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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 11 1862, Page 3

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 11, 1862, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaSeems Lebanon a. Wednesday june 11, 1302. Home affairs. As the 93d regiment will leave for til Soat of War this week the Public will please Bear in mind that the Best and oldest Cabinet making establishment in Lebanon is that of Bho theiline s. Any person in want of Good made work trill please Call on him before buying elsewhere. C. Boo theiline. Lebanon nov. 20, 1881.�?6mo. I on hot have been brought to th3 is. I Joseph a and other hospitals at Philadelphia o a a a a a ��?~3 others Are at Tho hospitals at White _ is 60 a year 1 1 of la or Mouth Var Mia and at was Mugion. Captains Mark and Daugherty Are in Lebanon and rapidly recover aug from their wounds. Killed. Lieut. John Rogers company c., Lebanon. Jacob Beck company b., East Hanover. B. P. Ruth company b., Reading. John Zimmerman company b., Berks to. Thomas risky company Patrick o Brien company c., Lebanon. Corporal we. Cummings company d., . Adam Smith company a Clinton county. David Heron company a Clinton county. Jamos poor Nan company e., Clinton county. Corporal we. Bureau company Philip Eckman company h., Rush a. Samuel Kurts company Alfred Reynolds company h., Danville. Reuben in. Milf or company i., York county. Henry steel company i., Highspire. Mosos Grum Biro company a Annilio. Samuel up queer company George Giu Grieb company k., annul let. John Tillman a company k., Friedensburg. Silvester Harrison company e., Clinton ., thigh died june 7. Wounded. Col. J. Mocarter wounded in the Side a Cannon Ball and had Bis horse killed under him. The colonel is now at Baltimore under medical treatment. To was on Bis Road Home but the surgeon Woi ild not allow him to proceed further. John darkes company a Fredericksburg lag. Sergeant But company a., Lebanon. Adam p. Funk company a., Annville. Daniel Snyder company a., Lebanon. We. A. Shaud company a., Lebanon. Sergeant a Roads company b., Earleville. Sergeant John Fritz company b., Bernva lie. E. J. Boughter company a Lebanon. A. G. Heads company b., Earlville. John Hamer company b., Berville a John Ellwanger company b., Bork it of purity gun shot wound head face . .11, sergeant Thomas Becktold company rss anon log and shoulder severely. Peter Quinley company c., Lebanon John Coppenhaver. Company c., Lebanon Jacob Shay company c., Lebanon band severely. Hiram Yon company c., Lebanon right log severely. Corporal Solomon Haak company c., Jonestown shoulder slightly. Peter Zimmermen company c., Union. Capt. John Mark company d., Lebanon right . Henry Anthony company a Union Deposit. Henry Fitterer company d., regimental Ocolor bearer Lebanon slightly. Lieut. Samuel Mccarter company e., contusion of Back slight. Corporal Adam Krebbs company e., Clinton county gun shot wound in shoulder. Tobias Green company e., Clinton county gun shot wound Elbow. S. Por Rasman company. Jacob Grubb company Captain a. C. Maitland company g., Reading compound fracture if thigh severe. Jacob Mann company g., slight. A a vital of released prisoners. A a la wont two men belonging to col. Oakford a regimen to a a Broe months men Quot a takes prison ors at to Battle of fallin Bywater on the 2d of a a arrived in Harrisburg on tuesday stunting. They were recently of changed and after a year s imprisonment among traitors Hove at last it ached the place where the stars and Sylt lpns wave freely in the Breeze of heaven. A a Fretwe of Belr sufferings in the South would Frev Yery interesting to our readers. Among the number we noticed w. J. Carver and John Dabbs of Fredericksburg Lebanon county. . B. Ramsey a member of the 93d regiment severely wounded at the Battle of Williamsburg died on thursday lost atthe Hospital in Philadelphia. We Are informed that was a Monument of patience and Christian resignation under Bis afflictions not allowing a word of regret to Soape his lips. He had done his duty to his country and if god willed it was ready to die his remains were a brought to this place on Friday evening and on sunday were interred in the E. Burying ground surrounded with the tears of hosts of friends. A f. As the ladies society will Forward a Box to Philadelphia for the Relief of our sick and wounded soldiers in a few Days the follow log Appeal is pertinent to the occasion. A the Szok and wounded soldiers there exists among us an association having at h4srt the welfare of the sick and wounded sol Clefs. This association is very properly in the hands of ladies for we most secede to them a larger share of Tea nobler and finer feelings a Jhn is generally found in men. There has been and there is almost Dally a of Lafrom our wounded and lag soldiers for help. This society has done a Tush already having seat away several boxes of necessaries in the shape of Hospital stores clothing 4o., but while there is need fur Inore they naturally feel that More must done and it cannot expected that a few can what the entire county is equally interested in. Every Day within the past week we have been saddened with the tidings from on own 93d regiment in which a Are Tea husbands sons and Brothers of Many of 1 our families Many have been wounded and will sent to the hospitals a Call has been made for necessaries for them and the Hope is entertained that All that la necessary is to bring the same before a Liberal Public and it will properly responded to. The following articles Are much needed a old Muslin fur bandages old and worn shirts Are the very Best to Bend old Linen for lint bed Saaks towels sheets carpet slippers a dried of tilt such As apples cherries also jellies Oare. Should taken to Send All fruit Good and As such Only can used. Also Apple butter oranges Lemons -g�l6d malt liquor pure whisky tincture of Arnica simple create adhesive plaster. Let the friends of our soldiers Lay this matter to heart and not delay a moment in answering this Call. Any of the shove mentioned articles left with either of the following ladies members of Tho Quot female Aid society a will thankfully received and promptly forwarded to were they Are needed. Mrs. Joseph Karoo and mrs. John George Lebanon Borough and mrs. George Hoffman