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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 2 1857, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 2, 1857, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaOf every do to Cril tion1&Quot a a neatly and promptly executed at the advertiser office Lebanon a. A pm u in with in extensive a a Iype a which will be increased As this 5���?, 01,.>.lln a cd Juno Quot a Oil la out 1�?Tltrxtixo, of description in i neat and expeditious nut More ,. Suchias pamphlets Check business cards handbills circulars labels i i Bill headings Blanks a a programmes Bills of fare invitations tickets amp of ice. Trio Frky kids of Iha cat Hil Sliment and lilo a Mihlic Moor Olly soil cited to Butl in their orders. U�riltndbill9 printed at a hours notice. A 13-Danos of All kinds common Anil judgment Bonus Bohol justices. Constables and other Blanks print i e k 1,4 a ss.mhji1,. Advert Isle v a jew is. It Vealy. Lebanon 1m. A Tom a buium Elbitar b c following from that Omin ont pts dds of a ran 1 Mlo thud 1 Inoel idd of Fessor to Tofill Only confirms Flint is eve Loncoa by thousands who Lyvo Rod lovers Dye _ Gin Ted How Girar tit it philae Cpl i d Oil 11 d 1853 f a in Rosard to hover s a intr Dye 1 con state in lies vol. 9�?no. Lebanon pa., wednesday december 2, 1857. Whole no. 440. The Globe to tingly that it contains no deleterious ingredients end May be used with entire safety and with the utmost pm Cusp in. A Brinkle m b / hover a i Itig and indelible inks Aro so Well an a of their merits f also Well and Wocl Civ known As to require no Cne a by Faor a yet. A stay to Auto steady x Ana increasing a Trina gives tip Kilt a a j oust Sivu Tondu that they Martinto n to bold Chor Jetor f i to Ity wit h distinguished them when first int Rodlend Ycu a a addressed to Trio manufactory. Us. 410 rack Street Alwo fourth old be. 144. I Imaa Iphi. Will i Cove prompt at Toulon Ivy Josei i f How Isit efi., Lanu maturer. Tho of Fioril paper of Congress. I oin stands no we no la Rose Octis of tire daily to remind a w in is Oil a Siosai. A Toms and ares Dix to subscribe a Sfurm those who May Deshur Sib whmfrli11,Hoet a a thai a of of Oboyo Nanod is �s1rec01vmonco Trio unit most night butt ,1 Linzu been published a Lone i a pm it a amp a their character ami1 therefore f Reatter Thoy wih eomnin1 ,cc0unt�r us a kit a j Hil bsds a debates in on Lai at a ?9b�re> a a Token 11� by reporters o1 inv Osrey a not corp of Al ort1�?o"a otters in tide Able to Reung Quot am Jonty of then will ouch to w a ten <>"1�?T �11 tour Rdo tem Rny of a Inow of to Riis spoken by fluent an ton words a ,0b Tho do bytes of a Day do not make Moro to Teri ? mrs shall appear ill the daily a lube a a. Or us which will contain also Tho new 0f the Day together with such editorial articles a May to surest do Job my events. It also my intention from time to time As occasion May quire to publish my reminiscences of Trio Public men with whom. I have been associated during thu Laaff a tort a to. W a Walt ill a Lluu Utu tag Tiu Lii Twenty eight years. Anecdotes of general Jackson and to leaders of the party which he conducted and the Load 4 important Pescov cps. Consumption. And Alt s diseases of the lungs and Throat aim i 03itivki,y curable by inhalation _. A which conveys Trio Ilein Odies to Tho Cavit Ioa in Tho lungs through Tho of passages Anft coniing in i acct Contact with the Disenso Tho Tuboni Sulur no Law Ull nys Tho cough causes a from and easy aspect orilion heels Tho lungs Purifie Tho blood inf i it renewed vitality to Tho nor a Rous Suatoni giving a hut. Tone nud on orgy so Iuda Pensa Ulo for Tho restoration of Hoit Lih. To to Able to state confidently that consumption is Erabio by inhalation a to to a source of nun Joyed pleasure., it is of much Annaer the control or medical treatment As and other formidable Diieno ninety out of every a ammo cured in Trio brat stages and fifty percent in the second but in the third stage it is impossible to save Moro than ,cent., for Tho lungs Aru so Cut up by the disease of Totley medical skill. Even however in Tho lust st go a inhalation at Fordt extraordinary Relief to Tho suffering attending this fearful Scourge which annually destroys ninety five thousand persons in Trio a a Ltd states Alono Jond a Correct calculation shows that of the present population of Tho oath eighty millions Aro Des Tivod to fill the consumptive a grave. Tiuli Tho qty tor of death Hus no Arrow so fatal As consumption in All Ages it Lite been the great enemy of life for u spares neither ago nor sex but sweeps or alike Tho Bravo Tho Beautiful the Graceful and cd. By Tho help of that supreme being from Whon co Moth every Good and perfect gift i am in bled to offer to Tho a pure Ament and speedy euro in consumption the first cause is l rom impure blood and the immediate effect produced by their Dupo sit Lon in the 1tnigs,is to prevent the free admission of air into Tho air cells which causes a weakened vitality through Tho of Tiro system. Then surely it is More rational to expect greater Good from medicines entering Tho cart tips of the hangs than from those administered through the stomach the patient will always find the lungs Freo and Trio breathing easy after inhaling remedies. Truo inhalant ii u is a local remedy nevertheless it acts constitutionally and with Moyo Power and certainty than remedies by the stomach. To prove the powerful and direct iuliuemu1 of this Mode of chloroform inhaled will destroy sensibility in a Fow minutes paralysing the entire nervous system so that a limb maybe amputated without Tho sight est Nan Luh Aling burning a Wui de Troy life in a few hours. ,. Tho inhalation of a Imp Sofia will run Soich system when fainting or apparently dead. Tho odor of Many of the Medinos is perceptible in Tho skin a few moments after being inhaled and May be. Immediately detected in Tho blood. A convincing or poof the effects of inhalation is Tho fact that sickness is always pro Ducal by breathing foul air. Is not Thia positive evidence that proper remedies carefully prepared and judiciously administered through the lungs should produce the most Happy results ? luring eighteen years practice Many thousands suffering from diseases of the lungs and Throat have Boon under my care and i have eff Etui Many remarkable cures oven after the sufferers had Boon pronounced in Tho last stages which fully sat it fits to that consumption is no longer a fatal sly treatment of consumption is original and founded on Long nod a thorough investigation. My perfect acquaintance with Tho nature of tubercles ac., enables me to readily the various forms of disease that simulate consumption and apply the proper remedies rarely being mistaken even in a single this familiarity in connection with certain pathological _ and microscopic discoveries enables to to relieve Quot the lungs from Tho effects of contracted chests to in Largo the Chest purify Trio blood impart to it renewed vitality. Giving on orgy and Tono to the Eif Tiro system medicines with full directions sent to any in roof the United slates and can Adas by put Euta