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Las Vegas Morning Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1881, Page 4

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Las Vegas Morning Gazette (Newspaper) - January 20, 1881, Las Vegas, New MexicoA iioitr1i1i.e Gazette Viegra s Jim Utju ,, is Laid to me and he ashamed of he reputation that he had gained. If you get out. You could get Upa show like Buffalo big you have Hud advertising a much if " was Hio by cuing Cut. I Elf w 11um 1k3j Abe dc1xg the largest business in our line. Are prepared to Underill All others. Will take pleasure in showing our Well assorted Slock. Aud 411.1 ran tee satisfaction to nil our customers. Keep the latest styles. And never carry id Stock. We invite attention to our o jul 33 yes 3esl 33 3es in5l 3e3. T Tsal 3e3 zoo t. Aro agents tor Devlin & co., new York. Keep the largest line of samples Ever shown. Suits ready in fifteen Days. Satisfaction guaranteed and no o. O. D. Business. G. R. Browning East Las vegas n. M h estate k insurance agent represents the oldest the largest the Best insurance companies in the world. Na3ikj. Assets. Mutual life new York $90,000,000 00 Liverpool and lox Dox and Globe London 30,032,215 00 London Assurance Loi Ulon 15,886.110 a Queen Liverpool 10,000,009 00 Home new York 0,500,00 00 Springfield Massachusetts 2,000,000 00 Siam Surg Magdeburg Germany 1,000,000 00 total $150,018,325 9� ii Tsu ba1tce is quote Tiou. How we 4 i out of the territory tor the st. Loun Iloh Iii Tocol leading , 011 the i r to Paje 1 monday s Issue a the following i0rr ble yarn it allocated under. Startling caption of lariats and j Loul i mood work on the new Max ican under lawlessness quickly quelled by Trie masses five desperadoes lynched in Short the Democrat received it by Telegraph from Leadville and the despatch stated that Tho Herald publishes an interview with a former resident of Lead Yilli who this just returned from Colorado new Mexico the present terminus of Tho Atchison Topeka & Santa be railway. He says a woman Mary Mcbride was making her Way from Colorado the present ter minus to the old town a distance of t mile and a half. She was walking Doug leisurely when she noticed four i my. Men coming towards nor. were very demonstrative but she thought them endowed with sufficient Hui Muity to respect a woman and endeavoured to proceed on her Way. Thev surrounded and. Ordered her to give up her Money if Mielad any. She declined to do so when i hey adopted compulsory method.?, and relieved her of $127 which was the last cent she had. The woman returned to the end of the track and described the villains who had robbed her. That night three Rotthe ruffians were found playing cards in a Saloon and Justice was indeed summary. Without a word the vigilantes walked Forward and seizing the highwaymen marched them out. Popes were soon placed about their necks and they were dangling from Telegraph poles. Tho avengers returned to their Hornea i s if nothing unusual had occurred. The next Day Tho gentleman interviewed continued his journey and arrived in san Marcial in Good time 0 witness the invasion of the town by two desperadoes whose yells and carousels made the place hideous. Scarcely had he seated himself at the hotel table when shrieks Aud the tiring of Revol vers summoned the guests to their feet and running out upon the Plaza Thev could see the darkness broken Here and there by Tho hash of revolvers. In 1 moment Tho entire populace was up in arms and in Pur suit of the disturber who ran ii Weir animals with break Nec k Speed to the old town of san Marcial. Here they repeated their Devi try Ami entertained themselves of ruling into a Saloon. Shooting out the lights taking Possession of the bar and Runn m things general. While Thev were in the Saloon and had Complete Ami 11 n disturbed Possession of the place Oit arrived from the new town am approaching noiselessly Corral re 1h roughs the proprietor Oad abandoned the place and at a word the entire party open dire on the usurp ers. Volley upon vol Ley was fired in upon i hem and subsequent examination disclosed thai seventy on e balls had found their Way into the t to bodies. Tha next Day a Hole was dug in the Prairie and the Ilad men thrown int it is strange that no one Here knows anything of the affair and to give it no or Danee. It must to to invt new Mexico has got up Sucha reputation it Tho Stales that the Public is easily gulled into believing anything the scene of which is located in this Terri tory. Yesterday Albert Stern was