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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 26, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaJ at. Attrib cob or . Staily and i of Tali a a meat at it advertiser once a Ebalo or Benita this establishment is mow supplied with an extensive assortment a Job Type Wlinich will he increased As the Parnit Mif Liei Namit. It ran new Fui mgt a pm.vrim�. Of a Vury a he scr Firth a. In a a Ltd a a a a Ltd a a a Misti so Jurj a we fat �?�.??�, a a lamp flew Luff kit 4,. Business cards handbills. Circulars labels Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of fare invitations ticket. &c., Etc Jar deeds of All kinds common and judgment bi�nf>8. 3ch<io1. Mid a the a , Priiett d Rorre Colv and neatly a tie a a i i pm Tanto it it a or Wile at Tine office it Pricw k wit. The it a a a. Subscription pure no he one Dollar Ami i a i 1-. V we. M. . A. 1 till a a w .8 a v of i am Titi Atmil in a Nife. Near the prof cd it no in Cornwall to Wiship it land a a w Idow Fulmar. On the North i. A Tina Ami John Hrim we a in the foist. There Tea one a it Irr Kow h0i1w1. Wee Herr a nailed erected on the late i end Dpi Zihui 11 to Aid in a the lend bus Fine stones Fer Qin trn it is thu a treat will Nishke a Nice Home for a . A re h is fro Tran ground rent Good title will he Riv Rii. A a a a a a Adial i Iii Fil. X. Tact in a w to veiled with Fine Grid ind. Of which will to the our Misur. A . A Howard ill a Cia Hon. Fiji Reihl to in. Diseases of the a Kikm �11 i a a Tori pm or a Hiiva walk Nfn Simio Knok. Ami other affect Inna o film a Koual Ollo a a physical Ftp ullity. And Imit Mauws 1>k�?~. Ave new arts reliable to Atim of in Kep Rtse t the association. Pent by a ii. 1� sealed letter Euhl it Ipp a. . Address. Or. -l-.8kii,m�\ Iii Mmilton Howard association. I of. 2 Couin ninth Street. I Mil ads Labia. Fra a january is j8 i>3.�?ty. . Staft i a iji.i�ici�. Attorney at Law has removed Itow Ifuku to . One door or of la not Erlikh Stoie. let anon. Pm. A. Ltd a a a Bounty and la in Salon claims Arron Pill attend it to a a a it i i aprils its a Jen. A Lvi of i s. a or the a a Fly a has a fms a a Wigt a i in Evn i Fukei sure Elvon unit the Zitnar. Two doors North of Ftp due Hibey of hotel. A Lebanon. Marc i 25. 63. Jotun u District remied Livirt to the la on later of api d Liy or of Weaver. In Cumberland a Trust Lebanon it few dour.-1 a it or the Kii Irle hotel. And two doors West of gen. \veidfnaf8 tilt a. ,. Pm Lebanon dec. I. 18b2. A a a a a. A lyres i. Nim Gattolin by at i. A a once it Walnut Street Neaily of Jim Hite the Buck hotel and two doors South from Kar nmn s hard Arft store. A a r Lebanon. April ,18tt2.-Lya f Iii. Ill la for attorney at we. To via st Hera Biti iding Cumberland Street neatly no posts the Cost House. Al Bali ii Way to. It i. I in Iel Iti Eily of pros his Servi Irea to the citizens of Lebanon and i empty. A belch a t the up la Ellie of mrs. L. Buch. Two door eat of office of or. Samuel beb a deed in Cumber land Streec. Lebanon. April in. Lsb3. A. I Satiel Ira Iglitz off cd it the old Mulene old. Lieu. Heidet Taur opposite tire court House. Lebanon. A Lebanon. March �5, to. _ ill. Almli h. I if lit. Of Kiiss i Eiyee to the citizens of the Boron fir of Levanon Mouv Huntly. Offley in Walnut Street two doors North of the lutheran parsonage. Llarch 4.1863. A a we1g Ley amp diva it Omiros Sizy Mer giants. Fob the Sale of butter eggs Heese tallow lard poultry Gamo. Dried fruits a min seed. Joe. Quot to a to 8�keet,on door Wishington Kwh Yolk. 0. W Eig jpy. 1 v a Ita a u. Dewalt. F a a a a Rob a Vasi Nuh. New a re heti Arnner do by a in a ii. Ilu it l of Quot. Man a to to a ?.�?�. N a us w m a a a vol. 15�?no. 10. Lebanon. Pa., wednesday August 26, 1863.whole no. 739. A family a pub for tows a co Hwrry. Is printed and published weekly j by we. M. Res left 2d Story of Funckes new building Cumberland 8t at one Dollar and fifty cents a year. Jwj advkrt18ement8 inserted st the usual rates. Obj the friends of the establishment and the Public gee amp or. Ally Are respect fully solicited to Send a their orders. A had Hills printed at an hours lots of. Rates of postage. In Lebanon county postage free in out of Lebanon county Cearn Pec Quarter or i cents a year. Out or Lun state ote. Per 28�qjeer if the postage is not paid in Advance fates Are a a me. We Are prepared to print horse bilis in handsome style a Short notice end it reasonable rates. I to a. Of a st a Ujj a a a a /. It f a a in. �?�>.-&. It. Is i ii a i l sir. Ltd a in in. Ult i.u�?~1 w us Cetih fat a l Ahr it of i crr nor four Imp to m a Quot a in or a t a a a a i i in Hii kind pm a to a i i i on it re. A in i plot Lac is a Ltd 1.� Leb non. A a 1 7 a i -1 1� 1. It. A h hip. Oil i Ira. To it i f u let a it a in r ski. A Yiirs a i to Jacob e t i up st i Ullett a. A and iia it Usk 1 inc i a a a. A a a a a a a a a car Cimler ion Hpe opt Ilc a i a pfc a la he -1 in nmn tor the la Berk in re Tulip re a Xen a i of Inni he would respectfully Huici h a a Titi Aiice of tin b me. Lebanon. July it. Bullion will he ringed Norih m Tifi of i Ini a ill Ai u \ atm the under Sijem will Purchase All kinds of Grain Simla As wheat. Rye. . A. Quot at their steam Mill on tar a cd Nal for which the highest Mark Quot prices will 1�� paid in Cash j5p All kinds of customer work will in done at the shortest notice and in his. In us to manner. The Public la respectfully invited to live us trial.fkl1x Light. Gideon Light. Davis l. Light. North Lebanon May 21, 1862. Abaham a beak. Davids Loso. A new firm cheap Ash store and milling and Grain business. Tiie undersigned having formed a a a a a inv ship in a. 1 Mikuc Antolic milling Axi it Glain lust a less invite tin attend in of the Public to their establish Inonu. To a will omit to to keep. At the late st Imi of Sheik amp Long a Nina it lamp it in a Tock of All kind of goods usually. Kept in a Counti a store Whir a the will re Tail Chapor Cash or county 1�?