communicating their symptoms by letter. But the euro would to More certain if Tho patient should to a visit which would give my an Opportunity to Esa Minc Tho lungs and enable to to prescribe with much greater certainty Izui than the euro could to effected without my seeing Tho anti unit again. A a w. Graham m. D., Offiel 1131 Filbert st., old no., 101�, below 12th, Philadelphia a. July 8,1857�?march 18,1857. Men of other parties will i bet Uvo a into creatine now when part Zim bitterness Lias abated. A in to reporter of Tho debates of Congress i us med it proper to say that Tho Globe would never be a partisan paper. This pledge will not to forfeited by in to amp contribution to history Tho political tits Rife Haro tei which Tho Public meho my Timo. Although 3 am and intend to remain a thorough Dunio Aret i. Will a Over intrude my principles in a Way to make them obnoxious to any party. But. In regard to pet Solis and events which go to make up history. I Hopo to make Tho Globe an honest Memoir Ami Wii Fijat View i am resolved to speak independently of All i��?�-t5es. Tub congressional a lode and Apte Din will retain a report of All thobe Bafus in cons Ress. Revi Beil by the sneakers the Mur Sagiv a of Tho president of Tho United states the annual reports of the Heads of the executive Dopa ments Trio Laws passed in Reg the session and copious indexes to All. They will to printed on a a a a Bio f0yai shoot in Book form Royal i Porto size each Tom bar containing sixteen pages. Tho Wlizlo will Nemko. It is a lion eco Between 3.800 Anil 3,000 pages As Trio Long sessions for Many years have ranged Between Togo num Liera and Tho not session will be what is termed a a Long this is i believe Trio cheapest work Cor sold in any country who the a a reprint or printed from manuscript ropy taking for duta the average number of words of the Long sessions since the year 1s48. The average a Timber of pages is ?�,s76, Aud Tho Sterago number of words on a Page is 2,3u7. Consequently Trio average number of words of a Lorg session is0,290,772. A As i liar sold to subscribers that number of words for six dollars it follows that Lioy have paid less than six and on half cents for Emry 100 0 0 words i Hove furnished them Iulo 1 Havo pied my reporters $6 29 for every 2,397 words of to Lite work in a trip script. Has any other bookseller Tny Uhuru. A Vor sold u Book in Tho first in Stancev Iulo it wag new. At so Low a rate 41 believe not and to Strong is my that i hereby agree to Giro to any per amp a Wixo shall prove the contrary a completo set of Trio debates running Hack to Tho year 1s83, Nui lung Foi to Jirec Quarto Voinea. We Aioli sell for $5 a volume. An net of con errors Mitzi Rikos Theao papers to go by mail fro of i of ago ii t ion will be without doubt an unusually one As it will to the first under a new Aimini Strancz and several Complex questions Iii let be discussed in it for cd Shipla. Tho currency Kamas Rovento and Tobor questions. Trio Globa will Boas heretofore Tho Only source frolic w Hych full debates can i obtained term for a copy of the daily Globe Ono year $10 05 for a copy of the daily Globo Aix months 5 00 for it copy of Tho daily Globe during Tho session 5 00 for a copy of Tho congressional Globe and Appun flix oud tie Laws ims scr during Trio session 5 00 Bank Notoya current in the suction of the country whore a subscriber resides will be received at . Tho whole or any part of a subscription May be remitted in postage Stamps which is preferable to any currency except Gold or Silver. A paper will not to sent unless Tho Money Tho order for it. Afflicted read <m�d1cad ii ods a a is Twenty two years ago by or. K n on of Thiru and Union streets Shilad Risima la. Twenty two years exp Orinoco has rendered or. K. A Racli Tiodor in tha c ave of All diseases n r a private nature manhood s do Billy. Is an . To Fco. Vous and saxua.1 infirmities diseases of the ,., a. Those Artsik Erom abuse of Mercury. Take paint Loudat is an evil habit sometimes in by boys la Solitude often growing no with them to manhood and which if not reformed in due time not Only begets serious obstacles to Matrimonia happiness but gives Rise to a series of protracted insidious and devastating a few of those who give Way to this pernicious practice Are aware of the consequences until they find the ner. A____44_____1 so a a a a and is us a a a a a a a oui system shattered fee strange and unaccountable sensations and vague tears in the mind. Seepage 27 As 29, of or. Book on the unfortunate thus affected becomes Scobie is Una Hie to labor with Yoou stood vigor or to apply his mind to study his step is tardy and weak to is doll irresolute and engaged even in his sports with less Energy than usual. A if to Eman Ripato himself before Tho practice has done its worst and onto Matrimony his marriage is unfruitful and Bis sons tells him that this is caused by his Early follies. These Are considerations which should a awaken the attention of All who Are similarly situated. Remember to who places himself under or. treat mint May religiously conic a m Bis Honor As a gentle Man and rely upon the Assurance that the secrets of patients will never be disclosed. A Young Many let no false modesty deter you from Mok ing your ease known to one who from education Aud respectability can certainly befriend you. 4� or. Kinkelin a Resk Lenco has been for the jest Twenty vkai.8 at the n. To. Corner of third and Union streets. Ethladel Pula a. Patients at a distance can have by stating their Case explicitly together with All their symptoms per letter enclosing a remit the parted. Thou Hast Pokon to Aro part ii for thy weal w for my woo now i wander lonely Onward. List Losa wheresoever i go. Had Oliou. Known How Well i loved the thou wouldst not essayed to sever from thy heart Trio Ivy Tendril. That would cling to it forever years to come when times sure foot prints shall have marked thy heart it and brow think of Ono who truly loved thee w to will love thee then As now. Oft at noon of nights dread Sil onco As to prayer i Bent my k Neo i have turned a i full too often from my god to worship thoe. Hopo and i no longer struggle Fate has tolled the solemn Knoll my doom forever to dwt air to Orth a dec Posthill. Yet Ono fervent prayer to heaven cod at least will not reject May lie guide thy gentle spirit May Jim Ever thee protect bunco to wills that i should suffer firm 111 be add not rebel trusting that for Cheo a tis by Etc Quot to should part then Faro Lee Woll life for life. A revolutionary sketch. Washington nov. Is 1s57. John c. Rives j spi undid a ills at 430 Chestnut Street Philadelphia Tho original gift Book Stora. / .�?