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Lawrence Jeffersonian Gazette (Newspaper) - February 24, 1915, Lawrence, KansasVolume Xxxiv february 1915 number 25 in cuss by tie righting described As the Grews Mest sort that can be a Neissant Racks i have been to be 3rdwned when death would have been unlikely trader Ordinary weather William Philip Man Sger of the Paris Bureau of the United press has just returned from a tour of the belgian fighting fines made upon a special invitation from the belgian War this the second time he has a special invitation from oae of the belligerent govern he was the first american chosen by the French gov i in sent to make a tour the Battle lines under official being the Only Man who made the trip the the front with the party of for eign Early in novem Simms made his first trip to the belgian front Accomma staff officer and was afforded exceptional unities to see exactly How the belgians waged worn out though they instead of fell Backo their own Center and aided in checking the it was now decided to flood the the Yser is a Small Mississippi in that its bed is higher than the surrounding the too is so the Gates in the Dykes were raised and the water was i let in flooding and ruining thousands of Fertile Little farms for years to slowly but surely the Waters Rose trapping the germans who bravely fought fora Rel instead of saving themselves As they so easily could have done officers make no pretence of hiding their Praise and admiration for the germans for this for two weeks in the rising flood the germans tried to Advance to the High ground on the allies Side of the leaving thousands of much ammunition and stores of All sorts cannons and transports to be covered by the encroaching River and a letter found on the body of a dead German officer described the fighting As far worse than any thing he had seen during the Battle of the it was simply he the flood was about us getting deeper All the time the enemy in front we dying in Bunches and no help for it at all7 this was How the germans were reinforcements brought up on both sides have not materially changed the situation beyond the steady but a necessarily slow driving Back of the today the floods have reached their they extend ten Miles in every direction from roads built higher than the crisscross the inundations of crust across a and there Are farm houses in ruins occupying islands scarcely above the water of the frees Are now prone governors message on econ omy has so far had no effect on the May draw lines tighter than Senate said to be preparing an ultimatum to the House and the governor in defense of the stand that has been taken on no Mill House took up the Mill tax this morning on a motion to reconsider the Adverse action taken last and by a decisive vote decided against a re which ends the Mill tax proposition for this ression of the the attorney general has Given his opinion in the matter of issuing in bends to erect a medical building at the University of the Bonds to be paid from the in come of the Robinson the opinion will go to the committee on education which has the Bill under and will probably result in an Adverse report on the Brewster finds a Good Many but in pointing them out does not advise the legislature As to what is Best to do but the Chance for entanglements is so Good that Art Adverse report is senator Carney today introduced a Resolution setting March 6 As the li1k Walti Lul Vii he Iai Vrr o in the mud and the groan last Day for the consideration of All v j i ill of Ann Nafin in staff with belgian Rainy head i Quarter sat having become too sort to hold the j roots firmly an occasional wind Mill like dead thing is seen icing on its Side in the cases on of Cannon Hay mows and what not Dot the but alone looks about Ever the expanse he does not see a single living thing save a few water is the Secene of the fighting in both the German Sand the belgians built rather than along the roads and every intersection Small fort through out the artillery is pounding 7 by Toi sew dil you Ever in the kist hideous Nightmare of your dream of what fell is like with ithe River styx running with dead floating in and mses and Miles of ooze and and stench and All along shores if you Lia Vej you can picture what things hike Here i at i Cap pers message of yesterday asking that the refrain from making High appropriations this year has not been productive of re As the message in effect upheld the House ways and is committee Siirid rebuked the pc v along Ike Yser where the belgian i away but Seldom does m Janny is fighting 4fce Gre Fantry come into action so Long As som est most frightful Battle the word Ever has elsewhere along the great line of frenches there is slush mud for this Winter has broken records for everywhere troops Are suffering avar at its but worst at other Points would be the Best in Flanders where the whole country is one vast full of wreck and dead men and dead All purifying together where a few months ago were Beau the Daylight lasts when they Eto it is to fight in Waist deep with occasional tumbles into the drainage ditch Swath Wlinich the always some what wet farms were liberally Cut before the War the slightly rounded Falls strangling to death in the infantry because of the along where machines guns play Surprise attacks arc practically impossible unless a c of Tiff farms not to be bought for s200 in rider wishes to see Liis men annihilated even Stormy Are besi for this kind of an grimly determined to drive the germans out of their country a new belgian army has it gets its inspiration from King Al Jert who refuses As he along to acknowledge de to free Belgium or die under its floods is the Kings so and stands every Able bodied belgian facing scene of surpassing desolation with a Fervour the King has become almost a got to the patriotism almost a re the army a death a glory to the belgian Story of the Battle of the still in is set Forth for the first twas told me to one of the Kings principal following the belgian army of men of All Amis re tired Down the coast of the North sea closely pursued by the Ger the belgians were Given no they had no and Light artillery could do Little the heavy German Field the germans had pit West the belgians at this time if Theiron foncia reports reached the to were ordered to hold their for three Days at any Cost until the