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Lawrence Journal World Newspaper Archives Apr 28 1990, Page 1

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Lawrence Daily Journal World (Newspaper) - April 28, 1990, Lawrence, Kansas The Lawrence daily journal world saturday 1900 Jimann world april Kansas 28 pages 119 25 cents european leaders open talks on political Union Ireland a european Community leaders today opened talks to consider French and German appeals for faster movement toward a political merger of their 12 French president Francois Mit prime minister Margaret Thatcher of Britain and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl joined a Stream of prime ministers and their aides at the medieval Dublin Castle on an overcast Day in the Irish the Western european who plan to form Al single open Market by the end of Are now beginning to discuss ways of bringing their political systems into closer align reacting to the profound political changes in Eastern Mitterrand and Kohl Are urging faster movement toward a political Thatcher was expected to oppose their Calls for a political Union of the economic Community trading bloc by dec officials were also expected to discuss plans for reunification of the two the original reason for today meeting before the French and German appeals for political Unity sur also on the Agenda is a plan to forge closer relations with the emerging democracies in Eastern Europe and draw them closer to the Security was tight in the cites Center for the authorities banned aircraft from flying Over the 13th Century Castle and deployed the an elite Antiterrorist Thatcher is a prime target of the Irish Republican which tried to assassinate her with a bomb in the Ira is fighting to rid Northern Ireland of British Rule and unite the province with the Irish the officials talks could be heated at the on Day we hear a great Deal about political a British government spokesman said on condition of anonymity but he told reporters Thatcher will try to get behind the words and get their Thatcher has resisted Radical plans for the economic and monetary analysts say a political merger of the dec countries probably would include a common foreign and Security some predict the dec countries eventually will become a kind of United states of Europe but still maintain their distinct languages and some leaders in the trading bloc like the Mitterrand Kohl Ireland prime Charles told reporters look at the Speed of change in Europe in the last few Are we to be stranded on the Beach of inactivity i am keen on moving to political and i want to take the Summit As far Forward As it he Haughey said Thatcher was not alone in her not just the British but other member states Reserva or at least questions that they want to he told the Irish state the Community already is pressing to remove by late 1992 the Many barriers preventing the free flow of services and people among the it has begun a drive for an economic and monetary Bill Pugh touches up one of Plymouth congregational Church Staine Glass windows to prevent further deterioration English made panes that Are Well staff photo by Richard Gwin Over 100 years Plymouth is recorded As the oldest Church in the state of historic windows Are refurbished preserving stained Glass for Kansas oldest Church Byl twi Haddington f writer i windows at Plymouth Turch have survived a at fire in i More than a Century in but one Plymouth in Busy protecting the win i their greatest threat these congregational transatlantic the Tornado Ter member has i Dows from per mans Carole Bill Pugh Bai spent two years working on 10 windows in the Church Sanctuary at 925 in an Effort to clean them and make them safer to the 16foot tall win Dows Are historical having been put together in England and sent to the oldest Church in Kansas More than 100 years who specializes in such undertake wants them to be around for the next 100 i was just concerned that one of them was going to have an Pugh said in explaining his tackling of the arduous its difficult to slide the sashes along the track because of All the paint that has built up Over the last 100 he another window be opened because of a broken and yet another had been kept open sunday morn Ings by propping it up with a Pugh believes a free fall of As Little As a foot could shatter one of the and that Why he has taken the pains to make them More secure and he also has spent about 40 hours cleaning All the windows with tepid water and a there being cleaned for the first time since god knows and Hes not say Pugh Plymouth congregational is recognized As the oldest Church in the state of its first services were con ducted in a Hay tent in what is now the downtown Lawrence area in the same year the City of Lawrence was formally in addition to the buildup of the Plymouth windows have been exposed to years of Christmas eve Candle Wax drip Pugh also found mud Dauber nests on the windows meaning that whoever installed storm windows at the Church a few years ago didst bother to remove the Pugh Hopes the cleaning will approve the appearance of the which he hesitates to characterize As real stained Glass because each bit of color in the win see Page Isa Moscow again says no to talks Moscow a the Kremlin again rebuffed Lithuania attempts to open for Mal talks on the republics in dependence and Lithuania deputies in the