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Las Vegas Morning Gazette Newspaper Archives May 12 1881, Page 1

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Las Vegas Morning Gazette (Newspaper) - May 12, 1881, Las Vegas, New MexicoS it v x Las Vega Gazette vol 2. Ils vegas 1st. M., the Josd , May 12, 1881. 1sto. 2g5. Jus the finest assortment of i w w Sinhai tal w w w chid n s attempted robbery in Watrons. The Trinidad times of tuesday stated on saturday night two men entered the station House at Watrous and at the Point of the pistol demanded of the operator Clarke who was alone the keys of the Safe. Clarke did not have them so the men threat ened him with death and sunt him after the keys. Instead of the keys. Clarke brought several men Back with him Only 1o find that the two Birds had flown. Word of the affair was sent Here and on sunday the officers spotted the men on the streets of Trinidad. Yesterday morning at an Early hour the men were arrested and lodged in jail and were subsequently identified by Clarke who had been summoned from Watrous to testify. The prisoners Are now in jail but May yet. Be released As there is a probability of no prosecution being made by the Railroad Charles ladies foreign mews. Breaks Down at her wedding. Vienna May 11. At the marriage of Stephanie and Rudolph an affect ing incident occurred at the most sol emn portion of the ceremony. The Princess who had maintained apparent composure up to that moment broke completely Down and burst Forth into a fit f weeping crying aloud and trembling with Long sup pressed nervous excitement. Prince Rudolph was Calm and collected and acted with uncommon Good sense and succeeded finally in calming the agita Tion of his Bride. The tears and timidity of Princess Stephanie had a marked effect upon the Large attend Ance of Royal and Noble ladies and caused Many of them to shed tears. To their hearts Content. New York May 11. A Paris Dis Patch says the members of the Mone tary conference Are being dined and wined Here to their hearts Content. Last night there was a reception at banker Seligman a one to night at Consul Walker s and thursday they will Dine with the minister of finance and breakfast sunday with genere 1 Noyes at his hotel at Versailles. Amnesty granted. Vienna May 11. Emperor Francis Joseph granted amnesty to All per sons imprisoned for offences arising from poverty or which were not Ulster jackets Dolman dre38 dresses made to order ladies rats trimmed to order and fax to North Side of True ill rat of Pike s Peak. E. S. Nettle ton has made two sur Veys from Colorado Springs to de Termine the height of Pike s Peak and the surrounding mountains. Professor Whitney of Yale made the height of fhe Peak 13,987 professor Hayden of the United states geographic sur vey estimated its height at 14,216 feet professor Wise formerly of the coast Survey found the height of the Peak to be 14,336 feet. Or. Nettle to none of the most accurate surveyors in the West has estimated that the height of the Peak is 14,137.7. The estimates and figures of or. Net Leto n Are based upon the most re cent and accurate surveys. Or. Net Leto n took his observations by spirit level from the Bench Mark in Colo Rado Springs to the Summit of Pike s Peak. This Survey was the most accurate that had Ever been taken of the height of Pike s Peak supposing the Bench Mark to be Correct and from the data Given the True height of the Peak was 14,416 feet. Professor Gard Ner discovered that the Bench Mark at Colorado Springs based on the Kansas Pacific Survey at Denver was to High and therefore or. Nettleton made the necessary corrections on his Survey to rectify the error caused by the mistaken estimate of the Colorado Springs Bench after All the necessary deductions were made or. Nettle ten made an accurate estimate of the height of the Peak and placed it at 14,137.7 feet. This estimate is undoubtedly the most accurate Ever taken f Peak among the Rockies. Colorado Springs Gazette. Coal in Socorro county. It was our Good Fortune to meet messes. Montoya and Dodd of san Antonio a Short time since from whom we gathered a great Deal of in formation in regard to the san Pedro Coal Fields. They inform us that they Are inexhaustible inasmuch As the bed is from eight to ten feet in depth and covers a wide territory. They Are now engaged in building a Bridge across the Rio Grande at san Anto Nio and when that is completed will build a Railroad connecting the mines with the Santa be Railroad. It is Only six Miles from san Antonio to the place where they Are opening up the Quarry and Over an easy Grade. This practically settles the fuel question for this Section of new Mexico for with the facilities for handling it that they will shortly have and the ease with which it is mined they can Lay Coaltown at Socorro for from $3 to$4er ton. Those who have tried it j. Bos Estwald & co. We have received and unpacked within the last week our entire Stock of merchandise for Spring Trade which we believe to be the most Complete Stock in this Market. Our Stock of Domestic and fancy dry goods will Well compare with Stock West of the Missouri