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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 16, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaF so p a Mutrix of every description neatly and promptly executed at the advertiser office Lebanon a. Tins osulilln1iment a now supplied with an extensive Omar Mont of Job Type of Fofi 01 to increased As Tbs Patron ago demands. It can now turn out painting of every to a neat and expeditions manner end on dry Remi Nablo Teicu. Suchias Pam chiefs of Moxa liui&6i ard9t rss Billie circular labels -. Bill headings Blank programmes Bills of pare invitations tickets &a., amp of. The mends of Ibe establishment and Tho Public inner ally Aro respectfully solicited to Send in their orders. printed at an Honre notice. Of sins Ofalt t Phi a common end Jud Mon t Roans school justices constables and other bunks printed am or tikk Addrisi we. M. A Negus. Iio Banen. A. Presidents message jew pm sins a the st Nalt and a Onofre Hunta tittl a a in Obed Ienco to the command of the con a of Ciski we set pm a a Theun iop and to their Mouid ration such treasures Quot As i judge to he Ltd a a is jut for Sec and no Over All our to it Atiz a ate due to Alfi mighty god for the Lucner thug be Jib Titis people and our United prayer ought to ascend to him that to fac wot Ildi coi amp Tref 4o bless our great Republic a it tinny it Toft belie a its he has cussed it in time Jaso a a it a a a a a i a Solnie the adjourn Talent of a Zih Quot Gress cur Cen Italy who unusual a Gumc afimaufc., vie Medr Bec Irr Urtle Abuaf ret a red the Tel Man. Omit Grent Stril High priced Atud up till i Rind our Cut Anicil , us fahd banded a be and me of the Genefi pos Pelity vein ally the a item Sentmo Mut Erml to Darth in Prah Abunda a yet no twin fit to id Fig Tell theae Advt stages ouse country in its Mooe tary interests 13 at the present moment id a deplorable condition. The elements of arts Tull. Wealth. We find our a a to a Lei lir Public works pm Virt Bontor in of different fend a a end useful Labarere the Otril 6dl inter to s Nuu Muir not Vul we i. Jue. Ret Al bibs to it a a a a a a a a of Quot a a govern a a ,,4sived from Doi Arjo a four and duties,.obt Importe to Contr abroad to a a keen rt85? not de outfit to one and ret tired to want. Re i Raverne a whiaw�j�8y, 4 duties. Out Importe a my been greatly Redl bed. A ethian the made by Congress at its Hist Fiffis Foin for the Hirron mfr trl year Are very Large in arid tit vol. 9�?n. 25. Though third yet i am fourteen Hundred Batt is in Indin the cd enc for a uti Ana in the course of the depositors and l w to few of and from Shiw a Quot m specie to Coucal sufficient amount id we 808pend Naa a Jin in its vaults equal to liabilities. A and s�sis5%2��sliiptt �ftjdssefi9f5�r of with in Sld Tutor a up sub Semi fflt62u�?~rtvpe�? the very first pre Weiye must Drife the Otto to Sec sub it is truly my subbed so Joerss Long continue Tab. Pm has to their ored demand North Ezpa a men u of is of upon up amp Rorah a jct thu within the last e get years and the tade continue to flow indeed such teas Bee the Exira Savance Fesiak or Edtia Jat Tho Banks now hold less Anoum of specie either of prop Carlion to them capital or to their.,circulation and de pc to combined than item did before the Diop Ycoy of Gold in Cali Fotij a a whilst the yep 1848v the specie m n8i0ffivtlon a the a capital was More thin a Quot a bail Dollar for every six dollars and Storty three cents of their a Spital in the my the Petoie Fluor Zubi a Var Jet Jam f �?�p�., wednesday december 16, 1857vi no. 442. A Ista Surtoc hit a he a Nash a a be Fco. Be Oft. Us a Sita iss sir fax a it m 1. Is Ftp a Tewe to Etcil Sis u ,8flfoa our and Al awards to dollars w a a a a require that the Isir-1&Quot lation and Psi i finny. Will Banks shall at airtime a gets blk _ _ will pro Ai Rufi pro Ifrey into Iriqui Dation Ibe rants a o fobs of up some Joiy a sir we kiss. Juice Ablerto Milban King int Tutra to a out the United is pts and command Ihram we Uwi Nake the irreversible Orgal existence that a Sti Spei _ rents shall produce Tea of vile Deifik the a brer e it 11bank s cd Pelcie pay the in a we Anu fraction to Riu Type circa Inlo Tancos a Rich May tie required Tagore the close of your present session but the r re to Ling. Ait Hongji in Oplt to be Greitens would prove to be Katy a slight Hui ohm Itaev fit i 4ho suf faring fahd dec Vidri Abs org to Pei ple. With this the can hot fail uce ply to Yipp Nejl Ike. To la of he it May be without the Power to a Ftp plier. It is our duty to luit Tutte what us pro Dueer such whether their Kecty Rreece Cit it he it a vent so ? in a ii Farmer revulsion the blame might have been fairly attributed to a variety of co opera Itig causes j but not upon occasion. It is apparent that our existing Minafo Rennes have proceeded solely Virom our adm lib <90�% of paper currency and Batik credits Uko iting the people to wild speculations and gambling in stocks.,. These revulsion Musj continue to recur at amp Kyhi to Long m the amount of the paper Cir Reno and Hank Loans and discounts of Ilic country shall be left to the discretion of Norteen Hundred irresponsible banking institutions which the very the interest of their stoc the Public welfare. The framers of the Constitution when they gave to Oon Gresa the Power to Caln Money and to Reg late the value and prohibited the states from coining Money Emit my bilis of credit or making anything but Gold and Silver Coin a tender in payme a nth of debts up posed Tufty had pro Tecter fid a so Jill Tufe evil a of an excessive and irredeemable paper currency. The mire not responsible for the existing anon gov that a government endowed with attribute of coining Money at . Of a Lee thereof should Mvi do a dlr to prevent others from dry to Fig dbl it a a Orn out of the country and filling up Tai tfx a i Runnels of Cire dilation with paper which does not represent Gold and kit is the highest and met go Finis sible duties of Gove Cement to Mgnus be people a sound circulating Ceannn Rene amount of which ought to be adapted with to a tvs flip Quot possible Wisdom and skill to the internal Trade and foreign sex if this be tither greatly Aboye or Ilow the Ijasper et�iidjwr3,the mar value of Evemy man1� property is increased or diminished 1� the same proportion and injustice to individual a Well As incalculable tells to the Community Are the consequence. A a a unfortunately a under the construction of the Federal Thich has now prevailed too Long to be Ohauge this important and Deli Pew duty lras5meb djs severed irom the coining Power,.and. Virtually transferred the Mcra to Nav to Brt cd Hundred state Banks acting their eign Power it providing i pm per currency instead of Coin or the country the first duty which these Banks owe to the Public is to keep in their a Austil a Sun Brient amount of Gold and Silver to Ifim Uro the Enn Veitz ability of their nofts into a Coin st All times and under All circumstances., l no