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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 23, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaVow i1i�oik of Lively Dball Aliption neatly and promptly executed at the advertiser office Lebanon la a. Tint t>-<hi1>hrlunoht is now 8upplf<�?T<l an j Assort out of a r Type which will born a i olt los to lib j Patron ado to in mph. It am now turn out Imson Tiu of description in u neat and expeditious manner and on very reasonable torn a. Such a pamphlets checks. Business cards handbills circulars labels Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of fare invitations tickets. &c., amp a. The Friend of the establishment and the Public Guor tally Oro respectfully solicited to Send in to Weir orders. Ifc/7 la and1hjvls printed at an hours notice. i it ski its of All kinds. Common and judgment Bonds. School justices constables and other Blanks printed Orre etly ats neatly on the Best it or. Constantly kept for Salo at this office at prices a to suit the Price of the Lebanon advertiser. Onu Dollar and a fluff a War. Address we. 51, Breslin Lebanon a. Landu Otiis. For a cultural w arc House. No. 21 amp. 23 South sixth Street near the state House it Philadelphia. A. R 11i�?~ln floors of this spacious Bulu Hng Greet Imless est Al to for the proprietors Trade Are stored with seeds and implements of interest to Farmers and gardeners. A sixty years subs Pribuss desire to Call a the attention of every Ono interested in fanning and Gar. Inning to their writ sri Rich Stock of agricultural Ami machinery. Great variety of tools a Warr Unteal Jardena Ami Flower seeds grass and Field seeds of the most reliable Quality. The agricultural implements sold by us Are mostly Mann lectured at our steam works Bristol a. Having fitted ii this establishment without regard to expense with the most Complete machinery for the Muu Tif Chiru of various kinds of agricultural implements we Aro now prepared to Supply ail articles in this Uno fully. On Mil. If not Superior to any thing of the kind Over offered to the Public. Lundroth s warranted Garden seeds have. I Wen before the Public for upwards of sixty years to Weir Wido spread popularity and the constantly increasing demand from year to year is Shebesto Fidenco of their superiority Over All others. Country in re Hunt can to supplied with seeds in papers or bulk on the nost Liberal Shah near Bristol pn., our Gordon seed grounds contains three Hundred and seventy acres and is the Lar Gest establishment of its kind in the world. A d. Land Ktie amp son oct. 7, 67�?o3in, nos. 21 amp 23 South sixth Street Philada. Of All diseases the great first cause Springs from neglect of natures Laws. S u offer no when Acure is guaranteed in All stages of. Secret diseases self abuse nervous debility stricture fleets gravel diabetes diseases of the kidneys and bladder mercurial rheumatism scr Fula pains in the Bones and Ankles diseases of the lungs Throat nose and eyes ulcers upon Tho body or limbs cancers dropsy epileptic fits dance and All Dis a eases arising from a derangement of the sexual organs such As nervous trembling loss of memory loss of Power. General weakness dimness of vision with Peculiar spots appearing before the eyes loss of sight wakefulness dyspepsia liver disease eruptions upon the face pain in the Back and head. Female irregularities and All improper discharges from both sexes. It matters not from what cause the disease originated however Long standing or obstinate the Case recovery. Is crr tan and in a Shorter time than a porn cent cur can to effected by any other treatment even after the disease has baffled the skill of eminent physicians and resisted All their Means of cure. The medicines Are pleasant without odor causing no sickness and free from Mercury or Balsam. During Twenty years of practice a have rescued from the jaws of death Many thousands who in the lust stages of Tho above mentioned diseases. Had been give i up to die by their physicians which warrants me in promising to the afflicted who May place themselves under my cure a perfect of tid Roost speedy cure. Secret diseases Are the greatest enemies to health As they Are the first cause of consumption scr Fula and Imine other Disenso Hud should be a terror to the human family. As a permanent cure is scarcely Ever effected a majority of the cases falling into the bands of incompetent persons who not Only fail to cure the diseases but ruin the Constitution filling the system with mercy which with the disease hastens Tho sufferer into a rapid should the disease and the treatment not cause death speedily and the victim marries Tho Disenso is entailed upon Tho children who Are born with feeble constitutions and the current of. Life corrupted by lips which betrays itself in scr Fula tetter ulcers eruptions and other affections of the skin eyes Tho pfc and lungs entailing upon them a Brief obis Poueu of suffering and consigning them to an Early grave. Self abuse is another formidable enemy to health for nothing else in Tho dread catalogue of human diseases Canses so destructive a Drain upon the system drawing its thousands of victims years of suf foring Down to an untimely grave. It fyn strays Tho nervous system rapidly wastes away Tho a energies of life causes mental derangement prevents the proper development of the system disqualifies for Marrigro society business Anil nil earthly happiness Ami leaves the sufferer wrecked in body or Maul predisposed to consumption Aud a train of evils More to be dreaded than death itself. With the fullest Confidence i assure the unfortunate victims of self abuse that a permanent and speedy cure can he effected and with the abandonment of it ten Ous practices my patients can to restored to robust vigorous health. The afflicted Are cautioned against the use of Patent medicines for there Are so Matiy ingenious snare in the columns of the Public prints to catch and Rob the unwary sufferers that millions have their constitutions ruined by Tho Vilo compounds of Mack Doctora or Tho equally poisonous nostrums vended As a Patent i have carefully Analysed Many of the so called Patent medicines and find that nearly All of them contain Cor Roslou sublimate which is one of the strongest preparations of Mercury and a deadly Poison which instead of curing the a Loubo disables the system for life. Three fourths of the Patent nostrums now in use Are put up by unprincipled and ignorant Perseus who do not understand even the alphabet of the Materia my do Ca and Are equally As destitute of any knowledge of the human system having one object ouly in View Ami that to Roak i nil jux regardless of . Irregularities Aad All a due testis of or Noel and