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Las Vegas Daily Optic (Newspaper) - October 18, 1881, Las Vegas, New Mexico He daily optic. Uva Wilcox City editor. Tuesday Yin to. October it my optical och Vatrt. Being an accurate brio Mary of local toil territorial happenings. They met. They wailed try wept Rev loved Fie a led her Jane Rte celled Bim i Boma a a Ritter men Rode saw Rte Ieese Aud Tom Bro of by of t fur Breech of prom tee a Ltd it mat the Straw Bate Are celled in. Real estate Filiti room eth. Sammy has donned the Hab aliments of Mars. Hon. H. L. Waldo of Santa be is in the City to spec late. One Rani estate Man fold s4,734 Worth of attached dirt yesterday. A Snow storm is contemplating m from the Western Bill tops. A Bard Day of the scribes this but then their lot is Ever uncanny. Marble s restaurant thrives with a Thrift that denotes Clever management and Good grub. Mike of Keefe the Agua peddle has just purchased three lots in the mar tines addition. J. Dei trick of Boston and j. C. Corcoran of san Francisco occupy the Fame room at the St. Nick. Lieutenant Cavanaugh will go up the Jiae to night with thirty recruits for fori Garland via Pueblo. The Al be in Cravat a Nobby Natty and Nice contrivance is the latest Novelty in gentlemen s neckwear. Dave Winters returned from Trinidad this afternoon but left Bis wife and baby there for a few Days longer. Koogler Means Well enough but he will forget to drop a Nickle in the Street car company a missionary Box occasionally. Tom Smith be of the Tripple plated Cognomen who recently addled for train master Fraley to dance is in Las vegas travelling in cog. Walter c. Hadley is labelled to return to Las vegas on the 5th Proximo. He will bring the snowy Range gild tide water Railroad with him. Prof. John Penrose holds himself open to report upon Mineral Hill property. He can be commanded through postmaster furlongs establishment. Or. J. A. Ca Lien Anne Down from Raton City yesterday and sold a chunk of real estate on Douglas Avenue to a drummed document. Found a Denver a Rio Grande railway a commercial permit made in favor of cd Henley on the account of Barbe a Shoenburger a co., Chicago and Good until the limitation of the extended time december bist 1881. It is signed by 8. Vav. Eccles general freight agent and was found on the streets of Las vegas yesterday. The above paragraph is commonplace enough in itself and would hardly create a second glance from the Casha ii Road round up. They will now Call him terpsichore an Fraley. A the Atlantic express is billed to arrive at 6 30 this evening. The commercial rate privilege is greatly abused sad should he looked into. Tvs. Burke a fireman from the Philadelphia Ami Erie h Here to go to work. George Morgan is going to a climbing Uerz to to grow up with the Sand uni Reader. But entwined la the thread of the item is a Romance. The permit heaps. Which entitles the Holder to Especial a is Kiunya Lutol it Erie a Yard Man and favors on the Rio Gramie Road in the Chilom Printer Bas swarmed and his Way of obtaining Low rates of Ira Spur present whereabouts is likened unto a been transferred against sealed Page. We mourn our loss ten Tattoo had agreement. The card was made out for sol Henley a travelling Luau on january 13th, and was taken to Chicago and Given to a brother drummer together Vith a new mexican License and other credentials. The later recipient s name is a. A Daniels travelling for m. Sell a cons Boot factory. Daniels came to Las vegas a week ago and made a bold appearance As a sol an optic reporter got dead onto the a youth and intended ventilating Bis Little game sooner but allowed the airing to pass. If or. Daniels desires Henley a Rio Graude permit he can get it by calling at this office. If not called for in three Days it will be sent Hack to Friend Eccles. This news is Given More particularly to show How railroads Aud territorial officials me impulse upon by commercial hucksters. We Hope to see a renovation in the system that will do away with these frequent i amp in teries. Dollars Worth. Chauncey Severance a brakeman on a freight run writes letters to the Montpelier Vermont. Argus and Patriot while performing his duties on the Road. The Mao is