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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 23, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaTinting dict a Yob so a Mas Rama a eroa>s3<, neatly and promptly executed at a a4dvektisee office Lebanon Penn a tins establishment is now supplied with an rat Nero assortment of Job to Tab which will be inc a a Tbs Natrona fio demands. It can now turn out 1 Bistika of Ivory description in it neat and Fli Aunora Codon very reasonable terms. Such As pamphlets checks business cards hat Tbilisi circulars labels Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of Bare invitations tickets &c., tec. Or inns of All kinds common and judgment Bonus. School justices1 constables and other Blanks printed correctly and neatly on the Best paper constantly kept tor Sale at this office at prices a to suit the subscription Price of the Lebanon advertiser owe Dollar and a half a year. Address we. M. Breston Lebanon a. A. T. We Idle attorney at Law office North West Corner of water and Market streets Pleba Obj re. Lebanon 3 nov 18, 1863,"ly. George Pfleger jr., attorney at Law office in room a formerly Behm deceased and opposite to the Black hots hotel a Ember Laid Street Lebanon. August 2ft, 1863 Ittoli 5�t Waif Man Orney at Law. Set flick a in comb Merlaud Street a few doors of to a , in the office late of his father Quot .rcapt.johu�vi�?Tcidmnn.decd. A Quot ,. Lebanon sept. 9,1863. _ a removal. A. A Stanley hi.k1c1i, attorney at Law tto a removed his office to the to siding one door eat a a Sis a a store opposite Tho Washington House pension claims prompt or Fdl a Quot Quot remo taxi. S. T. Mad jaw. Attorney at Law Wax sol r-rcbanotmsrchi5, 6a, vol 13�?no. 26. Not alcoholic. A highly concentrated vegetable extract. A pure tonic. ©00101 h00fla3ws German bitters prepared by or. C. M. Jacks on philae a a. Will effectually cure liver complaint dyspepsia a juju Striice chronic or nervous Dpi Billiy a Seafes of. The. _ iz4�hit7y�,-Hn&Lta for Ursen a a not ing from a disordered liver or Siom Aoh. Such As constipation inward piles Ful Nefs or blood total Dehnad acidity Quot of the Slof Meh a nausea heartburn a disgust a for food fullness or weight in the st Ipach. Soar Kroc aug no. Sinking or Quot Foj Utechtt at the pit of the stomach. Swim Ming of the head hurried and difficult breathing flu Tsering at the heart choking or suffocating sensation when in a join pos Ture dimness of vision dots or webs before the sight fever end. Dull pain in the head deficiency of Ella Ness Ottlig skin and eyes. Pain in Tbs Sido Back cheat limbs amp Cut sudden flushes of heat burning in the flesh constant imaginings of evil and great depression spirits. And. Will positively prevent , bilious of Bur it amp a a a a a a a Quot they contain a a a. No alcohol or bad whiskey ? they will cure the above diseases to ninety nine cases out of a Hundred. Lebanon pa., wednesday december �?~23, 1863. E it Tettis et1 a a f. A family paper fot1 town an p country is printed and. Published weekly. By la. Al. A. 2d Story tit i Toneka a new fit. At one Dollar and fifty Ceafus a tear., a a Raja inserted at the usual mice. Quot we the Friend of the of amp by piment. And the Public Garner i ally Are solicited to Eek a in their order. Is a drills printed at an Honra notice. _ rates of postage. A a by 7- j in county postage free. A. A a \. A v. I in Pannuty Laraia of it of Lebanon eoantys1 cent per whole no. 756 4 \ if the postage is not paid in Ady Jug Ynte Are dome. Earl of the new Many a office. Lebanon dec. In 1862. % Cyrus Jill Era t in Walnut treet Neai-avy0opne Sebuck hotel and two doors South Onmi Karmany e uart Ware a Tore. To Amnon. April 9, , base lab a Esq. In Merlaud Street House Lebanon a. Tith a. R. A boswyk opposite the. Court oct. 28,1563.1 army and Naty. Pension a Tayrac Eliand. tit ii a a it of by o y a i Quot to a 3- a or Cit Lirt Utu should Cal or address at and make their Appl Poatious through 0bm and Zassler b6tf.k, attorney , a Prius with a. It. Boughter Esq a Quot Quot a sir prf0ai�?~0t"e�?~h- october 28,1803. A wifi. By. Burr m a tto Kney at la a office in Stickter b 11 pc a5cumhcr, a Reet near to a til a Nisei s. Meily. Quot Btry st. Eilev amp Dewalt. Co my pass on Mit a chants Cir to less ale or. I Suher eggs cheese fave a a it Rio poultry game dried 1 suits Gram seed a. No. 170 Meade Street one door above Washington 1uiuv 0. Wergley. 