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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 2, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaJab Al Siuting it to neatly and promptly executed at a a advertiser office Lebanon Penn a this establishment is now supplied win him extensive sort Pfent of Job Type which will betas a a Ronase demands. It can now turn out printing of Siery description in a neat and expeditions manner Andon very reasonable terms. Such As pamphlets checks business cards handbills circulars labels Bill headings Blanks. Programmes Bills of tar invitations tickets ac., Ste. A deeds of All kinds common and judgment Bonis. Koto jul justices constables and other Blanks printed rur Rector and neatly on the Best paper constantly kept for a ale at this office at prices a to suit the times a subscription Prce of tie Lebanon advertiser Ono Dollar and a half a year. Address War. Boresuk Lebanon a. A. T. We1dle, attorney at Law office North West Corner of water and Market streets xjk3sja.3nrc>3srt a. , 1863.�?ly. _ George Pfleger or. Attorney at Law of toe in rooms formerly occupied by or Samue Zechini deceased and opposite to the Black horse hotel Cumberland Street Lebanon. August be Lana 26, 1863. Grant we Dhian att of in by. At . A Quot office 2 in Cumberland Street a few doors East of the Eupie hotel in the office late of Bis father capt. John Weidman dec a. Lebanon. Sept. 9,1s63. Vol. 15�?no. 23. Lebanon a wednesday december 2, 1868. Whole no. 753 not alcoholic. A highly concentrated v Ege table extract. A pure ton 1c. Doctor Hoofland a German bitters pts to Llano our. Prepared by or. A Jackmon philae a a.1 Awill effect Pally cure liver complaint is a Epsia d removal. A. Stanley Fol Rich attorney at Law Lina removed Bis office to the in swing one door was of store opposite the Washington House Bounty and pension claims Rompca Atte of eem Oyal. S. T. Bic�0a1b, attorney at Law to As removed his office to Market Street h the Lebanon Bank two doors North of widow rises hotel. A Lebanon March 25, Ca of Oitay if to , Dusti dict attorney has removed his office to the room lately occupied by or. Geo. P. Weaver in Cumberland Street Lebanon a few doors East of the Eagle hotel and two doors West of 0en. I a chronic or herons a kidneys and All i disordered Liv snob As cont Pabion Ini to the head acidity of the bum disgust for food stomach. Sony erect actions the pit of the stomach Syf ried and difficult breathing choking or suffocating Seny Tare dimness of visit a j lamp get Tevere and Dull Pix a perspiration Yellowness of in the Side sack Chest. In a Ducat. Burning in the of Ocvil. And a great de Presb and will positively prove fever Csc. They c0>pivo alcohol or Iii they will cube the a to of Ugine cases out Weidman s office. Lebanon dec. 17,1862. Cyrus p. Mauuer attorney at Law office in Walnut Street Neaily opposite the Buck hotel and two doors South from Karmany a hardware store. Lebanon april 9,1882.-ly. Bassley Boyer a with a. B. Boob Tab a est Cumberland Street opposite the court oct.28,1863-1 Jau nil ice Mility dts Eales of the is arising from a it a stomach. I piles fullness or blood of Fitch not Tisha a heartiness or weight in the linking or fluttering at Ling of the head or Nile ring at the heart ins when in a Tyio pos or webs before the he Bead deficiency of 8kin and eyes pain a amp a. Sudden flushes constant imaginings hints. Ellow fever bilious whiskey ? eases ninety a Rcd a a _ Esq., House Lebanon to. A army and Navy pension Bounty Back pay and Bohn r to land Agency. Lalif ii ii Lila a Tormey a a a Iju w. Raviv Tina Erain a died having been licensed to prosecute i Quot Sims fed Hartag been engaged in the Bounty and tension business offers his services a a be thereto a a tired. In accordance with the various its of Congress. All such should Call or address at their applications through pee and Wyek attorney at Law Saso with a. R. Hob visa Esq Cumberland Street opposite the Coart us october �?~�8,1s63.____ a Versal popu Kely vegetable pus Advent the Good key Rilely listened ton prep a kegs. In Istead he Digap stood pm Heany the 1pm. He it Derr 1 Thornby at Law office in stick term a building Cumbe fraud Street nearly opposite �?