considered a Prodigy. A bum burial. A six footer from Indiana a found by a party of Railroad boys in a Drunken stupor at the Railroad Avenue Bowling Alley. They Laid him Ani on a table and appointed an Engineer a Coroner for the occasion. After pronouncing death from unknown causes the squad gathered up the remains in a Blanket and carried them out far in torment. When the exes a lion which was to receive the body was reached the stiff straightened out and Roe up stoutly protesting that he was not dead bet merely intoxicated. His Appeal commanded no notice the ground received its own and the poor fellow was buried up to his neck. The obsequies ended by the departure of the crowd and the victim of the bad Deal dug his Way out of his predicament As Best he could. Fob Sale hours. F7�ob Salk two Span of food rout r quire of a no it shall ii Fok Saias of pair Bogo Tad harness Abseil or Sauls Tab n payment. Apply Al this a a a Fob Salb a Span of a aurnt a iriv lug it if. Taunted a pair american horses. Jul nth West t7ior Sale Bacas Hall West Lahip Yogas. Two Largo store rooms by Kew in Ira of a. J Baca Orch Srim utah.-57-if Iai Priwo water tank s St i i Able tor Iowa Trade capacity lathe to it it fax. Us in of Halky Merino Beneks Kim tor to myth Broth a a Lea Mora a stress ref fit. Solo tit. Of Hale lot to re at to vegas -2s8i1 i will sell Ess. Or 25x75 feel of i work i. Of no a let la depot in Michigan tame. East Las to lot Halky at auction on saturday next Tot Ujj the plats at i of clock Tine aet chairs one Bureau one parlor store. Parlor Tutti i of Salk a Good Duck tent lt�v24, nearly new anti in Good order. Can be seen near round Bolte. Inquire at him office la there a some Wiio is now a engr egg had sup postmaster Conkling. Thing going up. Rev. Stephen Smith Here wants to establish Tion amp a Church society. We posed that Las vegas was pretty Well supplied with proficient pulpits. A reporter took an overcoat around to flick last night to have a few but tons sewed on and was informed that the Job would be done in two weeks. The tailors Are rushed out of shape. Thomas Carson a progressive Young englishman who is making his Headquarters at the St. Nicholas would like to organize a Library association in Las vegas and will Confer with Dot a Zens who feel an interest in the matter. Marsh Mission. Or. T. C. Marsh a linseed Oil dealer of Kansas City is Here looking into the recent fiasco in the affairs of j. H. Maher a co., fraudulent paint contractors. Marsh is a suffering creditor and has been victimized to the amount of nearly $1,200 by Dandy Mailer who by the Way returned from the lower country last night Aud is at the Sumner Bouse putting on More style than a stall Tou at a country fair. Marsh gets no satisfaction from Maher and has but a Small end of the cud of Contentment to Chew on. While investigating a late crisis in the swindle an optic reporter learns that the labourers under Maher have been paid by the Railroad company the hard earned wage coming to them through the efforts of j. H. La Turner. Maher seems in no hurry to go East for hot water awaits him at Raton and la Junta. We would hate like the Dickens to have our very footsteps dogged like that Aud our sympathies Are with Maher ? the chances for the raffle of the magnificent piano at the College Are being taken quite readily. There Are now Only a few left and As soon As the let is filled the raffle will be announced. It will probably take place to Morrow night. Fred Haag has been trying unsuccessfully for the past week to get out of town. Wilson complains loudly at the failure and entertains Hopes that the departure will not be much longer delayed. Fred will visit the wife of his bosom for some months before returning to Montezuma. A Trinidad Cool will be received in a Short time in this Market and will sell it $7 per ton. The fuel question is one now under discussion in All Well regulated City times. So it will be seen How the Railroad company is discriminating against Las vegas where Coal costs $10 per ton. The distance from Dodge City to Trinidad is twice As far As it is to Las vegas. It is said by the scholars that the teachers at the Las vegas Academy Are in the habit of using the fit insanity