1 t. I it. Be Walt. Refe Lences. Kobb amp a a cough new York Al somtvbch&farriiigtoh/dosb6�?T111 . In Lucid by the extensive Sale and Universal popu. Laity of Hoofland a German bitters purely vegetable bots of ignorant quacks and unscrupulous adventurers have opened upon buffering humanity the flood Gates of nostrums in the or tape of poor whiskey Dely co ipod tuned with injurious drugs and . Sumac his and utters. Beware of the innumerable array of alcoholic prep Aja titans in Plethoria bottles and big bellied kegs under the modest appellation of bitters which instead of curing Only aggravate disease and leave the disappointed to so a Psi to fan otters Tare not a new and untried article but have stood the test of Fly Tel he years trial by the Amer Cwi Nusic and their reputation and Salo Are not a trailed by any 81 the strop i Tbs have thousands1 of letters fruit the Host Etna Keiit. A clergymen. Lawyers physicians and citizens testifying of their own Pera nol knowledge to the beneficial effects and medical Virtues of these bitters. you want something to strengthen you i it a it you want a Good appetite ? do Yog want to build k p moult c0nstit0ti0x? do you Quot want to Fli Kyj Well do you want to get kid of Kjer Youness ? do you want june kit do you want to sleep Well. Í0 y0u want a brisk and vigorous left ing if to do use Hoofland a germen bitters. Prow per. J. Nowlon Brown d. D., editor of the in. Cyclopedia of religious knowledge. Although not disposed to Envor or recommend Cut med�011163 in Geneva through gradient and effects i i yet know of no sufficient r a Why a Man May not testify to the Benerita he be-1 As himself to have Rece ived from any simple prep it it on in Tho Hope that he May thus contribute to the \ do More readily lit Legard to Isoo hand so German bitters prepared by or. C. A. Jackson hons a ref. Because i was prejudiced against them for Many and he p 1 t they were chiefly an Al cd Hurdic . I am indented to my Friend Bob to k o mov alot tins prejudice be Pri Iper tests and for Enqu rougement to try them Iii Feria froth i eat a Tajbak Opu Litwa feel fill the a a a of Chree by Sziics Ofshe bit Tara. At he beg nog air epee Tat ,.ic�?zr to jail ii 1 had not Feit nerf Prev met had almost despaired of regaining i therefore Rhadah ged and my Friend in jul add a car 23 a bal. Spirl Icolar police. Liore Are a Kiev preparations sold under tic name of i Iri apart. Bottles con pounded of the a lie in Fie Thirk a or Cuni Mou rum citing of Tanto Iii Mitsner Rill Terr the taste disguised by Amse or a Story for the Little folks. A the Way Hans hade a Fortune. There was once a poor Mechanic who had two sons. One was a very Good amiable industrious boy named Hans but he was by no Means so smart As his brother a of Helmerich and therefore was not half As much dived by he silly father Alt Tough heme Lnch w As an ill tempered wicked fellow. How it Hajto Mied was so Ucli than usual that the poo. Met a. Purse was Alt Host empty. A what Dpi the world am i to do a said he. A must Nifte. My customers have been very a attentive to Rue politeness requires that i should go and see them Iii who knows but. Thinking of the hardness of the times they some of their Bills so said so done. Early the next morning he set out and knocked at Many a stately door bit he was not Long in finning that the richest men were not always the Best paymasters for no one had Money to Bills or oven i thine to look Over them. In the evening the poor Yuan came Hom i weary and discouraged and retaking himself to the a str bloc Loje threw himself on the Bench before the he Lead hot even the heart to talk with Trio so about him. And therefore soon found himself May there was no answer. He knocked again. Presently Small round window was opened and out of it Wras thrust the Bead and face of an old woman All covered with cobwebs she asked what he wanted. A j a i have come to free the princ Ess he replied conceited so let me in quickly 1 a of that 6 it. Is it said the lady a Well there s do hurry Tny son to Morrow will be a ion her a it i will be read for Jou at i me o clock and Sheshi Fifette . The next. Jay at nine o clock . Phi a a a Pilarta Ltd j l gain aim a re a crag in the a was rhe old to Ufi w eng for h m she a e Hili a up gun of flaxseed saying t shall be Back in an hour mean while thread these seeds to Sether and in yet done1 when i return. A a. A i ,.helme legit o right the old lady w is h akm a. Of Liim and would not evil look at the seeds. He walked a and Down seeking ome Way of getting into the Cas she carny Back the l As Ever tight a said then taking tie and when Keg was As fit that a no Soo he Aid not want to go Ohio w. O. A John Stiles Allentown in l Hila a May 40, to my Fried a we and client. Gant fun i hour the you will cd himself by 1 of by t the cd 40 cents Gaiton the cd a in a Rolv i bitters