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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 30 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 30, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaA god important to business men a Speed increased and of freight reduced Spet rates i x2f demo Batio fs2ncipls8 cease to Zebu we csa3e 0 to m. Breslin editor and proprietor eeb Anoh a dec 30,1857. The skies brightening a Tearo Happy to of not Ioe to Therdo Moraty of Jan on county that the interminable Kansas a Ilion is now in a fair Way of a speedy and Joppy settlement Satia factory both to the people a that territory and of the whole Union As Well a to the Unity and consistency of the democratic it to she people of Kansas on the 21st inst., rated a the slavery clause of the Lecompton cons Titu in. To Hare not yet Hoard the result of that to but our readers Are aware that the present Mculty in Tho democratic party is occasioned it the action of Tho convention in not submitting he whole Constitution to the people. The Dlf i play is now obviated by the action of the Kansas legislature recently convened by Secretary Stan in Roco guided by or. Duc Banan As Legal sub letting the whole Constitution to a vote for or Fain st of the people on Tho ensuing 4th of Dan Bry. This is Rig tand proper. If a majority of to people vote for Tho Constitution either on the lit or the 4th of january or. Buchanan will re Etna and its adoption if they vote against it he Roll recommend its rejection and Congress will iss an ennobling . This at a Nee allays All faculties in our ranks a to the regret and Oon lion of the opposition. It their old tricks in the opposition in con ass and their presses out of it first endeavoured defeat the Bill authorizing the Issue of Tzensu notes. Now since the Hill has become a Law by ridicule and denounced t As a a a Loco Foco Shin liter scheme a the Bill is designed to furnish Jans to the administration Tocom Fatm the Morin War which is the secret of the a closely so it was in 1812 and during the War Mexico. They wished the government Jack led for want of funds and our troops to find Woody Graves on hospitable shores Quot gov. Packer has tendered the place of Stetary of Tho Commonwealth to Hon. We. Ester of Berks county. The offer has been Jep cd. Or h. Is a sincere Democrat and will to a popular Secretary. He has served in Tho its Senate and made Many friends by his Tesy and gentlemanly bearing. Congress has passed the Bill authorizing Issue of $20,000,000 of u. S. Treasury notes. A Ore to by of the denomination of $100, $500 l$1000, to Bear interest at the rate of three a eat. Quot the plates Are to be engraved in Phil Jophia and hew York for which contracts have try been Medo appearances is Tuon Styll tes had been obliged by edit for a any years to occupy Tho space on the pillar w feet High that to did by Choice at the risk booking his Neok the Prince ruler or Poten wot old have been handed Down As a tyrant to slanted with obloquy by All posterity. In like Iner if Tho Congress of the United states with Sanction of the president would enact a Law i every decent Man in Tho Union every respect. I Matron every Dainty youth and tender maid should Bow Down at the shrine of fashion and Floo ease Comfort convenience and happiness land hereafter to that fickle goddess to use Borse name would Tho people not assemble in j meetings to pity the unfortunate condition boso who were so Shamo fully handled by they not cry out against representatives Congress and Pill the seats from under them be next election ? Yoa verily and yet for lion appearances Tho Bame thing is done stomach complains of the Back Tho table of a Bull room t he Kitchen of Tho parlor and a Tho family goes in state the Shoemaker Mil in dressmaker tailor Butcher Baker Milkman Isay nothing of others can t get their Money. Kos All to fill the denser that must be full of use to Lay in grateful Perfumo on the altar of 1 Congress adjourned last week to Tho 4th tary. Hal Fon . Washington Smith shot Richard Carter president of the an Kite Bank at Tamaqua while sojourning at by. Lawrence hotel Philadelphia some weeks i will to tried on Tho first tuesday in january. Id Paul Brown will appear in his a trial will probably prove one of the most pain a a interesting that has Ever taken place Ira count eau understand that a i Quantity of counterfeit five Dollar notes of Philadelphia Dank Are in circulation. They Aid to be Well executed. Counterfeit Quarter a is Are also said to be circulating pretty free they Are galvanized and look Wolly they be detected by their whitish appearance. 1 sumo of the greatest successes a the lives individuals Are the achievements of be years ago a Wisl off Farmer of Springport had a Little altercation with his wife and i conversing with her took up a pail to go some water. His Long Abs Enao awakened pars of his wife who suspected at once that and made an end of his use by throwing him Lento the Weil. Tho Well was accordingly plied but the husband was not found. The sly neighbors industriously sought for but no traces of him. Lost week while his were at Tea the missing husband walked he room with the pail of water in his hand a unto its usual place and sat Down to the iks if nothing had happened. To had been just three years after his pail of water had cd California and Australia and had Quot turned Ain with a handsome Little Fortune in his it i 1 a a a a Jan Bobisud with a Belt fuel of Gold i a month ago the body of iras found at Jersey City and without due lation interred. A few Days ago his widow at Jersey City and having stated Fiat he Law with considerable Money his remains a mod by the authorities. The result wus Jig of a Belt about the body containing Hundred dollars in Gold. Young Man named it Ichard w. Jacobs of age Bon of or. Richard Jacobs of Javeri mass who had been unwell for a i complaining of pain in his Bones was a with severe pains by ravings i the symptoms of hydrophobia which Cou until death relieved him of his terrible end Quot some time during the night. The de was bitten by a dog some fifteen years ago a living in Illinois and the deadly virus it posed must have been lurking in his Sig. I or since. If of it i a remarkable Casein. A a three teacher a to my question Bow old have mastered so Many attainments the a replied Quot that with three teachers every night be Learned common sense alone sex the Peculiar and rarest gift of Providence Hrala teachers were necessity habit and at starting in life necessity told him if 1 to live he must labor habit turned the a to Ai. Indulgence and time gave every Jour for query thing unless be a flow to a Way. A vol. 9�?no, �?