~kodccjs. They also want to buy Lor Cash 50,1 01 by Heln of wheat 30,000 bushels of Rye 20.000 by Icheln of Corn. 25,000 Bui heh of Oats. For which they will the highest Market Lioy will Alao take Grain on my Okay a the will keep Al wave on Bend and sell at the lowest Price Coal by the boat Load or by the ton All kinds of Mill Pobi. 8alt, plaster a. They solicit the Riihl near of All their old Friend and the Public and will Endeavor to Ileal on much Liberal and just inn Caples As will give to All. J h f Sikuk k a Long. North Lebanon March 19, 1662-, ,. S w. Pelic Sigill amp co., no. 37 Park Row new York it amp 6 state st. Boston. Ark Orr agents for the a advertisers in those cities and Are author<e<3 to take advertisements and for a at oar lowest Ila tej. May 21, u62.established 1760peter. To la , snuff amp tobacco 16 amp 18 st., formerly Street. New York Thoat Lention of dealers to Tho arts club of his manufacture via Brown Sii Tiit Macaboy Domi Groe. Fine Rappee a pure Virginia it coarse Rappee Nuuuli Tiehes a a t t Manjeri Artir gentleman Copelli amen 1 yellow stiff Honey Dew scotch Hiah Toast scotch fresh Honey Dew scotch Irish High Toast fresh scotch or Lundy foot a it amp attention Ticulka to the Large reduction to in Ceto fint Otu chewing and smoking tobaccos which toll be found Ofa Superior Quality tobacco. Smoking. Fine Cut chewing. Smoking. Long Plain 8. Jago. No. I,1, Ope Dibb or Sweet Spanish rat 2, Sweet scented Oronoco canister a Quot Nam tto foil Cavendish Tikiah. Mixed. A a granulated Sta a circular of Price will be sent a apply cution. New York april i 1sss.�?ly.not Coholic. A Hir tilt con Fetrat Edvig Elahe Eil act. A Hoof ans German bitters pro Pard by or c m Jackson Philada a a w ii u i i 1�o Ali v cu1.e liver Conall Mill it i it mph in. Jaundice. Chr Nir or nerve if to Cihiy. Of the Jvn in a re. Imit �1 idea p4 Fri a note from trl a Orji red a a Sif it Ranf a. Meth no con�rlp�t1�?Tn. Inward Hep. a Lorl to the items aridity of the Toueh. In Zwirn la tort Horn. Dig not tor food i fullness or Ciucht in tie storm sch. 8nur . Skin juror Antti Ervinjr at be pit of the stomach swim Rinir of be head. Hurried find of feb Iid rry if Fini. Pint a Gnu at the heart Vivki it p or in toi tins Fransa Timoti win a in n i ing Pojo tire to mriss of Sion. Tip a a a or m eds Leforc the sight. Fet Reod Dill pain us the heart. Defiori Nerv of perspire ten Yellowness of the a a Kin i Adf Cyon. Pm in in Tbs me Lim a. I Lii to Nib. A. Fur Den Al names of heat. Pm none in top it Lockli a on raut Iongi Ninga . End did it Vega in it a 01 sprite. And will to Iti Vclav piment yellow of ver bilious of Corr. Rec. Tfx by can ten no alcohol or Bud whiskey they will cure thu a it Quot a a i Tumery one Cugey nil hand Rad. Tondt Icart he the ext Uhvin 8 Ile and Universal Pupu a 1�ml to Soofi ainu a go Rnic a 1htt��?~rs purely vent aisle How to of i Umont quack and adventurer have opened noon a nth i intr Hama wire the Flo Ltd a. Of a a tar of nostril my in tha shape of poor whiskey vainly a i Jim ded with inn nuts drugs tonies. Meynel it in and hitters. A. Aware tour to inn Methle array of alcoholic prep Ai it tons in Plethoria bottles and tug bellied kegs in Dor the Fri amp Utt appellation of Ritter which mate d of in a Rifg i Iilva in Gravat it setae and tei Ive to e a Swap pointed Suff re in Dispir hoofl4nds Oitzman bitter Are note Pew and untried article but have stood the teat of Floreen years trial by the american Public a tvs their reputation and Shle Uro by any Rimular preparation. A the proprietors have thousands of letters from the Dost a . Lawyers. Phys Sci ans and c1t1rens. Testifying of their own Pere Onel knowledge. To the. Ltd enet Lucial Etfer Taalid medical Virt Lucy of these Pitrera. 1 do you want som Bari Rolth Strun Thlin Yurt j do you want a Good Park tits f j Doyon a do you want to Kikkl will do Yod a a a Tough hid of nervousness Doyz to want Ink key. Do Yosim vat to so Kip Wollt a 10 you want a Hrusk Andvino thous feeling if von do. Urn b1ttk.us. From Kev. J Ariton brawn. D., editor of the encyclopedia of religious knowledge. Although no it disposed to favor or re commend Patent medicines in Irene Rel. Through strut of thru in and Lent and effects t yet know of no nut fitment reasons Why a Man May not testily to the Bee hts he believes hims of to have received from any pimple preparation. In the Hope that he May thus our Riquie tribe Benefit of others. A a a i do this the More readily m leg Ford to Hoflund s German bitters prepared by or. 0 m. Inv son olt Lua City. Warn t was prejudiced against them for Many years. Under Thyl in apr Sion that they run a Hir-fl., an alcoholic mixture. I am indebted to my Friend Wihib Eric Shoemaker Esq for the removal of cml prejudice he proper teats and for encouragement o a. J a a it a in. When suffering from great and Long the use of three bottles of these buters at the i a Ginn Ogof the present year was of billowed by evident Relief and restoration to a degree of and mental vigor which i had not Felt for six bombs before and Hurt almost despaired of regaining. I therefore think go a and my lend for Clire Etmo me to the use of them j Newton Brown. Per Tad a. Tune. 23161. A a a Piir Sicular a so olice. There Are Manv preparations sold under die name of ritters put a pin Purl . Compound cd of the cheapest whisk Vior in Damon Ruip Roalin Fri Iii 