~>1� court of Jose. Lebanon May 6, 1868�?tf_ by. Samuel s. Lyle Fly Avrim his Rofes Sinai services to the citizens of . Own of at i a of was l. Bach two doors West of office of or. Samuel beam dec a in Cumberland Street. Lebanon april 15,1663. By. Atolli r. Ight. F offer stirs Srofe Asiona services to the citizens Ottlie Boroug i of Lebanon and Vicinity. Office Walnut Street two doors North a the lutheran parsonage. A March a 1863. In hired by the extensive Sale Larity of Hoo Sand Sherinan bitters., Hoits of Signorah Tignac is Ana Tunsoi res have opens Pon suffering Gates of nostrum Nislein the shape of compounded with injurious drug is st Machias and hitters. Beware of the innumerable array of stations in Plethoria bottles and Bis 1 Der the modest appellation of Bottei s of curing Only aggravate disease and 1 rotated sniff re in despair. Hoofland a German bi1teu Are not a new and untried article but the test of fifteen years trial by the amen _ and of their reputation and Sale Are not in Itilio similar preparation. The proprietors have Trio Sanch of letters most eminent clergymen lawyers physicians and c�ti/1-n testifying of their own personal knowledge beneficial effects and medical Virtues of these i to you want something to is i no ill n do you want a Good Appel to r do you want to build up your const Tui do you want to feel Well ? do you want to get rid of nervousness do you want Energy do you want to sleep Well do you want a brisk and vigorous be Jilin if you do use Hoofland a germen by Teks from peo. J. Newton Brown. P. Il., i lit Joof the i cyclopedia of Hesi Giom Kovs not disposed to favor or recommend Patent medicines in general through distrust of their ingredients and effects i yet know of no sufficient realms Why a Man May not testify to tie benefits he be the Amber ring. A it was a cold Winter night i Sal by the fire of a German inn not far from was Carl Yon Arnheim a we were both members of the German University. The fire blazed fitfully breathing itself in glowing spirals around the huge logs that were slowly being consumed. I was about to go off in a doze when suddenly Carl recalled to to senses by asking a a a do you know t hat the Baron Yon a by and his Lovely daughter Are in town a. I replied in the affirmative. As i gazed on his face As it slowly nettled to its dark weird aspect t was ready to give cre fiend be to those stories bruised about among the students of some strange supernatural gifts with which Carl Yon Arne Imp was endowed. I bad often met him j and from the first acquaintance he had somehow attached himself to . On being asked Why by some one he replied that his and own destinies were United that i would be necessary to bins some time in the future. The persons to whom he alluded in Bis question to were known to Bol b of As. Baron von was Nim to have received from any simple prep Aratoon to tie Hepe a it a a coh Hilute to the Benefit of others. I do this the More readily Icard to Hoofland s German bitters prepared by or. C. Jackson Efthia cite because i was prejudiced against them for Many years under the impression that they chiefly in alcoholic a picture. I am indebted to Friend Robert she leaker Esq. For the removal of thu Prev Udo a in proper tests end for encouragement to try them in Vinyl a Mil nil of Nentl Tejba do Bill be Eiri deut and men tiv proper rest a us Ivy a ,a a when suffering from Grenter and Oug cont Mied det to the use of three bottles of these bitter at Tho Graning was i Ioyel evid we in Ley amp Dew Alt. Commission merchants for the Sale of _ butter eggs cheese tallow Zara poultry game pried fruits Grain seed it amp a. No. 170 Reabe Street one door above Washington o. Weigley. 1. Rowalt. J _ references Robb a Ascot go new York Allen a brother do w w Selfridge Esq., do Jones t Shepard do . Latin cd a Farrington do Samuel g. Johnson do w Breslin Esq., Lebanon a. L. Beta. Canton Ohio w. A Curry a co., Bankers Eric i�?T1 John a. Tan. 14,18�o3. New York. Sim Dkl Eki robot. Aso Thijs Bsiso enl. Chas. H. Heil a. Urle idly invitation toll desirous of porch aiding lumber amp Coal to the Best advantage at the old established and Well known lumber Yarda. 0p Bei noels amp 1eily at the Union canal on the East and West sides o a a i North Lebanon Borough reef Tail restoration to a degree of Bodi Tal vigor which 1 bad not Felt for six Mamba before and had almost despaired of regain . A therefore thank god and Friend of them j no whoa town. Piniad�?Ta., joke 23 1861 particular notice there Are Many preparations sold under thl bitters put up in quart bottles compound a cheapest whiskey or common Rupa costing tro 40 cents per gallon the taste disguised by j coriander seed. this class of bitters has caused and will canse is Loo Gas they can be sold Jiuu reds to3 death of the drunkard. By their us a a "�8 kept continually under the influence of Aloo Holis Plant soothe worst kind the desire for liquor a Ted and kept up and the result is All the hoi p Pendant upon a drunkards life and a a a a a a a a for those who desire and will have a liquor by we publish the following receipt. Get one Potalej land s of Fermat Sitters and mix with i a get a it Good Brandy or whiskey Ano the result will be a a ration that will far meet in medicinal a a a Al Trae exec hence any of the numerous liquor ii tug the Market and will Cost much less. You will 1 All the Virtues of Flo land s Sitters in connection i a Good article of liquor at a much less Puco these inferior preparations will Cost you. Attention soldiers and the friends of the attention of All Bov Hig Rel talons