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Las Vegas Morning Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1881, Page 4

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Las Vegas Morning Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1881, Las Vegas, New MexicoDaily Gazette Jaffa Brothers grand View hotel Stock of a Jwj vegas 20". 3vt. New Winter goods Mill the astrological almanacs for next year Are repealing substantially the same predictions of evil things to begin if nut to Cul Miu Ile in 1881. Be unit c As they say the ravages of the Black death in Tho Middle Ages Fol Lowed t tie nearly coincident Perthelia of Lour great planets they predict similar consequences from in Contin or Ationo f tuese planets now. But neither in their premises nor their inferences does science ree Guize any Validity. In True i however the astrologers not less than the astronomers and All Star gazers will have Plecity of Phenomena in the heavens to occupy their attention for the next twelve Mouths. The sky will not present Mich Brilliant pageants again this Cen Tury. There will be a remarkable series of conjunctions and double Aud triple conjunctions. The most Inmei Ertin g of these is the great Twenty the Best accommodations that can be found in the territory. All and from Samocki. N w i Rous boots & shoes xj1 now Havko we of Allt c Winter i rude Ando of i. As was and our Stock Bio $ w have everything appertaining merchandise. As too numerous to showing our customers the store rate ice than no trouble to slow to see us. Jaffa East and . Watrous & son our Ston s kind of Good for invite tie peo ple Vicinity to fore Purceli Asiner a Large Stock of to general the varieties Are Nentin we prefer our Stock in in the newspaper. Goods. Jail and bros., West Las vegas. Dadeks in uni i uni Canu a my guv l . Cattle Hay Grain flour and town lots Watrous new Mexico clothing for men no Clits r Frei it Ami cattle Lor Anil from the ko1 Ltd ver Conn re t on voyeur us Nai Imi Tuil Ouail a Quot Good roads from fed River Viii a Iff in Hill. Dust Anc from fort Ras Comto Yva Trini 88 Miles. Otero Sellar & co. Wholesale and commission merchants Las vegas new Mexico. Full line of general merchandise. Orders from Southern Colorado new Mexico and Arizona solicited satisfaction guaranteed. M. Brunswick wholesale and retail dealer in general merchandise the Best makes d cd o n 3 cd 3r a n c Emporium of Plaza and goods. West s1dk of Plaza. Las vegas new Mexico. A special inducements to Cash buyers As we sell no goods on time."f2 Satu pay january 1. 1881. A had year . In refill per Dicous Lor Hihl. Hits world to i ii l mall come la Cip Litcey h ii my Rej and eighty us e. A other Shipton i prep Tey. La would to difficult to describe All the sinister predictions that Nave As by common consent been concentrated upon the coining i year. The sooth Sayers divine of Rucle Ziniker a and wizards seemed to have combined to cast their 6pells upon it. people of every. Ort and some Olio Are not willing to admit that they Are superstitious regard the year 18hi wit i More or l. Is Wax oits and dread. A9 the tit on next new y ears Day swings out into another round Abou the Sun it will o to meet a Host of civil omens i will go curved with thew Nancy and Bible tonary. Carmaney and Ninete orman cd will Glare at it from comets and shooting stars. Outi romanic will inter Chi its path with visions of evil and Soma icy will shake the Omi Nous backward Rendin g numeral-"1881 " before it. It will be beset with scarecrow figures by Arithy m y. And with menacing phrases by Stich Inanc y. Of t there is no reason Why persons of Good digestion should not go to sleep on new year s confident that after encountering the average Quantity of storm and Stin thin the one hours e Ball that we Call the world will bring them Safe through the perils of its live Hundred Milliou Nile flight round to the Start ing Point again. Timid persons first began to look Forward with some alarm to the year that is about to open when several years ago Ali key to the so Call prophetic symbolism of t lie great Pyramid of Egypt was made Public backed by the name and of the in Ritzig h astronomer l Iazzi Smyth. Others using r. Smyth s observations and measurements have got much Lurther than he did in i awing startling inferences but no one can read his Book without perceiving How powerfully it must effect those who have the s igl test leaning towards us perdition or credulity. In the heart of Egypt s greatest Marvel has All the Charm and interest of or. Sci Iemann description of his