40�?Tctnt� per Emlon. The last. by can nil re Ftfe. A this class of bitters has caused and will. Us it g a a Bev Eim he Oil. Houdre la Ira of tie he their use the pm Chi m a 11� u a Ler Quot i Ali flu no i of a ale Biolik Omu file a a Quot Ltd. To it. The desire t r Liq or 18 or it a a 1 ii r. rhe re ult in ill a a a i i i1 i it a u �1 in Karili site a a id a. R a of who desire mid will Hove u Liq ii Quot a Hii Fiva. A a r of of a the Tomo Wui receipt be one but do Ltd it nth Htu s Genoa bitter and mix with three quarts of Gott hrs Wiy or a tin result will a it. I or. Iii Nihon that a do far Excel in med inn a a am a nit exec ii o a a in of the in met a it it in lib m a ret and Wil most much re y i Willjo he a nil Thi Virtues of bitter lit with m Quarel article of liquor. A i a Price Htiu thew inferior prepare lion Wil a a it a Ltd a tool it and the Fol pm s a Dicks. Vye rail git Yttri Itman a it of 5�l i i Rel Lens and to Evirta i the Armjo to the fact inf a a Hunt land s hitters will Cun mine truths of the diseases i by pm poses ii Rel or a tto it to in a in teide to Ciamp Iii in the lists. Publ Suhl Ditill in the imps purees pm Ilie arrival of Rbt suck it will be a Quot tired that a very Large proportion Afu Uff ring Fnu ii Dhiti to. La it it Rase Otth to kind a in be to vary cured by to i of Tiern inti hitlers. Iii Elises re uiting from Rtiz a do in of the Dige tiv is am she Lily temp Ved. We Lin it it no hesitation i statin that ii these hitters were ire Elj us cd ,ing Iii pump is Imil mls of lives might in saved that Uther i u will be lost met my funicular attention to thu flowing re Mark Nile and Well a urn of one of the not inv . Lite to use High own language a it my leu a i it rhe li�5 trs i nil ans st 23rd. I?u2. Messes. Junes to Well. Glt nah men. Your Hoof land s German in i trs bus Sawl my of. There is no i take in this it is void relied Lor in Nice s of my Jun rude a. Soul of w Hnz a name Are it Pended. Ami Olio a in fully if uni. Of All the Circum Stam i a of toy i Sis 1 toi. And love been tor the last four years a the incr of san Iii Jinx a file rated Battery Ami under the Imon dime Compi Tel if Ftp Tanii i. B a res a this ugh the in lies 1 was Atta ked in november last with of the i in e. Arid for a event a two a lays in the he is phial. This i Oil owe it i by great it Billy. He Shiou de by Hii attack of Al it a a i Terv i was in Ltd removed t the we Ite rent to ibis City Oil born a i a a stator of. from which a landed on the 2mh of june ii uce a it time 1 have been a Bozir As Low is any Une mid be am Elip Munin a a Park of vitality. Fora i eke a a More 1 was scarcely Abb to a a Tiow Miju Thimig atol it 1 Fiti Lorte it morsels own it was Imam Iii i thrown up again. A i run his hot even keep a Glass of water on my stomach. Lif it court idiot Law under these Cir a stances and. Accordingly the ply Irsane who Hud been working fifth fully Hii Sucur As Tully. To Ltd Rescue me from the _ grasp of the dead Tell me do us a a nor in or me and a Ylvije Iuchi a a make us a disposition or Iny Liml led Indus a la st suited uie. An who visited the it Spital sir Frederick Ste Uhron a sixth below Arch Street and ised me Asa forlorn Hope to try a our hitters and kindly or wired a hut tie. From the time 1 commenced taking them the gloomy Shadow of Ileath 1 am now. To a us god Lor it getting belter. Though i have but taken i to bottles. I have gained ten pounds anti i reds Iii Niue of being put it Niue to rejoin my wife Ami daughter from whom i have heard not Liing for in to Nouha for. Gentlemen. I uni a Loyal virginian from the a item Ity of front How us. To your bitters i owe the certainty of life which has taken Kite place of vague fears to your will 1 own the glorious privilege of again clasp Itji to my Lio Sutu those who Are Dearest a it sue in life very truly yours Isaac 51ai.one we fully cd incr in the truth of the above statement As we had despaired of seeing our Comrade air. Malone restored to health a John Ouddie Jahack. It. New York Battery. Git Ohka air Kley. Co a a uth a who. Lev we is ,�2d new York. A l h ept Vncent 1st artillery. Battery f. J b fax Kwiw i co 6-d Vermont. Ii Emty it Jerome Coil Quot do. Ii in by t Mau Hunvald co g to the Maine. A. John f Ward fun e Heboian Elk jul co ii i2d new York. Nat i Aniel b , co f 95th Penn. Andrew j k1.mball, co a 3d Vermont. John Wjk Kliss. Co b Lufitz Feun. A a beware of counterfeits that Tbs sic nature of pc. M. Jackson a Ison the Raffer of a h bottle. Price veil bottle 75 cents of half Dob for 00. Should your nearest druggist not have to e article do not be put of by any Olathe intoxicating preparations that May be Ott Urel in it place but Send to us and we will i Briard Seui Ely packed by express principal office a All manufactory no m , Jour at Brans v successor to c. Al. Jackson a co., proprietors. Tar por Sale by a. Geo. Boas opposite the court House Lebanon pa., and by druggists and dealers in every town in the to United states. May 27, 1863.�?ly. To the Public. Tre nude rained Haring bad fifteen years Ratiee Fivars of sir gut rating altering or outting Stock for Farmers and having purchased the tools of or. Pyrek Shott dec tasted. Offers hit services to the Farmers and the up Mac i0 general feeling confident that he Wlsh give sat fiction to ill his residence is at the Turnpike in lie from he Illge a tavern Miles from an Niue and of Miles from Lebanon. A Simon Snavely. South Atville ten april 29,1863.