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Las Vegas Morning Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1881, Page 1

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Las Vegas Morning Gazette (Newspaper) - March 15, 1881, Las Vegas, New Mexico $ of Callas Vega h vol. G. Los vegas a. M., tuesday March 15, 1881. Toto. 208. The Czar Payne & Bartlett l Ca Fis in Diann in was naps. Pm Nita � win re Fly Usu Uisu a Vum Iii a Cash the dignity of the Sena e. He i Kif lit Bay in Lepiny to the a Cut Ainuu from Ohio that the suggest Ion As to the withholding of votes had not originated on the be publican Side but had conic from the Deli socratic sen Aio r Avo was Able to Clear himself lie commented on Pendleton s Asser Tion he hoped democrats would withhold their votes and let the organization proceed or else go info executive session. Or. Hill emphatically declared that 5. To Jle agents Roii thelic celebrated Rockford watch co. Marwede Ihler & co. Dlr in had wave Woodenware stoves i tinware altogether Twenty persons More or less were injured. Tho a Hole City is in deep Loudon March 14. A st. Peters Burg correspond Cut telegraphs that the Czar s Rishi to leg was nearly torn from his body Aud his left leg badly Shai Terete. Cossack Aud pass Erler were killed on the spot. L h grand Duke Michael a officer of the escort and another Cossack have since died. Giad Duko Michael was surrounded contrary to his custom by a Strong mounted escort. The people Are in tensely excited and indignant Aud those who greatly loved the Czar Are Lupus. All of the officials hastened to the Palace to enquire As to the condition of the Czar. Tele Rains his death the Johnson optical company .1 full line of mexican fill Gree jewelry and Miner plated Hare Olipido Zaito Otero Bollar o. R. Browning East Las vegas k. M., real Tate & represents Tho oldest Tho largest the Best insurance com part is in Tho world. A pets. It Tual life new York $01,7 02 Liverpool and London and Clobe London sim191 00 London ass to tame London 13,886,111 9c al Ken Liverpool 4,, .".7 00 Ilowe vow York it so i Ingfield main clips. Its 2, s3,5 5 10 ii a my Catu m a u Kab i re us May f87.8t2j 00 total$1.13, 0111,281 35 i2�t3tt Tauc s is . A Harp the 1stno Humbug. Fresh groceries a Hopp 33 goods Foj the be. T so 3ddkttis3 t pm apr any other House in Jia Iii i Urdi tick their 2srri"w store East vegas Jacob Groft a. J Gross Blackwell & co. to Otero Sella r & co. Wholesale i Alers in general merchandise my Nisi Iii Tutu and on line of a. T. & s. F Rah Road Illast 3llis vegas new Mexico. i ii of assassinated by two students. Bombs thrown into his Carriage in the streets. The feeling of the people in and elsewhere. An organization debate interests the Senate. A Man robbed of $5,000 in a �. & it. G. Sleeper. Stanley Matthews nominated As associate judge. The death of the csar. St pc Lesbur March 14. The following Imperial Mia Testo Litis been promulgated we by the Grace of god Alexander third emperor Ami autocrat of All he lius is Czar of Poland grand Duke of Fiu Laud Etc. Hereby make known 10 All our fait no subjects that it has pleased the almighty in his will t visit Lutissia wit a heavy blow of Fate Aud to Call her Benefactor Empe ror Alexander second to himself. Lie fell by the bands of impious murderers who Hud repeatedly sought his precious life Aud made their attempts because they saw in him a protector of , the foun Dation of her greatness and the pro Moi of the welfare of Tho Itu stau people. Pm us Bow to the unfathomable will of divine Providence and offer to p to the almighty stir prayers for the repose of the pure soul of our be loved father. We ascend the throne which we inherit from our forefathers i he throne of the uus Siau Empire Aud Czar Dom Aud Genud Dukedom inseparably you useted with it. We As sume the heavy responsibilities which go has imposed upon us with firm Reliance upon 11 ii almighty help. May he bless our work to the welfare of our beloved father Aud May he guile our strength for the hit Siuess of All our faithful subjects in Repe at ing before almighty god the whole our life to the care for the ave i fare and Honor of . We Call upon ail our faithful subjects to unite be fore the almighty their prayers with ours and command them to swear to us and to our successors. By his Imperial highness Here Lita by grand Duke