North Lebanon Borong. _ l. Tho members of the Union fire company will meet in Belr halt on wednesday afternoon at of clock to attend the funeral of Israel Ubantz. There will services in st. Johns reformed of Rob next sunday morning and evening till the usual hours. The pulpit will filled Rev. A v. Gerhart D., of Lancaster. Lieut. Lbs Rogers. It is with More then Ordinary feelings of regret that we Rea Ord the death of this Young and promising Soldier. So died on the Battle Field of a fair Oaks a near i Osmond amid the Roar of Cannon and the shouts of contending busts on saturday May 31, at the Early age of 21 years i months and a Atys. He was a son of fames a Sarah Rogers of this Borough. When the War broke out promptly enlisted irn capt. Us Rioha a company of three months volunteers and having served Bis time returned Home and was one of the first if we remember aright the very first that put Down his name As a member of col. Mccartery a regiment for three years or during the hit experience in Tho service and his natural activity courage kindness and popularity Induc his fellow soldiers of capt. Murray a company to select him As one of their lieutenants. To accompanied the regiment in every step it took from Lebanon to the suburbs of i Osmond and always ready end Able few the performance of his Antles and fio Quentlyn received the and other a Perlor fficors. Dot pfc firt i Flor to jibe admiration of All who saw him in to to Battle of Williamsburg and Al. _ _ a it Saga Henry Young company a Myerstown. A a _ Upan a Peter Rush company Reading. Yorst John Smittinger company a Reading Groin. Danville sergeant we. Young company a right Side severely. Joseph a. Mutchler company h., Danville slightly. William Stevens company h., Danville. Charles nibbler company h., Danville. Corporal Orville Hardy company a Dan a fillo. A Henry Leisenring company h., Danville. . H. Roach company i Danville. John l. Miller company h., Danville. Lieut. Hiram 0. Eves company i., Columbia in breast severely. Corporal Henry steel company i., Highspire below the heart severely. Cyrus Kline company i., York county in leg severely. Corporal we. Condren company i., Lebanon contusion in Side with Shell. John Myers company i., Dauphin. Edward Condren company i., Lebanon leg. Daniel Miller company i., Lebanon. Capt. Eli Daugherty company a Lebanon breast slightly. Lieut. David Keller company k., Friedens Burg slightly. Sergeant David a. Gruber company Ann Viii. Sergeant John Ward company k., . We. Rosenberger company k., aun Vito. Josiah Crist company k., Annville. George Miller company k., Annville gun shot wound left Eye. Corporal Daniel Fagan company k., Ann Ville gun shot wound of hip. Corporal j. B. Allen company Corporal a. Hannewell company a Georgo w. Feirstein company a Annville Thig i Henry Miller. Company k., Annville thigh. Henry Shearer company k., Friedensburg. A Condren log slightly. . J. A Mound. F. Hoe Lien. F. C. Miller. A. Missing. Lieut. Marshall j. Mccarter company Sergeant my Jar Geo. A. Guernsey. Destructive flood on the Swatara. Big Bam broke ten lives lost. Immense destruction of property. Though sin deter i glory of his and stripes Cut off in to of then unfit for duty from sickness Njo to share the toils dangers and Samp Neiens in arms until the Slars Paia floated Over Richmond unless of undertaking. That the latter proved his Fate was gods will. Let us fld mourn for him. To died in the harness fighting for Bis country. His Monument is the Battle Field of fair Oaks Atad will endure As Long As we have a country and a history. Although tens of thousands of Brave hearts Are ready to take his place if need Wilt nevertheless missed. Die aged parents will miss him j his trod others still in the regiment will miss him Host Jepther relatives and friends there ind at hot Fewell miss him. He sleeps the sleep of death peace with him. The following is an extract from the last letter written Hoine him tinder Date of May 15 Dean Manasra i intend if god spares my life to with our army until a reach Richmond rift fling to the Breeze Over that City Tho Flag we love a that Emblem of parity Liberty and Independence. It is True we the 93d regiment have not As yet received the credit we should have Boa in the reports of the Battle of Williamsburg Jet of. Were highly Cam a pigmented Gan. Conche the commander of our a division. He gives All the credit to our regi Jnet for having kept the enemy in Cheek. By our constant fire bit to Are not discouraged knowing that redid oar duty there As Well As Welt w now and will always should we needed to Var Salt to the old Keystone of which we Are proud and never disgrace on friends and relatives at Home. Blank receipts for collectors of state county and militia tax for Sale Obe Apat to advertiser for collectors of school tax. The 98d regiment was in the hottest of the fight on saturday s Battle before Rich mend and from All accounts behaved in the most heroic manner. The loss of the regiment is reported at 20 killed j 84 wounded 33 missing a the fragment of to regiment having not yet been gathered together it is impossible to give nil the names of those who Hare met with casualties. The following list we have prepared Oare Folly from the fall lies at hand. Three or four of those noted among the wounded May Only a Lehr and several of the names a Noy we did to could. Som of the wounded one of the most terrible calamities that Ever overtook this county occurred on wednesday night of last week. In connection with the flooding of the streams from the heavy Rains of the few Days previous and the breakage of a dam in the Neil Bra kid of Fin Grove the volume of water Broughm nto the big dam about 8 Miles above Jonestown on the Swatara was so great As to cause it to break. The breast of the dam was about 180 Yards abroad and upwards of 40 feet iin4treight,-id the Quantity of water resting at All times Flats immense. Of we Toeg Day Nightp-owever, it oved too weak. A it woke and an Avalanche of a or swept Down the Swatara Valley carrying everything before Bridges Mills Bouses barns fences. Canal looks boats everything gave Way before the most serious loss is the almost entire destruction of the Union Branon a Hnaz. The Bank and Tow path Are in most places obliterated the looks Are greatly damaged and the bed of