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Las Vegas Morning Gazette Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1880, Page 1

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Las Vegas Morning Gazette (Newspaper) - September 19, 1880, Las Vegas, New Mexico.1 t As Vega d Gazette vol. 2. Las vegas . Sunday september 19, 1880. No. 4liin e a Castlo. 8 y Ive in g. Ward. Contractor and builder Las Vega 8, x. Wanted. Wanted a Good reliable woman to Coo general House work in a private ran Iii in the country. Good wages will repaid Nono need apply unless Well recommended and to engagement will be Mado Orless than six months after one week s trial this will to a Good permanent Home for a per son giving satisfaction. Address Richard Dunn Rincon On the rail coming and soon to a hive foil tin vacant 1st. Hopper Bros. Mackley House. Isidor Stern Stock Levy & Cohu. Fill Holzman. H. C. Klch mond s jewel by store. L. N. Rosenthal. Arcellano & Bulla. Malbauf s harness shop. Merrill & Catkin Bros. Sleeping Stock c. E. Wesche where Alfred ii. Saokar att oboe a. I x, Dold s building. Las vegas. V. 5 c i rooms lire come fenced. The heart of East Las Negus Tom by the tire fie ii i. We Suai i tie Scourge that overtakes All Western towns. La one Short hour two dred thousand dollars arc swallowed. As night settled Down poit the Gallinas Valley in which lies the Velous Young City of East Las vegas it Leit a horror Stricke n populace Par Ali Zed with a senso of their loss wan Dering about almost in a state of be wild Reni. The most terrible of reverses had taken place in one Short hour and the smouldering with a lingering flame hero and theae were left to Tell he tale of How the principal business Block and l lie focus f Tho largest Trade Between Emporia and Ymas had vanished while on the adjacent Prairie he exogenously collected were he stocks of merchandise which tin owners if it hastily removed. The Drunken Good for not hings who make such an occasion the Opportunity for excessive indulgence in liquor hound i i. Eren Arou Uci among the debris and speech fied liberally upon the Inci dents and possibilities and probabilities of the disaster which had Iusi taken place Udud Cost $175,000. How it started. In the rear of Marble s grocery in East Las Veiras was his residence in one Pari of Winch was used a Heet Iron stove which by the Way is lit Only tor he open air it upset and Slat Ted a lire in the apartment which was at 0 co beyond control. The wind being w. S. W. Blowing Only uie lire spread in All directions at about 1 he same rate. The town was aroused at once and the dense smoke which arose brought every from the old town who could leave his position. Inoia oru was heard above the cracking of the doubly dried timbers everybody with any sense went to work and helped to remove the stocks of merchandise quietly submitting what was plainly inevitable. Then if never before was it realized How utterly helpless is that Commux Ity in such a crises As this which has no fire department. The die was cast Andas an occasional gust of wind drove he flames to an extraordinary Neigi it so that they almost lapped Over to the immense warehouse of Brown and Manzanares and Otero Sellar & Toon the East and it seemed thai he doom of utter extinction had set Pletl upon the Pride of the great South West i cd along the wire Fence which to Stop clothing House. Latest style dress suits Busi Ness suits Ulster and overcoats men and boys. Extra pains has been taken to obtain the very Best s gents warm Wear As specialities we mention French Oass Meres scotch Wool knit rated flannel several other celebrated brands also several sew styles of the re Inin i,4. Gel such As Fine socks Ueck Wear and everything p training to a first class clothing House i he on hand in sea son. Air goods arrive. Will not regret it Levy Hail and i Lin it taxing daily from fort l fort Elliott. Passengers acid express matter leaving la vegas on tuesday morning will be Forward on weekly Bitek boned through to any Point h the handle of Texas. Charges reasonable o. I. Austin proprietor