Bank ought Ever to be chartered with out such rest nations on its business As to secure this result. All other restrictions Are comparatively Vatu this is the Only True Touchstone Tjho Flonly efficient Rogul Hood of a paper eur Enoy the Only one which Oan guard the Public against Over issues and Bank suspensions Jan it eventual Security it is doubtless Wise and in All cases ought to be required that Banks shall hold an Aridou Jet of United. Stares or state notes m circulation and pledge bad Pineir jedetpp11? s a this up adequate Security. Again it Over a a or the be perverted to a Cir Reno. Indeed it is possible by fits Means to convert All Elf debts of the 0 United Stales and state governments into Hank of Psi. Without reference to the spec a required to redeem them Hows Reid valuable these a eur lies May be in them Elyer they cannot to converted i tits Gold a Ftp Silver at the moment of pressure As a a or exp Bennu nowt Quot. In find Dud whih is to a consider we extent a Lapel if Diffily country though vastly behind our own in to rew%4t� advisable Anteio or Ifo a of a or ment of 1844, Bioh. A Issue of notes from the Hank Reg department for the Bank of England a a iffy to on hand Gold and Silver equal to to no a a of its Oom Binod circulation and a posts if this proportion was no More a sent to secure the convertibility of its with the whole of great Britain and to a eme extent Tho continent of Europe As a a t almost a t a ?lp-l�o7it is not equal to Oncal i in the business of the country ruinous at so ads Sid Iitto Fhlug the beat am Mia Chi Tipri sing tempted to their ruin by �sl<8s�iyt, Mare taper credit exerting them to extravagant importations of foreign Quot Good wild speculations and ruinous and dent9yaliziug Stook gambling. crisis arrived. .1#.arrive it must the Banks can extend no Relief to the in a Vaird Gauggle to of eem their liabilities n spec e they Aro compelled to contract their lot is and them issues Rami at lash in the hour of distress. When their sri stance is most Quot needed they and their debtors together sink into insolvency. It m thie paper system of extravagant expansion raising the not Ujwal Price of every article far beyond Ltan a value when com pared with the coat Olsoff Vipar articles in countries we isef circulation a wisely regu Latham amp High has Gwo few la a. Offs of Quot Campe a Ting in our markets with 1 foreign Man fac Beld for its circulation Rende Rij us possible that Quot a Quot to a it my j sudden a and run in. Be id ear Hank a �yten1 Lar in Sef in at gtd air Hei a Kif i Ewa or curation auth Demou a a a j has produced Buti avanant import adms i Era a few the a Fec of the Tang tuners Large incidental plot action afforded to our Domestic by the present Revenue Tariff. But for this the branches of oar manufactory in composed of Row materials the production of Oil Awn country such As Cotton Iron and we plan fit Brics would not Only have acquired almost exclusive pos seas oif of he Hue a Arket. But would have created f8r a. Foreign Market t h Rou ghost Thek Wildt Depla Ribler Hovre Ras May be our present financial Condren. We May yet indulge in Bright Hopes for this future. No other Naquon has evef�?z.y%i9fe l which co id have we left it and contractions off Paffi without lasting injury a yet the Huo Jafney of youth-., the energies of our pop Guition. And the Spint which never quails before difficulties will enable us soon to recovery from our present financial embarrassment. And May even occasion us speedily to to regt the lesson which they have taught. -. In the mean time it is the duty of the government by All proper Means within its Power to Aid m Ull deviating the sufferings of the people occasioned by the suspension of the Banks and to provide a Fri not a recur Rende of the . Unfortunately in either aspect Oft be Case it can do but Little thanks to the Independent Treasury Tuffe government has not Asu Waco compelled to do by the of the Banks will corf let to fsr charge jul liabilities o the people m Gold and Silver. Its in Coin Vylla Aja a Qto Ciroula Iob. And Raa Tenally assist tin i Estor in a a sound Cufre Nefy Rota its High credit should we be of make a Empo the lowest us i have tier Gubie determined to list Wlaz st no works already in pro a Ash Fralof be Sec Finea a Fri not already a of bsh Tolm we a postponed if this can be Dowie without Init by to the coun. Try those necessary for its defence proceed As though there had Bacn no crisis in our monetary affairs. _ but the Federal government cannot do it Edh to provide and rest a dec Fence of existing frills e in if msgr Moiya amp Bie constitutional objections did not exit to 81u&Quot?� the creation of a no Lional Ank this would Hantsb no preventive Spur try. Uru u a a b ,0f the a toted stint of self preservation a tepid Ahon com. Pex orm its deities in swot a manner As to escape the penalty and preserve its we amp a a Quot a with out Ucli immediate in july , country. If wet1c Ould non Fine them to their sphere Anibe event them ing Towitz Sprotti of vim and weeklies is up ecu lation by Loans and Issue they might be continued with advantage to. 4l�e Puffin l 1 b but this i say after Long Anu Urich ret if p t Vei it to be enjoy the Fig polities which Well it might aft is. Without at the it the Tishie. Suffering the calamities which axcese8>f the Dranks have hitherto coubti7t�? a mid then Rai Fiji Alerc of find inf diff to vim nods of dts Pouf a our Rda trons wok of a seme a governments Are. Upon the whole in a Safis factors 8on-dition. A diplomatic difficulties which do Steil Between the of the of is ales and that of great Britain at the adjournment of the last Congress. Jive been happily. Terminated by the appointment of a British minister to this country who Lias been cordially received. Whilst it i Gray try to the interest As i am convicted u is the sincere desire of the governments and people of the two countries on terms of intimate Friendship with each other. 11 has been our misfortune almost always to have bad �9010 irritating if not dangerous Outaw Ahding question with great Britain Sannra a a a 810q8 Webb if flirted the be again in inv it fish put a to js25 an of first England locus air ?ww.