and idiocy prozac log method of knocking the children on the head with rulers and the like. If this is True they Are not fit to have hyenas under their charge. On account of the general Kondret and management of the school one child was withdrawn yesterday by its parents though the tuition had been paid several months in Advance a Charlie Kennedy the new Mexico tie contractor whom the Las vegas optic said had purchased a 16,000 acre Range out on the Al shape to Down on the Atlantic a Pantie read still tie it a trotting. Trinidad news. Will Ole swell head on the news please Tell us when we Ever mid anything about Kennedy As a ranch purchaser. We remember reporting do Purchase of a cow Fang near die Al shape by Chai. W Hee or who Lute gone to fat Fine. A Quot i Doe West of the Adams line won a $150 Diamond ring in a raffle at lockers last night. The winning throw was 43 out of a possible 54. Doe will now make a finer appearance than Diamond Joe the Chicago autocrat. A Frisco dispatch states that Leopold Zamora the mexican superintendent of Public works has telegraphed to the mexican government strongly recommending the construction of the Guay Bias Railroad via mag Tanta and the Bauta Cruz River to connect at that Point with the Arizona Bouthern from Tucson. Charlie Woodworth who during the last two years held the position of lumber inspector on the a. T. A 8. F.,with Headquarters in this City has completed his labors in this Vicinity and expects to assume a similar position on the Southern division at an Early Day. Charlie was connected with the Engineer corps a who run the first line from Las vegas to Tel paso Trini dad ave in. An Eastern Exchange says t hat it is Likely there will be a utile Post office War throughout the country i the course of time. There ate reasons in Many places for a change and now will be an Opportunity to bring the subject up. Borne have had the teat in their Mouth about Long enough Aud it is time they were weaned so that another sturdy Patriot can be rewarded. Pass them around and Divide the loaves. A Philip to Lynian amt his Young wife have taken up their permanent residence in Al Moro. A tri n Terni times. If the times bad withheld the above about a month it would have been right in style. The Many friends of mrs. Holzman who is still in the City will enjoy the joke. Pm Sale a is Minot to Aux nit just from t i Nettir at the rent r Juat from the manufactory. At a tora in i ii i us world office of Hare chances hotel Banc for in a vol la intr Hole ran to or lag part of the furniture stoves Etc., at it actual Worth Kent very j. J. Ama . F or Salb Chica a i of in martinis and Dilion from sos to ase. These Iota a the machine Aho wry Ami plenty of out water. Call Aud Are plat. J j. Fit Zug brr la Attef i he lire real estate attend. Of a to Alneada i pkg Kaitly residence Khz a located at the i a Vega hot Springs tor one mirth the real a it us Price ranging Bruit Twenty by Mills a Hadley land Agen imaging by in Twenty five to two Hundred 4attorn is Kathy Billa a. Las Vega. N m i?1 fall of Bent of Sale the Fram. Muting adjoining Browning a office. Known a Bon ton a Loon. The pm Are has recently been Newl y renovated and fitted up can be rented with or without fixture couture of Jabot Reidlinger or at Browning real estate o fit be to fur Salk Hawbold addition the vain Able properly running from Lith Street to tween i. The rivet Between Lincoln amt Douglas Avreet ibis parcel Omand will lie Auld cheap by aul. Ling Ami Job in lot. Money nastily j. J. Al Tzi i kor Al t. Ai via Don or toth., browse veg tabla Livor pills 27tf live real palate agent. Curs Bill Foulness sad sink Bead inf ache. Wab the Boudar will oat. Wanted a laundress at the How a apply immediately new Turk Semi a Spita lbt in the Ca Laboose. When Dame Fortune smiles out of the off Corner of her facial orifice Many a adversity generally follows i Quick older. It was noticeably so in the ease of Captain Jim Johnson an East Side Man who bunked at the Ca Laboose last night. At the breaking out of the civil War Johnson was a wealthy Man Aud had $50,000 in Hank. He was a society 1x110,and possessed Good business qualifications. He entered the confederacy As a Captain and achieved a