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Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 12 1863, Page 1

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Lebanon Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 12, 1863, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaIt of amp atly and frtfoptly$jbxa4uidi at Tecl a do to Ioseb office Lebo a Foh fd0pa toi9 establishment a now supplied with an extensive a assortment of Tob Type a which Wilt be increased As the Pac Romgo demands. It can new turnout pro Stino of 4�very description tvs pjs neat Aud a expeditious Manuer Ndoci very reasonable terms. Such is Vamp hits a a shacks 1 Bui near Sards handbills Cito Ria in a labels. Bill headings Blanks programmes Bills of Faro invitations tickets &c., a. Jet Bie Daof Al kinda.commouand.iuiigmentl$osds. Re. School and other Blanks printed a a a eerie ctr and neatly on the Best paper constantly kept a a b�1o at this office at i of Tho Lac Bairoa r one Dollar and a half Alear. And dross we. At. Bresgun. Lebanon a amp. Ont it it is at pro vate Sale Ruhh be sold at prot re Ite Sale 3 acres of land bloated in Long l Ano. Near the Borough line to porn Hill town ship it adjoins the land of widow Fuline re site North we. Atkins . Here is a one Story log u0uf\13sv wont her a horde to ctr i on the land and n Good Well in the he 1 and has line stones for a quarries. This tract will Siake a Nice Home for a Small family. We it is free from ground rent. Good title win be a a Adam ult Chikit. Job a this tract is with Fine grass hat. F which will be Given to the Imrch Asor. Lebanon june 13, 1860. Howard association a Al i Adel Pinn a. F tvs Kases of �10 Nert of is system is Erma la Tork Uffia or 5em1nai, weakness. Ijfro-1�?~�bnck, and other affection a Amjah organs physical debility and Puma tub t and reliable treatment in the Ilo wafd Ocia Tion sent by mail in sealed letter envelopes. Eop Liage. Address. Or. J. 1i0u0ut0n, toward association no. 2 Sou to ninth Street pm Tok Rhia la. A auntry �8. 1868,�?1y. Removal. A. Stanley i Rich attorney at Law has removed Bis office to the building one door a As of Leader Miles a Astore opposite the Washington House Lebanon. A. A a Bounty and pension claims promptly attended to a apr�18, �?T63.�?8m. A ceh Finon removal., x s , at Law has removed his office to Market Street opposite the Lebanon bask two doors North of. Xvi due i rises hotel. Lebanon. March 25, 63, Fohy Filo District attorney has removed he 04 fice to the room late la oct undid by or. Geo. P. Lineaweaver East weitlmau�?Tb08i e. Lebanon dec. 17,1862. C y res Otte i or Ulm Tatum to neatly opposite the Buck hotel and two 1i00u South from Karmany hardware store. Lebanon. Apr 9. Lehil by a a a. Win. M. Derr. Attorney at Law.6ffl�?Tcin pit enter e Buhoiu. Cumber id Street., nearly opposite the House. Re 1gbqgonyfli a y. Fly . I it a. Samuel s. Fife ill offers his n-6fhjeipnaurber�icetoate Minzt is of Lebanon a a Knicl pc the rerun flee of mrs. Inch. Two doors \1 rat of office old. Samuel Behra. Dee d. A fun Berlati Street 1. Lebanon. April la. I8e3. _ or Samuel ii Liglin office at the old raid once of l r. It to. Ltd Devaur. Opposite the court House. Leb Puon. La Lebanon. March to. "b3. R. Or. Aniali ii i right to. Offeb8 hl9iprcifei i Oubol services to, of the Borot 9h of. Lel a Tiu and Vul in a. Office in h Alnut Street two doors Nurah of the Lutherus Lui Soungp. 1 a a. A march4.1863.__________ a Mem \ in o of mfg Mer ii arsts a for the Sale or butter eggs Heese. Fallow lard poultry game. Dried fruits. Grain. Seed amp a. To. 170 Beade Street one door above Washington new Tolk. O. Weigley. 1. A. K. Dewalt. A. A a a. Robb k As migh. New York Allen k brother do Quot a. W. Selfridge Esq. Do Iones t a Shaun Rel. Do Sian son. Lab tuba Samuel . Do , res Len. Esq. Leb Iuit a. A. Betz. Canton Ohio w. C. Curry amp co., big bikers Erie a Tiou. John Stiles. Allentown. A. Jan. 14, 18b�l. bakery i ilk undersigned would respect fully inform the Citi. I Xen of let be Fanon. That he has commenced the bail a ing business in All its varieties at his stand on a Cumberland Sangat Lebanon nearly Opp Sije the Quick hotel and will �t��>pfvcustomei�?~8avith.u�vbest Ishika d. A cakes. A. Amp a. Flour received from customers and Tkv turned to them in Broad aty Hort notice. Cois few 1 ion in i i a of All kinds French and of the Best Quality cont Nelly on h and. And furnished at the lowest prices the Public is invited of give Nic a in Ftp. A Leb non. Nov. A a. Isotti. F. . Jacob s i 1 7iirst class �oajr-dkk5sin�o and has in Dye 1ng 8a�?~1ak a Market Street near Cumber Lhoid. Up mid opposite the Eagle hotel. Being thankful for the a Liberal patronage heretofore extended to would r respectfully solicit a continuance of the s Mie. Lebanon july 2. 