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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 9, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaRno maj tinting a a it pc cd a a a to acs its a neatly and promptly executed at a a adv Kisee office Lebanon pen to this establishment is now supplied wit i an extensive. A i a. A a a Tati Ippi which will b6 a ctr to Ioctl its tic assortment of Job Type wac a a n Ltd a it patronage demands. It can now turn ont print Iho of Jerry description in a neat Ami expeditions a wimp Amdon very reasonable terms. Such As pamphlets checks business cards handbills circulars labels. Bill headings Blank programmes Buis of Bare invitations tickets &c., amp a. Of All kinds common and judgment Bonds. A a Jizzi in to ices constables and other Blanks printed Esmy it and neatly on the Best paper constantly kept female it ass office at prices a to suit the a a scr option Price of the Lebanon one Dollar and a half a year. Address we. 51. Bees in Lebanon a. Att Wei i it Tje 1attorney at Law office North test Corner of water and Market streets Xibi Kapiton. Lebanon nov. 18, 1863.�?jy. Alcor be off Leger or attorney at Law. 0ffige in rooms torm Ray Otott pie by or. Fenni Uei 5behm, deceased it nil a Vogt a Lorse hotel 3 Street leu Usu. August 26, 1863._�?� a or Alf ski diva a attorney at Law office in Cumb Berlani Street u in a for East of a the Ragle hotel inthe office Lata of Bis father a of it John Weidman deed. A Lebanon. Sept 9,1863. A a /removal.a. Stanley Ulrich att or Ney at Law a removed his office to the building one door was of la sesh store opposite the Washington Honse Bount and pension claims promptly Ateek a be Ovata a. T. a dam attorney at Law to a removed Bis office to Market Street opposite h the anon Bank two doors North of widow rises hotel. Lebanon March 25, 63,----- a in tiv i , by strict attorney has removed his office tvs of lately occupied by or. Leo p. in Cumberland Street Lebanon a few doors East feb Eagle hotel end two doors West of Goff. On&.lsi�. Cyrus , a in Walnut a treat new a 5 opposite the Buck hotel and two doors Artith a from Karma uyt a hardware Stoie. Lebanon april 9,_1862.--l.y_________________________ Baselek Boyer Ettli a. R. Bouoiirtr., Esq. Cumberland Street oppose court Daae Lebanon a. _ , Iouo-1 and Navy mme a. Bohaty. Baack born Samit of ii a torn Eye . Jiu1b been licensed to prosecute i a claims and having been engaged in the Bounty and pension business offers his services to All those who a Are thereto entitled in accordance with the various a acts of Congress All such should Call or address at a .0nee.and make their applications through. B Assler Bovee attorney at Law omit with a. It. Bob Gutkis Esq., a Cumberland Street Rig polite the court House october 28,1s63. Lebanon a. Quot we st. Beer attorney at Law office in Stichter a bulb big. Cumberland Street nearly opposite the const House _ Lebanon 51 by a 1863.�?tf. A Avol. 15---n0. 24. Lebanon a wednesday december 9, �86s.whole no. 764 0hr Samuel s. Leily Foeks his professional services to the citizens of 1 Lebanon and Vicinity. Of fice to res Leuce of Ira l. Bush two doors West of office of or. Samuel beb Modecki in Cumberland Street. A Leha Pou a Pru 15,1863, or Ato Ali h. . Offers dive professional services to the citizens of the Borough of Lebanon and Vii my. Office is Walnut utre Ert two doors North of the outlier an a so nag. March 4, >363. We Igle a amp Dewalt commission merchants Fop. The Hale of butter eggs cheese tallow lard poultry game dried fruits Grain seed amp a. To. 170 Meade Street one door above Washington Matt Yophiy. O. Weigley. \ r. Do Walt. S. References Kobb a Aee tragic now York alien amp brother do . Sell Mdge Esq., do Jones x Shepard do slam son Linbach a Farrington do Samuel g. Dub son do w. A. ,bsq.� Lebanon a. L. Cui Canton Ohio a a a u1 Cir by amp co., Bankers Erie a Hon. John Stiles Allentown a. Jun. 14,186s. Eauue7> a Eik Lefils. . C.-.8. O. Me1i.f a Friendly to All desirous of purchasing lumber amp Cosaja t3, the Best advantage at the old established and a Well known lumber Yard of Mei noels amp Meily at the Union canal on the East and West sides o Market Street North Lebanon Borough. A Rihr subscribers take pleasure in informing the Citi i teens 6f Lebanon and surrounding counties that they still continue the lumber and Coal business at their old and we known standbys Here they Are daily receiving additional supplies of the Best and Well seasoned lumber consisting of White and yellow Pink boards Plank a Shemiot boards Plank scan Lino. Rails posts fauns and Fyk Nind boards. An from 1 to 4 Inch Corry from % to 3 Inch. Poplar from % to 2 Inch. Poplar and Hardwood scantling. Oak and Maple boards and planks. roofing and plastering laths. Shingles shingles 1 shingles also Pink and Hemlock shingles. Coal Coal Coal a Large Stock of the Best Quality of stove broken egg and Coal and also the Best Allegheny Coal for blacksmiths thankful for the