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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 9, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaPm Shimshi m la a a top every description w a Cathy and promptly executed at the advertiser office Lebanon a. Tuts establishment is now supplied with an extensive Nutriment of Job Type we leu. Will be increased m the jul Dronge demands. It can now turnout Prin Xinqi of every description in a neat and expeditious manner nil on very reasonable terms. Such As pamphlets choke business cards handbills circulars labels Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of pare invitations lick Eta &c., 4to. The in cute of the and the Public Genor a sly Are respectfully solicited to Sond in their orders. A a a Ruand balls printed at an hours notice. A deeps of All kinds. Common and judgment Bonds school justices constables and other bunks printed correctly and neatly on the Best paper constantly kept fur site at Tbs off co at prices a to suit the subscription Price of Tho Lebarton advert take Cue Dollar and a half a year. Address West. M. Yuksun Lebanon a. A a Book Poe every Mahus Bare inducements to agents. Cati tassels wanted to obtain subscribers for the com Husik Ssith Geo Batot and history axe but and mod is of the Wohlhu by s. S. Goon Potor -1,v. Handsomely bound in cloth Gilt and illustrated with 200 Beautiful maps. Price $3. Sold adv by agents to each of whom a special District will be Given. Applicants should stat what counties they would like to canvass. Trio Hoole is now ready. Copies will Hont by mall Post paid on receipt of the Price. Bills on All solvent bunks taken at . The a Home journal a a Uva of this work a no family whatever Rii Ould be Wlth-.11 t for full particulars in regard to an Agency address a Atli Kulk Xiv t f n tvs. Publisher and bookseller no. 172 still Lam st. N. Y. Of a All kinds of school Ana miscellaneous books to a nip la null cations stationery and maps Fusil Shevat the very lowest prices olt tors solicited. Nev. 11,1857. Fancy furs for ladies. Tohn Fareira a co. Now no 818 Market to str fit Ahova eighth Pouf Dolphin. Importers manufacturers and dealers in ladies. A it int la Meti and children s fancy Purs we of Losalo n i Reta 1 .1. F. Amp would cell the attention of dealers and the1 Public generally to their immense Stock of of lev of Quot is far Lilily is gentlemen a us clip lurch embraces every article Anu Kama of fancy furs that will in worn during the season such of full capes half capes Quarter capos Olmos Victorinus Bonn muffs and from the finest russian Sable to the Low e.4 Price Domestic Shraj. Fur gentlemen the largest assortment of fur collars cloves auntie Tel a being the direct importers of All our furs and manufacturer of them under our own supervision we feel satisfied we can offer better inducements to dealers and the Public generally than any other House having an immense assortment tos Loci from and at the manufacturers prices. Fla we Only ask a Call. John fa11j2ira amp co. ?pt.l0.&7-4m. No Sis Market st., above 8th, philos. Hovers liquid hair Dye. Fat Lilly following from that eminent physician of Phil-ui3 Nicl Phiiip or. Brinckle added to the testimony of in Rofos Sor Booth Only Confirma what is evidenced by thous amp us who have used hovers Bye a Quot Girard guest not Street Philadelphia december 22d, 1863. J a in regard to hovers Lenir Byo. I can state unhesitatingly thut it contains no deleterious ingredients and May be used with Butiro safety and with the utmost Confidence and Success a in. B. B1uncklk, m. Hover s writing and indelible inks Aro to Well and widely known As to require no Eulogy of to Cdr merits it is Only necessary to say that the steady mid increasing Domond gives the Best evidence that they maintain their character for superiority which Stetin Cuit dust them when first introduced years ago. Orders addressed to the manufactory. No. 410 race minuet above fourth old no. 144r Philadelphia will re me prompt attention by Joseph , supt. 1�o, �?T57-t.aprll 10, �?T58. Manufacturer. Remo Val. Lebn nou mar Iii e Yard. Flee subscriber respectfully informs -1. The Public in general that he is prepared to do nil kinds of fact and ornamental work at Ida Marble Yard in Walnut Street Halfway Between the court House find Lebanon Valley Railroad depot at thu shortest notice As Good As work done in any City in tin United states and being the Only Stone Cutter in Lebanon county who has served n regular apprenticeship to the business lie pledges himself that to can Manu Fao turn cheaper and give a better finish than any other Mau engaged i the sumo business. His Stock consists of monuments grave stones mantels cemetery posts furniture slabs amp a. Also Sandstone of tie Best Quality for All uses a a his and ornamental. A i urge assortment of Limestone fur All kinds of housework of any size and a Utin Lily. 0#-l�?Tluu�e Call and examine prices and the a in Fyk before you nor phase elsewhere. John Farrell. Lebanon december to 1s55. N. Ii.�?i., j Euins Dune in German and English by the bust practical workmen it my Adelphia medical Twenty two years ago by or. Kin Holslin Corner 1 third and Union streets Philadelphia a. Twenty two years has rendered or. K. A meat successful practitioner in the cure of All diseases of a private nature not mood s debility As an impediment to marriage nervous and sexual infirmities diseases of the skin and those arising from abuse of Mercury. Take particular notice. There is an evil habit sometimes indulged in by boys in Solitude often growing up with them to manhood and whih if not re formal in duo time not Only begets serious obstacles to matrimonial happiness but gives Riso to a Servos of promoted insidious and devastating directions. Few of the so who Giro Way to this pernicious practice Are aware of the consequences until they find the nervous system shattered fee strange and unaccountable my to labor with Nous tonns vigor or to apply his mind to study his Stap is tardy and Woak he is Dull irresolute and engages oven in Bia sports with less Energy than usual. A ,. If to emancipate himself before the practice has done its worst and enter Matrimony his marriage i unfruitful and his Sene tolls him that this is caused by his a my follies. These Are considerations which should awaken the attention of ail who Are similarly situated. Remember Ilo who places himself under or. Kinkelin s treat of int May religiously confide in his Honor of a gentle Man. And rely upon Tho Assurance that the Secreta of or. patients will never be disclosed. Young Many let no false modesty deter you from Mak bag your Case known to Otte who from education Anu respectability can certainly befriend you. 3� or. Kinkeung a residence has been far the last for str tears it the n. W. Corker of third and Union streets Philadelphia a. Patients at a distance can have by stating their Case explicitly together with nil their symptoms per letter enclosing n remittance or. Medicine appropriated accordingly. i/., la a w.1c1 a a forwarded to any part of the United states and pocked Mure from damage or curiosity by mail or sex Praia. A read 1 youth and manhood a or porous lira on a premature Drath Kineen on Stiv Onty 26 cents. Letters containing that value in Stamps will ensure a a it by it per return of mail. It ,. Pilatis Gratis Gratis Iii a free gift to a. Misery relieved a a nature a guide a a new and popular work full of valuable Adrice and impressive warning alike calculate a 1 to prevent years of misery and save thousands of Illus is distributed without charge and forwarded by Nail prepaid to any Rost office in the United states on re rutting an order enclosing two postage Stamps. A july 15,1857.