1802. N. will be closed on sunday. Non h it am u r i i i Tat i \ Wuu i Al he undersigned will Purchase nil it Al kinds of Grain snob As wheat Rye Corn. Oats. Ac., at their steam Mill on the Union 1_______ canal for which the highest Omsk a to prices will be fat Aid in Cash. A All kinds of customer work will be done at the shortest notice and Iti the most Stitis Artory manner. The Public is respectfully invited to give us trial. Felix Light g�dk0n Light David l. Light. N01 the Lebanon May 21,1802. Abraham Sere. Batik 8 new firm. Cheap Ash store and milling and Grain business. The undersigned having formed a partnership in the mercantile milling and Grain B�osi-nk8s, would respectfully invite the attention of Tho Public to their establishments. They will continue to keep at the late stand of Sheuk gke8aman a Long a most Complete Stock of All kinds of goods usually kept in a country store which they will retail cheap Abr Cash or country produce. They also want to boy for Cash 60,000 bushels of wheat 30,000 bushels of Rye 20,000 bushels of corn25,000 bushels of Oats. For which they will pay it he highest Market they will also take Grain on storage. The will keep Al ways on hand and sell at the lowest prices Coal by the boat Load or by the tub All kinds of Mill feed Salt plaster a they solicit the business of All their old friends and the Public and will Endeavor to Deal on such ii a Al and just principles As will give satisfaction to All. Swierk a Long. North Lebanon March 10,1862. 8 w. a amp �,<>., Ivo. S7 Park Row new York amp 6 state st. Boston. \ 0, r for the a lit those a i c5. In in to e authorised to take advertisements a mss i Rii a is for 118 at our lowe1established 1760peter Lorillard snuff amp tobacco manufacturer 16 amp 18 Cham Bers Sta Orui erty 42 Chatham Street. New Yak 1 would Call the attention or dealers to the article of i. Manufacture via articles of Brown luit Mac ahoy dem Gros. Fine Rappee pure Virginia coarse Rappee. Nab to clime Ameri Caln gentleman coties Huthren yellow a a unit scotch Albney Dew scotch High Toast scotch fresh Honey Dew scotch Irish High Toast. Fresh scotch. Or Lund foot 93t attention is called to the Large reduction in prices of Fine Cut chewing and smoking tobaccos which will be found of a Superior Quality. Tobacco. By skin. Fine cot Cuk Wing. Smoking Tobe up. A. L., or Plain. S. Jago. No. 1, Cavendish or Sweet a paths a no. 2, Sweet scented Oronoco canister nof.l�2 tin foil Cavendish turkish mixed a. Grapul <51101?Lar of Pri Oab will be cent on application. Yore Pri 1,1863.�?ly vol. 15�?no. 8. Not alcoholic. A highly concentrate Dve Geta in Lex i act. A pure tonic. Doctor German bitters a prepared by or. C. M. Jackson philae a a. Will effectually cube liver complaint. Dyspepsia. A jaundice. Chrome or nervous debility i Casen of the kidneys Nanri All a rising Froais a d la ordered Inver of Sto Tench. Such As . Inward plea fullness or blood to the head acidity of the Stom Ucb. Nausea. Heartburn disgust for food. Fullness or. Wicht in tie stomach Iio Urf tract Nimna. Sinking or fluttering at the pit of the stomach swimming of the head. Her Ned a us diff ii Ute or teething Flut a a ring at the heart choking of Supoch time seas Trona when jul a . Dimness of. Eftia Lofti. Dois a Fly Luv Foreith sight reverend Dull Pam ill the head. Defir Ionov of perspiration Yellowness of the Kiu it my Lyes pain in lbs Side. Back bust. Limbs amp a. Sudden flushes of heat burning a it the flesh. Constant Imogin legs of evil and great depression of spirits. And will positively prevent if Ezoto fiver Bil oils fiver do. They contain no alcohol or bad whiskey ? they will curb the above diseases in ninety nine cases out of a Hundred. Induced by the Eit Loaive Aale and Universal popularity of Ilioof Lanill Germun bitters purely be got blk Hota of in no Mut quacks and unscrupulous adventurers. Have opened upon suffering humanity the flood Gates of no8truinsn the shape of poor whiskey Rilely compounded with injurious drugs and Chris ened tonics. Klein Cluss and bitters. \ beware of the innumerable array of alcoholic prep Ait irions to Plethoria bottles and big bellied kegs us Dor the modest Appel Attoh of hitters which instead of curing Only aggravat3 disease and leave to e disappointed sniff re in did pair. A Hoofland a German bitters i a a a car not a new and untried article but have stood the test a of fifteen years trial by the american Public Aud their reputation and Sale Are not rivalled by any 8fmila? preparation. It the proprietors have thousands of letters from the most . Lawyer physicians end citizens. Teat Irving of their own per done Kip Jed gtd to the heti Eucial Etc on Ami medical of these b it Tori a d>\0uvl imm 1 1ii in 2 to strengthen you do you Yvo a it a Goud Afik tits ? d to Ham l a a build spy Guy Constitution do Yin a want to fell Well do you yet ant to g by hid Oil nervousness do you in my. Do you want to to Well do you want a brisk a i my Iron a amp Fel Lenl a if Yow do. Use hookland�?T3 go Kmon Lut Tyks. For Tom Hevy j. Newton Brown. D. A. Editor of then cyclopedia of be Hitous Knowles be. Although not disposed to Tavor or recommend Patent medicines in general. Through distrust of their ill a client and effects 1 vet know of no sufficient Rea hints Why n ii Ihu May not testify to the benefits to but 1i�v�j? Iiams i to have received from and san file prepay u troll in lire Hync Tomt he May thus contribute to the a hits i do this the More readily in Tegard to no Fiand s German bitters prepared by or. O m. Jayson Pithis cite. Because l was prejudiced against them for Manv Vears. Under the impression that they were i mph an mixture. I am indebted to my knead lob it cart Bho Emker. Esq. Lor Uio removal of this prejudice proper tests and for to t them when front great Aud Long cont med debility. The use of tier cd bottles of