Niv div Unsiog in a tip army to the fact that Iio Fla 1> i a will cure nine tenths a of the disease. I in Pirlant to Flani it Frank free hearted German Heble Man. His daughter Orena As she was called was the most Beautiful creature i Ever saw. Hot Only that her Beauty attracted for we were secretly engaged hut it had evidently Toueh Efi the heart of the sombre Pale faced Herman student Carl Yon Arnheim. I do not know whether the thought of being attached to Bena Ever troubled him who seemed confident and feared no rival. But As i watched him that night 3 had a strange look of fierce deter nation on his face. Presently he red towards and fixed his eyes mine it was impossible to avoid glance a lurid Light seemed play in the very Depths of his eyes i 1 not move or speak. Another ent and his hands were moving it and i knew that Carl was Merit and that i was under . Soon i lost All con Ness and then i awoke to what paled a new state of i Saa Ittig still looking at what w 8 face if but from which in some Man a i was separated. Often read of the Quality of Nee i never comprehended g so clearly before. Here _ Down on a living and Ody from which the soul the metaphysician was de them for their kindness. Again the horrid reality of con. Edition burst upon and i nearly fainted again. Rallying strength i told them to leave As i wished to be alone. The physician gave them a sign and All went out. I Lay for some moments longer trying to reflect upon Ray situation. At length i Rose up and paced the room. A desire for vengeance had seized upon . A thousand schemes suggested themselves to by which i could obtain satisfaction but none of them seemed to Content morbid imagination i. I looked about the room. In one to Brner i spied a Large Iron bound Chest which Carl was always to open in a presence a tto a get struck Why might Dortith Schest contain see crets which it would be of importance a for a to know but How to get in to it i hesitated a moment. Carl must have carried the key which unlocked it in his pocket. I Felt for the key sure ii Large we there. Jugh there was a i took it out and fan used by expo Siiro of s and privations incident to Camp Quot be in to has published last Nan Ere on the arrival of the sek it will to noticed that a very Large proportion Are buffering from Demili to every ease of that kind can be readily cured by to Litand s German bitter 8. Diseases resulting from disorders of the digestive organs we have no hesitation in Tatun that if these Bittera were freely used among our a soldiers hundreds of lives might be Start that otherwise will be lost a Wecall particular attention to Hie following remarkable and Well authenticated cure of one of the nations heroes whose life to use his own language a has been saved by the bitter Philadelphia August 23rd, .j.862. Messes. Jones a item Well gentlemen your Hoot lands German bitters has saved we i Quot in or mistake in this. It a vouched for by numbers of comrades som of whose name Are appended and it who were Tali a a a Naan Tel ail the Sircum stauers of Zzz l annal have been for the last four years a member of Sherman a awsr.xpor�1 in Asp a. Taos i was attacked in november last with inflammation of the Lunas and was for seventy two Days in the Hospital this was followed by great debility Leighten by an attack of Dye enter by i was then removed from the White House end sent to this City on Board the Steamer a state of from which i landed on the 28th of june. Since that time 1 have been about As Low As any one could by and still retain a of visit it Lor a week or Moro i was scarcely Able to Swallow Aii thing and if i did Force a morsel Down it was immediately thrown up again.-. T id not even keen a Glass of water que Stom j a not last in Der these circumstances s�5 Ssu Wetr a Clergyman and to make snob disposition of Luni old ins Best suited . An acquaintance who she a or hsptingibet5er, a Bong i >��?~0 aka a in a Otto so Barf gained ten pounds nine of beings Mouths ter from whom i have from t c y Cin. For gentle re a a it i a a invaluable bitters i owe to cent duty a life which has taken fear a Aofaga in life. Life. Market Street North Lebanon to rough nitty subscribers take pleasure in informing the cite 1 Jens of Lebanon and surrounding c�?os�i1 has Schev still continue the lumber an Coal bust Ness at their old and Welt known stand where they Are daily receiving additional supplies of he. Best and Well seasoned lumber consisting of White and yellow Pine boards Plank a them foe boards Plank and scantling Poplar a from % to 2 Inch. Poplar and ii Ardwood so a it a Oak and Maple boards and planks. �w�fa8smwsl shingles 11 go manner in which they hah Ooi dial invitation for a continuance o favor ass Sass Quot a ssh or a a a pm a Centa cd Quot a to fore purchasing Elba were. P Meily. North Obanon Borough May to 1862. V bg4d1ko rain Koal it summer . Reat trunk. Line from toe South