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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 16, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaA a i a pm Liing of div it is bbl a Ife atly and promptly ice cled at advertiser office Lebanon be Hita this establishment in now supplied Anart mint of Job Type which will he in Roaseu As the 2xs. Can p9v tar not in ratio of a ill , n Tow and Expedy and a Annex Endon . Suchias pamphlets chech a business cards handbills. Circulars i a is. Bill headings Blanes programmes Bills of pare invitations tickets ac., a. 3 Piros of All kinds common and judgment Bonds. School justices. Constables and ther Blanks printed correctly and neatly on the Best paper constantly kept for a lie at this office at prices a to suit the times.�?�. Subscription Price of the an on advertiser Ono Dollar and a half a year. Address a. M. �ob.e8uk, Lebanon a. A. T. W e1dle, attorney at Law office North West Corner of water. And Market streets. . A. Lebanon nov. 18, 1863.ly. George Pfleger jr., attorney it Law or fice in rooms form Triy occupied by or. Samuel a beam. Deceased and opposite to the Black horse a a hotel. Cumberland Street Lebanon. A a a a August 26,1868._�?~ a Kaat Wei a Lap attorney at Law. Office in com Oberland Street a few doors eau i the Eagle hotel in the office late of his fat Hui capt. John Weidman Dee d. A a Lebanon. Sept. 9,1863. Removal Tubich attorney at Law a his once re due us. A of Laudermilch 6store, opposite the washing ton House a county and Pemie in claims promptly attended to. April 8, 63.3m. Removal. A s. T. Of Fladam attorney at Law has removed Bis office to Market Street opposite the Lebanon Bank two doors North of 7\ a Low else e hotel. Lebanon March 25, 63, j�01�.v ii Iio wm.1jv, District attorney has removed Bis office to the room lately occupied by p. Line Weavor in Cumberland Street Lebanon a few doors East of the Eagle hotel and two doors West of gen. Weidman Soffiee. Lebanon dec. 17,1862. How not Cyrus i Mettery in Walno Street neatly opposite the Buck hotel and two Doore South room Karmany a hardware store. Lebanon april 0, ls62.-ly. Bassler Boyer Wilh a. R. Boughter esq., Cumberland Street opposite the court House Lebanon 1�?Ta. Oct.28,1s63-1 army and Naty. Pension Bounty. Back both to land Agency. _ a a. A wlm Rille undersigned having been licensed to prosecute i claims and having been engaged m the Bounty and pension business of ers his services to All those who Ai o thereto entitled in accordance with the various acts of Congress. All such should Call or address at onto and make to boil applications through Boyek attorney at Law once with a. R. Bought esq., Cumberland Street opposite tin. Court House october 28,1868. Lebanon a. We. 91. Herr Jav attorney at Law office in Sticht cry a inf fing a. Cumberland Street nearly opposite the court House. A Lebanon May 6, 1868.tf. Or Samuel s. Melly r Luis professional services to the citizens of \ Lebanon Audi Vicinity. Office it the residence of mrs. Ut5��h, doors West of office Ondr. Simsel beam dec a in Cumberland a it it. Lubanda Ajril 25,1863._______ we 16 Ley amp Dew comm amp amp on Sale <5e, y. Matter my fris. Cheese. The to a lard a poultry 6km, Fiek emits Grain Seel. Amp a. Of. 0 beads to Feest. A a Ned for above Washington new Yoke. In. Cigley. I it. Donult. J refer Bences Robb a Ascough new York Allen amp brother do w w Selfridge esq., do Jones t Shepard,.do Sian son Labach amp Farrington do Samuel q. Johnson do w m. Bree Lin k�., Lebanon a. L. Betz. Canton Ohio w c. Curry amp co., Bankers brie p. Hon. A John Stiles Allentown to. Fajao. 14,188s. Hiram a it rank 1 Quot formerly of Jonestown Lebanon county would a respectfully inform his friends and the Public that he has connected himself with or. Lowek in the tobacco Sny off and Seo Alt business no. 146 North third Street pbila., where to will be glad to receive customers and Wil sell at rates that will prove satisfactory. Philadelphia May 20, 1868. _ to my friends and clients. As i shall necessarily be absent from the county during the session of Congress i have made arrangement to with John w. Ryon Esq of pot Taille to hike charge of my Legal business. My office will he kept open As heretofore and those of my friends sind clients having Legal business May depend upon its to coining rte of Tom la acid efficient attention. Or. Ryon Isa a Estleman of extensive Legal learning and Long experience at the bar. I have full Confidence in Hie ability integrity and Industry and i therefore cheerfully commend the in we to to of my clients ild friends to his care Aud att Ontoh. It for. P. W. Conrad will also remain in inv 6fe8b-,-. by.3�ybr strode. Pottsville pa., dec. 2,1863�?-3ni. A k. Neg s r i amok store a snarl re of smart opposite Hie Market some Lebanon a. You i us unde reigned respectfully informs tue Mablie x a that he a has received an extensive Stock of the choicest Anil purest liquors of All descriptions. These he is invariably disposed to sell at in j3sprecedentedly Low prices. Hushu druggists Farmers hotel keepers and oth Ore will consult their own interests by buying of the undersigned. L. R. Deeo. Lebanon april 15,1863. Rvs a notice Phi Laos a. And a / beading bail Road company. Reading nov. 28 in 1863, the in Olio is respectfully informed that on and after monday dec Eideh 14th, All passengers who do it not Purchase their tickets before entering the Cara will to charged 25 cents ext Raen each ticket Purchas a a i on the train for which they will obtain from the 1 conductor a Check receipt. This receipt will be re a deemed and 25 Cento paid the Cor. M Cash upon its i presentation at any ticket office of the can. General supt. December. 9,1863.2m. Personal. One of the largest Nursery firms in South Eastern Pennsylvania wish to Fps i Nunt services of a competent s Ai. A g e n tin Ohba non county. They wish a reliable enter posing a Man who will devote his whole time to Well id fruit land ornamental Trees vines Plante so. For for ther information apply at the office of this paper. Dec. 0,1863 4t. Notice. Public notice to hereby Given that the account of Daniel Walter Assignee of Jacob Kern and Catharine Bia wife by deed of voluntary assignment dated the a Day of april 1862, has been filed in Tolje Grotbo notary a office of Lebanon county and that the Saue will be presented to the court of common pleas of Eald the first monday of january next for Courtr amp action and allowance when and where All persons May attend if they think proper. 