Fem Les treated on principles established by Twenty years of practice and sanctioned by thousands of the most re to arable cares. Medicines with full directions sent to any part of the United states or Janadas by Pati Cuta corp mud Cating their symptoms by letter. Business cur test Otodo Etc e strictly confidential. Address j. Summerville m. D., office no. 1131 Filbert st., Oid no la Obj below twelfth , july 8,1857�?march 18, 1867.important discovery. Consumption and All diseases of the lungs and Throat a7k p081t1vklycurable by inhalation which conveys tin Remedios to the cavities in the lungs through the us passages and coming in direct Contact with the disease a neutralizes the tubercular matter allays the cough a causes a free and easy expectoration heals the lungs a petrified the blood imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system giving that tone and Energy so indispensable for the restoration of health. Tobe Able to state oof Dently that consumption is Enra Bie by inhalation is to me a source of unalloyed pleasure. It is As much hinder the control of medical treatment As any other formidable disease j ninety out of every Hundred cases Enn to cured in the first stages and fifty percent in the second but in the third stage it is impossible to save More than five per cent for the lungs Are so Cut up by the disease As to defy medical skill. Even however in the last stages inhalation affords extraordinary Relief to the suffering attending this fearful Scourge which annually destroys ninety five thousand persons in the United states alone and a Correct calculation shows that of the present population of the Earth eighty millions Are destined to fill the consumptive a grave. Truly the quiver of death has no Arrow so fatal As consumption. In All Ages it has been the great enemy of life for it spares neither age nor sex but sweeps off alike Tho Brave the Beautiful the Graceful and the gifted. By Tho help of that supreme being from whom Chineth every Good and perfect gift i am enabled to offer to the afflicted a permanent and speedy cure in consumption. The first cause of tubercles is from impure blood and the immediate effect produced by their deposition in the lungs is to prevent the free admission of air into the air Colls which causes a weakened vitality through Tho entire system. Then surely it is More rational to expect greater Good from medicines entering Tho cavities of Tho lungs than from those administered through the stomach Tho patient will always find the lungs free and the breathing easy after inhaling remedies. True inhalation is a local remedy nevertheless it acts constitutionally and with Moro Power and certainty than remedies administered by the stomach. To prove the powerful and direct influence of this Mode of administration chloroform inhaled will destroy sons ibid a Ity in a few minutes paralysing the entire nervous sys elem so that limb maybe amputated est pain inhaling the Ordinary burning Gas will destroy life in a few hours. system when fainting or apparently dead. The odor of Many of the a medicines is perceptible in the skin a few moments after being inhaled and May be immediately detected in the blood. A convincing proof of the constitutional effects of inhalation is the fact that sickness is always produced by breathing foul air. Is not this positive evidence that proper remedies carefully prepared and judiciously administered through the lungs should produce the most Happy results ? during eighteen years practice Many thousands suffering from diseases of the lungs and Throat have been under my care and i have effected Many remarkable Curas even after the sufferers had been pronounced in the lust stages which fully satisfies me that consumption is no longer a fatal disease a my treatment of consumption is original and founded on Long experience and a thorough investigation. My perfect acquaintance with the nature of tubercles &<., enables me to distinguish read Fly the various forms of disease that simulate consumption Anu apply the proper remedies rarely bring mistaken even in a single cases this familiarity in connection with certain pathological and microscopic discoveries enables me to relieve i he lungs from the effects of contracted chests to in Largo the Chest purify the Wood import to it renewed vitality giving Energy and . Medicines with full directions sent to any part of the United states and Canadas by patients communicating their symptoms by letter. But the cure would be More certain if the patient should to a visit which would give me an Opportunity to examine the lungs anti enable me to prescribe with much greater certainty and then the cure could be effected without my seeing the patient again. G. W. Graham m. Do a office 1131 Filbert st., old no., 10�, below 12th, , a. July a 1857�?march 18,1857. Celt Convol. 9-�?�0, 20. A Lebanon pa., wednesday december 23, 1837. No. 443.weil, Peter where have you teen ? buy i have been at Tho stove store of ja5ik8 11 a Rogers and bought one of his Superior cooking stoves As he has just returned from the City and brought one of the largest assortments of st a jobs a ter brought to Lebanon. My neighbor got one from him and it is the Best cooking stove i Ever saw. They can bake roast Cook and Wash at the same time if they wish to and it docs everything to perfection i was determined to get one of the same sort and the Best of All is he warrants every cooking Royx he Sells to do As he represents. A few More of the same sort left with a general assortment of parlor Hall or dining room stoves which will he sold cheap with a full assortment of tin and Sheet Ikon Ware generally connected with his in smc8. Job Csc All work entrusted to him will to Dono with neatness and dispatch. Lebanon sept. 23, 57. James n. Rogers. Cd 0 thing cd 0 thing cd 0 thing clothing for Ilic million. mad cloth Jling Ever exhibited in Lebanon was just opened at Tho cud quarters for Good am cheap clothing in Cumberland Street opposite the court House. Reizenstein k brother Tuke thu Lead in Selling cheap they can t be brat. We invite our numerous cd Mora and the Public in general to Call and examine our new Stock of fall and Winter clothing consisting of All styles of overcoats sack and frock Coats Raglan Talmas Cassimir and business Coats boys Coats punts and vests us Well As a Largo Stock of now styles of fancy ens Simer pants silk velvet Plush and Satin vests underclothing Sanchas so Lac shirts Merino shirt and drawers heavy Cotton and Wool drawers German knit jackets Wool and Cotton Hose Muf fers. Comforts neckties suspenders gloves shirts and collars. Ac., &�,., hats and Caps trunks Valise and carpet bags All will to sold at the lowest figure. Lebanon