and it North West for Phil Delpin a new York Reading Pottsville Lebanon Allentown to nil for Philadelphia new York. A Dsa Jsn Potts vice and All intermediate stations at 8 of m.,and2.00 p. Passing Lebanon 9.13 a. M., and 3-1now express leave Harrisburg at 2.15 a. M., passes Lealou at 3.15 a m., arriving at new York at 9.15 st Rousas Isburg to new York $5 15 to Phil-3 and 2 80. Baff Gage checked through eave new York st 6 a. M., 12 noon and t p. a int i in i mtg express. Leave Philadel i our e its was i breath the big absent. Carisi at Tny b not i k . Fth but still Mealing More dist spirit with Abri goal a u of Tho lady soul Fri soul was to i Well the i Ould Dot Sti a lit. In this a Ima and i tin i lost to nation Coo i Wai f the be re Yon Rose to r stepped continued to gaze fixedly then though he spoke that be was addressing As no word uttered horrible purport of his conveyed to the As we were conversing fit knowing by his Nihat i by Al won the love a he was conjuring to body which his own ter while i was to Bitant of Bis body. I Gle i could Only sub e was to win the lady to lose her Rusness and when if i found Thoi trans Lete and Carl had de sitting alone by the an inn in the body . The Little inn a briskly and hand Sel Par Bis Bill. Gentle main your Friend said would Settle this Little a Herr Yon Arnheim a said he a slip of paper. I one Forth i was to be Carl Heim and to was to be. a Aid the Bill and then i de Pittsburg express i Ltd a a i. X new York express trains Quot. Visam and3.3d p. M., passing Lebanon at th�1008 an la re Chenge. Through Toft from a Izaal Railroad leave Tamaqua ats68ail la or fair Phi Ladelphia a. Lor . Harrisburg anal new Yort _ an Pai Enger train leaves re tag at 6.00 a. Mand returns from Philadelphia at 8 do p. Al the above trains run daily sundays excepted. A sunday train at 7-30�?T a. And Philadelphia fat 3.151�, a it commutation tickets with 26 coupons at 25 pot cent Between any Points desired. Millaire tickets Eood for 2000 Miles botwen All Point sat 46 35�?for families and business firms. Mirn n and school tickets at reduced rates to Ana i each passenger season and Sobral fro mall Points. 80 pounds baggage Alio. A a to passengers Are requested to Purchase there tickets before entering the cars a higher fares Are charged if cams. G a. Nicolls april 99,1868. General superintendent a a i of Quot Avii Rita Vona invaluable bitters z owe fcfanew8�?~�?o�?o e in life. _ver7 Quot a a a j of tue Auorb statement 1<istjun� Cuddleback Henry i Jerome co b Ltd a Henry t Macdonald co c a John f Ward. Co e Maine. Herman Koch co h72d a Fork. Natuan1bl b Thomas co a a a a Quot a Andrew j Kimball co a 3d Vermont. John Jenkins co b1u6�o1 Penn. A beware of counterfeits. See that Tho Sigo Aturo of �?o0. Jackson the wrapper of each bottle. Price per bottle 75 cents or half Doz. For $4 66should Vona nearest dial Gist not have tee article do not to put off by any of the intoxicating prepare to on a that May be offered in its place but Send to us and a re will Forward securely packed by express. Principal office and manufactory no. 831 Arch st Jones amp Evans. Successor to c. Jacison a co. Proprietors. Jafor Sale by a. Go. Ross opposite Trio court House Luason a. And by druggists and dealers in every town Lothe United Sutche. 1863._i7.As i came out in the cold the terrible truth dawned ind for the first time in Lityn what was i to do ? i to go would it not n mad Ness to try and re of re a in pc rent f attempt that Carlin his now pc Sonali a Estall by declaring and Rona would be staggered under the misery. All. Night 1 sets earing not whith the o morning so in e. Of used by. Fiat queer Una Aliomar Yon Arnheim a i i world he been upon its a the be a Tain t Guiso Yon to w a Hove by weight roamed or i won the stud a ther ble Genius heard the a what i doing a Readin Leo one i Gard aspect Pale and a and there a which i Reo Carl is to esd the Sleigh of latter was Dri Ting beside the earnestly. A threw amalie Tho Sleigh and staggered and More. When i Reno found myself in cly00m cognized it for i Hon ther0 once or twice before at violation. A physician and one student8 were standing 8id in e i i Lay. Iep a a a Myand Bank it stars perhaps All notice of bag Liaise Carl to look i turned a Corner t eyes before a horror. I saw swiftly past in in a a a. The d Carl was sit Rona talking saw to Phant glance. Red past and i then knew no senses i 1 rec , and i open tried the locked the Chest. There was nothing in it except som e chemicals several old wrinkled and yellow parchments and in a Small Box by itself an Amber i Hada presentiment that with thebe Means i was to work nay deliverance. I examined Tho manuscripts Large Rolls they Jere filled with diagrams and words in the latin language. Being familiar with the latter was at no a a loss to understand their meaning j what had a the Days of Titi Fygie returned ? Here were directions for