~27. Correa Vondene of the advertiser. Letter from Lancaster. Christmas the Amateur concert performance of High mass Franklin and Marshall College ac., 60. Lauca Stisi dec. 26, 135?. Or. Breslin Doar sir another Christmas is past and gone eighteen Hundred and fifty Sevon years ago god in his wondrous love for us poor mortals sent Hia Only Begotten son into this world to save us from the impending doom of everlasting punishment. Should to not therefore As at this season it occurs More vividly to our dul be Naos in loud strains of Joy ring Forth Hia holy name it was this Rich Boon that wiped away the stains of a sinful and accursed world and provided a resting place for the Meek and lowly for the Are in heart. Let Tho loud Anthem ring from pc Quot e icy North to the uttermost parts of Tho Globe from Tho East to the West until All the inhabitants of Tho world dial hear its pleasing sounds arid join in one grand shout a glory to god in Tho highest and on Earth peace goad will towards this is the festive season of the old Auyoung despite the hard times Aro enjoying themselves in All manner of ways. The a Good things appear and disappear Aladdin like and it seems that this is the Only time in the year Whon they Aro really mysterious Santa Claus whose Mystic name has been mingled with the dreams of childhood has once again emptied Bis budget of Knick a ticks Aud departed for his icy Homo with thousands of thanks for his gifts and Joyful Hopes of Bis future Calls. The Amateur concert for the Benefit of the poor came off sooner than i anticipated tuesday evening last and with the exceedingly Short time for preparation it was the Best Amateur entertainment Ever Given in this City. On account of Tho Many recent entertainments Given for the Benefit of the poor it was not As Well attended As expected and the amount of Money realized Falls Short of a Hundred dollars. Agront Many persons have expressed themselves in rapturous Praise of the entire performance and assert without doubt Frait if it was immediately repeated there would not be a vacant seat in the Hall. Sixty performers participated and such a Rich and Strong blending of the four parts carried by these voices was truly Sublime especially in singing a Gloria a from Mozart a twelfth mass in one grand chorus. It was soul stirring and caused one involuntarily to think of Shakespeare s remarks of a him who has no Onusic in his soul one grand feature of this concert was a violin Solo performed by prof. John b. Kevin ski formerly of your place. It was a selection of airs from a Robert be liable a and was with remarkable skill for which be received the loud applause of the intelligent audience or. Kevin ski is an accomplished performer on the violin and the citizens of Lancaster appreciate his Talent by giving him constant employ Mentas instructor. At 5 o clock yesterday morning the Catholic Church was crowded containing from seven to eight Hundred persons. The solemn strains of their Sweet toned Organ blended beautifully with the vocal part of Mozart a x nth mass Aud was sung with surprising effect and in great Harmony with the appropriate Catholic service of High mass which continued for two hours. The students of Franklin and Marshall College have nearly All gone from our midst to Quot spend the merry season at a Home Sweet Home a and which with one who daily sees them is at once observable that their Happy fees Are m Issing. To amp of weeks vacation will again return Thorn to their routine of studies with renewed Energy. This institution is now in a flourishing condition and is constantly gaining additions to their already Largo number of scholars. Little Lebanon is Well represented in the senior class by four promising Young men. Lancaster county Tho scat of the College has not a single Ono in the senior class. The murder excitement has nearly subsided and the people Feol Satt fied to lot the Law have its course in giving the murderers a fair trial without an attempt at Lynch Law. The sober second thought is always Host. Tho amount realized at st. Mary a fair teas within a fraction of $3000. By this you May judge it must have been a pretty Largo a concern but they might As Well Hare done As was the custom of old to off their Church debt by getting up lottery 8 Homes As Csc thing wont by Mohanco Fren the least to the Moat costly Arti Elos. I do not approve of such Means to liquidate Church liabilities. The prothonotary Bip remains still undecided. Lebanon pa., wednesday december 30, 1857. A whole no. 444. So much for the Lancaster county judges. It seems they Are determined to keep or. Carpenter out of the office As Long As possible. If the Caso is not decided until the january court i Hope the first official governor Packer Wil perform will be the appointment of or. Carpenter As prothonotary. I wish you and your and a the rest of Mankind All the enjoyments of this season of the year and a Happy Chappy now year. Yours a. Lancaster. Greensburg in this state according to Tho Democrat be a very queer place. The Coroner holds an inquest and the doctors make a it a so a for tem examinations merely on suspicion of a Man being dead. Tho Democrat is responsible for Tho following Story for some time Back whenever a Man Dies within six Miles of Greensburg there is a general Rush on to depart of our justices of the peace to to the first to reach him to hold an inquest upon him. Not less than three weeks have passed by since an irishman went into a shanty near town in the afternoon where liquor was sold. After sitting by the stove for some time to was invited Totake a drink which , and then resumed his seat. Presently to Laid Down by the stove and apparently fell asleep. There he Lay for several hours when Tho night coming