-ly. Or splendid gifts in 439 Chestnut Street pizizadelpi��a1 the original gift Book store. G. Evans would inform ills friends and the Public. That be has removed his Star gift Book store and la libel Shang House to the splendid store in Browne a Iron a building 439 Chestnut Street two doors below fifth where the purchaser of each Book will receive one of the following gifts valued at from 26 cents to $100, consisting of Gold watches jewelry a. Worts �550 Patent English lever Gold watches $100 00 each. 650 Patent Anchor do. Do. 60 00 a a 4oa i a Jura it oort watches 18k. Canes 35 00 a a 000 Silver lever watches warranted 15 00 a a in Dpi Lortin Reptah 10 00 a a �1?,60 set ear drops and mils 10 00 a a my ladies Gold Brac lots $6 00 to 12 00 a a. 500 gents Vest Clui ins 10 00 a a .�?Ts22 �oc�c8 Argo Stee double Case 3 00 a a 2.000 Gold lockets Snia Hiko 300 b 1, k 0 Gold Nejl cases with Gold Feus 5 00 a m and holders 10 50 a 2.500 Gold pencils ladies o 60 a a 2.500 Gold pens with Silver Pend a 250 a a 2.600 ladies Good pen with Casos x 50 a a 6.600 Gold rings ladies 1 00 a 2.000 gents Gold rings 2 76 a a 2.600 ladies Gold breast pms 3 50 a a 3.600 misses Gold Breastpins 160 a a 3.000 pocket knives 75 a 2.000 sets gents Gold bosom studs 3 00 a 2.000 do. Do. Sio ovo buttons 3 00 a it 2.000 pairs ladies ear drops 2 50 a a 3.000 ladies Pearl card cases 6 00 a a 5,000 Ladin a Campo Jet or mosaic pins 5 00 a a 2.600 ladies Cameo Bhaji and ribbon pins 3 60 a a 6.000 a Balm of a thousand fio wors 60 a Evans now catalogue contains All the most popular woks of Tho Day and Tho newest publications All of which wih be sold As Low As can to obtained at other stores. A of in loto catalogue of books sonic free by application throw to mail by addressing a g. Evans 489 oho Szmit Street i . Agents wanted in every town in the United states. A w desiring so to can obtain full particulars by and in Siag us above. A n. Lbs in Conaci Mico of the Money crisis and Numor a a Fri hire 8, the subscriber Hue been enabled to Pur Baso a pm in Siguma in immense Stock of books embracing Evy department of it Era Turo at prices which win enable a visa Salvo $600 Worth of Tho above gifts on every $1000 of books sold. Extra Book with n gift will to sent to each per a ten books to to sent to one Ful dress by express. a a Maume vol. 9�?no. 24. The Globe the offi Oitt paper if Congress. Gloner Fml the covnsil1 prospects of tim daily Lebanon. Pa., wednesday december 9, i85t. If Litls. Whole no. 441. Not december when i a in a me Simon any of above named pipe is Thev a ?nl0nc6 Ellb that most Publia Menks or f0011 Pawl Glt Edeo Long i deem it needless to or he iric or and Tho Rofolo of mator"heye4llltosite? a a nuts �?~,,t0f he in both bin chef com i ebatc8 in Eiml at is it a a taken Down by reported Orin an in therein to corp of Ehert it find writers in this West the hich win contain also the news of suggested xtefevzs.cinturifl1 artics "3m,lyb0 Mav from time to time As occasion men in a reminiscences of die Buldic ,t7�.e, Bava Boon associated during Tho last the la a vs1� anecdotes of general Jackson and Lnu s r ��i4 Platy which to conducted and the leading men of other parties will i believe to interesting nop alien partizan bitterness has a exited. A a a a Jung the reporter of tic debates of Congress i a Mcd it proper to say that Tho Globe would never be a paper. This pledge will not to forfeited by As a contribution to history the political traits o. distinguished Tho Public men of my lice. A Hough i am and intend to remain a Thorou Fiji Democrat i will Cuver intrude my principles in a was to make b o obnoxious to any party. But in regard to persons and events which go up history 1 Liopo to Mako to Globe an honest Memoly and with that View i pm re solved to speak independently of All parties. He co Gressional �ol0he and a Tendes. Will contain a report of ail Tho doll pcs in Congress revised by Tho speak cos Lio muh sages of Ute president of the United states m115 reports of the Heads of the executive Denny ments the Laws passed during Tho session and copious indexes to old they will be printed on a Doubter oys Sheet in Book form Royal Quorto size each number containing sixteen Pangca. Tho whole will make it is believed Between 3,890 and 3,900 pages As Tho Long sessions for Many years have ranged Between those numbers and the next session will to what is termed a a Long this is i believe the cheapest work Ever sold in any country whether a reprint or printed from manuscript copy taking far data the average number of words of Tho Lone sessions since Tho year 1848. The average number of pages is 3,870, Aud the average number of words on a Page is 2,397, consequently the average number of words of a Lorg session is 9,290,772. As i have sold to subscribers that number of words for dollars it follows that they have paid a Ess a Law Sise Ami one half cent for every 100,000 words j have furnished Iam while thave paid my reporters $0 29 for every 2,397 words of this work in Vianu script. Has any other bookseller anywhere Ever sold a bobs a the first instance while it was new at so Low a rate i believe not and so Strong is my belief that i hereby agree to give to any person who shall prove Tho contrary a Complete set of Tho debates running Back to the year 1833, making forty three Quarto volumes which sell for $5 a volume. An of Congress authorizes these papera to go by mail reef postage. The next session will be without doubt an unusually interesting one As it will be the first under a now administration and several Complex questions must be discussed in Ite for the currency Kansas Rev non do Herque Tiou in Globe will Boas heretofore the Only source let a in Wii a full debates con be obtained. Terms for a copy of the daily Globe our year $10 00 for a copy of the daily Globe six months a 00 for a copy of the daily Gigue in eng the session �5 00 for a copy of Tho congressional Globe mid Aimon Dix Ond the Laws i Issue during the session 8 00 Bank notes current in Tho Section of inc country a subscriber resides will be received at . The win old or any part of a subscription May be rammed m postage Stamps Wlinich is preferable co nov currency except go i it i or Silver a paper will not be sent us less Tho Money accompanies the order for it. John c i its Washington nov. Is 1867. The family Man. I onco was a Jolly Young la an Ana