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Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 29 1965, Page 1

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Las Vegas Review Journal (Newspaper) - August 29, 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada . Readies guidelines for snoopers Washington the Gox Ern Menf is attempting to bring electronic snooping he Federal agents under control by issuing detailed guide Linos flt a the use of eavesdropping equipment As a result Federal investigators wih probably or author i Zed to St Rolv Reo ird then nun conversations with others especially when a Hsihe attempt is exported but fun Max he forbidden to intercept any private conversations with electronic devices the Al stick department disclosed Friday that it is Mak ing a 11 ids of electronic Dex in e now being used in Arncie and departments and that it will Issue guidelines for their future Lisp within a few weeks n a it a ate subcommittee investigation of wiretapping by inti rat be Toerag agents of the internal Revenue service has revealed that Somp agent tap pod Telephone wires bugged 1rs rooms and in ate Premie and u de of he Lect Romr equipment to Roro or in a Quot a a the new 1 a it k l Unes 1 sen s service Telo plump nun eavesdrop on i and to a hons i St Monti the w h in be announced a Hanoi a wiretapping by Federal Ai except in a final s or u r rates. And then Only with personal approval in the nex general of a resident Johnson Folli this tip with a in Fidentia ter to All department agent x he id tha repeated the Han on wiretapping hut gave p a Alii Fod approval to the use of other a pm Fronte eavesdropping the presidents letter report edit approved the use of Sueh equipment Only a in Accord with the Law and with a decent re Sard for the rights of others Quot \ it stick department spokesman a Aid Frt Dav the criminal division is studying the sparse Legal precedents on eavesdropping and the current monitoring capabilities of the various branches of the government to arrive at guidelines for w \ s studies. Page 2� sunday Sunrise review journal nevadas largest and most Complete newspaper dodgers w in l o Mold Lead sir sports ill Voi. 57, no 241 a Stern p co it Las vegas Nevada sunday August 29, 1965 phone 381 4241 Twenty cents one Hundred Twenty your pages3.338,200-mile journey for astronauts storm cots one Muhsi \ i s. Of Union Battle declared in i n attempts ise Oso Ltd new York mafia hoodlums Are trying to muscle in on the $50 million investment in a xxx motels Cahana clubs night clubs and Mannas in the Sheepshead Bax Section of Brooklyn a High police official said saturday at let sit one Motel proprietor has been beaten for refusing to give a share of his business to underworld figures the official said. Other business men have reported being threatened. These facts came to Light Fol Loving the arrest of Carmine Lombardozi a chieftain in the by mafia tamil of Ltd amino with a fun Kmak or and a woman com panum in a Motel restaurant in hot i ? if a it i if i if f it a i three other men. All reportedly with mafia Eon next ions were arrested while flex sat at another a Able in the same establish ment still another under world figure Joseph the Xinxi Livoti reportedly an a a enforcer for Johnny Bath Beacht Oddo was seized at a near by Cahana club a these rests Are part of an operation against Are the de use Oklyn a Dick hat mobster 1 official Utin his name not a a said tool his is Hooters a Amici Johnson makes Effort to Avert steel strike the tanned scowling grex haired imm Bardo i after spending the night in jail was arraigned saturday in Brooklyn criminal court charged with Felon ious assault on the defer fixes who arrested him and with consorting with known criminals. The second charge is often used he police to harass Gangland figures Lombardozzi. Who is 52 years old. Wore a loud Yel see mafias. Page 2i of a by \ Pittsburgh a presi Dent Johnson ordered two High level trouble shooters a Wayne Morse and Leroy Collins a to Pittsburgh saturday to try to head off a nationwide steel strike set for no night tuesday Morse rhe Oregon Democrat who has mediated several big labor disputes and Collins tin de Secretary of Commerce arrived in Pittsburgh shortly to Collins fore 5 pm and Hurn Edh planned a meeting with both sides. 