-Pwdr e Bank it it in restore Abe to it if Vataj is of Kin Abaffi ,i1s%all0k lib cd of thai Nimms to exp by the Lingua sofa very the process log whatever reduction ,6 than order to equilibrium to a a swy a Hope that the Point atom a a Yutan Bank of England in 1825 was More thar no by Tho issues of the country Banks. But a Bank of the unit states would not it Cou Iai a so Tom be a sure . Onion boy must of a since Tbs origin of a tie govern men we have been employed in negotiating treaties with that pow Jer. And afterwards in discussing their True intent and1 meaning. In tins respect the convention of april 19, 1850, commonly called the Clayton and Bulwer treaty a been the mos i of nun trevo Fittl a government Placa o opposite and Tioila radio or upon its firs find Mosi important article. Whilst Quot believed that this treaty off Quot a it Sec twi to Era up on an emf eau in by the Stunf final o s that Nucher will Ever it cup yet oro4fy, de colonize or assume dump an Over any a part amp of -�8rivrsff,ail Brica it is contended t y the Brill h Gox amp a Romej t that to e tree r f tar Isth a Agha left fiem in lie rightful Possession of All that portion of Central America which was in their oct Panry of the Date of the Fealy in fact that to e i Cay is s v rid Rufi Ugnit o 1 on hid part Omha in Ltd stated of the nil t of great offt in either As our or of Prole tor to the whole extensive coast of Central America sweeping round from the Rio Hondo to he port and Harbor of a in Juan de Nicaragua together with the. Adjacent Bay islands except he comparatively Niall portion of tins Between the or John. And Cape Honduras. According to Ribeir consiruction., Hie treaty i no More than simply prohibit hem Asa part of the Republic of Honduras a upon in examination of Liis convention Between great Britain and Honduras of the Tab August 18gg, tvs found that whilst Fly Glare g Tho Bay of Daids to the a free ter Story under the the Republic of Honduras la deprived that Republic do Tiff bus without Winch its sovereignty Over them could scarcely be Gatto exist it divided them Flora the rear Raindel of Honda fact arts a Jive to did inhabit fits a separate government of the a own with legislative executive and judicial of Beers elected by themselves a a f x. It Honduras of the taxing \ own join every form and exp a Turtch the apr format cent Ujj Lifery do ii a a spa of a a or of Weir Ovyn . pro ibo h g then open try Iii &ifeh3fr, a a of a a surfer who Fin Fly it or amp a a Ftp Fly Bat so a Shab not at any to use a psf Tel �rmitf�d1 to exist therein red. N. 1 a a Sqq it. A Tate a. Rand sum a pm h<1 blood Gnu Ramun i Allied the pm a Dent Wuhan her och Sutic to to or tip half the United states ratio _ Coli use and respect i 1&q1 , .t4bee�et�pliit ont la lie of Ftp Dulce of non Diu a. It ssh tag Tifeld it Ifim Luot t8� ssh Jiff Fesson of. The Clayton Nuj Bulwer treaty out Uncle Ritj Ixl in the United Battee the Senate and a Ubiol tinted ill Istead a a pm ply re fit of the Iota Elf Stead a a Jlon Duras to in the following 1� two contracting parties do hereby my. A a a Ltd a is Cognize add respect the isl huge of $f9-s2u�sp?$8 b Rbar Otla Helena and Morat. Stjuste in a fit Lihty of Honduras and off the coast of the How Duran As under Tho in Terel by pm and As g ii Tio 98, a part of Republic . T Grear Brit tin a affected this Ahten dment Oss Gafni a jets Qew 5gaw>n,tthotsthejatifica�ocba.% f thet bar fall of the,,-1860, , Aud not been exd hanged. Owing a the he Matlo amp it fit to go1- in of the 27flja.ugu8t.-1860. Of banged. Owl Terumi it a Curthis been1 Doue it pasta Tai a Isth a Una Jtj government would Lar Jim Hall Little a Maul agree lag to the modification Pio posed Bulhe see Ato a which. Tjin o0ib 3x>ih,bt8ffiqtofelgd>fica> Tina a Tho Orf dual wording inc tier Thiu would have been the me ctr whether Pere of the of Tbs British convention with Honduras in polut of time to the of for it sity we top Gre at Brt ttys on a Quot in Hare bad then one As the Ong Btl and thus Lavu Ruusu Fidd the Sar adment of the Senate May Well he doubted a it a Sperb is the British go or Ament i amid Atel after rejecting the treaty As amended Jiro Posus to eater a us in %reaty1 Rith. The United a Tate Simil it Njoku so a feta to the treaty which had just refused to ratify if the United Statos Louft consent to add to the Sena s Clear and in quasi de recognition of to Royere Lanty of Hon Dyras Over the Bay islands Tho following conditional stipulation t Quot whenever and so soon be tute Republic 61 yet to a add said Jil Simla. Bub Lect to the pro Isita and Bond Lolomi Cun Talnad in Ich treaty. _ a. Feet in it position was of course re eject cd. After the so Tanto had ref Aeed Ahe Bri Tutu conv Antrob with Honduras of the 27th Auguat less Wuhu Unknow Lodge of its Crit end to fat was mph a Sihu a a for crie7neceffimrtly to Narant of a the provisions and Juch ight to contained amp a future Coho end Tigh Btty a a the same Fer ties to Anu in the i inh Vanee. # a Ltd to just Theu g.Britain, and the in item states mutually desirous As they Are Andl Trust Sver relations with Cash oter have a Fortunah Par Index afr Eaty which they la Seiil strictly opposite the Wisest course is to Ibro Gaffe such a treaty by Mutual consent and to . Had this been done promptly a a Diffly Lutien in Central America would most probably Ere this a amp Vei Beon so Jufat amp to to the satisfaction of both parties. The time spent in discussing the meaning of the Clay ten and Bulwer treaty would h Sre Btu a do Fotz a to Uda praiseworthy purpose Anil the task would have been the More easily accomplished because the interest of the two coup tries in Central America is fined the a a Muring Safe transits Over All the routes across the isthmus r while entertaining these sentiments i shall nevertheless not refuse to contribute any reasonable adjustment of the Central american question which is not practically inconsistent with Fate american interprets Tio Nof the treaty. Overtures for Thea Purdeu have be a recently made by the British government in a Friendly brio Idiaby Reci ungate but whether this renewed Effort wih Resulthia up chess i aim not yet. Prepared to Elk press an opinion a Brief a crawl Wilf deter Mike a -. A a a a quo with France our ancient relation a of Friendship still continue to exist. The French government Hare in several recent instances which need hot be enumerated evinced a Spirof Good will and Hudness towards our country which i heartily reciprocate it is notwithstanding much to be regretted that two actions whose productions Are of such a character As to invite the Mosi extensive exchanges and freest commercial Intercourse should enforce a deut and obsolete restrictions of Trade against each other Par commercial treaty with France is in this re pet an a a cent in a from our treaties with All other commercial nations. It jealousy urls discriminating duties both., on tonnage and on articles the growth pm Odny a crr my a a facture of the one Coji Jurj when set other. More than forty years ago on the , j82�, cob goers passed an act offering to Ali Natl ohs a to Adint their vessels Laden with Mieir a Mitoi Oil pro dict tons Visto the Points of. The United states upon the same terms with our Ovra left Tfir provided titty would re probate to us a similar Adan tape. Jshii it onh Edithe reciprocity to the productions of the respective foreign nations who might enter into. arrangement with the United states. Ahmit of .mdy4,16, re Boyed this restriction and oct red a Giinthir reciprocity such Vesseis without reference Oti i of their upon these principle our commercial tre iffy and a rang Mehte have been founded except with France and let us hate that this except in a Ify a a by it�nexllt.1 our relations with b.u8ia remain As they