knew to pick up a fan a but in to done with ail that you must know a or now in a a family Man Ivy eur a a a partners i ventured to Toko Tho indies All favored the plan they towed i was certain to make a a such an excellent family Manly if i travel by land or by water i have Tho charge of sovino Susan or Ann mrs. Jones is sure that her daughter a is soft with a family Mun. The trunks Aud the baud boxes round oin with something like horrors i scan but though i May mutter a confound we Quot .1 Sinai of like a family Manl i onco was As Gay As a Templar. But levity Snow under ban Young people must have us exemplar and i am a family Manl the club men i met in the City All treat Moas Well of they can and Only exclaim a what a pity poor Tom is a family Manly i own i am getting quite pensive ton children from David to Dan is a family rather extensive but then in a a family Manl the Day in crinoline. By a modest Man. Important disco Sci j consumption and All diseases of the lungs and Throat Are positively curable by inhalation it. Which conveys the remedies to the cavities in the lungs through the Ai. Passages and coming in direct Contact with Tho disease neutralizes the tubercular matter allays. The cough causes a free and easy expectoration heals the lungs purifies Tho bleed imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system giving that tone and Energy so indispensable for the restoration of health. To be Able to state confidently that consumption is curable by inhalation is to to a source of unalloyed pleasure. It is As much under the control of medical treatment of any other formidable disease ninety out of every Hundred cases can be cured in the first stages and fifty per cent in the second but in the third stage it is impossible to save More than five per cent., for the lungs Are so out up by Tho disease As to defy medical skill. Even however in the last stages inhalation affords extraordinary Relief to the suffering attending this fearful Scourge which annually destroys ninety five thousand persons in the United states alone and a Correct calculation shows that of the present population of the Earth eighty millions Are destined to fill the consumptive a grave. Truly the quiver of death has no Arrow so fatal As consumption. In All Ages it has been Tho great enemy of life t of it spares neither age nor sex but sweeps off alike Tho Brave the Beautiful the Graceful and Tho gifted. By Tho help of that supreme being from whom cometh every Good and perfect gift i am enabled to offer to the afflicted a permanent and speedy cure in consumption. The first came of tubercles is from impure blood and the immediate effect produced by their deposition in the lungs is to prevent the free admission of air into the air Eells which causes a weakened vitality through the entire system. Then surely it is More rational to expect greater Good from medicines entering the cavities of the lungs than from those administered through the stomach the patient will always find the lungs free and the breathing easy after inhaling remedies. True inhalation is a local remedy nevertheless it acts constitutionally and with More Power and certainty than remedies administered by the stomach. To prove the powerful and direct influence of this Mode of administration chloroform inhaled will destroy sensibility in a few minutes paralysing the entire nervous system so thata limb maybe amputated without the slightest pain inhaling the Ordinary burning Gas will destroy life in a few the inhabit of ammonia will route the system when fainting or apparently dead. The odor of Many of the medicines is perceptible in the skin a Lew moments after being inhaled and May be immediately detected in the blood. A convincing proof of the constitutional effects of inhalation is the fact that sickness is always produced by breathing foul air. Is not this positive evidence that proper remedies carefully prepared and judiciously administered through Tho lungs should produce the most Happy results 7 during eighteen years practice Many thousands suffering from diseases of the luu�?T,9 and Throat have been under my Core and i have effected Many remarkable cures even after the sufferers had been pronounced in the last stages which fully satisfies me that consumption is no longer a fatal disease a my treatment of consumption is original and founded on Long experience and a thorough investigation. My nerf oct acquaintance with the nature of tubercles ac., enables me to distinguish readily the various forms of disease that simulate consumption and apply the proper remedies rarely being mistaken even in a single this familiarity in connection with certain pathological and microscopic discoveries enables me to relieve the lungs from the effects of contracted chests to end a l a the beat purify the blood impart to it renewed vis. Wule re Jud system. Medicines with Ull directions mint to any part of the United states Aud Canadas by patients communicating their symptoms by letter. But the cure would be Mure certain a a the patient should to a visit which word Dve me an Opportunity to examine the lungs and enable me to press role with much greater certainty and then the cure could be effected without my seeing the patient age no it Ujj office 1131 Filbert st old ho., 109, Boliow 12tk, Philadelphia a. July a 1337�?march 18, 1867, Howard association Philadelphia. Important Jannoun . A a it i diseases such As it Eft Gleet syphilis the vice of Anim or cd a. The Howard association in View of thaw fill drat of human life caused by sexual of of a a a Cep tons Practised upon the unfortunate a teas t diseases by quacks have directed their Consulta a Sor Rob of Star fun a to Pra tical advice Gratis to All Russil apply by letter with a description of then condition fag occupation habits of life io., and in Al poverty and suffering to furnish pm a a Quot is the Howard association is a benevolent inst so pc _ to abolished by special endowment for the ?1�c big and dist Rosed afflicted with it has now a Similus of Ranj which notice tors have voted to expend in advertising the it is needless to add that Tho Assoc la upon the most highest medical skill of Tho age and will Furnis approved modern treatment. N on smut just published by the As Tita itp5l onanism masturbation or Adf abase and Rotnor is Nal organs by the consulting surgeon tll0 re. By mail in a scaled envelope free of charge w. A i a a inv vial Fly to a a a Howard association no. 2 South ninth s Ohphia a. By order a a Btu full prgo Geo Fairchild sect a. C00 a it to the ladies t tutus. Lluch would hereby inform Tho ladles of to a jul non and Vicinity that she has just returned City with a Largo Supply of fall and Winter Milliery goods to which she would their attention. Stock consists in part of ready Mado fall and Dine note ribbons French and american a Flowers Cha a Caps satin8, velvets laces ac., a. From Long experience in business and a dec Irwin to Render satisfy fiction by strict att Ontman to too 1 hones to receive and Merit n continuance of thai Ciuci