�?8m. A duress of the democratic stat Central committee to the people of Pennsylvania an import it election is at hand ont the is sins a solved in it maj now to Man Jour attention. The tide of wat has 1 it n rolled a at a irom our Hordis a d with thanks to Rod. And. Tia Liudi to the skill and valor win Eli a his Favot ii in Ved the prompt i in or tix a of Rue invaded Coin-n.onw& filth. To univ now a ivc our solemn consideration to Iho Canses hit Havo brought t its up it Eon Edmori a country once peace Fol United and secure. It is now the scene of a great <11 vol War. Between Stiles that l a. La ministered to each other s Prosperity in a Union founded for their common Good. It was tins Union Ali it g Ive them Peare it Home and re Spect abroad. The it med sure s fully wit la great Britain on the Ocean Ami the a a doctrine a uttered by pres Dent Monroe warned off the Monarch of Europe from Ali a Hole american Eon tin . Now 1 Ranee carves out of it an Empire and ships built in England plunder our Commerce on every sea. A great Public debt and a conscription Burden the i he strength and wealth of the nation Are turned from productive Industry and consumed in the destructive arts of War our victories fail to win peace. Throughout the land arbitrary Power encroaches upon civil Liberty. What has wrought the disastrous Chance / no natural causes Emri ii de the North and the South. Thrif products and commodities. And various institutions were sources of reciprocal Benefit and excluded Competition and strife but an artificial cause of dissension t fluid in to posit to if the Afri i an race a and the Ascendancy in the National councils of men pledged to an aggressive Ami unconstitutional abolition policy has brought our country to the could Timon of the House divided against itself the danger to the Union began where statesmen had foreseen it it began m the Triumph of a sectional party founded on principles of revolutionary hostility to tie Constitution and tiie Laws. The leaders of tins parly were pledged to a conflict with rights recognized and sheltered by the Constitution. 1 hey called tons conflict Quot i repress her and whenever one party is determined to attack what another is determined to defend a conflict can always he made . I. Hey counted on an easy Triumph through the Aid if insurgent slaves and in tins i a i a Cav less h w it i this Provok d a collision. Democrats us Louisor natives a Rove to Avert the conflict. F Oey saw that Union was the Paramo not. Interest of their country. Non i my Sioon of i m Greni. I Union tie Loiis Limuti in of lie United Stales. They were Content to leave1 debatable questions under it to the tribunal framed to decide Quot hem they the swdrd4as an Artnur Between tie states they strove hard to Merit the title which their opponents gave them in is Orny the title of a Union savers we will not at length rehearse i her efforts. In the thirty sixth Congress to Lite it put divan in readers refused thir assent to the us it Tendon Compromise. On this Point the Testini offy of or. Douglas will suffice. He said. A it Helide this Fuho a fair is Fiji of amicable adjustment. It you of the a Uhli it pm Ide a re nut Witlin to a Cepl this. Nor the of a the sen in no of Kentucky or. Crittenden Prev fell up what Yon Ore willing to Rio ? a address the inquiry the Rouh Liotto. . For the Rea 8��ri i i i a i in the co of in Nee of thirteen n few Day a a. A very member from the so a i Clad in a if get Onmi thee trim ties me a sri. Davia Tirui to Obj expire or cd their re�dme�5 to accept the or up a it Iii not my venerable Friend from Iven re icky or Crittenden. A a a final settlement of rhe . Of tendered and sustained by the rep Uhli it to member. Iiene the sole Region Mility Ftp our to we freemen it it and the Only diff Ruhy in the Way of an Mic hate Sidcup Trent is with the Republican party�?jan. 3, 1861.�?� the peace Congress was another Means by which the Border states strove Flo Avert the impending strife. How the Republican leaders then conspired against the peace of their country May he a letter from senator Chandler of Michigan to the governor of that state to his excellency Justin Blair r a a Ugi Verm a Bingen a an a Iny Leif you on a nr-1.--y, it the request in a new York. In Send delete tes to the Penca or Cother Timise Congress they admit int we were right of d,.tli�t they were wrong that in sep Etienn state Siti ind have sent dete Gaten Bat they Are Here end cannot get away. 0bin, Madinna and Rhode Isian Are earing in anal there is danger of Lulli Nitu Ond now. They Heg Usfo a in do a Salimao Chimo in their Rescue and save the Depuhl ,.-�it parly Fotti , Ami will Send Inen or no one. The White thing was a men up Tny jul a Tenor. A i advice anti Wilt end in thin smoke still i Hope a a matter of Courtesy to some of our erring Brethren that you will Send the delegates. A truly your a a a up. of the manufacturing states think that a tight would be awful. Without a Little bloodletting this Union Wilt not in toy estimation he Worth a Rush. A Wask sotos. Feb. 11, is6t.&Quot in be tins Lva Tiit too the same spirit prevailed. It web not seen How necessarily her position United her in interest with the Border states. She has Learned it since from contending armies trampling out her harvests and deluding her Fields with governor a ii Rtin sent to the peace Congress or. Wii Inot and or. Meredith. It or. Wilmot was chiefly known from the connection of his Tiamo with the attempt to embroil the country by the a Evv Wilmot proviso a baffled by patriotic statesmanship in which Glayr and Webster joined with leaders just a Clay and Jack son had joined in the Tariff Compromise of 1833. Or. Meredith had published his belief that the mutterings of the rising storm were what be called a str Idelous cries a unworthy of the slightest attention. By or. I 11 coins election in november. 