has Cansel Anil will continue to m to. I As the cd a he sold hundreds to die the ssh a the drunkard. By their use the system in kept continually under the influence of alcoholic sum in a a to. A Fhi it worst kind tiie desire for liquor in created and kept up and the result to a the horrors a ghz �?z11 far Taccle in medicinal Virtues and st is Fri ill the co Jan much ten a Good article of liquor at thus inferior preparations much less Prico than ill Cost men a Najy office ill be a cd Trion a Erett for a Lul Tho of my friends and ii it shaving Legal business May depend upon it a a up Etc pro i a a friends to his a a is a. /. W. Conrad my Tel fixin in a office ii Myes. 5tr0�ose. Buttsville dec .2,1363�?3m. -1�?z n. Ohms la Fluor store a a Sasi Isscca and oth a of i consult their own interests by buying the a amp Pri. 10, 1363. A v. Or ill Hilali a. And it / readied rail Road compan. A a a Radisa nov. 28th 1863. The Public a a a a Quot a a a Muse is so do ter monday for entering the Quot oars. A 11. A a Ala at vial 11,1 4 it. Allie Ilton soldiers ant eni friends of Soldier. We eau the attention of All �erimm1 botters�?T1�?T11., in tenths of the diseases a i Evn sures and a nations incident to Camps be to. A Kniph bused almost daily a the news he. In the lists p jul Leo not Lea Wittera svy Viara portion ave suffering from Debili-�?~bfttm�?Ts"4 disease car Sultz a from 3ls. So we a toss. Syfel Sfass its he does Rose life to use his own language has been saved by aug st Gard. 1362. Case 1 to and have Beca a Jle rated h6ttevy, under Captain 11. Ant upon my or last with i Enty two Das set the was followed by great debility Het tej. R. ,4alr or be Hnit the a a Quot a a a a or to Tel Day to upon my arduous do her a is attacked in november last with inflammation and was for Venty to ays Inheh. Will be charged a Beni a obtain from the Odon the Wash for will he re conductor a Eck pc therefor. In ca8h, upon its ass amp a Kab at at a ticket office of the Japan decaf fief 0, 1868.�?2m. Personae. Rane of the largest Nurser you a re Ttoe per a u Eastern Pennsylvania Walt to b t in Reba nent services of a competent enterprising non county. They wish a Rel we e a i Ruit Man who will devote his whole time to �?oeum3 s ornamental Trees vines plants a for fur ther information apply the office of this ape a Pec. 9,1863 �?4t. General supt. South . . I was Thon removed de by an j d a ont to this City of Board if la Saffier a Ste of Ais a from which i landed on till of j is since that Timo i have been a Boutas Low As any one could m h i ,., it was immediately thrown no a Iny an my ft0d1. A Russ amp syst z to ask As Best suited me a a rate a by it Hope to a Lothe me. From the Tiuis l gloomy i Ilse but take fool san la ugly or melted to rejoin my Wile and notice. I null a notice is hereby Giren that the account p of Daniel Walter Assignee of Jacob and Atharine Bis wife by deed of voluntary assign Mont ass the a Day of april 1862, has been filed in the sett honorary a office of Lebanon county and that the came will be presented to the court of common pleas county on the Jerst monday of january next i and allowance when and where All Lor cuu Otten Fly if they think proper. Person May Jug qty siegr1st, prothonotary. Pm Aann Tarvy a office dec. 2,1863._.Quot notice. A to Eric notice is hereby Given that the eco tit to in Larff h Meily Assignee under a Voltl taty Al of Charych us. J Tjie Benefit of creditors of a of Elif and Wile of Tho Borough of George rein. R. A to has he enfiled in Tho .1� is Tkv it thing tor is Monte uen 1 at Vij c to til. The certainty or life w Ivy a a the gl0r-0u3 privilege ter from a a f Virginia i from the v for ,i, to your Iuva Uahle bitters i w Hhas Takeh the place of vague George r pn., has been filed in Tho Lebanon county o Lebanon county and that the prothonotary s office o of common pleas same will be of january next of said county on the f1 j j a a for nuyt of common pleas of january next a. Confirmation and Al 0wak8�?Tk moperu<1 Bare All persons May Amer of ? go Julf prothonotary.2, "63, notice is Here by give ii that to of Joseph Reneel and Joseph Arnold is Gney a a William a a pm wife of Tho apr Rug a Lebanon county of Lebanon a under a Elbl Lofy deed of assignment for the tone fit of Rcd i tors has been filed in the prothonotary a Ufi Ico of Lebanon county and that the same will he. Preson Apfl to the court of common pleas of said county on tie Al sri monday of january next. Abr Enn formation and a a quote Anee when and whore All Parsons May attend if they think proper. A a _ Henry Siegrist Coth notary. Or Thot Niter s office 1>ee, ?. -63. Fears to your bit web will of Dearest to of again clasping to my Hoson i 1saac Gialone. Lewis Chevalier it a a a a a r a Rary t Macson a co c 6th Mains. Nathaniel b tum f 08th in Andrew j Kimball up a 3di ter Mouv John Jenkins co b lu6th Poni. Beware of counterfeits 1 _ see that the Sig Maturo of a pc. M. Jackso is n Tho wrapper of each bottle. A a Price per bottle 15 cents of Halfdon. For $4. Iso a should your not Bare to 0 do not be put off by any of the intoxicant no prep tons that May be of Feriod in its Pirn but 3i in to �8, and we will Forward securely Espres. Principal office and manufactory 150. 