these Bitt it is. St Tbs be Kihung of lie present year. Was followed it Gay evident i Het. And restoration to a degree of Odiev and mental vigor which i held not Felt Lor six months before and had almost de it paired of reuniting. I therefore thank to a and my tried for Dinh Ting met it it the use oath run j Neuton Brown. Failed a. . If.61. i Otice. There Are Mim preparations sold under the name of Kilt is. Pot up in quart bottles coi pounded of the cheapest i whiskey Vyp Jinn gun tutti. My Hijab a a pro pvt to. 4b cents Par gallon., the taste disguised of Anise or Corund a Seel. Tins class of litters Quot has caused and will continue to lung its they my Ike sold. Hundreds to die the death of the drunkard. By their use Tho system is kept continually ten Der the influence of a Ico Hohe stun kind the Desiro for liquor is created and kept up and the result is Ait the horrors attendant upon a drunkard s life and death. File a to life who desire and will have a liquor bitters a we publish the of rowing receipt. Get Orte bottle Hoof Ian s Gerttu bitters and mix with three quarts of Good Brandy or 1f/�sfay. An l the result w ill Bojt preparation thu Excel in Ruedi Ciubal Virtues and Iru excellence aug of the numerous liquor Iii term in the Market and will Cost much less. You will have ail the Virtud of Hoof units bitters in connection with a quod article of liquor at u much Les Price than these inferior preparation so will Cost Vou. Attention soldiers and Tui file nos of sul Diehs. We Call the attention of All having relations and Friels in the army to the fact that Hoo lands German bitters will cure Oino truths of the diseases a dish in by exposures and privation incident to Camp a re. In me lists. Pub slide almost daily jul the newspapers. On the arrival of the suck it win be noticed that a very Large proportion Are suffering from debility. Every Case of that id can be readily cured by a German bitters. Diseases resulting from disorders of the Dige Tive org of am speedily removed. You have no hesitation that ii these bitters were freely used among our soldiers hundreds of lives might be saved that otherwise will he lost. If Call particular attention to the following remarkable and Well authenticated cure of one of the nations heroes Sboto life,.to use his own language a a has been saved by the bitters. Philadelphia. August 23rd. 1862. Messes. Jones amp Evansho go Wittemen your Hoof Lasdo. German b hitters has saved my 1 it. There i3 no Mistrik in this. It is vouched for by Wimbeis of my comrades. Somm of whose name Are appended and who were fully cognizant of All the circumstances of my Cuse i am Atid have Bee \ for the last four years a member of a Herman a celebrated Battery and under the immediate comi and of Captain r. B. A res a through the exposure attendant a juju my arduous duties. 1 was attacked in november inst with of the , and was for seventy two clays in the Hospital. This we a followed by great debility heightened by All attack of dysentery i was then removed from the to Hite House and sent to this City on Board the Steamer a a state of Maine a from which i la sided Ltd the 28 the of june. Sine that time i have been a Boutas Low As any one could be Aud still retain a spark of vitality. For a week or More i was scarcely Able to Swallow anything and if 1 did Force a morsel Down it was immediately thrown up again. I could not even keep a Glass of water on my Stora Uch. Life could not last under these and. Accordingly the physicians who had been work aug faithfully though unsuccessfully to Rescue me from the grasp of the dead Archer frankly fold me they could do no More for me a us advised me to see to make mob disposition of my limited funds amp a me an acquaintance who visited me at the Hospital or. Frederick thei Brots. Of sixth below Arch Street and ised me. As a forlorn try tour litters Aud kindly procured Bot to. Krof the thine i commenced taking them Tho gloomy Shadow of death i am now. T Annc god for it. Getting Bailor. Though i have but take two bottles. I have gained ten pounds and 1 feel Sanguino of being put rim mud to rejoin my Wilo and daughter irom whom i have heard no thug for 18 Mouths Lor. Gentl Smeu. I am a Loyal Yir Geniau. From the vice Itoi tront Sioval. To your. Jivu Laithier to it ers i live the certainty of Hie which has taken the place of vague in Ursa to your bitters will i owe the glorious privilege of again Cha spa to Uty to Sou those who Are Dearest to me in Lile. Ery truly yours. Isaac Malula we Lully concur m the truth of the above statement As we had despaired of seeing our Comrade , a restored to f John Ruddi Eback 1st new York Battery. A Kook a Ackley. Co c 11th Maine. Lewis a jilt a Alii it. U2d new York. H a spin kit 1st artillery Battery f. J b Fasi Wel a. Co b a Vermont. Ikin by a a .1 Ellot eco b do. Lif Niiya t Macdonald co c 6th f a valid co ii a the Maine. Has Man Koch co u 72d new York. Nathaniel Bthomas co f 95tb Penn. Ammu amp a j Kimball. Co a 3d Vermont. John Jenkins Fco b . Beware of uhte refits see that the Alt future of a pc. M. Jackson a Ison the it Tapelt of a bottle. A. Price a but bottlers cents of half Doz. Foli Isi 001 should your nearest have to it e article do not be put off by any of tiie intoxicating Prepura Lions Lnu May be uttered in its place but Send to us and we will Forward securely packed by express. Frinc Ifal of tue and manufactory a no. 031 Arch 6t, Jom a amp Uvari. Successor to c 51. Jackson a c<p., proprietors. 