allies could Send reinforce this was on october of three Days they held out it was Liege All again athe belgians bearing the broke weight of Lej butt Bergjans Raffl and a puts a Stop to storming but rain or the night kept fairly Light by Means of Aerial bombs which the germans shoot a Hundred feet into the when they explode noiselessly they leave great White Luminous Ball of fire making things everywhere As Clear As Day for nearly a so the germans guard against Surprise the War in Flanders War if the Resolution by by both houses in Means the adjournment of the legislature at the end of the allotted fifty working Senate committee for extravagant consequently it somewhat coldly received on the Sale of the although no pronouncement has been by any Democrat yester Day As to what the Senate majority attitude toward the message Woulfin was no indication in and Quarter that it a resulted in change of there is nothing theory that the cultural College or any Branch of the state Normal school or the state manual training school shall be entitled to participate in the appropriation for courses senator Price said there was no use in supporting these courses within easy reach of the slate schools which offer while other schools further from the big schools and therefore standing in greater need of help to give the courses wore deprived of the help of the that in Bufi Ruig the fund to reach out to schools which do not at present teach agriculture and the Normal branches and thus carry these courses to parts of the state which do not now have their ail in offering the amendment Sena Tor Price became involved in a feud with his seat senator the latter senator served notice that As a matter of revenge he pro posed to vote against every appropriation Bill that is offered from this time for sixty five years Osage county Las been voting Money appropriations for the state some of which were he in All that time this slight help in the High school courses is All that Osage county Ever if you Cut that i am against All appropriations from this time on hearing this several senators changed their votes to the Bill carried and a re consideration was but senator Price held enough votes in line to prevent a reconsideration by charging that the senators who changed their votes were doing so because hey were afraid the pork barrel would be inter f erred there was some democratic glee thu shaving stirred up trouble Between two staunch members of the Republican Side of the several supported an amendment to the Bill requiring that the fund for each county be Distri buted among As Many schools As were accredited and were giving the it was shown that in a num Ber of counties there Are High schools which Are giving All the Normal and manual training work without receiving any assistance whatever from the and the argument was that these schools should not he discriminated but the opinion prevailed that to Divide the Money up into too Many shares would reduce each amount to the Point where it would be no real assistance to the school receiving getting in their by United a few Miles of the British coast German submarines have torpedoed three vessels within the last Twenty four it is officially admitted that the British Steamer Oak by was torpedoed and sunk in the English Channel off the survivors landed at Northeast of they said the ship was struck without the Tor Pedo struck the port Side of the ves the explosion was so terrific that the main hatches were blown Iowa plumbers by United thirty six master plumbers were today found guilty of a violation of the antitrust to support is i rats Are less tenacious of an of Cothey get hold of than a re the and having grasped firmly in idea that they Are going for big a it will take More than slap on the wrist to make the democrats let their of the who not to causing the administration All the embarrassment see in the governors Mes Sage i confirmation of their convict Ion that they were on the right track up t rouble Foi the Kansas and More particularly t he presen t the present trouble which the administration trying to head off is just the thing that certain demo Ira stare depending on to show them a Way Back to the state House two years from there was some Surprise in the Senate chamber yesterday morning when governor capper appeared person read his there was no announcement beforehand that he was coming and the senators were nearly All surprised to see the chief executive in the usually a message from the governor is brought in by judge Smith or Charlie and it Waits until whatever business in hand before the clerk reads but yes vierday morning the governor proceeded immediately to the stand and read his interrupting the Reading of a some of the High schools which have received state Aid for their agricultural and manual training courses Are to be deprived of it according to the terms of a Bill which passed the Senate a tacked by Price of Clark provides that no school within thirty five Miles of the Agri senator arose to a question of personal privilege yester Day and made a talk in behalf of the state orphans which was robbed of some of its spectacular elements by the fact that the orphans were prevented by the bail weather attending in a ocly As had a special train which been chartered was cancelled when the Snow storm blew the Atchison senator offered some Sharp criticism of senator Lambert son of who had successfully opposed the appropriation of 000 for a new building at the he had a great sheaf of Tele Grams and affidavits from Atchison All tothe effect that the building was badly senator later arose to a question of personal privilege to he said he had been a Mem Ber of a party had visited the he was anxious to learn for himself what the needs were he said he had been told by Many of the employees at the school no new building was needed and that some minor equipment was All the institution senator Waggener claimed to have affidavits from some of the employees to the opposite it May be that therein an employee or two about the place whose Job willbe none too secure when senator Waggener gets Back to the Exchange of personalities be tween the two senators occupied nearly two hours of the afternoon the result was that the Senate did not nearly get Over the Bills which were on third having been placed of final passage by the work of the committee of the whole