calling the Powers of. Darkness to the Aid of humanity the hidden mysteries of nature revealed and examined and dissertations of a metaphysical character on the mind of Man and its unknown affinities with the world of spirits. All was apparently written Long go Jit plight be centuries. I sat All Daj studying the mysterious writings ter obtaining for the body in ight a Little that was came. And of nourishment mine for the time being i lit a lamp and Locking the door still continued to pore upon these wonderful manuscripts that were revealing to with every line read strange secrets which would make Power Over Mankind irresistible All that was demanded for the possessor of this secret knowledge was a Peculiar organization. With the body of car won Arm Heim of of course had obtained his temperament and facility to use these new Powers. I determined to make myself master of them and then let the villain look to himself. He bad forfeited All his Power by taking upon him organization so great bad Mcfeen his love for the Beautiful lady Rena. A Little did he think that i would with inheritance As i intended. heart beat High with Hope. Already i seemed to grasp revenge. With Tea tamber ring and the knowl Edgo of its wonderful properties made known to by these old manuscripts i would bring him Down Down to the very lowest pit of misery. A Over the Way was the mansion of the Baron Tho father of Rena. It was lit up with a thousand Brilliant lights. I Beard the sound of music and dancing. As i looked from window i saw passing by the opposite window and inside the gorgeous drawing room Rena and Garl Arm in Arm. I did not stagger that time at the sight of them. I smiled with secret exultation. Going to tax ble i unrolled a manuscript and read a a the Odic fluid is generated by wearing Tho Amber ring on the third Finger of the left band and. By the Odio fluid matter and mind Are United. When the Odyle is withdrawn from the body the mind is free and can be commanded then followed farther directions ending with a a thus the Amber ring to him who in Divelb its proper use is to a cer Tuin extent nil powerful 1 �f-1 a a a a a i a Days passed. By Tho Aid of the ring i kept Misc of informed of the movements of Cirl he was to be married in three Days which would he the Day before gris Mas. The ceremony was to take place in the evening. time was Short yet Long enough for what i had to do Day and night i studied and worked. experiments were with a few exceptions. Successful. By the Day before Christmas i was prepared. I had perfected myself in Art. I had no More need now of the Manu scripts no More need of the Amber ring. I. I Proforo for reasons of own Burnt the whole the Manu scripts first am then i brow the Amber ring into the blazing fare. A Pale Light started up the whole room Shook and gleamed As if of phosphorescent Materiel then All was a silent. I went to Tho window again and looked Over the Way. A out 1 have been mistaken / it seemed to that i saw in the Uncertain Light of the. Moon Carl von Arnheim raising his to heaven with a look Beto Kening the greatest Icar. It was but for a moment and then be was gone. vengeance should be a retribution. One hour before the time appointed for the marriage i was at the inn of which i spoke at the beginning of this Story i began the i incantation which i knew would it bring Garl whether Kef wished or not to. presence st on. He it came. There was a a wild look in his eyes acid he seemed overcome with terror. I made him sit where he had sat weeks before then using the same Merte Means he had used then reduced him to a state of insensibility. I then taking from pocket a vial containing a virulent Poison which i knew would take deadly effect in the space of half an hour swallowed the contents. Then commanding the spirit of Garl to resume its origin Al body i reentered own. Then springing up i shouted triumphantly for vengeance was Complete the soul of Carl von Arnheim had gone into its former body whence it was soon to be forever by the deadly Poison i had entranced into his system. Asl sprang from seat the Surro Tufi Ings somehow seemed to be changed. I was still in the same room of the inn and there before sat Gar fast asleep. The Little keeper of the inn was bustling about As usual and before seemed lying the veritable Box i had seen burning a month before. I Shook pm l. A what do you want a said he look do i want v said i half reflectively. A i by Lieve in a a been a sled and hid a very queer sort of dream All about magic and mesmerism. This Isnit christinas eve isit7�?