1860. The Power to save or destroy the Union was m the hands of his party an Fpo adjustment was possible with a Nero Olio Rise Eltz a the judgment of the. So preme court who scorned Concilia Mil and Compromise and who a a a Little bloodletting to Cement to Ltd american Union. J tit this tune the a Union men of the South Hud controlled with Little Muffi . The Small Lent. Restless class among them who desired a separate interests. Of the 8 tie slave Holder g interest Ocie Druven r in t autly into secession. Gen. . Blair of Missouri an aft vent Republican incl Vii j trait i a the last Congress a a Ivory Man with the fuels knows that it is full to a us 14, cull this a a slaveholders rebellion a closer scrutiny de turn a truths on taunt Sriry True such a serum Iny Cintine tro. A a her origin used chiefly with the no in a i Sci trient to the Strong hold of the Tuoi springing however from tiny love of Slevert. Hut Frera an Nusug Oniski of race Ami in my re the idea of Equality with rhe hleck8 involved Vil mate it was the Triumph of the abolitionists Over the a democrats and conservatives of Ilia a a Forth that so cured a like Triumph to the secessionists Over the Union men of the the j in Biown i and was Tafeen As a practical exposition of the doctrine of a irrepressible conflict. The exultation Over us momentary buc Ceas the lamentation Over its failure had been swelled by the so As to seem a general expression of North Ern feeling. Riots and rescues had nullified the constitutional provision for the return of fugitives. The false pretence the it Hli Jjo cry a tonic. Monopolize the territories. When he had no territories in whih it could exist bad h or used As a Muqit s of constant Agi Tat inn against slavery in the Southern states a Rilan of attack upon it Hud been Puhl Tahel in helpers Book a formally endorsed and recommended by the leaders of the party that was about to assume Itlie administration of the Federal government leaders who openly inculcated contempt tor the Constitution contempt for the supreme oort. Find professed to thus the flame be South was kindled Al furnished by the might seem super now to a that is past were it not that it is against the Sarney men and the same influences still d Romant in the councils of the. that an Appeal is now tol be made to the in t Ali Gynce of the., people. I he abolitionists Deprice e the allusions to the past up their own trucks they invite us i it it spend All Bur indignation upon a a Boutlier traitors a hut truth compels us to add. That ill the race of treason the Northern Trai tors to the Constitution had the Start. The. Tell us that slavery was the cause of the War i Here Ore the Union is to to restored by waging a War upon slavery. This ii not True or Only True in the sense that any institution civil or religions May he a cause riff War it War is in Iida upon it. Nor is it a just Corteau Jion that if you take from your Leigh dior his a i Ciao servant or his maid or anything that is Low a a a Lii ber of revolution at i and led with b abolitionists Iti flu ii to advert and irrevocable you will thus is tween you. No Awilish Harmony he. Incr to the Union arose from slavery. Whilst the people of each slate Leq t c ill ind intelligently with the eiitu>&Quot Wii Hin their own Quot state limits. Where Little import Anee attached , it soon yielded to moral and . Considerations leaving the negro in a position of social and Iqbal Sii ordination no where More he ail marked than in the Constitution and Laws of Penn Sylvania. The a Sli Ite began when people in state where it was an immaterial question undertook to pres Rise the course of duly upon i t to states in which it. Was a question of great importance Jand difficulty. This interference became More dangerous when attempts wore made to use the Power of the Genera government in. Slit Ted for the Benefit of All the states to the injury and proscription of the interests of some of the states. It was not merely a danger to the institution of slaver but to our whole political system in which separate and distinct coh yikes became by the declaration of Independence a free and inder.>enden�j��tatt�6,�?� and afterwards a Federal Union under the Constitution of the United states. That instrument with scrupulous car discriminates the Powers delegated to the general government from those reserved a to the states re spec Lively or to the and let it be noted that Iri speaking of the Powers so delegated , we refer to no vague doctrines or pro tensions but to the Clear provisions of the written instrument which it is the duty of every citizen and especially of every Public functionary to respect and maintain. The Protection of american Liberty against the encroachments of centralization was left to the states by the framers of the Constitution. Hamilton the most indulgent of them to Federal Power says a it May be safely received As an axiom in our political system that the state governments will in All possible. Contingencies afford Complete Security a Ai Liitt invasions of up Bike i hefty by the nation Al authority�? who can be Blind to the consequences that have followed the departure Fri the True principles of our government ? a a abolition vies with a a secession in mapping the very foundations of the Structure reared by our forefathers. In Pennsylvania the party on whose nets you will past at the ballot Box a has trampled upon the great rights of personal Liberty and their Edam Man who can read May find asserted in the Constitution of the state and the Constitution of the United states. The dignity of our Commonwealth has been insulted in the outrages perpetrated upon her citizens. At Philadelphia and at Harrisburg proprietors of newspapers been be Zed at Midnight and hurried off to military prisons beyond the limits of the state. Against acts like these perpetrated before the eyes of the municipal and state authorities there is neither Protection nor red Esb the j seizure of a journal at West Chester a was afterwards the subject of a suit for damages in the supreme court of pm Sjuk i in it came to trial he hire i Lief Justice Lowrie. Rehearsing the ancient principles of English a and american in Stine he condemned the acts of the Federal officers As Vio latinos of the Law that binds alike the private citizen and the Public functionary he said a fall Public fun j Tion Aries in this land Are under the his and none from the highest to the lowest Are above it.