mtr Onago with which she has been heretofarafayo�1��?T Lebon or Bruch. Fax could t think of such a a but you my happiness depends on it. Here on the things mobs and tie what s his and my Friend Bob styles held up before my us sit ant gaze a. Suit of female apparel. His idea was Tomt i should personage his lady Lovo for one Day to prevent anybody from suspecting the truth namely that she had joined him in a runaway marriage party until it should to too late for interference that is until the minister should have tied a knot Between them that nothing but a special Grant of legislature could untie. This scheme was not actually so a Abs Urdas it appeared at first sight. Maggie Lee was a tall queenly woman with an almost masculine air and it that to me i had a very slight fort no almost ef-1 Geminate so that in fact there was really but lit i tie that Point. Then i had Light hair i tolerably Long and a fresh complexion. Bart my i Huir n the Middle and put a Bonnet on my head and few persons would bin e suspected hut i was really one of the softer sex. These accessories also gave me quite a decided resemblance to , especially when of in this ease the disguise was her own. Then the Day chosen for the runaway match was in auspicious one. Maggie a father was to drive her to a Small Village near a Micro she lived and there she was to join a sailing party Down x River to the Grove three Miles below Froin which Tho party was to return in Tho evening in carriages. Our plan that i should be in waiting in the Village and should go on the boat with the sailing party while Maggie after leaving her father should ship with Bob styles across the noun toy. At last i got dressed and presen Ted myself before bin swing a great Dea i believe feeling very Muerb pinched about the Waist and with an uncomfortable consciousness that my my shirt sleeves were too Short or wanting altogether. Everything finished in Tho Way of toilet Bob styles took me into his Light Wagon drove me Over to do by a secluded route and left me at the hotel where the sailing party was to assemble. Several of the Piek nickers were already there and they greeted Iny Cavalier cordially everybody knew Bob Stylos asking if be was going with them Etc. He told them lie was not. A pressing business engagements Yon know and All that sort of thing. Deuce sorry i can to go. Through. I bad just time to bring miss Lee Over and now in a off. Or. Nimby this is miss Leo. Miss Witherall miss Lee a and to rattled off a Long string of Brief introductions which convinced me that Bat few of the company were acquainted with the Young lady bpm i was personal Inge a very fortunate thing for Tho preservation of my disguise. _ or. Bimby a tall Legal looking Man with a Hook nose and Eye Glass and Fluffy hair seemed to to repossessed with my Pera Melle and i overheard him whisper to Bob styles Osho went out a Nice looking girl that miss a yes Quot answered Bob with a mischievous glance at me a she is a Nice girl though a Little go ahead sometimes. Keep a Little look out on her will you then lowering Bis voice a not a had match for Yon old fellow she is a is she a said or. Bimby his interest deepening. A on my Honor a replied Boh. A forty thousand dollars in her own right. Good Day a and he was gone. Quot a artful creature that she was had told her father that the sailing party was to As Hemblo at another hotel and thither he had taken her. Having business in the left her there merely saying that he would Send the Carriage for her at 11 o clock. She like a Dutiful daughter kissed him hid him Good Bye and before to had gone a Hundred rods top a seat in Bob styles Light Wagon which had driven up to the Back door As old Lee s Carriage drove away from the front and the old Story of head Strong love and prejudiced age was enacted Over again. As for us of Tho pie Nie excursion we had a delightful sail Down to the Grove but somehow i could not enjoy it As much As i ought to have done. When i walked on Hoard the boat i Felt awkward As if everybody was looking at me. I found or. Bimby As i bad suspected a Young and rising lawyer mighty in Blackstone in Bis own opinion. He insisted on paying for my ticket the boat was a regular excursion packet and purchasing enough oranges pears and candies to set up a Street stand. Four or five times i Wra on the Point of swearing at his 1.�?o a a a Ltd a Tho exposure. But it was no a round my role the hardest to play. A no Tho Young ladies were the difficult ones to deceive. For instance on among them a Beautiful girl of seventeen just returned from boarding school who bad not seen for Wycis. Of course she was delighted to see me when she found ont that i was Magum which de. She threw herself into my arms pulled veil Asido and kissed me half a dozen times i manner that made my Finger hour it was All very Moo but if i h a a be person i us it it As it was i Felt of if i were a obtaining goods under false pretences a and that lawyer Bimby might Issue a warrant for my arrest on that ground at any moment. A whole knot of crinoline then surrounded me on the upper deck of Tho boat to the utter exclusion Ami consequent disgust of or. Bimby and Tho other gentlemen. J kept very quiet Only speaking monosyllables in a fid setto voice hut the Atli Orsu Niord bless you Thoy garbled under a strict Promise of Secroy Tho Nittlo boarding school Maiden who had kissed to so affectionately revealed All her love affairs and also became unpleasantly confidential about other matters innocent enough in themselves hut not customarily talked of Between lad and gentlemen. I was terribly embarrassed but it would not do to give up then. As Soun As my trick should become known Bob styles trick would also come out and As news of that kind travels fast in Tho country Yho and his lady love would to telegraphed and followed before they could Roach Philadelphia whore the styles family lived and a Micro Tho knot was to be tied. A a to River Breeze was very fresh whore to sat and i noticed that several of the indies were Glano ing uneasily at me. I could t divine the reason until Jennie my Little Friend from boarding school Laid her Faeo dangerously close to mine and whispered a my dear Maggie your dress is blowing up terribly High your angles will to town talk with All the gentlemen Anor was i unconscious of having a very Small foot for Aman and had donned a pair of open worked stockings. Which came nearly up to my Waist with pair of garters borrowed from a servant girl of which Toggery my a Runn ing gear looked quite feminine and respectable but the idea of Tho gentleman talking about my Ankles and of being cautioned thus by a Young girl who would Havo been frightened to death if i had told her the same thing yesterday was too much for me. I Hurst in a sort of strangulated laugh which i could Only Check by swallowing half of my Little Flag co lace lodged handkerchief. The Young Jades ail looked at me in apparent astonishment at such a voice and i wanted to Langh All the More. Fortunately or. Bimby came to my Rescue at Tho