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Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1965, Page 1

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Las Vegas Review Journal (Newspaper) - August 31, 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada A referee suspended revient journal ser Page 23 Nevada a largest and most Complete newspaper vol. 57, no 243 a southwestern Public hirer i inc i9tv. Las vegas Nevada tuesday August 31, 19 55 phone 385 4241 \ 10c per copy thirty pour pages Long dispute finally settled Ollil Ltd l i Ihm court i earing for Marshall respect. Iii 1 Kiwi \ i or nov Bare Hillas bosoms by it f i my r j St a Wrt a Bare bosom entertainment in North Las vegas died a respectable death monday before a Small audience by a unanimous vote the City Council passed a new ordinance which will make it virtually illegal for an und raped woman to even approach the City limits when Ink celebrated controversy first flared three weeks ago Over 100 persons attended a Council meeting to protest a Semi naked show at the Silver Nugget monday there was Only one person in the audience who earlier had identified himself with the morality movement to put clothes Back on the dancers to the original Stormy Council meeting various local groups presented the governing body with 1.400 signatures All of which ostensibly condemned an earlier Council decision to permit the show \ off a lome study however indicated that Only 445 of those persons who signed the petitions were registered North Las vegas voters the other names belonged to out of town residents non registered citizens persons who had signed for themselves and their spouses several children also had signed the petition councilman c. R. Buds Cleland told his fellow members during a briefing which preceded the regular meeting monday a we bowed to a minority segment of the population the petitions did not show the True Pic Ture but we fell for Takt ordinance declared that a an emergency exists necessitating immediate passage the Short but explicit document drafted by City try William Barker defines indecent conduct punishable As a Misdemeanour it is exposure of private parts buttocks or breasts or As any sexually suggestive performance it All but completely eliminates the possibility of Bare breasted waitresses moving into North Las vegas a a concern mayor William Taylor has mentioned several times. The Silver Nugget had anticipated the action. Several Days ago they announced that on sept. 8 the Casino would return to a More conventional Type lounge show re still Lias limited Supply of medicare books of head May % lose Burl i it to practice son City api a the Nevada supreme court has ordered dist. Try. Cd Ward Marshall of a Lark county to show cause sept. 8 Why he be debarred. Suspended f r o m practice or otherwise punished for his criticism of a court ruling. Massif ail issued a press release last month calling the High courts overruling a first degree murder convict Ion tragic. Disgusting a a the Bis vegas prosecutor apologized last week or the statement hut today the fiery District at Torney was silent he refused to comment on the High court order in an order signed monday Hgt All three judges the supreme court asked the following persons to attend Marshall shearing Llewellyn Young of , president of the state mar association Jorge Dickerson. President of the Clark county bar a representative of the Board of governors to the stale bar. And a local administrative committee of the a Lark county judicial District the High court reversed the conviction of Milton Beasley july 18. M the 1981 slaying of a Federal narcotics informer a new trial was ordered greetings from gemini 5 b Eli Raterta s t Rona u t s c hurl of Ron Rad and Gordon Cooper wave from the flight deck of the aircraft Carrier ass Lake Champlain after their recovery sunday in the Atlantic Ocean the astronauts were Down Safe after a near eight Dav inure a around the Earth a Wir photo Elv a Capo we i a. Still can Drall Hoar i arcs san Francisco put the head of . Selective service says the Young men who rushed to tie the knot last week said in i was amused a a he Well get most of them four or five months a a he warned that selective \ ote Cost in end strike More than 2,000 carpenters returned to their jobs tuesday morning for the first time in two months after voting overwhelmingly late monday to accept a new three year contract. The 457 45 vote climaxed \ a \ few is vegas most costly Carmen ter strike in history it completely crippled local building and threatened to throw the entire local Economy into a deep slump. I rim. Their