49t for Sale Hyda. Geo. Ross opposite the court House Lebanon a and by druggists Aud dealers in every town i Ribu suited states. A a Lay 27, 1868��?ly. To the Public. To my a Haring had fifteen yearn practice i Toter Totoff altering or cutting Stock tor fatal fits and having purchased the tools of or. Petek. Scott deceased offer his service to the Farfon Era and the Public in general feeling confident that How a a to All., Liis residence us at the Turnpike mite from Neil Ign Stavern Milea irom Ama iut and35� mile from Lebanon j a a a we it w South Aan Vike tp., april 29 188,�?3m. It 1� 1 a Lebanon. Pa., wednesday August 1?, 1868whole no. 787.� Mee j try try. A on the draft. ,. Their fret should walk in peaceful a so their liven should be exempt from Cave they wish the Furrow on their brows. And Silver thread among their hair. But past biotin that their youth new or knew Are kindled in their Hon oms when the Ftp sit said Ponder on their wrongs the fathers of the drafted men Thev Are looking by cd on All the years Thev freely gave their strength Avray and strove with toll and anxious tears to bring their boys to manhood a Day. They weep their tears they Pray their prayers they Brake their Libarte and then they sit and Grievo in into despair the mothers of the drafted men. Sweet children cling about their necks fond wive Ait near in dumb dismay their lips Aie shut with shuddering fear. They pour mute on the Day that gave is to the tyrant s Power Aud vainly question if again a land of Freedom will be eur. God Heip them ally the drafted Man . A Story of Grant. The hero Veteran who was a citizen Captain colonel brigadier and major general within a space of nine months though a rigid disciplinarian and a perfect Ironsides in the discharge of his official duties,.could on Joy a Good joke and is always ready to Perpe rate Oner a then an Opportunity presents. Indeed. Among , he is renowned tor his. Eccentric Litnor As he is for his skill and bravery As a commander when Grant was a brigadier m Southeast Missouri to commanded an expedition against the rebels it under Jeff. Thompson,.in. Northeast?1.a-Rkiin. Sas. The distance from the starting Point,.of the expedition to the supposed rendezvous of the rebels was about one Hundred and ten Miles and the greater portion of the route Lay thro the howling wilderness. \ the imaginary suffering that our soldiers endured during the first two Days of their Marc i was enormous. 11 Wal impossible to steal or a confiscated uncultivated real estate arid not a hog or Chicken or an ear of Corn was any i Here to be seen. On the third Day however affairs looked More hopeful for a few Small Speaks of ground in a state of partial cultivation were Here and there visible. On theut Day Lieut. Wakerfield of an Irish Ian a cavalry regiment Eom Mancie a the Advance guard,.consisting of eighty mounted men. About noon he came up to a Small form House from the outward appearance of which lie judged that there might be something to eat inside lie halted Quot ins company dismounted. And with two so. Ond lieu it a ills entered dwelling. He knew Quot Tiili Quot Grimit of Luci Pir it la Flo had already gone a through All that country and it occurred to him that by representing himself to be the general be might obtain the Best Tho House afforded. So assuming a very imperative Demeanour he accosted the inmates of the House and told them he must have something for himself and stuff to eat. They desired to know who he was. And lie told them to was brigadier general Grant. At the sound of that name they flew around hit with alarming alacrity and served up about All they had in the House inking great pains nil the while to make loud professions of the lieutenants ate As much As they could of the not Over sumptuous meal but which was nevertheless Good for that country and demanded what wits to pay. and they went on their was the meantime general Grant who Hud halted fits army a few Miles further Back for a resting spell Canto in sight of and was rather favourably impressed with Bhe appearance of this same House. Hiding up to the Fence in front of the door he desired to know if they would Cook him a Meul. A a no a said a female in a Gruff voice Quot general Grant and staff have just been Here and eaten every thing in the House except one pumpkin Quot Humph a murmured Grant a what is your name. Quot Selvidge a replied the woman. Casting a half Dollar in at the door he asked if she would keep that pie till an officer for it to which she replied she . That evening after the camping ground had been selected the various regiments were notified that there would he a grand Parade at half past six for orders. Officers would see Ulfat their men All turned out amp a. In five minutes the Camp was in a perfect uproar and filled with All sorts of rumours. Some thought the enemy was upon them it is so unusual to have a Parade when on a March. At half past the Parade was formed ten columns deep and nearly a Quarter of a mile in length. After the usual routine of Cerreno Nies the a. A. A. G. Read the following order _ t Headquarters army in the Field special order. No a Laie tenant a Indian Cav. Brief a von