River. Egg our dress goods department $2 is stacked with the latest and most desirable goods from Low priced to the very finest goods such As alpacas mohair. Serges buntings Cashmere in All desirable shades ail colors. Our silk department. Is filled with a better selection than we have Ever carried Silks and satins Black and coloured in All imaginable shades As Well As brocaded Silks which Are to much used for trimming purposes. Ladies ready made suits , Jacques cloaks and Ulster we carry a Stock Superior to in the Market. Linens and White goods. Such As Bishop Lawn Cambric Swiss Mullins Nain Sooks Zarlatanes table linens Nap Kins and have a full Hue shoes Ilfeld s goods novelties ruffling lace Plaza 3 cd p s. O cd o p of o i o m new Mexico and first Clas s. Gold diamonds Gold $10,000 Worth bankrupt Stock Gold and Silver watches jewelry plated Ware Etc., to be sold at Public auction without limit or Reserve. The Stock consists of Gold and Silver watches of almost every Grade and manufacture English Swiss and american ladles fancy engraved in ameled and Diamond set both key and Stem Winder s. Solid Gold Vest chains Cameo sets and rings pins charms studs sleeve buttons lockets bracelets Etc., and in fact everything kept in first Clas s jewelry store. This Stock was bought for first Clas s retail Trade and will be sold for what it will bring. Persons wishing to buy can rely upon the representations just As much As though they had purchased in retail store in the states. Under no circumstances will the auctioneer misrepresent a single article. The ladies Are especially invited to Call and examine this Stock during the Day. Private sales during the Day. Auction every evening commencing to night. Centre Street East Las vegas. Wanted two first class winners. Apply immediately to w. Borden Albuquerqu a . 5-ll -3t Exa Miu Lockhart & co s line new Stock of furniture before purchasing elsewhere. Let All kinds of pumps just received at Marwede. Brumley & co. One Hundred boxes of Pittsburg lamp chimneys renewed by Lockhart & co. And on Rcd at lower prices than Ever. Go to Judd s Barber shop and get scraped Exchange hotel. Of. Oreen and Gold front. Ladies underwear of All styles at i. Stern s. Ducc Swarc by Tho car Load at Lockhart & co. F go to m. Ii Eise on the South Side of the Plaza for Fine wines liquors and Gars. 253-t f for cheap hardware go to 2- of Lockhart & co s. Old and new onions and cauliflower at Marcelline & Boffa s. La 2t Fine line of Straw goods at the new York clothing House 5- 1 my steel engravings chromes Aud Pic Ture frames at Lockhart & co s. Fruit dressed lemonade at of Billy s. In hosiery cloves fancy goods laces our Stock cannot be excelled. While we have Laid in a full Supply of dry goods ave have done no less in laying in a fall Stock of the following to wit ready mad e clothing for boys and children. Have a full Stock of boots Csc shoes furnishing goods hats notions perfumery groceries. He fact is our House is crowded with goods bought by our resident now York buyer who knows the wants of this country. We May assert without fear of contradiction that we Curry the largest Stock in the City and Are prepared to sell at Lig res As Low As Good goods can be sold. A Rosen Wald & co new s by Telegraph indians on the War path in Dolores county Colorado. Troops wanted in Texas to protect Railroad employees. Conkling confident of Success in the caucus. Probable murder in Texas rail Road conductor killed. De. Trickett the oarsman coming to America. Capital callings. Senate. Washington May 11. Senator Kel Logg called up the Resolution offered by him some Days ago calling on the Heads of executive departments for the names of clerks and employees employed their respective depart ments Etc. Brown offered an Amend ment calling tor additional information As to whether such clerks and employees were White or Black. The Resolution and amendment were Laid Over for future action. Morrill offered a Resolution that hereafter the official Register of the United states shall contain in addition to statistics required by Section have Lle Vised stat utes in formation As to congressional districts from which each officer clerk and employee in the service of the United states is appointed and the Date of his appointment. The Resolution was Laid Over for action. The Senate then went into executive ses Sion. Conkling confident. Washington May 11. Conkling and his friends Are More hopeful to than Ever claiming that Cou Klug s speech yesterday turned the tide in his Lavor. This is doubtful though republicans expressed Friendly feel Ings in the caucus one of Cou Klug s supporters told a Vest Ere press re Porter that the caucus was very closely divided. To believed that Robert son s Case would be Laid Over till december. Another said that conk ling will Light to the bitter end and expects to Eua ced As he is gaining strength. Friends of Conkling but who Are against him in this Case be Lieve that Robertson will to promptly confirmed. Another Saui that Conkling made a mistake in construing the Friendship of senators for promises of support. The Best unbiased judgment is that Robertson will be