Liberal manner m which they have heretofore been patronized they would extend a cordial invitation for a continuance of favors a they Are confident that they now have the largest Best and cheapest Stock of lumber on hand m the county which will be sold at a reasonable percentage. By Pleane examine our Stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere. Bein0b�?zls amp a reply. North Lebanon Borough slay 7,1802. Reading bail Croall st Meek Aeran amp Emen t. -1 heat trunk line fr0�i the Nora ii and x North Weet for Phila Delphi a a lev York Kading Pottsville Lebanon Allentown 4ston, se., a., ,. A a trains Ieav Harrisburg for Philadelphia. New a ork. Fading Pottsville and All intermediate stations at a. M., and 2.00 p. Passing Lebanon 9.13 a. M., and d8p. now express leaves Harrisburg at 2.1s a. 31., passes Obanon at 3.15 Ai m., arriving at new York at 9.15 e same morning. Fares from Harrisburg to nvr-York$5 15 to poll Delphia $3 35 and $2 80. Baggage checked through. Returning leave new York at 6 a. M., 12 noon and p. Fil., Pittsburg express. Leave Philadel iia at 8-15 a.m., and3ay p. t posing Lebanon at �?T.17 noon,7.17 p. And express at a. sleeping cars in the new York express trains rough to and from Pittsburgh without change. Passenger by the Catawissa Railroad leave Tamaqua 8 50 am i a he 2.15 p. For Philadelphia new irk Nind All Way Points. To wins leave Pottsville at 9.15 a.5i., and 2.30 a 51., r Philadelphia har Naburg and new York. An passenger train leaves Beatline returns from Philadelphia at 3 00 1�?T. Al i the above Traina run daily Sut Daye exempted. A sunday train at 7.30 a. M., and Tiuliu Delphia at 3.15 Commntatioatieketa with 26 coupons at 25 pm int. Between any Points desired. leage tickets Good tor 2000 Miles Between All it ints at $46 35�?for Murras. Season and school tickets at reduced rates to and on All Points. I. I 80 pounds baggage allowed each passenger.,a amp sengers Are requested to Purchase their tickets fore entering the cars furs Are charged paid in Aars. G. A. Nicolls april 29,1863. Saner Al superintend but. Not alcoholic. A highly concentrated vegetable pure tonic. A of Tab Hgo Fuus German bitters prepared by or. C. Jackson philae a a. Will effectually cure Elver complaint dyspepsia jaundice. Chronic or nervous debility diseases of the kidneys end a diseases arising from a disordered liver or stomach such As constipation inward piles fullness or blood to the head acidity of the stomach nausea heartburn disgust for food fullness or weight in the stomach. Sour erect actions sinking or fluttering at the pit of the stomach swimming of the head hurried and difficult breathing fluttering at the heart choking or suffocating sensations when in a join pos Ture. Dimness of vision dots or webs before the sight. Fever end Dull pain in the. Head deficiency of perspiration Yellowness of the skin and byes. Pain in Tbs Side Back Chest limbs amp a. Sudden flushes of Cleat burning is the flesh constant imaginings of evil and great depression of spirits. And will positively provent yellow fever bilious fever do. They contain no alcohol or bad whiskey ? they will curb the above diseases to ninety nine cases out of a Hundred. Induced by the extensive Salo and Universal popularity of Hoofland German bitters purely vegetable Borts of ignorant quacks and unscrupulous adventurers have opened upon suffering humanity the flood Gates of nostrums in the shape of poor whiskey Rilely compounded with injurious drugs and christened tonies Stema Cliitis and bitters. Beware of the innumerable array of alcoholic preparations in Plethoria bottles and big bellied kegs under the modest appellation of bitters which instead of curing Only aggravate disease and leave tie disappointed sniff re in despair. Hoofland a 1pma. Ill 1j is Are not anew and unmet Articie. But have stood the test of fifteen years trial by me american Public and their rept amp Tion and Sale Are not rivalled by any similar preparation. It a the proprietors have thousands of letters from the most eminent clekgy3ien, lawyers. Physicians and citizens. Testifying of their pwn personal knowledge to the beneficial effects Aud Luca Cui vir�,u��.-. A it of hitter. Do you want something to do you want a Good air Betit i t do you want to build v p your Constitution do you want to feel Well ? v do you want to get rid of nervousness do you want Energy do you want to sleep Well do you want a brisk and vigorous feeling if you do use aloof land a germen bitters. From Rcv. J. Nexton Brownd a jul tor of the encyclopedia of religious knowledge. Although not disposed to favor or recommend Patent medicines in general through distrust of their in gradient and effects i yet in do a of no sufficient reasons Why a Man May not Csc la to the benefits lie believes himself to have received from any simple preparation in the Hope that be May thus contribute to the Benefit of others. I do this the More readily in Tegard to Hoof and s German bitters prepared by