Den Busch a 1 deep feeling it a by a a too Bave taken a Herr redacted re Soi Dunn get ver-1 wife it a rant to us had bet is Yust. Mich will ter remained tie poor that a mole a i Feiner , Waga Denna Sachaj two Alie Weil so org fur Ehret us West Das grosser i leg. Of unsure Hend Lien. Schlieht us jew lieder Schmacht. Get is und Dochy Fitch Ken West do Wie desk Fommo Ich Dir Sage. Die Keteler Woden Strieg Gama Chat been die Jfe in de Means the von de Gate he cliche Leit go Aube go Macht dus is Elyj in Kring veer die Union Wieder of Zolj Feetzer. In Dapne Weg Halte a of Sie Bleibe a Hame und site be de Hend Busse Seok Aber a Nero Leit i Seig ii Felchle und i hip a a hts a be us Alie Sacho Oder Sig Hagan be Quot dries a und a a sudden Ziro Padt Gas a. Die Teifel a Kinder oleic by in Iju emand Das get i Friede Maceio Matul dab die aha porn Lotf i Alt Ohen Keit. Wop deny babe Wyllo. I Gie Hasse Alle Mann Das net Glaubit Das die be Gerfei a Eselzo Solle Sei lie Sci Wartzel Misse thru a Oder de unionist. To Clits Werth. Der die. Alt Wicker Field of the airy having this Day eaten every thing in mrs. Selviye s Bouse at the crossing of the i Ron ton and Pocahontas and Black Siver and Cape. Gira Deau roads except one pumpkin pie l is hereby ordered to return with an escort of one Hundred cavalry and eat that pie also. / us Grant Brig. Gen. Commanding Grants orders were Law and no Soldier Ever attempted to evade them. At 7 of clock the lieutenant filed out of Camp with his Hundred Mon Amui the cheers of the entire army. The escort concurred in stating that he devoured the whole of the pie and seemed to rps i it. To amp a. Thousand pr�?~obabiv1itiesjto hot make one truth a to Washington hot Juns Gebe und de Negar a but or net Frei be sett. By but self r a Negr be Signet. Ich sch Feer def by Ashington Sie a Publik ish gut a Punk Feer Mich i leh Verlanga net a heh no Ger Dob Zug babe Das Wie Alie wet i. Do sin Grid sep sin Zug viol. , Dinger Neche a Wenig Zug so Tarot Feer Tneia Naas. Sie Koshute aug Zug Viel Tox. Herr Yeh i won Tox sell Wetzer is Moth to i he a us Schwach fee Laid state Tox a county Tox Bounty Tox a License Tox est Nic lits Wie Tox Tox Tox Dio of cramped mag Nuch Griega won a Miehs net of Brecht hens von Denne tag i Zug Denke Das Mil Alt Des gelt to Fiss be Zahie Feer die Hund Zug Fedraw Ider Alt Aberham uns Schick a Verinis Zug Reviera Ich wont Das Sie life brei a Gri Gaeb lung is Echt gains Quot but her Mit i Ine so Lang Das Sie speck Plata Kenne undo gelt mache aus Jim knew. Was Gebe Sie Darum Wie Votkl blut ver Gosse Werc und Wio Viel gelt Das Der Krieg Kosht won dire fou Leil lie per Ehre hint und Ehre seek is gelt Griega ? a die Neger Kenne of Biel Gans Seh Lucke won Sie in die grime Bickel Gewinek Elt sin sol be shot Mir Vir Werke Mit Hanff be Telfel Ehr o Zeit Kommit. Sie Kenne uns Bibisch Leit net Alfort Vernorma nut he Jem desc lire Wege Der Union. Mir Wisse Das Sie Yust get a a Union lust a Mit a Neger und nut Fetta Sie Kenny is Tiern in Eli Komma in Schwatzer sdilange1 Fie n Ern alte 8am ssi Iun Klo Peslita a Hon Mir Well re no a a Oneie Arra Nehe ments judge Woodward and Ihu Sabbath judge Woodward is not ohly one of our Wisest jurists a Rida Blest states. A Man but be is a Man of the purest moral character a can Sierant member a at Tho episcopal eur Chi and a Modet Christian gentleman. In conversation a few Days since with an intelligent gentleman of this county who bad a been engaged in some Legal transactions in the county of Huntingdon during the time judge Wood Ward pro sided Over the a ours of that District he related an incident w1iichc a fibs both the Good practical sense and the firmly fixed religious principles of our1 candidate for the office of governor. In Huntingdon county it has been customary to summon the a tiros to a assemble at 10 of clock on monday morning of court week. As the county is in go this obliged Many of them to travel in the Sabbath before discharging the grand Jurj at the first court lie held judge Woodward alluded to this fact in fitting terms remarking on the duty of a strict Observance of this Sabbath and giving it As big up Pion that no Public business except that of the most urgent a Hartt ter could justify Public officials in re in la fruit of a men. a a a their Homes ii Travelyn thei Abbatt i. He notified i Iose present and the court official that thereafter the jurors would he summoned to attend on tuesday instead of mde Day torn ing and this Rule let established and �aswissfiqb1 adhered to Tho counties of his kuppbs3c��l?