oct. 7. �?T57. Reizenstein amp cloti1iwg of new goods we most respectfully inform the gentlemen of Leba Uon Ami Vicinity that to Kavo opened a new clothing store in Cumberland a treat next door to Henry amp Stine a store where we intend to keep constantly on hand a most select assortment of ready made clothing such As frock Coats overcoats dress Coats Cus Aimor Sattl Nett and Cassino to in ants of All prices and descriptions from $1-60 up to $5 vests cloth Plain und fancy silk of All styles and designs and a general assortment of furnishing goods a such As neck Tius. Suspenders Wool and Buckskin gloves White Ami i annul shirts Wool and silk undershirts a. Being in connexion with a Largo wholesale manufacturing a establishment in the City where our goods Uro manufactured in tote Best manner Ami buying our materials at the lowest Cash prices we arc confident that we can please All who will favor us with . All we ask Isa trial As our motto is Quick suits and Small profit a Schweitzer Neil Bronzell amp co. Lebanon oct. 14, 67-2m.fancy furs for ladies. John Taheira a co., now no Sis Market Street above eighth Philadelphia importers manufacturer and dealers in ladies gentlemen and children a fancy Fuks. Wholesale and retail. A j f. Amp co., would Call the attention of dealers and the Public generally to their immense Stock of fancy furs for ladies gentlemen and a Bildren their assortment embraces every article and kind of fancy furs that will be worn during the season such As full capes half capes Quarter capes Talmas. Victorinus Boas muffs and 3juffatccs, from the finest russian Sable to Tho lowest Price Domestic furs. For gentlemen the largest assortment of fur collars gloves gauntlets amp. Bring the go l our furs and manufacturers of them under Thrawn supervision we fuel satisfied we can offer better inducements to Dulci s and the Public generally than any other House having an immense assortment to select from and at the manufacturers prices. We Only ask a Call. John Fareira a it it. Sept. ,557-4m. No. Sis Market st., above 8th, liquid Blair Dye. Git Jille following from that Conj Lunt physician of Phil �j4 in Elphia or. Brine Klu added to the testimony of professor Booth Only confirms what is evidenced by thousands who have used hovers Dye Row Chestnut Street 1 Philadelphia december 22d, 1863. J u in regard to hovers hair Dye i can state unhesitatingly that it contains no deleterious ingredients and May be used with entire safety., and with the utmost Confidence and w. Brinckle m. Var s writing and indelible inks arc so Well and widely known As to require no Eulogy of their is Only necessary Tda say. That the steady and in Eren slug demand the Best they Malutin their character for superiority which distinguished them when first introduced years ago. Orders addressed to the manufactory. No. race Street above fourth old no. 144. Philadelphia will receive prompt attention by Joseph k. Ilover sept. Id 57-t. April Iti 58. Manufacturer. Marble Yard. The subscriber respectfully informs the Public in general that lie is prepared to do All kinds of fancy an ornamental work at Bis Marble Yard in Walnut Street half Way Between the court Houge and Lebanon Valley Railroad depot at the shortest notice As Good As work done in any City in the United states and being the Only Stone Gutter in Lebanon county who bus served a regular apprenticeship to the business he pledges himself that he can Ina Ujiie Ture cheaper and give a better finish than Auy other Man engaged in the same business. His Stock consists of monuments grave Slones mantels cemetery posts furniture slabs amp a. Also Sandstone of the Bert Quality for All uses Plain and ornamental. A Large assortment of li31e-Stone for All kinds of Nous work of any size and Quantity. Srp lease Call and examine prices and the Stock before you Purchase elsewhere. John Farrell. Lebanon december 19,1865. in German and enc Lish he the Best practical workmen a Howard association. I i Ladkau Iua. A important announcement Rno All persons afflicted with sexual diseases such As x seminal weak Ness. Impotence Gonor Rby i Gleet syphilis the Pic eos onanism or Selt abuse a. The Howard association in View of the awful destruction of human life caused by sexual diseases and the deceptions Practised upon the unfortunate victims of such diseases by quacks have directed to Weir consulting surgeon charitable aet worthy of Thrift name to give medical advice Gratis to nil persons thus afflicted who apply by letter with a description of their condition age occupation habits of life ac., and in �1 cases of extreme poverty and suffering to Amish medicines free of charge. The Howard association is a benevolent institution established by special endowment fur the Relief of the sick and distressed afflicted with a virulent Aud epidemic it bos now it surplus of Means which the directory have voted to expend in advertising the above notice. It is needless to add that the association commands Tho highest medical Skillo the age Ami will furnish the most approved modern treatment. Just published by Tho association a report on spec Mator Rufca or seminal weakness Tho vice of onanism masturbation or self abuse and other diseases of the sexual organs by the consulting surgeon which will be sent by mail in a sealed envelope free of charge on the to script of two stumps for postage. Address or. Geo. R. Calhoun consulting surgeon Howard association no. 2 South ninth Street Philadelphia a. By order of the directors. Ezra d. Heart Well preset Geo. Fairchild sleepy. V. 0ct.7,�?T57-ly.splendid gifts at 439 or Stuut Street Philadel pupal the original gift Book stare go. Evans would inform ills friends and to Public that he has removed his Star gift Book store and publishing House to the splendid store in Browne a Iron building,439 Chestnut Street two door below fifth where the purchaser b f each Book will receive one of Tho following gifts valued at from 25 cents to $100, consisting of Gold watches jewelry amp a Worth 650 Patent English Lover Gold watches $100 00 each. 550 Patent Anchor do do. 50 00 400 ladies Gold watches Isk. Cases. 35 00 a 000 Silver lever watches warranted 15 00 500 parlor timepieces 10 00 500 Cameo sets ear drops and pins 500 ladles Gold bracelets. $5 00 to 12 00 a 500 gents Vest chains 10 00 1.000 Gold lockets Large size double coach 3 00 a 2.000 Gold lockets Small size 3 00 1.000 Gold Pencil cases with Gold pens 5 00 1.000 extra Gold pens with cases and holders 10 50 a 2.500 Gold pencils ladies a 2.500 Gold pens with Silver to nails 2.500 ladies Gold pens with cases 6500 Gold rings ladies 2.000 gents Gold bings 2.500 ladles Gold Breastpins. 