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Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 28 1965, Page 1

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Las Vegas Review Journal (Newspaper) - August 28, 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada Dodgers o to re la in Al h lat ii or saturday. Ii Rusi 28. A mostly Clour with so War j 2.5 m n h in d m Veitii 1-104 i in a a of a Al Sjuk a i 98 in of 74 fridays temper to res 1 Loil a 6 4 is review a journal Nevada s largest and most Complete newspaper vol. 57. No 240 Las vegas Nevada saturday August 28 1965 phone 385 4241 storms smash mouses flatten drops place # a final Loc per copy Twenty two Page tornadoes rip Midwest a Fly me t Moo y astronauts Siili float manned space Houston tex a apr astronauts their Hack because of pm a a two Kile minimum time needed to go to Hores Cut the Moon and backs a or troubles. L. Jordon Cooperjr and Ace Friday Charles Conrad .1 r now rate As a Fox played heavy favourites to reach their me to the Coal of 121 orbits and eight thursday Many technical exp rime on the Jemini 5 have to dropped hut the main exit Menf and the whole pm a in outfits Vieri i Dave a opt gloom Ai red a a by 94 orbit i plated tenth Day was How do you i time from now to splashdown As Mona Chuke pm i Liyi s Al i Ikis life Ventura Calif. Aim Iny Evans t. A leukaemia victim whose Mother exposed her to Chicken pox in Hopes of prolonging her life died Friday. The child Suc it United Al \ Ventura Community Hospital less than a month after the exposure which did not give her the children a disease. Her Mother Sharon fans 24. Said she had read that a a few terminal leukaemia cases seem to have been arrested by Chicken she decided Tjit exposing Joy to the disease a was Worth a calculated the family doctor said he had warm d mrs Evans that the procedure was a very . Leads Moon race m v cent planned for the a lunar Landing tar a ewer Issei is. Ltd it Ster the had 1 Rupart ast Oviet Active u mated the it a two a t cos Mon be his Histo Nee then s Paie Ottini Oviet Union r Lead that Alexei Lis walk in lev 000-Potine inbred to 1 to 4 to rocket. The capable of a raft in 700 for mane w Ith a not Manti her Ive Rable. Ase the a flown a cd vehicle. It shifting Ori Oviet Union has Maneu Merable de i the Nas teams Viet m been Pace. The United states Aune hed three gemini into orbit while the so Annex space rockets have Lent the three gemini walk 4 High White the St m state hour sons have Given the United the Lead in total Man i space and when Gemi sixth Dav it i space on the gemini astronaut Edward h matched Leonovs feat Lis demonstrated Man i an survive outside the Craft which he must do on the Muon spacecraft Man Euver the gemini Craft have been highly and Docking on astronauts missed Nice to conduct the first Arvous with another Satel because of a Power prob however they ran an exp m which Tho chased and caught a theoretical satellite. This opened the Way for the gemini 6 spacecraft to try Docking with another satellite. The soviet Union has done nothing leads a it rend Lite Lern Ere if 100 mph winds wreak havoc the a pm storms hurled winds up to 100 m.p.h., lashing rain and pounding Hail on a Broad midwestern area Friday ripping houses damaging stores and flattening crops. Bomb hips rights head in Llis car Natchez. Miss up \ negro civil rights Leader was blown it i of hts car and seriously injured Friday when a bomb hidden beneath the Hood exploded a he turned on the ignition George Metcalf about 55. Was rushed to Jefferson Davis hos 127 i Hub. 4 noted Tesola nitrite 105 w property los yes added till Ion in the first Repon indications they Manv additional u oar info the storms Shook Loose at East 10 tornadoes but Moet of them did no to touch the ground. The suburban Section South of Chicago look the hardest Ham Pital where he underwent in Mering the wind he 100 mph mediate surgery Hospital in Crete i Ansing was swamped sources said his condition was by 42 inches of rain in an hour serious hut he should survive in of James Hospital it Chi he was president of tht1 local ago Heights casualties related chapter of the National Assoc a their nightmares to Home Ith the 4.rf i Wilbur desert inn of the