Friday and senator Noah Bowman a introduced a Rural credits Bill which authorizes building and loan associations to make Long tune Loans on such As they can make at present on town this Bill was supported by senator Carney who said it embodied a principle which must be recognized in the state before any valuable work a the agricultural College to the farm can be looked unless a boy graduating from the College has parents who can get Upin what Chaice is there for Bis a farm he this Bill offers him this if he can get a Long time loan he can pay out and there Are hundreds of of Youngfellow who Zouki make the the but at present they must take to teaching or some other As the far holds out no Opportunity to both the Senate and House began work this morning on a Rule which requires that the daily sessions begin at 9 this is an hour earlier than the Senate has been with might sessions and a Long grind through the Daylight now that the work of the committees is nearly faster Progress can be made through the crowded As a result of the work of House Over the week the Calendar of the House contains several pages of Bills which have been advanced to final it is said this result was reached by about Twenty Mem Bers of the House who met for the session saturday the t Wen t to agreed among themselves that each present could have two of his Bills advanced to final As no question of a quorum was the work was entirely those members who Avert present probably saved Sam Elf their Bills from dying on the Calen the Fate that will overtake Many of the favorite Bills of the manager harm ton Aid i have been cronies for both attended the monday night and the us the satisfaction of seeing his Friend elec Ted president of the association a chief worker in the Farmers Union of the state and for the next two years the democratic club May be expected to be tolerably responsive Farmer sentiment of the republicans Are not entirely dissatisfied with the feeling shown by various democratic factions against one another at the meeting of the democratic club monday the Hodges and Thompson factions took up a lot of the time that was intended for regular m attacks on one the Larmony efforts Are said to Haw been without some of the Wiser among the demo Convie politicians appear to have foreseen some such Tor the staved away from the meeting and lims avoided lining up with by United net result of the personal appearance of governor Arthur capper before the legislature with a plea for greater Economy will be War to the bitter according to a majority of the Senate ways and Means there will be no Compromise with the House on appropriation Meas which by the rules of the game originated in the if it takes All summer to pass the appropriation Bills the Senate will stand and wait for their they will not stand for the cuts urged by the governor and included in the House amendments to the Senate none of the members of the Senate committee were willing to talk for everyone that was interviewed declared the committee is standing that assurances of support from enough members of the upper House have been received to guarantee the passage of the sen ate Buls or it is War to the bitter Senate Bills or members of the Senate who Istre standing for the Senate Bills declare the House has no business interfering with the measures proposed by the upper the executive judicial and penal departments were to be cared for in the Bills originating in the these will be passed without amendment As fast As they reach the it is claimed and the Senate is asking the same Courtesy for the Senate boils on educational and charitable that is the tonight or tomorrow a formal statement of the attitude of the Senate ways and Means com prepared and passed by that is expected to be made Public it Avill it is said the ultimatum of the upper House to the lower Branch and the the influence of the Railroad lobby particularly can be seen in almost every measure affecting railroads that has come up at the present ses Sion of the Kansas legislature according to representative George Brewer of Crawford at least one or two private he has been have been kept in Topeka for the purpose of feasting members of the two branches of the one Man came Tome one night about the time the House adjourned and told me quite frankly that he bad been to such a Brewer said when i protested that such conduct was not seemly for a Mem Ber of the House he became Indig he said the Bunch were Ormed that no politics was to enter into the slate As last Friday i have been a part of members were entertained in a private car in the Santa be and the re sult can easily be seen when a vote comes up on a measure in the railroads Are 1 am woefully in the but any one using his cars and eyes can Knirr sure at he can actually prove it or that the railroads and other inter ests for that have been using methods that an honest Man would not feel like who build and a Reservoir at least an acre in extent and five feet deep on each forty acres of their land will entitled to Bate of half of their taxes on such tracts of land if Atill pending before the Senate irrigation committee he comes a the Bill was clued by senator the purpose of establishing maintaining evaporation to increase rainfall in under the terms of the must hold As much As one foot of water at least ten months a tace demoralized hat us plenty of Hay in Little is coming to there was not one Load of Hay nit the Market monday and Only despite this there appears to be no Scarcity of this need Ful article among Lawrence horse men and no appreciable increase in the from what there was one week when Timothy brought a Alfalfa s12 and Prairie Anid the Cane is practically out of the wheat continues at a with but Little coming ranges from 68 to 72 marriage marriage License were issued urd Ayto Guy and Nellie both of Lawrence and to and Anna both of Lawrence of Kansas and Vera 19 of obtained a License yester Kingsbury was a visitor today in Kansas and Jack Walton Are spending the Day in Kansas City and Harry Doane of Topeka Are the guests of the fair tonight and not Nuch change in me the Forenoon forecast of the weather Juneau for the Day the wind mit the did very far from the freezing temperature records Are 7 2 Kansas City live Stock 1ft by United Kansas receipts Market to cows and to hog i j j

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