3.500 misses Gold Breastpins a 3.000 pocket knives 2.000 sets gents Gold bosom studs 2.000 do. Do. A sleeve buttons 2.000 pairs ladies ear drops a 8.000 ladies Pearl card cases 15.000 ladies Cameo Jet or morale pins. 2.500 ladies Cameo shawl and ribbon pins 3 50 5.000 Ridge a Balm of a thousand Flowers 50 Evans new catalogue contains All the Rolt it popular books of the Day and the newest publications All of which will to sold As Low As obtained at other stores. A Complete catalogue of books sent free by application thro the mail by addressing g. G. Evans 43u Chest fit Street Philadelphia. -. 45p agents wanted in every town in the United states. Tho8� Schiring to to can obtain my particulars by addressing As above. N. consequence of the Money crisis and numerous failures the subscriber has beep enabled to Purchase from assignees an immense Stock of books embracing every department of literature at prices Wloch will enable him to give $500 Worth of the above gifts on every $1000 Worth of books hold. 4kg-an extra Book with a gift will be sent to Gael person ordering cd books Tobe sent to one address tor for catalogue. November 4,1857. 2 50 2 50 150 100 2 75 2 50 150 75 3 00 300 2 60 500 500 Btry me in the Moen life. Bury to in Tho morning Mother of let to have the Light of one Bright Day on my grave Mother Ero you leave me alone with the night alone in the night of the Gravo Mother a tis a thought of terrible fear and you will be Here alone Mother and stars will to shining Here so Bury me in the morning Mother Aud let me have Tho Light of one blight Day on my Gravo Mother Ero i am alone with the night. You Tell am of the Savior a love Mother i Foci it in my heart but of from this Beautiful world Mother the soul is Fain to stay for the grave is dark and deep Mother and heaven Soems far away. A then Bury me in the morning Mother and let me have the Light. Of one Bright Day on my grave Mother Ero i am alone with the night. Never i Holsap my hands Mother till it jails away let me hold the pledge of thy love Mother till a feel the love divine the love divine of look Mother i is smiling Down on me i so Bury me in the morning Mother when sunbeams flood Tho sky a for death is the Gate of Light Mother and leads to big Piton third bowl. Quot draw your chair Eloso up. Put your feet on those skins. You will find them soft and warm. Light another pipe and fill your Glass Philip. It is h Bittor night. My old Bones shudder when i Bear the wind wait Over Tho House and through the Oak tree. Quot capital punch that John has a Knack at the article that i have rarely seen equalled never surpassed lie is Princo of a servant that John if to is Blacks lot me see it must to thirty years at least a it is thirty two years peat Christmas week and i have never quarrelled with him and to has never quarrelled with me. A rare history for master and Man. I think it is because we love each others weaknesses. Here he comes. Quot John another bowl of Puneh if you , hot another certainly Man i must have it. This is ouly the second and Philip yonder has drank half of course. Not drank any you Don to menu to say that lie Hiis been drinking nothing but that vile of Larch All the blessed evening a Philip you dog i thought you knew my House rules better Tau that. But you would always have your own Way. A roue More bowl John but Ono. It shall of Tho last Aud John got Tho old Maraschino Ono of the thick Black bottles with Tho Small Nocks and open it gently. But you know How old fellow and just do your Best to i Hack us comforts Blo. A i now. Tho wind blows Philip my boy i am so Vonty to lice years and seven Days Over. My birth Day was a week ago to Day. A an old hat Clor Yea verily Oue of Tho oldest kind. But what is age what is the paltry sum of seventy years ? do you think i am older in my soul than i was half a Century ago ? do you Thi in Bee also my heart beats slower that my mind thinks More slowly my feelings Spring up less freely my Hopes Are less buoyant less cheerful if they look Forward Only weeks instead of years i toll you boy that seventy years Are a Day in Tho sweep of memory and once Young forever Young is Tho motto of an immortal soul f i know i am what men Call old i know my Cheeks 1 Are wrinkled like ancient Parchment and my lips Are thin and my head Gray even to Silver. But in my soul i tool that i am Young and i shall be Young till the earthly ceases and the unearthly and eternal begins. J a i have not grown one Day older than i was at a thirty two. I have never advanced a Day since 1 then. All my life Long since that has been one Day Ono Short Day no night no rest no suedes Sion of hours events or thoughts has marked my Advance. A Philip i have been living forty years by the lib t of one memory by the Side of Oue grave. A John set the bowl Down on the Hearth. You May go. You need not sit up for to. Philip and i will see each other to our rooms to night John. Now go old fellow and sleep soundly. �?ophil., she was the purest Augel that flesh Ever imprisoned the most Beautiful child of j3vc. I Cau see her now. Her eyes rating the Light of heaven her brow White Calm and holy her lips wreathed with the Blessing of her smile. She was As Graceful of a form seen in dreams and she moved through the scenes around her As you have Scon the angelic visitors of your slumbers move through crowded assemblies without Effort apparently with some supernatural Aid a the child of wealth she was fitted to adorn the splendid House in which she was born and grew to womanhood. It was a grand old place built in the midst of a growth of Oaks that might have been there when Columbus Dis lived America and seemed Likely to stand a Century longer. They Are standing yet and the wind to night makes a wild lament through their branches that sounds mournfully above her grave. A i Thust pause to recall the scenery of the old familiar spot. There was a Stream of water that dashed Down the Rooks a Hundred Yards from Tho House and which kept always full and fresh an it Ere of Pond Over which hung Maples an Willows and other Trees while on the surface the White blossoms of the Lotus nodded lazily on Tho Ripples with egyptian sleepiness and Lang tor Quot the old House was built of Urark Stone and had a massive Appo Striho not of believed by Tho sombre Shade in which it stood the Sunshine Seldom penetrated to the ground in the summer i Baths except in one spot just in front of the Library windows where it used to lib and sleep in too grass As it loved the old place. And if Sunshine loved it Why should not i. A gen. Lewis was one of too pleasant old fashioned men now quite gone out of memory As Well As out of existence. He loved his horses his dogs his place and his punch. He loved his Nephew Tom wild uncouth rough cub As he