four years old 01 id in order to celebrate the Day i 11 a befit Ting manner to gave a dinner to a number of his hic associates. Accordingly a number of invitations were sent out and lie following named Little folks responded to i he cab Jake. Graaf Sammie Sulzbacher Charley Cohen it. Sulzbacher Carrie Leon Carrie Sulzby Oscr 11. And i. Raynolds a Linio Morrison Jacob Sulzbacher Louis and Herman meld. Each and All brought present to give their Little Host. A Good time was enjoyed Aud t in dinner was pre pared with skill Aud to suit the tastes of those in attendance. In t ii opening Nielli. V. I. A Vireil was Musil a Euga Geu All Day yesterday in fitting up a suite of room. On the Corner of Centre Street and grand Avenue preparatory to his grand opening everything is put in the Best of style. The floors arc carpeted the Walls papered and Hung with costly mirrors and pictures. Tie c us room is a Model of neatness and Comfort. W. W. Dodd a skilled hand at the Busi Ness will mix Tho drinks and Seo that Tho thirsty Are not allowed to g i i care d for. Tom is a Good fellow and to doubt not will have a Good run of business in his new location. Llev. Thomas Unerwood left for Socorro yesterday. Thursday Antaky 20,ii i i. The it v i he i x i i it i sox full Iii the hid mid Iii part errs in i lie Nauta be jail. H Litti Itada Bauslin say. A Lew Days ago a representative of the Gazette paid a visit to Billy i annoy the kid Dave Puda Baugh Aud Billy Wilson in the Santa pc jail they were All heavily shackled Aud and were lying about on their cots but Rose As Tho heavy Iron door swung Back on its Hin cos. Afler speaking with them All. The Gazette Man made some remarks on the tidiness of their Rell. Of this 19 a Palace As com pared with that place they put Fel lows in in vegas said Billy we be Becu scrubbing up to Day he continued glancing around and contemplating their work. The men All appeared to be in Good humor Aud the talk passing from one Lopic to another the kid said i m getting up u terrible al Lusion being made to the horrible i lure of him in the police 2tews that has been Tho laughing Stock of the Len Hill v made All manner of fun of it. "1 got hold of lie paper when it. Was brought in he said " but j was ashamed to let the other Fellows Sac it. Was t it Savage though lie d. We gave our unbiased opinion that we thought it was and were not a Little amused at the Way the subject of the frontispiece t the super sensation al paper ran on about it. I never had any Beautiful mexican girl with me. It was As much As i could do to take care of myself was Hia disposition of the picture. But his eyes flashing Asho spoke she was game though. See the Way she stood Oil All the crowd after me said the a Durer of personal courage. I say Boss Sung out a fellow lying near the stove Haiut you got any influence with the u. S. Government to get it to give me a hat and the fellow swung Over his head a paper Cap such As Dull scholars in Back Woods towns Down East Wear As a Symbol of dullness. Llave Yon Uny other hat no nor 1 Saint had any for sixteen months Ever since i was put lie s had hard Luck that fellow has said one of the boys. He s been in Here for sixteen months waiting trial for something that his nibs did pointing to Dave us Sabaugh who Wasly Inguar the Lellow with the paper Cap. Yes they be kept him in for what i did attested us Sabaugh. We were considerably interested in knowing who this Man might be and found on in Quiry 1 hat it was " tack Well known in vegas and who was accused of robbing the coach near this City. None of them men they be got in jail had anything to do with robbing the stage or the train said Luda Baugh. I m in for it now and might Sis Well Tell the truth. The Stokes boys Are perfectly innocent and so Are All Tho men who were mistrusted of being mixed up in both affairs. T Don t propose to Tell who did do either but they Hayen t got any of the men but there was a gen eral conversation concerning the Stokes boys and All the boys said it was a shame that they were Ever arrested. "15. Jack told his Story lie said that he was broke and was just tied up with rheumatism. I could t have walked As far As where the coach was robbed and Back to my room he said. That s the Way with some of us poor devils who Haven t any Friend said he they just pounce Down n us because they think no one would believe a word we would 6ay." lie was in goad humor like the rest but he has had Neor a y a year and a half to Brood Over his misfortune and was at times some what sour. They be got another innocent Man