on some persons attempted to Wake him up in order to have him leave to Hunt quarters for the this could not be Dono and it was supposed that be was dead. Immediately word was despatched to town , Julty see of the peace was informed of the fact a coroners jury was summoned and being unable still to Waken the Nan up they set to work and is amp to Wal up to it ascertain whether or not he was dead by the time the doctors got through with him there remained no doubt on the minds of the jury of is death it is reported to us that in less than fire hours from the to me to had Down by the stove be was effectually slaughtered. One of the jury informs us that while Tho postmortem examination was being carried on the body was still warm and smoking. Sleepy individuals who Aro hard to Wake up when Onee asleep Aro hereby respectfully notified not to go to sleep near this town. If this advice is not heeded we shall not answer for Tho consequences. Should they Wako up and find themselves Cut up into Small pieces and a dozen intelligent men speculating on the facts Quot they my amp to not to astonished or blame anybody but themselves we hard times overcome. These Are the Days in which we want our Money to last a Long As possible. And the Only Way to do so is to go to Swartz k bro., to buy your Winter goods. Nor. 25,1357. Daguerreotypes. To takes the Best likenesses in Lebanon a Why j. H. Keim in Tho third Story of a Rise s new building. To has Tho beat room brat sky Light boat fixtures Aud has made it his entire business for the last six years. He always gota the latest improvements to has always the latest style of cases on hand who take pictures in every style of the Art his Stereoscope pictures Are wonderful to behold. All his pictures Aro Sharp Correct and of the highest finish. Give him a Call and you will not regret it. His terns Aro very moderate. To. His rooms Are open every Day except sunday from 8 o clock a. M., till 6 of clock p. Nov. 25,1857. _ Lic Banon Talley Tail Road. Open to hvmmelstown�?9 Miles from Harrisburg. A Nanfel after monday. November 30th, 185?, the passenger trains will run to Lium Nelston leaving Reading at 10.20 a. M., and Hunt fit Alstown at 2.30 p. In., daily except sundays. T \ up train passes Lebanon at 12 noon and Down train at3.30p.m. Both train connect at Reading with the up and Down passenger Grams from and to Philadelphia on to Reading Railroad. Reading and hum Raemawn $1,35 k 1,10 a a do a a Lebanon 0.85�?o0,70 a a Lebanon u Hunmel Scown. 0,50 a a 0,40 stage fare Between Harrisburg and Hummelstown 50c. Dec. 2,1867. G. A. Nicolls gen. Stint. The Reading press states that the heading subscription of $200,000 to Tho Lebanon Val Loy Railroad has been returned to the City with Tho exception of $7,500, which will to returned in duo time. 9 was Tho first to fling away jewels in the priggish manner condemn j de by Tho proverb. She was in Tho habit of throw i ing pearls to Anthony s s wine a s As a 15 m a m a to up is n re Jim u y. F \ Milford a Lemberger graduates of pharmacy and practical apothecaries and chemists offer to Tho Public Largo Aud carefully selected Stock of drugs medicines chemicals Dye stuffs oils spice perfumery toilet articles Flavouring extracts tobacco and cigars pure wines and liquors for medical purposes with everything in their Lino As druggists perfumers and vendors of fancy articles which we can confidently Ramend to families physicians country merchants and dealers As being fresh Puro and prepared in hip Best manner a a the new preparations chemicals and Patent medicines. Horse and cattle medicines. Tho largest assortment of trusses single and double for children and persons of Evory age and for every variety of rupture carefully fitted and adjusted if desired. Abdominal supporters. All orders correctly answered and physicians prescriptions and family receipts carefully compounded. A Ursu country merchants and dyers will find it to their advantage to buy of Guilford amp Lembic Ger. Please Call and get Ono of our circulars printed in both English and German in which Yon will find a list of most of the articles and preparations kept by us. Guilford amp Lemberger s drug store is opposite the Market house8s? july 291s57. Lebanon a. Orphans court Sale. Pursuant to an alias order of the orphans court of Lebanon county will be exposed to Sale by Public Vendue or out cry on Al docs do a a let 30�a Day of december 1857, at 1 o clock. P. M., at who Public House of Samuel rank in Jonestown Lebanon county Quot the following real estate late of Jacob b. Weidman dec d., to wit a a that certain Messuage tenement Plantation or tract of land with Tho appurtenances situate in the township of Union in Tho county of Lebanon adjoining lands of Henry Hess Michael Lilick Jacob a Arlart and j others containing one Hundred and sixty four 1 acres be the Sanie More or less it being a part of the a farm or Plantation Eon Ronly called a pjs runners place.3tho improvements thereon being a two Story j double log a and Weathers boarded House a 1 i a Large Stone s Weizer Baun and other out Lra Iid boil filings. About 20 acres of the above Plantation 5 a Woodland. There is a plenty and convenient sup a ply of running water on the above premises. The above j Plantation a is situated on the Public Road leading from a a Harriet Cir it opine euro re ab6nt� Miles from Union forge j and about vhf mile from the Union canal and big dam. I Tho farm is in a Good state of Otlet ovation and the i fences arc in Good Crair. The above Plantation will be i sold either in the while or in Imti pm a its As will debt suit purchasers. The terms will be made known on the Day 1 of Sale by the undersigned. I Elizabeth c. Weidman Robert w. Coleman John w. Ulrich adm a of the estate of Jacob b. Weld hah do cd a december 2, 1857. Gome one come All Quot rive us a Call at the Golden sign of Henry amp Stine. Just received a very Large and splendid fclk8tock of new fall amp Winter goods which up were purchased at Tho lowest Cash prices and will my sold at unusually Low prices for Cash or in Exchange for country produce. A their Stock consists in part of the following Viz a dry goods i amp tto is Bress Good a French Merino is Coburg