in Homer s Troy such a Book could Ike Well be neglected by the world of Deaiurs and by thenaid urea f the Hui Mii uiiui., Many of is readers were sure to be imbue. Pm h its ominous dogmas. So the belief or at least the suspicion spread that the secret Cham or s of the great pyramids under divine guidance by the most mystical characters in All Wiloby. Alee his edek King of Salem Tell among other things that the Christian Era will end in 1881. Moi horse in ton s d Prophe y lines upon tie same Date for the end of the world. The ominous Jingle of hoi rhymes has probably done at least As much to Dis tub the equanimity of i persons As the More Elarbi rate Vatican actions of the Pyramid moreover Mother slip to n is repress used As foretelling that in the latter Days England will accept a As England has with considerable emphasis and More than once accepted the remarkable son of old Isaac Disraeli for her prime min ister this has been taken As a Fullil me i t of the prophecy so lord dramatic personality is made a principal figure in the murky Cloud of evil prophecy that hangs Over 1881. As if tie evil Eye of m thur Shipton and the mystical menace of the great Pyramid were not enough for okie poor Twelvemonth to Bear the horrors of the Perthelia Huye been upon the coming year. About two years ago cerium pain Phletus were circulated about the country purporting to be written by men of science Aud predicting thai awful consequences to Mankind would result from All the great planets reach ing their Perthelia. Or nearest Points to the Sun together. According to these prophets the sinister effect of the Perthelia were to begin inking their appearance this Lull when Jupiter passed his Pence Ion and next car the scythe of death was to be put to the Harvest in the far East and sweep Westward with a swathe As Broad a the continents until it reached the l a tie Ocean. The narrow Atlantic was to be it. R More than a Brooks Iii the hands of the terrible Harvester. I Lagnes Lamine and a Eminence fires earthquakes hoods and tornadoes were to Scourge the human Rac until Only a few remained like Noah and i family to re people the race with a sturdier mini More Rod tearing g race. So much alarm was caused by this Thoetis Noemi s of pretended science and pop Lnch that some Icil men of so hence or. L Roctor among others were at the p a to show that so tar As these predictions professed to res upon scientific facts they were base less. The great Idane s will not be in Perihelion in 188mid they will not be in Perihelion log eth r at any hut. It u True that several of the chief planets will reach their per Iliesiu in ii a Tew years and that it is rare Lor i Ihmie to he Irro Otid so close together n Iipp will be one time next year. A i i him i True that remarkable Coin i d Iii is have i n observed Between i he of great is onus on t he Sun that produce electoral disturbances and possibly changes Nix n the pm the. And the presence of Jupiter near his Perihelion. Astori oin e is have also suspected that the influence of some of the other Trent planets nuni the Earth can be perceived but Thev have never discovered any reason to believe that the combined fonts of All Hie planets you a under any circumstances pro Duce upon the Earth a Lioi Tsante part o the evil effect ascribed to them by the astrologers if indeed they pro Duce pm y Vil effect whatever. H. Komenko & Beo a Miskill it. W.t1iol w. Borden dealer in hardware stoves up imps exd Latoof Jwj mid spouting a specially. Albuquerque new Mexico. Receiving goods every Flay and a Carlo Adol stoves in route the largest Range to the smallest Cook stove. A. 0. Robbins dealer in furniture and Queng sware undertaking orig chs pm Tom a y attended to. Near the i Ridge. West Las vegas. Frank j. Webber auctioneer has constantly in hand horses mules liar less etc., and also inv s arid Sells on commission. Hay and Grain kept for Sale in Large or Small Good accommodations for . On Street in rear of National Intel. The Silver rites Mil lib & development l new Mexico James a. Fickett. a Liol 1 , ire. Surer. A. To. Fort Secretary. My Teav of a Lxix All Aro cordially invited to visit inspect the Mineral of Iho territory. Mining or Perty bought and sold. " Agle saw Mill Sand or t. Romero & son. Fri a Rynler at the Ster Orst. Homero & son. Year conjunction of Jupiter and sat " i to. Urn us Vii i. X la in co ii to Uci my is "u5 of tint strongholds of i m astrologers. As it occurs in the sign Taurus which Thi v say rules Lurkey and Ireland they feel Safe on account of recent occurrences in predicting very