Nicola. Given at so l Petersburg a. D. 1881, Aud first year of our reign. The police arrested several persons overheard denouncing the emperor and apply tiding the murder. Upon the arrest of i he second Assassin he admitted his guilt and on being told hat his accomplice had been arrested said they Avert ready t die any moment lie Miqu Credif the Czar was dead and on the police Refu int o answer the ques iou gleefully exclaimed a 1 know by that that we have succeeded. Long live the people " the police refuse to give the Ames or any particulars relating to the prisoners. Chat they Are nihilists is however beyond a doubt. Both Are Young Meu and apparently of Good birth Aud de ii cation. Berlin March 14 the sensation canned Here by the assassination is indescribable. Tho Imperial Prin Cess remained till two o clock this morning with emperor William who is inconsolable. Crow Prince Fred Erick William of Prussia will go to st. Petersburg to attend the funeral. Loudon Mii Cit 14. The Prince Aud Princess of Wales Prince Aud priv Ces s Teck the whole staff of the rus a n ambassadors Aud other Fortis Fri representatives attended a special service at the Wilbrey Street greek Chapel in Loudon. Paris March 14. President Grevy the. Egr phed condolence to the Impe rial russian family. Newspapers of All shades of opinion express horror al the emperor s murder. Washington March 14. The Fol Loti dispatch has just been received from st. Petersburg by Blaine al Washington the Czar Witch ascends the Iron was Alexa utter Iii. Signed new York March 14. Flags in the City Are at half Mast in respect of the emperor of . St. Petersburg March 14. Agency russe says grand Duke Michael was driving behind the Czar s Sleigh with col. Dor Zisky. The second bomb thrower was not arrested but disappeared in the crowd. The troops taken the oath of Alle Giance to Tho new emperor and Impe rial family and Tho court officials swore Ulleg auce to Alexander Iii. The Man arrested yesterday confessed he threw Tho first bomb but Donies All knowledge of the per Sou who Lii Rew the other. In addition to the revolver Avrich the prisoner attempted to use a Dagger was found on him. The name he gives is Bellmio Betake. The prisoner is 21 years of age and a native of Bers retch. During the night a Cossack who declined to give his name died from injuries reel esd by Bunting bomb. Whenever the seat was tilled the sen ate would be i Moe Ratic As now otherwise he had been deceived. Thirty High t senators it re sent Here to set As democrats that f the Senate Cue member Davis was Noi event a a Democrat but by democratic votes and he had announced in lofty Aud patriotic words that he would he True to the Trust which Etui him. If. Is coupling stated the republicans would h Ive a majority How had it been accomplished not by Stales or leg Tiai ure. The Roppul Licau must have seized a Democrat who did it. Conkling had not Anil he did not Ropert tiny of e who did. Lie assorted Gaiu Eliut i he demo rats had Whir y Dino votes and Conkling would t d Ity in. Conkling however did pointedly Leuv it. Hill did not blame a Man for Chang ing his opinion but it was his do y to form his Asu rates of such a and no Dunn crat had known it avas that Conkling had relic on. Coupling Rose As into reply but merely pointed to i he desk of t Evite presiden t Aud Hill continued Esfi Todle to assert the i no mat in this body would he guilt v of trac Verv t his constituents. Lie denied the rep it thai Olarri and Brown would vote with the Republican and said it was absurd hid denied the right of h e vice presi Ilot to t Particia e in t lie Franiz ton of the Senate. Who e was thai Olio Vole the Lii Piso inn re lied on who was ambitious Lomo what no one had Ever done to Sian a up in ibis High place and proclaim that. Which disgraces the a mini n he holds and Call in he tin i Ypuh Licau s ree Etc i in with a c i a is he Wor by of Assoc Tion is he worthy to be a do r a rte Iii i Liean ? he al Vales to Qin Iio Hie Federal patronage being used to buy ing votes to keep the Republican party in control and approved the presi dents message on the subject of Tut u re in office. Washington March 14. The expectation the contest on the organization of Hie Senate would be uncommonly interesting to a y the galleries were filled at an Early hour and the floor was also crowded throughout the afternoon