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Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 27 1965, Page 13

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Las Vegas Review Journal (Newspaper) - August 27, 1965, Las Vegas, Nevada Forrest Duke Fri Doy August 27, 1965 i. \ a i f rvs 1 j a a Btl i filing firem of a a Joey Blimp entertain iwo Sinatra so Anil Mia Joey Bishop placing to an enthusiastic first night Sands audience which included at the Saint ring siding table two of his in Tratter and i rank Sinatra plus Mia Farrow mrs. Jory Bishop and Frank Sinatra or. Gave probably one of the Best performances of his Long and Stine Essul career As a san Star. Bishop with much new material including some very funny singing commercials could do no wrong As far As the premiere crowd was concerned he encoded the mandolin hit a never on sunday a to solid effect and darted Crisp Adliss especially scoring when Sinatra joined him briefly onstage Sinatra got a laugh with his line. A anybody want to buy a used boat a a a i Nancy asks is singing Star of the session and she was welcomed with a noisily Friendly greeting. The pleasantly animated vocalist who clicked As nerf tvs a that was the week that was a girl shows distinctive styling with such numbers As a nothing can Stop sic now Quot a they there. The governors game tax study ready soon with increases l a a anti big Ito ads compile data a arson City api a study ordered by gov a a rant Sawyer several months ago to determine what ther Nevada gambling can stand higher tax and a tw-3 Type piece of special material is will be completed shortly called a air in a Spanish Folk song she demonstrates the Quality and Range of her excellent voice. Handsome Harry Nofal is featured in vocals with the 13 Beautiful copa Chorine in a Renne Stuart choreographed curtain Raiser. The Bishop show backed by the Antonio Morelli orchestra is in for four weeks to be followed he Dean Martin the chief executive said thursday. A i think it will be reads reasonably Sawyer said he added it would include a not Only a general analysis but also some specific increases or pro a posed the Nevada tax commission and state gaming control Board have been compiling data for the study i Pon completion of Tok 1iarvky Stewart. The Carousel mix Logist saw this sign on a Small grocery store a Thuy your bargains Here get your Stamps at the Host office Quot. Is a Kkt Nugget is bowing to the wishes of the la c Ity Council and closing out a a Otton it Lub study and it will he a study revue �?T65 As of sept. 8 no More und raped dolls by f factual 1 information according to general manager Mike to Ink. Thu some conclusions Probach in will go Hack to lounge Typo enter Tammon and an Rawn it saw to Dho will soon return the successful Watusi scandals Busy i no have you Ever heard of an act in show i which Hasni to videotaped an appearance on the upcoming Doan Martin 1\ show or in t going to tape Quot soon a 1. Mola Bennett. Our local doll who Snow a singing Star in nyc married Alvin Marks in Arlington. A. Wednesday Marks is Prev of the polarized corp., and the couple will live in White Stone. N y. Incidentally Molly amp Lvin were wed by the same in Francis f Thomas who tied the knot recently for Lana Turner and her new Hubby. Statistics show that women live longer than men. A the reason for notes orchestra Leader King Curtis a is because they need the extra time to finish what Thev started to say. Mari lbs. It i wish recovering from major surgery in Reno a St. Marx a Hospital How about a cheery note Marian amp Hubby Dick live in the Host cite of them All. But he s now doing his tro boning amp clowning in the Pat Moreno show at the Primadonna club in our sister City to the North Gloria Tracy the blonde Glamour puss harpist returns soon to the Tropicana a la Fontaine lounge Welcome Hack Marik Griffin the .1 mag no a exec weds Hacienda exec Hen Roscoe on sept 12 Pierre Salinger w ill act As Best Man. Major Riddle taking time during his world Jaunt to postcard employees at the dunes. Eddie Kiefaber reopened King of the sea. Is on hand nightly greeting patrons. Wally now a. The roaring beverage Engineer is now roaring at the roaring 20s. Roberta Linn amp Freddie Hellas three year old. Wistfully watching his a amp a get ready for work asked a can i do my act tonight a a so the Bells took him to the Sahara with them and left him in the Casbar wings until time for the a Soliloquy Quot number dedicated to him. Each time Thev came off stage to make a change the Small boy said a now a a or a you wont forget what Are you going to do Quot Roberta asked him Quot i Mav dance a a said Freddie. Or he settled for playing the Tambourine. Right on the heat making a Happy shambles of the Bells hell boys and audience then polished Emall Oil with his closer into the Mike Quot done to forget to see Mommy amp daddy at 10 i Murray Hertz w Waikiki a land of 1,1 has experienced a fantastic growth and most of it is due to the greatly reduced air fare from the West Oast. Tourists have been hard hitting the Waikiki Trail Ever since the new fare came out a couple of years ago. I Here Are even reports that the fares May drop again next year. How ii a done Deputy Woodrow Thompson of the sheriff s Identa i cation Bureau examines a Hole Cut in thu storage room of Harry Brown furs in the dunes