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Lawrence Republican Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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Lawrence Republican Daily Journal (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, Lawrence, Kansas In s by r dail5 Lawrencej sunday january 1870 270 Finger or a if he could hear Skiotis ills to the there were no j 5 Liy Aux Jinn they of the of the ii Terneu of Canada that ire should vol communicate wants it Sortini i will be a great the route s some 700 Miles Shorter than any Western Home i 19 sit Are Bluj presented t Congress forthe Relief of the Dysli let the okapi in be and the destitute of Washington will be Able to get n living in legitimate Anil t in the we should would prefer the reign of tranquil Ity to that of especially princely snobs Are Tobo allowed to shoot Down editors Indis Crimi senator car nerd wants the portraits of f Eyer Al governors of Kansas llah Ging up in the Senate of that he May feast his eyes on the tie would at least go one Eye on in there accounting for As the old woman said when she kissed the and Many More whom we have by All Lei have their Graham writes the Central Christian advocate As Fol from the county scat of Allen county we have been holding a for Simc weeks with some and it is still going the members Are much and several have found peace with god and pome we think a glorious future awaits out Church in South with help of we shall soon have a Strong society in we need very much in and a Little help would us churches in every but we Are praying Aud Trust ing in god that every town and society have a House in which to worship the question of abolishing the is now before the postal committee of the Congress should to hooded with petitions for hit abolition of expensive it will really be a Good thing for members of con if they will Only they can then vote themselves any tit v of stamp Sand stick the Stamps in their it will save thousands of dollars to the in the Way of refusing to publish the i itch of Patent office let the franking privilege to abolished by Means con Grebbien will hardly be Able to steal Stamps enough to balance the frauds that Are now perpetrated under the Privi the senator who inquired if Clarke and Poi Neroy dead enough to have their portraits paint have the use the afflicted widow wanted made of the body of her deceased the poor Man was unfortunately and when the body was after several it was full of alien this fact was made known to the bereaved and information was Sou Glit also As to what further disposition should be in ado of the she replied youd As Good take him Back and Fet Kim again so there maybe a use to political even after their owners Are they can be for we wonder if out worthy delegation in Congress is the press banquet at Topeka holi Day evening promises to be a grand on Day for the grand if the reputation of Trio gentlemen of the top Eft press was not fully established for Temperance and should be Iuelis Iii to think that this suspension of publication of chem and things the Mil of fare is the vet will re spool to the Beni Jamie for the state of Kansas or the pro of tin Plato the exemplars of Thart major the Nitt papers of the the Lugi lature judge the la and vrho a with Salt Eye win a Rte w and All to Nourry a11 a Murraye Bell the London poit think thaute transcontinental Nave British co Iamb Safrom annexation tote rail Road is just the thing that will pre Dpi Tate annexation of British col u in probably the Best thing England Cando is t Transfer All her Colonia t Possession on this continent to the United stale in payment of the claims and Andvig Brincat email amount of lager to show Ilia the matter in Paie Railroad will noon be built from Julienor or build Northern Pacific i would Ine Meta u m ther Between tide its Gradi its Are and it passes through More uniformly productive coup by than any other at Van of Vars Island arc inexhaustible resources in Coal and fish Ries and Here arc Coal measures fourteen feet in and splendid red Cedar that squares or Tyfian inches a length of ninety