confirmed. Conkling men on both sides Are working hard to Day but it seems in vain. It is reported that if Conkling carries the caucus some senators will refuse to be bound by it and will staud by the president. Foster of Ohio is Here working for Matthews and says he will be confirmed. Action postponed. Washington May 11. The judiciary committee to took up the nomination of e. Chandler to be solicitor general but after consider Able discussion concluded to Post Pone action upon it until another meeting. It is evident that this delay is t he result of a desire of the majority of the committee to avoid further com plications in regard to executive Busi Ness until the caucus effects an adjustment of the existing complications. Adheres to his decision. Washington May 11. The Secretary of the Treasury has written a letter to Thomas ii. Wells Youngstown Ohio in which he adheres to the decision of Sherman in 1881, to subject a duty on Cotton ties. What Davis said. New Orleans May 11. Jefferson Davis in his speech at the unveiling of the Jackson statue said Jackson went Forth to Battle for the cause of states rights it and constitutional Liberty. Lie lived for his country never doubting the j Ustick of his cause believing it was righteous and trusting in it i e died As i live to Day feeling that the confederacy ought to have succeeded because it was founded on truth and Justice. He gave his life for the whole country and the country gave its heart to Jackson. You men upon whom he leaned in the hour of danger in Honor ing him also Honor brewery burned. Denver May 11. Between two and three o clock this Falc Noou the Rocky Mountain brewery located on the North Bank of Piatt River Between sixth and seventh streets caught fire and owing to the very limited facilities for getting water on the building the flames had full Sway and the building is now almost a Complete wreck and still burning. The origin of the lire is not known. Will inspect a military prison. Washington May 11. Secretary Lincoln adjuvant Genera l drum and co Onel Barr leave Here Early next week for Leavenworth where they will inspect the military prison. They will to gone about ten Days. General Mcdowell commanding the military division will meet them on the 20th instant. C. R. Browning East Las vegas n. M., real estate & insurance agent represents the oldest the largest the Best insurance companies in the world. Names. Assets. Mutual life new York $01,7."r.,780 02 Liverpool and London and Globe London .11, 5, 194 00 London Assurance. London ,8h0,11l 9k insurance company of North America 7,300,937 00 Home now York u,8fio,b05 14quekn, Liverpool 4,821,237 00 Pennsylvania fire insurance company. 2,131.03 00 Springfield Massachusetts 2,k3, 19 Hamburg Magdeburg Germany 887,803 00 Hist set Raub is . $2 3 9 3 top o cd h r p o o a a killed by indians. Denver May 11. The times has the following letter from Frank w. Gore now surveying in Dolores county scene of the Lato Indian trouble which gives some authentic details of the troubles there two of my men who left Rico on May 1st for Montezuma Valley to round up my mules and drive in the wagons arrived to nig they bring sad tid Ings. Dick May Thurman and Smith have just been killed by indians a few Miles West of big Bend Dolors county. May s body was found in thur Mau s Cabin Burnt and charred beyond recognition but a ring on his Finger proved to identify him. Thurman s body was found about eighty Yards away from the Cabin riddled with bul lets and Hie Skull broken. Smith s body is not yet found. The Cabin was still smoking. The horses they were herding the indians took away. The indians arc said to to camped on Beaver Creek North of big Bend where my contract lies. The indians dispatched messengers to the Post far Protection immediately after the mat Sacre. Billy May brother of Dicicc has applied to the fort for to pops a the cow boys Are already in fiddle and in arms. The mauls and Dolores settlers Are excited and alarmed. These Are the facts and not common exaggerated probable murder. Little Rock May 11. Information was received Here to of a Proba ble murder of an unknown Man in Texas. The following note written on an Ordinary memorandum Bok enclosed in a tightly corked bottle was picked up on a Sand a r of the Brazos River near to Wash Hill county Texas a few Days ago and for warded Here for investigation january 6th, 1881 dear Nancy i am permitted by those who Are about to take my life for nothing on Earth that i have done to write a few lines and Trust kind Providence to Grant that this will reach the hands of some one who will hic t n s published and then you May out what has become of me. I have not time to Tell Vou How i came Here and they would not permit to to say thing about that so i will just Sav that i die in a few minutes so Good Bye. May god take care of you and my Little children. Kiss them for me. name is Aarau Scott. I live near Little Rock Arkansas. Troops wanted. St. Louis May 11. A dispatch from Texas says that the Texas and Pacific railway management have asked that a company of United states troops be sent to the Western Termi Nus of to protect workmen and