�?�. Impatient at any restraint from Law. A partisan majority in Congress hastened to pass an act to take from the state courts to the untied states courts All suits or prosecutions a for trespasses or wrongs done or committed by virtue or under color of any authority derived from or exercised under the president of the United states a and such authority was a or. Cleared to be a full defence for the wrongdoer in any action civil or Crim Quot. Inal. The american executive is. As the word imports the executor of the duly enacted Laws. Yet the pretension is made that his will can take the place of the Laws. The Liberty the character citizen is put. At the mercy of new functionaries called a Provost secret accusation before these officials takes the place of open hearing before a lawful magistrate and no writ of Janeas Corpus May inquire the cause of the arrest to illegal arrests have been added the mockery of a trial of a private citizen for his political opinions he Forea court martial ending in the infliction of a new and outrage Ous penalty invented by the president of the United states. We need not comment upon acts like these the president of the United states has to authority. In peace or War to Fry even an enlisted Soldier by by virtue and in strict conformity with the military Law Laid Down in the act of Congress a establishing rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United states a yet by his proclamation of september 24th, 1862, to has assumed to make All citizens amenable to military courts. He Lias violated the great principle of free government Washington conducted the i War of the revolution am Madison the War of 1812�?the principle of the i subordination of the military to the a civil Power. He has assumed to put a martial Law a which is the Rule and Force at a spot where All Laws Are six fenced in the place of civil Justice through but the land and has thus As a sailed in some of the states even the Freedom of t he ballot Box. These i Are not occasional acts done in haste j or heat or ignorance but a new sys j Tern of government put in the place a of that ordained and established by j the people. That the Queen could not do what he could was mrse \ wards boast to the British minister j the a military arrests Quot of or. Stan ton received the a Hearty Emmen a .1 lion of the convention that Reno i Nutell governor Curtin and if pledged him and his party to a Hearty cooperation in such acts of the administration in future. Such is the degrading platform on which a candidate for chief magistrate of Pennsyl Vania stands before her people a these pretensions to arbitrary Pityer give ominous significance to a late change in our military establishment. The time honoured american system of calling on the states for drafts from their militia has been replaced by a Federal conscription on the Model of european despotism. We would not minister to the excitement which it has caused among men of All parties. Its constitutionality will be tested before the courts. Of adjudged to to within the Power of Congress the people will decide on the propriety of a stretch of Power on which the British parliament styled omnipotent has never ventured. On this Jyoti will pass at the polls and the next Congress will not be deaf to t he voice of the people. For All political evils a constitutional remedy yet remains in the ballot Box. We will not fear that it is Vifot Safe in the guardianship of a free people if met in office should seek to perpetuate t licit Power by wresting from the people of Pennsylvania the right of suffrage if the servants of the pen. Pie should rebel against their master a on them will rest the responsibility of an attempt at revolution of which no Man can foresee the consequences or the end. But in now addressing Jou upon the political issues of the times we assume that the institutions of our country Are destined to endure. A the approaching election derives further importance from the influence it will exercise upon the policy of the government. The aim of men not blinded by fanaticism and party spirit would be to reap the Best fruit from the victories achieved by our Gallant armies the Best fruit would be peace and the restoration of the Union a such is not the aim of the party in Power. Dominated by its most big oled members it urges a War for the negro and not for the Union. It a. Vows the design to protract the War till slavery shall be abolished in All the Southern states in the language of one of its pamphleteer a How can a Man hoping and praying for the destruction of slavery desire that the War shall be a Short one a or. Bad Dens Stevens the Republican Leader in the last Emise re representatives declared a the Union shall never with my consent be restored under the Constitution As it is. With slavery to be protected by the same spirit appears in or. Lincoln she answer to citizens of Louisiana who desired the Reti irn of that