Paramatta cloths Lustres. Ail Wooi ducats All Wod Delaine Moulin Delaine High stored Wool amp silk plaids Gingham an endless variety of prints �c., amp a. Which Ara offered at very Low prices by Henry amp Stine. Silks Silks Silks just received a splendid assortment of Rich Block Plain and striped dress Silks. Also extra Rich Plain and striped fancy All the rage Call and see at the cheap store of Henry amp Stine. Shawls shawls / shawls / just opened a splendid assortment of Long shawls Bay state Tibet Black and fancy plaid Steht All colors Chenille and a variety of others which Are Selling off fast cheaper than the cheapest at the store of Henry amp Stine. Domestic goods cheap just received muslims checks Gingham flannels Canton flannels ticking and a variety of others which Are offered at reduced prices by Henry amp Stine. For men s Wear a just received a Large and spa cedi it assortment of French and English cloths at All prices. Also Plain Black and fancy Cassimeris French Casa Meres plaids and Side stripes Satt Ineta Kentucky jeans vesting and a variety of other goods for boys and mobs Wear which Are offered Low by Henry amp Stine. Now Stile time a id buy cheap goods 1 Henry amp Stine have just opened their fall and Winter Stock of goods and their assortment of fresh groceries and Queens Are cannot be surpassed in the Borough of Lebanon. and examine at the store of Lebanon oct. 28, 57. Henry amp Stine. A .1� Twenty two years a go by or. Kinkelin Corner of third and Union streets Philadelphia a. Twenty two years experience has rendered or. K. A meat successful. Practitioner in the curo of All diseases of a private nature i manhood a debility As an impediment to marriage ner Vous and sexual infirmities diseases of the ski and those arising from abuse of Mercury. Take particular notice. There is an evil habit sometimes indulged in by boys in Solitude often growing up with them to manhood and which if not reformed in due time not Only begets serious obstacles to matrimonial happiness but gives Rise to a series of protracted insidious and devastating affections. Few of those who give Way to this pernicious practice Are a Ware of the consequences until they find the nervous system shattered feel strange and unaccountable sensations and vague fears in the mind. Seepage 27, 28,29, of or. Book on the unfortunate thus affected becomes feeble is unable to labor with accustomed vigor or to apply Bis mind to study his step is tardy and weak he is Dull irresolute and engages even in Bis sports with less Energy than usual. If he emancipate himself before the practice has done its worst and entert Matrimony his marriage is unfruitful and his sense tells him that this is caused by his Early follies. These Are considerations which so Turifi awaken the attention of All who Are similarly situated. Remember he who places himself under or. Kinkelin a treatment May religiously confide in his Honor As a gentle Man. And rely upon the Assurance that the secrets of or. patients will never be disclosed. Young Man a let no false modesty deter you from making your ease known to one who. From education and respectability can certainly befriend you. 49�?o or. Kinkelin a residence has been for the last Twenty years at the n. W. Comer of third and Union streets Philadelphia a. Patients at a distance can have by stating their Case explicitly together with All their symptoms per letter enclosing a remittance or. Medicine appropriated accordingly. Forwarded to any part of the United states Aud packed secure from damage or curiosity by mail or express. Read i youth and manhood. A vigorous lip or a be mature death Konx Blair of self preservation okie 25 cents. Letters containing that value in Stamps will ensure a copy per return of mail. Gratis Gratis Gratis in a a rec gift to All. Misery relieved a a nature a guide a a new and popular work full of valuable advice and impressive warning alike calculated to prevent years of misery and save thousands of lives is distributed without charge and forwarded by mail prepaid to any Post office in the United states on receiving an order enclosing two postage Stamps. July 15,1867.-ly. Urio per of p Elk �00 g 5 a Quot is 3 cry c q02 of cup a tas Rao m wow crib of Osh log it it. 8 22 pm i sgt Haj Wei 1, have you been ? Why. I have been at Tho stove store of James n. Rogers and bought one of his Superior Cook. Ing stoves As he has just returned from the City and brought one of the largest assortments of. Sto ves Ever brought to Lebanon. neighbor got one from Hipa and it is the Best cooking stove i Ever saw. They can bake roast Cook and Wash at the same time if they wish to and it does everything to perfection 1 was determined to get one of the 6ame sort and the Best of All is he warrants every cooking stove he Sells to do As he represents. A few More of the same sort left with a general assortment of s parlor Hall or dining room stoves which will be sold cheap with a full assortment of tin and Sheet Ikon Ware generally connected with his business. 4��?o All work entrusted to him will be done with neatness and dispatch. Lebanon sept. 23, 67. James n. Rogers. Valuable Borough properly for Sale is offered afe private Sale that valuable half lot or piece of ground situate at the North East Corner of Walnut and water streets Lebanon fronting 33 feet on Walnut Street my 80 feet on water Street at present occupied by John Farrel s Marble Yard on which Are a Frame House amp a. It is leased within a Square of the Lebanon Valley Railroad depot Between the depot and the Centre of town. For further particulars John Darrei it on the Jere miss. June 2�, 1897. Or. a i Diau Root pills by. Morse the inventor of Morse Indian Root pills has up of the greater part of his life in travelling having visited Africa is Well As North american has spent three years among Tho indians of our Western country it was in this Way that the Indian Root pills were first discovered. Or. Horse was the to establish the feet that All Dis Oasis Ariso from impurity of the blood that our strength health and life depended upon the vital fluid. 