property from Der Adanious by a gang of Lawless men who have congregated there. Killed. St. Louis May 11. J. W. Stokes a freight conductor on the Missouri Pacific Railroad was knocked Down by a moving car near Twenty secon d Street late last night and killed. Trickett coming. Loudon May 11. Edward Trickett. The oarsman will leave for the United states in a few Days and take quarters at Saratoga a. Telegraphic briefs. Mrs. Garfield is still seriously ill. Over three thousand emigrants added in new York to . The loss by fire in the Missouri Penitentiary night before last will Proba Bly reach $60,000. A game of base Ball Between the Bostons and buffaloes to Day resulted in favor of the former. A Resolution was adopted in the Pennsylvania legislature looking to a Transfer of the remains of William Penu from Buckingham England to Philadelphia. The contract for Boring a Tunnel through Boston Mountain on the a Kansas division of the st. Louis and san Francisco Railroad Between Fay evil be and fort Smith has been awarded to Keegan and Sully. Stew Toek House Way that it cokes very readily. Socorro Jumer. The pastor s Hority maintained. What is the Ante whispered a red Gulch Miner with a single $20 Gold piece to the Deacon with the collection plate at the Baptist Church at Black run Colorado lie was told to contribute whatever he chose whereupon he said he d Chip in a Dol Lar and proceeded to take $19 in change. The Deacon softly replied that no change was give. A Strug Gle ensued the plate was upset and the congregation was in the act of jumping the Deacon s claim when the minister an old californian leaned Over the pulpit with a Large Navy revolver and observed the Brethren will please take police that i be got the drop on them and brother who declines to go to Hia seat or who touches of that Money will have a funeral at his House to Morrow at 2 o clock p. Our min in Friend from red Gulch will kindly release the Deacon s Throat or he is a dead the Twenty Dolla r Gold piece went to save the Heathen. Leadville flows. An Opportunity missed. A Lew Days ago a stage Man was in town who proposed to do an Excel Lent thing in the Way of providing regular communication Between Las vegas and the hot Springs. He is the owner of the two elegant coaches that formerly ran Between Colorado Springs and Manitou. They Are the finest coaches in the country Roomy comfortable and upholstered in file style. The railway to Manitou brought their usefulness practically to a end and the owner cast about to find another route on which o run his magnificent vehicles. He proposed to bring them to this City and establish a regular line Between Here and the Springs. After looking Over the ground he was More anxious than Ever to Pat on the coaches but the railway company could not Guaran tee him the privileges to asked. Hav ing entered into a contract with j. S. Duncan by which through tickets from Eastern Points including Back fare were sold at the Springs it could not permit the Manitou Man to Check baggage on the trains via his line nor solicit patronage. Had we secured the establishment of this stage line it would have been one of the Best advertisements for the Springs. Tho comforts and conveniences of Tho Manitou coaches have so Long been been the subject of favourable com ment by tourists that the announce ment that they were to be used hero would have been a Good card. To shall need More facilities for reaching the b Prius than at present offered because to Nave every reason to expect a Rush this season. Railroad Avenue opposite the depot Las vegas everything new rates rea.s03sta.bije by in connection. Fresh bread Rolls buns Etc., constantly on hand. T. A. Netterberg proprietor Little Buttercup pure refined lard in 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 40 Pound tins received at c. 10. Wesche s. 4- of. Green and Gold front. The finest line of la Dies hats at i. Stern s. Keep the dust out of your rooms by using Lockhart & go s rubber weather strips. It the Iii Coffee House Lincoln Street a Cut door to crowning s real office East. Las vegas n. Mus. Kaston i Rop Letress. Ice Cream Saloon Fino Coffee Fino tart and Good Kun tag a specially. Sealed propos in. Coun to commissioner s Hill 1881. Sealed proposals will to received on Trio Ostli of May Lai at the Jonty clerks Ollice be tween the hours of 10 and 12 a for the construction of two Bridge covering Tom two. Main Acequia Between kist unit Wen Las vegas on Centre Street according to plans my specifications which will be shown Byli Oad commissioner , lit Trio comity clerk s Ollice payment to by made on comp ton of the work i county Bond re serving the right to reject or All bids not considered satisfactory by Tho undersigned. D. A Khz chairman. If. W. Weed prop a keeps Choice wines i liquors and cigars. Club rooms attached. A a Tois to Urtiew Mexico in the rear of the dining Hall. Mcdonald s Park grocery in Dold s Block formerly occupied by m. Brunswick now open 1 Beady for business a Complete Stock of fees Geo genies. Our motto is live and let live and we will sell As Low a plus lowest
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