� a Christmas ave a he echoed. A Why Christmas won t be Here for a a let us go a said i. Five times a widow the Boston Atlas translates the following Story from a late French paper there has recently arrived in Paris a Young English lady Alre g by the widow of her fifth husband. This remarkable Chance this uncommon series of widowhood is the More extraordinary that the lady in question has Dot reached her Twenty fifth year. The history of her several marriages is so strange As a whole and in its particulars that we should hardly dare to relate Chertk the saloons of the English and almost the Only ones that remain open in this season of general desertion dispute for the Honor of this Young widow and from them we derive the following narrative of her conjugal adventures. Mrs. Was not quite sixteen years of age when she contracted her first marriage at Gretna Green. This matrimonial locality is sufficient evidence that it was a purely sentimental Union two rivals disputed for her Young affections one was favored by her family the other by herself the latter of course was the successful one. In order to set aside All obstacles our two Young people had recourse to an elopement and put in requisition the famous Blacksmith who unites enamoured English couples at a moments warning and Init bout asking the consent of the relatives. The nuptial Benediction bad oat been pronounced when the unsuccessful rival appeared he had followed the fugitives with All the Speed his Gold could obtain from the Postillione but the fugitives bad a nights Start of him and the rival was Only Able to arrive just soon enough to to two hours too late. A you bad a useless Chase deaf sir a said the bridegroom Happy and pro id of his Success. A for we Are already a it May be so a said the other a but 1 have at least come in time to be in accepting this Challenge the bridegroom requested that the meeting be postponed to the next Day but his jealous rival would not consent to this gratification. They must repair at once to the spot with the first see ones they could meet. The Duel was fought with pistols and the Bride Groom struck by a Ball i n the forehead fell never to Rise again so mrs. Became a widow two hours after the Celebration of her first marriage. This adventure made such a talk and led to so Many scandalous rumours that a second marriage could Only allay them. Besides Tho Young widow had known so Little of married life that she very naturally desired to continue the chapter from the interesting Point where it was unfortunately broken off. Athis time in order to Effa Ceas much As possible the consequences of her first fault for which Slio bad been so severely punished mrs. Submitted to the wish of her parents in the Choice of her Secott husband. A Thoy made for her a reasonable Choice selecting a Man of mature years and offering every possible guarantee he was an old retired merchant possessing a Largo Fortune honorable Adjui Rcd. This was probably not the happiness dreamed of by a soul so poetical and to enamoured but mrs. Adapted herself to her new situation and bad not yet encountered those Bollow deceptions and bitter deceits of life Eforo her husband found it necessary to attend to some business which required Bis presence on the continent. He left alone and in crossing the Channel the Steamboat was overtaken Bjo a Tom i pest and dashed upon the rocks of the coast this Shipwreck made mrs. A a a widow for the second time. To her misfortune she naturally looked about for Consolation which �8 anything but difficult to procure for Young widow who United to her own personal attractions a very considerable Fortuno. Among those attentive to her she favored a Young and showy Yontub full of Grace and wit who seemed to her to unite ail that would Best console her for the loss of her husband. As soon As the necessary delays were Over thei eign of Bev third husband commenced unit Ibe most favourable auspices. Nothing at the commencement Bee Raed Likely to mar the happiness of the Union but Sood even while devoted to his wife the husband began to display a fees beneath his Graceful exterior. Gaming was his ruling passion,.and he gave himself up to it with so much ardor that in a Short time he had dissipated the rest of his own Patrimony and the whole for tune of Bis wife. Then no longer Able to endure his shame and remorse be shot himself. Three successive calamities would have deprived mrs. Of courage to make a new conjugal trial a bad not her pecuniary matters made it necessary to marry again. Completely ruined by her third husband and with no inheritance to look Forward to marriage was the Only resource by which she could escape the embarrassments and misery of want a there web no time to be lost she test make the most of her advantages Tura to Good account her youth and her attractions and secure the Best Chance that offered. Our widow therefore be stirred herself heaven As if to recompense for her trials sent her a husband of the first class a Young Rich anti handsome baronet quite famous on the turf. He had no passion for cards but on the other band he gave Bimbela up with unrestrained ardor Toji orse racing and in his exercise he made use of his purse and Bis own person staking Large sums