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Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1965, Page 3

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Las Vegas Review Journal (Newspaper) - August 31, 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada H waited astros huddle Willi medics rape Kennedy Fla it a the astronaut immediately astronauts i Gordon Cooper were hustled to n medical Facil hand Charlrs Conrad in. It for exhaustive in St which heir heart appetites gradually did not disclose an Adverse regaining the weight the pair sump Tom inst during an epic eight Days in or Charles \ Berry gemini spare huddled today with tech flight surgeon reported the i tical and medical experts who lots were in extreme a Good sought to learn everything physical condition he said sex Suhle about the flight of gemini am nations would continue tor it weeks in ease something shows meanwhile two other Astro up later . Walter m Schirr a in Berry said a a wiper had gained and Thomas p Stafford. Were Hack a of that 7 ? pounds i lost Hus preparing for gemini 6. During the flight and Conrad i less than two month away of the 8 he lost Cooper Cooper and Conrad flew in the weighed 152 and Conrad 1 >4 just Cape monday from the aircraft before launching Bern Attri Carrier ass Champlain buted the loss to dehydration they had been ferried to the the gain is credited to ample Carrier by helicopter after naw Chow aboard the it Arrichi splashing into the Atlantic and a trencher an s menu on Ocean at the end of i heir record Shore for lunch monday the Mission. Astronauts had Tig helpings of Macaroni and Ham for dinner it was Steak baked potatoes., string Beans and Blueberry pie Berry said preliminary results indicate Man has nothing to worry about medically on Short flights to the Moon eight Days is the time planned for the first u s manned lunar Landing trip in 1989 medical and technical reviews will continue Al Cape Kennedy until thursday when Cooper and Conrad will Fly to the manned space Center at Houston tex for seven More Days of the same i a Lam Ken Rani or i police Sivali tuck Funy aur Juo 31, 10a5 i a n Rev jew my Uil 3 civil act i lentil school racial barriers fall a a the a a of Smjth car a racial harriers fell quietly Ima x Chols it pro and to several throughout the Smtth As thou Urban Are with no incidents As Sands of n egg Les began attend about 9dn negroes were added my classes with whte pupils to previously White classrooms on the first Day of widespread school desegregation a celer Atod he the 19m Civi rights act therr was no Trace of the violent. Hiber resistance of earlier years As a he trend of quiet change indicated last ve.?r. He a ear Cut pattern in run Han areas alike Mol if am incidents were came a ral and tir Day few reported i appeared f regal a on in to an end the a a Ltd it i Segami no in Barnwell. So six be groan were firm d Down when they were informed that no transfers would he per mph de pending a Epp Tare of rhe districts school desegregation plan but m another Barnwell county school Blackwell four negroes entered White classrooms in Arkansas la formerly White dist nets admitted negroes for the first time More of the Stem s districts Are scheduled to drop Maria a he week continue barriers As cower. Bernard Joseph a of 504 \ Orland. Died sunday bom pal 7 1013 nines Hur mass retired 1 s in Force staff sgt a Veteran of world War ii and the kor can War survived by his widow Ruth. Las vegas serve a a tuesday 11 am Bunker Brothers Chapel. Rev Glenn Tudor. First Winstian Church officiating burial. It Rose Craigs National Vino re san Diego. Calif i . Carol c. 81 of 604 venue f. Boulder City Dud sunday born feh 20 1884 Bishop Hill 111 she resided in this area for 10 years housewife survivors sister mrs Jessie Johnson. Ottawa. Ii Niece. Bernice Olson. Boulder City services tuesday 10 a m Boulder City. Elder i i. Dinwiddie seventh Day adventist official my burial in Boulder City cemetery 131111 mortuary is taking care it it of arrangements in ash1nc.ton. Irene Agiv-89. Of 1912 Canosa. Died Sun a born sept 11. 1870 Missouri housewife survivor s two sons. Thomas of i is vegas and of a Phillip Roger of Honolulu. Hawaii daughter. Mrs l odor. Shawnee Mission Kansas. Two Brothers. Joseph Craven and Grover Craven both of i of an Geles. Calif. Two Sisters. Or Mae Ashford Bieber. Calif and mrs Meade Mitchell Bill mrs. Montana. Two grand children and three great grandchildren services wednesday 2 p m Bunker brother Chapel. Rev Glenn Tudor. First Christian Church Offin atm burial. W Ood i a w n i cemetery i i \ is i1a i a lean sickle relocation for the North lax vegas l Rban renewal interviews mrs William k Vaden to Der Mii her individual needs if a move is necessitated i fhe City Council s acceptance of de redevelopment project in the the 84-acre residential Section studied As the site of possible a federally Finar Rose Garden area is presently Boin renewal i a 11 an ii \ Al Liioi is his a i a members of the Stop