or. C. 31. Jackson of this City because i was prejudiced against them for Many years under the impression that they were chiefly an alcoholic mixture. I am indebted to my Friend Robert Shoemaker Esq. For the removal of this prejudice by proper tests and for encouragement to try them when suffering from great and Long continued debility. The use of three bottles of thc3s bitters at the beginning of the present year was followed Lay evident Relief and restoration to a degree of bodily and mental vigor which 1 had not Felt for six months before and had almost despaired of Rogai diag. I therefore Tefank god and my Friend by Uirl a thug me to the use of them j. Newton Brown. I a che 23 1sg1.particular a oleic. There Are Many preparations sold under the name of bitters put a to quart bottles compounded of the cheapest whiskey or common ruin costing from 20 to 40 cents per gallon the taste disguised by Anise or coriander deed. This class of bitters has caused and wit continue to canse is Long As they can be sold hundreds to die the death of the drunkard. By their use the system is kept continually under tiie influence of alcoholic stimulants of the worst kind the desire for liquor is created and kept up and the result is All the horrors attendant upon a drunkards life and death. For those who desire and Mil have a liquor bitters to publish the following receipt. Get one bottle Hoof Lam s Gurma bitters and mix with three quarts of Good Brandy or whiskey Ami the result Wilt be a preparation Liat will far Excel in medicinal Virtues and True exec hence any of the numerous liquor bitters in the Market and will Cost much less. Yon will Hare All the v Virtues of Hoof and s bitters in connection with a Good article of liquor at a much less Price than these inferior preparations will Cost soldiers and tub of soldiers. We Call the attention of All having relations and friends in the to the fact that a a Hoofland a German bitters will cure nine tenths of the diseases induced by exposures and privations incident to Camp life. In the lists published almost daily in the Nurs Pei Era on the arrival of the seek it will be noticed that a very Large proportion Are suffering from debility. Every Case of that kind can be readily cured by Hoof and a German bitters. Diseases resulting from disorders of to digestive organs Are speedily removed. We have no hesitation in stating that if these bitters were freely used among our soldiers hundreds Olivea might be saved that oth crw ise will be lost. We Call particular attention to the following remarkable and Well authenticated cure of one of the nations heroes whose life to use his own language a has been saved by the bitters _ Philadelphia August 23rd, j.862. Rfcs or. Rmes amp , gentlemen your Hoof lands German bitters has saved my use there is no mistake in this pts vouched for by numbers of my comrades some to of whose name Are appended and who were fully cognizant of nil the. Circumstances of my Cuse i Amand Bave been for the last four years a member of Suerman is celebrated Battery and under the immediate command of Captain r. B. Ayres. Three go the exposure attendant upon my arduous duties was attacked november Bun Matt of of the Lunas and was fur seven a two gtd a a the Hospital ibis was followed by great a Quilty heightened by an attack of dysentery i wad removed firn Tel it i to you c. And Bene to. This Cuy of Board the Steamer Quot state of i be Quot for a which i landed of the 2sth of june. So Eahat time ,1 Nave been a but As Low of any one could be and awl a a i a a a a spark of vitality fora Moro 1 was. Scarcely Able to Swallow anything Aud if 1 did Force a morsel Down it was immediately thrown up . 1 could not even keep a Glass of we we a us a stomach life could not last under to Mit auces end Skoli Bugle to phys c ans i 1 d b 1 Woric ing faithfully though Usu Cuessy by o re Cueme from the grasp of the a. H., a a wkly told me could do no More Lor to and Ainsoo Nio to a Clergyman and to make such disposition of my limited funds As Best suited me. An acquaintance who visited me at the Hospital air. Frederick Ste Dobrou 2,-sixth below Arch Street ail a a me Asa forlorn Hope to try Jour bitters and kindly procured a bottle prom the time i commenced taking them the gloomy Shadow of death receded and i am now thank god for it getting better. Though i have but taken two bottles i have gained ten pounds and i Feci sanguine of being permitted to rejoin my wife and daughter a rom whom i Hare heard nothing for 18 Mouths for gentlemen i am a Loyal virginian from the Vicinity or front Iloyar. A to your invaluable bitters i owe the certainty of life which has taken the place of vague fears to your bitters will i owe the glorious privilege of again clasping to my bosom those who Are Dearest to me in life. Very truly yours Isaac Malone. We fully concur in the truth of the above statement As we had despaired of , restored to health. Ajohn Cuddleback 1st new York Battery. Be Okab a Ackley