the canal is in Many places difficult to determine. The loss to the canal company is immense. Six of the county Bridges Over the Swatara Viz the big dam Bridge the Bridge at Weid Many a forge the Jonestown Bridge the two Harpar aids wife completely swept away. Some of the damaged. The toss to the county is a rely upwards of $20,000, to private property the damage is try great no doubt entirely ruining some of the people along the course of to mad torrent. Hou aes and barns were Oarr led off with All their contents of furniture horses and cattle. To specify would almost impossible. Our old Friend John Hean was moving up to the big dam. The rash swamped Bis boat containing his furniture and also damaged the House wag moving into making it Unte Nanable. Considerable damage was done on the Union forge property. A loaded As Well As empty boats were carried into Fiel Dias deposited in the last places that would selected their owners. Martin Light a mile or two below Jonestown had his House and stable carried off and his new Mill greatly damaged. Or Light or. Steiner and another Man were in the House when it started. They Rode on Tho roof some distance when they took to w tree where they held on until morning. The Bouse was carried some distance Down to Stream and nicely deposited in a Field. Franklin j. Walter suffered considerable damage around his in ill property. The water reach Elf Al Host to the a Ealing of the second some places the Swatara made a new can Nat through the Fields. In Many places the grow to crops were Only destroyed but whole Fields Are Laid Hare All the soil washed of leaving the rocks protruding off course making the land valueless for farming purposes Rooks of immense size were washed around like pebbles. We noticed one thrown into the Road that weighs about .5 tons. In some places a Fenez is hardly to seen 1,. A amp re a Sec a Wewt us a. T we a i a must have been a Tarrilla nigh to toe peo j pie of that Valley. It was Stormy raining Aad dark and in addition this terrible flood the Vatu broke about one o clock when the destruction commenced in our county it probably took the water three hours to Rush through to Middletown. We have yet to record to most terrible Chap ter a the history of that night. As far As known 9 lives were lost in our county drowning All swept away with the to lines in which they either lived or had taken Refuge. They Are As follows a mrs. James Proudfoot and two daughters Martha aged 20, and Beil aged 16 years mrs. William Boughter aged 28 years and two children the oldest a boy aged 6 years and Tho other a girl aged about 2 years mrs. David Bronnar not yet found a daughter of Eli Behny aged 13 years and. Miss Boughter aged 18 years Stop daughter of Henry Phillips. All the above were drowned above or. Henry Moyer was drowned at the Union water works on thursday morning while endeavouring to secure some lumber from being washed great Deal of damage was also done above the big dam but we have received no particulars. The damage along the whole Stream is immense hardly a resident but suffered More or there Are also rumours of Ether persons missing who it is feared Are drowned but until such rumours Are ascertained to a ots we prefer not to give them. From the 93d regiment. Camp near the Chickahominy june 1, 1862. J dear parents a As your anxiety must to raised Fotz pitch almost indescribable in hearing the various and conflicting stories in regard to our regiment and the terrible loss of life we have sustained i embrace a few minutes delay of the mail to write you this letter. Brother John is dead i harsh As this May seem to impart and heart rending As it is to me and Theodore it is Only too True. He was shot through the head apparently dying without a struggle. Sergeant Brower saw him in his last moments and although spoke to him John did not answer. I did not kno a was kilted till about an hour afterwards when the enemy had driven us so far that i could not get up to him. Their line of Battle was Between Mem the spot where full. He is gone and although i feel that an expression of our feelings Only augment your sufferings i malt still say that never have i Felt such a feeling of loneliness before. We stood Side Side amidst a perfect Shower of Lead when the order came for us to lie Down. This was done and As i held my head too High the last words gave me on this Earth were to get Down lower. Shortly Iff ter the order came to fall Back which we did of being one of the thee to rally Aroun othe Captain at the command death was throwing his darts in every direction and i thought that John retired into the Woods about a mile from the bloody Field. I was told that had fallen. His body sergeant Brower brought in yesterday. Poor fellow his pockets were rifled taking with them every thing had on his person except a smoking Cap pipe and package of cartridges the latter article having been Given to him me to carry. Last night at Twilight a Nice grave haying dug and fixed up Jame Fontz we. Gerhart and others of the 93d, our Good Friend capt. Quimby read a Short funeral service and poor John was lowered into the cold and silent grave his feat in is were not much contorted. His shout Dier straps and buttons i Cut off giving the latter to his Many friends hero. We wore Cut to pieces and the boys stood like veterans. The 93d has not disgraced herself and although a dark pall has come Over me i still offer you the Consolation that our Noble brother died like a Man. So far As known the casual cities to 98d was 11 killed 82 wounded and dismissing the wounded list having since been increased accessions from the missing. Col. Mccartery a horse was shot and. was wounded. Theodore and i Are both As Well As can expected and hoping that you will Pray god to sustain us in our bereavement we remain your affectionate sons. E. Amp t. Rogers. P. must not think of coming for gen. Mcclellan allows Noone to follow the army. John is nicely hurried in a wooden Box in a spot where can easily found. Ough. Big via a Sert of us a m advert sep. Office. To is from a one town in tins county. Were Bis relations reside. Be a from Bis Uncle that Tho into so Mio Riauo i to a i we a Gires encouraging Bonos for Bis Rou ref. Saved a the us uni which arrived at Philadelphia m the Steamer Whillden on tuesday night says