state on. Der its present Constitution. Or. Lincoln postponed them till that Constitution shall be amended. The a volition site desire the War to last till Freedom is secured to a i the slaves hordes of Pohl Ici Aris. And con tractors and surveyors who fatten on the War. Desire it to Lyst forever. When the slaves Are All by the Federal arms a to mutant military m Terven Tion will he needed to keep them above of Pontil with the White race in the Southern states. Peace has no place in their . It proclaims confiscation and abolition As the objects of the War and the Southern Leader catches up the words to stimulate his followers to Al rat to the last. It is not the interest of Pennsylvania that a fanatical faction shall Pervert and protract the War for ruinous perhaps unattainable ends. What the North needs is the return of the South with its people its. Territory its Staples to Complete the integrity of our common country. This not Mere devastation and social confusion would be the aim of patriots and statesmen. The abolition policy a promises us nothing better than a Southern Poland ruled by a Northern despotism. But history is full a of examples How Wise have assuaged civil discord by moderation and Justice while bigots and despots relying solely on Force have Heen baffled by feeble opponents a that a temperate constitutional policy will fail in our Case to reap the fruit of Success in arms cannot be known till it is tried. The times Are critical. France under a powerful and ambitious Monarch is entering on the scene willing again to play an i port an t part in an american Revol ution. The English government is hostile to is it has got All it wanted from abolition and will have nothing More it do with it. The secession leaders Ami tiie presses under their control oppose reunion preferring Perlino even Ari Humble dependence upon european Powers. But from Many parts the South and across the picket lines and from the prison ers and the wounded has come the proof of a desire among the people of Thi South toi Ctorn. To lations with the people of the North. Early in the contest this desire was shown in North Carolina one of the old thirteen associated with Pennsylvania on the Page of revolutionary history. But the majority in Congress made haste to show that abolition. Not reunion was their aim. In a moment of depression on the 22d nf-jnly.186t. Being the Day after the Battle of Bull run they allowed the passage of a Resolution offered by Crittenden defining a policy for the restoration of the Union. But they soon rallied and filled a the statute Hook with acts of confiscation abolition and emancipation against the remonstrances of eminent jurists and conservative men of All parties. Or. Lincoln too yielded he said a to put his proc Lama ion in place of the Constitution and the Laws. Thus every interest and sentiment of the Southern people were enlisted on the Side of resistance by the policy of a part j7 which As or. Stevens a said will not consent to a restoration of the Union with a the Constitution As it it is this policy that has protracted the War and is now the greatest Obs tante to its termination. The reunion of the states can alone give them their old Security at Home and Power and digit v abroad. This end can never be reached upon the principles of the party now in Power. Their principles Are radically false and can Lead to a Good conclusion. Their Hope of setting up the negro in the place of the White Man runs counter to the Law of race the Laws of nature. Their statesmanship has been weighed in the balance and found wanting their a Little blood letting has proved a deluge. Their in ter Terence with our armies has often frustrated and never aided their Success till it has become a military pro Verh that the heat thing or a general is to be out of reach from Washington. The party was founded upon the political and moral h heresy of opposition to Compromise which is the Only Means of among states and of peace and Good will on Earth among men. A in a popular government the people Are Sovereign and the sound sense of the whole Community corrects at the polls the errors of political parties the people of Pennsylvania have seen with regret the unconstitutional Aims of the abolitionists substituted for the original objects of the War. They have seen with indignation Many Gallant soldiers of the u non driven from its service because thej7 have not bowed Down to the abolition idol. They will see with hoi ror the War protracted in order to secure the Triumph of a party platform or As or. Chandler said a to Sayo the Republican party from rupture�? the time is now at hand when the voice of the people will be the overthrow of the abolitionists at the polls and the reestablishment of foils la National. Principles at the North is the air Stylie indispensable step to wards the restoration of the Union and the1 vindication of civil Liberty. To this great service to his country each citizen May contribute by his vote. Thus the people of the North May themselves extend the co nation Tion to the people of the South. It would not be a specious offer of politicians to be observed with no better % Faith than the resolutions of july,�?T61. It would be a return to the National policy of the better Days of the Republic through the intelligence of the people enlightened by it would strengthen the government for a constitutional government is Strong when exercising with vigor its legitimate Powers and is weak when it sets an example of revolutionary violence by invading the rights of the people. Our principles and our candidates Are known to you. The resolutions of the late convention at Harrisburg were