Sung sent to Supply the ship ing of the in a great Orion of material or the is already Here the truth we arc just Egl nning to learn the wonderful resources of the Ortli american Kiusis last Sabbath evening there was lie largest congregation Ever As Emblem in the new presbyterian considerable interest was and the most profound at anti of paid to the the Rayer in that Church have been and Are Well attend John Guild brought into ast a hog of his own raising Bat weighed 651 lie thinks his will Knock them All on the log Faurl a meeting was held at the City on Friday evening of last for the of effect tit n organization in Kansas of the Forest White Cloud Xema a Valley Railroad the meeting was largely and consider Abl interest was Manifest subscriptions the amount of were informant was slightly in err when he stated that Vang Aii had com o in o Possession of a Large amount of we understand the fact o be that a Law involving an extensive estate wherein the Colo Al is has been decided Vivoni blvd and a gentleman is u his Way hither who will give the colonel More information in regard the matter than he at present rows for some time a Young inti the he Tiamo of Charley has ecu pm Viii the implements of is rude with great his Cin Whoso name he gives ii Mitt has hitherto re Gartl d Hini As his adopted Tho ther a gentleman ii ered tie Market Ardius Gotlip Youngman with Benev Cut to know Bis Aniie Alid Prvis Guylay no aside his Heyoung Fel of told his and was d with a Twenty Dollar he old gentleman retired after lib Nanner of the heavy fathers in who do All kinds of astounding to and leave the audience in Kcal turning on hell owing the ancient the Young Man that he was and that Lioi Isth circumstances had o Divide and and yet to was restored o his feeling in his reaches he desired to know vat recompense he or his Long at the same Imo inquiring if Charles had any education r Beer was alike open to Harles drank Beer for the and decided on education for the fun this was and theold returned to his there he presently purchased n ticket for new leaving an As Urance with his son that to would Rovildo for his the Farmers from All parts of the out re Are encouraged As to the Vocat they All say that t never looked brighter at this sea on of the year than and that it vill require an unusually severe Vinter to materially injure the second column of pier cached a solid foundation on the at a depth of forty be and a half feet beneath Low Vater pier being in the vill be More difficult to put in than he one just completed but very Borough preparations have been Nade for the and no doubt is entertained of Complete Success in inking work on it will to commenced As soon As bar econ dining the engine and other Appa for sinking can be into pier rather the Eastern on the Cau be put Down at any stage of or condition of the River and work on it will not be com n e need until 1 is unless the condition of the River hould compel a temporary suspension of work on the abutment on the Western Shore is Well being now within seventeen feet of the required Aud is the finest piece of Mii son Rvin the Western it could be completed in three weeks but the pics edit weather being unsuitable for Rayin masonry in the contractor compelled to Vait for More the half mile of Henvy embankment for the Eastern is All in but about cubic and can to completed with three weeks Al the piles Fos the feet of Tietie tween the Eastern cad of the Bridge and the arc driven Anil and the of framing and raising the has been com it requires about feet of lumber for this part of the half of amount is already on inc ground Tosum up the the whole work of the Bridge Here is Progress ing in the most satisfactory if the necessary promptly this magnificent Structure will stand an accomplished fact by already 000 Worth of work and materials have been Jii rushed and Csizi match and the Engineer chief is push Iii Forward every part of the work with the greatest any and when there was an expression of countenance denoting that there was something the Only resource was to show him first one then by watch Iii the sex of his