��st�?T a i i Street. Jim do proper arrangement Ilau Setsui aug. 8, 1863. A persian stories if husbands. A Mur Ned Man presented himself trembling and sorrowful at the Gates of Paradise. He had heard so often of. His faults and Short comings while upon Earth that he believed in them devotedly and had no Hope of being admitted to thei it habitations of tiie blessed. One wife in had been repeatedly informed a a As a Blessing far be Jorid ,merits,., in fish How then could he Hope a fir the smiles of Sci a Rity Hoiris but the Prophet when he presented himself at the Gates of heaven to his great Surprise greeted him with a smile of i Neffagie compassion. Quot pass on poor mortal a said Maramot. A a a you have been indeed a great sinner but you have suffered enough up ii the Earth so be of Good a cheer for you will not meet your Man who had hitherto crept up to heaven now stood up confidently and presented Ina Elf to the Prophet upon the ground alms be had Joeen twice married., Quot nay a Prophet angrily a Paradise is no place for fools a a ruffling Young fellow married the wealthy widow of a great Khan. On the wedding night she determined to assert her Over him. So she treated Hin with great contempt when he came into the Ante room and sat luxuriously embedded in the Rose Leaf cushions caressing a Large White ,1 of which she pretended to be do tingly fond. She appeared to be annoyed by her husbands Entrance and1 looked at him out of the Corner of a tar Eju is with a glance of cold disdain pm a i dislike cats a remarked the Young Soldier blandly As if he was making a Mere casual observation Quot they offended my if his looked at him with a glance of cold disdain before her eyes now wore an expression of a Nger and contempt such As no words can express. She Dio not even deign to answer Hlat but Slie took the eat to her bosom and fondled it passionately. Her whole heart seemed to be in the eat and cold. Was. The shoulder which she turned to her bitter was the Grieer upon her Beautiful lips. A a when any one offends me a con tinned tier Gallant gaily a i Cut off its head. It is. A peculiarity of mine which i am sure will Only make me dearer to you a then drawing his sword he took the cat gently but firmly from her arms Cut off its head wiped sheathed it and sat Down continuing to talk affectionately to his wife As if nothing bad happened. After which says tradition she became the Best and most submissive wife in the world. A Hen pecked follow meeting him next Day As he Rode with a Gallant train through the Market place be Gan to condole with him a a ave a a a Aid the he peeked -with1 poor you were. 1 pity you from the Bottom of my not so a replied the Ruffler by Fri by a keep your sighs to Cool yourself next then related the events of his wedding night with their satisfactory results. A. A the Hen pecked Man listened Atten Lively and pondered Long. A a i also have a so Oikle said he a a a though it is Rusty and my wife is like wish fond of cats. I Wlsh Cut off the head of my. Wife a favorite cat at j he did so and received a sound beating. His wife moreover made him go a Down upon his Knees and Tell her what a june or evil a spent had prompted him to commit the bloody feed j a a a a a fool a said the lady j with a vix Enish Snipie when Khe had possdssd1 a herself of Thelt Hen fucked husbands secret have done it the g�1 a. A a a i g. A a a 1, a i it. I first night. is useless to fools. Of he siness All the time of a punday was fully taken up with other mat tors and on tuesday morning the jurors were present Aud the court ready to proceed with the trial list without interruption. Our informant added tha the business of the court never seemed to he carried on so smoothly and so rapidly As when under the direction of this Able Christian in the hands of such a Man All the Best interests of the Commonwealth will be eminently Democrat. Who Are exempt from draft. Yve receive frequent inquiries As to the classes of persons who Are exempt by jaw irom the operation of the military draft. The shortest and most satisfactory Way of answering them a by publishing the following Section of the Law section., and be it further enacted that the hollowing persons be and they Are hereby excepted and exempt from the. Provisions of this act and shall not be liable to. Military duty under the same to wit such As Are rejected As physically tally unfit for the service also. A 1. The vice president of the United states the judges of the various courts of the United states of the various executive departments of the government and the governors of the several states. 2. The Only son liable to military duty of a widow dependent upon his labor for a a. A a a it 3. The Only son of an aged and infirm Parent or parents dependent up on his labor for support. A 4. Where there Are two or. More sons of age d or infirm parents subject to draft tiie father or if he be dead the Mother May select which son shall be exempt a a 4. The Only brother of children not twelve years old having neither father nor Mother dependent upon his labor for support. A a 6. Sheffa Theroff Motherless children under of age dependent upon his labor tor support. Quot 7. Where there a Are father an sons in the same household and two of them to try in the military service of the United states As non commissioned officers musicians or privates the residue of in Cut family and household not exceeding two shall be exempt and no persons but such As Are herein exempted shall be exempt provided however that no person who has been convicted of an felony shall be enrolled or permitted to Servo in said forces. -. Ltd a these Are in addition to these exempted by seen Riig substitutes or on Paju ing $300 a for the procuration of a substitute. De8 a new invention of military pot few Days since two barns one belonging to Levy. an a the other to , both claiming to be to ply Loyal citizens of a a Tojo re a a Gepty mfr Flaade How the fires occurred whether from the hand of an incendiary. Or from the carelessness of some per bomb attached to the farms no inquiry has been made. Whether the