1 we Are Here to offer our services and see if we can be of and help. You never know in mediation you can Only try a Morse told newsmen Morse and Collins joined William e Sim Kin director of the Federal mediation and conciliation service who has been in Pittsburgh for 10 Davs trying in the second time in four months to Avert a steel strike the top level Industry negotiating team issued the following statement about the appointments. We Are aware of the special mediator appointments just announced by the president and of course pc will cooperate with them in their Simkin said Friday night the situation was not promising if no agreement is reached 450 000 workers in Basic steel can strike next tuesday Midnight halting 80 per cent of the nation a steel production v we Ivory in it my w c sen. Max no Morse i Rcman curb Bis Brush i in la Crescent a. Calif. Api w a ter or Ltd pm it i n g lie i copter s and 500 men contained a Brush fire saturday that charred 500 rugged Mountain acres North of this 1/xs Angeles suburb. With a line of Barc Earth hacked around the perimeter and the flames no longer spreading Complete control was hoped for saturday night officials said the Force of fire fighters was reduced during the Dav to 250, Venth 80 to remain on duty overnight. Government intrusion 4 tanned Washington apr sen Everett m Dirksen a ill. Who has helped the administration pass some of its major Hills said saturday he is going to the a with president Johnson on the Union shop Issue Dirksen the Senate Republican Leader a Aid in an interview that republicans will put up a a spirited and sustained fight to prevent passage of a measure repealing Taft Hartley Art provisions permitting states to pro Hibit Union shop contracts. A this is not a labor Issue so far As i am Dirksen said this is a preemptive Issue if the Federal government preempts the Power of the states to act in this Field the stiff s will never regain their right to Deal with Union matters a i it irks in gave the administration vital help in obtaining Senate passage of the negro voting rights measure he helped Engineer a Compromise last week under which the House passed Bill to end the quota system on immigration is Likely to get sen ate approval. He also has Given St Rong support to Johnson a a Eric spin Vire to vim rut of the House passed Union shop Hill Dirksen said a i fold him there is going to he a tight a spirited and sustained fight to prevent the passage of this Bill a asked How Johnson reacted Dirksen replied he said he had a commitment i told him a so have we a Cooper Conrad in Good health manned space Center Houston. Tex. Apt rough weather in the Atlantic caused space officials saturday to Cut the flight of the gemini 5 by an orbit splashdown n was 4 55 a m Las vegas time Sonville. Eia a ordon Cooper it and Charles Pete Conrad Yvere reported in if yet Tuva it h u inn in d i reset to 7 55 am sth00 Miles East of Jack a space i Light Al a a Lance 300 Mues eth Zulla Tel Eldad Sim a Sodom \ Cut one orbit of shows the Storr splashdown n spi Landing place reset the Jour a position and the tropical y of imm the origin rescheduled tort Betsy the Maji 121st orbit 120th orbit at a Ike Imioto m a Fri Hunting car bombers Natchez. Miss af1 Fri Calfe furnished any clues newsagents visited George Metcalfe men were not permitted to see in his police guarded Hospital him his condition was listed is room saturday to press their satisfactory investigation into the Booty Tran Metcalfe president of the to bombing that wounded the no Cal Branch of tie National a to civil rights Leader Thev would not sax if nation for the Jpn coloured Peop Quot siring to or s in hired Friday a when he turned the ignition switch on his car \ homemade bomb hidden beneath the Hood exploded throwing him from fac vehicle mayor John Nosser termed the bombing a a Adas tardily and Otere it i a $2.000 re but their noses xxx re y it Puci up from breathing olt Gen steadily and both were Wear a in enough that doctors considered splashdown a tropical giving hem Pep pills for the storm Betsy forced rescheduling critical fiery re entry into the of the Atlantic Landing for 7 55 Earth atmosphere. A m Iest it sunday after a they will have travelled 3.338, world record 120 orbits in 190 200 Miles shattered All endur hours and 55 minutes one orbit Ance records in circling the tort of the pre flight schedule Earth 120 time and stayed in the splash oxen site is about 275 Flicht 7 Day 22 hours and 55 Miles Southwest of Bermuda. Astronauts air Force at 5 28 pm Estl