1 Honky siegr1st, prothonotary. Prothonotary office Deo. 2,1863. _ a i Public notice is hereby Given that the account of Charlee h. Meily Assignee under a voluntary heed of assignment for the Benefit of creditors of George Reinoehl and life. Of the Borough of Taha Ibn. County of Lebanon pa., has been filed in the Vantho notary a office of Lebanon county and that the same will he presented to the court of common pleas of said county on the first monday of january mat for confirmation and allowance when where All persons May attend if they a pm i. Henry s1egrist, froth notary. Prothonotary a office dec. % 63.__. Notice. Public notice in hereby Given that the account of Joseph re Tase and Joseph Arnold assignees of William e. Arnold and wife of the Borough of Loha Uon county of Lebanon pa., under a voluntary deed of assignment for the Benefit of creditors has been fiied-iis.,the prothonotary a office of Lebanon county add that the same will be presented to to court of common pleas of said county on the first monday of january next for confirmation and allowance Ibeh and where All persons May attend it they think proper. Henry Siegrist. Prothonotary. Froth in to Rye a ogee Dee. 2, a a is. V0l.�15�?no. 25. Lebanon pa., wednesday december 16, 1868. R a a a. I a a a a a whole no. 755 i a Nelll �jdeba�5�?T a a i Quot 1 Ltd Tel tied us it uni Row. A it a family Papst for re it want a Otje a titty is printed and. A def a shed we ski to by we. M. Res in 2d Story of Funckes Zieff Buie a amp at one Dollar and a in to cents tear. in Rod at the usual Ratee. The friends of the establishment Aud the Public geor ally Are respectfully a Dici Ted to Send in their order. 4qj�?ohakdbills printed atan a ors notion. Rates of postage. I Lebanon county postage free a in Pennsylvania out of Lebanon county amp a Weot per Quarter or 13 cents a year. A Quot a out of this state ctr. Per Quarter or 2ccts. A a year if the postage a not paid in Advance rates Are double. A my Laihr Ray. _ a believer in witchcraft. Gross superstition is generally Allied to ignorance. The Man whose Rio usty believes witchcraft and Silver Bui Lotsi is like to contend that Tho world cannot every Twenty four hours because it does not empty the water out of his Well. I Uncle Billy As an old Pioneer we wot of was familiarly termed was one of this Clase. He knew there was such beings. As Tsvi Tehes old woman who had made a league with Tho Dev in because he had some sad experiences in in8 younger Days a How do Tibe know such things to be facts ? Why easy Enouiti As any full of sense might know. A you see said Anele Billy. I aint a Man or earnings i never went to no school a Day in my life a i do Rke know How to. Write any Nanae or even read a word of print but for All that 1 knows As much about witches and can Tell you As much about emas the next. A i settled ont West Here Arter the Iljins had All been drug off and so to and my wife Hadnot nothing to fear from them but there was other critters about in these Here diggings Nib As bad As in a a Gwine to Tell you about a you must know that Arter id got things file d up to suit me i Tuk to raising Bosses having a natural incline Lor that Ere animal. In be know de a Boss Ever Senee 1 was old enough to know anything nobody cd Ildna to fool mein a Boss i snowed All his parts As Well As some folks does a Book the Best Hoss Jocker in the Bentry Al ays Gin in that he head off Uncle Billy in a Trade no sir and so i Sot to work buying up the right Stripe of mares and raising Colts to suit me. Arter two or three years i got things a jogging in the right kind of style and was doing a Gurty decent business for a Man of my Means and education. A but then come my fast an old woman a real old hag called the Widder Groat living about two Miles off come Over to my House one Day to borrow a Peck of Fenjin meal. My wife she let her have it and the old Witch she went off Good Naters a enough. A week went by and she did no to fetch it a Back but come agin for an other Peck Tel Hng some kind of a Story about being Dis App it Tod arid Quot so on. A below Soever. My a rec a be did no to Belyve her Audi would t ice her bite tip to Oro till 81lo paid up. And this Tine Quot che went away mad and said t hat Rich people that help poor Iriks Wou Iao t git along Rione too Vieh and that we Mought look out to Bee the lord us off for our meanness in away wed feel it. If she a said satan instead of the lord i reckon shed a come nearer the Mark. I w a Well about a week Arter that i went out to see Arter my Bosses and found five of pm sick a Way. Id never seed Bosses Afore and to minute i looked at Mem i snowed Mother Groat had begun her do Ilish work arid i did no to have much Hope to cure Mem though i went trying what i thought was Best. It did no to do to Good though they All died in great distress and then some More of Mem was Tok in the same a i got h Boss doctor to come arid see a Eta but fee a co had no to Tell what ailed Mem no More a a me and they died too. But when right Arter the third lot was Tuk i thought it High time to try so thing else and backing my Saddle Hoss i rid thirty mile to see a woman that told Fortins and Sich. She Wab a. Big fat Greasy thing with a purty Sharp Eye. And snowed cheap. You be come on important business 1 38 she As i leaped Down from my , and hurried into her House. A i has-,sa3�?Ts i a what is it a 1 a so things happen to you of late that a kind of awful and mysterious a says she. A a yes a says i a that a True a wot Dering All the time How she could know. A a you be lost a says she and there she stopped and looked right curious into my eyes. 1 �?~1 has a says i a but can you Tell me what a i did that jest to try her like. 1 a i can Tell 3.on,�?T Saj a she a but it Mought take my some Little time to git at All the particulars and Ever minute Are so precious to the Success of what your a a it Are a says i and i went on to Tell her All about the Bosses. A a they re bewitched a says she right off without stopping to think a minute. A Vtha to a it 3 says i a i snowed a a there san old woman in the scrape a says she. A exactly a says i. A a let me see a says she a her name Are a a a Groat a says i. A a the very name a says she a and in a glad you knows it yourself for now you la be ready to is i a Tell a its wonderful sir what that Are Fortin Teller snowed. She catered at the name of Groat the minute i spoke it Jept As if shed snowed the old Witch pm her life and i by Peet she cd Neva set Eju of old her no other. A Well she told me to go and git Laorae Tanay some Dogwood roots and mix Mem with some Yards Shegin me and put Mem in a pot,.along with a lot. Of pins and Needles and bile Emall together for two hours calling out the name of the Witch every minute or so and id find it a us make her Bick or at least put her into a great distress even though she Mough Tny to let on and if that Ere did no to Tako the spell off of my Bosses to come Back to her and shed Tell me so thing else to do As would. I wanted her to Tell me the other thing. Then Bukase thirty Miles was do Small bit to ride a but she