co c 11th Maine. Lewis Chevallet 92d Vork. L e Spencer 1st artillery Battery f. J b Farewell co b 3d Vermont. Henry i Jerome co b a by t Macdonald to c 6th 5xaine. J0un f. Waru co e 5th Maine a. Herman Koch co h i2d new Llu Neil b Thomas. Co f <j5th Penn Andrew j Kimball Tea do Vermont. John Jenkins co bju8tb Peun. _ beware of counterfeits. See that the Sigo Aturo Jackson a is on the wrapper of each bottle. Price per e01tle 75 cents or half Doz. Fur la i. Should your nearest Drugg Iskot have tie article do not be put off by any of the intoxicating preparations that May be offered in its place but Send to us and we will Forward securely packed by express. Principal office and manuf acioly no. 681 Arch st a Jones amp Evans. Successor to c. Jack sign amp co., proprietors. £3for Sale by Dot. Geo. Ross opposite the court House Lemax Ojo pa., a and by druggists and dealers in every town in the United Stoces. / r 27, 1863-i-iy. Mucci Ellal. The Soldier stands aloof not now Iio seeks the Crost of Tamo his country a love bound on his brow. on his name he served her Well when foremen throw the Gauntlet in her face and fierce the strife that brought to View the manhood of our race. His Strong right hand was nerved to lend Potomac a is Hen tin end Brave men of every clime and Creed from rugged mount and Glen with him they fought and bled and fell a and struck tie Foeman Down a and blood stained Antietam Speaks Well the Soldier a a by igbo renown. Though Cataline infest Pur land As in the roman time and stay the might of him Whoso Han brands treason crime though reckless men do sorely press the heroes dear bought Fame a nations throbbing heart a Ftp bless. Mcclellan a honoured name a detectives Story. The following is a Truo Story by a late Well known member of the do tec. Tiye service and with the exception of some names of persons and places is Given precisely As be himself related it a. Late on Friday afternoon in the latter part of nov. 18�?, i was sent for by the chief of the new York police and was told there was a ease for me. It was a counterfeiting affair. Notes had been forged on a Pennsylvania Bank two men had been apprehended and were in custody. The first Springer had turned states evidence on his accomplice who according to Bis account was the prime mover in the Bis Many Daniel Hawes by name a had transferred the notes to a third party of whom nothing had been ascertained except that he was a Young Man wrote a Beautiful hand and had been in town the monday before. was the Man i was to catch. It was Sundown when i left the superintendents office. I had not much to guide me there were hundreds of Young men who wrote a Beautiful band and had been in town last monday. But i did not trouble myself about what i did not know i confined myself to what i did know. Upon reflection i thought it probable that my May bad been in intimate relations with Hawes for the last few Days a probably since the preceding monday although it was not known that he had been in town since that Day. might not to a resident in the City but i determined to seek Librn Here since if he had Dot left town before the arrest of Springer and Hawes he would nut just now run the risk of falling into the hands of the police by going to any Railroad station or Steamboat wharf. I determined therefore to follow up the track of Hawes and thereby if possible strike that of his confederates which was in fact. All that could be done. Hawes was a Small broker. lived in eighteenth Street and had an office in Wall Street. lived too far up town i thought to go Home every Day to his dinner he went then most probably always to the same eating House Aud one not far from his office. After inquiring at several restaurants near by i came to one in Liberty Street where on asking if Hawes was in the habit of dining there the waiter said yes a have you seen a Man Here with him lately v i inquired. A no no one in particular a replied the waiter. A Are you sure of it lome after scratching his head fora moment be said a yes there has been a Young Man Here speaking to him once or a How did he look a he was Short and had Black hair and a who is lie a what does he do a a he is clerk to or. L the Linen a where does or. L live a the waiter did not know. Looking into a directory i ascertained his residence to be in fourteenth Street. The stores by this time were closed so i went immediately to or. L is House and Aspeti to him. was at dinner. �?