hotel. Officers believe burglars she of through the plasterboard Wall into the store to steal about $120, Kkt m furs sometime Early wednesday. I a in. Photo Reno evening Gazette. Edward a Olsen chairman of the control Board. Said the study should Tell whether gamblers can stand a softer tax rate on to Weir Gross earnings. But. He said All Casino operators might not he Able a it meet a higher tax �?o1 done to say anyone can Ever get enough information to make a positive determination whether everyone can stand a tax increase or not a Olsen said bit the study Wall Tell he said Quot what segment of the Ltd do str is healthy which Sci ment is marginal and which ing for the Quick arrest of i of the investigation a sheriff segment is losing a pets thursday in the burglars it derm Simmons said it it the Shoreline is dotted wit boasting Beautiful beaches surfer Sitters and supervised children it Entov they re All doing a big business me the hinge to problem at the present ting people to Heck out after they stay a a few extra Days a a a no Roor people coming in. A one disgruntled me a they travel 3.000 Miles to Dis it we had booked for them is still no it is having Sucho Home a a cause the Guy in does t want to Glt a a luxury hotels a l equipment Hahn activities. Appear less and they Tell time is got be decided to n for the new he so Dork told a Over the room t available be i Good time he Sables. stole deputies sex Peel Quick arrests in fur theft sheriffs detectives were Bop a a we re in the leg work stage building one defective said ,.of $120.000 of furs from then gaming officials could a so darn he r np5 determine what portion of the Industry mild pay increased More than i00 Sables and taxes and still stay in business rinks were taken from Hary. Abrown furs. Lex att a in the lobby the 196.� legislature declined the burglars rut through two plaster Board Walls separating a store room in the shop from a new restaurant now under construction t the shop. Hotel Security of checked the front door store regularly at night but officers said they did not Cheek the vacant restaurant the legislature did in tn�?~7�?T in pas1 the h of behind the shop. Million Dollar Mark. A later there was a possibility the burglars left through the roof of the restaurant area. Group called i added at least four an intimate ailed a Treau of the strip i Gli Rise thirty Mno of the furs were full length to increase direct gambling taxes partly on grounds it lacked information on the profit officials of the store first is Structure of the casinos. Timoted that the value of the pose a cabaret tax in anticipation the Federal cabaret would he repealed. Authorities were believed to Ivo been tipped off some time go that a major burglary unit behind m the making in the Las vegas a if leers arc some were optimistic the of the Case could to cracked quickly. Hear. Suspicion follow i viols tax count showed that the wholesale value of the missing furs was closer to $120.000. Were no burglary arson City it a fear and suspicion have followed the initiative petitions Are being circulated for a referendum to increase gambling taxes As much As three fold Jfe Matthew s of Las vegas has led the drive for the increase Sawyer has said such a but a increase conceivably soul 1 crush the gaming Industry there alarms sounded officers said mostly Salt and minks were stolen. The los Angeles riots to infect Many a dragnet aimed at locating burglars carefully went through communities. Gov Grant Sawy known burglars in the Las be furs on Racks to take Only those or said thursday Gas area was in i All swing with which had no manufacturers we have Learned from Dot a a series of leads prompting the registration number Angeles that the seeds of Dis a a a on his night off from new Yorkus Metropolis Gene Kitipa gave a party at his suburban Home during which his dog bit one of the guests. The next morning the wounded Chap received a special delivery envelope containing a Long Brown hair. Phoning Krupa. He asked the meaning. A that Quot replied Gene a is a hair from the dog that hit you Buitoni plague Mav hit v it area near Lake Tahoe on fall Date s<1 Reno a i the annual Western slates democratic conference has been rescheduled for saturday oct 9. Here originally set for three Days in san Francisco starting july 17. The conference was postponed with tiie death of United nations ambassador Adlai Stevenson the meeting now will be climbed to one Day without workshops As first planned gov Roundup 1,01. Is if yer in ii i i i h in oll oll is it arson cite i Ati a Grant Sawyer will undergo surgery monday for skin lesions on his Back ills phys Nan said the or Gerv is minor does no to involve malignant growths and does not have any connection with Sawyers bout with hepatitis last year. V recent examination showed the chief executive in a excellent health a the doctor said. Sawyer is expected to he released from the Hospital Ner Carson City apr Public the variety of bubonic plague Grant Sawyer will deliver the monday Nuht and return to health officials were investigate found on that tw0 Mamais nor. Main address at a forma Din-1 has offer tuesday ing the possibility of bubonic a. Many in t fatal but causes plague hitting Lake Tahoe Afler two chipmunks were found Paui Ful swelling of Lymph glands with the one time dread disease. 