~1 o. Eye is would inform his friends Ond Tho Public it. That to has removed Tia Star gift Book Soforo and publishing House to the Sidon did store in Browne a Iron building 439 Chestnut Street two doors below Tho purchaser of each Book will receive one of the following gifts valued at from 25 cuts to $100, consisting of Gold watches jewelry amp a. It Worth 550 Baton t English lever Gold watches $100 00 each. 550 Patent Anchor do. Do. 60 00 400 Sulics Gold watches 181c. Pasos 35 00 a a 600 Silver lever watches warranted 15 00 a a 500 parlor timepieces a 10 k m 500 Cameo sate a Jar drops and pins 10 00 a a 590 ladies Gold bracelets $5 00 to 12 00 u 500 gents Yost chains 10 00 a a 1,090 Gold lockets Latise Afao double Case 3 00 a 2,0u0 Goin to civets. Small size 3 00 a Al him divid in pm Iii cases with Gold in uns 5 00 1,c 2 590 Gold 2.500 Lodi Ojomo com v 2.1 1 i Gold tens i cases and holders 19 50 2 50 2 50 150 100 2 75 2 50 150 75 s00 3 00 2 50 500 5 00 3 50 .50 Wlton Oil Lair Sya ii Wuy i a Loui we a Tance or. Medicine appropriated actor Degly. Forwarded feb any part of the United Statos and Paek of Amage or cd Lupsity by Maillorex read i youth and manhood. A. It Tho tit. To five press. A i a a i a a a via Tooa to of a Rita Nutant Date kick Sun of sell Only 25 a envy. Letters containing that value in Stamps will ensure a rape pee return i free gift to All. Misery relieved a a nature a to aids a a in Spuler work full of Valu Alile advice and impressive warning alike calculated to prevent years of misery and save tii cubans of he cd la distributed without charge and forwarded by Small prep fold to any a a Ost office in Tho United states on 1 receiving an order enclosing two postage Stamps. July is. 1857,-ly, bulls Recto Mistura for piles tetter ringworm and for any eruption or excoriate on of Tho skin Jet whet amp or on the Heil face arms or other parts of the body. Old Niters or bores and pimples on the face May he Apo Dlly cured by the use of the Recto Mistura. To those especially that Are suffering from Tho piles to offer a sure remedy. _ from Rev. Or. Ent Orlino pastor Gorman Church Cor. In Nav i Ted Sharp streets for the Benefit of the afflicted i Foel it a duty to state what a blessings Medicine known by the name of a a Bull Stiffl a Mistura has been to to. 1 have been afflicted with the piles for eight years during which time 1 tried my own remedies As a Price Tifni f1/1 jul Vintro a but without Success. Having heard of or. Bulls pile a remedy i tried 1� i and though Lubot Bat tie l can Sav that i am por Toetly cured i Oiso use it. Link Vrient be Offetter which extend of a body Aud in less than two weeks it 2 re the skin became clean and 11�0 a the directions to Samuel enter lne. Sold wholesale and retail by d. 3. Baber druggist Lebanon pa., Solo agent for Lebanon county. A ncn2i, j 1857.-ly. A Mcneils ladies pins with Silver pencils Gold pens with cases Kings ladies Gold bings h Udu bras amp pms a a i go b was ii 3.000 pocket in moves a 2.000 sets gents old bosom st to Sjonna Rio fire. Siove buttons 2.000 pairs ladies7 ear drops 5.000 ladies Pearl Cam cases ludips7 Cameo Dot or of Osage pin.�, 2,500 ladies cd Meo shawl and Biff to in ius g 1 of n thousand Flowers Evans a now catalogue contains All Trio most popular books of the Dav. And Tho newest publications nil of which Wii i o Coli or Low of can be obtained at other stores. In co Mfd tto eat Aloigue of books sent free by application throw the mull by addressing g. G. Evans 439 Chestnut Street Philadelphia. Jgr agents wanted in every town in the United states. Tosu desiring so to can obtain full particulars by addressing As above. X. consequence of the Inone crisis and numerous failures the subscriber has been enabled to Purchase from assignees a a immense Stock of Hooks embracing eve Hwy department of literature at prices which will enable hun to give $590 Worth of the above gifts on every $1000 Worth of books sold. 4�-an extra Hook with a gift will be sent to Oao ii por Sou ordering ten Hooks to to sent Toon address by express. ,. A by Send for a Ekilalo Gutc. A a a i a november 4,1857 removal. Lebanon Marble fart the subscriber respectfully informs the Public in general that he is prepared to doll kinds of fact has Rojina Metal work at his Marble Yard to Golnot Street half Way Between Tho Coort House and Lebanon Yelley Railroad depot at the shortest notice As Good As work done to any City in the United states and being the Only Stone Cutter in Lebanon county who has served a regular apprenticeship to the business he pledges himself that he can manufacture cheaper and give a better finish than any other Man engaged to the Samo business. His Stock consists of monuments grave Slones mantels cemetery posts furniture slabs amp a. Also Sandstone of Tho Best Quality for All uses Plain and ornamental. A Largo assortment of Limestone for All Kinda of housework Giso and it he please Call and sex mine prices and the so a we in Jet Farreau. A Lett eng Oncin German and English by uie Best practical Workmon a father is Lucro no Hope for him 1 is Tho British general so heartless As to condemn so Soblo so Bravo so Young to die without mercy a these words were used by a Pale tearful girls of Groat Beauty in the Middle portion of the revolution which gave Freedom a Home on our own loved soil. During Tomt period when cruelty was but too prevalent with both parties a when lories american Hefu were if possible More relentless and cruel than Tho British troops. The father a Noble looking Man of Middle ago turned a glance out of the window Wheeli opened towards Long Island sound the Grcen Waters of which coaids be seen sparkling beyond a Grove that fronted his dwelling near hurl Gate. He turned to this to hide from her his emotions for she was i j Only child and to feared that her Poling heart would break when he told her All Tho sad nows that Lay so heavily on his heart. A speak father j Tell me is there no Hopo ? i will go myself and kneeling to Tho tyrant will plead for life of him whom l love of Only woman can love in she continued. A alas my child mercy is dead in the British Genera us breast his heart is callous to pity i Havo risked much by pleading for him but for your Sake would be almost willing to Dio in Nathan s place. Gould you take us hundreds of Timos had she Over those Waves but never perhaps in such a Gaff us let wooly Sho steeped her tiny Craft avoiding Tho dangerous whirlpools anti Rucks and heading towards the frigate which impatient for a Pilot had already fired duo Tiger Ngun. A a thin los3 Tima Twenty minutes from Thelmo she started she had puffed along Sido of Tho Quot Mau of War having caught Echo lines East out to Hor and fastened Tho Joat Andjou Tod the pcs Secli a Side and stood upon , in Tho presence of the commander. ,. Quot Aro you a Pilot a asked Tho latter impatient in Lone As Well Ashlook. T a �?