hate Over been on the most Friendly few 1 no. The present Emper ror As Well As his predecessors have never failed who a the occasion offered their Good will to. Our country and their Friendship has always been highly appreciated by the govern cat and1 people of the United states. A ,.,.v� a. A Quot with All Oiler european governments except that of Spain our relations Aie As peaceful As we you Fol Ersira i regret to Obj that no Progress Imit made 11s81 the of Congress towards us Settle ref a of of any of the numerous of a i Tutens against the Spanish. i lds the it Trage comm iced 01� Var flabby to Mifty a War Fregat Sferro i Iii Rel no Ore than simply pro Bdl Mem Lana on the High a Erm off the coast of Cuba in March w m s7.t� a 18m. By Fina futo the american mail Steamer i Dorado 111 and def Ambirg and searching her remains Tea know a a it Iff nols ngsdm�ffisdra8sedv a a iwo Aii Wica beyond t Hep went him Ltd too much to. Ipin tj�6 United states their Ity been Corw deed Sidohr a const Ticu amp a it never i Lff lil Are been nept Itald under Fth Ati Thornty or he Prem Lent nor would it have of cry a Ved the approbation of a Tho Universal convict non in the untied self a be Vesie hat when our govt Tatnen of fou Sentif a a Viola in Trade us Ami Home Rhone fifth policy Rand to att Vedete with a for Neer to pc Cipy or Cuire Territo in i ventral 4jner can portion of Wiir own the Corisis Ler Slish for Inis Sac Nice was Tia great Britan should n bishes Peckott Lea t be plate in the same Kopitin ill Laselves Whire we have 110 Richt to Dot tit Rise sit Cerry of the but is a tense Airai a my a a a use a Mot �1� Ireata it i a a be Yos get fee my deliberate coat Chi qashat i a in oppo. if Dilia a pint a Uirder-fh3 late administration Jea it Iti i Fiona Weflin Between a a to a gov a to fms be Oyia Jmes 7v v was by this ii ate on the following Toth of Vav Hejl Wjk Sreap a we ab�8f$ls.,b� the by tie Rise on the i2lh March Mem a tej Teal so a loitdiarlirnwffdi2hpt1a�?Trbr 1 a a a keep theft of the canse re Ahi Nfn to Trad itovtm5 son ate Afton recite a that Ieso islands and a having been by a Uon veni a 2 at. August 1856, bal wee ii her in Amo majesty and Public of Honduras constituted and declared a free Tarot Oil neat Loward thai of the uni la Santee Ere much to the it is my pt�rposo3to Send Oufa un�waut1nlsfer to Spain it the special instructions of amp. All a questions Page dog blk twid to two govern manuf. Anti a the a determination to Bata them Apa ally and this be possible. In to a mean time whenever our minister urges the just claims of our cite sons on the notice of the Spanish Goy torment. He is met objection that ctr grass hav Nev for a made the appropriation it recommended by by ident Folk in message of be . To be paid tue Spanish government for the purpose of distribution a pug. The claimant in the am Tad Case. Is Luji a a chem. Pred cd apr Jet his menage of Deeo her ls63.and in Asili Edjir ref a men Dalton waa made bar May immediate Sovei h the said kep0dllc 01 Hwu Ras a Sunu lated that a the to amp contracting a Hesss Sass re tirely concurring with both in tha of Pluton that this in. A malty is justly due under the tre it Tyr Iruh so ten of the 27th of bcr.lf05. I earned try it a comm thu la such an to a Trauty of fond Iii and Uncle did at tha 13th december. 1b56. Bet won the United crates and for a. The ratifications of Welcl were exchanged at constantinople on the 131b Juno. 18&tj and the try aty was proclaimed by the president on the 16th at Guit . This is believed. Voll prove Bene it Bicalho american Commerce Tho Shah Lim Maui felted an oaf nest Lisp Egitton to cultivate for Lyndly relations with our country. And has expressed a Strong wish that we so by lab repel baited at Liberan by a minietto plenipotentiary and i recommend that in approx elation be made for Cal Fly purpose. It cent occurrences in chlo have it been unfavourable to let a revision 5f t lie treaty with that Empire of the so july 1844-. With Avier to the Security end Extension of our ,,24�h Art Cle of Uhls treaty Itaipu Uffit for a a a vision of it. La Jase Enji silence should prove amp is to 6b requisite in which Ca Sathe two it Elfi Twelver years Frorup Tho Date Rof a Tiu Cou Etc two treat amicably Coc Mcming Tbs a so. By Means of Suffi Dale persons appointed to conduct such a of a a twelve Yoars expired of the 3d Fily. 185ffl bul Long before that Pend it was that important blah fun the treaty Verc necessary and Ever fruit Lei. A Ere Felt be by he % a a Wurther e Tiff la a we a a Bour to Jud vol for Uttel Ifer conjunction . For of Jan inf Tafs is Fly spa fid a of of Misc uned in the Canton River Between Greig re Mwai Empire. Tebee hostilities have a act the Rad of All nations with7. Canton Whf a a 18 sow in a state Orvbl Cowd and have occajonc4.? of in a of Hasiot data Ting irined mme pro Nayl Alaf my by. A a tra diary High Tep Cal pkitetfhteyjtr�3gm to an. Can did bpp�tfiiiltie8�#hkh via a a to Imp Taf. Able to a Kana Ltd a a re a. Ile a Teri halted. State for the place of i dwt action in Biily la.1 in the War Teamor it Linnca Bra special ail Nitana to Catena Heve Aleo seed appointed by Tho Gever Mente of Greet Britain and franc. A a a Hirt our minister Haa been instructed to occupy a Sautural position in refer Sce to the existing hostilities at Canton he will cordially co operate with the British and French ministers in All peaceful measures to Yesura by treaty stipulation thase to Commerce Whf a the nations of the world have a right to expected which China cannot Long he permitted to withhold from assurances received i entertain no doubt that the three minister flu act is Barm Sious concert to obtain Aims he com Marrisa treaties bar each of the Power they up a a Petiet ebb Abdel . Deep inter., in�?T11 that con a Cerne of the ind Pendant re Pallu Iii ear own ,Well Avo the Empire of Brazil. A our dts cult. Jtb new Granada Ali ice a Bort time f ai%�02f-� sri if ble a i he wow i i aids hoped in a late Tram of settlement in a a funner just and honor7 ble to both a parties. A a a pm a deeply Luje to Ltd to Tot any Otho amp Dation to orca of Ting the Freedom and a a malty of null la Ifor Une Luumi. It to Oak Doty Fer before to take Caretha Joboy Ahall Otto interrupted ii herbs. Invest slow from our own country or by War let Weed the Lude Contr aka Merica. 