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Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 30 1965, Page 1

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Las Vegas Review Journal (Newspaper) - August 30, 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada Secret Elcel talks fail review to Vinal 19cr a final 4 Sor Page ,1nevada s largest and most Complete newspaper vol s7, no. 242 in her in in Las vegas. Nevada monday August 30 196s phone 38 4241 10c per copy thirty pour pages gemini Success hailed by . Ready for in try . Bombers in \ Iet raids Sargoy South \ it Nam i in i a b52 bombers from the strategic a command again hit suspected \ Iet gone positions m two weekend raids in South \ Iet Nam a i s military spokesman announced Tod o a sese of mor space ii a i pioneers Rad Ilion communist gunners shot Down an american plane Over North Viet Nam and Viet Cong guerrillas attacked a half dozen outposts South of Saigon overrunning three of them. Fine of the b52 strikes was made saturday in Northern Quang tin province 325 Miles North of Saigon the other on sunday again hit zone d. The 600-Square-mile Jungle area which starts 30 Miles North of Saigon. The strikes by the Guam Hast d eight engine planes were the 13th and 14th reported in the War five of them were carried out in the last sax Days. Under new Security regulations the spokesman did no give the number of planes taking part the number of bombs dropped the spokesman said an f105 thunderchief was downed by ground fire sunday on a bombing Mission 80 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. The Pilot was reported to have ejected safely but could not be rescued because of darkness. He was listed As missing. \ not her f105 was lost sunday v Hen it developed engine trouble Over North Viet Nam its Pilot was also reported to have ejected and was listed As missing a . Air Force Pilot was killed Stin Dav in the crash of v two observation aircraft in if Las \ cans paid Man and Casino own is stir Khanh Hoa province. 100 Miles to Wilbur Lark Vived re his widow Toni of nor Saigon that manned space be ter Houston tex map it pioneers traditional have courage determination and a sense of humor that helps them hear hardships the flights of Gem Ini 4 to 5 show that Mer Ica s space pioneers fit snugly into the great to \ edition cot h be and do i my action obvious but humor is there too. Cropping up As humor should when least expected gemini 4 and 5 have g v in space buffs tine to know each of the four astronauts fairly Well. The Crew of gemini 5, which splashed Down successful sunday alter a record shattering eight Days in space lined up this was \. Gordon Coupe has a in wit fond of understatement often manages to squeeze a bit of humor out of a monosyllables Charles Pete Conrad has an unquenchable spi Rit in ves to talk sweeps i Gnu into laughter with his sheer exuberance a for gemini 4 one unfit get tattle scene reveal be Stron . Page 2 Iii shreds att a Las \ emails fax final c j homage it Yvo i uni Len Rev hundreds final homage m in i us Vive a is i now. Lorn oin a 0f Saigon the spokesman during masonic services Mon desert inn Road his Mother announced tie Pilot in the oth Dav afternoon at Palm Morula mrs Lula Clark a brother a ,.r aircraft survived a rold and a sister mrs. Pow spokesman announced Nevada a civic and business Merle Barcom of san Diego these development in tie leaders attended services tor Clark s phenomenal Rise to ground War the 56 year old founder of riches m the West began when the co mum to in it pm d up the desert inn hotel Encomb he hitchhiked from Keyesport activity in the Mekong Delta ment followed at Palm Mauro 111 he travelled to san Diego and also attacked and briefly Leum. And parlayed a Bellman s Job held a Hamlet in the Central Clark died Fonda in la Job into a Multi million Dollar res Highlands eight mile it Northeast la Calif where he was being Tau rant and hotel Chain a Korntum City treated after he suffered a series he it me id Las a Egas in government regional Force of heart attacks. 1944 to invest in Al ram Hoye and popular Force units were pallbearers at the funeral ser Gas later helped build the said to have suffered heavy vices included Jack Donnelly. Desert inn and achieved a to casualties when communist v in Mandotte William Ward sit Ion of social a commence m guerrillas Oxe Itan two outposts Hank Greenspun. T i the Community 55 Miles Southwest of the capital Hardson and Carnie Krausnick in 1964. After Selling his to in Kion Tuong province the the nationally known hotel see nevadans. Page 21 see . Page 2 i olt tors choking spacemen m \ no d up f unit a Houston lev i \ in i doctors began probing the physical Enn edition a of pm Erica a gemini 5 space champs Imlay while space officials already spoke enthusiastic i 11 it of having qualified Man for an eight Day roundtrip to the Moon. \ Sharp Eye was kept on astronauts l. Gordon Cooper . And Charles Onrad let Ltd see whether disturbing symptoms might vet crop up in exhaustive medical ions. So far. In tests aboard the ass Lake Champlain no such symptoms had been reported testing will continue tor weeks Happy officials Hen it it pressed their Confidence this was in a press briefing shortly after the astronauts were brought aboard the Champlain by helicopter sunday Robert Gilruth. Manned spacecraft Center director Quot As you All know we Are driving Forward to go to the Moon Dur ing this decade and someone said there in control Center we be now qualified one of the subsystems tor the Mission that s the Crew Charles Berry flight surgeon we Don t like to necessarily consider the Crew a subsystems. But we certainly have the find of Many Pari of the Apollo system ithe Moon rocket prompt it that Are qualified for eight Days Quot the space heroes wire to sleep a Long As they liked a it Dav after More examinations tie men were to be i town to ape Kennedy about 4 h Miles Iron the earner to begin 11 Days of seclusion the two hour Light will by a it Uail s Pace compared to tin a it .