�1 am sir was the reply. Quot Young for such business through hurl Gatov a. Quot As Well As my father who has hc8n a Pilot Here these thirty years a was the reply. Quot Why did he not come out instead of sending a boy Hka you in a Hawas Frugh As this a a a because he is Luid and then he knows tip As Well Asho can. Sill cry Clinton knows me Siy a. that is null right. Can we Bear away yet a a Quot no sir not for an hours till Tho tide runs Quot that is bad this Gale keeps rising. Is there 110 Anchorage hereabouts a no sir not within Twenty Miles about where your Anchor would Quot then to must go through pm. Quot yes sir As soon As Tho tide comes. I would not risk it yet for if the current should catch you either Bow you a go on the rocks sure a Quot that is True Young men. Let to know the earliest moment Tomt we can go through. Quot Aye Aye sir a and while the 13ugliabcumuiander turned Oft to speak to one of his officers the Patriot Pilot calmly wont to the mail Gangway and looked Over Tho Side As if watching for the change of Aldo. But what was Passig in her heart ton there were Between three and four Hundred souls in that fated vessel. lost the Only loved thing besides her hither on Oarth when Nathan half was hung As a spy on that she was not thinking How Many hearts would be interesting ba13y a be att a women j a Max in saturday overing a gentleman residing at Jamaica Plain was sitting with a gab amp if Aud some intends at their parlor fire when Fie dogs Bell was violently rung. Tho lady Rosel but then suggested to her hns bunt that As Tho girl wus out he had bettor go to the front door. A according Lay to opened if and foundno1 one there but Thero waa a nicely Mon Ems a Basket of voted with White Linen at his feet thought to car ditto re stung of a Foumalo dress departing. After looking vainly up and a Down the Stercl and around Tho Portal to took Tho Basket into Tho parlor. On tip coveting being removed a Beautiful Tillo child appeared Home five months old. Tho lady screamed Ono of the lady visitors took up Tho baby and found a note pmed to its dress which charged Thongc Ticman of the House with being the father and implored him to support it. A a Rich a scene7cusued Between and. Try Indian nil fetus hand the Law tiv utterly deny tag All knowledge of the Little inc Aud asserting his innocence. In Lio friends int ordered and at last Tho wife was induced to forgive i to husband although to still stood to it Liko a Trojan that to had always been a faithful husband. Finally the lady very roguish by told her Hus band that it was strange he should not kno a big own child for it was their Mutual offspring which had just been taken from its Cradle ii stairs by the nurse for the very purpose of playing Tho joke and the surprised husband finally joined in the laugh which was raised at his ton traveler.1 a a a a Jack and the King. Mont i of May .is30, while the King of Naples was Batug conducted to the Tuii cries in Tho equipage of Tho court Tho crowd made an immense noise uni Tho event was the occasion of a veritable excitement in the City. Aha old woman seated in an of Tho place Carousel arid dressed in rags cried out Quot Bah a King Jud or the emperor we saw nothing but j Kings a Tho parisians of the second Empire can a say As much for Paris never saw within its Walls t More sovereigns or princes. The Jen d Esprit to minds us of an anecdote of a Sailor who was on Broten by her intended net die was no thinking i Board an Ai Noriann frigate a bin it was honoured of the mothers and Sisters and wives in England s a a f030"08 of r0yauy�?~ we hav0 for Ottn who would soon mourn for her deed Sho was on we arc to was 5tationcd Attro Timo it by 6 u was probably at some of the Mediterranean Porte Montezuma. This celebrated Indian Punco who filled the throne of Mexico time of Tho Spanish invasion Suwon did himself with a court of Tho utmost Hundred of his chief nobility kept a Ogaard in Tho antechamber of his Palace. Of these Satew Only were privileged to address him Jed Jav Joii Jio required their services a they Embrer ivs Senco with Bare foot arid with downcast is a jul of Liim of Thalia title of a a lord my lord great the Kitchen Quot was an apartment of great import cinch ,Imperial court. A great number of Cooks were continually Emp Loye Durand various kinds of mate Woro kept ,-ines.�cls�?Tjproparcd for the purpose Tho Monarch would often am Uso Liim Solf before dinner by going out officers and inspecting a Tho preparations being undo for Liis i Vafa. Carious Iki Zuls of Mafs such a of tvs pheasants Goose pigeons rabbits were generally a Mesen tevet it is asserted that Soin Odimeg the Quot a flesh of Young children was dross de for him. At his meals torches of a Wood which inn do no Smoko and which had an aromatic smell were lighted and their heat tempered by ornamental screens placed before them. Montezuma seated on a Low throne was Firat presented by Jour Beautiful women with water to Wash his hands. When the to Cut a Beautiful screen was placed before Bim and four principal lords standing by his throne conv Orsad with him if he was inclined. Sometimes,1 paid to ocular favor the Monarch gave them plates of that from which to , which were received by them with the utmost respect at fun pics during the dinner Hump backed buffoons entered who diverted Tho mom Trch by the r in 1 r Hen dinner was finished highly ornamented pipes were Given to the King after smoking which to usually fell asleep. By thinking that soon she would join him in the spirit land and that Day would his loss be avenged. For her own life she ,. Thought not a not even did she think of that worshipping father who sadly paced his room believing that she was praying for patience to Bear her loss. Quot meantime there were those three or four Hundred hearts beating Vith gladness that they had got Over a Long and sickening voyage and soon would be anchored in front of the shores that looked so Lovely in their Sheen of Green even though the storm Clouds i overdo Over at last after looking towards the Home in which she was born she knew it would to her last look a Sho turned and wont to the commander and said a Quot the tide is Slack it changes suddenly and we Quot cruel cruel Falo when is lie to die ? there a had better fill away at May he some Hope for his Rosco. To was a favorite with Washington and he i at White tiair.?. I will go to Quot alas Doar child Nei to yourself for the new it is already Loo late a Quot dead dead 1 shrieked Tho poor girl father say that it is not so a Quot Ala Ziy child a i cannot l Leo Waining commander gave Tho necessary order to his lieutenant and the next moment the main Topsail which had been Laid Aback was braced around Tho head sheets eased away Aud the vessel had i to for the narrow Channel where a thousand Quot of i j crafts have Cro this Laid their Oaken Bones. As they approached the Channel and saw the 4black rocks the whirling eddies Tho taunting Sunrise and was Eron refused a Bible to look it croakers dashing High on every hand Tho officers Ere to was summoned to the presence of his m i kor a. A and Crew looking anxiously out upon the danger. But so Calm and fearless seemed Tho Yozing Pilot for a moment Tho poor girl stood silent not a it that reassurance had a Home in every heart so tear Como from her Eyu but a wild Light in Aumi a Clear above the Gale his Bugle like voice sounded them a Flash As Bright us fire itself Gath a i,0 gave the orders Quot fort steady so a Luff a cred Over both Faco and Broff a she clenched her a Point a amp a fair hands Togo Thor until the nails seemed to on Uliey wore More than half though. The turn Howard association Philadelphia. Important to All persons afflicted we a a a so a i sem Tomii for Rucca gloom syphilis Tho Vlco of 0uanism,or suf abuse a. He rail association to View of Tho