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Las Vegas Morning Gazette Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1881, Page 2

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Las Vegas Morning Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1881, Las Vegas, New MexicoDaily Gazette reliable insurance Philip Wernim ero & parlor & Sample room wholesale Ami general merchandise train outfitters. Isas vans myer Friedman & bro., dealers in Wool hides pelts and furs c Las we Jas mag a Ito Romeeo dealer in tones sold strictly for chs ii and it Small Proult. Branch store at la Cuesta n. M. Charles bla1stchaedior e3 Ryt i a tar stoves. And stove goods Yvo specially 7ie Iron roofing always on hand., Lily american. Barb wire. A 1n Resatz Job. M merchandise a Esteil st Lelir Salt a Kan a envy East Las vegas As ample to an a Soi Titinna of is can he Toimil Iny whip which will Loe Sohl at the lowest possible rates. Las Vecas. C. 0gdew, proprietor. Rcd fill lumber for Salo. Lumber surf Nuccil to Ord to. Moyl Diiuro. Sash doors & blinds. Tit vein of All descriptions Newell 1 oils balustrades a of Xix act xxx work and Testini Tes Tiroui a distance will receive prompt attention. Las vegas new Mexico. 00 b z. O of 0 s m o0 it mi5" 5 s n 5 f e t Seq m a t z m s ? " " m. S i"1 a. 1 cd ? Occas pm 9 s. M s s 32 til it to files 5 2 co of Melq s i x of. S f. Oill f. 9. 1 n d3 0 co 00 m go j. To. Allen s to Lomuti in on tie Street in the rear of the National hotel. No. It where he is prepared to do al kinds of work Pion poly and in it Woik Nitin Lik o manner at reason ibo pieces. Las Vecas assay office top John . A. Assay Yvo lining Ngi Neej v Osco ave. Opposit9 Browne & man7.nn Ircia East Las vkga�3, new Mexico. A skiis of ores with lie Maev Tnp Voinot rate option ii a. And to ,.ders Kent Ironi the a prions Minina e.4oi. hit Exa Rining and a sporting of mines Una Xit Nirta claims a spool Nulty. Assays Lons Idehen on Denti a l. F b a c a y a n d 0 y a l . Al Usu i,.k,.r 1pi Choice Ejna Tuci retail dealer in pod Job ice Plexico. & buggies Yew Mexico. Are Kindi of a be and Mies and lie Tail new Mexico. Romr motor first Clas s hotel attention Fine wines Etc j. H. Koncler editor. Rates f subscription Llly. 1 a flu y. Iii Iuli to nil v. I Luu Kiili 1 lib earlier to Tux Par of the City. Eltiy i y i .1 to. X. I. I add ertl Idini it be l . 11. l hint Mimi t i Ijiri Lor. Marl Karl. I a c me fur Rcpt l ii a Yoi Loxi Lili Mure not crying a null Nunn ii t in Undrea Iurco Xiv i tit roguish j e i lil u m Init i ii t Lii a re in to mines ii. I Lii to a til Idis of t. W i True Lov e knots nil Kues Willi it nit l Recny 1 Ettern Vii l n inured Vozis and letter lie indo them our with he Widt flout and mils in.- theft Tex. Ill , Chil l i cry no Uii in. I Here ill tic need t i Ali crib. Too Well for new Hal Levins know Ali in Plum Devoix ine not too 1 1 1 say und Cut to in for new believing in. Lint Daiil tin Xiv Ontois i Iirilli Honey Sweet a Trench an i Mill to i to v Viiu Luins. I i Oil i with his Voo info i o buy i. Wares eth All their c Ivris Luis sorrow und Ulm Olner Austin l Olimon in i mutable of shop. Ii murderer inc i did really kill Liim f in ice Sifro. Lie showed unus ii ill y simiiu1. A Tiloi tar in Sandlake x. Y., ill lie Oil Olti ii barely escaped tii ital i