3� y uss a Jurf use 12th of december we Ere jmj ind to Genera qty the neutrality if Tkv iitiniwoflwt��,thfb�?ow4lr�h-nhe a Cien 1 Eil read Pauaea a a Welu Ajla fight a a of Jjo Yenty and property which i few Bat and possesses us Row a. Possai Uusi Ovar Tho Saia Errit Oryl a Jim Isufi Deil of equiv Aje ii tag Rani by Shait Revty to Pec i add Faff a six Fikso a Coa 4 a Commena to co inn jhe3��aag? of in a Fco it Hoff a Lnu to e Eisal Datula cwh3 iry a pc a fils a amp Ftp bks a a pm a via is Iju la Yamameh Sinai Star Leila a a a ,j��riiejpdppejlpiit�5epjijglictta the continent Joti fell c iterate to most Iff or f it a Dent to the Fate and must always rejoice res it Rity unfair to no to be ninth fr1"i Fiir a to plot anti add ate a mss in he thu War w rial Progress or Lampal Bourc Fracter a Owuor us of a Ftp rat of it Yauch Eytel Pris a Lawa drlt��tm9tli�a a Irette Kafis of an India a thamtjeoti.011 Public u to not hell at it to Denonc Wuco i Bose flt acts As to Libov and murder weak and i i i hive Thowe of tuo Tiai a Iner Rrt Way not feel Able to assert Ami Viu Decatu rights the Aavo a Ljuldj far to Flat Reut if expeditions Erst Petou foot with in Uicon to Rritt file to a tfx be pro a Helph. If Fitch Petu tons Scro a lifts a our Robin abroad Agar Ian portion or Ibur Pond sultry or ittes Murde Randt i her our a surer our Furui Cut. We. A Tould Call any Power on Earth to it rth strictest account for not . A. of acts of Congress in Etc Beorn in Fura to pm Nair so a wry y. The crime of foot a military Ope Tiffon within the limits of the United proceed from thence1 against Utju amp Tion or Sfa Luv stir whom Waro at peaces. The Pray sent out reality act of april 20th. Isle is but collection of pre existing Lawit a user Lii fact the lives. Iden Fis empowered to employ Tho in Send naval Forcee fur the purpose to Clit Ruhig on of any such expedition or Cantcy Niao from to turn Tori a and Jarl diction of the United Stet fsr Ftp id Quot the Roll Cora of ens Tomp Are it Auto orig to toted a req i ird to detain Auy. Xes Jel in ,.?Jhen there is of tug to by Dubre she is in Hiir i in\rio�ofrf5�rpri it Heui to was first Ude a pro t Biell att an a tempt Rouhi to made to Glup Anmer Nln Elul a six to Ivira Tagna the Sec jury urinate i3ducd�?~tfs Ruc Tio ifs Maes Bals and diet Triet Ati Arceya which we re directed by of War audit lib a nov to the appropriate a any and nary officers requiring Quot tbem�?~10 be vigilant and to use to Beer hest�fxer.tias4 in Clarr Fiig into effect the provisions us the set of 1818-biotwithstandi�g these precautions the exp i tan . Cube into Dono possibly Good to the country but have already inflict a Tel much in july both on its of amp to a its fahd its Clr tract a Elf a a Haw Prev he id peaceful Emig suon Tro fue us a a to ibo Butos of Antral America for Biclie Cociu not prove highly acne Lulal not nil parties concerned. In a Pechner a by Point of View a gone. Our cd Vixen Hava Vul tailed heavy losses from the st Izu Roan i oking 01 the Irum Xit route he he san Junn. Bet in the two oceans. A a be under of the recent expedition was Afra Feti at new Orleans hut was Dischar Edun i veg bail fur his appearance in the insufficient sum of two of Boucaud Del Lars. I commend the whole subject to Tho serious attest ton of Congress believing that our duty and our cult of toi6t, As Oil As Ohr National character re Mir that we a humid adopt such measures As win 1 Elf actual in a committing such outrages. I regret to Lii pm you that the pre nuent of Paraguay has refused to ratify the treaty Between the United states and that state As. Amended by the Senate the signature of which we mentioned in the mess it of my pro Degior Toft amp Gress at the opening of its session Ini . The reason a slug a for this refusal will appear in the correspondence herewith summed. It Neidg Das Iralu to ascertain Tho fitness to it of the River a la Plata Anu its tribe Narviea for navigation by steam a the uni eur tates Steamer her stitch was sunt thither a Fontham purpose is 28a3. This Enterprise was Success j fully carried it a until february. 1866. When. Juist Iii the a peaceful prosecution of her voyage up the Parana River. T Tate xer was fired upon by a paraguayan Forti the i but a the a of Soi la r Force. And not designed for often eve operant Ron. Eho re f tired amp of the conflict. The pretext upon who re the at \ tack was made was a decree of the in resident of Para i Gay of october 164, prohibiting foreign Vou us of War j from navigating the River of that state. I As Paraguay however was the owner of but one Bank of the River of it that a ame the. Le3pfe& j�.�?.� a mfg Kiyoto. Hour Wise then was Ujj for i Joper is to Pas Over nil subordinate and Ftnat rms do Toft ended a and proceed directly to Tho Sou cd Robfrt dlr Egu uhte Power under our institutions a Jef a. Vain�25&i a Kny to apr principle prove m by the Case of the Union or abolish of the people Iol a off tit than to continue it existing agitation during a the in of pm tied re oils Dito make tie Constitution conform Oatlie irreai8trblufwill of the majority. The an in Pporter of Tho Nebraska and on a a i Atoui to. Lyse prot ion in fore the great to Bunal never differed about its True this Subj not. Svery Ubare should ing amatory Sagaj the a Vul hav Ujj and to exas Pom wry ugh out tee Affioti tie publicly pledge thou Jaisli and , to Atabey. Would cheerfully i Abdil the Liq Jpn of a Laver to the decision of it the 6cw��qrjsd��peopl�iof a Kansas without any re it nation or Nau amp ratio i whatever. A were Cor a Jwa t Doctrie of popular Richla Tho vital principle of our free i Nadvit then been insinuated from payt Tia Xor that Cit a Ould a be a of sufficient comp Liao web the req u it fictions of the organic Law for the Toenail acts of a gov mention. There of Tejw is cd Alec led a Vita hold the question of ill amp my Frog he and t Aubut Jamte the r Tbs Pluf blk eff a by Ascer let amp ibid in amp Jor pity of uth Al a is a Wou feud a no timely re tech de. tie Roso latib adopted on Audie Bratov oct Casio the people of ail Tbs Temte rids a including Kansas and Nebraska a acting through Ihrl will of a majority of us Iuo residents Ana whenever Tho number of their inhabitants justifies it. To Formia Constitution with or without Siam cry find be admitted into Tho a Union upon terms of perfect of Bunmy with me other plates. The to Frame a Constitution for Kansas met on the first londay of september lm.fr-. Wero called together by virtue of an not of the territorial legislature. Whose Lawi i had been recognised by Cun Gres m different forms Ana. By different can Imoma. A Largo proportion of the Ciu Zous of Kansas Aid not think property regi apr their names Ana to vote at a Tuftie election for utlcgatg1? but an Oppe Unity to do to Bis have a a been Quiriy ail rued. I Weir refusal to a Vail themselves of their right could m no manner affect the legality of use convention. This convention proceeded to Frame a cons Titu lion for Kansas. Ana i Muir adjourned on the 7th Day of november. But Hugo file Eulive occurred 111 the convention except of Tho sui5jeut of slavery. The Usu the Xii that provisions of our re cent dipl to similar a Ana. I May add so excellent that the Dmoi once Between them is not essential. Jinder be earlier Tracu Cerf the government., no Constitution named by the pref oratory to its admission a into the Union As a state has been sub minted to the people i Trust however the example set by the last Congress requiring that the Constitution of my Nesotas Quot should be eur sect in the approval Pitnu Rati option of the people of the proposed Caio. May he followed on future occasions. I