5. When thou various Ages become clogged and do. Not in perfect Harmony with Tho different functions of the body till blood loses its action becomes thick corrupted and diseased thus causing All pains sickness and distress of every name our strength is exhausted our health to arc deprived of and if nature is not assisted in throwing off the stagnant Humours the blood will become choked and cease to and thu3 our Light of life will forever to blown out. How important then that we should cop Trio various passages of the body free and open. And How pleasant to a is that we have it in our Power to put a mud Cine in your reach namely morsels Indian Root pills manufactured from plants and roots which grow around the mountainous Cliffs in natures Garden for the health and recovery of diseased Man. One of the roots from which these pills Are made is a Sudori fic which opens Tho pores of Tho skin and assists nature in throwing out f the finer parts of Tho corruption within. The second is a Plant which is in expectorant that opens and unclog the passage to the lungs Aud thus in soothing manner performs its duty by throwing off pfleging and other Humours from the lung by copious spitting. The third is a diuretic which gives ease and double strength to the kidneys thus encouraged they draw Large amounts of impurity from Tho Lood which is then thrown out bountifully by the urinary or water passage an which could not have been discharged in any other Way. The fourth is a it Artic and accompanies the Ether properties of the Pius while engaged in purifying the do Obj the a Ponx ser particles. Of impurity which can hot Pasa a Dee of Lihr outlets Are thus taken up and conveyed off in Gre amp Boquan titles by the bowels. From the above it is shown that or. Morsels Indian Root pills not Only enter Tho stomach but become United with Tho blood for they find Way to every part and completely rout out and Clenso the system from All impurities Aud the life of Tho body which is the blood becomes perfectly healthy consequently All sickness and pain is driven from Tho system for they cannot remain when the Bedy becomes so pure and Clear. The reason Why people arc so distressed when sick and Why so Many Dio is because they do not get a Medicine a which will pass to the afflicted parts and which will open the natural passages for the disease to be Cost out hence a Large Quantity of food Ami other matter Iff lodged and the stomach and intestines Are literally overflowing with the corrupting mass thus undergoing diag Recatto fermentation constantly mixing with the blood which throws Tho corrupted matter through every vein and artery until life is taken from the body by disease. Or. Mot boy spills have added to themselves Victory upon Victory by restoring millions of the sick to Blooming health and happiness. Yes thousands who have been racked or tormented with sickness pain and anguish and whose Forbie Fri Mea have been scorched by the burning elements of raging fever and who have been brought As it were within a step of the silent grave now stand ready to testify that they would have been numbered with the dead had it not been for this Groat and wonderful Medicine morsels radio a it pills. After Oue or two doses had been taken they were absolutely astonished in witnessing their charming effects. Not ouly do they give immediate ease and strength and take away All Richness pain and anguish but they at onco go to work at the foundation of the disease which is Tho blood. Therefore if will to shown especially by those who use these \ pills that they will so cleanse and purify that disease that deadly enemy with take its. Flight and the flush of youth and Beauty will again return and the Prospect of a Long and Happy life will cherish and brighten your Days. of a counterfeit signed a. B. Moore. All Genuino have the Nomo of a. J. White amp co. On each Box. Also the signature of a. J. White amp co. All others Are spurious. A. J. White amp co., sole proprietors 50 Leonard Street new York. Or. So Torsey a Indian Root pills Are sold by All dealers in medicines. Agents Stu cd in every town Village and Hamlet in the land. Parties desiring the Agency will address As above for terms. Price 25 cuts per Box five boxes will be sent on receipt of $1, postage paid. Dec. 16,1857.-ly. Dwelling House and store stand for tent. T he subscriber offers for rent for one or More years the building for a longtime occupied by him As a residence and shoe Storc in the Corner of the Alley Between Bruaas hotel and Pinegrove Street Cumberland Street Lebanon. The building is Large Well provided with cellar stabling amp a. The Corner room is Well Cal fluted fora store stand and if rented for any such purpose will be will a to Frt rebid with shelling amp a. For further information Ftp h _ so omon m Caully. "�o53ju the property is Falso offered for Sale at private Sale. A ap.ly2,3857. A Washington House a Cumberland Street Lebanon a. The undersigned having taken this old and favorite stand and having refitted it in the Best style is now prepared to accommodate the Public and entertain strangers and travellers in Tho Best modern stole Ibe House is commodious and pleasant. The table shall be Well provided for. And the bar a contain none but the purest quoits. The attached to Tho hotel is Large and Roomy and capable of accommodating i great number of horses. To his friends and acquaintances in Lebanon county of Well As to All others he extends a cordial invitation a Tsuai Leb we april 29,1857. His House their Nous i Quot David Hoffman. Call and see the dry goods grocery amp crockery at the Farmers store Leonard Zimmerman informs his friends and the Public that he has just received a new Stock of goods for the fall Trade which will be found As cheap apy Stock of the kind in this town consisting of All such goods As Are usually kept in a first Clasa store. Particular attention is Given to Staple goods for the country Trade not neglecting the fancy articles for ladies Wear such As laces lawns edgings in Der slaves handkerchiefs amp a. Gentlemen Are invited to examine his cloths Cassimeris Casileta tweeds fancy and other vesting velvets cords amp a. In the grocery department May be found a splendid assortment of every need in the family a Coffee sugar spices teas Mackerel a. In crockery the Stock is Well