Brilliant record As a Soldier. He took to drink and the Story to soon told. Dissipation singled him out and instead of maintaining the honorable position he once occupied he has gone to the dogs and that accounts for Bis sojourn in the dog House last night. Poor Captain Jim his history should serve As a warning to the hundreds of Young men in Las vegas to Day who Are urging on the Divila a approach through the red liquor cup. Balaski m brewery. For several months or. O. A Laski of Cuba Missouri has entertained a proposition to build a brewery at Iota vegas. He now writes that the scheme is fully organized Anil that he will soon come out with a Friend of Means and look for the site upon which to place the buildings. Las vegas has an opening for a Beer factory and will Chip in handsomely toward securing such an institution. Malt beverages Are an absolute necessity in this country and a brewery cannot fall in meeting the most encouraging results Success will meet it half Way every time. Balt ski will be presented with All the ground he May need and every Effort will be put Forward to help him along with Bis Enterprise. Into a River bed. This morning to Hictor Hixon freight train came to a stand still at a Bridge across the Rio Galli Seto below Rogerss Bend. The caboose and one freight car jumped the track one Hundred Yards from the trestle. A curve in the Road made it impossibly to signal the Engineer Aud when the derailed cars came to the Bridge the Cross ties broke Aud threw the two cars into the River. Conductor Hixon and Road master Crawford were i the caboose and went Down with it but luckily neither were injured. The wreck delayed the Atlantic express several hours. A i a the Raton Ball arrangements for the grand dedication Bali and complimentary hop to is Given in the new shops at Raton on monday night Are Cut and dried and the list of committeemen is made out. The recipients of invitations will also receive complimentary tickets. Here is the committee outlay invitation a. H. Deterer Raton t. Saunders Raton c. Dyer Las vegas a. Turner Tai Junta p. J. Flynn Trinidad. Arrangements a. H. Deterer c. D. Taylor 8. Lancaster t. Baker h. W. Brown c. Wray. Floor managers to. Ainsworth a. D. Taylor f. B. Madison j. Johnson a. B. Alexander b. Burton d. Armstrong w. B. Cary w. B. Barnard j. Melfa i. Holloway h. Newkirk 8. Leonard William Pointer. A few years ago a August Flowers was discovered to be a certain cure for dyspepsia and liver complaint a few thin dyspeptic made known to their friends How easily and quickly they had been cured by its use. The great Merit of greens August Flower became heralded through the country by one sufferer to another until without advertising its Sale Bas become immense. Druggists in every town in the United states Are Selling it. No person suffering with a sour stomach sick headache cons tic Ness palpitation of the heart indigestion Low spirits Etc., can take three doses without Relief. Go to your druggists and get a bottle for to cents and try it. Sample bottles 75 cents. An elocution Ary entertainment. A grand elocution Ary and musical entertainment will be Given at Milligans Hall East lot vegas Friday evening oct. 21st. Prof. 8. J. Fleming of Boston who has read through new England with wonderful Success will favor the residents of tots vegas with one of Bis laughable pathetic and thrilling dramatic readings. A to Day s Belays of All other medicines by Browne a Poplar Western remedies May be seen in every family where used. For Sale by it m. Williams Las vegas. 2k9tf City la Dairy will open for business on monday next of Centre Street in the rear of locke�?T8 Saloon. Bundles done up with care and sent Home in perfect order. White shirts fifteen cents. 282-tf John drone. A a now compte to the Stock of furnishing goods and boots and shoes and offered to the Trade at strictly Eastern prices at 293tf Marcus it Clemmy. Brown s Gorman Catarrh can is taking the place of All other Ca Tarrh remedies. A when used in connection with Conn p. Ext. Sarsaparilla dandelion and iodide of potassium i has never failed to cure. For Sale by All druggists. 