in jail in vegas said he Sabaugh. When asked who that might be he said Webb he Ain t any More guilty it Ivil Llu Ivvie Iliavi till i y j u in to the in ported editor came to the conclusion that it his residence in vegas in March were made a test of Webb s innocence that Man a Safe. I saw the whole affair and if my word is Worth anything i say that that Man ddn t do the he stoutly adhered to this and said that if to Only had a Chance to testify to would say so. Well Billy what do you think of your notoriety we asked of the i Don t Sec any Money in it. Everything that a been done in hint Villa Hie Best offer yet made four of Frank Leslie s publications one v Kau for Only $2.50. I lie Frank Leslie publishing co., 15 Dey st., new York wiil Send Frank Leslie s fam ily Friend u illustrated paper Lor out v $1 .00 one year. Frank Leslie s Young folks devoted to the interest of Young people and Enn Taining much to interest those of a More mature age a illustrated paper. Price per year 50 Frank Leslie s National agriculturist and working Farmer a illustrated paper for Only $1 Oit her year with or. J. B. Kendall s eminent treaties on the horse and his diseases a look of 100 pages so engravings free to each sol Inscriber Frank Leslie s pulpit of the Day a illustrated paper. Just t lie paper for sunday Reading. Price tidy 75 cents per year including two Beautiful Ehron ios " l he first easter Dawn and the first or All four of the above publications for $2.50pe year. Samples of a 1 the above Publ cations and illustrated catalogue without premiums for 15 cents. All desiring steady and Proll table employment should Send at Oitice before their Terri tory a taken. Any of the at Iove publications sent for six months at half rates. Addres Frank Leslie publishing co.15 Dey Street new York. C de i. Moore dealer in i Lynnval merry undue. Puerto do Luna new Mexico a car Load of nails received by Lockhart co. Another car Load of furniture received by Lockhart & co. Lockhart & co., Are Headquarters for Queens Are Glass Ware chandeliers and lamps. The largest Stock of Wall paper and window curtain to be found in the territory at Lockhart & co s. A. F. Giant Labrador do Piedra. I sos de Piedra Una Especial dad. Examine Lockhart & co s Stock of doors Sash paints oils and Glass in their new building. Driving Tilocca. Thirty dozen hand made California Buckskin driving gloves a direct shipment from the manufactory just received by a Romero & pro. Wines and liquors of the Best qual Ity and of the Best Brand at whole Sale or retail at m. Incise a South Side of the Plaza Las vegas n. 3�3-t f what s Tho Racket. Let me in was the remark we Hoard this morning on the Corner of the Plaza made by several excited persons As they were elbowing in every direction trying to squeeze their Way into Pell Craig & go a the Plaza grocers. The crowd was so great that they could not be waited upon at a time and Many had to stand around for an hour before the gentlemanly clerks could attend to their wants. Sell cheap and they Are hound to buy. Good goods will sell in any Community and that is the reason poll Craig & co. Has Sucha Rushing Prado All the time. Elbow you Way in and Don t leave the store until you have Pur chased All the groceries you will want during Tho we will continue to sell our Choice Wisconsin Roll butter at Twenty five e cents per Pound potatoes three dollars per Hundred pounds. Come Aud see for yourselves. Sell cheap and they Are bound to that is our motto. Scotch Higley whisky French Pony Brandy and a full invoice of imported wines and liquors at Billy fresh oysters fresh oysters at n83tf j. Graaf & go s. Billy Lias the finest imported q ours in town. Tho strangest thing a going now is to Sec Tho crowd of ladies going1 to Charles Ilfeld s to buy Dolman us ters Aud cloaks. A Rcw Stock of charter Oak store just received by , Juilder co s. The buys re proved themselves having nothing to come lain of regard ing their keeping and Kot pirs and j said Miat sheriff Marline and every j one connect cd with the jail treated them As the Gazette Man turned to go a. impressed on his Inird his Weed of a hut and coat and the doors clanged on the prisoners. 