was a but above horses dogs or House or altogether to loved his daughter Sara a and i loved her too. A yes you May look at too As you will Phil., i loved Sarah Lewis and by All the gods i now As i loved her then and As i shall Lov Oiher again if i meet her where she has gone. A Call it Folly Call it Boyish Call it old Many a second childhood i care not by what name you Call it it is enough that to night the image of that Young girl stands before Jne splendidly Beautiful in All the holiness of her Young glad life and i could Bow Down on my Knoes and worship her now again. A a Why did-1 say gain ? for forty years Ibave not ceased to worship her. If i Kneel to Pray in too morning she passes Between to and god.e-7 if i would read the prayers at evening Quot Twilight she looks up at to from the Page. If i would worship on a Sabbath morning in the Church she looks Down on me from Somo unfathomable distance some height and i Pray to her As she were my Hope my heaven and my Anda sometimes in Winter nights i Feci a coldness stealing Over me and icy fingers Are feeling Abent my heart As if to gra3p and still it. I lie calmly quietly and i think my hour is at hand and through too gloom and through too mists and films that gather Over vision i see her far off still the same Angel in the Distant heaven and j cry aloud on god to let me go and find her and on her to come to me and then thick darkness settles on to. A the doctor Calls this apoplexy and says i shall Somo Day Dio in a fit of it. What do doctors know of the tremendous Xinliu Oncas that Are working on our souls he in his Sion Tiofio stupidity Calls it a disease acid warns me against wine and Hilf living As if i did not understand what it is and Why my vision at such times reaches so very far into the Doc unknown. A i Havo spoken of Tom Lewis her Rumor said he was the old Many a heir in equal proportion with toe daughter for he bad been brought up in Tho family and had always been treated As a son. File was a Good fellow if to was rough for he had the goodness that All who come within her inf Fucco must have. A a i have seen her look too Devil out of him often. I remember Onee when the horses behaved in a Way not to suit him and to had to let an oath or two escape his lips preparatory to putting on the whip. We were Riding together Down the Avenue and he raised the lash. At the moment to caught her Eye. She was walking up from the Lodge where she had been to Seo a sick she saw the raised whip and her Eye caught his. He did not strike. The horses escaped for that time. He drove them quietly through the Gate Aud three Miles and Back without a word of anger. A a did i Tell you i was her Cousin also ? on her mothers Side. Not on toe general a. We lived not far off and i lived a much of my time at his House. Tom and myself had been inseparable and we did not conceal our rivalry from each other. A Tom a said i one morning a Why can to you to Content with half the general a Fortune and let to Havo too other half Bah 1 Jerry Quot said he a was if that would to any Moro even when you want Surah with it. In heavens name take half the Money if that Sall you Quot can to we fix it so As to make an even division Tom ? take All the Fortune and let me Havo her and i la Call it a just what i was going to propose to you. Be reasonable now Jerry and get out of the Way you must see so disc no to care a poppy for a i twirled a Rosebud in my fingers that she had Given to that morning and replied. A poor Devil i did not. Think you could to so infatuated. Why Tom there isun Chance for you under the Sun but go ahead find it out As you will. In a sorry for Hundred such pleasant talks we used to have and she never gave either of us one Particio More of encouragement than the other. She was like a sister to us both Aud neither dared Brake too spell of our perfect happiness by asking her to to a Maud so time passed one sunday to Wero off together on horseback All three Olus Over the Mountain and Down the Valley. We were returning towards Sunset sauntering along Tho Road Down the Sido of too a Phil stir the fire a Little. That bowl of punch is getting Eold it seems to to and i am a Little Shiuey myself. Perhaps it is the recollection of that Day that chills a i had made up my mind if Opportunity occurred to Tell her that Day All that i had thought for years. I Rad determined to know Onee for Ali if she would love to or a if not i would go i cared not where the world was Broad enough and it should to to some place where i should never Sec her face again never hear her voice again never Bow Down and worship Hor magnificent Beauty again i would go to Russia Aud offered myself to the Czar or to Syria and Light with Napoleon or to Egypt Aud serve with the men of Murad Bay. Ail notions were military i remember and All my ideas were of War and death on the a i Rode by her Side and looked up at her occasionally and thought she was looking splendidly. I had never seen her More so. Every attitude was Grace Ever look was life Aud a Tom lung close to her. Ono would have thought to was watching the very Opportunity i was after myself. Now to Rode a few paces Forward and As i was catching my breath to say Sarah be would rein up and Fallback to his Plano and i would make some Flat remark that made me seem like a fool to myself if not to her. A what is toe matter with you Jerry a said she at length. A a Jerry Siu love a said Tom. A i could have thrashed him on the in love Jerry in love 1�?� nud she turned her Large Brown eyes towards me. A in vain i sought to fathom them Aud arrive at some co Elution whether or no the subject interested her with special Force. A Tho eyes remained fixed till i blundered out the old saw Tom judges others by a then the eyes turned to Tom and he pleaded guilty by his awkward Quot looks and half blushes averted eyes and forced laugh. A by heaven a thought a what would i not give for Toms awkard nes now Tho scoundrel is winning his Way by a Jerry is Tom in love Tho naivete of Tho question Tho correctness of it the very simplicity of the going was irresistible and i could not repress a Smilo that grew into a Broad laugh. A Tom joined in it Aud we made Tia Woods ring with our i say Tom Isnit that your whip lying Back yonder in Tho Road confound it yes the Cord has broken from toy wrist a and he Rode Back for it. A Jerry who does Tom love a said she quickly turning to me. A. A Quot you a said i bluntly. A Why of course a but who is lie in love with i mean it was a curious Way to get. At it. Could i be justified ? it was not asked what i had intended but it was getting at it in another Way and just As Well perhaps. It was at All events asking loins question for Bim and it saved to the embarrassment of putting it As my own. I determined this instant. A Sarah could you love Tom Well enough to marry him a. Quot i Jerry what do you mean suppose Tom wants you to to his wife will you marry him 7�?