moment and edged Lii self in among Tho crinoline. A May i Sitheres he asked pointing to n Low stood near me. A certainly a i simmered in my High falsetto. A nah thank you a said Bimby with a lackadaisical air which nauseated me As coming from one Man to another a you Are As kind As you Are fascinating a a you flatter to a a i no indeed Praise of Yon cannot to flattery miss Lee a. A ooh sir really you Are a very naughty Man a i said in the most reminiec tone. I could cast a languishing glance at to though Tho Black Laeo veil and i fairly began to fear his we soon arrived at Tho Grove and found our band engaged before hand awaiting us. Of course dancing was the first amusement and lawyer Bimby led me fora schottische. It was hard at first for me to take the lady a part in my Danco hut i soon got accustomed to it. When a Waltz was proposed i resolved to Hove a Little amusement at Tho expense of the unfortunate Bimby i had first made him purposely jealous by dancing with two other Young follows one whom i knew in my character but who never suspected Moas . This Yonng Man who was a great woman killer a sort of easy Devil May care Rascal who made the ladies run after him by his alternate Wrath of action and coolness of to play off against my Legal admirer. I allowed him to hold me very closely and occasionally looked at him with a half fascinating expression. When to stepped dancing he led me to my seat keeping his Arm about my Waist and i permitted it. Haring thus stirred Bimby to a feast of Wrath i Ful valor i asked one of the gentleman to direct the musicians to play a Waltz. Bimby came immediately. A a ahem a miss Leo a shall in a have the Honor of a trying to Waltz with Yon a i smiled a Graceful acquiescence and we i am an old stranger at Waltzing. I can keep it up Longe than any non professional dancer male or female whom i Over met. As Long As or Schonh Rinnen ring in my ears i can go on if it is for a year. Not so Bimby. To plead want of practice and acknowledged that lie soon got dizzy. A aha old boy a though i a a in la give you a term then a a but i Only smiled and said that i should probably get tired first. A nah yes a he exclaimed a of course i can Waltz As Long As any Ono lady but not much for the three first minutes my Cavalier did Well. He went smoothly and evenly but at the expiration of that time began to grow warm. Five minutes elapsed Aud Bimby s breath became harder and harder. On to went however and i scorned to notice his slackening up at every round when to passed my some ten or twelve minutes Tho wretched Man grasped out Between his Steps. A nah a Aro Yon not get getting tired a a ooh no a i burst Forth As cooly As if we were Riding round Tho room a ooh no i feel As if i could Waltz All Tho look of despair that he gave was terrible to see. A i was bound to see him through however and we kept at it. Bimby staggered and made wild stops in All directions his shirt Collar cited his e yes protruded his jaw hang Down and altogether i saw he could not hold out much a this is Dolight Fui a i said composedly a a and you or. Bimby Waltz so a a puffy a puffy yes ohm puffy very puffy delightful a gasped to. A a done to you think it ought to go a Little faster a he rolled his eyes heavenward in agony. A nah puffy i Don let a a puffy done to so when to neared the musicians i said Quot faster if you please faster 1�?� and Thoy played Ala whirlwind. Poor Bimby throw his feet about like a Fust pacer and revolved after the manner of a Teet tum which was nearly ran Down. At last to staggered a step backwards and spinning eccentrically away from me pitched headlong into Tho midst of a Small Bevy of ladies in a Corner. I turned around cooly and walking to my seat sent Heyoung woman for a Glass of ice water. The miserable lawyer recovered his senses just in time to see me thank his rival for Tho water. I got some idea from this of the fun Heyoung ladies find in tormenting us poor devils of Tho other sex. At this juncture and before or. Bimby had time to apologize for his Accident Little Jennie came running into the Pavilion which served As a Hall room. As Sho came near i perceived that her hands were clutched tightly in her dross and i positively shuddered As Sho whispered to me a Maggie 1 come and help me fix my skirts they Are a a Down. What should i do ? i was in agony. A cold perspiration broke out upon my forehead i wished myself a thousand Miles away and anathema sized Bob styles masquerading project inwardly with fearful malediction. I said i was tired out could not go no nothing would do but i must accompany her to the Lionso of n gentleman who owned the Grove and assist her to arrange her clothing. So i went. I Felt As if an apoplectic fit would be a fortunate occur Cnoc for me just then. However i nerved myself up to the task and accompanied Sonnio to the House an old lady showed us into her chamber and Jennie heaving a sigh of Relief let go her dress. As Sho did so Pardon my blushes a Petticoat fell to Tho floor. She was about to proceed but i alarmed her by a sudden and vehement gesture a Stop a i cried frantically forgetting my falsetto a Stop done to undress for gods Sho opened her great Brown Oye to to Weir widest extent. _ a and Why not Quot a because i am a lamp a can you keep a secret Quot a Why yes frightened you look Why what is Tho matter Maggie ? you Why of of of and Sho gave Throe of cupful a cronus. A hush no noise or i am lost Quot i exclaimed putting my hand Over her Mouth. A i swear i mean no harm. If i had i would not Havo stopped you. Don b you see a Usho was All of a tremble poor Little thing hut Sho saw the Force of my argument. A a old sir she said a i Sec you Uro a Man but what does it All mean ? Why do you dress so Quot i told her the Story As briefly As possible and exacted from her a premise of most sacred Secie by. I then went outside Tho door and waiting till she had arranged her dress Whu Sho Callol to in again. Sho had heard of me from Maggie and wanted to Bear the particulars so i sub Down by her and we had a Long talk which ended in a Mutual feeling of friendliness and old acquaintanceship quite wonderful for people meeting for the first time. Just As we started to go Hack to the Pavilion i said that i must relieve my mind of one More Burden. A and what is that Quot she asked. A those kisses. You thought i wus or Yon would not have Given me them. They Scro very Sweet but i suppose i must give them . And did. So blushed a Good Deni but Sho did t resist Only when i got through she glanced up timidly and said a a a think you Aro real naughty when we returned x found lawyer Bimby quite recovered from Hia dizziness and. All hand for supper which was served in the Ball room. I sat Between Bimby and Jennie and made love to both of them in turn to one As and to the other of myself. After supper at which x astonished several by eating rather More heartily than Young ladies generally do we had More dancing and i Hoied pretty strongly to or. Bim by that x should like to try another Waltz. He did no to take