~1 am sorry to disturb him a said i to1 the servant a but i wish to speak to him a moment on a matter of importance and cannot or. La came out evidently annoyed at the intrusion. A have you such a person in your employment a said i describing him. A no sir i have a you had person a a i have not a did you discharge i in a a Why a a what business is that of yours a he asked rather Duffily. A my name sir is of the detective police. I am after to tit fellow a that Sall. Tell to if you please Why you discharged it a of 1 beg your Pardon a said or. L. A i took you for one of his rascally associates. I discharged him a week or ten Days ago. was a very dissipated Good for nothing a a was he your Book keeper v a no he was a Junior a have you any of his hand writing that you can show Roe a. fumbled in a Side pocket and Drew out a pocket Book from which he took a memorandum of agree ment or Shine paper of the sort to the Bottom of which a signature was attached As witness. A that a his writing a said he. It was a stiff Schoolboy s scrawl. This was not my Man then. I apologized to or. L for the Trouslot had Given him and withdrew. Lost time said i to myself. I am on the wrong track. I roust go Back to the eating Honse and begin the Chase again from the Point where i left off. _ i saw the same waiter. A i want you to think again a said i. A try Bartl to remember whether there Wever was any other Man Here with Hawes on any after reflecting for a Little while he said Bethought he recollected his going up stairs not Long ago with another Man to a private room. A did you wait on him yourself at the time you speak of a i asked. A no most Likely it was Joe har a a a a a will you Send for him if you please Joe Harris came. A you waited on or. Hawes a few Days ago when he dined with another gentleman in a private room up stairs did no to you a a yes a who was that other Man a a he is a Young Man who is a clerk in a livery stable in Sullivan a what Are his looks a a he is Tail and Light a do you know his Nate a a his name is 1 hurried up to Sullivan Street went into the first fivery stable i came to inquired for Quot tier proprietor and asked him if he had a Young Man in his stable of the name of Edgar lie said he had. A de a he keep your books v a yes he takes orders for a let me some of his band writing i you he stepped Back into the office and took from a desk a Little order Book. I opened it there were some orders hastily written no doubt but in a hand almost like Beautiful copperplate. A this was my Many i Felt nearly certain of it i asked where he lived and was told with his Mother a widow woman at such a number in Hudson Street i started for the place. It was now Nineon Cleck. Arriving at the House i rang the Bell. It was answered by a servant girl. A does or Edgar live Here a i inquired. A yes vis ? a no a when will be come Home ? a i done to a does be sleep Here a a sometimes he does and sometimes he a where is he likely1 to be found ? i should like to she said she really did not know unless perhaps it might be at a billiard Saloon not far off. I went there. A noisy crowd was around to room and i closely scrutinized every free. No tall i igbo hair eco Young Man was there. I asked the barkeeper if or. Edgar had been there that evening. said no he had not seen anything of him for two or three Days. I asked him if there was any other place he knew of that Edgar frequented and was told he went a Good Deal to a Bowling Alley in West Broadway near Duane Street. Not much yet i thought As i hurried on West Broadway. Descending a few Steps into a sort of Vestibule or office to the Bowling Saloon. A has or. Edgar been hero this evening a i inquired of the Man in attendance. A he is Here now a was the reply in the other room through that i passed through the door Tridiea Ted into a Bowling Alley and accosted Tho Markar a is or. Edgar Here a who has just gone not More than fifteen minutes a do you know where he went to v a its Ems to me that some of them said something about going to the Lafayette i am on his track now i said to myself Only fifteen minutes behind him. 1 Bent my Steps to the theatre taking with me a Comrade in the police service whom i encountered As i was leaving the Saloon. To hurried on with the utmost rapidity but on reaching the theatre found to my disgust what 1 bad already feared that the play was Over and the Thea. Tre just closed. A better give it up for to night a said my companion a we a a now enough about him Dow and can take up the search again a it wont do Clarke a said i a we have inquired for him at too Many places. Stay�?1, got a notion he May be Beard of at some of these Oyster Cellers a i went into one of them and asked if a tall Young Man with Light Bair had been there that evening. J a a tall Young Man with 1 Light hair and moustache had come in from the theatre with a lady and bad just left. Quot i asked my informant if be knew the lady. She was a miss Kearney he answered. It what a i continued a did no to her sister marry the actor Levison ?. S a yes the same it he lives near the Bovery in Jenive a r w a a yes i to la Ink to a to plied the a. Mam t considered a moment. Of Coaree to one Ronld Tell me where Edgar had gone to but i was tolerably certain be had gone Home with the girl. Where she lived i did not know but i thought it probable the actor could Tell me. So we started on to Walker Street. There Are or were at the time i speak of several boarding houses in Walker we passed one or two three Story houses with Marble Steps. A shall i ask along Here a said Clark. A no a i answered a poor actors done to Board there we must look for him further on.