� a i done to tt���?1 never thought of such a thing. You done to think lie has any such idea do you a Quot that was my answer. It was enough As far As it went but i was no bettor off than Slie did not love Tom or she would never Havo answered thus. By Wjt did she Lovo to ? would not she just Tho same Way i looked Back. Tom was 011 the ground bad picked up his whip and. Had one foot in the Stirrup ready to mount age in. I gulped Down my heart that was up in my Throat and spoke out. Quot Sarah will you marry me Philip she turned her eyes again toward to a those Largo Brown eyes those holy eyes and blessed me with there unutterably glorious game. To my dying hour i shall not forget that Gaie to All eternity it will remain in my soul. She looked at me one look and whether it was pity sorrow Surprise or Lovo i cannot toll you that filled them and Over sowed towards 1110 from out their immeasurable Depths Bat Philip it was the last Light of those eyes i never saw the last. A is there anything left in that bowl ? thank you. Just a Glass Ful. You will not Taka any then by your leave i will finish it. My Story is nearly ended and i will not keep you up much longer. A we bad not noticed so absorbed bad we been in our pleasant talk that a Black Cloud had risen in the West and obscured Tho Sun Aud covered to sky. And even Tho sultry air Hadnot called our attention to toe coming Thunder storm a was she looked at toe even fixed her eyes on Mino a Flash blinding and fierce fell on the top of a tree by too Roadside not fifty Yards from us and the crash of Thunder Shook the foundations of the Hills. Quot por a moment All was dazzling burning blazing Light then sight was gone and a momentary darkness settled on , the horses Popuch de to too ground in terror and so re a flowed her head of if in presence of god. ,. A fall this was he work of an instant and the next Toms horse sprang by us on a furious Gallop dragging Tom by the Stirrup. To had been in toe of mounting when too Flash came and his horse swerved and jumped so that his foot caught and to dragged with his head on the ground. A there was a Point in the Road about fifty Yards Quot where it divided in two. The Oue was too Carriage track which wound Down the Mountain by easy descents the other was a foot path which was a Short precipitous Cut to a Pointon the Carriage Road nearly a Quarter of a mile below. A Colling to Sarab to keep Back and wait i drove too spurs into my horse and went Down toe Steep path. Looking Back i Sawyer following her horse making tremendous Speed. She kept the Carriage Road following on after Tom and i a pressed on thinking to intercept his horse below. A my Pace was terrible. I could hear them thundering Down the track above. I looked up and caught sight of them through Trees. I looked Down and saw a Gully before me full eighteen feet wide and As Many deep. A a great horse was to Harblack horse Cesar and he took the Gully at a flying Loop that landed us far Over it and a moment later i was at a Point where the roads again met but Only in time to Seo too other two he sos go by at a furious Pace Sarah a abreast of the Gray and she reaching her hand out bravely trying to grasp the flying rein As her horse went leap for leap Vith him. To Rido close behind them was worse than use loss in Buch a Case. It would serve to increase their Speed to i fell Back a dozen rods and followed watching the end. A at the foot of Tho Mountain the River ran Broad and deep spanned by toe Bridge at the narrowest Point. To reach the Bridge the Road took a Short turn no Stream directly on the Bank. A on swept the Gray and Black horses Side by 1 Side Down the Hillside not fifty leaps along the level ground and then came the turn j Quot she was on Tho off Side. At to Sharp turn j she pressed ahead a half length and veined her j horse across to Greys shoulder if possible to j turn him up toward the Bridge. A it was All Over in an instant. The Grey was i toe heavier horse. He pressed her close the j Black horse yielded gave Way toward the Fence stumbled and Tho Fence a Light rail broke with i a crash and they went Over All together into the deep Black Stream j a still the sound of that crash Aud plunge is in j my ears. Still i can see them go headlong Down toe Bank together into the Doc Black water. A i never knew exactly what i did then. When i was conscious i found myself swimming around in a Circle diving occasionally to find them but j in vain. The Grey horse swam ashore and stood on the Bank by my Black with distended nostrils j and trembling limbs shaking from head to foot. With terror. The other Black horse was floating Down the surface of the Stream drowned. His mistress was no where to be seen and Tom was i gone also. J a i found her at Quot i a restore her no a glance at her face show a cd How vain All such Hope was. Never was human face so angelic she was already Ono of Tho saintly Ono of Tho immortals and the Beauty and glory of her now life had left some faint likeness of itself on her dead form and face. A Philip i said i had never grown a Day older since that time. You know not Why. I have never ceased to think of her As on that Day. I have never lost the Blessing of those eyes As they looked on me in the Forest on the Mountain Road. I have never left her Nover grown Avny from her. If,.in the resurrection we Are to Rel no the bodies most exactly fitted to represent our whole lives if As i have sometimes thought we shall a Rise in toe form and feature As i was that Day und 110 record will remain fan hour of my life after her burial. A we Buthod her 111 toe Quot old vault close by the House among the solemn Oaks. Beautiful angst like to the very last. A my voice is broken. I can say no More Philip. Yon have the Story. That is the whole of it. God bless you Phil my boy. You have list Enedy patiently to my talk. A Good night go to bed. Ill stay Hoiu in the old chair awhile. I done to exactly feel i left him silting there his head bowed on his breast his eyes closed his breathing Short and heavy As if with suppressed grief. My own eyes wore misty. In to Hall i found John sitting Bolt upright in a Largo chair. A. A a Why John i thought toe major sent you to bed Long ago a Quot yes sir the major always sends to to bed it toe third bowl sir and i always done to go. He has been telling you the old Story now Baeny a he ?�?� a what old Story John a Why about Mies Lewis and Milter Tom and the general a John Laid his Long Black Finger knowingly up the Side of his nose and looked at me. Quot Why John you done to mean to say he fall punch what Sarah and the Black horse and fall punch,.sir.