with some additions the same that had been adopted by the democracy in several states and by the general Assembly of Penn Sylvania. They declare authoritatively the principles of the democratic party. It is As it has always been for the Union and the Constitution against All opposes. The twelfth. Resolution declares a that while this general Assembly condemns and denounces the faults of the adminis Asfe. Tion and the encroachments of the abolitionists it does also most thoroughly condemn and denounce the heresy of secession As unwarranted by the Constitution and destructive alike of the Security and perpetuity of government and of the peace and Liberty of the people and it does hereby most solemnly declare that the people of this state Are Unal tera. Fly opposed to any division of the Union and will persistently exert their whole influence and Power under the Constitution to maintain and defend it.�?�. We have nominated chief in Stine Lowrie for the Bench which he adorns. Our candidate for governor judge Woodward in his Public and private character affords the Best Assurance that be will bring honesty capacity firmness and patriotism to the direction of the affairs of the Commonwealth. Long withdrawn by judicial of notions from the political Arena he did not withhold his warning voice when conservative men took counsel together upon the dangers that menaced our country. His speech at the town meeting at Philadelphia in de member 1860, has been vindicated by subsequent events As a signal exhibition of statesmanlike sagacity. Under his administration we May Hope that Pennsylvania with gods Blessing will reap me her place As a the Keystone of the Federal Charles j. Biddle chairman. Removal. Daniel Graeffe a Boot # shoe store has been removed to his new residence in Cumberland Street Square West from Mold stand and opposite the office of or. G. Louinger Lebanon a. Lie has just opened a Large and desirable Stock of Well made boots and shoes. Ladies kid gaiters at $1.25 ladies lace bootees $1.50 for misses $1 cease men s boots for $2.50 menus gaiters $2 for boys $1.75 to $2.50 for children $1.12 to $1.62%. _ also a Large variety of overshoes. Trunks travelling bags 4c. Come see and judge for yourselves. Lebanon May 13, 63. Daniel Era egg. Take notice. Builders will do Wen by calling on j. H. Bressler agent As he is prepared to do All kinds of tin roofing spot Tinq Aud Job work generally at the very lowest prices. He also hair on handle Large and Good assortment of All kinds of tin Ware and All of the most improved Gaa burning Cook. Stoves and parlor stoves., Alk Ali the different and latest improved ranges and Heaters of All kinds. He also keeps can Statty on hand a Large Stock of All kinds of roofing slate which he offer at less Price than they can be bought of any other so amp Lemen in the county. W Alt a room so one door South of the a Buck hotel a a Alnut Street. Lebanon a. Lebanon december 25,1861.i.ost.-85 beware. A Small Bon. Containing a watch ans guard and other matl article Between the meeting House at corny it and Plank Road toll Gate on sunday morning Only 12. Any person finding the above and returning 16 to its owner at Cornwall will receive the above Reward. Thomas Mcmahon. Lebanon Only 22,1863.readymade clothing will be sold at extremely Eow prices. I a Kek one of the firm of Ruber 4 bros., Haf taken the Stock of ready made clothing at the appraisement which will enable him to sell lower than anywhere else can be bought. Call and see for your selves before you make your fall Purchase. Three doors West from court House. Lebanon sept. 25,1861. Henry rarer. Ornamental Iron works. Wood amp Perot 1131 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia a offer for Sale upon the most favourable terms new and Beautiful designs in great variety Oft Ron railings for cemeteries residences. A. Of wrong tand cast Iron and. Galvanized Iron and brass tubing Iron verandahs a conies stairs. Counters fountains. Oates. Columns. Hitching posts lamp stands vases tables Flower stands sofas cd airs statuary animals and All other Iron work of a decorative character. Designs forwarded for a election. Persons apply ing for same will please state the kind of work needed. June 3, �863.�?3m. E. A Reeg liquor store Market Square opposite the Market a Lowet Lect non a. Gift undersigned respect Why informal a Public a that he has received an extensive Stock of the choicest a us purest liquors of All descriptions. Thee Risvas Lii ii s he a invariably disposed to sell at to a Low Druggie to Farmers h Otel keepers and oth ers will consult their own interests by buying of the . A Deeg Lebanon april 15,1863. Merchant tailoring. S s. Ramsay. In punch s building Comer of cum. Briand Street and Doe Alley has on hand and for Sale either by the Yard or made to order Large lot of. Cloths. Cassimerl6,.ndvestfnssi Wal la sol stood from Good Bouse. Good fits and sub Stantlay making guaranty we to All. Also handler chiefs. Cravats. Gloves hosiery suspenders fancy and Plain Linen shirt under shirts and Darwent to a a Kummli. Lebanon april 9. 1862.___ Fot Sale or Exchange. The undersigned will sol or Exchange for a so if for elem his desirable House and lot of ground. To iaim1. Taat Street East Lebanon. The to Naos a a a Fiji new two Etc by Brick with Kirchen attacked a a Well built and Well arranged with All now he a a Urr conveniences. A jul fit Cistern Bash Hoo Jim smoke House All kinds of Emit a Trees 4c� on the premises. Thor property not sold will be exchanged As above. Given. Fot further information apply to a. A m James b06sbs, Titus eth. Lebanon july 16,1862
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