selected. Leonard Zimmerman. So tube highest Market Price will be paid for country produce. Lebanon sept. 30,1857. Of Fessor 00-, hair a Evora tvs for producing hair on Bald Heads and hair to its natural color. This astonishing and unequalled preparation has never failed to produce a growth of Bald Heads when used according to Tho direction and turn halfback to its original color after having become Gray and reinstate it in All its original health. Lustre softness and removes at once All Scurf Dandruff and unpleasant itching scr Fula eruptions and feverish heat from the Scalp. It also prevents Tho hair from becoming unhealthy and falling off and hence acts As a perfect i air. In vigor Ator and tonic. A gentleman of Boston writes to Liis Friend in now Bedford thus a to your inquiries i would reply that when i first commenced using prof. Woods hair restorative my hair was almost White and had been so for Tho last ten years and it was very thin on Tho top of toy head and very Loos and called out freely but i found that before i had used f All Tho second bottle which was eight weeks my Lutier was entirely changed to its original color Light Brown and is now free from Dandruff and quite moist. I have had my hair Cut five or six times since the change and have never seen anything like White hair starting from the roots and it is now of thick As it Ever was and does not come out at All. It has proved in my Case All that i could wish to ask. July 1,1855. Yours Etc a a from the Boston Herald something Worth knowing a by using prof. Woods hair restorative Gray hair can be permanently restored to its original color. Tho subjoined from Johnson amp Stone Gardiner Maine is but Ono of Tho Many instances that arc daily coming to our knowledge of its wonderful effects. It is no longer problematical but a self evident truth As hundreds in our Community can testify. Gardiner Maine june 22,1855. Dear Sik a i live used two bottles of prof. Woods hair restorative Aud can truly say it is the greatest discovery of the age for restoring and changing the hair. Before using it i was a Man of seventy. hair has now attained its original color. You can recommend it to. The world without the least fear As my Case was Ono of the worst kind. Yours respectfully prof. O. J. Wood. Daniel n. Murphy. Brookfield mass., january 12.18o5-Deati Slit a having made a trial of your fair restorative it gives me pleasure to say that its effect hits been excellent in removing inflammation Dandruff Aud a constant itching tendency with which i it Avo been troubled from childhood and has also restored my hair Uliuli was becoming Gray to its original color. I have used no oth i or article with anything like Tho pleasure and profit. I. Yours truly j. K. Bragg i Pubis food. Pastor oath orthodox a big fcb Brook fold. J a from the Missouri Democrat j Ttoe do a hair admirable article is rapidly improving Tho hair. No a Theof a similar kind now be fore the Public enjoys a better reputation As a restorative. And invigorating hair tonic. To Peculiar chemical Quali a effect upon the growth and character of the hair giving Silky and Glossy texture to that which was formerly of a Conree and dry nature. It has understand a tendency to preserve Tho Youthful color and appearance of the hair and destroying or counteracting the effect with such recommendations in its favor we hardly perceive How any lady or gentleman should be without so valuable an adjunct to their toilet for Sale in Lebanon at Guilford amp a drug store. Also by All Respecta Bio druggists. Deo,li-3m. The a Sodden prize. Tote jew York illustrated we Eddy Golden. Prize one of the largest and Best literary papera of the Day. An Imperial Quarto containing eight pages or forty cd la a mob of Choice Reading matter each week. Terms of subscription two dollars a year. And a Gilt will be presented to each subscriber immediately on Tho receipt of the subscription Money. Each subscriber will be entitled to a gift Worth from $1 to $500,00 in Gold. To clubs. 3 copies for 1 year $5,00 10 a 1 a 15,00 read the list of gifts. 1 package containing $500, in Gold. 10 Gold potent lever English Hunting cased watches $100 each. 15 a a a a a 75 a 25 a a Gold watches 60 a 100 a a a a a a a 50 a 300 ladies a a a a a 35 u 100 Silver Hunting cased watcher 25 a a 200 a a watches 10 to 20 500 Geld Yea tand guard and Fob chains 10 to so it 5000 Gold lockets 2 to 10 a a Gold rings ear drop6-�bronckc0 breast pins staid so cuff pins sleeve buttons &c., 1 to 16 each. Immediately on receipt of the subscription Money the subscribers name will be entered Tipon our subscription Book opposite a number and the gift corresponding with that number will be forwarded to his or her address by mail or express Post paid. A address Becket amp company publishers 48 and 49 Moffatt a buildings new York. Specimen copies sent free. To a it Bills of All Tho Banks taken that pass current in the states from whence they Are sent. Postage Stamps Are also received. Dec. 16,1857.-8t. Philip f. Mccaully fashionable Boot and shoe maker Cumberland Street one door East of Black horse hotel. Go amp the subscriber desires to inform the Public 11 that he has opened As above where to is prepare w cd to execute orders of boots and shoes of the finest finish Aud style if not Superior Tony heretofore offered to Tho Public. New fall and Winter Stock. Lie has just returned from the City with an unrivalled assortment of the latest fall and Winter styles of boots shoes slippers pc 4c for ladies gentlemen and children. Quota every body is invited to Call and examine. nov. I 1857 Lebanon Fol Nunal insurance. Company. Incorporated key fac legislature of a. Of a Eter Perpetua l. Office at Jonestown Lebanon comity. Guarantee capital $55,000. This company is now fully organized and ready to make insurance on All kinds of property in town or country Aud on As favourable terms As any Well governed and Safo company either on the Mutual or joint Stock Principio. President John Brunner Esq. Vice president a. Karvatt. Treasurer Geo. F. Milt Secretary we. A. . John Brunner Esq., Daniel Brown Of Tamamy Napoleon dish Geo. F. Meily. John Arad w. A. Bariy John Meily s. U. Shirk . Walker Daniel h. Biever Bank. A. S. Ely is Tho agent for Lebanon. He May at All times be found at his office in Walnut Street. Jonestown july 15, 1857.