�?�, a John my Man go in Aud take care of is either asleep or drunk. Curious that Why did no to i think that a Man was hardly to be believed after the second bowl and perfectly incredible on the third. By Jovo 1 he is a turnip at. A Atory . A it would to diff put to describe All that i dreamed about that night quo memory never Dies. One of toe survivors of toe Central America in narrating his sensations while floating on the Waves after the vessel had sunk gives Tho following forcible illustration of Tho Powers of memory a ,. A i guess i had been about four hours in too water and had floated away from the rest when Tho Waves cot sed to Snake any noise and i heard my Mother say i ,. A a Johnny did you cat Sisters grapes a i Hadnot thought of it for Twenty years at least. It had g no Lear out or my mind. I had a sister that died of consumption More than thirty years ago and when Sli was sick i was a boy of eleven or so a neighbor bad sen Hersome Early hot Bouso . It Ell. These grapes were left in a room where was and i ought to have been skinned Ohvo of dec t. Little Rascal that i was i devoured them All Mother came to me after i had gone to bed for sister to a Mouth with in too night and said. A Johi by did y u cat Sist res grapes a i did not add to the meanness of my conduct by Telting a to. I owned up and my Mother went away in Tea 3 1 t w thou flogging me. It occasioned in a Many a qualm of conscience for Many years after Quot but As i said for Twenty years at least i had not thought of i to till when i was float aug about benumbed with Eold i heard it As Plain As i Over heard her voice in my life i heard my Mother say a Johnny did you eat Sisters grapes a i done to know How to account for it. It did not scare me though i thought it was a presage of my that unlucky nose. George Frederick Chilton a very handsomely dressed Yoang gentleman with Auburn whiskers and moustache of Tho same color complained that Simon Bolivar i Uddin amp a had pulled Bis nose in Tho Piazza of a fashionable hotel where both of these youngsters have fixed their abode. Chilton Tho proprietor of the injured nose is a very tall person and stud Oman the nose Puller is a very Short one so that it is difficult to Connieve How the latter could perpetrate the outrage without the help of a Stepladder or some such convenience a the Story told by sir. Chilton Tho sufferer was so that the whole auditory seem extreme j Affe de to melt at tie recital. A your Honor May observe said he that my nose has an unhealthy appearance in fact it is much swollen Aud inflamed and i have some reason to fear that it will be permanently diseased. All a hese unpleasant effects sir have been caused by the violent conduct of my appears to be a sort of mania or moral epidemic at our hotel every Man urho stops there becomes infected As i should judge with an unconquerable desire to execute the feat and my nose is constantly selected As the most suitable subject for the Experiment. I dare say your Honor would be puzzled were you to attempt to guess Bow Many times this nose had been pulled within the last three months.0 a it is impossible for me to make any such calculation or. Chilton a said Tho magistrate. A of course sir you can form no idea of the incredible number of times this has been repeated. I hesitate to mention the figure for fear you might find it difficult to believe though my veracity has never been impeached and i am not at All Given to boasting. I us pretty sure however that no door Bell in our Street has been tugged of incr during the autumn of 1857, Tau this unfortunate if Whatman you to to provoke so Many assaults a asked the magistrate. A that is the strangest part of the business answered Chilton. A Al am always giving offence without meaning it one of the boarders charges me with winking at Bis wife or Bis sister and pulls my nose on that Senoro another tweaks my nose because i do not proper attentions to his female relations a third pulls because i offer to stand a treat and a fourth because i neglect to make the game offer in Short they Are never at a loss for one pretence or another. This gentleman pointing to Kuddie amp a polled my nose because i peeped Over his head into a looking Glass at which he was adjusting his shirt Collar. His head was so much below the level of my own that i actually did not observe him until i Felt the pressure of his fingor and thumb. Now sir continued or. Chilton if Tho Law cannot protect my nose i shall have to enclose it in a Case of shagreen or japanes tin As a Safe guard against ill treatment i am not such a milk sop As to mind a Small inconvenience and an occasional tweak if managed with any degree of tenderness and delicacy might be passed Over a As a trifle. But the rough style in which they overdo Tho thing by constant repetition is rather More a think than any Man of Honor and spirit cd Ubo expected to put up a the magistrate seemed to think so too and therefore took All the Pessary measures for a be Protection of or. O s nose m time to come. Tho last aggressor. A Tud Drinan. Was bound Over to answer for an prets a Seuy a Oak nation. Let not soft slumber Clow toy eyes a before i have recollected thrice. ,. Tho train of actions through the Day a. Whore have my feet Raar iced on their Way i what have Joarnt or Here or ? u t from All in be heard from All in be seep ? what know i More that a Worth the knowing what have i Dono that a Worth the doing what have i sought that i would shun ? what duties have i left i done or into what new follies Rua a these Tho Road that leads to virtue and to god. A six ont st try by tells the following Story of an America sea Captain on his Iasi voyage Home Tho Captain bad on Board a Young lady of remarkable personal attractions a phrase i use As one being entirely new and one never a net with in the newspapers this Young lady was by a Ovid intensely by five Young gentleman passengers and in return she was in love with them All very ardently hut without any rfcs our or preference for either. Not knowing How to make up her mind in this dilemma,.she Oon sultos my Friend the Captain. Thee a Tail being a Man of an original turn of mine says to the Young lady jump overboard and marry the Man that jumps after you. The Young lady struck with the idea and being naturally fond of bathing especially in warm weather As it then was. I took the advice of the Captain who had a boat j manned in ease of Accident accordingly next morning the fire lovers being on Deok and look ing devotedly at the Young lady she plunged into the sea head Formosa a. Our of the lovers immediately