�?T. We kept on and after a Little while a we found one that seemed to. to Bethe House we were looking for. I rang the Bell and inquired for or. Levison. was gone to bed. It was now twelve of clock. I desired a the Many that opened the door to Tell i m tha somebody was below to him immediately. To soon returned saying that or. Levison was in bed and could not be disturbed i must leave my business or Call again next Day. I necessary to frighten him a Little so i sent up word that was an officer of police and he must come Down instantly or i should go up and fetch him. In a few to merits the actor made his appearance terribly frightened. Before i Conict say anything he began to pour out Sucur a flood of questions and asset rations that i could not get a word in. What did i want with him ? Iliad come to the wrong Man. badent been doing anything Etc., Etc. �?~1 done to want Yon a i began but it was of no use i could not Stop him his character was excellent anybody would vouch for him i ought to be sure what i was about before i Rouse people from their Beds at Midnight Etc.-,Etc. His huddled words arid apprehensive looks made me suspect there was something wrong with Bira but it was no concern of mine then. I seized him by the shoulder and ordered him to be Don t utter another word a said i except to answer Tny questions or ill carry you off and lock you tip. I have not come to arrest you i Only want to ask you a few Haven to you a sister in Law named miss Kearney a a yes what do you want with her a a i am not going to do her any harm. I Only want to know where she a ooh she lives a do you know the number a a goodness yes it is no. 34. I have boarded there myself until Only a Little a Bike ago.�?�. A indeed a a yes in be got a d Oor Latch key somewhere a a the Duee you have give it to men it is just what i a give you a dead Latch key a a pretty notion. I give it to any Many not to All the detective squad in new a look Here my Friend i am m pretty Well known in this town. I have a Good Many opportunities in Tho course of my business to do people Good turns and not a few to do them ill turns. It is a convenient vocation to off scores particularly to persons of your sort. If you will give me that key ill make it Worth your while the first Banee i have. I you done to you la be sorry that a i gave him a significant look As i concluded. looked me in the free a minute As if to How much i meant or if 1 suspected anything then he turned and ran quickly up stairs. In a few moments he came Quot Down and handed me the key a i took it with satisfaction. A now said i you la have no objections to telling Rno where your sister in Laws room in the House is a third Story Back room second door to the left from the Bead of the stairs.�?T. A thank you Good we walked rapidly to a Street and reaching the House i stopped a moment to examine my pistols by the Street lamp and then softly opened the door. Clark and i stepped in and i Sbet the door. Leaving my Comrade in the Hall i crept noiselessly up stairs and tapped at the door of the room. A who is there a called out a woman a voice. A open the door i replied and 111 Tell you what i a you can to com in in be gone to \ a of Well in a a married Many ill do you no Barm but you must let me in or i shall Force the after a moments delay the door was opened by a Young woman in a morning wrapper who stood As if waiting for an explanation to the intrusion. I passed by ber and walked up to a Young Man sitting in a Low chair by the fire and tapping him on the shoulder said a you Are my prisoner a a Why Bill a i exclaimed is this you ? i have been looking for you All night under a wrong name. If 1 had known it was you i d have caught you in an ,. And so i would. It is Only necessary to say further that he was the Man i was to i May add however that a Large amount of the counterfeit notes and the plates on which they were printed were secured Aud the criminal sent to sing sing in due course of Law. Gully tse free a a on thursday about nine of clock parties around a the round House were startled by a loud cry a a Golly tse free Dey done to get me again a a search revealed a Sable Stih of Africa Clad m Blue shoddy armed with a Springfield Rifle and fixed Bayonet and All the panoply of an american he had recovered his breath and had time to answer the numerous questions of his curious fellow countrymen he told them that when he enlisted the colonel promised him All sorts of Good things a but a added he pathetically a when Dey got me in de Barracks 1 found Dat i was no better Den a White and so i left and Here goes for Windsor c. A record. Purposes. Since its location upon Chestnut Street the Central office of Tho municipal Telegraph has grown to be a place of some note and Many persons Are. Attracted thither in the regular course of business and their constant