by member of the House of representatives giving the hat ber tin appearance of a regular Fiel Day which the exciting character of the proceedings full justified. Robbed in a Sleeper. Denver March 14. The this morning contains an account of the robbery of John onus on the South hound Rio Grande train Satur Day fight of filly Liv e Hundred Dol Lars. The Money wis the Proee is of an important real estate when he boarded the Irain he was intoxicated and Hoti died. By recklessly. Soon at Ier leaving Denver to went to bed in r Leper and when he arrived at Puquio i found he had been robbed of every cent. There is no glue As to who committed the robbery. Stanley Matthews nominated. Washington March 11. The pres ident nominated Stanley Matthews of Ohio associate Justice of the in led s ates supreme court do. A. Purdee of Louisiana United slates circuit judge of the fifth judicial circuit John w. Powell of Illinois director of United slates geological surveys. Moodey an Sankey. San Francisco March 11. And Sankey have entered upon the seventh and last week of their work Here. Large crowds have attended All the meetings and the accession of new members to the hunh Lias been great. The noted evangelists go East via the Southern Pacific quid Avill Stop at Denver. The train in Nebraska. Omaha neb., March 14. All delayed u. P. Trains East and West have now been transferred with wagons around the flood of water three Miles West of Fremont. The Transf t will be continued until the water sub sides. It is said this is but the. Begin Ning of High water troubles on tins and other Nebraska roads. The Halloch trial. The defense in the Kay Coli t rial closed to a y. The prisoner testified in his own behalf that he went to the chronicle office to Endeavor to arrange Avith de voting for the sup pression of the Pam Nhel referring to his father that Deyot Irig first Drew his pistol and Tho witness fired in self defence e. Filling a Senate vacancy. St Paul March 14gov. Pillsbury this morning appointed gen. A j. Edgerton of Kassou county to the u s. Senate to till the vacancy Cauca by the appointment of Wii Idom to the Cabinet. The new sen do r Avill leave for Washington at noon to Day. Is co. East lob Vega insurance t & canned goods warm n a m a a Etc j it Belfi Kull a. C Siock Tun. it sit ave i at the l it parlor Barber shop. Baths attached. Center Street East Las vegas Martsolf i contractor and builder Las a Egas Santa be Albuquerque and san Marcial. Row Xvi. , Hill has just received the very Best Keg Beer. He a setting also thu Inest lunch in the territory. Give him a Call. G Patt practical Tinner sole of miners folding Camp stove. Cull and examine. Bridge Street. Las vegas y Chari Dunn notary Public Rincon. Neav Mexico " " Sai k Wood Wood Wood Ltd Corda or Wood at st .50 per Load. For for tji aril imly at tails of iliac. Georfe it i Tif i i i. Coal Coal Coal i., it 7 or toe Kizart a in 9 Han Waro is Tore or t their Mill Mike. George Ross a out. A Liziert i proprietors brewery Saloon opposite Jai a bros., East Side. It i Leer alway in Drai Fht. Also in i Ifni und whim a. Lunch counter in connection. Tit rank Ogden in dealer in coffins caskets and l Mlenak Liik to dog of All kind kept constantly on hand. Las vegas new Mexico. All order 1 Romilly filled. C1alvin i of Iee on entre st set i not 1 at vet Fnu real estate Xii of Toti broker. Iowa i Rupert for Salu. And Wilotis furnishing goods to Odenwald r Block on Plaz is vegas Neav Mexico. Itou nikke Mios. Dealers in groceries and provisions make a specially of All celebrated brands of canned goods. Quick sales ax1 shall profits. Opposite Pri thiard g residence East Las vegas Neav Mexico. Theatre at Baca is Axx t or a Short season Only. Tits versatile artiste. In elite bold supported by the Superb dramatic company commenting monday March 7th. Juror Toniuk of plays Cane for divorce Tanchon ticket of Taal e m in two orphans " Camille cult rated Case Kant Rose Michuel Ca to Aud Man others. Admission 91 reserved me to 81.23 reserved sent ran had at tie Possolt be and at Herbert is drug store in new town. G. Akl i a business Maruki r. Ii s. Meg Kuikit Advance agent. Alice g Rounis. i of Chicago announce to the people of lug vegas that having a i a Lar Hospit ,1 experience is prepared to treat All diseases of women and children. Is Erial Attenni in riven to diet Oculi obstetric a cases. R oms at the grand View h it d. Wanted for Sale for rent lost wanted. A it Yumon As a ine inhaled a i american lady and capable of managing a House. Apply n t this Ollie. 