the bulletin was Captain Eli Dougherty of company a ninety third Pennsyl Vania regiment colonel my Carters with a slight wound in the breast. In the Battle of saturday a Minie Ball struck him just in the heart or rather in the clothes Over his heart. It went through his coat Vest and shirt it smashed a Gold watch which had bought for his sister Ali to pieces. The Ball then went into a Bible and dug its Way through the lid and about six Hundred pages. At the beginning of the 4th chapter of 2d Jimothy it went out the Bible and inflicted a slight wound in his breast. It left its last Mark on the first verse of that chapter. It is As follows a i charge tie therefore before god and the lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the Quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom the watch Captain Dougherty showed us sin fragments. The Bible is so disfigured that it will Only valuable Asa relic. It was Given to the Captain a lady and his wearing it next his heart is in a Teddy the cause of that Organ continuing to beat to Day in the next berth to Captain Was a Soldier with a fearful wound in the leg. A i wish a said As we looked at the Bible a that i had had a Book in the calf of my leg on saturday. Capt. Eli Daugherty is one of those who made a a narrow escape at the Battle of a fair we saw the watch an Bible bored the Iuie Ball As described in the following article and can vouch for the truth of the description. The proof that to Bible can save lives As Well As souls is evident in this incident. The Captain would hardly among the living to Damp a bad it not been for his watch and Bible Captain Murray also had a narrow escape. He had a Minie Ball through Bis coat under his left . I.10 a i t 7 1 8-Imi ail in nutes end Rou trueness o me cum r to cai3ib�?As nature Init nod i no Oulu a near and Beautiful Inose desiring the 8. full . Directions and advice lease Cali it Ltd or Adel rfcs with return postage thus. F. Chapman Frac Licat Hanist >th7ai, . 831 Broadway new York. A Nice son in Law. From the of Ottsville record june 7. Destructive monday afternoon a fire and explosion of a very Destruf Tive character occurred at the hardware store of George blight on Centre Street. About 8 of clock p. M., one of the employees Ofcar. Bright was drawing benzine in the cellar the flames from which came in Contact with a lighted match cup an instantaneous explosion. There1 suit was fearful. The floor of the store was completely raised the front windows and those of the adjoining warehouse blown in a thousand pieces across Tho Street and the rear end of the store completely the loud report of the explosion soon brought a Large number of our citizens to the Beene of the disaster. The fire engines were profit poly on the ground and ramen eos exertions on the part of the firemen the frames wore prevented from spreading. The Large and value ble Stock of goods of or. Bright was. Almost entirely destroyed. At the time Tho explosion occurred a number of persons were standing or passing in front of the building Many of whom were forced completely across the Street receiving scratches from the pieces of Glass and slight contusions. The most seriously Hurt were two employee s of the Standard office who immediately after the alarm of fire ran across the steel and were near the door leading from the store to the cellar when a Keg containing powder exploded. One of them Lewis rank from Lebanion was most Soverly burned in fact it is not certain that writ yet recover from the injury received the other a son of or. Thomas of port Carbon was Cut in the log in a very rugged manner. The destruction of property is estimated at 8 10,000. _ in off la it town in this Bor Oufa in Michl Gaa a. Promising Young gentleman of Twenty four whose name is delicately suppressed the local press Baa been going into matrimonial speculations to an extent Unwar Alt Elled a that mild moral Aad Arcadian state in november of 1880, made himself agreeable to an accomplished Young lady in the Temperance v Village of Coldwater and married her with the consent of her family. In a Faw months to pretended to have pressing business engagement at Kalamazoo took affectionate Loare of his wife together with some of her jewelry and departed. In Kalamazoo saw another susceptible Young lady was bad not sufficient perception to know from his finished manner of courting those had already been married Aad bar wedded with Ell the Sublime audacity of Bis nature. A Short sojourn with her. whom Bis bout did dote and then was off again with More credulous jewelry and a ticket for Constantino. At this latter place remained unmarried until , when a third soft member of the softer sex had her name altered to please him. Four months from thence burst upon the quiet town of Goshen Indiana and paid his contraband addresses to Tho daughter of a wealthy or. P<9w-Lew. It happened How Oyer that Pater families distrusted him and finally forbade Bim the House. Then of course mis3 Rowley proved himself to a genuine woman eloping with her wooer. Some Days ago or. Rowley became reconciled to his daughter rape received Herand her Cavalier Back to his House but in a Day or two became acquainted with the history of his precious son in Law and that Vergalito Young Man is now enjoying the soft soothing spell of silent Solitude in Centro Iio jail. The suppression of his name will prevent the sympathetic sex from writing to this truly cute Rostig character. Or Rev. Joint mjg Osker formerly pastor of the st. Peters Catholic Church at Lizabet Towd Lancaster county and Well known to and higly esteemed Many persons in thib county and appointed to the chaplaincy of the 56th Pennsylvania volunteers gov. Curtin and for some time with his regiment in South Carolina died on monday last in Philadelphia where was on a Short parole. He was n the 32d year of his age. Special am. The confessions and experience of an invalid. Published for the Benefit and As a warning and a caution to Young men who suffer from nervous debility premature decay amp. Supplying it Tho same time the Means of self cure. By one who Hase ured himself after being put to great expense through medical imposition and Qaq Eckery. By enclosing a Post paid addressed envelope stoats cobras Inay to bad of the author Nathaniel Mayfair esq., Bedford