the hint. Finding it rather dry amusement to dance with my own kind i wooo abandoned that pleasure and persuaded Jennie to stroll off into the Moonlight with me. We found the Grove a charming place full of picturesque a Little Corners and rustic seats and great Gray rocks leaning out Over the River. On one of these latter a Little Bench was placed in a Nook sheltered from the wind and from sight. Here we sat Down in the full flood of the Moonlight and having just had dinner i Felt wonderfully in need of a Cigar. Accordingly x went Back to a Nittlo stand near tie Ball room and purchased several of the wonderful woman who sold refreshments. Then returning to the seat by the rocks i gave up All cores or fears for my incognito and revelled in the pleasure of Roy Solitude a the fragrance of my Cigar the Moonlight and Little Jennies presence. How Long we sat there heaven alone knows. We talked and laughed and Sang and looked in each others eyes and told fortunes and per Orin Edall the non conical operations common amongst Young people just falling in love with each other and might have remained there until the month of August in this year of our lord eighteen Hundred and fifty seven for aught i know had not the carriages been sent to convey us Home and the Frost of the company began to wonder where we were. A ? this wonder begat questions the questions fears and the fears a search headed by the valiant Bimby. They called and looked acid listened but our position Down in the sheltered Nook among the rocks prevented them from hearing us or we them. It at length they hit upon our path and All came along single file until they got to the open space above. Then they saw a sight. X was spread out in a free and easy position my Bonnet taken off and my hair somewhat Tow a led up. One foot rested on the ground and the other on a Rock Urbont level with my head regardless of Ankles this time and there x sat puffing away in a very a Ladylike style at a High Flavoured Concha. Jennie was Shuing close beside me with her Arm almost on my shoulder and her Small Waist almost encircled by my Ariu. Just As Tho party came along above us i. Laughed out in a. Loyid masculine voice. A just think of poor what a Bis Namo there Bimby suppose he knew that he has been making love to a Man Quot a a hush Quot cried Jennio. A look there to is a and of my gracious there is Tho whole company Quot yes we were fairly caught. It was no use for me to clap on my Bonnet and assume falsetto again they had All seen too much for besides by this time Bob styles and were doubtless a one fish Quot and my disguise was of no further importance so i owned up and told Tho Story. Lawyer Bimby wus in a rage. He vowed to kill to and even squared off but the rest of Tho party laughed at him so unmercifully and suggested that we should Waltz it out together that we finally cooled Down and slunk away to Tako some private conveyance Back to Bob styles and i Are living in a Large double House together. To often says that to owes his wife to my masquerading but he does no to feel under any obligations to me for i two my wife to the same thing. N. B. My wife a name is Jennie a Good Deacon making an official visit to a dying neighbor who was a very unpopular Man put Tho usual a Are you willing to go my Friend Quot �?o0 yes Quot said Tho sick Man. A i am glad of that Quot said Tho Deacon for All the neighbors Are Over the Way. I when cold hearted poverty knocks it my door and robs me of blessings i gathered before takes a Glass from my table a Coal from my Firis and Robes my dear Nelly in meaner attire ii Crivy sometimes in. The heat of Tho Day my very Good Friend who lives Way. A a u. But when i sit Down at Iny pleasant fireside and coi iut o or Tho Job s i Vas never Dun cd my Sweet Ottlo wife und Tho babes it her Juneo my health and my conscience unsullied and freon no. Longer x suffer. My wishes to stray. A a 5 a or envy my. Frond it who lives Over Trio Way. wealthy but feeble he s titled but old ibs Sou is a spendthrift his wife is a scold suspicious of others ill pleased with himself Ilis Only Delight is to reckon his self. Were he toil times As Rich id Rufus of night or Day to Ciango with my Friend who lives Over Tho Way. A. In. It a a though for cry frown thug Peong in at Iny door ill neither be beaten nor vainly deplore 111 by arc him away by hard work if i can and his with the Licat of a Man and having �0100 All Joys that Inay forgot my poor Friss who lives Over Tho Way Quot jews in Hindustan. A much remains Unsung Quot As Tho torn eat remarked to the brickbats when it abruptly Cut Short is serenade. The jews in England have Cut an address to their Bic Thren in the Bombay army exhorting them to remain True to the interests of the British Crown. Apropos of this the Ahomd Zeitung of pc Soliday evening publish a the following extract Iron in nasal s geography a Diu Malabar alone there arc thousands of jews and in the remainder of the Peninsula their number is great. They Date to Weir presence m Imd Slun from the period of the Babylo Unm they asserts that a portion of the Trio of Manas ses after three years wandering. Fin my settled in Ludia to Tho of Twenty ton Simril Fin ills. Growing in favor among the Hindoos they in a Short time increased to c go to to o and i m a lies and were soon powerful enough to establish of crash Ganoro. Upon the coast of Malabar. Here they flourished for some years under a Republican form of government pres id.-, of Over by two chiefs. They still retain their chronicles in the hebrew language which Are said to commence with the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. This people Are known As the White there Ore also a Black jews in India supposed to have descended from slaves of the former to were converted by their masters to the mosaic a t. A the Leba Ivon a�ov13rtiskk a family paper for town and country is printed and published weekly a by we. M. A Treslin xn.th�2d Story of Risun a new building Cumberland at one Dollar and fifty cents a year 2.adykrtisemzxtfi due crud it Limo Usu ii rate. Rates or postage. In Lebanon county postage Freo. In Pennsyl Mihi out of Lebanon county cents pm Quarter or 13 cents a year. Out of this state ctr. Per Quarter or 26 Els. A Veur if Tho postage is Advance rates arc doubled. Weir i ter where have you been juy i Boro Tiffen fit Tho Stoy store of James a v n. Lagg is its. Nil bought one of Bis Superior too h ing stoves is Buhas just returned from the City Ana brought one of the largest assortments of stoves Ever brought to Lebanon. My neighbor got one from him and it a the Best cooking stove i Ever saw. They can Jaue to amp to Cook Anil Wankat the same time if they wish to and it does everything to perfection i was determined to get Ono of the Sanio sort mid the Best of All is he warrants every loosing stove he Sells to do As he represent. A few More of Tho same sort left with a general assortment of parlor Vilall or dining room stoves which will to sold cheap with a full assortment of tin and Sheet Ilton wah13, connected