said As Bow it a us break the spell to Tell me the second Afore the Fust was tried and so i Rad to go Home with what id got which her five dollars for. A Well sir Home and tried the Yarb spell As soon As i could git All the things together which was the next Day and Arter id done so i started Overto Widder groats on pretence to ask about her health and the Corn Seiil but really you. See sir to find out out How the thing worked. The old wife an Liq in in a log but about a mile off and when i go there i seed at poet As How the Charm was doing the hun Abe Auti Ful. Things did no to look Thrifty round about and the shanty was kind of shut up Tike. J knocked on the door jest for forms Sake and a faint voice told me to come in. I went in an there Lay the old woman stretched out on her bed grunting with pain. A of a she snivel a oat As soon As she seed me a its you Are it Uncle Billy in a glad to see anybody for is feared id die Here Aill alone a a what a the matter old Mother Groat a says i just As if i did t know. A in a nearly dead with fhe Rheuma tis and starvation a says she with another Grunt. �?~1 Saint had a Mouth Fol to eat since yesterday morning 1�?T says she. A did no to you Fotch me Over so thing to eat a she axed. A Mary thing a says i a in be had enough to do to tend to my own losses that a a dying with your bewitch ment a i what do you mean a says she. Job you done to know in course a says i a in course you Dort know nothing about it a who a she says a in course i done to what a the Mem a. A i were too mad to Tell her at Fust any More and sol just axed her How Long shed been sick. A two or three Days a she says with another Grunt. A i snowed she lied for it Hadnot been but a few hours sence id got the. Spell put on her b it i Wasny to Dis Anne Intel none i a Speets a her to lie a the fort a Teller had said she Mought not let on. And she did to you see a Weil Arter i d Gin her a piece of nth ipod Obi her wicked doings. I set or Trio go. Sho fairly legged me 1.0 fetch her so thing to eke to or Tell Somo Bod else to. As she was dying win h a pro sea i d of As soon As my Hoss is got Well if shed agree never to Witch Mem age in. A you re an old fool a says she a and the curse of heaven be on you and your family a a which it wont be done the More for your wishing it a says i As i walked away and left her. A she was a terrible wicked old Witch Bir that Samo Mother Groat i Tell you. Arter said and Doue to her she let up on the critters which kept on dying till los feared id lose the Hull of pm. Sol started off age in to the Fortin tellers and told her All about it. A i see we be got to try so thing be Vore a. Says she. A if the old Witch can to be satisfied with the punishment we be Gin her no Way but to go to extremes even if it kills her which i Spacet it wont be no great matter. Now you go Home a says she a and Pound up some Silver into bullets put one on Mem into your gun and go out into the Woods and draw her face on a stump or tree and then shoot into a but i can to draw her face a says i a Bukase i ainu Tho a of make a round Mark for the face a says Suie and then make Marks for the eyes nose and month calling her by name All the time that la do jest As Well.�?T. A and will that kill her a i axed. A it will Hurt her a Good Deal a says she a it it done to go nothing else and May be it la break the spell onto the ?. A and Spose it done to says i. A then you a must take Tho rest of the bullets a says the Fortin Teller Orte for each Hoss As is a Sich mind and shoot the critters dead one Arter to other and so keep on shooting All As gits a Well sir i come Home Ngy in and Sot to work on the new spell. I Cut and pounded up two old Silver spoons and some pieces of Money into bullets and went out into the Woods with my gun drawer the old Witch on a stump and let her have one on Mem right through her head. The next Day i went Over to see what had come on to and of tend old Mother Groat stiff and dead in her bed. Yes sir the Bullet had done for her and i aspect satan had got her soul according to Bis Barge in with a a suggestion that she might have died of starvation and disease was treated by to super Stitis is Uncle Billy with scorn and contempt. It was astonishing How ignorant people were on Tho subject of witches. Quot she was not the Only Odo that had been put out of the world in that Way be had heard of Many others and had had some other experiences himself. A Bui what about the horses a a Well i Only had to shoot four of Mem Arter the old Witch died a he said a and then the rest of Mem got along right might have made believe the Milky Way was painted Bee also that looked reasonable but not that the world turned round or that there was no such thing As witchcraft. He was Only one of a Large class however whose ignorance was a sad Arij to their credulity. proclamation of amnesty Wisn photon. Hje a. 9.186�, Fel Loio citizen it of the Senate and House of representatives a another year of health and it sufficiently abundant harvests has passed Job or these and especially for the improved condition of on National affairs Oik renewed and profound gratitude to god is due. We remain in peace and frien Oszip with foreign Powers. I be efforts of disloyal citizens of the United state. A to involve us in foreign wars to Aid an inexcusable insurrection have been to wailing. Her Britannic majesty s government As was just Yex pitted iav6.hwx.i9e. By air authority to prevent the departure of new Bob tue expeditions from British ports. The emperor of France a like vindicated the neutrality which he proclaimed at the beginning of the contest. Questions of great intricacy and importance have Arisen but of the blockade and other belligerent operations Between the government and several of the maritime Powers but they have been discussed and As far As Wab possible accommodated in a spirit of frankness in Stine and Mutual Good will. It is especially Gratifying that our prize courts by the impartiality of their adjudications have commanded the respect and Confidence i it of maritime Powers. The supplemental treaty Between the United Stales and great Britain for the suppression of the african slave Trade made on the 17th Day of february last Bah been Only ratified and carried into exe cation. It is believed that so far As Amer can ports and american citizens Are concerned that to Buriff a and odious traffic has been brought to an end. I shall submit for the consideration of the Senate a convention for the adjustment of Possession claims in Washington territory arising out of the treaty of the i5lh of june 1846, Between the United states and great Britain and which have been the source of some disquiet among the now rapidly improving part of the conntry.