jumped in aft of her when Fye Young lady and the four lovers were got out again she says to the Captain a what am i to do with them now they Are so wet says the Captain. Take the dry one 1 Aud the Joung a by did Gneshe tharr cd Jiniv a Fri Esek Iwig Kerfew it family paper for t9wn a country is printed and rub Lisiy de weekly t by we m Treslin in Tho 2,1 Story of of so Snow building Cumberland st Iti one Dollar and fifty cents a year 63. inserted at Tho usual Ratos. A a rates of postage. In Lebanon county postage free. In Pennsylvania out of Lebanon county cents ner Quarter or 13 cents a year. A out of this state Tifi cts of Quarter or 26 Ota. A Vaar if the postage is not paid in Advance rates Are Dou Tdel the bed Petticoat and the White i. 0, the red the a Njau oing Petticoat. That courts the Eye of Day that Lores it flare and to admired and brinks from for it Way a it May do Light the roving sight t and Charm the fancy free. But if its wearers half m bold ill pass an it lot with her Rod her flaunting Petticoat she a not Tho girl for me i an. A a but Tho White a m<>h>8t Petticoat. As Puro As drifted Snow t that shuns the gaze in crowded Way where folios come. Amp and go it stirs the Promise in its path of Daisy on the Lea and if the wearer s like Tho garb How a Elior with her White Heb m fest Petticoat a of i she a the girl for me old and bloody eng a six under the hop tufting William Meredith addressing commons in 1777� a Mono Mary Jones was executed whose Case i shall just mention. It was about the time when Pross warrants a were issued on the alarm about Falkland islands. The woman a husband was pressed to Weir goads seized for some debt of his and she with two Small children turned into the streets a begging., tis a circumstance not to to forgotten that she was very Young under Nineteen and remarkably handsome she went to a Linen drapers shop took some coarse Linen off the counter and slipped it under her cloak. The Shopman apr her and she Laid it Down. For this she was hanged i. A her defense was a that she had lived in credit and wanted for nothing till the press gang came and stole her husband from her j but since then she bad no bed to lie on nothing to give her children to oat and they were almost naked 1 and perhaps she might have done something wrong for she scarcely knew what she Parish officers testified to the truth of this Story. A but it seems there had been a Good Deal. Show Littig in Ludgate a example was thought necessary by the judges and in if Vroman was hanged for Tho Comfort and satisfaction of some shop keepers in Ludgate Street. Quot when brought to receive sentence she behaved in such a frantic manner As proved her mind to be in a responding and distracted state and the child was sucking at her breast when she set out for Tyburn Gallows a hitching the Daheb n. Hampshire Register gives the following account of an incident on the Neil hard a and Hartford Road soon after it went into operation the train stopped at Meriden to Wood up Rand a fidgety gentleman who was probably the first time in his lie. In a Railroad car and who held on to his seat with both hands from the time the cars left Hartford looking As though he moment to be Shook out of the window suddenly stepped out on the platform and took a rapid look at the locomotive. A Quot anything the matter a inquired a wag who had greatly on Joyed the countryman a perturbation. A i should think there was something the matter if you Ever noticed it we they yes topped right in the Middle of the Road and Bainet hitched the darned thing. Spost it should Start ? hey i guess some of us Udho in kingdom Homo Afore a Raio to laughter from the passengers in no Wise altered the Many a views of his position a in ease the darned thing should crinoline a at a grand Ball in Paris iat oly a fashionable lady who had gone to the utmost in her extent of crinoline was talking gaily to her Friend general a it who to distinguished him self in the. War with Russia. As she played with the of folds a for enormous Petticoat she playfully inquired of her military Friend what he thought of her Toilette for the evening a nah Madame a he said with Arigh than Beautiful to me a. Y 5 i i How slip asked dropping lick ayes to conceal her pleasure at too expected compliment. A it remind me so a said Tho general a of the eat under i icel slept so soundly in our encampments in the Brill ion. 1�?� this from a general being rather particular the lady pushed the analogy no farther a Mitzi so mar non what have you done ? said a Little newsboy to a Greenhorn who had just tied his to a Spruce pole As he thought on with Philadelphia. A a done said Tho follow a what do you mean i Hont been Doin nothing As i knows a Why Yeth you have thir you be hitched your horse to the magnetic Telegraph and you la be in new York in loss than five minutes if you Dou t look onl.j the Man untied his horse with nervous anxiety and jumping in his Wagon drove hastily Down the Street. 1 Josf Quot i Stone too a captor has finished the nude figure of his statue of John Hancock ordered by Congress and is now a draping it a having too actual Habi laments of the illustrious Boston merchant to Model from. The statute is about seven feet High and represents the first it said end of Congress when after toe declaration had been signed to urged a Unity of action baying a we must ail hang together a it was then that Franklin ,.�otio Coce of be hung is Oue of the uninformed possums hip out in sucker Dom ibo Frimd among the Post office Laws clause to Tho eff of that a each postmaster May be allowed two Mills for delivering from his office of a subscriber each newspaper not chargeable with postage a sent in Hie Bill to the department for Dolivo ring the Only Papor sent to his office and told them that As his wife was out of toe article they might Send him a couple co fee Mills. The conversation turned one night upon the last War with England and the invasion of Guta a by the american troop its a when a Loyal in beet of her majesty a Nativo of top province mentioned stated that the Yankees Quot took Good care not. To meet the Canadian a Weil said George an inveterate joker Quot that is not at Al strange in order to meet a Man he must be eco i of Tov Tard you a Span of horses a soon Ohio. The other Day Quot on our farm that support them. Selves Brit but any of Osvi Why How is that a exclaimed a Listone Why you see a remarked the questioned Quot one is a Law Holts the other a clothes horse.? Bishop a geologist to a gnat mounted on an Olephant an.4 laying Down Tho Ries As to the vast animal from the Phenomena of the hide. A a a Friend id need it a frien d ind a i Quot
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