Otero & Seagert " dealers in groceries provisions Corn Hay and forage. Lincoln comity not a Chico. Otero y Jeager. Trul cantes in Abarrota provisions Zacate Etc., por Flet Eros. Ronda do la , Xci 1i Xieo. Bibles bibles bibles of every kind and style at Rev. 1. Y. Cal Leo s. English and Spanish in any Otlyn 1language, for Sale cheap Given away. Matthison District superintendent. Ii. S. R sow Mexico and Arizona. Takt 3xt. Xjittc33x-Rmanufacturer of mexican jewels y Las vegas . In Romero Ruxmini Kant Side of the Plaza. It Taisy Public Lah vegas and Vinita notice. The Railroad company will not to responsible for hogs killed in Vinod when allowed to it Larga 111 Tho depot Yards. Any parties having hogs running at Large will plan take notice govern themselves according la. To. A. Ii Ovna a t. Adm iils Rotor n Otlee. Notice is hereby Given that the Hon. L Rob Lecourt in and Lor the county 01 Miguel new Mexico has appointed Tho in Umi in mini Lor i to Chat Lite of fran Chapman deceived. All persons Indr Bod to said is Tutu will make Immediato settlement and All persons claims against mild will present them within twelve Nisi. In. Arunm Majk Joo i y vegas Feb. 7th, Lossu. The for Sale. X Ara a Casa sit Uada in eel. Camino no ios Cerca de la Casa do Lima Wii a . Us Cuartos Mesenta pies al Furente de la Calle y Cento Cin Cuenta Para Ell lao " por Uvero Ai Contador Ara i formacion tit Janse a Esta Olic Lna. Tjioe Sale. A House situated on the hot Springs Road near the House of Louise pin a rooms sixty feet front on the Road my one minured Ami my Back. To be sold Collep for Money. For information inquire at i if. For Sale. By Moore it Huff at the j hot Springs. Leave orders at Herbert & o q Nir t. I v. I. O Vin 11 v i no Futta t710r Sale. 100 head of cattle. For ii other u Yonl v to Lin pm. T a i Anion Ciuco 14. Al. Salta Good sixteen horse Power. Limn Uii Kinu an in running order and Luso Jii in a your Mill. A n v to Ana it vm.nl., .1 i Ili """1 mi11 at la Nfn appely. For terms t John b. Wooten. 239--tf Tutor rent. A Fine Large store room on the Plaza excellently slut do for in Sinesh tit Low figures. Tor particulars apply at ins Oice 11 miscellaneous. Notice to contractors. Sealed bids will to received at the Supern nuni Iulio my 10 of Cocup. A Ranur slav the kith inst., in Santa a. For the ,. Of a hotel. Plans speculations can be Seei it superintendent s Oice in Santa be atthe Ollice of Chas. Wheelock architect at Losvegas. The right is reserved to reject any All bids. All bit 3 will to to hours Reed superintendent of construction care of Tantare. Liy order of the , september Yth 1ssq. Ii Poi Tonii t notice. For the Benell Tozour Niti ens who irn pit at to tinplate copies of this paper will be kept 011 flip in the pm Yuwu i 1113 Liu Cago Mann ton a Kiln Crai Road at 53 Clark Street. Cd Lens. Ill where they Are privileged to Calland read it ree. De i of Linus Hack line. A. D. Wolf Isi 1 now running a Hack line Between the hot Springs and town. Hacks will leave the hot i rings Lor town at 7 a. M., and 1 p. Will leave town tor the hot pings at 10 a. M., and. 111 Mure orders at nil vol t tie hotels. 02-t f uncut Ana to Prius line re Tureen Egas mid morn. Hack will leave st. Nicholas to total nil Finch to oliday and thursday at 10 a. Single trip it. Itou iia trip dict acts ��.00. All baggage in ma., Chi Nguu extra express carried six hours areas Onazie rate i. Con need ions made with Good conveyances for dict in f a Mivi i Iii Iii Norm a. W. Carte l to Why will you pay two prices to Pii lers for sewing machines when for one Hall the Money you can any first class machine mane Ami warranted Troni three to five years among which Are the Singer the White. Domestic new american Etc. Kor Price apply 1 i Ibuki it s hardware nouse Irini Uail Colorado. Il-3 mrs. R. J. Hamilton Haa opened her dressmaking shop Ali 0 House direct la opposite the depo Kast Lai vegas n., is. And As she is an of Ien Ideiil of vegas she is ready once More fit and make dresses for her o Rienth and new ones. Satisfaction guaranteed no diaries. Notice for publication. V