7.etti Jan Ixos. The new England club will Hay another Yankee supper on the even ing of the 26th inst. The new round House at Trinidad will be built of Cottonwood Kansas. Mono and will contain ten stalls. From private letters received from men in the Florida mountains we have the Assurance that something big in the Way of strikes will soon be made known. The knights of i y t Ilias will give a grand Ball on the night of the 19ih of february Luvita Iotis will be is sued in due time and the arrange ments will be announced in a Short time. The Atlantic and 1 to ill railway people wiil it is reported one Day this week in. Y two Aud a Naif Miles of track As a test of Speed against the other roads building in the territory. Albuquerque journal. The grand Lodge of masons closed their session yesterday at noon after the installation of the officers for the ensuing year. Most of Tho Mem Bers from a distance took the train for Home in the afternoon. Sherill h. Pomero has appointed As his deputies j. Ii. Teats and x. Segura the Are Good appointments and both being intelligent and sober gentlemen they w ill Fult Ilithe duties of the office with competency. A. �. Bobbins the furniture Man whose places of business now Arcata Buque que Simla be and Las vegas will leave for Elpaso to night to open a furniture House at. That Point. Bob bins is an energetic and enterprising Man Aud de Success. Albuquerque journal. The sensational happenings in new Mexico of late have attracted considerable attention abroad and we understand that col. E. Z. C. Juds ii red but Liucy is now on his Way to new Mexico to interview various men to secure material for blood and Thunder literature. The variety combination played to a full House last night at ii Trimm s. Chapman Hall was crowded and every seat taken. The performance was highly appreciated and cheered by the audience. The admission has been reduced to 25 cents. A Supe rior entertainment is billed for to night. The maps of Tho White Oaks min ing District and Las vegas which or. C. W. Greene received orders for Here and at White Oaks last month will be ready and he will be Here to deliver them next week. He promises a very Complete map of the District which includes the pc coh Valley and West to the Manzano. Or. Strausner who o win one of Lite Hack lines Between this City and the White Oaks returned yesterday from one of his trips. reports a hard and cold journey but took his passengers through in Good style fee also says that the miners Are washing Gold in the Gulch which runs along Tho North Side of the town. Concerning the late Judian out break in the Southern country advices from doming the present ter minus of the Southern Pacific b. Ii., report that a stage from Mesilla to fort cd rulings was attacked by indians about ton Miles rom fort Cummings the bodies of the Driver Aud three men and one woman Pas sengers were found mutilated and Burnt. The bodies were removed to Cumming. The Remez Valley hot Springs Railroad company has been organized in Santa pc. The certificate of in corporation makes flip capital Stock j $300,000, divided into i,000 shares of $100 each i he officers of he company arc president m. S. Otero vice president s. Barnes treasurer m. A. Otero did Secretary Francis Downs. Co. Francisco Perca of Bernalillo is also interested in the company the proposed route for the Railroad is from Bernalillo to the Jemez Springs a distance of about thirty Miles. X. G. Browne esq., of Kansas City a thoroughly competent Gro Cryma a has recently arrived and taken Chargo of the retail department of the Plaza grocery of Boll Craig is co. Peso car a. Henry Byerson and family if for Home on yesterday s trained. Llo Tig non son of the late judge Houghton was in town pesto Day Chas. Mentz is in town in Tho in Ici est of Eddy Harvey & co. Of Chi Cago. Or. Sam Jaili of Trinidad will remain in this City til the first of february. W. W. I Ifni cashier of the first National Bank of Santa of returned Homo yesterday. Mrm. Bios Murld Aud Carl Wil donate in left for their Homes on yesterday s East bound Irani. Pc Furson buy Obj esq., went Down to Albuquerque yesterday. He wiil return on saturday. A. B. Webb representing Field loiter & co. Of Chicago is i i town in Tho interest of his House. I. I. Mcdonald to i prominent wholesale liquor dealer left for a trip to the end of the Trad 0 1 yester Day s 1 1 Ai 1. Phil Sheridan Aud party will pais through vegas to a y on a visit South As explained in Tho Gaz Ktuk d is patches y c e re a y. Tom. who manages the store of Chas. A a eld at Tiptonville was in town yesterday laying in new Good. J i is Trade is rapidly grow ing. Or. John Powell brother in Law of Arch Angel Filio Centre Street bakery was taking a look through our town. He expressed himself As Well pleased with the. App Arcure of things or. Geo. Hubbs who has the con tract for sinking the Well on the Wybo Oaks route near pad Ruals is in town wailing for