with his business. Tits All work entrusted to him will be Dono wit i no atness and dispatch. Lebanon sept. 23, w. James n. Rogers. L Andre Tbs agricultural Ware House. Nos. 21 amp 23 South sixth Street near the state Blouse Philadelphia. Ti2n floors of this spacious building erected expressly for the proprietors Trade Ara stored with seeds and implements of interest to Farmers and Gur doners sixty years established a who subscribers desire to Call the attention of every one interested in farming and gardening to their Well selected Stock of agricultural implements and machinery great variety of horticultural tools a a warranted Garden and Flower seeds grass and Field seeds of the most reliable Quality. Tho agricultural implements sold by us Are mostly manufactured at our steam works it Ristol a. Having fitted up this establishment without Ragard a to expense with the most Complete machinery for Tho manufacture of various Kiml of a sri ctr Ltd Rul implements to Aro now prepared to Supply a ill articles if this line fully equal if not Superior to any thing of Tho kind Ever offered to the Buldic. And Retjos warranted Garden seeds have the. Public for upwards of sixty years their wide spread popularity and the constantly increasing demand from year to year is the Best evidence of their superiority Over All others. A country merchants can to supplied with seeds in papers or bulk on the most libera terms. Bloomsdale near Bristol,pa., our Garden seed grounds contains three Hundred and seventy acres and is the largest establishment of its kind in the world. 1. Landreth amp son oct.7. �?T57-3m. Nos. 21 amp 23 South sixth Street Phi tads. M jul age maj Miliage marriage Kri age in image 1kiage it Uags i triage triage image image marriage i i Mage marriage marriage a \ Bla m Allma Mamah guide by or. Guide by or guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by by. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. Guide by or. 1vji. We. We. We. We. We. We. We. We we. We. We. We. We. We. Young. Young. Young. Young. Young. Young. Young Young. Young. Young. Young. Young. Young. Young. Young. Anecdote of gen iia Kney a cd a respondent of the sow York Tolu in relates the following anecdote illustrative of the character of gen. Larncy. Who has command of the troops destined for Utah in general appearance. Gen. Harney is impressive Leo is considerably Over sex feet tall and is Largo bout of and muscular. His hair a cd but is now thickly mixed with White. He wears it Short and begins to to Bald on the Crown of his head. His moustaches and Beard arc nearly Whito and Aro also thick and enned Short. His eyes Are Blue and Dull for he uses spectacles in you Ugor years no must Nave been a Model of physical vigor and strength but to now looks older than he really is for his ago i believe does a. While in st. Louis i heard an anecdote illustrative of his character which i have never seen in print. A a being in new York Many years ago he passed a Storo in one of the principal streets in which a auctioneer was soliciting bids for an engraving of gen. Jackson both Tho seller and the crowd Scro no political friends of the subject of the picture and were ridiculing it in every possible manner. A a much am i offered for the hero of new Orleans Quot cried the Man on the stand. A Only half a cent Why he a Worth a cent surely after robbing the Bank. Make it a cent wont you gentlemen now then much am j offered a Quot one Hundred dollars Quot said a voice emphatically of col Harney entered the door a one Hundred dollars sir Quot he repeated making his Way through Tho crowd half a head taller than any other Man in the room. The auctioneer naturally astonished inquired if the gentleman win Earnest and started again on his witticisms Quot Quot of a sir i am in Earnest and claim my bid Quot interrupted the colonel a and if no Ono bids i claim the no one bidding More to handed the auctioneer the Money and his address. A and now sir a remarked the general seizing him by the Collar and dragging him to the floor a i claim the privilege of applying Tho Castinado to your body for Damnable and having Canad him to his satisfaction no Ono in the crowd venturing to interfere lie strode out and continued his walk Down the Street. Analyse the Quality of character necessary to a Man to he the actor in such a scene and i think you will discover Tho traits which military men consider to fit gen. Harney eminently As the Leader Otiis Utah expedition. Dickinson and Jackson. Gen. Jackson settled in Nashville Between the years 1795 and 1600, and began the practice of Law. Dickinson was already to mrs following the same profession. To was a great dualist having killed several in duels and utmost certain to kill at the first firer his Mode of firing was very Uncertain. Instead of raising his pistol from his Side and fire at the word be would bring it Down from above until he got to the proper level and then fire. All the merchants in Nashville had Dickinson retained in their behalf and he being the Only lawyer there until gen. Jack amp on came no redress could be obtained by the opposite Side. Gen. Jackson refused to be retained b y these merchants to the exclusion of ail other parties. The consequence was that be issued fifty writs to tic first Terra of the court at Nashville. To issued writs against the merchants who until then had gone Scott free. This irritated them and they being desirous of getting gen. Jackson out of the Way in cited Dickinson to provoke a Duel. He began by acting on Tufe trials offensively to the general. Who remonstrated with Dickinson and plainly informed him that he would not submit to such disrespectful treatment. Dickinson persisted and gen. Jackson challenged him. The Jirney and place were fixed upon for the combat and the news spread around. There Scro at least 200 people on the ground and bets wore made of if it Scro horse race. Dickinson himself bet that he would kill Jackson on the first Firo. Dickinson fired firsthand his Ball hit gen. Jackson on Tho and peeled his breast. To bad a callous Lump until the Day of his death. Jap As soon As the Smoko of Dickinson a cleared away and to saw gen. Jackson still standing he exclaimed a Cha Van pc i killed the d d Rascal a gen. Jackson told that until thou he meant to. Give him his life hut on hearing those raised his pistol fired and killed him instantly. A marriage a great physiological work the pocket ecu Lapious or every Ono Bis own doctor by we. Young m. It is written in Plain language far the general Reader and is illustrated with upwards of one Hundred engravings. Auyoung married people or those contemplating marriage and having the least impediment to married lire should read this Book. It discloses secrets that every one should be acquainted with. Still it is a Book that must be kept locked up and not he about the House. It will be sent to any one on the receipt of Twenty five cents. Addres or. We. Young 152 Spruce Street above fourth Philadelphia. January 7,1857 by Gold a i old Gold. 2tijl�ne