s. Land of Ioe Santa Fyk x. M.,August 28lh, 18s0. Notices hereby Given that the following named settlers have tiled notice of their intention to inure mini prom in Porc of their claims and Secoir i Unai entry i Oreor Ana that said proof i 1 on Juato Feiore Nio Register the la Dollice in Santa of on saturday october 9th. Lufton rte Jesua Vigil Homestead entry x0 .17, for 11. E. W. U W. N. E. Sec 2il it. � h v 1 it till a if a a 1 a. Township 14, Range 32 j and to Nampa the i following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said tract v. Francisco a. Atencio Nepomoceno Martinez Anselmo Gonzales and Mamuel g. Vigil All of in l Tiibi Iii Siutu . W Nepomoceno Martinez Homestead enter s75, fore. S. E. N. W. � g. E. and m E. A Sec. 20, township 14, Range Sand to name the follow inc Wlton Chhoa this continuous residence upon and it Iii a of g. Vigil All of fort Bascom. San Mim i. 0 Francisco Antonio Atencio Homestead Entrono. 37b. For w. Y 8. W. 4sec2, and e. E. 5.�. See .1. Town Shin m v q. He names the following witness pm continuous residence upon and cultivation of iiimu., be Jesus Vigil Tonomo Cen Martinez Anselmo Gonzales and Manuel siw juju al Figuei county n 20-5 John c. Davis leg Lster. Found. A. B. Stone s rubber Protection for All outside surfaces i posts Singie roofs Iron a d.0, Usu Virun rooms smoke Stacka anything exposed to the rain ii uppity this ii aint ior$l.25iiiiiiuieu icon warranting it to last b inn an any owner paint and it is fire pro so by using it on Shingle roofs it often saves other houses from burning by being near others when others Are burning. Altera roof to im1 ii mini Wii was paint Yon can Litcht Apine in t and throw it upon it and the knot Wilbum to ashes without in Uri Nirali ,.r a. Nii in i errant it not to crack Roll blistering Iuni paint for seven years. Leave Wim Irin lib klic a ail Lutu Jiuu a. It s inv. 143- of is Bercov Iriven Ilmet , no person will be permitted to pasture Stock Hay umber m within tie limits of theland known As the Bermejo included within Thein Nuiji i Oil As Lorows Viz on iv.mh., Ainuu Iliou chains of Santa Clara and the Mesa of Cali Tonii in a icil8t " Lcu,m3 1 1,10 cast of be 1 Canadian River on the West five Hundred varas to Una i Iii Ainuu Liuio lamp of Santa Claravall persons found trespassing upon said property in any manner disturbing pos session of too Sanio without consent shall pay All damages according to the new. Flou kick Haca Elk Tuio of the estate of the late Dolores . Las notice. Allie icons found trespassing by herding sheep cattle Ott Uto Creek within boundaries Niou tii of said Creek and for a distance of six in Miles on both sides said Crock and also of 10canadian used Hiver from the Boundary the Bacn location no agora distance on Srai Cou Miles on both blues Down said River will from prosecuted according to Law tuno., Vilson Waddingham. � m o o 5 o to a 8eewad 2 Street. Paul fire and Marine. Hopper Bros. $1,000 As follows German am Ricau $500, Hamburg Magdeburg $500. Rathburn & co., $900 As follows. $300, Argentine fire of Denver $600 st. Paul. Ladner $1,500, a follows Home $1,000 Argentina fire of Denver $500. Malbauf $400 in the Arii Entine Herbert & co., $500 in the do drug. Mackley $700 in the Hamburg Magdeburg company. Making a total insurance by Mili Hadley of $30,100. It leg rams were sent immediately to the various com suites prompt adjustment Otos e be expected through their guts the Linn had concluded that to would withdraw All risks from that burned 011 the first of next month by uhe first of next month inni.0?1" and ul0ir co lanies Arjen. Losses. The Stra rest co Neide Neof the affair is that col. Mills standing on the sidewalk in conversation with . Lock Lurt said i am getting afraid of this town ii will Burn before 60 Days we will withdraw everything from this Row before the first of the had hardly been dropped when was a cry of fire and a Lalo i Lajo of the truth in col. Mills prophecy was fulfilled before s 11 11 Down. Row Dino & st Elk h risk Levy Cohu & co j Liverpool Lon Donand Globe $1,000 Spring ring i 1 aaa c of