Kings ., n. Y. New York March 12,1862-ly. Crisi of Vicea in Temperance Hall every sunday at it a. every Friday at 7y2 p. English preaching next Sabbath morning and evening in the methodist episcopal can Racli. St. Johns Xie formed nest sunday morning and evening Rov. 15.7. Morhart a 0., of land Aster. English preaching next sunday at o p. A the moravian Church German services at 1c . At the horse shoe Pike meeting House. Salem a lutheran congregation have had the Organ of their Church remodeler and a new swell Organ attached. The same a to consecrated on the 22d inst.,. On which occasion strangers preach. English preaching next lords Day morning and Ger. Man in the afternoon in Church. Sukert a account of a Lebanon school District \ it foe the year ending March 1rg2 Cam received or. Adam Grittinger late treasurer $11 71 . Mcadams collector in full for 1859 210 0�j Casa of Lebanon Valier rank 307 B. At Kina collector for a Solo Jacob Weldler see retard T. Of a. 30 00 Israel Karch col. In full for 18�s7 10 26 David Miller col. For i36i 3295 00 Haber a estate a45 75 state warrant. 420 40 tuition from scholars not in District. 23 03 a a Aycel risk Conr. Adolphus Mey Oishi i. S3a5. N. A Friendly Ivi nation Amei of the 5th last., Rev. Jemes i. Reynolds. Or. Tohn Dufres to mias Sarah Ann wow iyar. All of Cornwall Penn a. Y i a on the 3d inst., v a Rev ii s Mill r >1 Joel pm Salyard of South am vie. To Hetty Landis of Cornwall. at cite lutheran parsonage at Tho 2<th utt., the Rev. To 8. . John I yer to Sites Lydia kitsi3hr, both of botel township Lebanon county. On the 30th ult the Rev a. Ror Ullh. Mon bin or of Union township. La mini Catharine Xor is of Swatara township. A on the 3d inn. By the same. Or. Joseph Hlt-r1ch.of East Hanover to mias Bankah cas3el. Of West Hanover.�514315 Money paid out. Or. Mail teachers no. 1�?10 Ino. $413 20 no. 2�?10 to. No. 3�?10 to. No. 4�?10 to. No. 5�?10 to. No. 8�?10 to. N�7�?10 to. Female teachers no. 1�?10 to. Do . Do. Do a a no. 15, mixed no 2�?jo to. No. 3-�?lomo. No. 4�?ip to. No. 5�?10 Ino. No. Fl�?10 my. No. 7�?10 to.  10 to. On the 28th nit., in Cornwall township of congestion of the brain Hiram son of Joseph and Elizabeth Kauffman aged amp years 2 months and 15 Days. On the 10th inst Israel 3hantz, aged 45 years and 7 Day. The funeral will take place of wednesday at 2 of clock. On the 31 inst Frederic a Emmet aged 46years, and 14 Days. A a. It a Tho z3ih ult. In Palmyra of Soai let fever prank Hod of Michael and. Sarah so Jeff or a amp 2 hrs and months. On the Isth ult., . John Wolf aged 77 years. I Mouth and 14 Dave. On the 26th . Elias Urich aged 48 years. Von Tbs 7th null. La Fredericksburg. Levi. Son Jacob and oat Harme waqiseu.ngud4 years 4 Moiha and 18 Days. -. The Lebanon Market. Carefully corrected in amp my. A Lebanon Weores Dat. June 11. 18.62, Leba Niia sex. Fam $0 25 eggs �?Tdos., 12 Smith a a extra 6 20 butter ft., .9 super. Fine&-60 tub or salted Batter 10 prime White wheat 1 20 a a prime red wheat 110 55 a 45 prime Rye Corn Oats Clover seed Timothy Send flax seed a dried apples .i dried apples pealed 1 &0 peach a a Sultz a 2 50 peach a a Huzela a 1 26 cherries it 150 onions.37 potatoes flubs 45 lard tallow Ham should Cra Quot 32 sides 3 00 soap 1 bees Wax 1 25 White Raga 1 00 mixed rugs flax lb., Mathis a lb., feathers %. Wool lb., soup Beans vinegar Fyk gal., Apple butter a is Creek 45 8 6 6 7 25 5 amps 6 Amodt of teachers salaries a $3749 09 Cash in id in l. 965 45 Foster a Mutch castings for desks 29 81 Michael Laaser drillings holes in. Castings 6 04 Ilia Ink amp Groff making desk. 10 40 Israel Kef Rob fixing blinds chairs a. 10 60. Fred. Urban repairs at pavement 75 Krick tit Groff repairs 17 80 a A mulch 8 82 a. Mover 4< 15 76 Orth Light Mason 8 00 Jacob Stoud painting blackboards 4 69 Henry shh a plastering and White washing. George Borgner plastering and White Hartman screening Coal a Henry Coppenhaver a a we. Baylor sawing Wood screen me Coal. &c., we Mckinney sawing Wood a. Wolf sawing Wood and repairs Jacob Stag Era a gyrus Palm a a Samuel Sutz cleaning stoves Jos. Bowma a a a a it to Collar Gebhart work mrs. Strohm Wash a school houses mrs. Beck a a mrs. Eisenhour mrs. Hornof Lua a a a a A my i any Bill win. Bentz coat shovel tin basins &c., a a a Shay a Tove pipe Coal ,ac., Bowman Iglauer amp Capp lumber Henry amp Stine Blind brooms Mats &c.�4. A or. Kle Adoph binding maps and stationery. Astronomy Chart Paim water rent a. Moyer Susan Hooker ground rent a Coal Wood. Cd Henry for duplicate Henry Soccie Tarys a salary Joseph Bowman per Cen Tage the Philadelphia a Market. Monday Juno 9, p. to uns tiled condition of the Floar Market noted at the Cio a of oar last report still continues Aoda prices Rule very irregularly. There is very Little shipping demand and Only 2000@2�00 bbl. Were Dispo sed of mostly Low grades including North Wea Tern superfine at $4 extra at $4 56@ -s4 75, and extra family at $4 87�?inelcding 100 byte. Of to latter Winter wheat at $5 25, and 600 bbls., Ohio . On private terms. The sales to the retailers and Bakers Are limited from our lowest quotation up to $6 50 for common and fancy As in Quality. Eye flour is rather scarce and it Sells in a Smalt Way at $3 25 Tai. Corn meal is steady and 200 bbl at $2 62. The receipts of wheat continue Light As Tho supplies Cana have been Cut off the recent freshest. There is a steady demand and prices Are Well maintained. Sales of 5000@ 6 a Bush Good Penna. Red afloat and in store at $1 17@l 18, and 700 Bush fair Kentucky White at $1 33. Rye is unchanged. 1500 bushels Pennsylvania sold at 36& coir is rather Dull but the offerings Are Small. Sales of 4@50q0 bushels including Pritne yellow at 53c., afloat and fair White at 56c., afloat and 51 a 52c. For the former in Storo. Oats Are in Good demand and Peun Sylvania a Rowan led. Bales of 1000 bushels Primo Delaware at 33e. Whisky is held firmly. Bales of t Hio bbl. At 25c. Pennsylvania us 24c., and Drudge at 22c. State or Kollias a Hrichi a eco a. Notice is hereby Given that letters testamentary of the estate of Elias ui�r1ci�, dec�?Td., late of Bethel township Lebanon county pa., have been granted to the undersigned residing in the township and county aforesaid Ali persons indebted to Taid estate will please make payment without delay end those having claims against the same will present them properly authenticated for settlement. A Edward stroj executor. Fredericksburg Juna ii 1862. 