took it for granted that the convention of Kansas would not in accordance wih this example founded As 1m?. On Correct principles and hence my la Struc tons to a of. Walker in favor of submitting the hons Tutila to the people were expressed in gen eral unqualified the Kan a Nebro in act Howe or the re a Arementas applicable to the whole Constitution Ltd a not been the convention were a Sottbouifdeby-4t� terms to submit and other por Tion of the to in election except that which relates to the Quot Domestic institution Quot of Sla Iii to simple reference to its language. It was notto slate Sla tory into any territory or Stato. Nor Fly exclude it therefrom but to Lekve the people thereof perfectly free to form an Regul amp the their Domestic institution in their own Way. According to theilan Tou Struc Tion of the sentence the words a Domenic institutions Quot have a direct is they have an appropriate reference to slavery. Quot Domestic institutions Are incited to the family. Alter Clauton Between Mas. Ter and Riave and a few others Are a Domestic institutions. And entirely distinct from institutions of a Post finl character. Besides there we no question then before Congress nor indeed has their any. Serious question before the people of Kansas or the country except that which relates to the Quot Domestic institution Quot of slavery. Tho convention a after an angry and excited de ate _ this Debar void advertiser a family paper for town and country is printed a amp a published weekly by we. M. Bre8lih, in the 2d Story of a two a new building on befriend st at one Dollar and fifty cents a year Fly a in sorted at the usual Ratos Bates of postage. In Lebanon county postage Iroe in Pennsylvania out of Lebanon county Coats her Quarter or 13 cents a year. A out of this 8tuto, 8�� cts. Per Quarter or 26 ots a year if the postage u not paid to Noe rates Ore doubled. a j a us pm. A Uza Vii i m.ftz�?T. A. To it i tera1, to to 1 tor mod by a Joritz of ohly would he obeyed cannot be Ahw pledged. Lint the a two to submit the question of slavery to the Pooler Witch was not properly speaking a Vysel of War a i pie though at the last forty three of the fifty Del she was a email Steamer engaged in a Scien Alfir enter i a Gates present affixed their signatures to the con Price intended for the advantage of or mind a Cir a states i it tuition a a a a rarity of tic Conan ton Sia fat calling tor a a tis action from the for Auayan govern Vor of establishing slavery in Kansas they a ment. ,. Cordingly inserted in the Constitution Stales also. Oho. We re Stab j for Ishik inform to those which had Nimr. Own Hurt Row inv. Bcen-1adopted by other Terr Tonel have had to Var property fief amp a and taken from them and Jiava tinted by Tho authority in Ftp in lung acid arbitrary a demand for these purpose made. In. Floraa but Concini history spirit this win the Mora probably be granted if the executive shall have to use other Means in Tho event of a refusal. This is accor Ding recommended. S. It is unnecessary the state in detail the he thing Condoli Loii of the Terri or of Kahuna at the a Guition. The oppose bag partied thenis Teolin Hoitz Ler Ray and any acc debit might there Light cd the Fiam Osof civil War. Besides at this critical Momient kau8�s was left the re a ignation of gov. Geary. A at the time of the Ehi Tiou for Delagnes an extensive organization xht6d in the territory a tote avowed object it was of need be. To put Down the of Tufa govern a night by fore and to establish a government of their own under th�.8$cau�d Topeka . The persons ttttaclicd4 m the organic Afoa abstained from to Kitty any part a the election. A a / on the 19th of february previous in. The Territola leg a providing for the transition a rom ter Tocy to a state government the que lion Hab keep fairly and explicitly referred to the people whether they will have a Constitution Atwith or without it do Clarus that before the Constitution adopted by the convention Quot shall he sent to Congress for admission into the a Union i state a an election shall beheld to de . A which All the White male inhabitants of the the age i 21 Are entitled to you a. They Are to Yoke by ballot and a the Kalots cast at said election shall be endorsed Constitution with slavery and Constitution without if there be a majority in favor of the Quot Constitution with slavery Quot then it is to be Trana fitted to Congress by the president of the convention in its original form. If on Tho contrary Ibero shall be a majority in Ivor of Tho Quot constr tuition wit i no slaves then tic article or bold Ial Atura Pra Viitel. For the. Election of a aug Jfe a slave by st a a lbs stricken from the constr 5 a 4� of tut. Convention a and framing a Constitution admission into the Union. Thia la was in the main fair and just had it is to Bfl-rcgrettd4ha$au�?Ttkequftiifii d Eier tors had not registered Thornb Clefs and voted under us provisions. The fact it of tha territorial had omitted to provide fur submitting to the poo pie the Constitution which might a framed by. The convention and in the excited fee ift arthr Oug Hout Kongsan prevailed that a design existed to mice Spoti them in Rellon to slavery a against their will in this emergency it Beca Niemy duty is it was my unquestionable Dight having in View the a no Benof All Good citizens in support of the territorial Laws to express an Opi Utan Pkt he True construction of the slavery contained in Tho or Ganic actor Congro of tho30thof May 1854. A co Greit declared it to Rev Ibe True intent and this act net to leg late slavery into any territory or state nor to exclude it the Rof Roin Lut to leave the people thereof perfectly free to Oriu and Reguly to their Domestic inst Tuyu of in their own Way.�?�. Under it Kau to Tel a Whord admitted As a state a was to a the Recd Ved into the Munroa a to or without slavery a amp to Cir Constitution a May prescribe at the time of their and minion. ,. Did Congress mean by that language that the delegates Riec tetto Frame a Constitution should Hare. Authority finally to decide the question of slavery or did they intend by leaving it to the people that the people of Kausas then Sebec should decide this question by a direct vote on this doubt and therefore in my instructions to governor Walker of thu Isth March last. I merely said that when a Counti tuntion shall to the it pie. Of the territory they must to protect cd in the exercise of their right of voting for or against that instr Mere a. And the fair exp Orion of the popular will most Liot be interrupted by fraud or violence. Quot. A. A a in. Expressing this opinion it was far from my intention to interfere with Tho decision of the people of Kaunas either for or against slavery. From this i have always carefully abstained entrusted with the duty of Tilting Quot care to amp to the Bawlf be faithfully executed. My Only the people of Kansas should forms to cop Gross thee Idencio required by Tho organic act. Whether. A or or against