owners Are truly Loyral is a matter liable to question. But one of the presumptuous upstarts major gen st Henk whom the president Lias authorized to ornament Bis head and shoulders with military trappings has decided without any Stegal inquiry and without any evidence,1 first that these Burns were burned by secondly that they Are Worth three thousand dollars thirdly Tabatah the disloyal citizens within six Milel must pay a prof rata of a he three thousand dollars according to. The amount of their property to an army Captain of his selection fourthly he determines who jiving a within the six Miles Are disloyal citizens quoth in information no Gnu hot derived a irom Fintel Ligeti to contraband and fifthly the. Amount required from each person must be paid to Vitlin. Three Days after notification or the rec usant no matter what the cause of fus refusal will be put under the custodian8fnp�?~lof the Provost of Baltimore until. Able or willing to meet the Ransom prescribed by the military bandits who like their italian predecessors prey upon the Community. The Loyal state of Mary land is. Gloriously Quot governed by the present administration.-. 8ingular"mfthodof study. It is recorded of Anthony Maglia Bee i that his attention was continually absorbed Day and night among his books. An old cloak served him for a gown in tiie Day. And. For bed clothes at night. He had one Straw chair for his table and another for his bed in which he Geri Craley remained fixed i the midst of a Heap of volumes and papers until he was overpowered by sleep. With All his intense application to Reading his knowledge was Well estimated in the observation applied to him. That he was a Learned Man among booksellers and a bookseller among the Learned John Williams an English. Prelate used to study in a particular Way a he used to. Allot one month to a a certain province Esteeming variety almost As refreshing As ces8ation from labor at the end of which he would take up some other matter and so on. Till lie came round to his former course. A a a Dezerai the famous historian used to study and write by Candle Light even at Noonday in summer and As if there had been no Sun m the world always Wuy used upon his company to the door with a Candle in Bis hand. The famous or. Brindley when an extraordinary difficulty a Oeck red to him or 11 get by eco Fifon of Gik vat Frknk generally retired to bed and has been known to lie there one two. Or three Days Fiji he had surmounted it. He would then get up and execute his design without any drawing or mod for he had a prodigious memory and carried everything in his head. A cuff filet Tibet a family paper Fortock and country is printed and Public Steh be kit by we. X. Breslin 2d Story of Onnek s new a no Ding Cumberland 8t at one Dollar and fifty cents amp tear. Advertisements inserted set the usual rates. A the friends of the and the in hic Gener ally Are i respectfully solicited to. In Rel is their orders. A handbills printed hours Bot foe. _. postage. In Lebanon county postage free a Ai Pennsylvania out county cents per Quarter or 13 cents a year. Out of to amp is state 6� cts. Per Quarter or 26xts.a year if the Portage to not paid in Advance rates Are doable. We Are prepared to print horse Bills in handsome style on Short notice and at reasonable rates. John w. Forney editor of the Philadelphia press in a speech at Lancaster a few years ago said a what is there . Happy country to Moke of the Light of Day or of honest inquiry ? have we a conscript Law that tears the husband Man irom his plow the father from his family the son from a Bis widowed Mother to go Forth and actins gladiators for the amusement of a few. Ambitious Kings have we a gang of hired tax gatherers to Drain the substance of the people is our president an Attila or a Caligula is our Senate a Council a a of ten is our House of representatives a body of tyrants armed with Power to ravish and destroy,7 secret usurpation against such wrongs would be Justitia Bio and right for we Are taught the great lesson resistance to tyrants is obedience to god i Quot Quot such were Forney sentiments a few years ago Olvat Are they now when we have All these things to a to and thereupon he a Propri ated the garment. A and i a said a second fellow following h a Seo m Radez sex a ple a Udrea med you had a Buff coat which would fit me my ely.�?�. ,. At the same tim�,.he see Zigl upon the Buff coat. The third took Liis hat the fourth prepared to take a whistle which the emperor wore set spec a a it from his neck by a Gold chain.,a softly my Friend a. Said Charles a let me first show you the use of this a a accordingly he raised it to his lips flew a shrill note and the House was filled with his armed retainers. S a there a said Charles pointing to the ruffians a oafs a set of Fellows who dream whatever they want. It is my turn no. A have dreamed that All these rascals were worthy of a Gibbet. Let the dream be realized the hint was taken and without for Tiger delay or formality the rascally a Quartetti were swung up before the inn door a signal warning to All an principled psychologists. An incident of the Pitt Street massacre among the wounded lying in the thirteenth Ward station House on the morning of the shooting was James Stephens a child Only eight years of age who was shot in the right