-�, a novel and important question involving the extent of the maritime jurisdiction of Spain of the Waters which surround the Island of Cuba has been debated without reaching an agreement and it is proposed in an am Cable spirit to refer it to the Abi frament of a Friendly Power. A convention for that purpose fill be submitted to the Senate Quot i have thought it proper subject to the approval of the Senate to Ltd concur with the interested commercial Powers in an arrangement for the liquidation of a the dues upon the principles which have been heretofore adopted to regard to the imposts Ripon Havig Atigh in the Waters of Denmark. Ibe Logg pending controversy Between this go virulent and that of Chili touching the seizure at titania. P Teru by chilian officers of i re am of it in treasure belong Ngo Quot tilt is he United Starcs has been brought to a close by the award of his Vla Jesty. The Krog of the belgians to whose Aib ration the question was referred by Ibe parties. The subject was thoroughly and patiently examined by that justly respected magistrate and although the sum awarded to the claimants May not have been As Large As they expected there Ierino reason to distrust the Wisdom of Bis majesty a decision. That decision was promptly complied a in by Chili when intelligence in regard to it reached that country. The Jaunt commission under the of the last a Essico a for carrying into effect the convention with Peru on the subject of claims has Bebo organized at Lima and is engaged in the business entrusted to it. Difficulties concerning the inter oceanic transit through i Nina Ragga Are in course of amicable adjustment. In conformity with the principles set Forth in my last annual message i have received a representative from the United Stales of Columbia and have accredited a minister to that Republic. Incidents occurring in the Progress of our civil War have forced upon my alien Usu the Uncertain state o f International questions touching the right of foreigners in this country and of United states citizens abroad in regard to. Some governments. Their rights Are at least partially defined by treaties. In no instance however is it expressly stipulated that in the event of civil was a foreigner residing in this country within the lines of the insurgents is to be exempted from the role which classed him As a belligerent in whose behalf the government of Bis country cannot expect any privileges or immunities distinct from that character. I regret to say however that such claims have been put Forward and in some instances in behalf of foreigners who have lived in the United states the greater part of their there is reason to believe that Many persons born in foreign countries who have declared their intention to become citizens or who have been fully naturalized have evaded the military duty required of them by denying the fact and thereby throwing upon the go Verne not the Burden of proof. It has been found difficult or impracticable to obtain this proof from the want of guides to4he proper sources of information. These might be supplied by requiring Erks of courts where declarations of intention May be made or naturalization effected to Send periodically a list of the Namts of the persons naturalized or declaring their intention to become Titi Zens to the Secretary of the Interior in whose department these names might be arranged and printed for general information. There is also reason to believe that foreigners frequently become citizens of the United states for the sole purpose of evading dates imposed by the Laws of their native ctr entries to Khich on becoming naturalized Here they it once repair and though never returning to the a a. States they still claim the interposition of this government As citizens Many altercations Ond great prejudice have heretofore Arisen out of this abuse. It is therefore submitted to Sotir serious it night be advisable to fix a limit beyond which no citizen Tif the United states residing abroad May claim the interposition of Hie government. Quot the right of suffrage has often been assumed and a exercised by aliens under pretences of naturalization which they have disavowed when drafted into the military service. I submit the expedite Rcv of such an amendment of the Law As will make the fact of voting an estoppel against any plea of exemption from military service or other civil obligation on the account of common with other Western Powers on relations with Japan have been brought into serious jeopardy through the perverse opposition of the hereditary aristocracy of the Empire to the enlightened and Liberal policy of the tycoon designed to bring the country into the society of. Nations. It is hoped although not with entire Confidence that these difficulties May be peacefully overcome. I ask your attention to the claim of the minister residing there for the damages he sustained in the destruction by fire of the residence of the legation at Yeddo. Satisfactory arrangements have been made with the emperor of Russia which it is believed will result in effecting to humus line of Telegraph through that Empire from our Pacific coast. I recommend to your favourable consideration the subject of an International Telegraph Quot across the Atlantic Ocean and also a Telegraph Between the capital and the National forts along the Atlantic Seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico. Such communications established with any reasonable outlay would be an economical As Well As effective Aid in the diplomatic military adj Nav Al Gervice. The code ular the United states under the enactment of the last Congress begins to be self sustaining and there is reason to Hope that it May become entirely so with an increase of Trade which will ensue Hene vef peace is restored. On ministers Abro id have been faithfully defending american rights. To protecting commercial interests our consuls have necessarily had to encounter increased la Bors and responsibilities growing out of the War. These they have for the most part met and discharged with Zeal and efficiency. This acknowledgement justly includes those consuls who residing in Morocco Egypt Turkey Japan China and other Oriental countries Are charged with Complex functions and extraordinary Powers i. The Ond Tiba of Ibe several organized territories is generally satisfactory at thou Indian disturbances in new Mexico have not been entirely suppressed. The Mineral resources of Colorado Nevada Idaho new Mexico and Arizona Are proving far Richert ban has been heretofore code stood. I Lay before you a communication on ibis subject from the governor of new Mexico i again submit to your consideration the expediency of establishing a system for the encouragement of immigration. Although this source of National wealth and strength is again flowing with greater Freedom than for several years before the