awful Lestric a on Thuman life caused by sextus disc yes mu1flwde-Oeptions Practised upon Thomire Stimato diseases by quacks have Are Eta Goon As a charitable worthy of medical advice Gratis to All a a mss face Anniv Liv letter with a desc Sutlon of to bold conceit ion Fage poverty and suffering Tofu rom Trio Loward association Isje Quot re of the a ick Tahl shed by space if on dowmont Fot the Cliet of me sick and distrra.4.1, afflicted with re Yinikian oases a it it Lias now a in Rains Ofta woj Daneo tora have voted to sex Pond a it Nimni be it is needless to add that Tho Assoc highest medical skill of Tho ago and will fury i to must approved modern treatment. It on Gnor just published by Mator Rhea or n�?ok5<othor diseases of Tho sex la starvation Orsort a Iise am outlier m b it sent Ual organs by the consulting Surg cd a Luc by Mafi in a sealed inv slope from of Chargi o diet of two Stamps tor consulting in recon Jis a no of of a a sloth Street , la a i Oriter of of a Suvell part Geo. Faiu Ciutti Sec la a. L a a pall millinery. Ibs womels dour invites the ladies of Lebanon _ _ and Victor to to examine her Stock of fall Roi nets Andelt Listl nos which Sho is ies Donco opposite or. O. Glon3ngor, to Cumberland Freet bobs Uon oct. 7,1887. A a Book Fob every May a a Nisi Aby a rare Iota cements to c for Tito com canvassers wanted to of no a a a a next As mod pre pensive Geo Orapha and Hist a i Peter farms. Of the world by s. S. A a a Ted with icy handsomely bound in cloth Gilt Anu a�3 gota a 200 Beautiful engravings and k0 maps j win Only by agents to each of a join o i ,8 jury would a Given. Applicant a wii1 by like to canvass. Tie Book a no a r rail pro cd. Billson sent by mail Post paid on be capt a journal a nil solvent Banks taken at . Momo a says of Toto work a no family a Goncy and s a a a re a a part Cly a a a a a. Ellios a publisher and bookseller no. Luj wimm st n. Mall kinds of school and Miscella Neora Boot. Cheap Public nations stationery end maps forms the Vury lowest prices. Orders solicited. Nov. 11� 1857. A Ait . Very Quot Quot Kiber amp Bro a o ter the flesh and with cold hitter Tours she cried Lin for x shall to revenged yes Doorly revenged 1�?� Quot a child Doar child to Calm a said Tho fond Parent a father i am Calm a hit Calm Cawili Asho is almost. And x swear that to shall be revenged if my own hands have to Roach the tyrants ii Oart that seated his doom a i loved of How i loved him and were not our a Plhal vows a plighted ? i will aet As a widow As Tho widow of a Soldier should a. A my dear child you will bring ruin upon our Heads so. A hot upon yours father but to me what is ruin now but i i i not to rash i will go to my room and Pray and think Oigt him who now lays cold in Slio turned Ond left Tho room whilst Tho father still stood looking from the window out upon Tho Waters which were dashed with arising storm and Tho Tretts Iii he already Bogan to writhe beneath Tho Force of Tho rising Gale Liko some huge giant wrestling with Sora in Morscen Power. Meanwhile his daughter had gone up to Hor room in Ono of Tho oho Irful Gables of Tho old fashioned How so and forgetting to Pray in Tho Nind tumult of Hor wronged heart was also gazing out upon Tho storm which was not Wilder than Tho tumult in her own Hoart. From Hor elevated position Sho could look Over Tho treetops and Tho ser cd Clouds As lilo a battling Host on shined Tho charge amid sulphurous flames and smoke they Rose and spread athwart the sky. Sho could see Tho eddying of hurl Gato tossing with whirls the Toam Caps White As Drifting Enow in Tho air Tho Breakers tumbling up against Tho Black rocks As if they would hide their dangers from the mariners View. Suddenly the sound of a Cannon was heard and As she looked upon the sound she saw that a ship of War had Homo to above the narrow Gorge of Tho Gato. A signal for a Pilot was flying Foro top and Tho hated Cross of st. Goo go flew from lick spanker Gaff. With one wild cry of Floreo Delight Tho fair girl bounded from Tho room. A Liru non life Nathan hate shall to Avo Ngod a Sho cried. What was Hor idea ? within another room in Tho House was the clothing of a brother who had Long Sinco been Laid to rest Bonrath the Sod Aud to this room Sho Flod and soon was arrayed in a suit of such clothing As the Young men generally Wear when they go on a boating t hesitation Sho out Tho Long tresses of hair from Hor head and in a Brief period Boro Tho appearance of any Young Man of eighteen not More than her ago. Having made therb arrangements with a rapidity that Only desperate resolve would cause she instantly left Tho House passing Down Tho Avenue towards the sound before her father s eyes he Little thinking that the apparently Spruce Young Waterman who chose to breast such a storm was Tho person of his daughter. A hurried Down to a boat House which fronted Tho Avenue she loosened one of those Small Light shifts which Are still Tho Model of the pilots of hurl Gate hoisted a Small sail and in a few moments was out upon these angry Waters running upon the last of the flood tides of amp eely and boldly of if she had been in a Stout ship instead of so Small and frail a boat. It no new thin8for ber t0 to upon Tho water being reared so close to it and Lii to Breakers of who Quot punch bowl and Quot hogs backs had been passed a few Hundred fathoms More and they would be Safe from every danger. Then one Quick glance towards heaven and the Dos Guiod girl cried Quot port i port a Liard a Tho helmsman obeyed. The vessel cased off before Tho wind and flew on with accumulated Speed but for a moment and no More with a crash which sent her tall Epars tumbling Over her bows and sent her Rcw reeling to Tho clock a she brought up on a Lingo Rock near the perpendicular Shoro to Tho right. Then amid the Rush of Waters the cursor of officers and the shouts of frightened men was heard the pilots shrill cry. Quot if one of you survive this wreck go Tell your British general that a Atman Hale is avenged and that by a woman too sink sink and May my curses go with you a and before a hand would Roach Hor bad they wished it Sho leaped into Tho eddying Tidos and Ero she sunk the proud frigate with its shivered sparse and sails its Flag still flying and its Crew of Stout men was going Down into Tho cold dark Waters and the murdered Halo was avenged and thus this Brief Skotek is closed. The guns of Tho sunken frigate rest beneath the tide of hurl Gate j but thou memory of Tho Patriot Pilot lives in More than one breast yet. Whore Kings abound. The Royal guests for the Story says there was a Batch of them a were being shown Over the ship when one of Iho party who happened to be behind Tho rest having his eyes and probably his thoughts on heaven missed his footing and disappeared from the deck. Jack witted a while to see if his vanished majesty would not Cap poor and seeing that to did not walked up to the lieutenant with this Little hit of information a ,. Quot if you please sir Ono of them a Cro Kings has tumbled Down the Hatchway a Ono of them fore Kings anecdotes of Wiiliam Jiff is the family of the conqueror were Nob a Iani ily