to As Cert Ain his wishes of one t Occa several hours had been spent in showing or touching everything that was visible in the but disapp6jntnieu4 rested of his Fea Tures at some one thought of his and of the instant of its an almost Seraphic gladness pc tit but from his glittering eyes it was lighted and the Stem introduced his lips the next instant he seemed to be in excruciating Only to be relieved by breaking into tears to discovered that he had not the Power to draw a single smoke for several Days he sobbed like an almost brokenhearted and Viilo the sleep which knows no awaken lulls journal of business my Eul Ridic Vuk Vinos t tit Yvo attorney at notary 77 attorney j a in a raking Branch of into fashion Kun Fhlona to adv Noe of Puli Lisica Nii Lea Iny Isilta Mikuler Al Llau and i in Ami kill furniture cult mini Illus of Ivan Lima of their Large Auu a weird suck of the Hij Urt Ellisiii Best manufacturers Only guarantee satisfaction lilt Henry ass James Saufl Counselor not k v e Al e s t a the a g e n Obj Lawrence in in stir Siroki r Auy Halij town intr thit r for Arighi in i Toelk a i to he Ike w j 6i3 main lie was Aii bid Man and very sick an inveterate Only Happy when behind a pipe in apparent health be stricken physician though from Excog Cairo Iio partial his Soninlaw Jaii to Himoe Day your Peculiar interests Are arc scattered am you Are liable any Day to have a repetition of this late attack i would Bewell for Yon to adjust your and above to make suitable preparation for the in triad to smoked on Anc few Days later to Diin Otid and Altir work in but oct3dly in 1856 oldest business nouse is hat and retailed Alerre fresh oysters i Iii 3k cub Nuti and 5u Olive 1tbw Rixham and Domestic Cartr tages Cooling of nitration country in j is Jas Joe Tel of Smurr Stock Murat it t and t am Al ilk to flu Slali my horse than ily oilers in abundance of 1 nod balt Tully Urru gtd Lor Utida in inscriptions of mid f men inc of Etc to or Ruiu or Liberal Cash on Rex a Coli jigged c j Louis Agri Custal machinery All Kimlinh agricultural general la apr and in Csc i Lall i in Mavri aunt Oliai Uijun Ain Ilahi i Arenta Tor Clit too Soiu j cottage color paints j i John Siisi Koi diebold 6c j kkexc11 jew my Joss Barf i s 1 Ifni invt Astl Akitt Ceil 1vo re of Oifer f the Trust m Lair lowest Hought Ioli i up Koht tools works at vault Al and to Alt Tys 1mtkxt and Virg math am latent Arnm steam fire Tiff will Ami i Rusuli saw no Luvirt i improved Kendial Urner Attil Call Aro to inc a a cull it forc Bivins cult def a line steam is claim Vouk t he Javk in Rcd a Panzera Lilii is k under the a limit of this furn a Charles mix of in Ryphe follow is of this Lane arc to sail every sati Lav j Audal Meniate Irwin so Nnoli i new Vork j Counselor Ami Legal or the Arm in All Cionni Litwin to Amma i of Indian p Money parable in s to Glasgow or bound Sooil for 12 prepaid Pannage from to Ulm from a Launiu Ami Kiiu title lowest Raf Mica it any in i 138 e Between eighth and i ninth sum lock Box b 3f win Winston june Wjt cough cough cough will coughs or consumption and Icorn the Rale of for Furth r apply to Ollie no link sew or to 11ansox o and Book agents Kok Felibe Twain a Kwh with 2h the innocents abroad or the new pilgrims Allens lung tic doctors Amos of for three i Timve Annj Balsam my 1 Xii there is no Lietar 1 Juii ionic for in me if s la Alum Lenni Balsam not Only i Iii wins Ireci Santisi Aliou in every canc within no Confluence in unil knowing that it pts messes Valim ble Intel Ici Nul in my daily Ami Inato Luv Ivy Tuliau a Furem lieu v a11 Rolu inert pull n York oily in in at Vanci new Reaty Liiv dirt caration j have sat Daniil of no uni lit it will form a Casai Yipu Julial Lur Llin Citro Inlall and the or i tie if in Lii aint blur tax Tiu from Coji Oaire contracted con wrap he says i have no Hwi Tancy in saying that u was by the Senf your Luke Ila Naru bal 1 and in joins pays your in to any other m i Cine for and it gives Alkons a info ital Sam is the remedy to cure All it should Beldor sly tented before Luigi a any other Shenall others directions a Mich 1 All 15k5t b j l