arrival and departure tends to make it the scene of considerable Bustle and animation. For obvious reasons the locality is the general resort if the reporters connected with the Public press of the City. In fact it is their Headquarters. It is also much frequented by persons desiring to witness the operations of the instruments Many of whom Are strangers in town and Are Token there by friends anxious to do the agreeable by assisting to gratify a very laudable curiosity. Once at the office every facility is afforded for the attainment of the objects of such visits especially if the parties visiting Are stingers. The operators we Are glad to say Are proverbially obliging and do their utmost to explain accurately the Workings of the system. Should the superintendent of the line or Bis assistant happen to be present on such occasions one or the other of them immediately take the visitors in hand and assume the task of explanation. We mention this matter thus particularly in order to illustrate in detail the following incident which occurred at Tho office a few evenings Siree and which for the time being created considerable excitement. A gentleman accompanied by a Friend a Small Man with a huge moustache and wearing a Slouch Bat Well Over his eyes called at the office on the evening in question and inquired of one of the operators a if he would oblige himself and Friend so far As to show them the operations of the the reply was a certainly gentlemen please step it so happened that the assistant superintendent was present at the time busily engaged Over his newspaper. Upon the Earl hinge of the visitors however he immediately Laid aside the paper and Rose to Greet them and do the honors of the after a few words had been interchanged the gentleman who had hitherto done All the talking turned to his Friend and introduced him As or. Evans of Bourbon county Kentucky. Or. Evans at onco advanced and exchanged salutations. There was nothing Peculiar in the appearance or bearing of this gentleman save in his Quick restless movements which Only denoted an Active nervous temperament. His speech was mild and gentlemanly though thickly Inte larded with the Tharsa and a we arb so characteristic of a True born southerner. The assistant superintendent entered upon his task with the greatest zest apparently and was soon deep in the mysteries of the a Sodus 01�?Ter-andi.�?T a from the frequent exclamations of Delight to which the Little Man gave utterance it was Safe to judge the explanation in Progress was not thrown away upon an inattentive auditor. At length the batteries and instruments had ail been gone Over and it Only remained to show Tho speaking tube communicating with the Bell ringer in the state House Steeple and Point put its turning to the tube our Friend the assistant plumed himself for a final flight. A this gentleman said he a is the speaking tube by which of Ders for the ringing of the state House Bell in Case of fire Are communicate to the watchman always on duty in the a How do you attract his attention a said the Little kentuckian interrupting. A by placing the month against the Routh place and blowing in it which causes a fond whistling noise at the other end of the tube a was the reply. To the same manner a continued the assistant a Light or fire before the officers Bave time to Spring an alarm station. We then place the car against the mouthpiece and listen to the communication in regard to the la cavity of Tho fire. In the same manner we Tel i him How to ring when an alarm is received in the Ordinary at this moment a perfect blast was blown from the pipe. A by Jove gentleman a exclaimed the assistant delightedly a you Are just in Tho Nick of time there goes an alarm a and running to the tube be sung out a what do you want a big Light North ast appears to be in the neighbourhood of the new York depot a3k seventh Ward about it a was the answer. was about to comply with this request when the voice again called out a hold on Don t Call that station yet the fire rippers to be farther a shall i Call the nineteenth Ward then a a. Who Doris to Call anybody yet wait awhile. A _ after waitinj�3ftine time the Assis taut went to tire Pifrce again and Call a family and country is ski Kokx and published by we. Bees in 2d Story amp Ennick a a Newt Liusila Inci cym Benn us 3 Ai one Fellar and fifty ends a 1fear. of a a at to re usual rates a the friends of for a Etab la ment and the Public Genet ally Are respectfully a ducted to Send in their orders. -�5&-handbills printed of an boars notice. Rates of postage. In Lebanon county postage free it in Pennsylvania out of Lebanon act it y self cents pm Quarter or 13 cents a Sefic. A. Cts. Per Quarter or 26 cab a Yea or the Posic Tgu is not paid in Advance rates Are double de out a How about that fire.