three hour meeting monday night the earn Waters agreed to a thre year pact retroactive to july 8. Which provides a 93-cent wage and fringe Befetil incr a a boost of 35 cents is in store for the carpenters the first year followed by 29 creates each of the two years this which lax Al \ affray re i j ordinance criticized fun l Rry Schneider j pm want a hundreds of arrests Are made annually in Las vegas under a cent in Law an attorney Calls a the most following unfair i have seen in my attorney Al Becker s fire is is the same package directed at a portion of the a Oft nals of carpenters Granv ordinance. Under it. An 1780 and major contract accused Man represented by an tors agreed to thursday during attorney is turned free while the a meeting called by mayor Oran unrepresented usually receives Gragson. A jail sentence. Naturally we re delighted to currently five to six men a get Back to work and to know Hay Are arrested under subset Thal our members have a Good Tion \ of the vagrancy Ordi contract Quot said Freeman John Nance which reads son recording secretan for the Union under terms of the old contract wage rates for a Journeyman Carpenter were $4 83. Defined As person without visible Means of support and who has the physical ability to work and who does not seek employment. This rate will be upped by five nor a it or when employment is five Over Dan of u hints cents in the new agreement tin strike which began in Early july when the carpenters voted no contract no work Quot had a disastrous effect on the Las vegas Economy it was estimated that $200 million in local construction Png jets were halted. One builder said contractors had lost Over $1 million during the summer in supervisory wages overhead interest and Otist fixed costs about 4.000 workers were Laid off directly or indirectly be cause of the strike offered him nicknamed does or Dis orderly person the individuals arrested under the Law usually make admissions to he arresting officer in court however such admissions cannot be presented until the prosecutor has first Marshall said in his criticism hoping to escape the Dratt May a service officials plan to take a the people of Nevada have after All end up doing a hitch or it gtd look at the fellow who More to fear from our supreme it Gen Lewis b court than from the criminals had some Tough words monday a Day around and provide a themselves a a for All Able bodied men who Are Home we re interested in him a a he called the High courts now deterred from the Dot in addition he said Dratt apparent change of mind Bald because they Are married or in boards might soon decide to nauseating hypocrisy. The school conscript students by giving court had ordered Beasley a speaking to civic and business Quot special exams or taking a trial to it tart without giving him leaders at a luncheon the chief a percentage of certain a transcript of a previous pro 0f the draft since world War ii reeding so Iid married but childless men los Angeles t a the head of California s Highway bargaining patrol says los Angeles mayor fore the settlement was reach and police chief Are trying to de Hershey marries some girl and forgets to. A. ,.it rant y 8 8 shift blame for the los Angeles Federated employers riots to his men Degoti tors for labor and appeared a it prove that a crime management had Many rough As occur ref and that is Miles to travel be a hmm a defense attorney comes in for he knows that repro is clients admissions it is Al Ile lab indicated students most to draft were those taking in an abruptly called news conference in Sacramento commissioner Bradford Crittenden answered criticisms by police chief William h Parker and mayor Samuel w Yorty a my resentment at the police 1 Minn j his of Ink we called up As six in As die Ess than 30 units per year and chiefs unwarranted attack on jetted two other sen ting major contractors in most impossible for the prose the area had demanded a five Tutor to prove that a Man seen year Deal which incorporated a on the Street is unwilling to $1 45 raise work or to seek work. Carpenters local 1780 coun usually the Only men a entered with their request for a fenced under the ordinance Are three year contract a Shorter those who plead guilty they do work week and a $1 in increase not know that without their and Union members former re Mission a a i extremely Jub Tion because the document Wasny to supplied the first trial Cost about $200.000 a limited Supply of an in purity a a was written he an expectant to xxi answering ques pert on the subject John tons about rights and benefits Troan. Newspaper authority in under the new medicare so the social Security Field for tuesday acquit 31. 