of love. No sooner had a reconciliation been effected by tween Robert and William than their dislike was excited against Henry Tho younger brother Whoso talents Aud firmness of character began to inspire jealousy in the breast of Rufus. The United forces o f Duke Robert and Tho. King Rufus proceeded to seize Liis castles Aud Henry was forced to Retreat to a mount st. Michael a lofty reek on the coast of Normandy insulated at High water by the sea. In this almost impregnable position to was attacked by Robert j and William. Mount st. Michel a horde no fresh water the be soiled had not supplied them selves from any other place and were reduced to j feel the drop Adful torments of Clinst. Tonert Bear-5tig of Henry a distress ally ipod his men tog Tva i ter and he also sent him some wine for his own table William rebuked him Fin this ill lined gen i Eros Fly but Robert replied Quot Tiow can i Suiter my brother to die of Thrist whore shall so find j another when he is gone a another anecdote of Tho same time is related of Rufus. Asho was Riding one Day alone near the fortress to was at j tacked by two soldiers in Ike any of Henry and dismounted. One of the inca was about to Dis j Patch him when Rufus cried Quot hold Knave 1 j am King of the Soldier a suspended a the blow helped the King to Rise and mount excusing his conduct on the plea of not Knotting Bis Quality Quot make no excuse a replied Rufus a thou a Brave Knight and hereafter Wilt fight to do a my Banner a the Story in conclusion i $4 por ton of to a of $0i put Tiibi venerable or. Smith wo3 preaching to his Rural congregation Ono of last Summers warmest sunday nights. A while to was waxing warmer in his discourse lie observed also that one of it lus hand was waning and ready to expire. Just Asho discovered it he was exclaiming in refer Chad to to of escape Ostrom the Law. A a 11 hich i3�y shall he Tom and saying that he put out ins hand to give the lamp a Turu to brighten up Elvn Guini nary but an officious Deacon near toe pulpit seeing that Jie wits turning Quot inc wrong Way and would have it out in a minute cried out a turn to the right doctor turn to the right a Tho sudden answer to the doctors question put him Aud the lamp out completely at tic same time. I off i the Yaw. A boys Corn corp. Last year the Hon. Uraco Greely offered a Premium of $50 for the Best Aero of Corn raised in the Fatale of new York by a Hoy under eighteen veers of age. The Premium has been a Iai did to f. B. Spaulding of East Otto 3o.uaraugus county. The following is an abstract of the boys statement. Quot a. The crop on this acre of land in 1855 was com without any manure planted on Green Sward slowed under in the fall of 1851. Tho soul Gravelly Loam. % "2. The land was slowed with horses the last of april 1850, ten inches deep dragged twice marked off for Hills with a hand Marker three i apart each Way planted on the 17th Day of May Corn appeared above ground on ibo 22d Day Omav. Four pc Ennis Scro planted to the Hill Oil tour stalks were left to each Hill. The Corn planted dry. Without any previous preparation. Quot a. Tho variety of com planted was the Dutton yellow Corn eight quarts of seed Lynn used 1j j cords �2s cubic foot of Garcon barnyard manure droppings of Calico and horses and including hah a Cord of hog and Hen manure were used and spread broadcast and in Tho Hill Tho funner slowed under and Tho latter put m Trio Lull covered Over two inches deep with Earth op-01 which Thoc it n was Dropp i an 11 in it i no Oul two inches deep it was cultivated Lenglet Wise crosswise twice immediately after cultivating. �?~4. The Corn was Cut up Tho Middle Folk to Wotli of september. Put into a a shocks Quot and left in tic Field about four weeks when it was carted to the barn and husked and Tho Corn put into common.1 out door Salt cribs to dry. To co wore ten loads of stalks of Naif a ton each valued at the i Lebanon advertiser a family paper for town and country is printed and published weekly. By Wei. M. Breslau in the. 2il Story of Rise s new building Cumberland st., at one Dollar and fifty cents. A year Anaf Iunisi Roxre inserted Ai a ii usual rates. \ .4-. Re Job or is twin. I11 Lebanon comity postage free. In ferns Livania out of Lobanon county 3 Quarter. Or 13 cents a year. Out of this Frutto of Cis. Per Quarter or 29 Ete. A yer if Thop Otago m not Pate ill Advance rates ire doubled. A Wmk try , a u in Arwi a a Gay i cents air Vrell pile it hoi e i Ive you been i wily. a eco Ai ton of Ger so oink of j a m is to n. Kogi him Oahu biq.ciir>rc001�-�.ng orig vols. A she has just returned from Tho City and Uio gut one of the largest of a to ohs Ever brought to Lebanon. got one from him. it u the eng stove i Ever saw. They Cao Tia a wast l jul a tul Wash at the same Timo if they wish to Uini it does ave of joing to perfection i was of got Ono of the. Same amp Oit and the befit of Ell is lie Var Nuu a Corr gook no so Rove he fells to it Loas to rep Rescue. It More of Tho same sort loft with amp general to. Sort ment of parlor ii ally or dating Hoorn Stottm which will be sold cheap. a full Assort my int Iff tin and s1iek i Iron. Waitl generally Ronski jul pm business or All work entrusted to him will be do with neatness and dispatch. Lebanon,sept.23,�?T57. Jami8. A a Jef a i fall diseases the great first nuns a Springs from neglect of Noti Irti h Lav. S. S u r no t i cure is a Bali Vnti i 1 a a a a a to a Ltd st a11t58 of Seckie Biswas Solf Ubense nervous do Lulitu. San Durex. Gravel. Diabetes. Diseases of the kidneys and Rumm. Mercurial Kea Malsin scr Fula. it us a. Jscr.�. And Ankles di8efu?<is01l��?� Lun s. 7 not and Kyes ulcers upon the Long or Litls. Or dropsy Dpi Leptic fits. Itu Ltd it an it it i it. And ai1 i a cases arising Troin a derangement Ufilio g. A guns such As nervous tremble i it. Tev a my in re a loss of Power Genera weakness. Of i ion with Peculiar spots appearing Bot ire the Eves. Loss of sight wakefulness dyspepsia. Liver i ease. Trupi ion in a on tile face in Niu in Trio Lark and Lead. Feinau in regularities find nil improper kit it a a it a a a. It matters not from what cause the disease origin no d. However Long standing or obstinate the in by is certain and in a Shorter time Thuu a permanent euro Enn to effected by any other treatment even after t e disease has baffled the skill i cnugent phys arms and 10-Bistod All their Means of curo. J he medicines Are ant without odor can sing no sickness Ami lace Iron Mercury or Balsam. Dunn Twenty roars of Pra Clec. Havo rescued irom Tho jaws of death Many thousands who in the last stages of the above mentioned disease had been Given up to Dio by their Lun Jacuta. Which Vas rants me in promising to the of toted. Who May o themselves under my cure a perfect and Laos so ohm in cure. Secret diseases Are die greatest Emu us Toni Alum As they Are the firs cause of Lon Asp Tsoi. It Uron a Ami Many other diseases ii tid a bold lie u terror by the but Man family. As Peri want Cuns u at in Ere it elected a msgr it of the cases tailing into the or -., a a in Rona who not Only Tail to eur lie diseases but ruin the Konsti Putnm. Filing