Cote like of Home Muf Ilton inn Cipalla it Mai Bola Mill j i assassination of or fineless girl toners who came Loo the deadline Imp Travins he Arr Viil of plans 01 with Hun rom hint m Eide Ruth Ami ant Lotes literary and family by Voyk mid Tobii will Creel in All Hie of a i let r i new ii Diftler Nissing it the or its 1 be plural was Iii size and vastly in in and is now not Only the i and let aug the circular Iii weekly in iia in in value Ami variety of con As Well a in style quid and Luvinue u Continental tens of thou Samu of ardent at Mitra in both town Wal u it Wrol tur Maut in so Luff ibo Softic voting Ruth ruins and Titi can mud Lind our work particularly to i hair we employ no general but a prior in Liucc mend to old will proc Tut thu Copula Juri Iury jul in on Arvut Tiolu it copter in on duty aunt it 75 to ska Ortutai in Fuir ropy Forti tiled Oil to Titt kor full a j Jyz 23 harness Indian traders a 72 Massachusetts Street Priou Ute to Tiv i Penn the Teape Irum Smith Olina recapture trial As in Lynal escape from Ivan tire ii in every in to at u u Lolita tall Anu Tiv of Atud Between tour Aud Rivtis Hundred in a luding an appendix Cotui Piug thu and Post Niche of it is beautifully and i Liu unit j Kaiim the Best Talent in the nine Able and hundreds of special con Anil being in a authority of scientific an1 literary an Exchange truly Sara of it that the Rural u the most Eug Antly ably widely circulated and heartily Wel a Ivsich Toiv Lenin i Way Sinoh Ali Rural Vul ii Livaie vegetables of a Small scale in tillage or while to Horti Cul Stock Wool Dairy soul tar it in the fun mfr it is highly its literary and Muiel Laneous departments furnishing Choice Ana Reading for the Kurt feb and chop kept Ken Are Lull Belne ably de illustrated and Pri Bretl in extra Anil l adapted to the Uura is Lue paper for family and it not a monthly or but a and Wilt be published in Vacti null or Romp Rinir in of live nunely Aad oui a in clubs of ten or is and club great o club Overoye la undred Val in Price irom is to i i Ibe a Crit ban balled from Pic heart of a lamed Jannief i proving therein veral or it editor but sits principal i urtice 1 Awin new All Irtira by add fast to i 1 i e k it i we s mattresses mattresses wholesale at the Days Patent Collar on treet of Factor prof All kinds of Maurois of i Alp by celebrated european Spring either Soldini or la sofas chairs and res tuned and Repal Reil and for eat Imis Hions for Bugg tos is to i1n31vj lin3ivd iln31vd Southern hotel avenues but could nor it Woons 51obt1sim variety Mol j Elk cloak us Sawick j saw railway and Ulf saw spoke Asp Wood fixes Cetl All kinds of Iron other Actu Lyof to Oil working a Nivea on and Luni Zahed o fit Way Ware Liberty circulars Price in St it on implication sew York y no7dly Cabinet Sopes latest school i Syvir Call special attention 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Ecile and Catarrh of the and is a Good Heivi this soap has already won the Praise and teem of Terv Many of on Lars lock stitch lain pics in and throughout to it used extensively by our Best wherever it has become a household be we advise All to try for Sale by All Call or we drear a a Ann new York Pioneer yeast i glut a manufacturers of Bolt nut Vax kkxs5elaer of Road joints or every car Tolk and forgings a estimates and of Frenkil prices cheerfully Attr nishid upon of and Wilson new Vefik 101 John Street opposite Cliff Vax so Leal Road co pfc Ladelphia Itea Dlhy Betel Coal navigation to Hudson Ulver Railroad nowadly Laurence Thomsen import cars Fine u and a to Valera in t com Usk ill no7dsm Keo Estes Kkt Cister Baltimore Rell Aad crass o5 of Hells and work of every used by num and steam and Lor ii to exo ii Burr Mill Stone ax1 ail it a talk a to Corner a bks ague tuis is tin of in the of and leased he Chi Cornet ii Tito and Phol Sicat Ami Hendry attorneys at Law estate have Kolt Sale 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Unal nth Sewood Loul third Solo nil Tbs Healing who Len into vicious Bow Delre and r better with cer sent l u apr
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