insurrection occurred there is great deficiency of labourers in every Field of Industry Espe i airy in agriculture Aud in our mines As Wel of Iron and Coal As of the precious metals. While the demand for labor is thus increased Here tens of thousands of persons destitute of remunerative occupation Are thronging our foreign consulates and offering to emigrate to the United states if essential but very cheap assistance can be afforded them. It is easy to see that under the Sharp disc Plit e of civil War the nation is beginning a new his Noble Effort demands the Aid and ought to receive the attention and support of the government. To juries Natova a a a by a the Gavero sat and onto tended Amy in Straw Casus Imp been indicted on Tho Soto ctr or citizen a of for eur a countries both at st a and on land by Persona in the service of the unit of a Totea. Ekpe Ete redress fro Moth a Powers a Vohrin similar ii juries a re Itaf rioted by person a i their serve upon Cit la a a us to the United 8tai.ee, Quot we Muai to foreigners. It the existing 3adiciei Trina Ala a in ill amp a amp the to this a it or Poue a special court May be authorised with Power if hear and decide Auch claim of the character referred to. As May have Arisen under treaties Aud the Public Law. Conventions fur adjusting the a Lamb by joint commissions Bare been proposed to some governments but so Daft Ute answer to the proposition a yet been received from any. A. In the coarse of the session i shall pro Batty have occasion the request you to provide indemnification to claimants where decrees of restitution have been rendered Ami damages awarded by admiralty courts Aud in other cases w Here this government May be acknowledged Tobe liable a principle sad where the amount of that liability has been ascertained by an informal arbitration. Quot a a a the proper officers of the Treasury have deemed them Nivea required by the Law of the United state upon the subject to demand a tax opon the incomes of foreign Coo suts in this country. While each a demand May not in strictness be in derogation of Public Law or perhaps o Fany existing treaty Between the United states Aud a foreign country the expediency of so far modifying the As to exempt from tax the incomes of such Consols As Are not citizens of the United states derived from the emoluments of their office or from property not situated in the United states is sub fitted to your serious consideration. I make Toifl suggestion Apon the ground that a comity which ought to be reciprocated exempts our Conflux a in Alt other countries from the extent thus teddies Ted. The United states think ought not to be exceptionally illiberal to International Trade Aud Commerce. A a a the operations of the Treasury during the last year have bean successfully conducted the enactment by. Congress of a National banking Law has proved a a Valu Abio support of the Public credit Aud the general relation to Loans a of Lily answered the expectations of i s Favores a. Some am and Junta May be required to perfect amp i sting Laws. But no Caboge on their principles or general to be needed. Sine these measure have All do a Anda on the Treasury including to get of the army and Navy have been promptly met a us Tully sit fied no considerable body of troops it is believed were a ver More amply provided and Mere and punctually paid and it May be added that by no people were the burdens Lucid but to a great War Ever More cheerfully borne. The receipts during the year from All sources including i aus and the balance in the Treasury at its Cohmen Comet were $901.125,674 86,and the no Greg of disbursements $895,797,d30 65, leaving a balance on the 1st of july 1s63, of $5,329,044 21. Of the receipts there were derived from customs $69 059,642 40 from internal Revenue $37,640,787 95 from direct tax $1,485,103 61 from ,$167,67,27 from miscellaneous sources. $ >q46, 35 and from Loans. $776,032,361 57 making the aggregate $901,125,674 86. Of the disbursements there were for the civil service $22,253 922 08 for pension and indians. $4,216,520 79 for interest on Public debt $24,729.840 51 for the War department $598,298,6u0 83 Lor the Navy department $63,211,105 27 for payment of funded and temporary debt $181.086,&35 07, making the aggregate $895,796,630 65, Aud leaving the balance of $5,329,044 21. But the payment of funded and temporary debt having been made bom moneys borrowed during the year must be regarded As merely nominal payments and Tho moneys borrowed to make them As merely o Omina the osipts. Their amount $181.086,635 07, should therefore to deducted both from the receipt and disburse Mouta. This being done there remains As actual receipts. $720,039,091 79, and Thea Tuai disbursements $714 7f9,99.58, leaving the balances already stated. The actual receipts Aud disbursements for the Host Quarter and the a a tim Ted Evcei j to and disbursements for the. Remaining three Quarter of the current inc us Vipar 1864, will be a Shewn id detail by the Secretary of the Treasury to which a invite your attention. Tia sufficient Here to say that it is not believed that actual results will exhibit a state of the i Nancv Ess favourable to the country than the estimates of that officer heretofore submitted while it is Conn deftly expected that it the Cloe o f the Yeav both disbursements and debt will be found considerably Leas Jim no amp a been anticipated. W. A the report of the Secretary of War is a Docu Niewot of Grant interest. It Coli Siftsof Ltd first Tho Militar s Tho year detailed in the report of the Gunerald chief. Second the organization of coloured Parsons into the War service. Third Tito Exchange of prisoners Feliy set Forth in tro letter of gen Hitchcock. _ of a Utah the operations under the for enrolling and calling out the a National forces it detailed in the report of the Provost marshal general. A fifth the o a animation of the invalid corps and sixth the opera1 ion j of the a Uve department of the quartermaster eueral. general Mailer general,.chief of Tugio Verh chief of ordnance and sir Leo general. It Ini possible to make a valuable summary of Uii report except a such As would be too extended for Tbs pm cd Jaud Bench i Content myself by asking Yout careful att Utica to the report itself.,. I it the duties devolving on the naval Branch of the ser vice daring the amp year and throughout the whole of this contest Bare been,.discharged with Fidelity and eminent Success. The a Tensive blockade has been constantly increasing in efficiency a its the Navy has expand do yet on so Longa line it bits i of far bean impossible to entirely suppress illicit Trade. From returns received at the Navy department it a open a that More than 1,000 Veasel fave been cup Turea since the blockade was instituted and that the value of Prises already sent for adjudication amounts to ovsr.