631 Arch st Jones it pc sva my to . Jackson a co., proprietors. _ i. A a a do. Sip Ross opposite the court ?i��?o4�y a Dert in i Louon a vary town �r�fe1 he a two st fifes may2t, 18c3.�?ly All alone. Home for he could Notebart Olioli at the sad face of his wife who was too. Much annoyed at being obliged to give up a new Petticoat 011 which she had set her heart to be a very pleasant while he sat there busied with his own thoughts he could not help hearing what was going on among the guests within. ,. A a stranger who had just or tvs a from the Crit in waste l wig that to e King a Beautiful daughter had been spelt bound by a wicked is a Jlian and Mast remain in Bon dare All Hei 1 of a unless some one col 7 to it to ii Eta to at is oqia5�tit5n�.c try Buk. Guiaus cd ims. The distressed King had offered great rewards to Anyo e who would free her. He to i Lave the lady for his wife and any Quantity of treasure beside. To #11 tills the poor we of Kzlian listened first with half an ear Theu with a whole one and at last with two. A Why a said he to himself a should not my son Hemelrick try As any other he is a Little wild i know but he has plenty of brains. What is to prevent him from getting the lady and her Money ? a til see too it. I m sure even the Kinig might be proud of forgetting his troubles and the unkindness of his customers he r an quickly Home ind Hinhle knt we the affair to his wife. Bhe agreed with Hirtzi Pere c a if a said she a it had h a a a that Booby Hans i should say no at of cd but s o Bright Art d Active a fellow As Helmerich Calvot help but to suede eco and in a sure both the lady and her father will Admire Early the next morning he called Holm Rich a by desired him to borrow a horse and such weapons As a gentleman would require did Start at Onde upon the journey helping upon his great reputation for brains and Good looks he Felt is sure of his Success As his father did and promised his parents that As soon As he was married he would take them to ride in a coach and six and try to give his stupid brother a lift in the world too. Proudly he set out on his Way and amused himself by tormenting everything he met. Little Birds sat on the Bushes singing praises to god in tii Eif own Way he switched them Down with his Riding whip. Then he came to an ant Hill just finished. He made his horse go Over it and it up and when the poof Little insects Iii. Their fright ran up upon him and horse too he crashed and killed every one he could see next he came to a Beautiful Clear Pond where some ducks were swimming there were twelve. He drove them to the Shore and killed eleven but the twelfth escaped. Then he came to a Bee hive. He switched and slashed round the hive in tip the the rifled insects Fiew out to was the matter and then flashed a charge of Gunpowder among Teeth killing or stunning the whole swarm it seemed to de Light him to Hurt or destroy All Liv Jna things not that be wanted them Foi food hat Foi a he in med pleasure of seeing them is Frei and struggle Ajust As the san w As setting hoi Merich reached the Castle in which hive he a Fri the Princess was Shat up and j Tho Gros. % knocked Lusty at the closed Gate co he a that a _ fori her picket twelve Golden so Roii thre to Nam Ope a y a in a a into a 1 d Ipp before the tees there s Inife a Tish them up a Gulist i Motiff. Ill Boback in a hour Heli Ench laughed but paid no me heed to in hot sulcs id than he bad to the flax s eed. When the do woman a Earne Back and saw lib a matters stood she Silook her cad angrily and exclaimed. Re not Rigl not right a then Schoob his hand and led him up this cat Castle staircase to a va3t s Oon where sat three veiled ferns s. said she. A but be calf to 111 to get Back in an 11 to Winch of these a Iii Merieth Amus but a Cut heed to the Fig ii a Bufor Eifim until the old woman lot Bac a and Skei him we at inv Ove Barb and asked tie Prince is. Htow e lad to idea that either i Itte h Al no time to Eon Ido rough a y Jar a g d it a in avg i Ign a their Veris Neie Haas offi in the middles at the Beauf Junce