was vegas strip died shown in his Home Here in 1p55 with und Rockx Marciano. A c for irk left founder of the famous it 5h in la Jolla. Calif. He \ Tion for advancement of coloured people the Hospital Aid Metcalf suffered a broken Arm. Broken leg and facial lacerations. \ a act spokesman said he also was burned badly about the face and legs and that pieces of skin were torn from his body by the blast the Booby trap bombing in see rights. Page 2 we just moved into our new if .000 Home. Mrs Jack Schumann sobbed. A now its All gone a neighbor fold How another patient. Brianna Gowing 8, was Viown room Neil said from a second floor bed in her family Sunroof d in Olympia Fields. The or Howard Dennewitz be landed 20 feet from the tornadoes. Page 2 heated heavyweight boxing Champion see i s. Page 2 services Sci Lor Omati ii Luis hark h cd to Iti riot in a in Kilrea Unta Quot i i lit Eli i Trai tits ept into Soxie Gic att Hir it Olivos fours supplies into provincial n Iet Apical and Saigon. South Viet Nam coastal Iasi a 100-truck Convoy ban me poured supplies f riday into ban me Thuot. A provincial capital in the Central Highlands isolated City of Thuot. Nha briefing officers said there endurance record. There Are five major things a nation must perfect before it can commit men to a Moon flight. Here s a Bonscore on How the United Sintz and the soviet for six weeks by Road but tiny the task Force or to the Convoy Union stand tactic of the Viet Conr. The that followed it the Only known if gemini 5 guerrillas Laid Low casualty of the operation was an its full eight Davs America the Relief May hi1 elephant killed in an air strike funeral services for Wilbur Clark. 56. Pioneer i As vega1 hotel and Casino owner will i held monday 2 p.m., at Parr mortuary Chapel entombment Dit it us a elevator operator toy. His first business venture was a Small Beer tax Ern at Mission Beach in the Sar Rene a Dusty h Munith in Southern Nevada he operated the a san Seoul. South Korea it a to Railroad com motor convoys of troops with up 4 tor if machine guns and fixed Bayo that they will it nets brought Calm to the streets in Tell order on their Cam trouble continues after be closed def Stab ashment until 19-m Trang to will he in Palm mausoleum the Dapper Illinois farm boy who made millions operating the Plush desert inn died no Viet Cong opposition to ,. ,.Friday of a heart attack at the just Wor goes will have 643 total Man hours of a task Force of hundreds of Viet experience compared to 507 for namese paratroopers Marine the soviets. In March the and rangers had finished thurs americans had Only 265 hours Day Clearing the too Miles of the ight Davs is compatible to strategic Highway 2i Fiorin til Ian ii land Long cation raid nets six gang members guerrillas concentrated most of their efforts closer to the capital. Attacking three government posit inns in an area from 12 to 15 Miles Southwest of this City within an hour before Dawn. One was a major raid. Scripps clinic in la Jolla. Cab. His rags to richest Story began when he was 14 years dark old. Clark finished school and Dick left his native Keyesport iii., he and began hitchhiking to West coast. His tray Eias took him area which he opened when he moved to Las vegas and prior to the outbreak or bought an interest in the Al i War ii. Rancho vegas within a year during his travels to the coast he was sole owner of the Pioneer he stopped in Las vegas. N.m., strip hotel and Casino hungry and broke and washed with Money from the Sale of dishes at a Small cafe for ins a Rancho Clark built the Des meal. The cafe owner gave a in under his manage a Silver Dollar a Good Niento the hotel flourished and piece when he finished became a strip landmark return i to i travels Lark himself became a the Coin in his pocket civic Leader and achieved social probably never dreaming that prominence in the Community to he would rendezvous with is in 1964 he sold his interest of Seoul Friday after a week of the government also fired the student riots. Education minister Yoon driven from the streets Stu Chung j�1 and president Shin dents held rallies verify campuses Tai Hwan of Seoul National uni their opposition to the Japan Korea treaty the main object of their