$13,gq0,goo. 4 the naval Force of the consist a at this time of 588 teasers completed a amp dih the Coura of completion and of these 75 Are Iron Clad or armoured Tea Morse the events of the War give Ai in crossed in to rest and importance to the Navy which i 1 probably extend beyond the War itself a the armoured vessels in on Navy completed an i a a service or which Are under contract and. Approaching completion Are be a Ved to exceed in number to self nov other Power. 8n< while these Ixia be relied upon for Harbor defence and coast service others of greater strength end Capa Cuy will be necessary for Cruz sing purposes and to maintain on rightful position of a Tihe live Power for ships of War demands either a corresponding change in some of our existing Navy Yards or the establishment of View ones for the construction and necessary repair of Mcdemu naval vessels no in of Ysidera be embarrassment delay Fri do sub tic injury have been experienced from a Wanton Acob governmental establishment. 1 9 the necessity of such a Navy Yard so famished at some sol table place upon the Atlantic Seaboard has in repeated occasions been brought to the attention of Congress by the Navy department and is again a resented in the reporto the so Cretai which accompanies ibis communication. I think it my Doty to invite your special attention to this subject and also that Ofey Tab Lishing a yor.1 and depot for naval purposes upon one i f the Western Rivers. A Daval Force has been created on those Interior Waters Aud under Many disadvantages within a Little two years exceeding in number the whole naval fore of the country at the commencement of the present administration. Satisfactory and important a have been the performances of the heroic me i of Tho big interesting in Lotf they Are accely my wonder fill than to Success of on mechanics and arts Zdosla Tho production of War Vos. Eels Winch has created a new form of naval Power our country Baa add outages Luporto. To any Othor a Tiou in oar resources of Iron and Timber wih Inez. Host lie quantities of fuel in the. Imm Diode Vicinal to or b. Thaud ail a amiable and in close proximity to a. Vig Abie water. A without the adva Utaga of ,.the resources of the nation have been developed and its Power display a in the construct Jiuu of a Nalof such magnitude who he has at Tho tory period of its creation rendered Ignazi be recce to Hoisun a the in Reimo of the number of a Esmy a it the Ott Blic service from 7,500 men in the Spring of 1861 to 34.000at the present time has been without special Legisla Tion or extraordinary by Ontina to promo e that increase. It has Bren found however that the operations of the draft with the High Konn ties paid for army rec route to. Beginning to Tam piously the naval service. I will if not corrected he holy to impair its Effic Leooy by detaching seamen from their proper Selling and ind Cirg them to enter the a rain a a a a a a a Foo re Lac fully suggest that Congress might id both the army and naval services by a prevision on this a object which won id at the same interest communities More especially i commend to your considerations the suggestion of the Secretary of the Navy in regard to the policy of Foa Teying Aud training seamen. And also the education of Omeis and Engineer for the Nava device. The Navy i Academy �8 rendering signal service in a Odarine midshipmen Fer the highly responsible duties which in after life Thev will be required to perform in order that Tho country Aho id not be deprived of Thep Roder quote of educated officer for which Legal prevision has bean made at the naval school the vacancies ans de by the neglect or omission to make nominations from the state in insurrection he a a been 611 d by the Sec rotary of the nary. The school is now More full and Complete than at any former period and in Evory a Spect Emit Tad to the favourable consideration Oscor guess during the past fiscal year the financial condition of the Post office department has been one of increasing Prosperity and i am gratified to state that the Actium postal Revenue has nearly equated the entire expenditures the totter amounting to $.1,214.206 84, and the Ei-fl1 of $-i,i63,89 69, leaving a deficiency of but $idu.414 25 t in i860, the year immediately preceding the rebellion the deficiency amounted to $5.656,706 49, the Posta re ,k5.ot a hat year being $3,845,7z2 19, less than those of too a the Obiaga that by Ukia Plaez in naval Wii to amp Al War fair Tafaoa tha i air dec Tina of a Tom to x ecrc�9fiffi a born Thea Toad am Antof trans or Tat for Lias been Only about 26 per cent., Bat the anti Fitl expenditure on account of the same has been reduced 35 per cent it is Manifest therefore that the Post office department May become self sustaining in a few years even w1h the restoration of the whole service. The International conference of postal delegates from Tai principal countries of Europe and America which waa called it the suggestion of the postmaster general met it paria on the a Ltd of May last and concluded its deliberations on the 8th of Jane the principles estab-1iah�d by the conference As Best adapted to facilitate postal Niue course Between nations and As the basis of future postal conventions. Inaugurate a general 8j Stem of International charges at reduced rates of postage and Cati oot fail to produce beneficial results. I refer you to the report of the Secretary of the Interior. Which is Here with Laid before you for useful and vied information in relation to the Public lands Indian affairs patents pensions and other matters of Public concern pertaining to by department. The Quality of land Diep Sedof daring the last and first Quarter of the present fiscal year was 3,841,549 acres of which 161,911 acres were Tolu Forcash. One million four Hundred and fifty six thousand five Hundred and fourteen acres were taken of under the Homestead Law and the residue disposed of under the Laws granting land Fer unitary bounties for Railroad and other purposes. It also appears that the Sale of the 2>nbiic lands is i we a Onsbe increase. To has Long been a cherished opinion of some of our that the people of the to United states had a higher and More enduring interest in the Early settlement and substantial cultivation of the Public lands than in the amount of direct Revenue Jobe derived from the a Laos them. Bast bad coat routing influence in shaping legislation upon the subject of on �\8udeslsounrist�?w a a a a i May cite is evidence a of this the Liberal measures adopted in reference ton canal settlers the Grant to the a tates of the overflowed hands Virbin their limit in order to their being reclaimed and rendered fit for cultivation. The Grants to railway companies of alternate sections of. Land upon the contemplated lines of