the so Situu with Mercury which with the disease hastens the suit Crew into a rapid consumption. But should Iho disease and the treatment not Causo death speedily and the victim Murris Ilie disease is in Tai Luil upon the children who Are Boru with feeble con , end the current of by which betrays i. Lions and other virus betrays itself m-2eniuht. Teller. Ulcers. Loup Al cations of the Kyes Throat and lungs ennui King upon them a Brief exist euro of and consigning them to my end 1/ Deruvo. Self Haugse is another Forfi Biblo ii Eniy to be1-tb. For nothing Ebo in Tho dread Vahik jail Cut i Hutu in Disu ses causes so destructive a Drain upon the . Dry or log its thousands of victims through few it curs suffering Down to an untimely grave it vice Ivy Ihu or Vous system rapidly wa>b3 away Ilie energies of life causes mental prevents the Umic Ozment of Iho system disqualifies tar marriage surf Etc by iness and All earthly happiness and leaves the so Forer Wruck etl in body or mind predisposed to consume a lion and a rain of evils More to be dreaded than death itself. With the fullest Confidence t assure the unfortunate victims of self abuse Tabatah rim Umont cud speedy cure can be effected and Wilh tic Teiml Oquient of ruin oud practices my patients can to restored to robust Rig Orous health. 3iie afflicted Uro cautioned against Ibe 11 of Patent it Elicius. For there Are so Many me pious snares in tin columns of Triep Niblic prints to catch and Rob inc unwary sufferers that millions have their Kensli Tunious ruined by the vile compounds of quack doctors or Ibe Roqu Day poisonous hns rums vended us a a a i event Medicino a a i Havo carefully aunly Zed Many of Tho Xvi much latent medicines Ami find that nearly All of them contain corrosive sublimate which is Tow of the strongest preparations of Mercury and a deadly Poison which instead of curing the disease disables the system for life. Throe Fourt Lis of Tho Patent Liu strums now in to Ara a up try no principled and ignorant Persona who do not understand even Tho alphabet of the Matabia a lira and Are equally As destitute of Eltiy Onowu de of the human by Aluru haying 0115 object Cihiy in View und that to make Money regardless of . Irregularities and nil diseases of males and Fontal _ established by practice and sanctioned by thousands treated on Rimada Twenty years of. _ of the most remarkable cures. Medicines with full directions sent to by part of Tho United pc tubes or Canadas by patients their symptoms by letter. Dual less eur res it on Dunco strict la confidential. Address j. m. A. Of Lico no. 1131 Filbert st., old no. 159, below twelfth in Hila Klyma. July a 1857�?march is 1s57. Gold a old a old. A Gold pens Gold pc Iva Tebes Ever made. Head tin greatest offer in Gold pens Gold pencils Gold �4j chains and Gold was a. Anecdote of Napoleon. 0a the dts of nov. 1799, Napoleon achieved Tho overthrow of the directory and caused himself to to created provisional Consul. Sic yes and dues two of Tho directors who had espoused his cause wore his colleagues Uleyes an old Man supposed of course that deference would he paid to his years by his associates Aud that the reins of gov crime pfc would be chiefly in his hands. Napoleon however was determined to eradicate this idea from his mind. A Day or two after Tho revolution the three consuls met together in Tho Palace of the Luxembourg to deliberate upon affairs of government. Tho room in which they wore con Lainon but Ono Arm chair. Napoleon immediately took his scat in it. Chagrined and surprised at this aet Sieyes excl Mcd Quot yell gentleman who shall take the chair ? a Quot Napoleon of course a said do cos the second. Consul a was to has itis Napoleon very coolly kept his seat and said. Quot Well gentleman let us proceed to Boon after Sieyes called the attention of Napoleon to a piece of furniture in Iho Reom Quot there is a said be Quot in that Cabinet two Hundred thousand dollars. We directors in order that we might not go out of office with empty pockets Havo Laid this san by from the Treasury. As Thero is no longer a directory we can Divide this among Napoleon sternly replied gentleman never let to hear of this affair. I done thear it now. If should Ever come to my knowledge i will compel you to refund the Seysan Ducos divided the Money the former taking the greater share. Bucks complained about this to Napoleon Quot Settle it Between yourselves gentleman a said he. Quot above All things done to let me hear of it. If it should Como to my oars you will Loso it by this transaction Napolea had is colleagues completely in his Power. Says the Man entered the Kings service. In Tho end Princi Henry was compelled to surrender and evacuate Tho Strong fortress of mount st. Michel. He obtained with difficulty consent to retire into Brittany. He was despoiled of All lie possessed and wandered about for two years with no bettor attendance than grim poverty our Knight three Squires and a cd i Plain. A a there were 1.52 bushels of cars of Corn bushels of shelled Corn by a scaled half Bushel measure weighed c3 lbs. To the Bushel which at 56 lbs. Vide revised statutes of now York would make 85$ bushels per acre by weight. How they manage a ires in Germany. A letter from the Baths of Ems Germany. To the new York journal of Commerce says. It afforded a Fow of us no Small amusement a Day or two since to witness the activity of the a cronus when they get Quot waked Trio occasion was a lire that took Placo in a Small Village or Hamlet some four or five Miles from hero. It seems Tho farce commenced where the fire was rag ing. The Groat Man of Tho place must first be assured that the building was really in danger t. E. It must to Well on Jirec before to would make out a written request for assistance. This important document being prepared a my soon Ger wag duly despatched to the authority of Ems who after having Phoui roughly considered the matter made out another lengthy paper which is sent to the August commander of the fire engine. This person age mounts his mules and after much ado collects some Twenty labourers to Man his teach due. After fou Havo arrived several Are sent thither to procure beasts to drag Tho engine. This is no Small i Natter but at. Last some four or five rattle boned horses Aro a Cay on Tho ground and after delay arc fastened and ready for a Start now the spectators surely expected to see tic in Start off for the scone of action but no such things Ono gets Down and lights his Pip ofor nothing can Bodoni Here without smoking one order More is found necessary Aud thus another hour slips by. By this Timo Ono would suppose that All Tho villages in the duchy would Lutzo had time to Burn up. Not so however to link discovery. In. Pisa Titi far map a As to Publicar Mueh ohm cd present Timo upon Tho chinese sugar Cane question i propose to contribute my Nulo of experience. Last Spring i obtained three i dollars Worth of seed and planted in rows four feet apart our Kernel of Send Ivory 12 to 20 inches on our acre of dry Loam soil a part of which i highly manured from my stable i planted Tho seed May 19th, and in about a