themselves. Of this a however he could As yet syr Natoma. He happened to be going in the direction of the Leyden canal and when he arrived in sight of Mynheer Turing a Vortis House he called loudly upon the artificer to come to the Quot artificer looked out from lus win diff with a face of wonder. A a Liliian a cried Woden lock a come me Thison Stant you have made me a a vengeance to wont Bland still for a moment. I have been walking straight Forward Ever since i left my Owuje Duse and unless you Stop me yourself. Heaven Only knows Bow much farther i May the supreme court of the United states the Rcd Scot Case. This official Uei Oil. Continued from last weeks Issue. The other colonial Law to which we j refer was passed by Massachusetts in-1705, Chap. 6. It is entitled a an for the better preventing of a spurious and mixed Issue a amp. And it provides that a a if any neg by mulatto shall pre sume to smite or strike any person of the English or other Christian nation such negro or mulatto shall be severely whipped at the discretion of the justices before whom. The offender shall be convicted. A a a and a that none of her majesty a English oys Collish subjects nor of any other Christian nation within this province shall contract Matrimony with any negro or mulatto nor shall any person duly authorized to solemnize marriage presume to join any such in marriage on pain iof forfeiting the sum of fifty pounds one Moiety thereof to her majesty for and towards the support of the government within this province and the other Moiety to him or them that shall inform and sue for the same m any of her May Jestyn a courts of record within the ,.and the other Moiety to him or them that shall inform and sue for the same Fin any of her majesty a courts of Recerd within the province by Hili plaint , a Vvs give both of these jaws in the words used by the respective legislative bodies because the language in which they Are framed As Well As contained in them show too plainly to be misunderstood the degraded Day and no one misunderstood them j the unhappy Black race Werwee paraded 1 from the White by indelible Marks and. I and Laws Long before established and i were never thought of or spoken of sex cent As properly., and when the claims of a the owner or profit of the trader were 1 supposed to need Protection this state of Public opinion had undergone no change when the Constitution was adopted As is equally evident from its provisions and language. The Brief preamble set3 Foith by. Whom to was formed for what purposes and for whose Benefit and that by the peo a pie of the United states that is to say 3 by those who were members of the Dif a Ferent political communities in the several states and Ais great object is a cleared to be to secure the blessings of Liberty to theirs gives and their Postens it to. It Speaks in Geue Rai terms of the people of the United states and of a it a Sens of the several Stales when it is providing for the exercise of the pow ers Grau or Tho privilege secured tothe citizen. It tides not define what description of persons ars intended to a be included under Thoss Terins or who a shall be regarded Asia Tizen and one of the people. It As terms a so Well understood that no further description or definition was necessary. But there Are two clauses in the Constitution which Point directly and spec. If Cally to the negro race As a separate class of persons and show clearly that Quot they were not regarded As a portion of the people or citizens of the govern. Meal then formed a one of these clauses reserves to each of the thirteen states the right to itch port slaves until the year 1808,�?T thinks proper and the import to this unhappy race. The. Which it thus sanctions was in still in Force when the revolution ably of persons of the a began and area faithful Index to the slate of feeling towards the class of persons of whom they speak and cry the posit Tion they occupied throughout the blur Fehn colonies in and Roeg ins a of the men who Fra Neif the deep a re Titi of Independence and the Stata constitutions Adel government Siy i they show that it perpetual and in walk. Ddn to stand gaping a there hut j passable Barrier was to nth to tied to fit we Are speaking a the i in the unified s Mas Hai confined and vision each Odiern to property to Foai. Of rip Mii Tiercet Frid he found Ishri t Fife esp Ecta a e Terri Oriel a to. By clause a v
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