286tf the respectable drug stores hotels restaurants and places of Public resorts All Over our country keep a icon Rad a Budweiser just received five tube of fresh butter. Call at once and be supplied. 296ti Phillips a Milligan. A Voss to less. A prof. Fleming is truly an elocution St of a High Post. A Side splitting in the highest Sens were the readings of or. Fleming last nigh Hingham weekly. 20513 mrs. Hovey Hurt. While Riding in Ber Carriage last evening mrs. C. P. Hovey was thrown out by the fright of the horse and so severely injured internally that Haemorrhages resulted. She was accompanied on the drive by mrs. Warner and was just leaving Romero a ranch when the mishap occurred. Mrs. Hovey was taken to the residence of Hon. Trinidad Romero who hitched up his Carriage and drove the suffering lady to the City. The horse that caused the Accident was severely bruised in the runaway and May die while the Carriage was completely shattered. Mrs. Hovey is resting easy to Day and no fear ars entertained for her. The concert. The characteristic feature of the col lege concert last night was the excellence of the music by the orchestra. This combination of musician is becoming very proficient in the magic spell Art and is becoming an organization of great Promise. A violin Solo with a Harp accompaniment a the dream a a exquisitely rendered by Buffa and de Cunto. Mrs. A. Men nets vocal Solo a Lover and Bird a was heartily received Arni vigorously applauded. The concert and fair will conclude this evening. By a wreck on the main line sunday s Pacific express did not reach Las it ii not the red hand of the Assassin that startles us to Day but the red Mitten of derision. They have got a the mittens a that Token of love rejected and fond affections trampled under foot. First Billy Whitelaw got a Mitten by mail and about the same time one of the same kind probably be longing to the other band went to Don Bariy. They Are both old bachelors and look upon the act As an Imp Litton upon their Portal qualifications. Of the boys care to know the sender they can get Ber name at this office. A have worked the Case. A Deacon Wilder i want you to Tell me How you kept yourself and family Well the past season when All the rest of us have been sick so much and have had the doctors visiting us so a Bro. Taylor fhe answer is very any. I used hop bitters in time kept my family Well and saved the doctor Bills. Three dollars Worth if it kept us Well and Able to Wor All the time. I la warrant it Bas Cost you and your neighbors one to two Hundred dollars apiece to keep sick the same a Deacon ill use your Medicine to wanted a a hah Warter at the Nester Ray restaurant apply immediately St wanted team Arni labourer on waterworks apply to Russell a Alexander at the works near hot priv a we anted w at Tho Oyster Street their a Rook and dishwasher apply Bay restaurant t engr anted i who like a Rind meal w come to the National hotel to to and Elk one hits red Boarder at the Oyster Bov r boart in town -2t�l if. W Obi Una Bay restaurant. Heat Taw Calvin Fisk real estate Stock broker notary Public and Ina Urarro agent. Omen it optic Block East Las vegas n. M. Otters int Sale the allowing Cliv lot hip lot in the Buena Vista Fri Wlton Avenue t rent text a need Day Bearder Vav hotel. The Lieut table and try Whf. The to it in t ame want eds a Are ant girl. Optic office enquire at the wanted a competent Are ant girl ply at tia office att Ltd. A w anted Lotf. A two first Cia Cabinet Nim a o . I to Las Texas to locate or invest be sure Ami air anted two of Thurk Hoof t a Conte to Nee us Ami we will la you of a Vav neuters. Good wages apply at one to j. R. Baker it if met ant Eph a arpent Erst Mead emptor if amt my Ohi wages. Loc Khart a co. 78tf a nth a a lady or ext situation in a Small a rime family keeper or seamstress or both l r Hob apply at this office suns Calvin Fisk use real mate agent or Bill optic Block baht Lah vegas. position As Book Keener i. Derk. By a Young Man who a bad ex-1 the must elegant line and Best Seh was at one time assistant Aud in Riffle j tor or Alexandria Virginia Ftp it Stock of Valise in the City at the pc rotation or 15,000 and has held the Boston clothing 8tore.