Urban renewal entirely is re it committee prepare to make their own Survey m the Tose Garden to gain support in saying the Homes in that area and in defeating future Urban Ren Caval protects a St re flyer warns. A a Urban Rene Val is the first step to Ward a police state pictured from left Are fake Garehime. Sandra Merserau. Ralph Kraemer. Ryle Hosterman and mrs William Liana Rea if a lot Hal Imioto Ithai l i. In Olik new \ Villanelle peril an Ai n ii is in it Rin a i or or rinses a i d half to have to Call a professional Ever time i wanted triv Bath Tuli said councilman James kid by other North i is Egas Council members laughed and then agreed Ihu a Felt them it me Way. They instructed City to William Barker to draft an ordinance defining exactly what constitutes a swimming Pool. The Council was considering a policy statement regarding a Clark county ordinance which establishes requirements for professionals engaged in swimming Pool maintenance the ordinance however de fined a swimming Pool As All bodies of water or pools used or intended for swim mag or halting purposes sinc e this also included the councils own hath tubs the governing body withheld any policy statement. Saas fee swim Erland a Quot Quot a Ere a no Hopo Fri the Meu suit it the Birran a it of a Xeo Ond Ava Midi r that said nne re War i Lanche halted Resene efforts to Cue worker in some places. He officials a Aid Day for 96 Power project work rib he end ice and rocks Lav More workers Werp a it i and than Ino Feci deep a when Bug e continued to fall Troni Ine of the Lialin and a worst Mer world ers reported buried feared dead under mass of ice in the swis a is More than 1 Kiwi re Cue work ers Eva baled the disaster scene after the Allan Glacier by Gan cracking shortly after Dawn a Dull rumbling mind a wept through the Valley warning sirens sounded the giant Glacier split monday and Send millions of Unis of ice and rocks crashing Down on the Power project site broken Glacier hampering the hundreds of rescuers the Avalanche struck near Saa fee a ski resort in South Ern Switzerland Les than five Miles from the italian Border the mass Huned men machines and Barracks at he mat Mark Power project near the resort St me of the ice bin a a were As Large As two Story houses. One witness said the Avalanche stick so que ulv that up Lois bulldozers and Avalanche dogs to try and shift the about Hope Mound helicopters with i the fi.000-foot it Carch lights flew overhead the Bottom a f Hunting for cracks where Surv Glacier one of Vors might but a Switzerland a biggest suddenly Swiss Pilot Hermann Geiger. Broke away. Sending millions of vrho flew Over fhe scene it tons of ice and Row k cascading could take several Days to Luft onto fur construction site the fj1. Seil of icy rubble dam itself was saved he an Ava Lanche corridor which Chan need most of the tumbling ice past it the Short i y before shift a Loo it Al aval Nehf before Dux a change occurred. 80 uni nuts of exp he to disc Linthi a speculate on the cause of the Avalanche the Glacier i it about six Miles Long More than a half mile wide and 250 Feci deep when last measured in 1988 u had moved Forward about 120 feet m three Vears indicative of the change was Mansfield Lex which became a Southern Symbol of resistance to Schwil integration less than a decade ago when Whites staged Moss protests to integration All was quiet monday As about 70 negro Junior and senior High school students attended desegregated classes we did not have nor did we expect any trouble at All Jasd surf Willie Flag some schools already had begun classes Man others opened monday and others will begin classes during the next two weeks ii Lyhl i of a Eli if its Onn m i n san for a Nero it in do like a go Kyj Flyriver. I it Unis Mazzola stopped when he a flashing red lights i a fortunately. The lights were in the Middle of the run a at san Francisco inter National Airport two Jet airliners had to he diverted while Airport officials moved the car Mazzola. File a polier or thought he was sul on near by Bayshore freeway he was hooked for Drunken driving Wuth the threatened new ice fall Rescue workers scurried the workmen mostly Swiss and Ond it from the danger zone. They had italian a were buried without to not made Little headway hacking at even looking up a the icy debris despite an All hours after the tragedy five night Effort during which they bodies had been recovered from recovered Only six bodies Avalanche described a Hauser of Zurich said happened within 20 Sec he workers seemed not be if coming Down on them probably the noise was drowned by the machinery a a rescuers to Quot led through the darkness by Hood Light using do guile res n Tel Brit Finis t Paris apr president Charles de Gaulle and l s undersecretary of state George w Ball meet today for tasks which could see the French Leader emerge As a third Force in efforts to Settle the Viet Nam conflict officially the americans say. Ball will meet with de Gaulle to bring him up to Date on the