their Road which when completed will to largely multiply the facilities for reaching our Distant Possession s this policy has received its most signal and beneficial illustration inthe recent enactment granting homesteads to actual settlers. Since the first Day of january last the before mentioned Quantity of 1,456,514 acres of land have been taken up under its provisions. This fact and the amount of sales furnish Gratifying evidence of increasing settlement upon the. Public lauds notwithstanding the great struggle in which the energies of the nation have been engaged and which has required so Large a withdrawal of on citizens from their accustomed pursuits. I cordially concur in the recommendation of the Secretary of the Interior suggesting a modification of the in favor of those engaged in the military and naval service of the United states 1 doubt not that Congress will cheerfully adopt such measures a will without essentially changing the general features of the system secure to the greatest practical extent its benefits to those who have left their Homes la the defence of the country in this Firdous crisis. I invite your attention to the views of the Secretary m to the propriety of raising by appropriate legislation a Revenue from the Mineral lands of the United states. A the measures provided at your last session for the removal of certain Indian tribes have been carried into effect. Sundry treaties have been will. In due time be submitted for the constitutional action of the Senate. A Vul. They contain e a pupa ions Fer extinguishing the rights of the indians to Large and valuable tracts if land. It is hoped that Tho fact of these treated will re Soltin the establishment of permanent Friendly. Rela tons with such of these tribes it hate been brought into frequent and bloody collision with on outlying set be rents and emigrants a a sound policy and our imperative duty to these Wail not the government demand Ourant tops and constant attention to their material Weli being to their Progress in the arts of civilization and above All for that moral training which under the Blessing of divine Providence will Confer upon them the elevated and sanctifying influences the Hopes and consolations of the Christian Faith. X suggested in my last annual message the propriety of remodelling our Indian subsequent even a have satisfied me of us necessity. The detail set Forth in the report of the Secretary evince the urgent need for Jenme Diazo legislative action. I commend the benevolent institutions established or patronized by the govern sent in thib District to your generous and fostering pare. The attention of Congress during Tho last session was engaged to soap extent Wilh a proposition for enlarging to water communication Between the Mississippi River and the northeastern Seaboard we Ich proposition however failed for the time. Since then upon a Call of the greatest respectability a convention bos been by at Chicago upon the same subject a summary of whose views is Eon rained in a. Memorial addressed to the president and Congress and which t now have the Honor to Lay before you. That this interest is one which Ere Long will Force its own Way i do not entertain a doubt. A bile it is submitted entirely to your Wisdom a to what can be done now augmented interest is Given to this subject by the actual commencement of work upon the Pacific Railroad under auspices to rapid Progress n us . The enlarge navigation becomes a palpable need to to great Road. I transmit the second annual report of the commissioner of the department of agriculture asking your attention to the developments in that vital interest of the nation. When Congress assembled a year ago the War had already lasted nearly Twenty months and there bad been Many conflicts of b,otl\.lrnd and sen with varying result. Tie rebellion had been pressed Back into reduced limits yet to tone of Fiji brio feeling and opinion at Home and abroad was not satisfactory Vii other signs the popular elections then just passed indicated uneasiness among ourselves while a in id much that was cold and menacing the kindest words enming irom Europe were it. Tired in accents of pity that we were too Blind to surrender a Bope a pause. Our Commerce Wak Slifer ing greatly by a few armed vessels built upon and. For pissed from foreign shores and we were threatened with eos a additions from the seme Quarter would sweep our Trade from it he seas and raise our blockade. We had failed to elicit from governments anything hopeful upon this subject. The Prehm nary emane Patio proclamation Issue fed in september was running its assigned period to the beginning of the new year. A a Pool final proclamation came including the Annne no Eisent that coloured men of a suitable condition would by tic lived into the War Gervise a be policy ? of to Finci pation i and of employing Black soldiers gave to the be Ture a new aspect about which Bope it and fear and doubt contended in Uncertain conflict. A i. Accords do to our political system As a matter of Ivil adminis tiption the Quot general Govean Bedat had no Ufal Power to effect Eta amp nol rat. Tion in any stated and for a Long time it. Bad been hoped the the rebellion Ronld be suppressed. re soiling to it As a i hoary measure. It was ail the while deemed possible that the necessity for it might come and that if it should the crisis of the contest would then be presented. To. It came and a was anticipated was foil owed by dark and . Eleven a months having now passed we Are permitted to take another review. The rebel Borders Are pressed still further Back by the Complete opening of the Mississippi the country dominated by the rebellion is divided into distinct parts impracticable communication Between them. Tennessee and Arkansas have been substantially cleared of insurgents control and influential citizens in each owners of slaves and advocates of slavery at the Begio Ding of the rebellion now Declara a per by for emancipation in their respective slates. Of those Sites not included in the emancipation proclamation Maryland and Missouri neither of which three years ago would tolerate any restraint upon the Extension of slavery into new territories Only dispute now As to tha Best Mode of removing it within their own Jim its r of these who were slaves at the begins Init of the rebellion full 160.600 Are now in the United states military service about one half of which number actually Bear arms in. The ranks thus giving the double advantage of taking so much labor from the insurgent cause and. Supplying the places which Mast otherwise be filled with so Many White men. So far As tested i is d if Fiealt to say that they Are not As Good soldiers As any no Servile insurrection or tendency to violence or cruelty has marked the measures of emancipation