-24�tf. Places or Trust. Money not so much no object a. C. M. Can to it a this vegetable. Wanted Soo tie choppers tree re re to ramp at Chandi on Atlantic a Pacific lie _ Pacific k r. Sure work for i Erht months to com we pay rash and the i Arkeat Price Etc paid or any tie contractor Liefer to Central Bank of Albuquerque for fret passage apply to a t Rhodes at Moore a Bennetts Price from it to 5 cents per to. Wat. A a Kenki. Improved varieties always fresh. The lady Finger Cucumber for pickles prices reasonable. At the Garden of olm Miller Wagner a Dace. Fob rent. Front Tate offices in the mar Fok Kent of a Wade building for rent two untarnished rooms enquire of a. K Arey it r. a we Lead the dry Glt it is Trade of la vegas and a visit to our store will Settle the fact. The ladies Art requested to Call and examine our line. 287tf. Jaffa brother. Rent the drug store in w Cache building on the pm a a at present occupied by f. E. Herbert la for rent apply to the proprietor tet c e. W is Cir for rent Bara Hall the finest in the territory ran sow int secured for parti bails and theatrical entertainments per informs will c. Bravos. Manager and agent. Miscellaneous. Reward Hoo. Stolen from my Camp at i Amy Junction n. Pm. One Fin cd stunt Saddle burst. Is baud it High a Fine single footer Exchange Bel Al. The Exchange hotel on the Plaza. Under the excellent management of Jack Gebe Gaa is recovering it old time prestige Aud now has an excellent run of custom. Situated As u is so convenient to the business portion of the West Side travellers Ami business Meu prefer to Stop there particularly when the accommodation Are so superior.-268tf ale and Porter 25 cents to Little at m. Heie�?T.-248tf fruit dressed lemonade at Billy a. 22g-tf Price for Ola each. I ii i Loti in thu by Vista addition for a a a Ach a her in the Burna vials addition tip rach six luts in the Buena Vista addition tar 75 each thee Tate in the Rora Vista addition Lur sum puch Throe Iola in the Burn Vista addition of a let rare. Six lits in the Buena Vista addition tar site each Lour Pas in the ilium Visla addition for #175 Raeh. A a a tir splendid Corner lots in j it Phillip a Subb Titan two blocks from the can tar of Boa i now rack. V Frt Ole a do a in th1 in Miguel Hill a town site l o a a Hli Tion ninth us from #75 to or get Fth. Las \ a a Hui sit town to. Sat Litton the Nten Oit building lots in Las vegas. These lots Are ins in the Market. I a re Are Only about 5 of them sad Ltd. Aioli in this mid j Ion several film aut ital Brick real Degraa will so Ltd be built costing Fri in to #10.onu Carli these lots w ill in sold for from a a i #75 Resh and will double their Tai in in Silty dais from this Date Busine loth. Tine lot in front of Uit a nor Llo Tuu one lot fronting on sixth Street Ami grand Iii in no. Price ii,.tat. One lot fronting on Douglas Street in front of in w wan Miguel National Bank Price business property. Busine House and by on Douglas Avenue Price rents for 55 per month t to lots with inferior improvements on Douglas Avenue Price it. Topeka House and lot no Railroad Avenue. Price i Wui rent tar #50trr month corinthian Hall and lot on Railroad Avenue building i tart front by in fed deep rents for a lout tor year Price i Ltd sgt. Building an lot in Railroad tar #75 per month pries ,.hw Ili illness property in a arms parts of the City tar Sale. That will pay from s5 to Ai per remit per annul in the investment residence property. I arge modern built Brick House with eight Nice Morns sad three list Price 3,500. Rent fur 55 per month Nice Brick House tear rooms Aud one lot Price is on rents fur 30 per Moath. I Logan franic huns eight Large rooms two Nice lots Ginst will of water Nice Shade Trees in Trout Yard Price #j.�s. Ruts fur #45 Mouth a Iii elegant i est i enc with five Corner lots that Are w Orth #5f Cash i Large room rent for �i�0 per month Price #l,5sn. £,500 will Baya hotel with the furniture a eds bedding crockery glassware stores Etc the botel has eleven a bedrooms Kitchen dining Rimini and office. This la a Argyl k. Residence with six Large rooms two Nice Iota Good Toro Price #1 vim Krame Rait litre four Nice rooms two Corner i Price . Kesi. Etc five two Nice Iola Price is Quot ii. I it Ca in Tea be mid lot four mom Price a a it threw new houses threw rooms each rent or is per Mouth Price for three Al raw a his with five rooms and lot no i tar �?