2.it. In i cd a Stoud woman who is a Good and can attend to housework and who is it a i m i i 1 Wirk can find Good pm i Grant at Good wages by it Liis o Hice. -1of we i cd. Immediately . Poles our i at the. Top. Leave any c in Nuiji cation at the in Miguel a Ina a bios. 17vjk ale Fine s Nek Rainich Good Range of running War Lias a goo i House and Coral. Win be sub tor ii or Ematile taken in Exchange apply to c. Browning East Las v. Gas. Sale cows and calves. Aim for a disc. A. Lewis Albuquerqu a n. a Lek for Sale. By Moore & Hulvat in Springs. Leave orders at Herbert & co drug Styro on the Daza 17oh Salea Good a Lyleen borne Powe engine Ull in running order Ami Large enough to run n hour Mill. Any person Levi Irma to Nee it running can do so any Day at in v planing Mill at la teens. Apply Loi Thermal to ii Vil. A Quoten. Ai of it Vot rat. A Wii Iuchi Nastoi new Nind old Allison s. 157-t f. Kor split. Tire a Ivo wine by pint quart or g lion at the Cunt us do store o t m inlay on the , a valued e7j Opal sleeve Button. Anyone returning the same to the Olyce f the grand Tiew hotel wit be suitably re aided. Proposals for fresh beef and Mutton. Lead Quarti is Deatric of new Mexico folic of the chief commissar to l subs ence s Uta be n. M., Muren 2, 1s81 sealed proposals in twin locate. Subject to the usual o and Lions. Will be rec led at this office or at the Rich of Tho acting can Rissane of Kubil stench at the following named nods until u o clock noon i the 2 Thadav of april 1s8i, at which Timo and places they will be a pwned in Tho Resen Cclif bidders for punishing a d do. Iver of fresh beef Keef Aitie and Mutton during thu or commencing july Ilsel and of Ding june so 18s2, in such Quanti ties As May be r. at Foru Bayard Ralg Cumming to Marcy Manton Union and a Long the ind Oju Caliente now Mexico Kortbus Texas and new Post on Rio la Plata fort Lewis Colorado. The government reserves the Liht to reject any or Ull proposals. Bank proposals and printed circulars stating the Quality of beef and Mutton kind of cattle required mid gluing full instructions As to the manner of blvd no and terms of contract and payment will be furnished on application to this office or t the acting commissaries of subsistence of the pm ions posts need. Envelope containing p opos Lis Huld be marked "pr.pnsal8 Lor fresh Beel Beel Catt a or Mutton us the ease May be and addressed to tre undersigned or t the respective Osl commissaries of subsistence. C. A. Woop Kukuc Captala c. 8., c. A. Chief. Pc. were sent to All foreign courts and to every part of the Empire. It is stated that the bombs nitride of a thick mass and filled with nitroglycerine. T. E Assassin stood on the opposite Side of the Road and the Carriage was moving fat. The first Shell struck the ground behind it Aud the Back of the Carriage was blow out. The co Chinau implored the Czar to Enier the Carriage again but he moved a few Steps from the car ring e to see the Avau used of his escort. The Assassin Avo threw Tho first bomb tried to Point a revolver at the Czar but the pistol was struck from his hand. The Czar seemed to recover consciousness before his demo and motioned away the doctors who wanted to amputate his legs. Czar Vic h us Czar a Avent to the Palace alter his death to avoid the sympathizing cries of the people. The company of guards surrounded the Palace of the Duke Aud dutchess of it Linburg and tins grand Duke Alexis has left London Forst. Peters Burg. St. Petersburg March 14 the Bells of the City Are tolling and there Are everywhere to be see manifestations of mourning on account of the death of the Czar. Public build Ings stores and residences Are draped in Black offices of legation govern ment department stores and places of business Are generally cd Sod. 8 for the funeral of the murdered emperor will be made on the most extensive scale on Anco in of the High rank of the dead ruler. It is the prevailing opium you Hern now that the Czar of will find serious obstacles confronting him at the outset of his reign. There Are rumours of nihilist plots Rife and fears of outbreaks and further assassinations Enteria Ned. San Francisco March 14. Flags at the russian Consul and