Arm. He Lay quite patiently on his left Side and Only moaned when his Arm was touched. Our re Porter seeing him so helpless a ked him we re his parents lived and having obtained the necessary information set out to look for them and was successful after about an hoards search. The father is a Stout Able Man and bears the Mark of a Bullet wound across theri Geteye a bib he received while in the Navy. He could scarcely believe that his child1 a was shot and remarked that the soldiers must have meat mischief or they would not have fired so Low m to hit a child like he also stated that he had two other boys one of whom was twelve Yean Olif and the other two. On entering the station House he Quot went to his child who brightened up and cried a ooh daddy daddy come and Kies me and bring me Home to Mammy till i kiss her before a the scene was truly heart rending but 4be worst had to Como a did you see Billy a a brother aged twelve /. Quot yes daddy a replied the child a a a was shot in the a and where is he a a i done to know Here the Naan looking at the countenances around him perceived that. A there was not a dry Eye in the place it Ltd that All viewed him with comps Eiolf turned As Pale As death eff cried a merciful god have they shot both my children ? of can any one Tell me where my boy is a Here some one said there was a a boy lying dead below and suggested for him to a go Down and see wether it might note his. He went and in less than two minutes a shriek so unearthly came from below As to startle every one the poof fellow was soon seen to come up stairs like a the Palm bleeding Corpse below he. Recognized Bis eldest boy whom but a moment before he was speaking of with All the Pride of a Parent Anc there Side by Side the. Wounded and the dead the two Little Brothers were. Carried on a door Home to their motor. Or whose a heart is . Yaj Sun. Quot a r extraordinary Soldier named Pierre y aim. Has just died in one of the hear Tabie asylums of Paris after being subject to a. Singular mental aberration Ever since the Battle of Solferino where he was wounded in the head by a Musket shot. The wound soon healed but the Man though apparently in Good health fancied himself dead from the time he received the injury. When asked How to was he invariably replied a nah you Are asking about Pierro Yalin he was killed at Solferino by a Musket shot in the Bead. Fiat you see Here is not Valin Bat a Machino Madenna his Sam Blante and so badly put together that you ought to get another in Bis in speaking of himself be never said i a or a me but always he would sometimes remain for Days in a state of Complete Immohr Ilij and so insensible to pain that neither Mustard poultices blisters pricking nor pinching was Felt by him. He would often refuse to eat saying a it does not want anything it has no Stoma the dreamers1 and the emperor. As Charles v., was Hunting once he lost his Way and entered a miserable Roadside inn Lor rest and refreshment. He noticed four men lying on a bed whose countenances were by no Means indicative of Good intentions. In fact their were thieves. Charles asked for refreshments but he had scarcely swallowed a drop when one of the a invoking Fellows got do and approach held Jhio i a Jyh the remarks e i dreamed just now that you had a Mao a Pequot the a a would Tki my Quaker guns used with effect. A the rebels considered they had a Good joke on us when they defended Manassas with wooden guns. While a acknowledging the Coto we beg leave to Call their attention to several wooden mortars that gave them More annoyance at Vicksburg than All other guns. The mortars threw six twelve and Twenty four Pound Shell with cons Merabie accuracy. Captain a fighting irishman Oft gen., Logan s staff conceived the idea of Macula Turing mortars from logs a Secund in several sound logs he had them bored out and then hooped them with Iron. With Small charge of powder they answered better than Iron mortars for they made Little noise. The rebels confessed that More damage was done by these shells than any we threw into Vicki Burg. A a draft draws out slumbering Genius and expedients areas thick As blackberries. Our coloured Are placed on an Equality with the caucasian race so far As they Are concerned in the draft itself. But the Wilsons and wades in their excess of love for Tho coloured Man have passed a Law that he shall have Only ten dollars a month and no Bounty when forced army though Tho White Soldier gets thirteen dollars a month and $100 Bounty. In this town a number of coloured men were drafted. One of them a hotel waiter made up his mind to get an a be rip Tion certificate. Being sound him self lie Proe Rod a coloured brother with a weak knee to go before the surgeon a and personage him the unsound leg being sufficient he supposed to get him Clear. But the leg to to Quot not unsound enough. The surgeon a a passed him and the a a Provo Kel f him As an Able bodied Soldier in Uncle Abrahams army. This scared the Darkey with a lame leg almost to death. Turning a Little Blue in the. Face he declared a a lord a my sea Sai i ainu to aim ainu to no Soger at All a or who Are you i Sar i Comee jul to for de lame leg to get him Ciary of the draft that Sally a tis sartin�?1 a Tjw go to de War can to be killed do top
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