slavery and manner smooth their passage into Thol Jmon. In Emir Ngy from the condition of territorial depends not be in that of a a overnight amp to amp tip Siuwah ther e cd h Nfn a a him o n Bio Mozip �r�j5ill by Tea a fit us we Ontl a Iff i do. Thi6 5was the on a Siblo pc it Ltd which to boil will 3j#so<rtained a in election of. a convention must Placo to a Parale Dis note. From this cause it fifty read a by iffy As Haa often been Fript Jar Najy a Tyi Ofa?statfi4 Aro of quest Ioji. A whilst a majority of representative from the Severni. Districts in Ovnich it if Divi the. Dts Eric idd. This a�s-frbtni4hotfaotthat?in58bmoi District delegator May b6elegiodbymmallmajor- Itier whilst in others those of different sentiments May receive majorities sufficiently great not Only it to overcome the votes Given for the former but to leave a Large majority of the whole people in direct opposition to a majority of the delegates. Besides. Our history proves that influences May be brought to Bear on the representative sufficiently powerful to induce him to disregard the will of his constituents. The truth is. That no other an then tie . Wage exists of ascertaining of. A. Majority of the people state or territory on any important Ana a Xci cing ques Tion like that of slavery in Kansas except by it is expressly declared that a no slavery shall exist in the state of Kansas except that he right of property in slaves now in the territory shall in no manner be interfered with Quot and in that event it is made his duty to have the Constitution thus ratified transmitted to the Congress of the United states for the admission of the state into Tho Union. At this election every citizen win have an Opportunity of expressing his opinion by his Voto Quot Whethe Jwj Kansas shall be received into the Union Ihab tar without slavery/1 and thus this exciting question May he peacefully settled in Tho very Mode required by the organic Lew the election will be held under legitimate authority and if any portion of the inhabitants shall refuse to vote a Fifer Opportunity Lodoslo having been presented this will be their own voluntary act and they alone will be responsible for the consequences. Whether Kansas shall be a free or a slave state must Erenbu amp Fly under some authority be decided by a election j and the question can never be More clearly or distinctly presented to the people than it is at the present moment. Should this Opportunity be rejected she May be involved for years in Domestic discord and possibly in civil War. Before Sho cab again make up Tho Issue now to fortunately tendered amp not Lapin reach the Point Sho has already attained. Kansas Haa Lor some cars of cured too much oft1fe Public attention. Itis High time this should be directed to far1 More important objects. When onco admitted into Tolje Lavon. Whether myth or without slav or. Iho excitement beyond her own limits will pc Odily puss away and she trill then for the first time to left As she ought to have b a Long since Tom Mage Hor own affairs in her own Way. Ii lick Constitution on Tho sub. Oct a it of Ria cry. Or on any. Obj ice subject to Dis pm la aging to a majority of Tho face of of. No human a Power Cun Felt Tai changing it within a Brief period. Undem Herb it emby.ftw6ll, be nos Onedo whether to Peaco Jand Opict of the Are not of greater Ira to utile of Foft Berf Iho p a Lihz by i so to be so of. E ?8iouldtbo-con�ytstla.n�hit.tout�-Slavqi y be adopted by the votes of. Twig rights of property in Slart is now in Tho territory Are re Roft Eft the number of these is very Small hut pit Ertz greater the provision would be equally a Reiso. Jayes wore brought Jato the territory Luidor a mtg of Tho unfted�?T8tates Ana Are now tin property of their Moffit crib a this porn Fhaid at length been finally. A decided a huf the in guest judicial tribunal of the Opatry ant thar upon. The a Mim to Isle that when a of Albi Toquiro a new territory it their joint of is Knoth Equality Ana jute Fitce Domand that the oif Siftsof one and ail of them Shau have Tho right to take into it whatsoever is Retog used As property by the com. Mon Constitution. To have summarily confi3oat de the property in slaves already in the territory would have been an not of Gross injustice and contrary to the Prattico of Tho older states of Tho Union which have abolished Ala very a territorial government was established for Utah by act of 9th. Sop-t6mh�r., 4850, add the of institution and it Laws of we United Sfiris Viere tuft Geefay extended Over it a so far tithe Ranje o Rwy prove Binor thereof May to tins act provided for the appointment by the. President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate of a governor who was to be of offi Cio superintendent of Indian affairs a Secretary Throe judges of the in Pritne court a marshal and a District attorney. Subsequent acts provided for Tho appointment of the officers Neco airy to Caxton a our land and our Indian Tho territory. Brigha Inyoung wus ppm Ltd the first governor on Yie 20th september .1860, and bus the office Ever since. Whilst governor. Young has been both governor and superintendent of Indian affairs throughout thl. Pm cod he has been at Tho same Timo the head of the Burcu culled the latter Day saints and professes to govern its members and dispose of their property by direct inspiration and authority from the almighty his Novor has been therefore. Absolute Over Botler Church and state. The people of l Tab aim is excl by belong to this Church and believing with a fanatical spirit that he is governor of the territory by divine appointment they Only his commands As if those were direct revelations from a loaves. If therefore he chooses that his shall come into collision Wutti the Doorn mint of the United stale the members of the mormon Church will yield implicit obedience to his will. Unfortunately. Existing facts Jeave but it to a doubt that such is his determination. Without entering upon a minute Bui Orv of it cd or Rencs. It is sufficient say the officers of toe United states judicial and executive with Iho single exception of two Indian agents have found. It necessary for their own personal safety 10 withdraw from the ter Orv d hero i Onger a it Chi any government in Utah but the a Despui Iii of Brigham \ Oung. This being inc re Muon of affairs in the in Maury i could not Hii Slako inn path off duty. An Luif magistrate. I was bound to restore those Primacy 01 inc Coustie ution and Laws within its in my. In order to on cot this purpose i Ftp Oieu a now governor u my other Federal of Fiers for Utah. And sent with them a military Force for choir protein of. Anu 10 Aid As amp pos Crft mute m Case of need in the execution of the Laws. With the Reigi Uii opinions of the mormons amps Long As they remained Mere opinions however deplorable m these Ives. And revolting to the moral Ana religious sentiments of ail Christendom,.i had no right to Imeri ure. Actions atone when in violation of the Constitution