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Laurel Leader Call (Newspaper) - April 21, 1990, Laurel, Mississippi News in Brief Laurel Leader Call saturday april 21, 1990 Page 4-b governor first lady pay $34,111 in taxes Jackson a gov. Ray Mabus and Mississippi first lady juice Mabus paid $34,111 in Federal and state income taxes according to tax forms released by his office. Mabus is out of the country with a Trade delegation in the far East the governors office said Friday that Mabus and wife had earnings of $125,239 in Calendar 1989. Spokesmen said that income included $63,000 from his salary As governor and $62,024 from a one time capital gain i the Sale of Timber. On the governors Federal income tax return $12,953 was withheld in taxes and he had to pay another $15,891 to Complete his tax liability. On the state form the abuses listed withholding taxes totalling $2,643 with an additional tax liability of $2,624. There was no breakdown provided on itemized deductions the governor and his wife took. The itemized deductions totalled $10,491. Honduran Leader coming to mus Starkville a president Rafael Leonardo Callejas of Honduras has agreed to deliver the commencement address at Mississippi state University on May 12, the school announced Friday. Callejas received a bachelors degree in agricultural economics from Mississippi state in 1965 and a masters degree in 1966. He was inaugurated on Jan. 27 As the president of the Central american nation. His election and inauguration As the candidate of the National party marked the first peaceful transition of Power to an opposition party in Honduras in almost 60 years. A obviously we re honoured to have the president of another country a a country in a very critical part of the world a As our commencement speaker a a said John Darling Provost and vice president for academic affairs at Mississippi state. A the fact that he is one of our graduates makes it particularly meaningful to the University. The significance of the visit is heightened by the magnitude of the events that Are state occurring in Central America a a Darling said. Residents Call for vote on prison Pittsboro a some Calhoun county residents want to vote on whether the county will get a new satellite prison facility. Calhoun county supervisors last week voted to sign a new 25-year contract with the states department of corrections to build a new Satel Lite prison facility. The contract Hasni to been signed yet said supervisor . The county has been the site of a satellite prison housing about 65 prisoners for the past 10 years. If county officials sign a new 25-year contract a new $500,000 minimum Security facility will be built on a five acre site mutually agreed to by the county and the corrections department. Judy Rodgers a Bruce resident and wife of the City a Alderman at Large Danny Rodgers said she has been circulating petitions asking for a vote on the Issue and is disturbed by some rumours circulating. Hattiesburg faces loss of taxes Hattiesburg a Hattiesburg May suffer a hefty loss in tax dollars this year after refunding $220,000 in 1989 collections to taxpayers officials say. About half the refund went to apartment Complex owners who had their property values lowered and most of the remained went to private property owners whose House assessments were lowered. The lower tax was provided those apartment Complex owners who protested their assessments to the Forrest county supervisors. New assessments were figured on a different formula resulting in the lower taxes and the refunds. Forrest county Deputy tax collector Delbert Dearman said he has not compiled the tax changes. From wire reports newspaper Calls for release of hostages presidential treatment associated press president George Bush bottle feeds an orphaned baby Manatee held by sea world animal care specialist Jim Jarvis. The president visited the tourist attraction in Orlando fla., on Friday to present an award to or. Daniel of Dell who Heads up the Rescue program. Passengers charges delays jetliners flight Minneapolis a a Northwest. Airlines flight from Detroit to Allan n3 1011 to was delayed nearly four hours when a Pilot refused to Fly the plane after a passenger accused him of being drunk according to the airline. The Pilot who had been called in thursday night after the scheduled Pilot was delayed in route from Milwaukee insisted that he be Given an alcohol and drug test to prove he was sober the Star Tribune reported today. The plane was delayed nearly four hours while another substitute Pilot was procured. When the plane finally left the passenger and her husband stayed behind because other