in bets and risking himself with his horses for the prize in steeplechase. Fortune bad rvs it thus far affected his finances Bis profits and losses were nearly balanced but be was less successful As a rider that he was with Bis bets. His own person was less fortunate than purse. When he Fodo himself he a As More often thrown off Bis horse than ate to a fight of his own Accord. So far from being discouraged these Falls rather stimulated to Endeavor and this Noble perseverance bad already Coal Hira several Teeth As Well As an Arm and some ribs broken. His family and friends hoped that marriage would make him a Little More prudent and for a Short time he abstained from appearing on the turf in order to devote himself entirely to his wife but As soon As he got used to this peaceful Felicity his former passion returned and be thought he could unite the pleasures of Hymen and the race course. Several of the beat Ridera in England had engaged in a contest at the Newmarket races he joined them mounted his flee test horse darted Forward in the race and fell this time so disastrously that he was left dead on the spot. The unfortunate sportsman had appointed his wife sole heiress of All his property but his will contained Eer Tain errors of form which made it of doubtful effect. One of the relations of the deceased disputed the will the cause was brought before the tribunals and being ably a Bagel a against her was threatening mrs. A a with new ruin when her adversary himself proposed to Stop the Silit and a Nite their interests by marriage this was the most prudent course the Lovely widow adopted it and changing her name for the fifth time be came the wife of a Rich land proprietor who passed for the most intrepid Fox Hunter in Northumberland. The marriage had not been concluded six months before the fifth husband while Bunting was imprudent enough to leap a ditch with a loaded Musket in his hand which was accidentally discharged when he received the con tents in his breast. His death was instantaneous. A such Are the events which constitute the conjugal career of mrs. And it is in consequence of these catastrophes that she a a a wide for the fifth time in the very morning of her life. But after thus having gained or rather lost in the lottery of widowhood she persists in pursuing a Chance which has so far been so obstinately against her. The Persever Ance of this widow May be explained on various grounds. In the first place having in each instance been married so Saboi t a time she has had knowledge Only of the Bright Days of Raar Raigey Tho Honey Moon and has seen Only the Bright Side she has never seen the reverse Side of the medal j she has never experienced the disappointments of destroyed illusions her husbands have never caused her disappointment except by their death even the Gamester himself was so amiable and kind that in spite of All his faults to was bitterly regret Tod. And then As Popio have be Como confused by the Manv different names which mrs has borne. They have named her mrs. Bluebeard in cruel reference to her conjugal misfortunes. It is very natural that she should wish to rid herself of this surname by triumphing Over her Fato but her five widowhood have somewhat cooled the ardor of her English admirers. Even the boldest cup Neuce a sort of superstitious terror they fear they May moot the Fato of their predecessors. Mrs. Has Roah Zed Bow much courage is necessary for any to venture to marry her. Arid she has therefore come to Paris this is certainly complimentary to the Par Ibias and she will not be disappointed. As we have Saiof mrs v s not Twenty five years old is exquisitely handsome and her last husband left her by a will in u Bich no flaw can be detected an income of j�120.000 a year. This certainly enough to shut ones eyes to the Chi mental dangers of the past a rpt a a would easily find a Paris Man who. In spite of the apparent fatality Wolfl Roku a a is Kite of amp Frt a two a fam1ly part a for town xi�0�ocqul&sfy, 1 printed and published weekly. By we A re Slot 2d Star of Funcke a new pm Tina behind a at one Dollar and fifty cd st a3l i a inserted at a Tiki to Titi a tits the Friend of the Elatab Lahmont and the punic Genet ally arc rape curly solicited to mi1d in their Cordoro. As handbills printed at an he Are notice. Rates of postage. In Lebanon county postage free. In Pennay Lyrania Lebanon county 3u cd Nta pet Quarter or in ctr a a year. Out of Hila Saju a a5�ct�, Quarter or Cir. A year if the postage is not paid Lii Advance rates Are Don file. Himself very Happy to become her sixth husband. Lamp of Well a example Oliver Cromwell among i Many remarkable traits of character seems to have possessed a full share of that rather uncommon article a common an old Maxim says that if you would be certain to have a to la Rny a done right Doit yourself and Cro Ifa Well seems to have been a Man very Little