was in Springfield $1,000, Colorado $500. New York bakery owned by Rtchard Browing it al., in Spring Field $500. In Colorado $250. Steele & Browning j Colorado$o00. A a Berly & Ausco n Orado,$00. Dicing to the. Extreme Hent ice ave Hern Ohli iced to remove the jed relic acc Drutz store to we. Steele real Estife office on the. Corner of Center Street where ire. Ici la he nieoxe7 to e in of ,.1,1 customers morning. F. E. Herbert. C co. Dissolution of the known new Ami 1. N. Name of Doug flier. Baca & to consent this Day dissolved Santingo Baca of Albuquerque new Mexico a member of said having with raw 11 from said his interest. The business will be continued under the lorm name of do uglier & Baca will collect All outstanding debts and As sume the payment All liabilities of the old of Doughr Baca & those connected with their Branch House at Altnau Ernul which will be collected and paid by the said Santiago Baca he having purchased the Albuquerque Branch and its Doug sikh Francisco Baca y Sandoval of l vegas Santiago Baca "20-4 of Albuquerque 875 la re in Nizia pot cuanto Las Piedras sepulchral is de los Lina tirades y Quebrada Enel Rementerio Mogn Esta Ciudad nor Personas ,i.,a Vosotros los Abajo fir Mados Ore demos la nude $75 Whir informal in conducive do Aure Henlon y Pena de los profane in Dic Hocenic Nti i in a. Dold a. H. Miziol to has. Ill old ii Owaid Kori april 1hh0. 217- of All pet sons Aro hereby notified not to Tutor Wood mixture Kotnek in i. Tresi is on the Pecos Grant known As or1 ecos Church Grant in san Miguel co Nas All trespassers on said Grant will in Timith according to Law. A. . Ine m. Blun Swilck administrator Bothe estate o Frank Clia Puiu deceased. Albert Herber proprietors. Opposite Jaffa Bros., East Side. Fresh Beer always on draught. Al so Fine cigars whisker. Lunch counter in connection f , " intr nil a air Flat 0 to tit to Fri 1 a Lulu 1 6l Nali u. K. I As vegas new Mexico. Howison & Fabian general comm Mfr Hanc Aki salesmen i d it e3a.stei2, hts se3.otr.ce East Side it. R. Ave opposite i Rowne it Manzanares. W. Stela Justice of the k i for i,.,i v.29, East Las vegas. Ueni Itati Lola Vtipil agent Una motive a Uncer. Deeda Mort races Liv Tiri a i. Sile. Ollice. On the Bill l i tru thu old and new towns. Hopper bios dealers in Staple and fancy groceries clothing boots & shoes. Produce a specially. Orders tilled on Short no Tice. Proprietors of the Delmonico restaurant. East Las Vest. Of. John cd Otto is the bos i Bools Shoemaker of opposite Jada Bros., guarantees satisfaction and a perfect tit no pay. W. H. A Whitelaw. Attorney at Law will attend to All Legal business promptly Center Street East Las Voss new Mexico. 179- d. Jno. F. Bostwick. P. Oly Don Bostwick & Lydon actor Aloyts Atli a. Office at Exchange hotel Bitil i 1 4i i As Veo As Be mtg cry Centre st., a t vegas. Every Liin in tin Barrs line clips tacitly on hand Hubert y & a Gill prop. John came Civi 333ntc3h3kr3s i3fl and. Deputy it. S. Mix Ekau fat car my 2 Fifer 1 e a. New . N. photographer. Shokeir f be Exchange hotel West Vetreas. T j Fles merchant tailor All kinds of Dot ste to Obydee. Shop in Dolds Ulock Northwest Corner of Tho Plaza. J. Franco Oil a fas attorney in a adv Elbl Ikje Evv a o Salaz al. A to i y y. To la in. Las Koas new Mexico J. Pettijohn m. Physician and surgeon hot Spring and Las vegas. Chronic disease Ami discuss of females n specially. Springs 8 to 12 . Vegas cout ral drug store 2 to 1 p. Docton. E. H office Houks l As vegas o clock a. Till m o clock 1. And at hot ski xes 7 o clock a. Tinof lock p. Ii in Bible s building and Stock Ward & trame. Marcus st Clem Center . Almost All of Hupe & Castle s Valu Able Stock was and the loss of Sheds is he tin mpn.1b total. The insane attempt we to tear Down Tho. Them a miming a. T Snurr Stroot. When 1 fir was in. Ready tinker the eaves. A Keg of of Dir in the new York bakery would have saved the buildings on tli3 West and lessened the danger to the next Block North it three different times the flames started on the blankets which Hung Over the a Lily Bros Block and water