and arming the Blacks. These measures have been much discussed in foreign countries and Eon temporary with such discussion the tone of Public sentiment there is much improved. At borne the same measures have been Folly discussed supported criticized and denounced and the annual elections following Are highly encouraging to those whose official duty it is to Bear the country through this great we Bave the new reckoning. The crisis which threatened to Divide the friends of the Union is past. A a 4 looking now to tha present and a Turo and with reference to a resumption of the National authority within the states wherein that authority ha-3 been suspended i have thought fit to Issue a proclamation a copy of which is herewith transmitted. On examination of this proclamation it will appear As is believed that nothing i attempted beyond what is amply justified by the Constitution. A. True the form of an of amp this Given but no Man is coerced to take it the Man is Only promised a Pardon in Case he voluntarily take the Constitution authorizes the executive to Grant or withhold the Pardon at his own absolute discretion and this includes the Power to Grant on terms As is fully established by judicial and other authorities. ,. A it a also proffered that of la any of. The Staiti named a state goverd zest shall be in the Mode prescribed set a up Ucb government shall be recognized and guaranteed by the United states and that under it the state shall on the constitutional conditions be protected against invasion Domestic constitutional obligations of the United states to guarantee to every state to the Union a Republican form of government and to protect the state in cases stated is explicit and full.?�? but Why tender the benefits of this provision Only toa state government set up in this particular Way ? / this Section of the Constitution contemplates a cd be wherein the element within a state favourable to Republican government in the Una a Rosy be too feeble for an opposite and hostile element external to or even within the state Anil such 8re precisely the cases with which Wear now dealing. An attempt to guarantee and protect a revived Stote government in. Whole or in a Preponderate part from to very a Aje meet against whose and violence to , a a a a Pytro surer a a to separate the opposing elements so As to build Only Fram the sound and that test is amp sufficiently Liberal one which accepts As sound whoever will make a sworn recantation of his former unsoundness. It but if it. Be proper to require As a test of admission to the political body As oath of allege Ance to the Constitution of the United states Ana to the Union under it Why the Laws and proclamations in regard to slavery ? a these Laws and proclamations were enacted and put Forth for the purpose of aiding in the suppression of the rebel Lian. To give them their fullest effect to be a pledge for their Matt air Nance. Xuy Iny judgment they Bave aided and will further Aid the cause for which they were intended. Of now abandon them would be Only to relinquish a lever of Peiger but would also be a cruel Aud an astounding breach of Faith. ,. T a a i May add at this Point that White i remain in my present position attempt to retractor modify the emancipation proclamation nor shall i return to slavery any person who u free by the terms of that proclamation or by any of the acts of Congress. In for these and other reasons it is thought bes let that support of these measures shall be included in the oath and it is believed the executive May lawfully claim it in return for Pardon and restoration of forfeited rights which be has Ojea constitutional Powers to withhold Toger ber or Grant upon the term which he shall deem Wisest for the Public interest. A it should be True this part of the oath is subject to the modifying and abrogating Power of legislation and supreme judicial decision the proposed acquiescence of the National executive in soy reasonable temporary state arrangement for the freed people is made with the View of possibly modifying the confusion and destitution which must at bes attend All classes by a total revolution of labor throughout the whole states. ? it is hoped that the already deeply afflicted people in those be somewhat More ready the give up the canse of their affliction if to this extent this vital matter be left to theme Lac while no Power of the National executive to prevent an abuse is abridged by the proposition. The suggestion in the proclamation As to maintaining the political framework of the state or what is called reconstruction be made in the Hope that it May do Good without danger or harm. It will save labor and avoid great confusion. Why apy proclamation now upon this subject t this question is beset with the views that the step might be delayed too Long or be taken too both. ,. R in some Start Csc the element for resumption Geem ready for action Bat remain inactive apparently for the want of a rallying Point or plan of action. Why shall a adopt the plan of a rather than b that of a and if a and b should agree Bow can they know but that the general government Here will reject their plan. By the proclamation asian is presented a feb May be accepted them a a rallying which they Are assured in Advance will not be rejected Here. This May bring them to sooner than they otherwise would. It the objections to a premature presentation of a plan by the National executive consist in the danger of committal on Points which could be More safely left to further developments. beep taken to so shape the document a to avoid. Hib a a ancients from this source. Saying that on certain a terms certain classes will be pardoned with rights is not said that other classes or other terms will Scve-4 be included. A a saying that reconstruction will be accepted if presented in a specific Way is it not said it Wilt never be accepted in Eny other Way. A v the movements by state action for emancipation in several a of the states not included in the emancipation proclamation Are matters of profound Guttu Tilott. R a and White do not repeat in detail what i have heretofore to earnestly urged upon this subject Iny general views and feelings remain unchanged and i Trust that Congress Wil Lotf no fair Opportunity of. Aiding these important Steps to a Grest consummation. A a a. R to the midst of other cares however. Important we must not lose the fact that tha War pow in Gill Nur main Reliance. To that Power alone can we look yet for a time to give Confidence to the , the Oon , that the insurgent Pover will not again overrun them. Until that Epif Denoe shall be established Little Ean i done anywhere for called re ��he7tow on chop fest care must s till be directed to the army Atad Navy who have thus far heme
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