-500-mile-per-hour Speed of the space Chariot that carried Cooper an an Force lieutenant colonel and Conrad a Navy lieutenant commander tor almost eight Davs of weightless Hying first examinations sunday aboard the Champlain indicated a see officials Page 2 ii father monday a oust to. W6s Survey Wen set Trrry Clouds Dezmor a no in of Renoon w Kcf a Smtth of it it it to Ray is 25 Miles net hour. High my Low is temporal at noon 1 it in a a a tuesday s Outlook in nov w to Lew scattered Cloud h. On 102 Low w last Yaar to Low 40 swim Ufret Tarto two car a i Devi Catherine Hopkins. 57 of 5274 Xaline Lane was hospitalized after a two car Accident at 11th and Ogden at 8 20 monday \ spokesman at Scull Hll in Nevada memorial Hospital rep tired he to be in a Good condition the second car refused treatment. The Driver of i renters Here will 1 Ole ton Sorne 1 Dkl members of car Penters Faical 1780 will vote tonight at 7 30 m the carpenters Hall ter a possible settlement to the summer Long labor dispute that has placed construction work at a standstill in let As vegas. Fader Ted employers re presenting the four major contracting associations of Southern Nevada and the carpenters Union agreed to a three year proposal with a graduated a increase Over the period of the contract. The Union notified each member of the tune and place of the voting and also informed each member of the issues involved monday s vote is expected to bring an end to the dispute which has seen repeated strikes and walkouts by various Trade to ions throughout the summer Shorter h 4mu missiles linked to \ ii if m a in Rel photo Lowe Rule March seen by . King starred 71 times woman slain in la Hirisi Chi it dam Hal. Confesses it was the most gruesome crime i be Ever seen in Las vegas she had been stabbed 74 times. 1 know a i had to count the this is what a detective had to say about the bloody sunday murder of a pretty 24-year-old girl whose occupation was listed As a unknown her naked body was found in her Motel room at 211 \ second St i Cloird -1 Dembke a hand some. 26-year-old sex postal worker was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder after he led patrolmen to the room where Rose Marie Sothern s bloody body Lav. Dembke said he was from Elmal n y and had been in town Only a few Days miss Sothern previously from Bartow Fla. A suburb of Miami had been living at 2.30.3 Maronez ave Dembke told officers he was employed by the . Post of Nee department in new York and embezzled More than $7,000 from the department before arriving in Las vegas wednesday. He Sil it he contacted a Bellman at the hotel Friday anti asked for the Bellman to arrange a a a Date for Friday night he said miss Sothern came to his room Early Friday and Thev toured several night spots before returning to his room in his confession he told slice he became drunk and told miss Sothern about the embezzlement he said he became worried saturday and called her and asked her for another Date Quot he charged that when s a came to his room she at empt de to a shake Quot him Down. A said he told her most of he Money was spent Washington api sen Richard b Russell said today the War in Viet Nam might have it Een shortened if the United states had forcefully removed soviet missiles from Cuba in 1962 the Georgia Democrat in a copyright interview in . News a world report recalled that Congress had passed a Resolution saying the United states would consider soviet placement of offensive weapons in Cuba As an act of War it s very unfortunate we did t go ahead then and clean up Fidel i Castro and the com killer suspect arrested Here Las vegas police arrested a 32 Vear old Man sunday night wanted for questioning in a California murder. Clarence Scott was nabbed by dets Herman Moody and Eugene Staten As he entered a residence at 305 Cooee St North Las vegas the detectives had spotted the Man driving his car a few minutes earlier and had followed him to the North vegas address. Los Angeles police issued an All Points bulletin on Scott after a saturday murder at 6t>th and Valon St. Near the Watts Section of . Also arrested with Szott As a fugitive from California w a s Delores i Howard los Inge Les police Are looking for a woman who was also involved with the shooting murder munits and the missiles All at Oik time when we had a reason for doing he said i think it would have had a very salutary effect All Over the entire world and probably would have avoided a number of Viet name in the future a he added later. Russell was asked whet if he Felt the action in Cuba prompted leaders of communist North Viet Nam to misinterpret determination to defeat them in South Viet Nam he replied i do yes sir. I do a Russell chairman of the Senate armed services committee also said �?o1 begged the president 1 John f kennedy1 on bended Knees to go ahead and to wind up that cuban episode while we had a reason for doing Kennedy demanded that the soviet Union remove its missiles and the soviets were reported to have complied an onsite inspection was agreed to but Hasni to been carried out Washington it apr . Martin Luther King . Trunks there is a possibility of a massive March by negroes to protest a Lack of Home Rule for the District of Columbia. If something in t done in two three week a he it Aid sunday. A i can see a March a very Large March As a Means to dramatize King was interviewed on the lbs radio Leviston program face the nation. The Senate has passed a Home Rule Bill to permit the District to govern itself a discharge Petiti. N to be the measure out of committee in the House appears to be stymied. Failure to have Home Rule King said is one of the reasons Washington is no of several Large Citie it holding the potential for riots such As those in a Angeles. He listed the others As new York Detroit Chicago Philadelphia and Cleveland King called for massive government Aid a to give the negro Man Hack his manhood Quot ess1de today s.j Casey Stengel baseball so old per Fessor a announced his retirement monday As manager of the new York mets Stengel has been hospitalized for the past month with a broken hip you la find this Story on Page 19. And Cano Boulder Civ classified comics count Marco crossword Pupil dear at it by editorials Mancini pay in pa9# 4 Paras 13 i Para i pro to pay 14 Paoa u Paras u it pay 4 port St Duka hand arson Jacoby on Briba Jamas Traston Movas Dussair Bana society sports television Page to Page 4 Paea to p we p we 1 Page t pay ii we to it Page i

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