passengers were enraged with them Northwest spokesman Douglas Miller said Friday. Miller said the airline supports the pilots actions. A we feel he was justified a a Miller said. From wire reports Beirut Lebanon a a newspaper that often reflects the views of Iran a president today urged pro iranian hostage takers in Lebanon to hasten talks to free an american captive. The Tehran times said it hoped the release of one captive could be a the prelude to the release of one More hostage by another the editorial was the latest in a series of hostage developments that began wednesday when one lebanese group holding three american educators said it would release one hostage by Friday. However the islamic jihad for the liberation of Palestine said thursday it had indefinitely postponed the release. It blamed the delay on the refusal of the United states to Send a senior Diplomat to Damascus As the group demanded. A shiite moslem cleric reputed to have influence Over the kidnappers Hussain Muslawi said Friday by Telephone from his Headquarters in the Eastern lebanese town of Baalbek that Freedom for a hostage was certain despite the delays. The islamic jihad for the liberation of Palestine had demanded the United states Send John Kelly the assistant Secretary of state for near Eastern affairs to Damascus for final coordination of the release. He was the ambassador to Lebanon from 1986 to 1988, and he conducted secret hostage negotiations in what became known As the Iran Contra affair. Pope begins tour of Czechoslovakia Prague Czechoslovakia a Pope John Paul ii beginning a two Day visit today heralded the emergence of a new Era after four decades of what he called the a a tragic Utopia a of communist Rule. The pontiff kissed 90-year-old Cardinal Frantisek Tomasek and clasped hands with president Vaclav Havel at Prague a Duzyne Airport which was packed with Well wishers. Making his first visit to an Eastern european country except for his native Poland the roman Catholic Leader was expected to draw Mil world Lions of pilgrims. Visitors streamed into Prague including Many from neighbouring Poland. Shop windows were decorated with posters of the Pope and Many merchants set up sidewalk tables under the sunny skies to sell meat and soft drinks. The polish born Pope speaking alternately in czech and slovak stressed that he had come to bolster the faithful As they end the communist epoch. Colombians drug War claims More lives Bogota Colombia gunmen killed a newspaper employee and a state assemblyman and kidnapped a priest in violence in Medellin and Cali the Home cities of colombians biggest cocaine cartels police said. Meanwhile Friday authorities said they found two More bodies in a common grave on a farm owned by Fidel Castano a reputed member of the Medellin Cartel bringing to 26 the number found in the last week of the land 310 Miles North of Bogota. At least six of the bodies have been identified As those of people kidnapped in the Northern town of puerto Bello. A right Wing death squad allegedly financed by drug traffickers abducted 42 peasants from the town in january. In Medellin men firing from a speeding car on Friday killed a deliveryman for the Bogota daily Al a Spectator. Police said in a communique that there was no robbery attempt and that the attack was considered to be yet another on the newspaper by drug traffickers. Seven Al a Spectator employees have been murdered since september. Drug lords said then they were declaring War on the daily because of the papers crusade for government action against the traffickers. From wire reports girl implicated in kidnapping visits empty grave of baby boy tonight com Max part sets 7 00 . Dead bang co cast phone 649 7224 Gulfport apr a 12-year-old girl whose 25-year-old Boyfriend is accused of kidnapping her Young Niece last month in Gulfport visited an empty infants grave Friday in Niagara Falls n.y., that investigators believe was desecrated by satanists officials said. The baby a body was snatched from the Niagara Falls graveyard during the time 12-year-old Stephanie Griffith and air Force deserter James Nicholas Coppock were eluding authorities seeking them for the abduction of Griffith a four year old Niece. Niagara Falls police say they believe the empty grave and the kidnapping of four year old Brittany Lynn Collins May be related although a Buffalo n. Y., newspaper has quoted some experts As saying that the desecration looks More like the work of vandals rather than a True satanic cult. On the night of March 21, vandals a broke open a grave and snatched the body of a stillborn infant boy that a was buried in december. The a dals smashed