other places in Tho City Aud on the German shipping in the Harbor Are it half Mast throw sri respect to the memory of the late Czar. At 12 o clock to Day requiem was Sun r. St. Petersburg March 14 Russa of f who threw the first bomb a been a student for the past two years at the mining Academy. The second bomb thrower is also a Young Man. London March 14. It is reported that the Prince of Wales will attend the funeral of the Czar. Berlin March 14. Emperor Wil Liam the Imperial Princess and Ninny foreign ambassadors at ended funeral mass at the Chapel of the russian Iii Bassey to a y. T Row Prince Fred Erick William Prince Albert gen eral count von Moltke Aud general Enron von Moltke Avo Are Hwn Omry Field marshals in the russian army will attend the funeral. St. Petersburg March 14. Upon the announcement of the death of the Czar of All the flags on the Black and Caspian seas were put at half Mast. St. Petersburg March 14. The greatest excitement prevails through out the City. Stores and Public buildings of All kinds am nearly All closed. The Royal official May be seen going around with Verv sombre countenance wearing the badge of mourning. The Royal Palace in draped in mourning. Bells Are continually tolling in respect for l he dead Czar and requiem mass celebrated hourly. Large numbers of people stand around the capital gazing vaguely at what seems the mighty dead. Sebast Pool March 14. Shipping Here is at half Mast. London March 14. The shipping is at half Mast in respect to the Czar s death. St. Petersburg March 14. The prisoners Are Young Meu Aud under 25, of apparently Good family Aud education. They refuse to make any statement at present. To the people who loved the Czar the deed is atrocious and Tho Auger is terrible to be hold. Debate in the Senate. Wash Uptou March 14. In the sen ate debate to a y Pendleton affirmed that the democrats had nothing to Gaiu by organization except the Power to proceed with the confirmation of the Republican president appointments. It was a dangerous precedent that the republicans pro posed to pair two elected members Here present with women yet to be Aud who May never be elected there Wai no undue haste. It seemed to him that nothing could to More unwarrantable or More lacking in Utility in the scale of propriety than for the republicans to consent to a constitutional organization of the Senate against a constitutional majority of the Senate to end that organization which might be overturned wednes Day or thursday next. It seeded to him that such a proceeding would be not Only for a Side purpose but Boas vegas Colle a special class in Spanish mfr omit 7 to 8 a. It. Apply at the College building. At Kle purity Tallison. I carpenters and builders Las vegas n. Will itt Cid t nil to Iroini by in both City nil Coli try Ami Quarante aut islam Loii in Mollit Ion Otice. The Iirth sni it to Benthul & Knoll of la Cin a i Lissul de by Mutual c sent on and al tit March la 18s1. Signed m. . A Knoll. Lime for Sale in any Quantity desired. Address z. S. Ontic Cav walnuts n. Hack line. Strausner s to line running weekly to White Oaks. Pas enters carried go Miles for $15. Leave orders at sunnier House Las vegas or Jurk s hotel White Oaks. Will make the trip in t n rec or Lour Days according to Wea ther. Wood investment. For $8,000 in legitimate business which will double t he Money in live years. It is desirable t t any person i wishing to invest should investigate the business before investing. For further information address Ichisi Ollice. I All tie latest periodic ils now on Sale at the Poslof lice ii ook for c. In granted 150 lest kerosene Oil i for sat at the of mitral drugstore. Stayed or Stoicu. A Bay mule with a new Saddle and bridle with curb bit. From the in ii depot March Vili about c 3u p. In. By returning the same to due Cali s Stab a East Laj Vega a Liberal re Ward will be secured and no ones Liott a asked. 3 8tf. Messes. Williams & co. Of the Cen trial drug store desires to to announce i hey Nave on the Road a Large Aud Fino Stock of stationery including papers envelopes pen inks pocket Bill and pass books Papeete Rie a Aud a general assortment of sta Lioner a go to Lockhart & to s new head quarters. The largest Slock of Wall paper and window curtains to be found in the territory at clock Bart & co s. I
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