6 00 8 00 1 75 2 76 3 50 2 00 -�7 92 a amp 1 of 62 114 81 3 60 8 50 609 3 60 27 10 1 92 12 >8 5 21 42 74 75 35 60 �2 00 $ 00 4 00 4 66 118 21 16 00 8 00 so 00 103 70 amount in the hands of treasurer $5289 15 854 00. A $6143 15 Joseph Bowman treasurer Lebanon june 4th 1862. A. Estate of Henry vhf Rich Lleen a. A Votice u hereby Given that letters testamentary Al on the estate of Henry Uhruch dec a late of Bethel township Lebanon Cut my pa., Hare been granted to the undersigned residing in the township and county aforesaid. All persons indebted to said estate will please make payment without delay and ail having claims against the a amp me will present them properly authenticated far settlement. A a David w. A Uhrich executor. Fredericksburg june 4,1862.toftlideslroasof purchasing. Lumber amp Coal to the Best advantage at the old established and Well known lumber Yard Reinoehl amp at the Union canal on the East and wet sides of Market Street North Lehnon borongn.,. Fihe sub scribers take pleasure in informing Tea Citi 1 Sens of Lebanon and. Surrounding counties that Thev still continue the lumber and Coal b�ss�-nns0, at Thor did and Well known stand where they Are daily receiving additional supplies of the Best and Well seasoned lumber consisting of White and yellow Pine boards Plank . A a Hemlock boards Plank . Hails posts paling i and . Ash from 1 to 4 Inch Cherry from % to 2 Inch Poplar from % to 2 Inch. Poplar and Hardwood scantling. Oak and Maple boards and planks. Roofing and plastering laths shingles a shingles 11 shingles 1 a i also. Pink and Hemlock shingles. Coal i Moalli Coati a Large Stock of the beat Quality of stove broken. Egg and Lime burners Coal and also the Best Allegheny Coal for blacksmiths. 8 thankful for the Liberal manner to which they have heretofore been patronized they would extend a cordial invitation for a continuance of Farbota a they Are confident that they now have the largest but and cheapest took of lumber on hand in the , which will sold at a reasonable percentage 49piemecau and examine our Stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere.r��n0ehl8 amp melt. North Lebanon Borough May 7,1862. New and cheap store the unders Gued would respectfully inform the a it Izona of Lebanon and Vicinity that has entered into the a _ Boot and shoe business. In Walnut strut five doors South of the a a a a a in out Lehnon a eop8 on and Well of Ali kinds of boots and s hoes. He Grill a of sacks make to or Dot Ali kinds of boots and shoes and at very Short notice. To also keeps on band a. A. Large and Well a sorted Stock of leather such to red and Oak sole leather half and Kip skins Mok Coo and Fanoy leather kid linings Roans bind. Issac Ana a a kids of show maker tools and findings such a Boot Trees lasts Boot-cqpjd3 Aad a Tibbs awl Blades kni7�s, punches hammers pincers rasps tacks a constant la on hand an assortment of Lastinge thread shoe nails log break s8hd-3tanea, pegs bristles kit and shoe tools of every description having been engaged in the business More a than Twenty years feels satisfied that can give satisfaction to All who will favor him with a Cali. Shoemakers for m the of pantry will Well calling on him before pure baking elsewhere. Samuel ha0ck. Lebanon May �1,1861. Henry amp Stine hate now opened their Large and Yery handsome assortment of Chavies striped plaid and Plain Mozara blues Shepherd plaids Challi Delaine foulard Poppins a. A. Also a full Stock of mourning goods such a Tam matinee barges Crape More tee Grenadine barges Ull Wool Delaine Challies ac., ac., which Are Worth looking after for they certainly Are a great bargain. Black and White Chene to plans Black and Plain plaid Poppins Lilac Blue and Green plaids Black and White Delaine Rich paid Poppins Rich Chene Poppins Silver mixed Poppins Erv handsome at the Gulden sign a Henry a Stine Corner of Market streets. Lebanon May 14,1862. The Large the Best assortment t the choicest colors t the finest qualities the newest styles of to reign and Domestic fed Anil strip to dry goods at. Henry amp Stine a. It Ictoria lawns plaid and striped non solve v Plain and plaid Cambric Plain and dotted music Bri jmj a Marseilles. Bohi Nete a the largest Assort me of w Henry a Stine a. Menus Straw hats Lidies hat Theoda ac., just received and offered at Low rates . Henry amp Stine. Sieges amp cos letter a a a family sewing machine with All the recs3st is the Best and cheapest and most Beautiful of All sewing machines. This machine will sew anything from the running of a tuck in Tarltan to the making of an overcoat anything from Pilot or boart. Cloth Down to the softest Uze and Gossamer tissue and a Ever ready to its work to perfection. It can Tell hem Hind Gathey tuck quilt and has capacity for a great variety of ornamental work. This is not the Only machine that can fell hem Hind and so Forth but it a will so better than any other machine. The letter a a a Fame being machine May had in a great variety of the folding Case which is now becoming is As its name implies one that can folded into Box or Case which when opened makes a Beautiful substantial and spacious table for the work to rest upon. The cases Are of every imaginable design a Plain As Tbs Wood grew in its native Forest or elaborately finished As Art can make them. Copy of a six Are a .