thrown upon the Iron face of the meat Market on the Corner was converted at once into steam by the excessive heat. The Voung who guarded Hilty s building and the one West of to we could not learn his name who wore a Light hat deserves distinction for his Courtice and perseverance in lighting Tho heat which the winds Lieut to him from the fire. It was a Lilly impossible to get an estimate of last night. Tho exhausted merchants could not collect their thoughts and if they did Tuey could not make a reliable guess at the amount of goods saved. It is Safo to say however that the Salvage will be Large As Tho slow pro Gress of the fire allowed almost every body to move All their goods although at considerable loss from rough hand line. A unknown dislocated his wrist 111 getting off of Whiteman s Diug. We print a diagram of the Burnt District. Hotels Are All crowded to the utmost capacity As there were Many men who roomed in nooks and Cor i users of the burned districts. The Protection of property which s now exposed was placed in hands of Hie san Miguel rifles who were called about 6 o clock. Several arrests have been made. A great Deal of plunder was carried of by some of those who were i e tending to serve merchants. Mcdonald opened a barrel of Beer which flowed freely for All who asked it. Several of the owners of destroyed property were questioned last even intr. And nirl nil in no Rimili. J w a "37 n0 toward replacing their buildings with substantial Adobe. The lesson is a what forgotten we will see that what Haa caused 200 000 Dull hrs los nor " wow m j in two More years would have Carusou four times that even under the same circumstances As Thos cof yesterday s conflagration. Insurance which they had on the no Perty burned Rosenthal $6 500, As follows Home $1,000, scottish commercial $2,000. Continental $1,600, Hamburg Mair firm Deburg $1,000, st. Paul fire and $1,000 who al Olzman $4,000 follows Home lorm $500, German american $1.000. Scot. List commercial $1.000. Continental $1,000, st. Paul 500. Whiteman & Cohen $1.500 As Fol. Lows Hamburg Deburro $500 scottish commercial $1,000. Levy Cohn & co., $4,500 As follows mercantile Marine $1,000, fire association de $1,000, Continental $1,000, Hamburg Magdeburg . Co. $1.500. La Ward & Tamme $1.000 As follows Hamburg Magdeburg $325, Continental $325, scottish commercial $350. A Tupi Castle $6,000 As follows Homo $1,000 Star $1,500, Hamburg Magdeburg $2,000, Mer Catilo Marine Wise $1,500. Of .u.,c, e. We Soho $1,000 in st. Paul Firo dealt Marine. Marcus & Clemm $600 in the st. F rounded the warehouse of Brown & very effective one and utter the bitter Mauz Auar is Only to be ignited a to cuss of the chastening has been sonic meet after by the falling Sparks so that it was no Cessaro to Mon them i Gaiu in order to save them blankets were promptly applied to the Row of buildings occupying the North Side of Center Street As also to the warehouse on the tas Side of rail messes. Mills & Hadley kindly Roa d Avenue. Salt was liberally Dis wished with the following list of Iri buted upon the roofs of the latter and the wept measures adopted by the owners soon seemed to Guaran tee Tho Saety of the property. A Case of cartridges took fire in one of i lie stores of Railroad Avenue then continuous explosions lasted for some tune scattering everybody who Leared injury from them. ., is 10 Story o 1 inc Progress of tie . It simply advanced without any interruption on tac lated Block. There was absolutely to mortal action to save it. At one time col. Mills and others who was of the Roo of Levy Cohn it co building attempted to tear away the Wood front hoping that the tin Root and Adobe Walls might offer resistance to the advancing flames the heat Decanio unbearable and the work was abandoned. The next plan was to blow hop per Dros. Building with a Keg of pow Der pome in a frantic state of might prevented it of lured to Knock any Ono Down who destroyed building believing it would not Ruers Leit lie a Louerl s drug Storro cell prompt at Teuton
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