situation in Viet Nam they say rumours that he will ask re Gaulle to mediate Are groundless. On the other hand. Ball him sell Aid Only last week that be thought de Gaulle was interested in bringing about peace in Southeast Asia and obviously we Welcome his advice and assistance in any there Are conflicting Points of View in do Gaulle s proposal for neutralization of All Southeast Asia and the 1 s position that they will neither withdraw from Viet Nam or 1>e bullied to a conference Tabic bail s Welcome of advice and assistance from de Gaulle contrasts with previous american policy which has rejected the French presidents criticism and suggestions r or i 1 a a a As eos sikh circus Okay for Federal Earl Elan North Gas vegas City coun str motion contract in the District Oil clean d the Way monday for to the Low hidden s and r immediate construction of it Ude Concrete company inc walks in the Federal Park Spe Oil improvement the work will begin on the the contract project As non As of Quot Quot in other action the Council Arthur e Gimme co to perform the first acquisition the Rose Garden 000 project As Oon As Trie ready mix Cement workers a tie thir labor dispute and not turn to work the company s the Council awarded the con $18,200 appraisal area Low bid was 1 Joe Rue says Quot bet we a an get i you to smile Quot Kentucky that s or any other City or town you want to move to1 a it Cue your exclusive local agent tor Mayflower world wide moving service that s America i first coast to coast Borden to Border motor von move a system. First to standardize methods and equipment to Safe Zorri your goods on any move Civ time wherever you re moving let us handle the Job ,. The modern May Flower Way. Come to think of it that i 11o mile. With satisfaction come visit us and see our 8r�nd new 1 00.000 soft it Renous with Complete sprinkler fire Protection uttering vault storage lot the Best Protection Young amp Rue moving amp storage Greece Pollica Glia Heads i deeper in Rouen a Athens. Greece a a the King has named two pre voters who voted Fot Hini he leaderless Greece Floum Lertg Miers. Neither was Able to win last elections in february in political chaos a feared approval Over but the majority who headed today for grave eco room Papandreou a opposition ported him then probably would in difficulties Papandreou insists that the vote again for him and his Cen a stubborn sex Premier King Call new elections conf ter Union party. George Papandreou. 77, and an Dent that he would win Bat k his Arhat effect the crisis fue had equally Adamant Monarch King Job Constantine so far has re so far on the prestige of the King Constantine 25. Are locked in a Jec fed this solution is difficult to assess anti to Power struggle thai has the King agreed monday Nare Hist demonstrations Are produced Loxly riots one death night to hold a Crown Council generally believed to be m end demands for an end to Hie meeting of party leaders and Spires he of a Apin Reou support in greek throne former premiers. Hie meeting ers with a Hig assist from left the deadlock has begun to is unlikely to produce any on its affect the country a Economy Crete results. Constantine till Constantine take your Moth Tounsi. One of Greece a big must face the fact that Japan or and has been heard in Gest earners of foreign sex Reou commands a majority in Athens streets Anuci nightly change has fallen off slightly. Parliament As a result of pro insofar r the King i tourist officials Feu an Ever communist votes Given him concerned this is not believed to Higger slump this fall since the Crisi Aro it relic it True Public opinion but merchants report a Steep de conservative pro monarchist Queen Mother Frederika. How come in business and Banks newspapers have remained sol Ever has been a controversial have become tighter with Husi idly behind Constantine one figure in Greece for years Ness Loans prices have been major newspaper supporter has Many greeks who Are critical rising land fears of serious in withdrawn its backing from of Frederika because they fee Flat Ion Are widespread Papandreou and another has she has Iven too in Poh the crisis broke july 15 when notably toned Down its support tick Are inclined to excuse the Constantine fired Papandreou in some observers feel Papan King in the present situation he a dispute Over political activity Reou May Aiso have lost the cause of his youth and what in the armed forces. Since then More conservative Middle class thex consider bad advice drastic Price reduction Fontainebleau estates last of the Marquis models discontinued floor Pun Beautiful 3 bedrooms 2 full Baths 1800 . Move up to prestige living in the Paradise pains area opening wednesday Stafi Light Jio Unic Louis Joroan and his Lympany five Padget amp Greco Marty Heim Trio 1 624 Mojave Road Coll for free estimate 737 3060 / stardust Golf Clug privileges included Fontainebleau estates desert Lee Road Between easter and Maryland Parkway Ivira

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