about thirty to o feet of meow to Molt out of Tho Well so thai the workmen can go ahead with in. Work. Mrs. A. Mouncil and family started fur Philadelphia on yester Day s train. Mrs. Felt s health not being Good hero she will make that Cit v her future Home. Tho fam ily leave Many warm friends in this City who wish them a sate Ami pleas ant journey. T2 e .7ioaricirts. I. Has been estimated that the area of the Placer diggings of this District amounts to 87,000 acre. This it is estimated will yield $3.r0 per solid Yard. The depth to Bod Rock Oyer the entire area is front 4 j to 20 foot. Tho Only thing needed to develop these Rich placers is water and this will undoubtedly to obtained during Tho coming year. The first of March will see two drilling machines in full operation in this District one of those machines is Cap Bible of sinking Toa depth of l Soo fact a will Cost when placed in Ooms Moi nearly or quite $10,000. J f i to projectors of these Artesian Wells re coed d in licit under taking f finding an abundance the rus t to Placer Diggin wiil beggar anything Ever soon in the Golden Days of California. In arrive aim. St. hotel. James d. Ramsey 81. Loira h. French Denver j. A. A Suner Elmira n. R. By Singer st. Louis j. P. Chapman. Littleton co a. F. Sump Sau Illinois Geo. A. Artlett Littleton col. National Ilof e. J. L. French. Denver 1. Ii. Tkv cars Trini Fud w. B. I cod san Marcial. Rwy a Wall twi. Books will to open tor Ion Days at the office of Louis Sulzbacher for subscriptions to Tho capital Stock of Tho Aqua Pura company of Las vegas. Pursuant to a vote of the Boa id or directors preference will be Given the Oil and property owners of Las vegas to How Thoni to subscribe to the extent of any reasonable amount. Trinidad Pomero a Ico l Rosie Cut. La vegas n. Li., Deo. 27, 1880. 500 fonts of a voc wanted. Five Hundred cords of Wood wanted to be. Delivered As soon As possible near town. Apply to Hugh Pritch Aid at i to National hotel. Of. Go to Lockhart & co s new Hack Une. Strausner s Hack line running weekly to White Oaks. Passengers carried 1g5 Miles for file. Leave orders at Sumner House. Las vegas or Jurk s hotel White Oaks. Will make the trip in three or four Days according to weather. Go to ii. Lloise on the South Sido of the Plaza for Fine wines liquors and ars. 253- of i would respectfully Call the Atten Tion of All persons going to and from the Avite Oak mines and the pub lic in general to the fact that 1 have removed our store from tecolote to autor Chico where i keep a com plete assortment of general Merchan Dise and make a specially of miners supplies provisions act. Anton Chi co is on the direct route to the mines and i sell goods at the lowest rates. David Winternitz Anton Chico n. M go to Judd s liar ber shop and get scraped Exchange hotel. Of. Holbrook 3 tobacco is the Best. Theodore cute Nycek has received a Lino Stock of Gold and Silver filigree jewelry and also a Nice lot of Silver plated Ware Lor the holidays. Of c. E. Yves Etc Las Egas k. M., in order to make room for his Spring purchases will sell at reduced prices ids Stock of Siosi Katy 11loves, Smuts and underwear. and bleached Cottons have advanced but i shall continue to sell at old prices. Now is your time to buy cheap. Goods cheerfully shown. Send for samples. Orders promptly attended. Indian pottery. Tho largest Stock in the United states of Indian pottery both Anci ent and modern Ai m. A. Gold s in Dian department Santa Fen m.41-t f just received a new and Complete assortment of men s scarfs gloves Cardigan jackets and gents furnishing goods at j. Kosen Wali & co s kale. Parties desiring locations on which to build houses for business purposes or residences would do Well to Call on the undersigned who will sell lots at reasonable rates. All said lots Are situated on the cast Side of the rail Way opposite the depot. For terms etc., apply to m. Salazar. Office North East Corner of the Plaza. 246-t f. A lot of wagons horses and har Ness for Sale by f. J. Weber at Tho Corral in rear of the National House. Another ear Load of flour the Best in town received Byj. Graff & co. Maitland a co. T Titt i Ira to your interests Eorge f. Maitland pc co., have a Largo Supply of Staple and fancy g Rocerick apples Huntsman s favorite Kjeu Davis Geniton a Nice lot of dry fruits apples peaches blackberries raspberries prunes &e., etc., a. A. It will pay you to give them n. Call g mat s Nev building Center Street East Las vegas. F. C. T. Luria Sitwell 150t f manager
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