greatest offer in Gold pens Gold pencils Gold Lub chains and Gold watches Ever Mode. Read Tho following a a a a splendid Gold Premium Worth from five to one Hundred dollars positively Given to any person who can spare Ono Day in a week or Ono Lour in a Day getting up dubs of subscribers in disown and adjoining neighbourhood for the Best and most popular family newspaper now published. No expense no outlay no capital required of agents. An entire new plan is proposed by which any person can succeed lit a amp King it h paying business who will undertake the Agency. A private circular for the inspection of agents Only with Fotu list of premiums will be sent to any one who desires it. On receipt of a stamp to return Post age. Some agents have earned a Hundred Dollar Gold watch in one week. Every family should read at least one newspaper from new York City without interfering with their local papers which of course cannot and should not be dispensed with. But new York being the great commercial and business Centre of this continent no Farmer Mechanic professional Man or Mordy ant is properly prepared for the emergencies of his calling unless he is in communication with new York City by Means of one of its first class newspaper mediums. Such a medium is our a Ledger Quot Neutral in politics but giving nil the facts items of news and thrilling incidents Worth knowing throughout the country. A valuable gift each new subscriber will receive with the first no. Of his or her paper one of the new and Beautiful Glass pointed indelible la pencils just imported from Europe att for which we have obtained the exclusive Agency for this country. improvement of the present age and is the Only Pencil Ever made that will write with Ink making it both a pen and Pencil of the finest Quality at the sume time. It will last for years Aud for practical use is Worth More than any Gold pen in the Market. For list of premiums and full particulars address a a Hall a West publishers new York City. These pencils supplied to the Trude tap rotatable discount. Aug. 26,57. Of All diseases the great first cause Springs from neglect of natures Laws. T suffer not Witlen a cure is guaranteed in All stages of secret diseases self a narc Jervous debility strictures fleets gravel Opial it Eias diseases of the kidneys and bladder mercurial rheumatism scr Fula. Pains in tie Bones and Ankles diseases of the lungs Throat nose and eyes ulcers upon the body or limbs cancers dropsy epileptic fits st Vitus dance and All diseases arising from a derangement of the sexual or a fans such As nervous trembling loss of memory loss of Power general weakness dimness of vision with Peculiar spots appearing before the eyes loss of sight wakefulness dyspepsia liver disease eruptions upon the face pain in the Back and head female irregularities and Al improper discharge from both sexes. It matters not from what cause the disease originated however Long standing or obstinate the ease recover is certain and in a Shorter time than a permanent cure can be effected by buy other treatment even after the disease Hasl muffled the skill of eminent physicians and re Sis cd All their Means of cure. The medicines Are pleasant without odor causing no sickness and free from Mercury or Balsam. During Twenty years of practice. E have rescued from tie jaws of death Many thousands who in tic last stages of the above mentioned diseases had been Given up to die by their physicians which warrants to in promising to the afflicted who May Placo themselves under my care a perfect and most a wetly cure. Secret diseases Are the greatest enemies to health. As they Are the first cause of consumption scr Fula and. Many other diseases and should be a terror to the human family. As a permanent cure is scarcely Everet Lect cd a majority of the cases Fulling into the bands of incompetent persons who no Touly fail to cure the Dis cases but ruin the Constitution filling the system Witoff Mercury which with the disease hastens Tho sufferer into a rapid consumption. But should the disease and the treatment not cause death speedily and the victim marries the disease is entailed upon the children who Are born with feeble constitutions and the current of life corrupted by a virus which betrays itself if scr Fula tetter ulcers eruptions and other affections of the skin Eye Throat and lungs entailing upon them a Brief existence of suffering Aud consigning them to an Early grave. A self abuse is another formidable enemy to health for nothing else in the dread catalogue of human diseases causes so destructive a Drain upon the system drawing its Thoa sends of victims through a few years of suffering Down to an untimely grave. 11 destroys the nervous system rapidly wastes away Tho energies of life causes mental derangement prevents the proper development of Tho system disqualifies for marriage society business and All earthly happiness and leaves the sufferer wrecked in body or mind predisposed to consumption Aud a train of ovals More to be dreaded than death itself. With the fullest Confidence i assure the unfortunate victims of self abuse that a permanent and speedy cure can to effected and with the abandonment of ruinous practices my patients can to restored to robust vie. Troua health. A s the afflicted Ara coition of Neil most tie ure of Patent medicines for there Are so Many ingenious snares in tha columns of the Public prints to catch and Rob the tin wary sufi i ors that millions have to Cdr Constitution ruined by the vue compounds of quack doctors or the equally poisonous nostrums vended As a Patent x Havo carefully Analysed Nuny of the so culled Patent medicines and find that nearly All of them contain corrosive sublimate which is owe of the strongest preparations of Mercury and a deadly Poison which instead of curing the disease disables the system far. Life. Three fourths of the Patent nostrums now in use Aro pot up by unprincipled and ignorant persons who do not understand even the alphabet of the Materia Mcca and Are equally As destitute of any k a owl de of the human system having one object Only in View and that to make Money regardless of consequences. Irregularities and All diseases of males and females treated Oft principles established by Twenty years of practice and sanctioned by thousands of tie most remarkable cures. Medicines with full directions a eni to any part of the United states or Canadas by patients communicating to Weir symptom by letter. Business correspondence strictly confidential. Address j. Summerville m. D., office no. 1131 file oct ht., uni . Slow . I ii Zai eur visa. July s. 1857�?march 16, fancy dress a inn. A t rarer a buoys new building you will and a. Splendid assortment of All kinds of a a Ancy goods shawls capes scarfs collars and in Short every variety of Goode for a Complete dress a very cheap. All kinds of Domestic goods muslims Are vory cheap Check ticking sheeting blankets &e., amp a. A a amp a please Call an Seefor yourselves. Lebanon.oct.21.57
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