�25 National be Mouth. Probe thu. Mrs residence two Nice lots furnished Complete Price #1,#ui i of you w ant to buy a lot of you want to buy a Bouse of you want to sell a lot t if you want to set a Hotie of von have a House to rent t of Yon want to rent a Haise of you want to invest Unur Money so a to secure Tost return in a . Call on a Ami we will Endeavor to please you no Tumble to answer question. No to ii tile to show you around of you come a f also one horse sorrel mule 15% hands High a irs i of and one Mare mule Black with Acme Grey Bai about i hands very cd urns v looking for the Sale return of the i will pay #25 each a it a and 50 for the return of the horse or for Stock and thief a Quot Johns Ott n b a the rattle has an old Brand a h in Tho shoulder. 21 5151 Don t know Hall Bair value. A they cured me of ague bilious Ness and kidney complaint As recommended. I had a half bottle left which i used for my two Little girls who the doctors Aud neighbor said could not be cured. I would have Leat them both one night if i had Sot Given them hop bitter. They did them so much Good i continued their use until they were cured. That is Why i say you do do know half the value of hop bitters and do not recommend them High enougb.�?��?b., Rochester n. T. See other column,-204tf. John Collins at Billy to the oar a Budweiser Beer against All other bottle Beer in the Market and decide for . Conrad a co. Mile #30 Reward. Strayed or stolen from my milk ranch hire Southwest of i As Fegara one Span of mules about 1414 hand High due Bay Mare Amla. On Gray horse mule both branded sul on Hie left Law. I be a bore Reward will be paid for in tarnation leading to the recovers of Sarn it it. Btu. To p junes. All summer drinks at it Hill re of of v nit luge to ult Bug Era of clothing Lenta furnishing Gnosis Boot nod Alines Bat Ami Capo els., to defer their pure Uaea fora few Dago Amil ask Aew fall and Winter goods arrive. The Largo sleek to select Fram. Latest Myles Good reliable goods and primers Low. Please g. Be in Quot Vail Imi Dor Stern. 2t f. West Las Vara. Dissolution notice. The partnership heretofore existing Toto ecu i Jim ski my Wiite. Pcs us i Quot a a Quot a Ufir Quot a Day dissolved by Mutual consent c it. Keo i cry 003, and for Sale secy assuming All liability. I wholesale or retail at Freak oysters fresh oysters direct from Baltimore at ills Chable x wheeled Park. Cd. Keen cps. Witness a Roseb Wal sex Las veg sept Rith. air inst Pur a Sualoa. Tbs Public Are hereby notified it sati Hout Trebold furniture of my husband i Hatwagner As i am the sole owner. I also hereby warn the Public against purchasing the Irako f it i tars also him Aal am also the sole owner of Rte same. Marx waxer. Mew Stock Willow Aud Wood Ware at Marcus 4 Clem in s. A last received 350.000 lbs California potatoes at Marcos 4 Clern Tny. 288tf or. Maroc ally a 83�?Trup makes friends of tick Sod enemies of other Patent medicines. It cures and others do not 50.000 Belle of Las vegas cigars just received at Bil y Burlon?s.-275tf. 208-tf Phillips 4 Milligan s. Mothers need not be kept awake nights by the incessant coughing of their children if they have or. Marshall Slung syrup at hand and give one or two doses in season. Price Only Twenty five Aud fifty cents. 288-tf Brown s Antica Salve heals ulcers cute Burns flamed Eye. And in 28b of far neuter relies candles egg at Roundtree a Kins 226tf Haw California fruit arrives every Day at Graaf 4 co�?T.-294tf. 388-tf the demand for Gold i great but s?1 the demand for or. Marshal i a lung syrup the great remedy for colds and coughs. It Price Twenty five of a a Bott bold by All druggists. A within the three Days last past. The enterprising firm of j. Itose Waid 4 co., wholesale and retail merchants Plaza have received and displayed an extraordinarily elegant assortment of ladies cloaks Dolman laces and hate and in a very few Days they will open up the finest Stock of goods embracing articles too numerous to mention Ever brought to lots vegas. The Public will be duly advised. At at Graaf 4 by a cough bal heals the lungs and Aud kids. A Ream at Billy
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