�?Ts Gazette. I. Singer amp . _ 458 Broadway a a y. Ladelphia office�?310 Chestnut st. May 7,1862. A prevention is better Titan cure. To Ian is of delicate health or Jinji aired organization or to those Olio i in increase of family is from any reason objectionable the undersigned would offer a prescription which is perfectly reliable and Safe and which has been prescribed in various parts of the old world for the Paet Century. Although the article a very cheap and simple yet it has been put up in half pint bottles and sold very extensively at the exhort bitaut Price of $5 per bottle the undersigned proposes to fur nigh the recipe for the Small sum of $1, the. Possession of which every lady can Supply herself with a per feat safeguard at any drug store for the trifling sum of 26 cents per year. Any physician or druggist will toll Yon it is perfectly harmless and thousands of testimonials can procured of its Efficacy. Sent to any part of the world on receipt of $1, addressing. Or. J. C. Deter atom p. O. Box to. 2363, new Haven Conn. August Quot 1861-1 y. To .vs�oihptives. The advertiser having been restorer to health in a few weeks a very simple remedy after having suffered several years with a Pevere lung affection and that dread disease consumption anxious to make known to his fellow sufferer Arthe a ans a occur. J to All who Sirett to will Send a copy of the pre script in a used free of charge with tha directions for preparing and using the same which they will find a son coax for Cobb Mahon Abib a Bros Hiis �? the Only object of the advertiser in Send tog the prescription is to Benefit the afflicted and spread information which conceives Jaq invaluable and Hopes every sufferer will.try.remedy As it will Oost them nothing and May prove a Blessing. Parties wishing the prescription address ret. Edward . ,. Kings count new York. May 21,1862.-30. Al card to Young ladies and gentlemen Jav the Snow Culber will a end pc. Of charge to a Weso desire it fhe recipe and directions for a skies a olm ple Var cattle amp us that Wili ill from two to eight a Otic amp. Pee committee of the i lit a Al Relief fund of Lebanon find that it Juji require the payment of fifty one and a half gents on the Dollar of Tho subscription to Al debts and expenses Ami equalize the subscriber. A it it the subscribers Are expected to up to that Ai Couri and those having paid Over Liat amount a hound Hir the surplus refunded. The collectors will wait on Tbs scribe a atan Early Day to Ai above wac ills hoped Tho subscriber will willingly and from nil respond. A Hoffelt we. Shirk a committee Lebanon june 11,1862. Just received in a Large and Quot splendid assortment of super fre Rii English and american cloths Aud of Calimeres for Coate Pauta and tests. Call and examine our Stock we feel confident that we a an please. Prices to suit the times at Henry a Stines. Auditors Keport. We the undersigned Andi Torey to examine and adjust the accounts of the a Northern Mutual insurance company of Lancaster county a As the of incorporation of said company is provided report that a have examined to accounts for the year preceding the first Day of May 3352. And find the same ctr follows to wit or a policies issued insuring property to the amount of \ $2,817,804 00 Premium notes filed amounting to $124,872 99 Oil. Funds of the company. Balance in hands of treasurer May 1st. 1861 interest. Received Pyrc outage on Premium notes a a fire tax outstanding May 1,1861, u fire tax of assessment of Doc., 1861, ,. $4,801 36 Secretary Lees for receiving tax. 58 01 360 62 i 00 192 85 182 64 a 4,743 35 s5>504 36 Dit. For exp used a fire loss3 3 paid to wit. Paid auditors fees for the year 1861, $3 00 a paid ii. Heilman extra services a tor in a a ? 60 paid Lancaster voids fecund printing 7 25 Paia Lancaster examiner und. Heram. Printing. A 7 25 pm Lancaster Union. Printing 7 25 paid Lancaster Melu Gonchor printing a a a it 7 25 Paui Lebanon Wasbro Democrat printing. 6 75 Lebanon Auve Niser. Printing 6 75 paid Lehnon Democrat printing. 6 75 m a a courier 0 75 a a we. B. Wiley printing tax notices a 7 00 s. Nissly election Bills i 25 a a . La pts insurance Book is 00 postage. 4 16 a a Secretary fees for making As Seym to and tax notices ac., a Flicia $106 60 the of Fengi i War map hazards rail Road and military map of the Southern states. To rom the most authentic sources. And pc the coast Survey engraved fun the finest style of map making it gives so recent and such valuable facts con Cemida All the railroads that the War part Mene immediately aut Noriza us publication and distributed one thousand copies among the Genera is and Caloz a is of the army. An it is to amp a Only map that is authorized As official it is the most Ron Abio end authentic and from its merge size.�?32 65 to chose show Ata glance to principal places and an a Tho strategic Points gen. Mcclelian has Yacknow Leugia the great importance of it i Bia movements. A. Ilia fully coloured Price o one Doc fear to Corneto with inferior maps. To cloth Cash Loc dissected and mounted on Muslin. $2 Flo Mou Tedon Muslim with honors and yarn died. $2 50-seut free Aiau on receipt of p. Hazmat no. <2 Chestnut &ire6t. Philadelphia Fia. A every intelligent Man want the bust and Only official map agent can make Money rap idly railing this. June 4,1s62. Lebanon % step a Al Tvrz me Mil the subscriber respect fully informs the citizens of Lebanon and the Turrou Didiog counties that to has several turning lat�ie5 in operation at Longacre a amp. Gab Els spam planing Mill on Tho steam House Road near Cumberland a Street in East Lebanon. Pa., where ail Laffi Titt kln<3� ofwoo4.turning is done. A ii Al off Lyyii ways keeps on hand a Large assortment of turning Subuh As lasts Bedstead posts table legs chair stuff newel posts Stair banisters Wagon and carnage hubs mad spokes All kinds of handles a. Turning is also done for Toee who furnish the lumber on Tho shortest notice end most reasonable terms. The me com tic amp a Pari of the business is conducted under the supervision of or. Amos Getti an experienced Mochan a Mui none hut the boat of Workmon Avo employed in the . attention paid to orders Max or otherwise. Address Lebanon May 28,1862-3w. John l. Becker. Grieg grist Mill paid a and paid Lyuu Liz Borger partial loss paid John Colm partial Loes 606 81 4,1-if 78 13 6 Balando in. Hands of treasurer Hay 1,1862, $4,873 46 $530 90 file tax assessed on Premium notes filed on policies in Force december1661, 6,085 26 tax paid in may1862, 4,801 86 agents tees for collecting tax 200 00 5,001 36 outstanding tax May 1� 1862,. Ass 90witness our hands this 16th Day of May. A. 1862. Ezra Bucher a. Jonas Laber june 4,1862. John Fry. S w. Fiette Gulij ., 37 Park Bow new York it pc 6 state st. Boston Are Orr agents for the1 f in those cig a and Are authorized to take advertisements and subscriptions forum at our lowest hates. May 21, 1862. North Lebanon steam grist Mill a trave wanted the undersigned will put Esse All a a a a. Kinds of a Kaluf snort As wheat. Bye a ,oai8,4c., �j.?bb�to1 at their steam Mill on the hmm a Al canal for which to highest Market prices will to paid m cask it