Wrath about 5.000 attended. The West new York up a Detec inn on Shore Parkway in fives raided what they called a Sheepshead Bay Section Junior Apalachin Gangland co Mardozzi. And Phillip mention Friday night in a Swank Rutiri 36, reportedly lunged at Motel in Brooklyn and arrested the detectives when the officers Vel Ped a . Military spokesman said the tan Nhut outpost was overrun and vietnamese losses h e were heavy. Rangers rushed to the scene and made Contact with the raiders hut there were no details on How the action de san Diego where he held a Vai ver dollars in another Western in Iet y of jobs including Dis Wash town named Las vegas this d i Onni it Nouyi he desert inn and stardust see hotel a Page 2� at Korea University 1,000 students adopted a Resolution denouncing the treaty and pledging we will fight to the last Man a the government announced the schools had until saturday streets on four uni reaffirming Vars Ltd saying did nothing to Check the student outburst. Students from Seoul National University spearheaded the demonstrations. The use of a division of troops drawn from the front facing communist North Korea to help end the disorders brought criticism Down on president Hee Park s government leade of the political see troops. Page y e Groes n 1 connected ought to obtain their ident Ifica six a Cosa Nostra gang members. Tion. Lombardozzi and Arcuri listed a the six arrested include were charged with felonious As ing a buxom woman were Sault. Taken into custody after a Brief police identified the arrested skirmish with police charges woman As Marie Napolitano. 25. Placed against them ranged who detectives said joined in from felonious assault to a tj1p scuffle. She also was Grancy. Charged with felonious assault police said Carmine Lombar on the detectives Doz i 52. Delegate to the 1957 others Arr fist fid Inelus Apalachin crime huddle was de Sam Marino 42, Dominick one of those attending the meet Tinghino 46. And David Spiller my at the Golden Gate motor 54, All of Brooklyn. New Bern a within the coastal area lives a school grounds except for a few elsewhere 19 guerrillas were Jan schools in North Caroli Large percentage of North Caro nays coastal counties an area of Lina s negro population in 10 of head negro population were the counties negroes Putnum integrated Friday in a quiet but her Whites tense atmosphere. Gov. Dan Moore said thurs state Law officers who waited Day he had been advised of in Reserve to move a swiftly into threats of violence and destruct killed the spokesman t see Large. Page 2i inside the re Church a comic editorial Forrest Duke Pue �3-2pm 5 pm a pay i Page 3 at the farming Community of some unusual looking cars out Brief moments Ernul four negroes who were Side the schoolhouse this morn a sheriff and two deputies did assigned to the 200-Pupil pre my a stand card in front of the piously All White elementary three autom Blics a cd we h karm life or Hool at Vanceboro. School tailed to report for class jew me ked m Row of the where 17 negroes enrolled in is. The 300-Pupil school. The only1k. 1 a Venice Knight a negro Tobac request for officers came from 4u co Farmer and father of three any trouble spot were not need Tion he ordered state Highway principal of Ganny. He asked o enrolled patrolmen and a state Bureau of the lawmen to remove All news Movi pm 4 society. Pal 10 Short. Pm tl-11 television pm a a c quota a. School at 8 a m. 30 minutes before classes began a state trooper appeared a Short time later the cars left negro children attended investigation agents into the men from the school grounds. Knight said he had received classes with Whites for the first area especially in Craven neither gov Moore nor state a the image presenting itself no threats but a it looked like time m a Section frequently county a stronghold of the Kun Law officers would disclose How this morning did no to look Well friction today my children need called North Carolinas Black flux klan. Many men had been sent into enough for me to let my Chil an education but not at the Cost Belt. Officers did not appear at the suspected trouble spots. Dren go to school there were of trouble a at Ernul. Said

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