�?T. A what fre a said the Man in the Steeple. A the fire you have been talking about for the last five to done to know nothing a Otic to any. Fire a said he. A Well there that will do did t a you Tell me you saw alight Northeast just a few minutes ago a said the assistant growing very red in the face a no i did no to came from the pipe a you a a i did no to a i say you a and i say i t.5 a who a up there ? very testily accent on the last syllable a Well Teddy do you want to say Yon did no to whistle through the pipe and me you saw a fire Northeast near the new York depot 4 a i did t whistle or talk through tire pipe to night till you commenced it a said Teddy very to Odin and energetically. A Why several gentlemen Here heard 1 a i done to care what they heard they Are a a of fools and you Are another. Do j you think i m crazy 4�?T the latter part i in a regular screech j a yes i do a candidly replied the mail below. The two strangers during the whole of this scene were Cool and collected though apparently vere much interested in what was transpiring. The assistant on the contrary looked rather the worse for the encounter to use a popular expression he was a dead for a few moments he stood scratching his head in utter perplexity and bewilderment when suddenly recovering himself he turned towards the strangers and began to apologize for the rather unfortunate ending of the affair. In the midst of this apology he was interrupted by the violent Entrance of the Bell ringer who had come from the Steeple Down to the office in exactly1 three Quarter of a minute. A what is All this Doft Here a exclaimed the latter As soon As he entered the door. A if Yon done to know by this time it. Is not Worth while Fob its to Tel you a said the party addressed rather fairly i a what do you mean by saying that i told you there was a fire up town when 1 did no to do nothing of the kind i fairly hissed the Bell ringer. A yes Youdis you know you did Teddy for i stood by and heard you said a voice very deprecating by right behind him. Quot Teddy wheeled suddenly around to face the owner voice with his in position to strike straight from the shoulder the moment he was discovered. All the others present rushed Forward to obtain a View of the daring individual but no one was to be found. Astonishment was now pictured in every countenance Aud from looking for the owner of the a voice they fell to looking at each other an idea of a decided sell at the same time beginning to be universally. Prevalent. This examination resulted much More successfully for the would be or. Evans of Bourbon county Kentucky minus the false moustache and Slouch hat was found to be hone Othef. Than our old Friend Signor Blitz the magician and ventriloquist. A a bully for Blitz was the exclamation of some one As soon As the discovery was made. This expression was received with shouts of uproarious laughter in which none joined More heartily than the two gents who had been so egregiously sold. The last we saw of them they were in close you siltation with the Signor and we Are charitable enough to suppose to made the matter All right vice ift Washington vice and wickedness of All kinds Are fearfully on the increase in Wash Sington. It has been asserted that there Are full fifteen thousand prostitutes in and about the City. This the Star has attempted to disprove and a i by going into an exact count shows that there Are Only seven thousand. In addition to this number the Star j says a there Are a number of females sailing under false colors and who until they Are found out frequently manage to Quarter themselves at respectable boarding houses. It would be difficult to estimate the number of a Swarmes of these Brazen faced courtesans meet the Eye at every turn. Dressed in purple and Scarlet Riding in the finest carriages promenade no with men who no doubt at Home pretend and Are taken to be gentlemen. There Are Many among them though who at first glance would seem Beautiful modest and accomplished ladies but a nearer View shows that the color on the Cheek is not the Ruddy glow of health Bat the rough that hides the last nights Debauch and the obscene jest and vulgar laugh As they pass shows that All feminine delicacy has Long since fled. The brothels where these women belong Are nightly filled with soldiers and citizens and scarcely a night passes but they Are the scones of riot Aud bloodshed. Ancient Babylon May have been a Clever Cit Yio its Day but its har Lotry looks dim and old to Gish when compared with the Royal prostitution in its purple and Gold which revets in this fair a City of magnificent the City councils have before them a Resolution in favor of issuing regular licenses to these houses of ill Fame. It is thought that this will Lessen the number but 1 fear not. The Trade is so a profitable Here that it could stand s i very heavy tax and will but be giving legality to the crime. = if the plan is adopted i think the entire City in its corporate capacity should take out a grand consolidated municipal License under the new Law. So great a nuisance have these Strum a a
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