Ana jaws of the United states become the legit Malo Subie ots for Tho jurisdiction of the civil magistrate. My instr no runs to guv. Cumming have therefore been framed in strict accordance with these principles. At their Date a Hopo was indulged that no necessity might exist for employing the military in and maintaining the authority of uie Law but ibis Hope has How vanish cd. Gov. Young Haa. La proclamation declared his determination in maintain his Power by Force and Haa already committed acts of hostility against Iho United Steich. Umusa he a humid retrace Hii Sieps the territory of Utah will be i a state of upon rebellion. He Bas committed these acts of hostility notwithstanding Maior Van Yaliet an officer of the army sent to Utah by Ibe cueral to Purchase provisions Lor the troops Hud Given him Tho strongest assurances of the peaceful intention of the government and that the troops would Ozilva be cup Vovou Asa noorae Oon Calion on by the civil authority to Aid in the execution of thu mrs. The pfc is reason to a Eueva that gov. Loung has Long Contesa plied this Rosulin. To knows that Tho Coudon amp acc of his despotic Power Denenco upon Iho exclusion of All seniors from to territory except Bose who will acknowledge his divine Mission amp us implicit in obey his win Auu that an enlightened Public opinion Thoro would soon prostrate institutions at War with the Laws both of god and Man. To Bas. Therefore for several years in Ostler to maintain his Independence bees industriously Impi amp Yea in collecting and fabricating arms of War. And in disciplining the mormons for military service. A Indian affairs he Lias bad an Opportunity of tampering with Tho Indian tribes and exciting their hostile feelings against the United so Miof Kwh we a Xuy i to has accomplished in regard to some of these tribes while others have remained True to their allegiance and have communicated his intrigues to our Indian agents he has Laid in e store of provisions for Throe years which in cose of necessity As he informed major Van Eliot he will conceal Quot and then take to the mountains and bid Defiance to All the Powers of the a great part of All this May he Idle boasting hut yet no Wise government will lightly estimate the efforts which May to inspired by such Phr Cra sied fanaticism As exists among Tho mormons in Utah. This is the first rebellion which has existed in our territories and humanity itself requires that we should put it Down in such Aman ner that it shall be the last. To trifle with it would be to encourage it and to Render it formidable. To ought to go there with such an imposing orce a to convince these deluded people that resistance would be Vii of and thus spare Tho effusion of blood. We can in this manner Best convince them that we Are their friends not their enemies. In order to accomplish this object it will be necessary according to the estimate of the War department to raise four additional regiments and this i earnestly recommend to Congress. At the present moment of depression in the revenues of the country i am sorry to to obliged to recommend such a measure but i feel confident of Tho support of Congress Cost what May in suppressing the insurrection and in restoring and maintaining the sovereignty of the Constitution and Laws Over the territory of Utah. I recommend to Congress the establishment of a territorial government Over Arizona incorporating with it such portions of new Mexico As they May deem expedient. T need scarcely adduce arguments in support of this recommendation. We Are bound to protect the uves and property of our citizens inhabiting Arizona and these Are now without efficient Protection. Their present number is already considerable and is rapidly increasing notwithstanding the disadvantages Wiffler which they labor. Besides the proposed territory is believed to to Rich in Mineral and agricultural resources especially in Silver and Copper. The mails of the United states to California Are now carried Over it throughout it whole extent and this route in known to to the nearest and believed to be the Best to the Pacl fio. Long experience Lian deeply convinced me that it strict construction of the Powers granted the Congress is the Only True As Well As the Only Safe theory of the Constitution. Whilst this Principio shall guide my Public conduct i consider it Clear that under the War making Power Congress May appropriate Money for the construction of a military Road through the territories of the United states when this is absolutely accessory for the defence of any of the stoics against foreign invasion. The Constitution has conferred upon Congress Power to Quot declare War Quot Quot to raise and support armies a Quot to provide and maintain a Navy a and to Call Forth a militia to Quot Repol these High Sovereign Powers necessarily involve important and responsible Public duties and among them there is none so sacred and so imperative As that of preserving on soil from the invasion of a foreign enemy. Tho Constitution has therefore left nothing on this out to construction but expressly requires that Quot the United states shall protect each of them the state a against now if a military Road Over our own territories to indispensably Neo Ezeary to enable by to meet and repel Tho invader it follows As a necessary Dan amp sequence not Only that we possess the Power but it a our imperative duty to construct such a Roud. It would be an Absurdity to invest a government with the unlimited Power to make and. Conduct War and at Tho same time deny to it Tbs Only Meana of reaching and defeating the enemy at the Frontier. Without such a Road it is quite evident we cannot Quot protect Quot California and our Pacific possessions Quot against we a a Ier Niraj Fern port men of War from the Atlantic states in sufficient Quot Timo successfully to defend those Remote and Distant portions of the Republic experience Lias proved that the route across tha isthmus of Central America Are at Best but a very Uncertain and unreliable Mode of communication but even if this were not the Case they would at Poco to Sod again amp i us in the even of War with a naval Power so much stronger than ear own by it to blockade the ports at either end of these routes. After ail. Therefore we can poly roly upon our own Marx Bones and ver 6incctb� Engin of the a dem amp it Congress Haa Beon m Tho practice of Money from the Public Treasury for the Cess my Tion of such roads. A Tho Coit Axeling a military Railroad to connect our Atlantic and Pacific states have been greatly exaggerated a the distance on the. Arizona route near the 32d parallel of North latitude Between the Western Boundary of Tesy on the Bio Grande q4 the Eastern Bouna try of California on the ser do from the debt explorations now within oar knowl Edge does not exceed four hand Rad and Granty Siuea and the country is in the Mun favourable. For ohm Tokuji reasons the gov Egu amp eat
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