is of customer work will to done at Tho a honest notice add in the Moat manner the Public 1. Respect i invited to give us trial Felix right �o1ce03t Light a David l. Light. Noi the Lebanon May 31, is32. §30 employment. $100 commie Ratai a Clits wan Ato Bell goods tor the anew England a company i w.will give a commission of Odb hand Rod per cent on sold. our ,.or to will wages it from j30 to $100 per month Anil nay All necessary expenses por particulars a Edresa with stamp Chas. A Ggles. Gen. At por Tho Adams manufacturing Maora Mien. May 21,1832. A ,. A of your want. Left Fri my Day a Lois of. _ gallery next <3oor the the Lebanon Jive Yam. A pod Cani audit 11hb confessions and experience of a a a warning and ter the a special Benefit of Young men and those who suffer with nervous debility Loas of memory pet mature decay amp a. Amp a one who has cured self so ple Means after being put to great expense and inconvenience through the use of worthless medicines pro scribed i Arnod doctors. Single copies May bad of Tho author A. Lambert. Esq., gree Point Long Island Enrio amp ing a Post paid addressed envelope a address Charles Lambert esq., May 21, �?T02.-2m. Gree polut Long Island n. Y. Gym is great cads or add Fol Humai if Loseby. Just published in a sealed envelope Price 6 Ota a lecture a. Culver Ell on the cause and cure of consumption mental and physical debility nervousness epilepsy impaired nutrition of the body lassitude weakness of the limbs and backs indisposition and incapacity for study end labor j dullness a a apprehension loss of memory aversion to society love of Solitude timidity Salt distrust Dizz Queaa headache affection of the a Yea pimples on the Finice involuntary Emia Ioas and sexual incapacity Tho consequence of Youthful indiscretion &c., a. Josar this adn Trabu lecture Euary proves that Tbs above eur merited. Often self afflicted Avila May Are moved without Medicina and without dangerous surgical operations Aad Eko Nhi Road a very youth and every Man. In the land. Sent under Chei. To any address in a Plain sealed envelope on a the receipt of six cents or two postage Stamps addressing Chas. J. C. Kline a 127 bowery now York Post office Box 4586. Administrators notice. Notice is hereby Given that looters of admin Strad Tion on Tbs estate of George Miteb late of South Annville township Lebanon county pfc Doc a have been granted to the undersigned residing in Cornwall town ship county and state aforesaid. All Persona indebted will Nicase make payment and those having claims will a result them without delay to / John Bleistein administrator. A Cornwall my 7, 1862s. F Quot v god Jet a in Cumberland Street in Tho office of his father gen. John we adman. Lebanon August 28,1861, Adam 8. Ali Rich attorney at Law in fun cry is building second Story in the rooms lately occupied John Bowman Lebanon. A. Lebanon april /166�-6m, a Cyrus i. Motiur in Walfis Tefr eel bar in opposite to Buck hotel and two doors South from Kari Hanyz a hardware store. Lebanon april 1852.-ly._ vat old to the it Izeir of Lebanon and Vemity that she has opened a fashionable 511lusehysalid Mantua making Market Street id door above Hill. A 1 a new Stock just received Aud opened for inn Octiva embracing a full assortment of silk Crape and Straw bonnets Bonnet trimmings ribbons Flowers a. Lebanon april 17,1861. A or or i Anitol Are Stan sir it hotel a having taken the Long occupied or. i will spare no pains to make the Travail no Publio who Stop at it perfectly comfortable and invite All to give me a trial. Tha House a Large and Well arranged. A i table supplied with the Best seasonable edibles j. Fira bar stocked with the Geest liquors Aud the stabling Large and commodious. John Matthes. Lebanon april 9,1883.wasly is Ctol in Urance company. Assessment on account of having had Meyere fires lately Tbs Board of managers of tha Ashington Mutual fire itty Tir amp uce companies of Lebanon. A has Laid on assessment no. 1 of,$l.25j>ar thousand on the taxable an until. And instructed the Secretary to recite a Iii same who has therefore selected the following places and Timeo to receive Euid assessments from Mem hers insured in this company vis a on monday the 26th of May next Between the Honra of 9 a. Of Ted 4 p. At Thoj Blic House of Captain Earnest in Fredericksburg. You tuesday May 27th, Between the hour Road a. End 4 p. M., at the of Thomas Leehr in Jonestown. On wednesday a it 2sth, Between Tho hours of 8 a. And 12 m., at Tho Phil icehouse of Bordy to to Union township on wednesday May 28th, Between the hours of 2 and 5 p. M.,.at the Public House Elt Jacob w. Adam in East Hanover a on Thor re a tilday Ana saturday 99th. 30th Sid May at Tho office or the Secretary Between the hours of 8 a. A and-5 pm. R a. On monday june 2ti. Beige Eft the of 1 and 5 p.m., at the Public House of omit Hwy blog few in Ujj. Myro. -. tuesday june 8d. Betws in the Honra of 10 a. And 2 p. M., at the Public House of Stoob Carmony in Annville. A a on wednesday june 4th, Bertoen the Nourt of 6 a and 8 p. M., at the Public House of s. O. Eby in san a township. R on thursday Jane 6th, Between the hours of 9 a. In. End 3 p. A at the Public House of Levis of Btry in Shaeff rate a. ,. R on Friday june 6th. Between the Honre of 10 . And 3 p. M., amp to the Public House of a. A amp Derbach. In Myerstown. On Jone 7,9,19.11,12, i Send 14, a gain atthe office1 at the Secretary in Lebanon Between of 8 a. End 5 p. A. Members can their assessments at either of the above places on said Days and any who neglect to to will charged an additional of 10pr. Colucc Tiou of said unpaid is see Ament. Jos. Bowman per eident. Quot attest j. H. Matt Sec y. V. V. Lebanon april 30,1862. ? a a 1 a it the sew a aka Hurt Rie Ender Elcied would rep wistfully inform Tkel Citi Zeas of Lebanon that Comuck Cledth. Bakk ing Uusi Kess in All its varieties at Hla stand on Cumberland Street Lebanon Nearis opposite the boric hotel and will Supply customer with a cakes,�?~4o., 4e. Flour received from Onstat reefs and returned to them in bread st Short Notow a stub to need a of All kinds fit amp hand of coned in of 5iid, and furnished at a pm Law. A the Public is invited to give a Leb Roii Noy. 9.1859. J. H. Gum a pfc Eton a a a a a a a a rte a 4 Stiny
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