supreme soviet legislature according to news Lithuania Vilnius monitored by the British Broad casting in London on Fri Day quoted Bronius Kuz the Deputy chairman of Lithuania supreme Council As saying that a parliamentary delegation had met with some High ranking officials in but the officials reiterated president Mikhail Gor Baches position that no talks with the government would take place unless Lithuania halts its drive for the radio in Moscow the National supreme soviet heard a formal resignation by lithuanian deputies and a declaration by estonian deputies that they would suspend their member ship until Moscow began formal talks with their Republic on in soviet television estonian deputies hold 13 places in the 542member supreme lithuanian who have attended Only As observers since their Republic declared Independence on March held 15 the soviet Union annexed and Latvia in the parliament of Estonia has voted to become in dependent at an unspecified later and Latvia is scheduled to vote on the Issue next lithuanian prime minister Kazimiera Prunskiene said her government still Hopes to begin talks without backing off in dependence but it is considering a proposed temporary freeze on secessionist actions As the maximum conces Sion it might offer this is a Compromise which should be viewed As the Max this is the she told a Friday night news according to the soviet news Agency lithuanian president vytautas see Page 13a abortion opponents rally in Washington Washington a opponents of abortion Are trying to impress the nation and demonstrate strength today with a rally for life aimed at draw ing thousands to the Grassy mall by the Washington president Bush was address ing the group by a Remote Telephone vice presi Dent Dan Quayle was appearing in person along with Catholic country and gospel and antiabortion sponsors declined to predict the size of the crowd but hoped to rival the police estimate of people who attended a rally by supporters of abortion rights a year the event was aimed at trying to reverse the impression that antiabortion forces have been in political it comes at a time when their Side has sustained a series of losses in elections and in state at least part of the motive is to try to reverse what we feel is a misperception about the strength of the right to life movement and to give some politicians who might be wavering a Little bit of said Gary president of the family research Council and a White House aide in the Reagan and we Hope to impress the con we Hope to impress the said president of the National right to life the lobbying group sponsoring the rain delays probe after body is found inside today by Ric Anderson jew staff writer after being delayed by Rainy an investigation this morning resumed into the death of a person whose decomposed body was found Fri Day afternoon in the 800 Block of East eighth Mike head of the said authorities broke off the investigation about Fri by that he the body had been taken by ambulance to the Douglas county coroners officials have not identified the nor have they released the gender and approximate Hall on Friday said he did not know when an autopsy would be Carol Moddrell referred All questions about the matter to release states that authorities were notified about the body at police found the body lying a Short distance South of eighth Street in a Brushy officials this morning confirmed that the body was found on Santa be railway police were notified about the body by two Lawrence Robert Gonce and Sid Gonce who called officers from the Penny Concrete Plant at 800 in an interview near the the Gonce Brothers said they had been digging for Worms in the area for about five minutes when they discovered the Robert and Sid said the body appeared to be that of a Young they said the body was uncovered and appeared to be lying on its the Gonce Brothers said they saw no wounds that appeared to see Page 13a Lawrence girls Nab swim title led by Sophomore Jeanne Lawrence High won its first Sunflower league girls swim championship on Page 1b the weather partly Cloudy sunday and a Chance of Page 2a hundreds flee reservation factional fighting Between Mohawk bands who disagree about whether gambling should be allowed sent hundreds of residents fleeing Regis Indian Page 2a Index 1b5b quotable in pretty proud that our station has its Call letters after Elvis we have a personal insight into Elvis other stations just dont general manager Gene Tognacci interstate plan eases options for teachers Byer Daddington jew staff writer v state officials Are hammering out an interstate agreement with some of Kansas neighbors that could ease the Trade of a very precious to i c earlier this the Kansas state Board of education approved entering into an agreement with Missouri and Nebraska that would Grant reciprocity of certification to under the a teacher could move from one state to teach in another without first having to be newly instead the teacher have two years of Grace time in which to meet whatever additional requirements he or she would need to be Cert if led in the new but state Board of education member Paul Adams of Osage City is confident the agreement will be in my this Only makes Good since it is impossible to expect every state to have exactly the same teacher preparation and certification see Page

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