�?ly Helmbolt a genuine preparation highly concentrated compound fluid extract Miuchu. For diseases of the bladder kidneys gravel dropsy weaknesses obstructions secret diseases. Of male complaints and All diseases of a the sexual organs. Arising from excesses and Imarn denies in life and removing All improper discharges from the bladder kidneys or sexual organs whether existing in male or female. From whatever cause they May have originated and no matter of How Long standing giving health and vigor to the Frame and Bloom to the pallid Cheek. Joy to the afflicted it cures nervous and debilitated sufferers and removes All the symptoms among which will be found indisposition to exertion loss of. Power loss of memory. Difficulty of breaching gon eral weakness horror of disease. Weak Norves trembling dread. Fed tor roof death night sweats cold feet wakefulness dimness of vision languor Universal lassitude of the muscular system often enormous appetite with dyspeptic symptoms Ilot hands. Lushness of Tho body dryness of the skin pallid countenance and eruptions on the face Fain in the Back Hea a vines of the eyelids fre. Quentin Black spots. Flying before the eyes with temporary suf fusion and loss of right want of attention great mobility rest bukness with horror of society nothing is More desirable to such patients than Solitude and nothing they Moro dread for fear of Tho salves no to Post of manner no earnestness no speculation but a hurried a transition from one question to an Quot other. These symptoms if allowed to Goon which this Medicine invariably removes soon follows loss of Power Fatu Ity and la Fite a in one of which the patient May Empire. To can say that these excesses Aro not frequently followed by those dire Ful diseases insanity and con a motion ? the record of the insane As Luins and the melancholy of oaths by consumption bearamplewifcue#3to the truth of these assertions. In Lunatic asylums the most melancholy exhibition appears. The countenance is actually Sodden and quite destitute neither mirth or grief Ever visits it should a sound of the voice occur it a rarely articulate. A a Yitti woeful measures wan despair Low sullen sounds his grief beguiled a debility is most terrible Sand has brought thousands upon thousand to untimely Graves thus blasting the ambition of Many Noble youths. It can be cured by the use of this infallible remedy if you Are suffering with my of the above distressing ailments the fluid extract Bochu will cure you. Try it and be convinced of its Efficacy. Beware of quack nostrums and quack doctors who falsely Boa off of abilities and references. Citizens know and avoid them and have Long suffering. Money and exposure by sending or calling for a bottle of this popular and specific remedy a a r it allays All pain and Inola Tomasson is perfectly Eidos ant in its Teste and odor but immediate in its action. Helmbold s extract Bucu is prepared directly according to the rules of pharmacy and chemistry with the greatest accuracy and chemical knowledge and care devoted in its combination. See professor Dewees valuable works on Tho practice of physic and most of the late Standard works of Medicine. Or a a a one Hundred dollars will be paid to any physician who can prove that the to def inc Ever injured a patient and the testimony of thousands can be produced to prove that it does great Good. Cases of from one week to thirteen years standing have been effected. The mass of voluntary testimony in Possession of the proprietor vouching its Virtues and curative Powers is immense embracing Nantes Well known to science and fa3ie. 100,000 bottles have been sold and not a single instance of a failure has been reported personally appeared before me an Alderman of the City of Philadelphia h. T. Helm Molj chemist who being duly sworn Loes say that his preparation contains no Marconio Mercury or injurious drug hut Are purely vegetable. H.t.helm110ld,. Sworn and subscribed before me this 23d Day of novem her 1854. We. P. Hibbard Alderman. Price $1 per bottle or six for $5, delivered to any address a accompanied by reliable Nhu responsible certificate from i Refes sors of medical colleges clergymen and others. Prepared and sold by h. T. Hielm Riold practical and analytical chemist. No.52 South tenth st. Below Chestnut a Assembly buildings Phila to of or. Georgo Ross S. Raber and of All druggists Aud dealers throughout the United states Canadas and British provinces. Beware of counterfeits ask for Helmbold so take no other. Cures guaranteed Deo. 2, ls57.-ly. The Howard express co. Have made with the in Obanon Valley 11. It. Co., to Forward goods Facha Gas moneys ae., in charge of their own special messenger from Philadelphia and Reading by passenger train. Merchants wishing their goods forwarded punctually and with despatch will consult their own interests by patronizing the express co. Orders for goods to be returned by express will be delivered in philae a free of having remittances of Money to make to apy part of . S. Or Canadas will find the express the Only Safe Mode of conveyance. Office no 4�?~�jbgle a mtg my pa., and 248 Chestnut st., below 3d st., pm anti. John Ulrich agent. July 22, 57-tf. For Howard express co Quot new express the subscriber has made arrangements amp a Runny in a in Kiry a a a Presb in Conn Puou Vith his freight Lino on Philadelphia and Reading and Lebanon Valley railroads and is prepared to Forward packages Money jewelry and other valuables daily each Way Between Philadelphia beading Ste. Each express in charge of a special messenger by passenger trains. All orders promptly Deli a cred and goods forwarded with the greatest despatch at reduced rates. Mark All goods cake of p. Aumi Girry a freight Lise or express As parties ordering May intend. Offices 311 race Street Philadelphia Corner of fourth and Penn streets Reading at sinking Springs Womelsdorf of Myerstown and at G rain la a Cumberland Street Lebanon. _ p. Albright. Eve line of six boats running Between Philadelphia and Pottsville to carry Morehan disa and freight generally Schweitzer a co., b5 