15 Sunol with increasing cloudiness adv southwesterly at 1v?5 Miles per hour High 100 Low 70 1>moerature 1 noon 87 humidity at Neon 17% wednesday s Outlook Cial Security legislation is Avail More than a Quarter of a Cen Lable at offices of the review Tury Troan is science medi Hll a my who 70 journal. Cal writer for Scripps How 9i Low the Book that answers these Aid newspaper Alliance questions from professional be Troan translates lengthy leg ii Side today s it. I vels As Well As from the Lay Al paragraphs into Clear and Many a standpoint is a what concise newspaper language. You be got coming from me his comprehensive report of Dicarne and social it medical benefits increased i is available exclusively through Mancial provisions and costs the review journal and qualifications of the new this 80 Page illustrated Law has been double Check bound Book Ihor de with the manpower a it of of single 19-year-Olds Falls Short of quotas. That could come As Early As next Spring he said addressing himself to the Many men who plunged into Matrimony to meet president Johnson s draft deferment deadline last thursday at Midnight Hershey said �?o1 believe discover they did no to beat any deadline Industry of cult for the prosecutor to prove a those who get kicked out one the ability of members of the fers. First on aug 4 by a l m Guili year and go Back the next Quot patrol to carry out their duties majority and then on aug 18 because of this difficulty a if 1 were in sch h id look exceeds my reluctance to enter by a 2-1 count. More than halt of the cases around and see it 1 was a Stu into a Public dispute with Park the initial joint proposal brought to the prosecuting at or and Yorty Quot Crittenden said was agreed to thursday under Torney Are dismissed by Hurt monday. Gragsone surging before they reach the judge. Parker and said sunday the new contract will expire a even though some cases see Highway Page 2i june i. 1988 see la. Page 2 Dent or courses. Someone ust Hershey said taking a i a a j it i Trilla May he they Shol u he it i school Liell councilmen in North Las vegas have a new incentive to he on time for a briefing each monday evening. To make sure the i . Prominent vegans pm respects 1,000 Al dark services by Colin Mckinlay a a a Assoc it editor hotel Man Wilbur Clark was final rites were conducted Greenspun in his Eulogy do by Tulve fret and accepted or picked Clark As an Horatio Alder of masons with h m Ger who shaped the destiny of starting time is observed placed in his Tomb monday with Greenspun a close Friend of the Las vegas and who walked with permanently bound Book Ihor de with the legislative and so roughly charities the Complex Cial Security committees details of the new Law it out which have Laboured months of lines. Simply and clearly the or the Bill specific provisions and Potenti a what you be got coming Al benefits of the legislation from medicare and set a Ial see a h a 1 you be got coming purity Quot is the first and Best sin from medicare and social be see r a Page 2 the West was not won by Sarsaparilla drinkers despite what Hollywood says about it Russell Baker of the new York times news service has an enlightening dispatch on Page 9 today talking about the legend of the West Andy Capp classified churches count Marco crossword purple dear Abby editorials financial Page a pages 37 33 Page 30 Page 7page $ Page 31 pages 13, 13 Page 3 Forrest Ouke. Henderson Jacoby on Ridge Murray Hertt movies Russell baked society television sports Page 1page 33 Page 10 Page i Page 10 Page Page a Page i pages 33-3 councilman John Myers suggested that tardy members he fined St. A starting when Quot asked c. R. Budi Cleland. Who had missed the deadline by several minutes. Starting next week the Council agreed. All of the elegance and splendor family delivering the obituary presidents and princes bellhops of so Many of the opening nights Clark s Rem in s were Ink and shills lie had staged at the desert in from the Chapel to the Mauro a this fulfilment could inn. Leum where they were placed never keep Pace with his dream the guest list read like near tax remains of several because he never stopped a a who s who in Las others who gained prominence dreaming Quot Greenspun said nearly 1.000 persons filed past in Lis vegas m the hotel and a lie loved life and he lived it his open coffin placed at stage Casino Industry Bill Elwell intensely a a Center in the Chapel of Palm Warren in a a a a Bayley. Phil but of the Many entertainers. Mortuary. Long and Larrv Hezzelwood. See l000, Page 2 %

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