d lf1 Flag Pic in to e a fit was a he be d it i Otthat in Ripon me Lazy Ana conceited Fello ind destroyed him in amp moment. So Long ionic passed after the departure a a Elmerich nothing being heat if the coach and six that the p Mechanic began to be quite stressed. He thought it very Hai hat his son could not make a i Man of himself. If it had Bee tans now he should not have l atall surprised for he was Al s Ppd dirty no matter How dirt in Ade his handstand making Ai 1 of himself by feeding All to Ingr cats and Birds in the Cor if it had been he he should t Tiave Felt at All sur a Elmerie was certain ugh to do anything to enough to Inake ill in love with him. Is twi thoughts up Jefe too it. Would on Bright Horn Fiir there a consent to could do. But the d not listen to such by you must he a prised b Clever a he Hau any. Worn plans i on the seem ing ask s try what of Man a thing. Said he Tyve Hal can you too Durif set on it and so Man told go Edtl it f Han i thought you a Jen the smart and a he has failed what it to do a he was son to go without his fathers Ltd it but his heart was he begged so often that at last the old \ of be off if he would for he hearing with i e started but As he jew be neither horse nor Wea Poja to by a st tit of Keri stick and took him three Days to til Iii Gurney that his brother Haio Mirshed in onh but to was not Tell of id. At night he slept on that is spreading 4. It Ever to Balder the Birds Dit afraid of Hiliu with their w b went on a Law the Indus tto i or Moss under Tho Edas sweetly As is fathers roof. Think of being g him to sleep songs. As he rebuilt him he went bringing b Ting it did he in when in t they ran his arms did bite i at the of a inlets Shore Aud it a a a he had pump out. For Fift-1 at Tho Way apr Many Selt it to Bly Eai for them ant Hill which ures had newly Teal destroying it Foj help them by gravel Rod put no so neither a song Lefone t seeing Bina loons and Over a Rich terror they d. A new flock Sherii it to the i part of a loaf to Whei rhe set be hungry on a be a picked As a o could Possi Royal Castle and modestly at the door. It was. Opened by the. Little woman with the cobweb covered face who demanded his business. A if it would not be too presumptuous replied has. A for a Worling Man s son. I also would Liko to Irv to set the Young lady . A 1116 Chance is open to All my son replied the old woman kindly or simple All have the Samo right. But Yon seem to be a modest deserving fellow and i would not likes to see you in trouble. I beg you to.consid-. Or Well before you decide to make Tho attempt for if Vou do not succeed in the three trials appointed remember a it will Cost you your life. A very Well Mother said is so Tom try that Wei loss much to heart unless i succeed in making a great Man of myself then 1 should have plenty of i Incus. So Nicase Tell me what 1 am to Dor a Well. Then take this Keg and i Sinbrg the flax seeds that Are i it. I shall he Back in an hour so be brisk and she went off a Hans was not a bit Lazy if he was quiet j he stooped Down to the Keg and worked diligently for Lull Ebreo Quat a ters of an hour but the so ods were not half Strung. He was just think ing of giving up when the whole Colony of ants came crawling up to him. A one Good turn deserves another a said the Queen ant who headed the procession a you worked for Fis arid giving the comma rid Feleti Pney seized a Send Arit Ltan the Needle through it and the work was done before the old Waman showed herself a that Fri Good to limit is Good a Eivid she when slip Anie and saw Liat was a now for this Job a and she tossed the twelve spoons into the deep Lake. A fish these All up by the time i get Back just an dior Hans fished diligently till he got tired and then plunged in himself and dived to the Bottom Over an Over again for nearly the whole hour but All in vain. In despair be sat Down on the Shore when twelve ducks came swimming up each carrying in ins beak a Little Golden spoon. A one Gool turn deserves another a said the old Drake who led the party a you fed in and dropping the spoon on the wet grass at his feet off they swam a it Ain. Quot when the old woman got Back she looked debit shred. A that s Goon i hats Good said she. Nodding ner head i approbation. But now. My son. The Tia Voest is yet to come be cautions taking ins Jimd Selod a thank Givin amp fr0exc.Beau Hackett joins a Radical circus 1ns mind while she was gone which w a the Princess. She would return in an hour. Jest As she went out Aswan of fees Carne in at the window and began to Buzz around them but Hans observed that they soon left the two outer ones and settled upon the