it Hern lir resist air lie Nev of a victim s Denali from Small . In Luneman who won nit Icli glory in tie late War by hurling grape is now e Earico $10,000 a year from u rapes in los angele., Cal. Ii i h song is let us have coi Irro sea u Sunset Cox has b Lei liar i. By sick ill new y la. Physician ii have ordered Liim in keep ver Piil Xiv High of n in Viec. I he bullies Wal b Lvi Tib ii ill i lie inv eur in in i per Imit icing Anil inti t rial Hexhi Hirtio ii in i. N v v is he Toiuo w la Verv in. S i us. Was the first so. Nhe id i in Bou were of it i in i put his ii Nie Down Lor l ill Slee. His Exa Illel will in id b Oiher wealthy men and i lie is i me will a Sireix i Creed. F. A is cruel in to to Siki i n Lvii if life policies Cor the Ollie ers u ins Iranee comp Tonii s Asil i it will have Ilie Tom Lewicy of i Oiin Iho doors of nil such con corns. What will he dear at righted i pie do Whu Iuie Iid Takino out policies Lor Lear thai Iother Shipton n in Pliney will be l a Lilied ? a Nie Ziino of read Ille mine owners a Lee ii Ray Heid for he up rpt tse of the Iju estion of us d on min proper y in the Camp. I he companies regard the lax ii Sittin us a very serious one. The tax on the Little Pittsburg amounts to 54,000. That of the Chrysolite to t , and the Little chief to $22,000. A very exc Piug scene occurred at los pinos. Coi after the Ute com missioner. Had paid the Indian the first instalment on account of Ilu la Ireacy. The ule said Towt they up the to while ii ice hit refuse to leave their a Ciciva on let i he Valley lands go. Fio y appeared in War paint and the commissioner left fearful of i out break. The Sidney Nebraska tel Rymph Sash at Callic in our rang Slih tiie except in of cow s sucking calves Nuil imposed Hull me in Good condition. The i ter class of Inal a Tiro High being full Vacchi vitiated and an inability in Rue Grac As by upon Mir Western Rango a do i Nimau Raie d Here Are in poor Coridi Izui and Many be lost before Spring . Rives Lvin Sas has Akin Oitt Poul no to Dei file. The c of he slate limits be House of be Prescola Tive s o 12.o a ii in Hilt growth Othle of Ciaire has been such and inc no Riiber i has increased that Inen Iberia in excess of a ivc been admitted to seals for to veral years Fiat where Sal is Falory proof a Given that the extra members from new dim Ricks received As Hohns 250 votes lids car there Are 137 members Reni Roncil being twelve in excess of the Leal Nunier. In 1877 the supreme court decided the House tool la. . I. Pro. .1i. Lii Lili i j b Titi of its own membership. It has been discovered thai a hid making an limn. Rio i pm to lion. J. Louii hn.i., in i b i to i m o Lour t f ii m Lull .,. A till tin i prime court will pm asked to Puse Oattie legality it Ute net ". I top Rii Klith t lie sort West Lai Vexa where the very beat by Emu of liquors an cigars Are constantly kept Oil inn. Private club room in connection. Unity amm proprietor. I 0 � la a a 0 o 0 h h 9 s so ? 3 of a t1 o i t cd to a o to. J f i t. J. Fleeman merchant tailor. All kinds of done to order shop in Iho excl Anc Ilowit Bui Miliny. South West con. Fir of l lie Lei a i. C a. Rath Bun Chicago shoe store d ii oilily of Custo work Lone in the Sci Norv. Kull i in of m. I. Wells to h ii ,ut.