North Barroe philae a. Chestnut Street wharf Reading. July 29, is 57�?tf. 1 Hoffman Immel amp co s l Eba non county transportation line by uni of canal and Al Cotmon Valley Railroad. Twins line consists of 22 first class boats a running Between Philadelphia by it Moro and All other Points along Tho Union Schuylkill tide water and Pennsylvania canals. Freights contracted for at the lowest possible rates and delivered with dispatch. The proprietors will particular attention and attend personally to the receiving and delivery of freights. Shippers and merchants can rely on having their goods delivered in Good condition and with promptness and dispatch at Low rates. One of Tho firm will particular attention to goods shipped by the Lebanon Valley Railroad. Goods will to sent daily to and from Philadelphia to Lebanon Myerstown Annville Jonestown Quot and All other Points in the county. For information apply at their office in North Lebanon or at the Lebanon Valley r. R. Depot. Edfard Mark their agent in Philadelphia trill always lie of stand at w. Ii. Bosh s merchants hotel North third Stievo to Philada a. Lebanon aug. 12, 57-3m. P. , Rye Corn Oats st. Sass bought for Cash. H. I. St co. Mill my of Lull and it 62 acres of lan0 private Sale tiie subscriber being desirous of Selling his merchant and gitis Mill together with Hia saw Mill and sixty two acres of land takes the present Opportunity of informing the Public that Ira has one of the Best Mill properties in the county of Lebanon situate one fourth of a mile from Jonestown on the Swatara greek and one half mile from top Union canal at Jonestown. This Mill has been newly remodeler with the Best of Bevel gearing and everything in Tho Best of order for either country or merchant work. The land is in a High Stato of cultivation it being lately limed with one Hundred bushels to the acre and is All under new fences. Any person wishing to View said property can Coll at the Mill for Iund mation or of the subscriber Twe Miles from Jonestown. An indisputable title will be Given and by paying a Small Advance on the property at the time Possession is Given the balance will be set out in payments to suit the purchaser. Martin Wengert. Swatara tp., december 31, 185$.-tf. Reinhard s Buck hotel property is offered at Rivat e s ale. This has been a hotel for the last 40 years and is Well known Over the state As Reinhard s hotel and is the most Central and Best located in this Borough. It is Loea cd on the Corner of Cumberland and Walnut streets directly opposite the court House and but two squares Frota Tho Lebanon Valley Railroad depot on the same Street Walnut it fronts 45 feet on Cumberland and 105 feet on Walnut streets feet a Walnut being 60 feet deep. The building is a three Story Stone House 45 by 38 feet. The third Story was put on not Long since and the whole House remodeler with a Frame Kitchen. Also belonging to the property a newly built Stone stable on Corner of smoke and jail alloys on lot 66 by 64 feet with amp Good Cistern ac., thereon and closely situated to the hotel. Also an eating Saloon in the basement of the hotel which brings a Good rent. This is a Choice hotel property has an excellent county and travelling custom and has been the stage office for some time. It will to bold reasonably and terms of payment made easy by Simon a Stine. Lebanon july 22, is57. Fancy dress goods. F at rabj5r amp Bros new build no tour ill find. Splendid assortment of All kinds of fancy in Fisli shawls capes scarfs collars and in Short Orev Variot i of goods for. A Complete dress ver cheap ? i All kinds of Domestic goods muslims Are very Theani to ticking sheeting blankets ac., a. Sep pitas of Aid foe your Alrey. Glehmon.021, s Ali did estate at private Sale. The undersigned offers at private Sale Bis magnificent estate situate in East Hanover township Lebanon county about 2 Miles from Harper s inn 4 Miles from the cold Springs and the Dauphin and Susquehanna Railroad As follows no. 1�?contains 160 acres More or less of Tho Best land in the neighbourhood erty of Mehmi Deiningor John Dozier Aud others. The greater portion is cleared and under a Good cultivation. The buildings erected on this tract arc the undersigned s Well known cloth manufactory which has a Large patronage and is capable of indefinite increase a Large two Story double Stone dwelling House with Kitchen annexed Good two Story farm House tenant House Large Stone barn with threshing floor and stabling Aud other outbuildings in Good repair. Also All necessary buildings for the manufactory Viz a Fulling Mill card and spinning machine building dyeing and finishing House ac., a. The works Are All Well supplied with Good Machmer and plenty of water Power. A Stream of Good water is led to the dwelling House in pipes also Springs and pump Wells near. Also a a Beautiful Young Orchard on the premises. No. 2�?contains 160 acres More 1. Or less adjoining to. 1, land of Michael Deining or John Dotter and others. Nearly the whole of this tract is under Good a cultivation and Excel Lent fences. Erected thereon is a dwelling House stable and a Large shed. Also near by a Well Spring &c., a splendid site for the erection of a dwelling House. There is flowing water in nearly every Field. A school House is located on this treat. To. 3�?contains 180 acres Wood-1 Latte More or Leas adjoining no. 1,j land of John Dotter and others. It has a Rich growth of Chestnut sprouts from 8 to 10 years growth. As the undersigned is sincerely disposed to sell the above May be purchased either in parts As above or in the a whole of May be desired. Good title and Possession will be Given on the 1st of. April 1856. For further information apply to Lyon Lemberger aug. 5, 57-tf.East Hanover Lebanon co. A. Henry Harfmann a brewery and. Lager sees Salmon in Cumberland Street West of the Plank read Leba non. Schweitzer Ami Limberger cheese Holland herring wholesale and retail. A Large room in the second Storvis free for meetings societies amp a. Lebanon Doc. 9,1857. Lit ii Lilla 9 the grocer few t the Centro buildings Fraber a Bros m my a find a cry cheap and a full what tent by anon oct. 21 186t. A a of Quot a
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