other. He at once concluded that the two must be dragons Lor they smelt horribly of Sulphur Quot and Yovitch that they were fed with j while he knew that the Princess was so fond of Honey that her lips were always a covered with it. As soon therefore As the old woman came Back he. Told Here that it was the a Niddie one no sooner had he spoken the words than the dragons spread their wings and Mett de away into thin air and the old woman wiping the cobwebs from her face stood before him Young and fair the guard fab of human life. A my son a said Slie a you have found the 6 e cret5.kindness and Diligence Are a the to Lisroy a is that insure Many a Success. The treasure to seeks can be won Only by toil and patience for behold before these powerful weapons the dragons that guarded it the dark a no a misty forms of doubt and disappointment vanish into air. Without them the Brilliant and Beautiful Iii Merieth failed Pride and presumption were powerless to carve his Way before him with them simplicity and honesty Banc won the prize and Tho son of Tho poor Lavorci has become Rich and powerful and takes his father to ride in a coach and Hans brought up his own children carefully and to this Day they live in peace Ana Prosperity honest in their dealings truthful Iii their speech., Dill gent and set Ven in the Shmuil est tasks and kind and gentle to every a Crewitt Alrh ibid which 0till has beef Ltd de the breath of life Fri five deaths at a tit Frenchman resolved rid of life went a Little before High tide to a Post set by the Seaside. He had provided himself with a ladder ii rope a pistol a Brindle of matches and a vial of Poison. Ascending the ladder be tied one end of the rope to the Post and the other end around his neck then he took the Poison set his clothes on fire put the muzzle of ithe to his the ladder in kicking Down the ladder lie snap Ped the pistol so that the Ball missed his head and tit the rope by which he was suspended he fell into the sea thus extinguishing the flames of his clothes Rind the sea water which he Linvol Uniti ily swallowed counteracted the Poison j thus in spite of hid precautions he remained unchanged gunshot a poisoned unburned and uncrowned. Important Iff discharged to the Many inquiries we have received from men who were Iii he a nine no Tbs service and others who Havre been discharged we wot id Sfat All men who were in the service on the divird of March 18631. Are exempt from the. I Vejby fond of operations of the Comill g draft All such i hed Tho Bee per on by producing their discharge 1 around it to papers to theft card of enrolment a can Little inmates have their names stricken off the list of reached t he 1 enrolled Persone. 9did you Ever it it no it to thin kit Fri ii a e i Whuey hair log of Good Lvon re new song. Isom Chi cargo Post. Editor a Post in different countries the inhabitants observe thanksgiving in different ways and with different degrees of reverence. In Madagascar they never have a thanksgiving in new Jersey they always do. It in new England the Best families or those who hat plenty of Means stuff a Turkey on i Day and then stuff themselves. New England made herself sick on a thanks giving dinner Twenty years ago. And has a not. Got Over it yet. Chicago has Suffia de from the Sci Piercy of her unwell Ness its worst stage which has. Con j or arty manifested us presence by violent diaphragm Al convulsions and the emptying of its. Population in our midst by a process similar to that which would be produced in. The human system by an overdose of ipecac Uana or Lobelia in Kentucky Tennessee and North Carolina thanks Vingis Welcome with a log rolling or a House raising in Pennsylvania with a quilting party in Mississippi a horse race is the Only palpable demonstration and in Arkansas a few Good sociable citizens get together and hang a Man. In none of the a is is the pleasure that May be derived from this Holiday a totally neglected j a never cd the final a a thanks giving Day in Arkansas but in cd a Elf rate a Riel in Chaco k Flay or two ago. Where no positive peculiarity characterizes the Day a except the nil tier of free lunches. All manner to up a a tray find enjoyment Here on thanksgivi my Days fitting their inc Llna Lions but after All free lunches Are in the Ascendancy. We have free lunches in saloons and hotels and. Private houses free lunches on ground floors and top floors free lunches in the sidewalks free lunches everywhere the Man of interminable municipal possessions whose smile is aur Ferous no allusion to jaundice and whose voice is like Silver or Copper no allusion to a distillery May be invited to a magnificent