statues and drove crosses into the ground upside Down in the graveyard near Niagara Falls. The graveyard is surrounded by a Chain link Fence topped with barbed wire. About four Days before the grave robbing Coppock and Griffith abandoned a stolen car near Niagara Falls which Borders Canada. Police there say they believe the couple was in the area when the grave was robbed. However the couple reportedly stole a car in Charleston, on March 20, and authorities in Orangeburg . A about 600 Miles from Niagara Falls a reported chasing the couple on the Day after the grave robbing. A a it a the biggest Roll of baloney i Ever saw in my whole life a a cop Pocky a Gulfport attorney . Holder told the Buffalo news when questioned about the grave robbing. A if i get the dates Correct he must have started digging in South Carolina and dug the body up in new York. It must be some kind of Griffith and Coppock allegedly abandoned the Collins girl unharmed in a Williamsburg va., hotel on March 14, a week after allegedly kidnapping her from a Day care Center on the Gulfport sea Bee base. After leading police on two week Cross country Chase the couple was arrested March 23 in Tennessee. Coppock escaped tuesday from a Keesler air Force base stockade and was captured 12 hours later on interstate 10 in a stolen car. After a High Speed Chase a police officer shot out Coppock a tires when the airman began ramming police cars officials said. Niagara Falls police told Mississippi authorities that they suspected Coppock was a High priest in a satanic cult and that they suspected the kidnapped Gulfport child was intended to be a sacrificial victim the Sun Herald newspaper in Gulfport reported thursday. Coppock has no police record in his Hometown of Sioux City Iowa and had a High Security clearance with the . Air Force until he began a relationship with the 12-year-old in Rota Spain. After the air Force transferred Coppock to another base in Spain he returned to Rota and fled with the 12-year-old girl. Neither police nor military investigators will comment on whether there is any evidence linking Coppock to the grave robbing or a satanic cult. Winn sentenced to almost 20 years Jackson apr Florida attorney Newton Alfred Winn was Given a 19-year prison sentence without a parole in his conviction for conspiracy in the 1988 kidnapping of Jack a son socialite Annie Laurie Hearin. J the sentence of 19 years and a seven months was imposed Friday a by . District judge Tom s. Lee., a who had presided Over winns trial a that ended feb. 7 in Hattiesburg. A Winn who maintains he is innocent a Ould have drawn a life sentence j Lee also put Winn on five years a probation. Winn was not fined f mrs. Hearin the 74-year-old wife f Jackson multimillionaire Robert Hearin has not been seen since he disappeared from her Home july 1988. I Hearin walking with the help of a Cane left the Federal courthouse in Jackson after the sentencing declining to answer questions. \ after the sentencing . Attorney George Phillips said the Case would not be closed until a a we re satisfied we have explored every assistant . Attorney James Tucker said the judge gave Winn what sentence was required i a i would rather see him imprisoned for life a a said Tucker. He said be wanted the harsher penalty because the kidnapping of Annie Laurie Hearin was a a heinous Winn 65, a St. Petersburg fla., lawyer was convicted of conspiracy in having a Ransom letter mailed from Atlanta on aug. 11, 1988. He also was charged with extortion and lying to a Federal grand jury about his knowledge of mrs. Hearings disappearance. No one has been charged with die actual kidnapping. During winns trial prosecutors claimed that Winn blamed Robert Hearin for his financial losses in school pictures of Mississippi inc., in which Hearin was a primary stockholder and former chairman. Prosecutors said the business Deal led Winn to bankruptcy and the loss of his Law office. Winn stood throughout the hearing and when asked for comment blasted the of big a handling of the Case saying he was a Scapegoat sought by a politically pressured Fri to solve the crime. The Hearin family is one of the oldest and most politically inf Iuen Cial in the state. Robert m. Hearin was a frequent contributor to political campaigns Over the past three decades. A the Fri needed desperately to arrest someone. I was it a a Winn told Lee. He continued to maintain his innocence in his lengthy statement to the judge. A the Fri is the culprit in this Case a Winn said. �?o1 have no personal knowledge of this crime. I am not guilty of anything in this matter. 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