- hide hoots shoes in v on i Iniez. K a Las Mia. N. M. J. A. Love commission merchant Las vegas Mew Fox co. I a Jain potato is Ai Plis Siax alld in car lots quitter Kirsits Ami y Uluas on Rimml Cutuli Linn i on Council Menta. Price to suit the times. J. G. Blake manufacturer and dealer Lusa it Las vegas Alu Flat Simlue j new Mexico. Carriage tone u on i o o i 13 Zzz us. I in . In tin l ill of los t 55 the Monarch first class Bur where Trent Lemon Wil Liml tie to most liquor. I ii 8 mini i ii is in Iho territory nuo in coi Sci i ii is a Liin Cli you user. Dmit in tuu see us. Open Day and night. " Vil a Ules Mead to. Rain for s3 Billy sta i Tjit ours , North we Cerner of the huh l in up a most elem t y let Sou invest. Tin Tuncsi Uorn in Iho umut of new Vork. .1.ivewool London 4 loue ski Nunulu Naruc a Maine mass. H Axi ill 1 ii Agdell us ii Amlin Kun Oei a c. . I a sex. Cuccin 3mcw town. Andressi to l in in Ifica in .11kit � to Yin use al m Snow Max ice a i o dealer in cattle sheep Wool hides Grain and All kinds of produce. ". M.w2m.m2 t Rill teams he War nil l Relf a to inf to All tiht to of tin to i Rilo i y. First National Bank f Las Koas i Uny nol Lar. Ii i authorized capital $500,00c paid in capital. 5d,00i surplus fund 10.000 Hok a i Skital i an Kin i Lisum Sun a f Center Street bakheet and Kov Mcvey Santa be d Kery i now really for los Ioas i. Ardent oven n Thi Ivory. Will Sipply in i Jii a l Tiet was al nor the front lint n to s m m a nil Ink is Nile ter Wil receive Mnist Anu a Autv & a Gill. To. I n. Restauran1 Ami. Saloon. Something Good to drink. I illicit at any hour i Portt ii till 11 a. Is. I s t i. A i s. N i. W m x Dimalto t m ii. I .- s Vose 1 Stein whale Alu Atnel Lutail l in in Caks Etal hardware a new Mexico. Large Stock of Carpenter tools pistols ammunition. Stoves tilt aae i ve1�y clo kicks. R. C. Mcdonald Liol Halo ail lip till Donler in liquors & Omars so o agent in now Mexico for Cole Bhatki Saint Louis Sot tied Beer East and Avest Las vegas new Mexico. Bibles bibles bibles Verv kind and Etyle. It Rev 1. W. Cal fee English and Spanish in any othe Ratni guat for Nile cheap Niven away. M. Matthieson his rect u. Ii. S. Lor Newm Vieo nil Ariz Tom. Ail in in in i Rylor n vol Lee. A lice in hereby men that the Hon. in und Lorol Sun Miruel und in Ivory of new Mexico lug the tin Ier ironed Idiiiini-.ii6 i the to tote of Frank nein of caused. All persons indebted i a ill Btl. Will Mal it. In 1 i 1 1 i ii no l .iv.ii1ui.i ,9lli of Piui Liju Millst Sutil wll Presetti Ilie it Wal in twelve Monivis. Ai uni n 11 avg n. M full 7th, itis. J. Graaf & co ,. Restaurant s City bakery All fms stiff Melcolm wiioll8al groceries tobacco and cigars confection eries fruits Etc,-Etc.-, Etc. H h vegas Rcw Mexico. Browne & Manzanares wholesale Geo gees Forward mtg and commission merchants Las Veo As is. 3ve. J. Kos Enwald of. A Jln vegas 3xt. Jim wholesale and a Tail do ally in Gener al merchandise a.6 goods. Wool Jikien Pelt and produce generally bought Cah sex Chanid Ai whisk i Osithe Saint Nicholas hotel. Sole a Kent in new Mexico of Las vegas Dick Brothers . Cele Imit red will be kept As a lager Beer pow Icya 303 table Good . Last skuas v. M Aliu l ii Tyi a n. A. The travelling Public Art cordially incited. Trio. Just. Istrol Xolon. Xxx tool Xun. Vognar. 3vi
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