thanksgiving dinner in a Brown fronted Palace on the Avenue but he sits Down to a free lunch i its nothing . Free lunches Are great they Are mighty they Are gorgeous a play on the word gorgeous is played out free lunches Are Good for a sick Man he can eat them when in reduced circumstances he can t Eaf anything else. A free press free vie Eli and free Hinches is a motto Good enough for me or any other Man. I at tended a thanksgiving free Furich to the Brown Iron fed a Ven Fie select. Quot they had pair e it Ken p it w me and Nap. A Kofl Medb Tbs Lible. Prairie chickens a Quot a a always knows my weakness. I went in Mia brately at first out towards me twelfth round fired with Abi Umon and inspired by a generous rivalry which was waged by a dozen competitors on my High t and left i struck from the shoulder and went for the. Small glasses with such astonishing and soothing rapidity that the appearance of their evolutions from the table to my Mouth reminded me strikingly of a jugglers performance with brass balls the rest Uit was that in the thirteenth round i Felt bad. The Host got the Best of the fight the port disappeared arid b he brought the a a Charm ing Young lady with an overpowering address asked me if i was sick at the stomach. I told the overpowering Young lady i was sick at the head. Thereupon min said i ought to go somewhere and laugh it off. I remember distinctly having asked her if she alluded to the head or the sick. Ihal occasion to remark to a male Frieri of mine of the my Sci Iffe persuasion. A a laugh would in to t Ickle me in in e lbs which he declined doing saying that we had better promenade awhile and search for some innocent amusement. We in Arm with my fellow being who had As much Prairie Chicken aboard As i had except Bur Wiigs nine legs and twelve glasses we encountered a Man who. Proclaimed himself treasurer of a circus. He was one of the Robbinson amp Howes circus the government of Whitfi is As follows equestrian manager Frank Howes treasurer Lod h Olves director another Howes outside Man Junius Brutus Howes inside Man Themistocles to Fowles Clown Pericles Howes a property Man h. Greeley Howes a he Bali a is of the s a the it May see Iii Sii a Rigte to the Public that wherte should be so Many of one name connected with one institution hut let me say to the Public for whom i have great respect that the a entertainment is always governed by the Howess. We promenade me and my Friend and me and i think his proposition Quot for a promenade was occasioned by the peer liar incl Habibn of my a Bat at certain moments arid fear id the safety of his mirrors a he tapestry i. The treasurer of the circus i think is an honest Ilia i Blit the management com Pel him to weal pantaloons with omit pockets for a red sri tin known to me. It is Jiro Bably of Wing to the fact being so Well ii amp a to polite Fig he so Rii times forgets that he has a Treasury b6x�?couldn�?Tt say pos i Tikfesi a a we entered Rife a he my pro he Nader and Hie without Frisch difficulty except in file Way of paying for. Tickets. The Clown made a joke As i went in and i said to my prot Nader if i beat hat i would quit. And says he a suppose you try your Haid at stand i replied that i did no to make jokes with any hands. The manager of Querry i flon t know what that Means heard me. And he glided around and said he. Quot in Don t like my Clown much. And if you will Takeh is place ill you Bis. In accepted the contract was signed sealed and delivered. I arose and wended my Way mean Choily into the dressing room or the undressing room the men a re All up raising when 5n. I was introduced All around to the tumblers and some Saulters. And equestrians and Clown. I sneered when i came to the latter thinking How soon i should Lay them in the Shade. I wanted to play Clown just five minutes. There was a Volley of while Erin and snickering kept up Severak minutes after-1 a nth red but i thought nothing of it.,. A a finally says one of the clowns his Nabie was Gastell said he a a Beau hacked do you Ilg lanced at my godlike but slender prop to tons and rippled not said he turning away cod tit it Sously a a a thu oughttq.�?