momentous effects in these countries from the conjunction. There will o be conjunction of Jupiter and Mars be jus and Jupiter Saturn Aud Venus and the far away giants Uruu a s and Neptune will play a part in ii remarkable planetary levee. Venus will reach her greatest Nee s in the Spring and will be so Brilliant Aslo be visible at Noonday Lief delicate Crescent will be a favored Obj it in the Amateur astronomer s Telescope. Saturn will open Slid wider its wonderful rings mid will be one of the chief attractions of the evening sky for several a Doinlis. Jupi a r will not lose much of his present Ziril Laucy before in becomes a morn ing Star in april. Mars will begin to brighten in the latter part of the year and then his Snow poles and shadowy continents will again become the admiration of those Yuho gaze through telescopes. In there will be n end of attractions in the starry heavens and All the prognostications of the soothsayers will not be Able to Darken the sky of 1831. A . Clean ,j Alex. Mclean. Robt. Mclean. Jos. Mclean. Contractors and builders All kind of Mason work. Fine plastering a specially. Contracts taken in All putts of the territory. Luis vegas new Mexico. Martsolf contractor and builder is vegas Santa be Albuquerque and san Marcial. In dealers Staple & fancy Grace times hoots & shoes. Books 1tc. Produce a specially. Orders 11 us on Short notice. East Las vegas Nev Mexico. R ii. By ill Elaw attorney at l1w, Vili attend to All Legal Busin Tiss promptly. Center Street East Las vegas new Mexico i j0w1s0n & Fabian general commission merchants Ani salesmen for Eastern houses. Office East Side Railroad Avenue opposite Browne a Manzanares. 1lliam Morgan contractor and builder. Can always be found at his shop in Tho rear of tie Catholic Church. Las vegas. Satisfaction guaranteed. Haves & Russell j. Franco Chaves. 1. C. Russell. Attorneys and counsel a s at Law. Oue. New Mexico ohm f. , j attorney at Law. Liliee in first Nat l Bank building Vuk any Mexico. Are nov Springer proprietor of the mint. Fine la minors and Cigar a special to. Mon Tirch billiard tallies and private club rooms. Southwest Corner of the Plaza Albuquerque new Mexico. J. Pet Twozin. 31. physician and surgeon Las vegas. And hot Springs. Clip Only diseases and diseases of females a specially ii Springs 8 to 12 . Las vegas Central drug stove 2 to up. M. Jor Sale Wood Wood Wood 10 c tyls of Wood at so per Load. For far ther i Dor. Nti Tion apply at this Ollick. George Ross agent. Coal Coal Coal delivered at $7 ppr n. Leave orders at lock Ait t o s hardware st re or at their pinning Mill Olliee. George Ros agent. & Guerty Lames Geherty Eil. Mccaffrey. Plasterers and builders. Wilt attend to nil contracts promptly both in City and country. Give us Call and try our work. Las Vic Gat new my Ito. Merchants have a Large and Complete Stock of All classes of merchandise which they sell at Bottom prices Lor Cash. East Side of Plaza Las vegas. San Miguel National Bank of Las vegas Jacob Cross Miguel a. Otero cashier. Roohi Iichi. Authorized capital . Paid up capital 50, Halo directions Miguel a. Otero Joseph Rosenwald Emanuel Rosenwald Jacob Gross. Andres Sena Lorenxo Lopez. David Yin Terni. Rosenwald s building. Does a general banking business. Drafts for Sale on Tho principal cities of Greaton Tilin and the c i intent of r Europe. Correspondence solicited. It new store hew goods Villiam Gillen nau has opened a Stock of general merchandise at Liberty new Mexico. A full assortment in every line which will be sold at Las vegas prices. Freight added. The White he say Lenl Izna Miff machine in the won id. Almost noiseless. New and in perfect order. We. Ii. 11. Allison ast Las vegas Jeffers & Klattenhoff dealers 15 fill Ture Queen Star undertaking. Furniture repaired in Flat a a r Tyle. Be cml Laud k built boil kit Ami is .1 l. Store Art joining the new building of tha first Kat Onul Hank. Mendenhall & co feed and Sale stable dealers in horses and mules also. File buggies and carriages Lor i a rigs for the hot Springs Aud other Points of interest. The finest liven outlets in the territory. The greater Charles i Ilfeld South Side Las vef aass la ju1ta. Of to the Central drug st Rel for fresh drugs chemicals faint oils pal Iii medicines brushes Combs Fine soaps perfume eries toilet articles of every description whole Sal e and retail. Vow physicians prescriptions a specially i Cintra drug. Store main st. Between East and Wett Las vegas new Mexico. Mace Griswold. & Coj prop r. C. I new Mexico. In
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