week it Ennie on Tho manured ground it grew Fasic a Tho other very slowly. The first named Ripe Waits seed Well the other scarcely got into Goodnough. I purchased a sugar crushing Mill of two Iron rollers 5-12 inches in diameter and 14 inches Long had new gear wheels cast both of a size to give equal motion to Tho rollers then commenced grinding and boiling and soon found that six Gallons of juice would make one gallon of Superior syrup. I then built a Mill with Woodous rollers is inches in diameter it in Good Earnest and found that it now look eight Gallons of juice for one of syrup. Upon investigating the cause if Uund that there wore two juices distinct from each other in the Cano Viz a Crystal Zablo and an Saccharine Jiuzo. To Iron rollers cd pressed Botoff the wooden rollers Only Ono. The Juico from the Iron rollers granulated easily while the juice from the wooden rotters could scarcely he said to Grain. I made from one Aero of Cane 200 Gallons of syrup for which our merchants me by Tho barrel 90 cents per gallon. Tho result May by summed up As follows. Rent of land $3 55 Cost of seed. Blowing of ground and plan tin our Doughty Gorman friends with Matiy a crack Fand grub they never Halloo there a they Are off one Days blowing of inc a a it red for Elbor in work wife paid for Wood for boiling at the rate of a couple of Miles to the hour. Of course they have nothing to do when they arrive at the scene of the Lato Firo. To make amends however they spend some hours in speculating upon its origin How High and How far it burned How it looked �fee., with As much earnestness and fear depicted upon their countenances As though it were now burning. The above Are literal facts and show something of Tho Way thing Are done Here. A it does one Good to look at you a As Tho Fox said to the chickens a bin he found the Wall too High for him to leap. One Iron Mill one wooden Mill two Kotlos 40 and 60 Gallons 3 002 50 2 00 5st0u 00 28 00 20 00 17 00 total coat. $96 50 200 Gallons of syrup at 00 con per gallon $180 00f& 50�?~ leaving a Nett profit Over every expense of $83 50, from one Aero of chinese sugar Capo a this is the experience of c. B. Ostran delt m. N. forgot to state that Mccane was twice Frozen solid before it was worked out. A c. B 0 1 Hickory Point Livingston co., 111., oct. 29, �?T57. Following a a splendid Gold i Remi Uin Worth from Firo to one Hundred dollars Given to any person who can spare one Day in a week or to hour in a Day. Getting up clubs old subscribers this own and adjoining neighbourhood for tic Jirld most pop Ulni family newspaper now published. outlay no capital required of agents. An entire new plan u proposed by which aug person ran succeed in making it a paying business who will Uoder Tuke Tho Agency. A private circular Lor 1 he inspection of age a uis Only with full list of prom sons will be sent to any one who desires it on receipt of a stamp to return postage. Some agents have curbed a Hundred Dollar Gold watch in one week every family should read at least one newspaper from now York City without interfering with their local in a pers which o f course Enuol anti should nut be diet pos de with. Hut new York being the great business Centre of this continent no Farmer Mari mine professional Man or Luer Ehunt i properly prepared for the emergencies Ufeu culling unless he is in communication with new York City by Means of one of its first class news Psi later mediums. Such a nudism sour Ltd Gilt a us Xirui in politics hut in nor All the foes items of nows acid. Ihrig Ingui dents Worth knowing throughout Tho country. A valuable gift. Each new a sub Scriber will receive with the first no. Of his or her paper one of the Urwand Beautiful Glass Point of indelible la pm ils just imported from Europe and for which we have obtained the exclusive Agency tor this country. improvement of the present age Ami u the Only Pencil Ever made that will write with Ink. Making it bulb a pen and Pencil of the finest Quality at the same Liuio. It will last for years anti for practical use is Worth More Plum any Geld pen in Tito Market. For list of Remiguis und full Parile thirs. Address Hall amp whist i ubi Isiura. New York t Ity these Feu oils supplied to Tho Trade at a profitable discount. Aug. 2i,�?T.i7 mak1uage guide in a Tir. . Mauu age Gujda by or. \v>1. Yount. Gui tic by or. We. A Uulu mauh1age Guipe by or. . Voting. M aft i age guide by 3>r. We. Aja it Iii age guide or. . Hting. Makh Tage guide by or. We. Yagl no. Maiuu age guide by or. We. Tiung. guide by or. . Tiung. guide by or. We. Tiung Martlage guide by or. We. Young. I Maiti image guide by or. We. Voung. A Auhage guide by or. We. . Mark Page guide by or. We. Young. Mal ulage guide by do. We. Llu tilt Job s a Huat p1iv.-10 i logical we Yohji. The pocket , or every one his own doctor by we a. You i. M. A a. It u written Iti Plain Lai Iguado for the general Render and is illustrated with upwards of outs Hundred engravings. All Young married people or those contemplating marriage Ami univ aug the least impediment to married life should read this Hook. It discloses secrets that every one should to acquainted with. Smill it is a Book that must be kept locked up and not tie about the House. It will be sent i buy one on the receipt of Twenty live vents. Add res or. We. Young 152 Spruce Street above fourth Philadelphia. January 7,1857.-ly fancy furs i or ladies. Tohn amp co., Xiv a Maikut to Street above eighth Pihu Zulphia importers a a and dealers in ladies gentlemen and child Roux a fancy fc1118, wholesale and Rel stil. A j. P. Amp co., would Call the id ten i inn of dealers and i be Public generally to their immense Stock of fancy Kura for ladies gentlemen and children their assortment embraces a very article and kind of fancy furs that will lie worn during the a Enson Suchias full rape. Half Sun rect capes Talmas Victorinus Toas muffs and stuff tees from the finest it Ossian Sable i the lowest Price Domestic furs. For gentlemen the largest assortment of fur collars gloves gauntlets ��04 being the direct importers fall our Fura and them under our own supervision we feel satisfied we can offer bettor inducements t o dealers and the Public generally than any other ii ouse having an immense assortment and at the manufacturers prices. Only ask a Call. John fast Klofta amp co. Shirt. In st Jan no. S38 Market st. Above st to ii a. It r be f f a amp Root amp shoe store removed. New fall and wet i st at k would Rei in i a Fnu inform a he Public that to line Kemo old his it hit and ?tt5? store 1 to Tho room lately occupied by i. Toj. A a. Rohrs cloth to it or a store second building last of the court House where he has opened a beat Tiiu Acock of. Fall and whiter boots and shoes i in la Dos re Villi Firo Rymunt i is Vury of Iii in Etc a i j no Lilaces us Iho Jansel a ivies which i he can sell out it join Oncea. 1 a Public jul please Call a Nuil examine. Daniel ok2f7. J n. Tfaye finite Liu Vav in your tune if you wish to get a orcs cwt ment of int no a. Valise and different kind of a cos. on. re Lebanon oct. 21, 1sj7
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