�. Immediately upon the utterance of Hll last remark the Jueri ill vulgarly called a property boy laughed i moderately and an application of Boot leather was a found absolutely necessary to reduce him to a state of decent of the tumblers said to me met several fun meters Sib it Only opt a Pitcher and he was the Tny in appointed to pitch boisterous people out at the door. Said he Beau i Hackett can you stand on your head 1 i replied in Quot the negative but told Hup i could stand on somebody Eise s head if that would ans War Bis purpose. I observed a Roan in the last stage of placidity lying Stark still on he a fund while another Man was rubbing a horse Snye Over his Fie a. L inquired the cause and was told that the proceeding was in tended to make him so that Fie would not mind having his braids kicked out. Tie manager asked Roe How i thought i would look in tights. I said i had been in one every Day for five years a he the Public had pronounce act me thereupon i encased myself in a set of fleshing arid the manager offered to introduce me to the Equine department the first Man i met Veas a a file a three feet High. May i eat. Hay As Long As i live Niay i be compelled to cat hash at a common boarding House till the crack of Dojiri grows bar enough for an elephant to go through if the tanager did no to Tell me that that run let a name was Beau hacked. I looked at his Teeth and endeavoured to inform myself whether i had been named for the male or the mule for me but could gain no end ight Ament. It tickled me to hear it stated that he was an educated mule. I wanted to cultivate acquaintance but the feeling was riot reciprocal. Jone of the knowing ones after calling me a a Guy a and other Happy appellations said he would a a make me up a and commenced spreading paint in my Taba with a Brush Broom. I roared myself a of Nanfo Vyred fhe a is a a arid a Fenari of my Voght Arris and a think 1�?~m�?Tade my up in a manner that would have won the fancy at a. Connoisseur. He uttered a shrill cd High of i planted my digits be tevwron�1�8an5�wi�?~?&Quot Quot Quot in two in nuts there were a dozen tumblers on my shoulders sixteen Tiia Peze men on my Thorax and a wee boy doing la Perche equipoise on the top of Jay head. They rolled me through the Ata be and Beau Hack a it jr., elevating his hinder half in s the atmosphere like a juvenile Taisung his first lessons Ima Handspring brought his two heels suddenly in contacts with my cranium. I did nonstop to argue the question with my illustrious namesake but if i ver he a Pheur in a the circus Here i la Hiss him. Mark that i found my Way out through a Cylinder escapement with a Black Eye and a sore head and such epithets a attached to a rat As a Nixe Weeden a a Sherry his ribs a and a Hundred other phrases that Riouddy but a circus Man knows anything about. I welted to Send a pair or pantaloons to my brother in the a Friy orig a and an express gent would t Send them because they were Inep resales. The Public will exc is me if i fail to express Tny opinion of circuses on tiie same principle. J am Opp of a to them morally and physically especially the latterly. Henceforth they i l find no sympathy no Baim of Gilead in my bosom. They May Hame their mules in Honor of toe ii they want to and their horses Toof and pigs and pups and everything else but they cab never rope me in to play cloth in be got enough. A i Abr slightly Beau Hack eft.98�?o a Republican paper wants to know a what relation do a the democrats really suppose Lincoln bears to the govern ment a Well we should say about the same re Atlow that a blown bears to a a Cincinnati. Gazette a a so popular government is on yes on trial before court martial with the Hareas Corpus suspended. What Chance will it have for its life in such a trial a a c. A tub of a pickled feet a chopped of from the fair legs of celestial beauties has been sent froth China to the surge Eony museum. ,. There is a Lake in Minnesota called Minnetonka which must be very Clear and very deep. For a strange go to lus in a describing it says by looking into if you Quot can see them making Tea in Chiha. intr Sale. 1cl so in res of the Stock or the Lebanon to Bank new Are offered for Sale. Appl Jat Tbs a 1 j a. A Aptt feb Lebanon dec. 9,1863. Advertiser office. Elijah loaf oars. amp a. Jose o. A amp but Lebarko p4. Stuppi pm of big a located on the so Eam Blouse mod jts a cd pm re and a Street East . F in k 1 the Public in general that they till manufacture Andt keep of hand a door. Saab shutter Biddy. Flooring. Weather boards. 0 gee apr mgr Aloui discs. Of boards Gomire set and All kinds of 3ujlmnq_.8ta�rbrial3 for a losses. To Alio Conan rust and inst pm Provci Stair Ca a pfc Flat Viand ital tog. Avitable for Mage and Small atm do thru. F -. A a a w e now my up Farrier a. Mechanics and a amp Ufa a to Oad and examine our Al Tow a. A Wuich wow i. War Rajit of. Give entire Bali fraction to All Faroe to Unur. Good w the to r c. Oat a amp ant ?,�?o.�.i8�?ol Hinds of turn the. 22oze Turbo say planar amp to ski amp Aff Dana fee a Romao a Ambar. A
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