0vft enc it 11 a mostly scientists at the fiver controlled through Medicine sity of Nevada and . Public Gregory said health service laboratories Eon he was to Confer thursday firmed a suspicion a hat two sick f4 at the Nevada Capi rodents taken from tor t Crystal of Kran of Hay area were infected with the p s pub i. La path service a disease in san Francisco to determine Nevada environmental health Vav hither ,.odpnt con Rols hould chief Ernest Gregory said or on of did no to consider the situation too serious Rigi now though Keith Murray of the Cali a some chipmunks and Squir forma health department was res always carry he re planning a similar study of i phed state s Side of Tahoe time of end Rry Between Content nun 1near the surface to a to pm wednesday and 7 a m in every Community waiting to thursday. Be nurtured by unthinking or de the burglars apparently Cut signing men. Sawyer wrote in and pried Loose a Small Section a weekly newspaper column of the two plaster Board bar the chief danger in Nevada ners separating the restaurant As elsewhere the governor said area from the fur storage mom. Lies in inflammatory rumours de officers did not know How the signed to spark trouble into furs were carried from the tense situations. Game Hoard Lias funds Reno it a the Nevada but. He said it is impossible fish and game commission has to forecast commission income More than >1 7 million available this year because of License fee fur the current fiscal year and increases passed by the 1w5 plans to spend nearly $1 h Mil legislature lion a spokesman said a it will take some experience Dean Blake chief of and living with the new ices Blake ministrative services said the said a to determine How much commission should have a bal Thev will add a Ance of $129.670 when the fiscal sear ends Lune ,t0 Ner can t Cut h linoleum of 7 a bottle opener / the increased fees were effective july 1 listen Ness is Xor can Dawt a j we a bottle opener / he stayed at a Little grass Shack on the Beach at Waikiki. It s called the a i Kain and it s Hawaii a newest Sam ingest. Resort hotel. Our Little Shack stands a magnificent 23 stories High overlooking the Pacific and neatly contains Oxer 300 rooms and Over 300 apartments now this is the kind of to onesian it tale roughing it that i like our room was spacious and cheerful containing every convenience known to Man. Including Kitchen facilities and a private Lanai. I Rode a Glass elevator that took me to a charming restaurant at the top of the hotel. I quenched my thirst at a basement bar called the a Hong Kong while a Zany and immensely popular a the surfers a entertained me. Pounds to Niv Fra e while dining at French restaurant on the second floor c Rivage set it digs. He. \ far cry from the old hawaiian i option of the Little grass Shack in Kea Laketia. Come to think of it. The Only a a a a a or saw was on the hotels front Lawn. A a a the res i night it 1.1 b show in Tov n is at the Royal hawaiian where maitre do Hans de Beer serves up a dint r that would make any Yogas showroom chef Green with envy. We dined sump piously with Sahara in v \ \ Mccollum his family and Herb Mcdonald. Sahara veep. Biggest thrill m Hawaii of you re too cowardly to be a surfers is to ride an outrigger Canoe on the Crest of a wave. Any self respecting Beach boy can make this available to you at the wave of something Green. That same Green will also get you a surf Board and some instructions on How to go to a watery grave and get a refund on your return ticket to the Mainland. A dangerous As surfing Mav be the Shoreline is packed with daredevils who can be seen precariously perched on that tiny Board shooting in like a thunderbird Jet streaking the skies Over Nellis. A a a fins 11 1 i not All is fun and games though. Fred Hooks of the convention Bureau and Herb met Donald managed to drag themselves out of the Ocean Long enough to Snag a convention for fas vegas for May of 1989. I Liis one is the flee Tronie parts distributors so elation and they re Fie to 7.000 Murray s of l Mvi so a pm mrs in the sunday r j Riviera loll gels my let to Al for new High Rise add Tiou the Riviera hotel on the fas first Southern Baptist Church vegas strip will construct an will build a 2.690 Square foot la Story High Rise , a Structure in Indian Springs cording to plans approved by the first methodist Church the Clark county planning will construct a Church school commission. Library auditorium and office the project Calls for a t on the West Side of Man adding 200 rooms and an Eleva land Parker a West of nerf Fri tor Penthouse to the hotel 139 Southern Dir sity. Feet in height. It will Aiso con the w Vax Springs country Tain a 4.6 10 Square flt kit to meet tub. Inca zone Changi my room. 5,500 Square feet of and use permit to c a strike a office space and 9.000 Square Golf clubhouse 1. And lounge feet of space devoted to a along with m 18-Hole Golf lobby and mechanical rooms course n r warm Springs in the hotel plans Road and Bermuda Street to build a 220,000 gallon water ban Low development cd re tank the planners however Cei Ved approval for a zone stipulated that the firm would change to construct 110 apart have to put in additional Park ments units and a recreation my h in 11 two Story buntings in other action two a i t near the churches were approved. The Boulder Highway

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