they had of of l Gordon inf it pm. Or f completed 111 orbits. Or and Navy of cmdr Churles under the new schedule the Conrad to 35, started stowing Retro rockets will be fired North equipment Fri a ctr fire and re of Hawaii Al 7 2fi a m it est entry tie gemini 5 will pass Over san Dipso. Calif Yuma. Aril. Just spacecraft Chinsw Piaf North of Tucson. Arii Over san c Kra nor of by it Angelo. Tax. A radio blackout Sald be is a Wumely Well begins Here North of the hous pm used Quot mlle s Ion space Center directly Overes hot May performance new Orleans i ast. Peters experiments a several Burg. Ha., and Palm Beach photographic and visual acuity a and Down into the Atlantic experiments were reinstated tie prime recovery ship the saturday after being delayed by Carrier Lake Champlain was a mane vering fuel to stage ordered to switch directions. Fuel Supply dropped to six flight director Christopher c. Pounds Vith 18 Pound needed Kraft or told a news conference for Retro ire. That two problems in the fuel advancement of a a / first with oxygen and Berry astronaut surgeon during conversation with in Grad everything looks Good. The medical data is As clean As pre launch it looks real Beautiful. Was seriously quote or Charles a. Ton opah t a i the a i Ance of Power in the Nevada crime Senate evil sexing to the he Vrh d Foi we a Pon Nible. Publicans if a special Legisla Natchez Democrat publisher 11vc session is called this fall fames w a Macri. In a front find us 1 Hank Quot a i Quot a hip says stale sen. Emerson f. It age editorial. Urged authorities a 1 up it t Torman c Titlow 1-Nve. A to spare not i expenses to solve Titlow a registered ind Epen it Quot there can to and Are no Dent when pledged himself in the reasons o democratic party after his Clec attempt on the life of Metcalfe Tion last fall said saturday he or and other Iverson in this com was switching to the gop be my Max he wrote cause of the reapportionment boy k Moore special agent a soup in charge of the Fri s missis later with too much water a were the most bothersome problems of the flight asked if tins has been a really Cranky Mission Kraft said i v the first i me we be tried that or \ in in it Helms to do one of this length so i one of this done to know whether it s Cranky or not Crank Mayhe the spy time we fix one of this length Down Here. Thumbs Doorn on Orreh chief Athens. Greece the Gordon Dunn chief forecaster greek parliament Early sunday at the i s Hurricane Center in voted no Confidence in Premier excuses for such an Miami a of fh0 storm Elias Sirini Okosi Gove Cruxent Betsy bringing its downfall and pro to was just too much of a longing the six week old Pohtio Chance to take Cal crisis. Of i is j5 sen e Erett Dirksen the change would give republicans a 9-8 majority a Otlie Powers in the slate have dropped the balls Over probable Reapp Rimo ment of the Nevada legislature on a strict population Hasis he said when Titlow joined the democrats at the opening of the 1965 legislature in january re publicans lost control of the upper House for the first time since 1937 democrats out numb a re pub Brans 2 to 1 in the 37 member Nevada Assembly Sij it i Field office at Jackson took personal charge of the investigation. Metcalfe a right Arm and right leg were broken in the blast and his right eve appeared to be injured he suffered multiple cuts on tie face and Chest ii father site Rev. A incl a 1m or aria it Rio h Sriri in Ririe by so Wurl 1s 70 m p h in p m Higo 1 w i new m Taxt Pas h a a a so Low 0 a Sii e today s photo tribute Wilbur Clark with Lyndon Johnson. Wilbur Lark with Billy Graham the Man whose name is synonymous with Las vegas had his nurture taken with Manv notables before he died Friday a full Page picture tribute to Clark the strip Pioneer is on Page 6. And Capo Boulder a to a Ulm so Newt Clusin Fiott Cotta pop Hion count More croat Enrri Iii Fly door Aktiv papa pct Farr Oulu ,. O 44� tim h p�0# it p�4�� my a p�0�4 �-1� Poto u pan h pm of to p�4a to. V p40a to p m a t Gallup poll Ner it re arson Jack Ftp Art Pirido Murray a rtt Moliai Navoa to t fill Somor can a septic a Quot the Dotzert sports television vegan in Emu pm viewpoint. "000 u Pooe ii. E#90 to. Pool # Page if pee toe to a a. Wooo is poes �1 a4 Nevdon Pool t Eoto it i ii i i a i 1�?�uii a t 11lit it a i i a it i a 111 a t a 111 i 11 i 1111 in. Tut t it ii i a a 11 a a

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