Given to leaving things to Chance. Thus a curious extract Froina the Earl of orrery a state letters shows How Cromwell himself disguised As a sir rafale trooper intercepted one of the messengers of the King and possessed himself of a very important letter. Most commanders would have employed some trusty officer of a Low Grade for such an Enterprise Bat Cromwell did Dot want any. Fail ate in the matter and therefore undertook the Job in his own person attended by one of Quot his chief men. The whole account is so curious and interesting that we quote it As follows a while Grom Well was meditating How he could Best a come in with Charles one of his spies of the Kings bedchamber informed him that his final doom was decreed and that what it was might be found a dirt by intercepting a letter sent from the King to the Queen wherein he declared what he would do. The letter Jim said was sewed up in the skirt of 4 Saddle and the bearer of it would come with the Saddle upon his head that night to the Blue boar inn in hot Botn for there he was to take horse and go to Dover with it. This messenger knew nothing of the letter in the Saddle but some persons at Dover did. Cromwell and Ireton do As troopers taking with them a trusty fellow went to the inn in Holborn and this Man watched at the wicket while the troopers on tinted drinking Beer till about Tail of clock when the Sentinel at the Gate gave notice that the Man with the Saddle was come in. Up they got and As the Man was leading out hid horse saddled they with drawn swords declared they were to search All who went in and out there but As he looked like an honest Man they would Only search his Saddle. Jjon this they Ungart the Saddle and carried it into the stall where they had been drinking and left the horseman with the Sentinel then ripping up one of the skirts of the Saddle they found the letter and gave Baek the Saddle to the Man who not knowing what he bad done went away to do ver. They Faeta opened the letter in which the King told the Queen that be thought he should close with the scots. Cromwell and Ireton then took horse and went to Windsor j and finding they were not Likely to have any tolerable terms from the King they immediately from that time Forward resolved his ruin. Ancient estates. When estates Are not entailed if England such is a the influence of example and custom that they Are often handed Down from father to son for Long generations. Corroborative of this we find the following facts in a recent number of an English Peri Odieal a the interesting and often quoted statement made some time since by lord Palmerston respecting the an interrupted descent Fot nearly eight centuries from father to son of a Small estate in Bis own neighbourhood in the new Forest Fela teb As is Well known to the family of Puikis the Lime Burner who picked up the body of William Rufus arid carried it in his Humble cart to Wmk Hester to receive sad rites. But we can place upon record a Case of still longer descent of a Small property among persons in no Way Allied to rank and Fortune and who have never risen above the condition of yeomen while we believe they have never fallen below it. At Ambrose a ban of the Borders of the Parish of Thorpe near Chertsey still resides a Farmer of the Quot name of Wop shot whose ancestors have lived without a break upon tie same spot Ever since the reign of Alfred the great by whom the fare was granted to Reginald Are among on untitled Gentry the Cottney afi stoc. Racy who can Trace their Hames and. Posses on in a direct male descent Back to the Saxon times but below that rank we Are not aware of a More striking instance of permanence among Olange than the past history a of the Yvo Here is something very pleasant re in this Long continuance of and estate / in the same family but to Are afraid Quot that it is often the re Shaft of considerable injustice to the Yoda get sons and daughters. Tho claims of the latter to a fair and equal portion of father s property must of course be sacrificed to the dignity of the estate and of the family name. Is it not paying As or. Franklin would say rather a too dear for the whistle a a prob Bly the younger children Gyder ally would decide tint it was. 1 in. 11. A peeps liquor store it Market Square opposite the Market a bout Jib am it. 11 lib Zwior signed respectfully informs Tun but tue that he has received an extensive of beef of the choicest and purest liquors of Alt description a these liquors he is invariably do Pond to soil at in 1 precedent edit Low Prifer it a y v _ druggist Farmer a Al Tel Keener and of it ers will consult their own in presets by Puj a . F. T. Elt is of. Lebanon. April 15,1863.,184 4 Dianes diaries 18 a wal1z&houce. A a Toutt received a Large supply1864. Which they offer for Sale at. The or Book it binary stare. Ig.oumberl�?T�?T1 1 a no it a a a
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